Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011 • Vol XI, Edition 220


Treasurer-tax collector rewrites investment policy
More ‘conservative’approach taken after multi-million dollar loss
By Michelle Durand

The recently elected treasurer and tax collector has rewritten the county’s investment policy to protect its funds from another Wall Street meltdown like the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy that leeched $150 million from area schools, cities and

special districts. Sandie Arnott, who was elected last November in a race strongly colored by the Lehman loss, is taking a more conservative Sandie Arnott approach in the

2011 investment policy already in use but not yet approved by the Board of Supervisors. She also submitted the policy to PFM, an independent investment advisory firm recently hired to fulfill her campaign promise of utilizing an outside opinion. “It’s what I said I would do,” Arnott said.

The key changes fall in the areas of diversification and maturity restrictions, Arnott said. Examples include: • Lowering maturing limits on U.S. Treasury/Agency securities from 15 to seven years; • Reducing U.S. Agency securities from 100 percent to 40 percent per issuer;

• The percent of the fund per issue for any non U.S. government security dropped from 10 percent to 5 percent aggregate of the entire pool; • Corporate securities remain at 30 percent but only 25 percent of those may be rated single A; • The percent of the fund used to buy collatorized time deposits with-

See POLICY, Page 27


Forty-three years prison for shooting
Sentence ends case of Josue Orozco, 14 at time of arrest
By Michelle Durand

The county’s youngest murder defendant, noted also for his escape from juvenile hall and jailhouse plot to intimidate witnesses, was sentenced to 43 years in prison Friday as part of negotiated settlement that spared him a second trial and offers a chance at parole. Josue Raul Orozco, 20, pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter for shooting Francisco SCOTT LENHART/DAILY JOURNAL Rodriguez, 21, in the back of the Students from Hillsdale High School lined El Camino Real in San Mateo Friday to protest potential budget cuts head on July 12, 2005 as he ran to to education and to express dismay that a sales tax extension measure that would have bridged the state safety outside his Redwood City home. Orozco also admitted several budget deficit was not placed on the June ballot.

gang and witness tampering charges. In return, Orozco received a 43year sentence of which he must serve 85 percent. He has Josue Orozco credit for 2,139 days. On Thursday, Orozco tried withdrawing his plea but Judge Lisa Novak denied the request before imposing the term, said prosecutor Josh Stauffer. The sentencing was a relief for

See OROZCO, Page 27

Property reassessments hit Foster City’s budget
By Bill Silverfarb

Some residents in Foster City will see their annual property tax bills decline this year as San Mateo County has reassessed home values, causing the city itself, however, to lose $625,000 in property tax revenue, money it had counted on to balance this year’s budget.

The assessment appeals were granted by the county after the city adopted its current budget, according to a quarterly financial report the City Council will hear Monday. Although Councilman Rick Wykoff said the reassessments should not have a significant impact on the city’s budget, he did say it makes it hard to balance the books when revenue projections fall short

of expectations. “Basing budgets strictly on assessed valuation could become problematic,” he said. He does not begrudge property owners for seeking reappraisals, however. “I don’t see it as a penalty to the city,” he said. “It is positive for the property owner.” It could be problematic, however,

if larger property owners such as Gilead appeal their assessments, Wykoff said. To balance this year’s budget, Foster City will be forced to dip into its reserves by about $3 million as sales tax collections are down from last year and other revenue sources stay flat. The city, however, will finish the year with $19.4 million in reserve,

nearly 63 percent of its nearly $31 million general fund expenditures, higher by far than other cities in the county. The city’s general fund revenue is projected to be $27.5 million, about $3 million short of expenditures. Foster City was able to reamortize its pension rate for public safety

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Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011

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Quote of the Day
“We’ve really scaled back and,while the policy has not yet been approved,we’re following its guidelines and,in fact,living by a much more conservative method of investment.”
— Sandie Arnott,treasurer and tax collector “Treasurer-tax collector rewrites investment policy,” see page 1

Royal wedding
William weds Kate as billions watch See page 25

Local Weather Forecast
Saturday: Sunny. Highs in the lower 60s. North winds 15 to 20 mph. Saturday night: Clear. Lows in the 40s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph...Becoming north 5 to 10 mph after midnight. Sunday: Sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Sunday night: Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 40s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph. Monday: Sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. Monday night through Friday: Mostly clear.

Wall Street
Strong earnings from Caterpillar drive Dow higher See page 10

South San Francisco Mayor Kevin Mullin plugs in an electric vehicle during the ribbon cutting for the city’s new parking structure with more than 250 spaces. The facility features charging stations for electric vehicles.

April 27 Super Lotto Plus
4 12 22 33 39 7
Mega number

This Day in History
Daily Four
6 2 9 8

Thought for the Day
“Love demands infinitely less than friendship.” — George Jean Nathan, American author and critic (1882-1958)

April 26 Mega Millions
19 29 32 38 55 15
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Daily three midday
0 9 6

Daily three evening
7 4 6

Fantasy Five
4 24 25 26 38

The Daily Derby race winners are Gold Rush,No. 1,in first place;Gorgeous GEorge,No.8,in second place;and Big Ben,No.4,in third place.The race time was clocked at 1:43.43.

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by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

A fire broke out in Bangor, Maine, destroying much of the downtown area before it was brought under control the next morning. Two deaths were blamed on the blaze. In A.D. 311, shortly before his death, Roman Emperor Galerius issued his Edict of Toleration ending persecution of Christians. In 1789, George Washington took office in New York as the first president of the United States. In 1803, the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for 60 million francs, the equivalent of about $15 million. In 1812, Louisiana became the 18th state of the Union. In 1900, engineer John Luther “Casey” Jones of the Illinois Central Railroad died in a train wreck near Vaughan, Miss., after staying at the controls in a successful effort to save the passengers. In 1939, the New York World’s Fair officially opened with a ceremony that included an address by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1945, as Russian troops approached his Berlin bunker, Adolf Hitler committed suicide along with his wife of one day, Eva Braun. In 1958, the American Association of Retired Persons (later simply AARP) was founded in Washington, D.C. In 1968, New York City police forcibly removed student demonstrators occupying five buildings at Columbia University. In 1973, President Richard M. Nixon announced the resignations of top aides H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, along with Attorney General Richard G. Kleindienst and White House counsel John Dean. Ten years ago: California businessman Dennis Tito arrived at the international space station aboard a Russian spacecraft. Federal intern Chandra Levy was last seen at a health club near her apartment in Washington, D.C.



Singer Willie Nelson is 78.

Rhythm-and-blues singer Akon is 38.

Actress Kirsten Dunst is 29.

Actress Cloris Leachman is 85. Actor Gary Collins is 73. Actor Burt Young is 71. Singer Bobby Vee is 68. Movie director Allan Arkush is 63. Actor Perry King is 63. Singer Merrill Osmond is 58. Movie director Jane Campion is 57. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is 52. Actor Paul Gross is 52. Basketball Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas is 50. Country musician Robert Reynolds (The Mavericks) is 49. Actor Adrian Pasdar is 46. Rapper Turbo B (Snap) is 44. Rock musician Clark Vogeler is 42. Rhythm-and-blues singer Chris “Choc” Dalyrimple (Soul For Real) is 40. Rock musician Chris Henderson (3 Doors Down) is 40. Country singer Carolyn Dawn Johnson is 40. Actress Lisa Dean Ryan is 39. Rhythmand-blues singer Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) is 38. Actor Johnny Galecki is 36. Singer-musician Cole Deggs (Cole Deggs and the Lonesome) is 35. Actor Kunal Nayyar is 30. Rapper Lloyd Banks is 29. Country singer Tyler Wilkinson (The Wilkinsons) is 27. Actress Dianna Agron is 25. into orbit in 1960. The satellite, called TIROS (Television InfraRed Observational Satellite) drastically changed the ways weather was forecast. *** The Weather Channel debuted in 1982 and was available in 9 million homes. Today, The Weather Channel reaches over 87 million cable subscribers. *** In 1985 The Weather Channel developed the “Weather Star” system that enabled them to gather all of the National Weather Service’s local data into their headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. With this development, The Weather Channel could send localized weather reports and forecasts to cable stations within minutes. *** Answer: They are all types of clouds. There are four basic cloud classifications: stratus, cumulus, cirrus and nimbus. Stratus clouds are horizontal, layered clouds. Cumulus clouds are large and puffy. Cirrus clouds are thin and an altitude above 20,000 feet. Nimbus clouds are rain clouds. The words for the four basic cloud descriptions can be combined to describe every type of cloud. Luke Howard (1772-1864), an English chemist and pharmacist, established the cloud classifications in 1803.
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During his presidential campaign in 1840, the opponents of Martin van Buren (1782-1862) said he “wallowed in raspberries,” which meant he lived with shocking extravagance. *** The singer and musician known as Prince was named Prince Rogers Nelson when he was born in 1958 in Minneapolis, Minn. The small singer (he stands 5 feet 2 inches high) is primarily known for his big hit songs in the 1980s, including “1999” (1982), “When Doves Cry” (1984) and “Raspberry Beret” (1985). *** The name of the prince in the Disney movie “Cinderella” (1950) was Prince Charming. *** The prince in the 1937 Disney movie “Snow White” had a minor role and was never referred to by name. *** In the 1812 fairy tale “Little Snow White,” by the Brothers Grimm, a daugh-

ter was born that was “ as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood,” so she was named Snow White. *** About one in every 17,000 people has Albinism. Their bodies do not produce melanin. Albinos have little or no pigment in their skin and hair. *** People with albinism always have vision problems, because of abnormal development of the retina. *** The Latin prefix for the word white is alba. The word albedo refers to the percentage of light an object reflects. A perfectly white reflecting surface has an albedo of 1.0, a black absorbing surface has an albedo of 0.0. *** The color white is made up of all colors. Clouds are made up of water droplets and ice crystals. The water and ice reflect all colors equally. The colors combined make clouds appear white. *** Do you know what the words nimbostratus, altocumulus and cumulonimbus describe? See answer at end. *** A barometer measures atmospheric pressure. A rain gauge measures the amount of rainfall and other forms of precipitation. An anemometer measures wind speed in miles per hour. These are all tools used by meteorologists. *** The first weather satellite was launched



Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


Dream Machines draws vehicles of all kinds
By Heather Murtagh

Police reports
Leftover Easter eggs?
A truck and person was hit by eggs on the corner of Howard Avenue and Primrose Road in Burlingame at 3:28 a.m. Monday, April 25.

Mechanical marvels through the past two centuries will be showcased on land and in air on the coastside Sunday when the 21st annual Pacific Coast Dream Machine Show revs up. Two-thousand driving, flying and working machines from the 20th and 21st centuries will come together in Half Moon Bay Sunday for the annual event. A wonderful collection of cars of every era and style, model-T fire engines, vintage buses, custom motorcycles, tricked-out trucks, sleek streamliners, one-of-a-kind antique engines and tractors as well as historic military aircraft will be on display. The event is also the largest fundraiser of the year for the Coastside Adult Day Health Center. Founder Bob Senz’s favorite part of the show is seeing grandparents sharing these machines with their grandchildren. “Most of the stuff we show, little kids don’t ever see them,” he said. There are steam tractors and engines, race cars, aircraft and even some unique additions this year like a super powerful U.S. Army NIKE Hercules long-range missile — a once-in-a-lifetime off-site public appearance. Senz became involved when a group asked to help with the fundraising event. Utilizing the airport seemed like a fit — it was open, fenced in and accessible. It began as a car and equipment show but grew over the years. Today, the event includes high-flying motocross exhibitions, the world’s fastest — and loudest — jet-powered rocket bike and special green machines. On the ground, spectators will get an up-close look at horseless carriages, military aviation wonders like an F/A-18 Hornet, a supersonic, all-weather first-strike fighter jet used by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, and old-school steamrollers.

Burglary. A vehicle was broken into on the 1500 block of Greenwood Avenue before 9:22 a.m. Thursday, April 28. Stolen vehicle. A vehicle was reported stolen from the 900 block of Elm Street before 7:34 a.m. Thursday, April 28. Stolen vehicle. A vehicle was reported stolen from the 2100 block of Cedar Street before 6:20 a.m. Thursday, April 28. Stolen vehicle. A vehicle was reported stolen from the 1000 block of Rosewood Avenue before 6:19 a.m. Thursday, April 28. Burglary. A home was burglarized through an unlocked door on the 800 block of Tamarack Avenue before 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 27.

Gregory Dunham’s custom-built motorcycle weighs 6,500 pounds, is 11 feet tall and 20 feet long with 10-foot handlebars will be at 21st annual Pacific Coast Dream Machine Show in Half Moon Bay this Sunday.
Looking for something big? Dream Big could be the answer. The custom-built motorcycle weighs 6,500 pounds, is 11 feet tall and 20 feet long with 10-foot handlebars. Gregory Dunham of Stockton dreamed up the world’s largest motorcycle while watching monster trucks. “At first, I thought about calling it sweet revenge,” he joked. Dunham, 54, had done mostly bodywork before taking on the challenge of making his dream machine a reality. The first step was finding the tires, which are 6 feet long and 3 feet wide. From there, Dunham learned and designed as he went. It took over three years to build, but Dunham admitted there is always something to be done on it. Those wanting to get off the ground can take a short flight in a variety of aviation machines like helicopters, vintage bi-planes or a T-6 military trainer and P-51 Mustang, America’s premier World War II fighter. Rides range from $40 to $600. If the kids need a break from the machines, there will be a unicycle dirt drag racing, other fun for kids, food and live music featuring Shana Morrison, Claddagh, the Andy Santana Band and special guests. Dream Machines will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 1 at the Half Moon Bay Airport, located on Highway 1. Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for teens 11 to 17 and seniors, and kids 10 and under are free. For more information visit www.miramarevents.com/dreammachines.

Stolen vehicle. A vehicle was stolen from the 2700 block of San Hill Road before 2:23 p.m. Tuesday, April 26. Burglary. A vehicle was broken into on the 100 block of Durham Street before 5:23 p.m. Saturday, April 23. Burglary. A vehicle was broken into on the 3000 block of Alameda de las Pulgas before 12:40 p.m. Saturday, April 23. Vandalism. A window was smashed on the 1300 block of Windermere Avenue before 6:20 p.m. Friday, April 22. Stolen vehicle. A vehicle was stolen on the 1100 block of Bieber Avenue before 12:12 p.m. Friday, April 22.

Mark Denis Klebofski
Our beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend passed away on March 4, 2011. Mark was born in Redwood City to Mark and Jeannette Klebofski. Mark attended San Carlos High School. He loved working on cars, remodeling homes and had an incredible passion for working with computers. Mark had received acclaim by CPU Magazine for his innovative developments in Computer Modeling & Design. He took great pride in sharing his knowledge and mentoring those around him. His work under the “MKMods” label was known and respected worldwide. Mark loved to help others – and his many skills allowed him to assist people in many ways. Whether working with families through St. Vincents, helping his family, assisting neighbors, or teaching on the web, Mark touched many lives. Mark is survived by and will be missed by his mother Jeannette Klebofski and her partner Dean Hoffman, brother Peter Klebofski, grandmother Sidonie Canerot, Uncle and Aunt Leon and Carmen Canerot and numerous cousins and friends. To honor Mark and his love for teaching Computer Modding, a donation fund has been established for the Washoe High School Computer Lab. Please send any gift in Marks’s name to: Washoe High School, 777W. 2nd St., Reno, NV 89503 Attn: Janet Peraldo. Condolences and comments may be posted on www.mkmods.com


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011

By Juliet Williams


Bay Area cities close Democrats gather to celebrate wins streets to cars for ‘Streets Alive’event

By Janna Brancolini

Thirteen cities in San Mateo County are closing their streets to cars this weekend and opening them to walkers, bikers and other revelers. The second annual “Streets Alive” will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday across the county and will include events ranging from exercise and dance classes to picnicking and play. Last year’s event was held in April to coincide with the World Health Organization’s 2010 open spaces-themed World Health Day, organizers said. Pounding rain kept most of the crowds away, so the county decided to hold this year’s event in May, said Eric Pawlowsky in the office of county Supervisor Carole Groom. Although the public is “thrilled at the idea” of opening up the streets, officials don’t know how many people to expect with the weekend’s sunny forecast, Pawlowsky said. “People love the idea of having a safe, car-free place to walk and to bike,” he said. Four new cities signed on this year to participate in the event, which is relatively inexpensive to stage because most of the services are donated and only existing infrastructure is used. Pawlowsky said the county expects to continue holding Streets Alive on an annual basis, but officials hope the yearly gatherings will encourage individual cities to block their streets to cars more often. The participating cities are Belmont, Brisbane, Burlingame, East Palo Alto, Foster City, North Fair Oaks, Pacifica, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Mateo and South San Francisco. Daly City and Millbrae held their events in April.

SACRAMENTO — California Democrats are in a joyful mood after sweeping all nine statewide offices last year, picking up a seat in the state Assembly, defending Sen. Barbara Boxer’s post and returning Jerry Brown to the governor’s office after three decades. The rank-and-file can be expected to spend a fair amount of time patting themselves on the back this weekend at their annual convention in Sacramento, their first statewide meeting since the November elections. But some of the euphoria has been overshadowed by the difficult task of governing, particularly in a state that had faced a nearly $27 billion budget shortfall. Brown has so far failed to win the two Republican votes he needs in each house to place his proposed tax extensions on the ballot and follow through on his campaign pledge not to raise taxes without a vote of the people. California still faces a $15.4 billion

“We’ll do what we did last year to make sure that we have our state in order and then we can help other states,you know,by phone-banking in some of the battleground states where they need help.”

— John Burton,Democratic party chairman

budget deficit, and there’s no sign that Brown is any closer to a deal with the GOP, although he says he is still seeking a compromise that would allow a special election on his proposal to extend temporary increases in the sales, vehicle and income taxes. Brown is scheduled to address Democrats on Sunday at the convention. There is also uncertainty ahead for both major parties. An independent redistricting committee is crafting new legislative and congressional districts, and legislative candidates face a new, voter-approved primary system in which the top two votegetters advance from the primary, regardless of party affiliation. Party chairman John Burton said there

isn’t much the party can do to prepare for the redistricting maps, the first draft of which will be released in June, save for “going to church a lot.” “No matter what happens, I believe there’ll be challenges by somebody,” he said. Party delegates also are focusing on 2012, as President Barack Obama faces what could be a difficult re-election contest and Democrats aim to retake the House of Representatives that they lost in a near-nationwide Republican tide. “We’ll do what we did last year to make sure that we have our state in order and then we can help other states, you know, by phone-banking in some of the battleground states where they need help,” Burton said.

State to study leopard shark deaths in Bay

REDWOOD CITY — State wildlife officials are investigating why dozens of dead sharks have been washing up on the western shore of San Francisco Bay. The California Department of Fish and Game is sending a biologist to Redwood City on Monday, where resi-

dents have been finding leopard shark carcasses littering the shoreline. Leopard shark die-offs are fairly common in the bay, with larger ones seen in 2006 and 2007. Experts say the causes range from release of pollutants by industry to infections. Sean Van Sommeran of the Pelagic

Shark Research Foundation told the Santa Cruz Sentinel it’s possible that Redwood City’s tidal gates played a role. Van Sommeran says the gates control a system of lagoons and canals, and may have led to water stagnation and depleted oxygen levels.


Let the beautiful you be reborn!

PerfectMe by Laser is a new kind of body shaping and contouring spa that uses a combination of purely non-invasive FDA approved technologies such as Zerona®, VelaShape™and VASER®Shape to help you slim down, reduce cellulite and reshape your body without invasive surgery! Special Financing Plans are available through CareCredit® on lender’s credit approval. Call us for details.

Monday, May 2nd • 11am to 7pmFree Free Beverages and Free Elegant Hors d’oeuvres available


1200 Howard Avenue #103 Burlingame



Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


Oregon passes bill banning shark fin
By Jeff Barnard

Local briefs
Two suspected burglars arrested after fleeing police
Two men were arrested on suspicion of burglarizing a home and evading police in Redwood City Thursday afternoon, according to police. Officers responded to reports of a burglary at a home in the 1600 block of Maryland Avenue at about 2:20 p.m., police said. The neighbor who called in the burglary described the two suspects’ getaway car, and a responding officer quickly found the car driving on Woodside Road, according to police. Officers tried to stop the car but the driver fled east on Woodside Road to Seaport Boulevard, police said. The car crashed in the 2100 block of Seaport Boulevard, and the two suspects tried to run into a nearby building, according to police. Gregory Polk Jr., 24, of Oakland, was arrested outside the building and Carl Williams, 31, of Richmond, was located in the building and arrested, police said. Officers found the items Polk and Williams allegedly stole in their getaway car, according to police. No injuries were reported.

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Oregon House on Friday unanimously passed a bill that would ban the sale of shark fins used in a traditional Chinese soup. ”The trade is, as yet, quite small in Oregon,” the bill’s chief sponsor, Brad Witt, D-Clatskanie, said in a statement. “But with shark fin soup commanding prices that approach $200 a bowl in major cities around the world, it is important that our state join West Coast and international efforts intended to shut down the commercial trading of shark fins.” House Bill 2838 now goes to the Senate. The bill prohibits the possession and distribution of shark fins and carries a fine of up to $720 for violations. It makes an exception for spiny dogfish, a small shark that accounts for 300,000 pounds in landings by commercial fishermen each year. Sport fishermen with a valid license are not affected. About 150 sharks are caught each year off Oregon, according to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. The soup, which has a subtle flavor and gelatinous consistency, is served during Chinese dinners and banquets to convey affluence, similar to caviar. The

Federal law requires that sharks taken in U.S.waters be brought to shore whole but does not deal with the sale of shark fins.
fins are cut in narrow slices and give the soup texture. The fins sell for $299 to $699 a pound at a Chinese market in Los Angeles. Hawaii has already adopted a ban. A similar ban in Washington state is awaiting the governor’s signature and another in California is pending in the Legislature. Federal law requires that sharks taken in U.S. waters be brought to shore whole but does not deal with the sale of shark fins. Whit Sheard of the marine conservation group Oceana said that winning a ban in Oregon and other West Coast states is part of a campaign to build international support for protecting the tens of millions of sharks killed each year for soup, most of which is consumed in Asia.

Three arrested for burglary
Three people — including a brother and sister employed by an equestrian center — were arrested in Newark Friday for burglarizing a Woodside home sometime between November and April, San Mateo County sheriff’s deputies reported. Cassandra Jane Chislett, 19, and her brother Colin Chislett-Barnes, 23, were taken into custody at their Newark residence while the third suspect, Nathan Keith, 26, was booked on a $250,000 warCassandra rant for grand theft, possession of stolen Chislett property and burglary while already in custody in the Alameda County Jail on unrelated charges, according to police. The burglary was of a detached residential garage where antique rugs, carousel horses, a rocking horse and a horse saddle, among other items, were being stored. It appeared entry was made into the garage by cutting the lock of the rollup garage door. The total loss is estimated to be in excess of $100,000. Some of Colin Chislettthe stolen items have already been recovBarnes ered, according to police. The brother and sister said they are both employed at their family’s business, Chislett Equestrian Centre in Woodside, and are known by the victim. Both were transported to the San Mateo County Jail and booked on $250,000 warrants for grand theft, possession of stolen property and burglary, according to police.

Court rejects challenge to state’s clean car regs

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal appeals court has rejected a legal challenge seeking to bar a California regulation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by forcing automakers to make less polluting fleets of cars sold in the state.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on Friday rejected the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Automobile Dealers Association, which argued that the U.S. EPA should not have granted the state a waiver for its clean car program.

A three-judge panel ruled the chamber failed to identify any members affected by the regulation, and that the dealers’ association failed to prove its members would suffer future harm. Further, the court found that automakers, not dealers, are regulated under the program.

Appeals court overturns stem cell research ban

WASHINGTON — Opponents of taxpayer-funded stem cell research lost a key round in a federal appeals court Friday. In a 2-1 decision, a panel of the U.S.

court of appeals in Washington overturned a judge’s order that would have blocked taxpayer funding for stem cell research. The judges ruled that opponents of taxpayer-funded stem cell research are not likely to succeed in

their lawsuit to stop it. The panel reversed an opinion issued last August by U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth, who said the research likely violates the law against federal funding of embryo destruction.


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011

he award winning Burlingame High School Jazz Band will play a special brunch concert from 9:30 a.m. until noon Sunday May 1. The fundraising event, sponsored by the Band Boosters and the BHS Alumni Association, will be held at the school’s cafeteria, 1 Mangini Way in Burlingame. Parking is plentiful and free. A light buffet will be offered. A donation of $10 per person is requested. For more information call 773-1552. *** The Mary Meta Lazarus Child Development Center at College of San Mateo will present a Spring Benefit Concert featuring the reggae sounds of the Bay Area band, “Native Elements,” and the world beat sounds of “Zanzibar” from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 7 on the CSM Plaza next to the Health and Wellness Building. All proceeds will go directly to benefit the Child Development

mon? Think Dukas’ Sorcerer’s Apprentice during Disney’s “Fantasia” and Tchaikovzky’s 1812 “Overture” during a spectacular fireworks display. Both made enthralling classical music works contemporary while producing classical recognition among young audiences. The award-winning California Youth Orchestra will present these engaging, timeless pieces as part of their upcoming concert program 2:30 p.m. Sunday, May 8 at the San Mateo Performing Arts Center, 600 N. Delaware St. in San Mateo. Tickets are $15, $10 for students and seniors or $30 for a family ticket. For more information visit www.cys.org or call 325-6666.


The San Mateo High School Dance Program proudly presents MATEO MOTION VIII. The program showcases dance students and members of the San Mateo High School dance team, with choreography by Robyn Tribuzi,and by the school’s students.Performances will be 7:30 p.m.Friday, May 6 and Saturday,May 7 at 600 N.Delaware St.in San Mateo.Tickets are $12, $10 for students and seniors. A $2 discount is offered on advanced ticket purchases,which area available at www.smhsdrama.org/dance.

Center. Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for students and free for children under 13. The event will include children’s activities and drawing prizes. Attendees are encouraged to bring a blanket and picnic lunch. Beverages will be provided; alcohol is not permitted on the campus. To purchase tickets in advance call 574-6279. *** What do Walt Disney and Independence Day have in com-

Class notes is a twice weekly column dedicated to school news. It is compiled by education reporter Heather Murtagh. You can contact her at (650) 344-5200, ext. 105 or at heather@smdailyjournal.com.


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


Enjoy fun time with Mom, Dad or your favorite grown-up. The across clues are for kids and the down clues are for adults.

Pour It On
Kids Across 1. Water, juice or anything you can pour is a ______ 3. It’s the hot brown topping on a sundae 6. A frosty fruit drink you can make in a blender 10. It can give a kid a moustache 12. Sudsy stuff you use to wash your hair 13. Another name for nonfat 11A 15. You might see pickles floating in a jar full of it (or sour 1A some like to drizzle over salad) 18. Are you a lava lover? Then mix baking soda and 15A to make imitation ______ 19. The freshest apple of all is always found in a _____ 20. Oops! It’s what a glass of water becomes if you knock it over 21. What you’re having for lunch if you have a mouth full of letters 5. Salt maker’s slogan that has weathered the test of time: “When it ____, it pours” 7. Theory tied to Reaganera policies: “______down economics” 8. Founding fathers’ quill dip 9. Popular fizzy drink: Cream ____ 11. Juice jug (or slugger’s nemesis on the mound) 14. Demi, who let tears flow in “Ghost” 16. Turkey lovers like to pour it on 17. Juicy tip: Tea made of dandelion _____ is said by some to help digestion
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This Week’s Solution

Parents Down 1. Source of zest 2. Pineapple juice giant (or former GOP presidential candidate) 3. Scenic waterworks: Kids love to splash in a ____ 4. Recommended amount of cough syrup

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Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011

By Jay Reeves and Greg Bluestein


Around the nation
Shuttle Endeavour’s last trip delayed; Obama vists
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The historic next-to-last space shuttle launch was scratched Friday because of mechanical problems, spoiling a visit from the president and dashing the hopes of the biggest crowd of spectators in years, including the mission commander’s wounded wife, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. NASA hopes to try again Monday to launch space shuttle Endeavour on its final voyage. President Barack Obama and his family visited Kennedy Space Center anyway but it was unclear whether he would still meet with the Arizona congresswoman. Giffords, who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head, has been in Cape Canaveral since Wednesday to attend her husband’s launch.

Even rescuers hobbled by twisters
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Southerners found their emergency safety net shredded Friday as they tried to emerge from the nation’s deadliest tornado disaster since the Great Depression. Emergency buildings are wiped out. Bodies are stored in refrigerated trucks. Authorities are begging for such basics as flashlights. In one neighborhood, the storms even left firefighters to work without a truck. The death toll from Wednesday’s storms reached 329 across seven states, including 238 in Alabama, making it the deadliest U.S. tornado outbreak since March 1932, when another Alabama storm killed 332 people. Tornadoes that swept across the South and Midwest in April 1974 left 315 people dead. Hundreds if not thousands of people were injured Wednesday — 990 in Tuscaloosa alone — and as many as 1 million Alabama homes and businesses

FAA orders air traffic control management shakeup
WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration on Friday replaced three high-level managers in the nation’s air traffic control system following embarrassing incidents of controllers sleeping on the job and making potentially dangerous mistakes. In a shake-up of the system, new managers were appointed to key positions that oversee the operation of airport towers and regional radar centers that handle planes flying at high altitudes as well as approaches and departures, the agency said in a statement. A new manager was also appointed to run a regional radar center near Cleveland. The previous managers are being reassigned.


Gavriel Hudson holds his cocker spaniel Nala after the dog was rescued next to his wife Laura Hudson in front of their home that was destroyed by a tornado.
remained without power. The scale of the disaster astonished President Barack Obama when he arrived in the state Friday. “I’ve never seen devastation like this,” he said, standing in bright sunshine amid the wreckage in Tuscaloosa, where at least 45 people were killed and entire neighborhoods were flattened. Mayor Walt Maddox called it “a humanitarian crisis” for his city of more than 83,000. 2009 alone, the most in one year since 2001-02, when more than 25,000 post dot-com bubble jobs were lost in one year, according to the report.

Brewer OKs Arizona bill for tea party license plate
PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed bills approving 11 new special license plates, including one that would feature a “Don’t Tread On Me” slogan to commemorate the tea party and send donations toward the movement. Brewer, a Republican, acted on the license plate bills late Thursday, approving them despite previously expressing concern about Arizona’s growing number of special plates that now number 46. The tea party plate would feature the “Don’t Tread On Me” slogan, rattlesnake emblem and yellow background of the historic Gadsden Flag that is a symbol of the movement that espouses small government.

Voluntary plastic bag ban in effect
South San Francisco retailers will be encouraged to voluntarily ban single-use bags and begin charging a nominal fee when one is given as part of a larger green effort the City Council approved last night. The voluntary program will allow businesses to charge customers 5 cents to 10 cents to cover the cost of the single-use bag. The council decided to set a timeline of six months before a review of the program to set the state for an outright ban in the future. “We need to let them know we’re serious,” said Councilwoman Karyl Matsumoto.

Former city manager defends pay discrepancy Report: Companies to hire; wages strong locally
San Mateo County is expected to add jobs in high wage sectors over the next five years and has the second highest annual average wage per worker in the state, according to the 2011 Indicators for a Sustainable San Mateo County report, released Wednesday. The report also details, however, that the county lost more than 21,000 jobs in Former Millbrae city manager Ralph Jaeck returned before the City Council Tuesday night to address a suggested $17,913.58 discrepancy in his compensation which he explained as being the result of various financial calendars, a lack of organizational history and changes in salary standards. In March, the City Council discussed the discrepancy between city records and what was paid to Jaeck, who left the city in 2008 making an annual salary of $195,000.

City government
• The Redwood City Planning Commission will consider amending its zoning code regarding parking lot drive aisle dimensions and mixed-use corridors to reflect changes made in the new general plan. The Planning Commission meets 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 3 at City Hall, 1017 Middlefield Road, Redwood City.


logical disaster the media keened about after the spill, with almost all of the oil now either evaporated or consumed by microbes (nytimes.com /2011/04/16/opinion/16sat1.html). Yet we are allowing that event to be used as an excuse to curtail our domestic energy supply and kill U.S. jobs in the process. Withholding drilling permits is only one way this government is strangling our oil industry. Shell Oil has just announced it is abandoning its plan to drill for oil off the coast of Alaska because the EPA’s Environmental Appeal’s Board has ruled to withhold air permits from the project (foxnews.com/us/2011/04/25/energyamerica-oil-drilling-denial/). This fourmember panel has decided an ice-breaking vessel Shell Oil would use could pollute the air (as opposed to all the other ships operating off Alaska right now) and therefore Shell can’t drill for oil. Four political appointees are stopping an estimated 27 billion barrels of oil from being added to our supply — an amount that represents two and a half times more oil than has flowed through the TransAlaska pipeline in over its 30 years of existence (Ibid). I’m sure there are many who applaud these actions. Oil is dirty and the root of all evil, after all. If we all just put a windmill up in our backyard and solar panels on our roofs, no polar bear would ever die again. But wait, environmentalists are blocking windfarms because they kill birds and develop large swaths of land that environmentalists wish to remain untouched (“Climategate,” Sussman, pp. 165-167). With solar energy, the construction of high-power transmission lines has angered environmentalists who seek to block these projects

Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


The president’s backward energy plan
By Alice Weiss

ontemplating a road trip with today’s gas prices seemed a little foolish. But there’s a park in Arizona I want to explore, and I like to drive. Facing that pain at the pump makes one eager for solutions to our high energy prices. But President Obama’s announcement that he has formed a commission to look into possible price manipulation by speculators isn’t reassuring. Yes, when action needs to be taken, politicians form commissions. This may be a smart political move. By forming a commission, the president can look like he actually cares about rising gas prices (a dubious assumption considering this is the man whose plan would have our energy prices “necessarily skyrocket” [breitbart.tv/obama-vowselectricity-rates-would-necessarily-skyrocket-under-his-plan/]). By forming a commission, it appears he is actually taking action, instead of being the “present” president of which he is accused. But when there are concrete actions that can be taken that would help alleviate the problem, the farce of creating a commission to investigate investors is obscene. This commission is nothing but a sleight of hand, an attempt to misdirect the American public from substantive issues to a fall guy — the greedy speculators. A concrete action the president can take is to order the issuance of more domestic drilling permits. In the Gulf of Mexico, five oil rigs, so far, have pulled up stakes and floated down to greener drilling pastures because they couldn’t get permits to drill from the United States (money.cnn.com/2011/04/20/news/economy/bp_oil_spill_drilling/index.htm). The Deepwater Horizon spill was a tragedy, but as a mature nation we should try to learn and improve from our mistakes, not halt all drilling as a reactionary measure. The oil spill was not the eco-


Guest perspective
(Ibid at pp. 167-169). Just try to discuss building a new dam in California for hydroelectric power and you’ll have the Sierra Club clamoring about displaced species. And do the opponents of nuclear energy even need a mention? Any alternative to traditional energy will have an environmental foe. It’s is time to realize that the goal of the hardcore environmentalist is not to protect the environment as you and I see it, but to fundamentally change America as we know it. John Holdren, Obama’s advisor for science and technology, has been upfront about this. He believes a “massive campaign” to “de-develop the United States” must occur (Ibid at p. 164). The energy we use frivolously, watching television, taking a drive to the beach, you know, the things that make life enjoyable, must be taken from us and given to underdeveloped nations. To him and others of his ilk, the world is a zero-sum game. Whatever success we have as a nation must be at the expense of others. But America has created its wealth, not taken it, and oil has been a big factor in our success. Kneecapping the oil industry won’t enrich other nations, just impoverish ours. Past generations of Americans have striven for successive higher standards of living. That is the natural human condition. It isn’t our government’s role to force us into a third world way of life. I refuse to downgrade my life. Will you let others “de-develop” yours?
Alice Weiss is a tax and estate attorney. She is a longtime resident of San Mateo.

Joys of being the president
K, students! Which president is being referred to in this quotation? “We did not conceive it possible that even (Mr. X) would produce a paper so slipshod, so loose-joined, so puerile, not alone in literary construction, but in its ideas, its sentiments, its grasp. He has outdone himself.” — Chicago Times, Nov. 19, 1863. Give up? How about Abraham Lincoln and his “Gettysburg Address,” considered one of the greatest speeches, ever, in the English language? Or how about this famous letter from Peter Muggins, an American citizen and a constituent of that same president (profanity abbreviated): “GD your GD old hellfired GDed soul to hell. GD you and GD your GDed family’s GD hellfired GDed soul to hell and good damnation. GD them and GD your GDed friends to hell.” Even President Obama should envy President Lincoln such demonstrations of love from one of his constituents. And speaking of the two of them, the hate-Obama media invented an insult of Obama’s returning to the British government the bust of Winston Churchill, loaned to President George W. Bush and replacing it with a bust of President Abraham Lincoln in his Oval office. An insult which, as the conservative propaganda machine and Fox News gloated, led to such great tensions between our governments that the president was not invited to the wedding of Prince William. Can you imagine? Returning that bust of the high-born Winston Churchill on loan to that high-born President George W. Bush and stooping so low as to replace it with a bust of that inconsequential, low-born President Abraham Lincoln, who rose from obscurity same as he? Reveals a lack of maturity for whose image one wishes to gaze upon in admiration each day, and only an American, at that. For shame! That certainly got a lot of mileage for the Obama naysayers, who never permit the truth to intrude upon their political glee. But what is the truth? Such an invitation would have been an insult, not only to the president but, also, to our nation. Prince William is the grandson of the queen of England, nothing more. And such a wedding is not a state event, as that for Prince Charles, immediate heir to the throne, that the hate media pointed out brought an invitation to President Reagan. But only a very expensive private wedding being paid for by poor Prince Charles. It is a testimony to the ignorance of these Obama complainers that they know not that President Obama is a head of state, as is Queen Elizabeth. To invite her to a wedding of his grandchild — in this case a hypothetical child of one of Obama’s daughters — would be unthinkable. And, to demonstrate how really angry the Brits are, President Obama and his lady have been invited for a state visit next month. In fact, Obama may replace Lincoln as the most hated president while in office. Hardly ever a compliment for any achievement, even so minor as an award for being an outstanding father by a national parenting association. As one columnist put it: “If President Obama came out for motherhood, Rush Limbaugh would immediately scream out, “Un-American!” And the conservatives would pass a resolution: “Unconstitutional!” *** President Obama’s releasing the long form of his birth certificate Wednesday isn’t really going change much. The “birthers” will go on with whether it could be a forgery, as to why it took so long, what was he trying to hide, is the father listed on the document the true father, and such? And they will struggle to gain information from the now disclosed hospital of birth. Further, they are questioning whether he was really qualified to attend two Ivy League universities and slipping into covert racism questioning whether he was qualified for enrollment in two Ivy League universities? (Of course, this could be an incredible endorsement of that program in that a beneficiary had risen to become president of the United States). Political parties should realize that taking advantage of such a dissing of a rival, carried on too long, can backfire. Although the major figures didn’t speak much on the issue, they felt they were profiting from the ongoing nagging “birthers,” until the past few weeks, they realized it was become counterproductive in midst of serious economic negotiations. Too late! Donald Trump has become more powerful by forcing the issue and gained much clout with core Republicans, not inspired by their “milquetoast” candidates for the presidential nomination. As I wrote in last week’s column, he should not be underestimated as a “clown.” Taking credit for forcing the document release, this “loose cannon” is capable of throwing scatter bombs into their primary voting processes. Those voters are looking for a candidate with “cajones,” and now they have one.
Keith Kreitman has been a Foster City resident for 25 years. He is retired with degrees in political science and journalism and advanced studies in law. He is the host of “Focus on the Arts” on Peninsula TV, Channel 26. His column appears in the weekend edition.


Letters to the editor
High-speed rail implications
Editor, State Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, and Assemblyman Rich Gordon, D-Menlo Park, are influential federal/state representatives overseeing the California High-Speed Rail (CAHSR) project. On April 18, they demanded that CAHSR drop their plans for building massive elevated tracks anywhere between San Francisco and San Jose. For San Francisco this is irrelevant, since San Francisco politicians convinced CAHSR to completely bury CAHSR tracks through San Francisco, so San Francisco residents won’t “hear, see or feel” 150-mph CAHSR trains. So now, all Peninsula cities, including San Mateo, must immediately coordinate with Simitian/Eshoo/Gordon to lobby CAHSR for similar “SF-only” tunnels from San Francisco to San Jose. If not, then San Mateo’s selfish desire to place 150-mph trains at street level at Hillsdale Caltrain station, solely for the financial benefit of the Bay Meadows Phase II developer, will doom San Mateo’s Hayward Park area families, and Belmont, to street-level trains, horns, vibrations, noise from 20 150-mph trains per hour, in both directions, for 12 hours per day (CAHSR’s projected schedule). and his weekly homage to a President Franklin D. Roosevelt whose been dead for three generations. What’s next, refighting the Civil War? Krusty demonstrates every week that the grandpa character on “The Simpsons” is popular because it is based on the observable behavior and opinions of old men. Keep Krusty for his entertainment value, but he is well past the point of being taken seriously. Get a counterpoint to him. Why not balance his weekly column by a “really old liberal” with a column by a “really young conservative?” Or at minimum, an “old conservative” or a “young liberal?” Something ... anything.

Mike Brown Burlingame

Counterpoint to Kreitman needed
Editor, Kudos to Keith “Krusty” Kreitman,

Vince Boston San Mateo

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Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011



Dow 12,810.54 +0.37% 10-Yr Bond 3.2960% -0.0160 Nasdaq 2,873.54 +0.04% Oil (per barrel) 113.73 S&P 500 1,363.61 +0.23% Gold 1,556.00

Dow drives higher
By Chip Cutter and Matthew Craft

Wall Street
Both the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 had their best month since February. Strong corporate earnings pushed major stock market indexes to 2011 highs in the last week of the month. On Wednesday, the S&P 500 doubled from its 12-year low reached on March 9, 2009 after the financial crisis. The Nasdaq is at its highest level since 2000. The Russell 2000 index of small stocks also hit a record high on Wednesday after the Fed pledged to keep short-term interest rates at record lows. That motivated investors to continue buying risky investments such as small stocks. The Russell has soared 77 percent over the past two years. Small-company stocks tend to rise more quickly than the overall market as the economy emerges from a recession. Investors also see them as likely takeover targets for larger companies that are flush with cash. The Russell rose 3.74 points, or 0.4 percent, to 865.29 Friday. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. rose 12 percent, the most of any company in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, after it set a company sales record and reversed its loss from the first quarter of last year.

Big movers
Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Friday on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market: NYSE Caterpillar Inc.,up $2.77 at $115.41 The company raised its outlook for the year as demand grows worldwide for its construction and mining equipment. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.,up $1.95 at $18.15 The tire maker posted a sales record in its most recent quarter and returned to profitability as it sold newer,pricier products. Monster Worldwide Inc.,down $1.38 at $16.41 The employment website posted quarterly profit that beat analyst expectations, but its earnings outlook was below what was expected. NASDAQ Microsoft Corp.,down 79 cents at $25.92 The software giant’s profit climbed in its most recent quarter,but consumers are buying fewer PCs that use its Windows software. Research In Motion Ltd.,down $7.94 at $48.65 The BlackBerry maker slashed its earnings and sales forecasts saying it is selling fewer and cheaper phones than it had expected. SunPower Corp.,up $5.57 at $21.69 French oil company Total SA will buy a 60 percent stake in the solar panel maker,valuing SunPower at $2.3 billion. Netgear Inc.,up $7.75 at $41.75 The router maker’s quarterly profit jumped 55 percent on strong sales of new products,and its revenue outlook topped forecasts. Deckers Outdoor Corp.,down $9.59 at $84.86 The maker of UGG boots forecast a wider-thanexpected quarterly loss because of changes to its business model in Europe.

NEW YORK — Caterpillar drove the Dow Jones industrial average higher Friday after the company reported a huge gain in first-quarter earnings. The world’s largest maker of mining and construction equipment rose 2.5 percent after its earnings increased more than five-fold. The company also raised its sales and profit forecast for the year. The Dow added 4 percent in April, its best month since December. The Dow rose 47.23 points Friday, or 0.4 percent, to close at 12,810.54. Caterpillar accounted for 21 points of those gains. The company’s stock has soared over the past year on booming demand for its products. “The industrial sector and the manufacturing sector of this country are much stronger than many investors have perceived,” said Rob Lutts, president and chief investment officer of Cabot Money Management. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 3.13 points, or 0.2 percent, to close at 1,363.61. The index gained 2.8 percent in April. The Nasdaq composite added 1.01 point to 2,873.54. It rose 3.3 percent for the month.

Apple sends ripples through tech world
By Peter Svensson

Business briefs
Regulator: Blue Cross rate hike unreasonable
LOS ANGELES — Double-digit rate hikes for 120,000 Anthem Blue Cross health insurance policyholders will take effect Sunday despite a state regulator’s determination the increase is unreasonable. A California Department of Managed Health Care review found the increases were 3 percent to 4 percent higher than individual plans with similar benefits under the jurisdiction of the state’s other insurance regulator, the Department of Insurance. “In the spirit of providing maximum transparency to consumers about rate increases, we have little choice but to publicly express our disappointment that Anthem Blue Cross didn’t lower the rates as we requested,” Department of Managed Health Care spokeswoman Lynne Randolph said in a statement. The hikes will average almost 15 percent, and Friday’s declaration of disappointment marks the first time a rate was declared unreasonable by DMHC, the nation’s only regulator solely dedicated to health maintenance organizations. The department oversees policies for 21 million Californians.

NEW YORK — Consumer technology companies reporting financial results this week are looking like rowboats bobbing in the wake of Apple Inc.’s supertanker. Close to oblivion in 1997, Apple is now the world’s second-most valuable company, after Exxon Mobil Corp. On April 20, it reported net income of $5.99 billion for the January-to-March period, nearly double that of a year ago. It shipped a record 18.65 million iPhones during the quarter. Its iPad tablet computers are so popular, the company couldn’t make enough. Apple’s ascendancy has produced many losers and a few winners, as underscored over the past two weeks: Microsoft Corp.: loser. Apple dethroned Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company a year ago. In its mid-fall report, it surpassed Microsoft in quarterly rev-

enue. In the January-March period this year, it surpassed Microsoft in net income, too. On Thursday, Microsoft reported that revenue from the Windows operating system declined for the second straight quarter because people are buying fewer Windows computers. Some prospective buyers are going to Macs instead — Apple reported that it sold 28 percent more units. Others are going to iPads. Goldman Sachs now believes that more than 30 percent of iPads sold may be replacing PC sales. In the 90s, the trend was the opposite, as Windows PCs were crowding out Macs. Nokia Corp.: loser. Nokia said this week that it will slash 7,000 jobs through layoffs and outsourcing. It still sells more phones than anyone else, but it’s losing share to Apple, especially when it comes to smartphones. Research firm Strategy Analytics also said revenue from Apple’s iPhone sales surpassed that of Nokia’s phones in the January-to-March period, as iPhones are

much more expensive than the average Nokia phone. That makes Apple the world’s largest phone maker by revenue. To better compete with the iPhone, Nokia is ditching its old Symbian software and adopting Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. But the transition will take time; the first Windows-powered Nokia phones aren’t expected until late 2011 or early 2012. Research In Motion Ltd.: loser. The maker of the BlackBerry is in a predicament that’s similar to Nokia’s. RIM warned Thursday that net income, revenue and unit sales for the quarter ending in May will come in below its previous forecast. The company’s high-end phones are looking old compared with the iPhone and ones running Google Inc.’s Android software. They aren’t selling as well as the company expected. RIM promised investors that new phones with revamped software will bring sales roaring back in the latter half of the year, but investors are skeptical, sending RIM’s stock down Friday.

Kia recalls small cars due to fuel tank problem

Caterpillar’s 1Q profit soars, boosts forecast
ST. LOUIS — Heavy equipment maker Caterpillar Inc. said Friday its first-quarter profit soared more than fivefold and raised its financial outlook for the year as a growing economic recovery boosted demand for its mining and construction equipment. The results blew past analysts’ expectations and its shares rose $2.72, or 2.4 percent, to $115.36 in midday trading. Caterpillar’s earnings are a bellwether for the global economy, as it sells the kind of kind of expensive, heavy machinery used for construction, mining and logging. Its first-quarter profit reflects an industrial sector that is growing again, with most of its sales growth coming from the sale of big machines. When the recession hit in 2007, construction and mining companies cut back their spending on heavy machinery first, Mike DeWalt, Caterpillar’s director of investors told analysts Friday.

DETROIT — Kia Motors Corp. is recalling more than 58,000 Spectra compact cars registered in cold-weather states because the gas tanks could fall off and cause a fire. The recall affects Spectra LD models from the 2004 to 2007 model years in 20 states and Washington, D.C., the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on its

website Friday. The cars, built from Nov. 7, 2003, through March 6, 2007, have straps that hold the gas tank to the frame. When exposed to road salt, the straps can rust and the tank can fall to the ground, causing a fuel leak and possibly a fire. Kia said in a statement Friday it is not aware of any fires caused by the problem. Dealers will replace the fuel tank straps with zinc-coated parts at no cost

to owners. Kia will mail letters to car owners in June, after dealers get parts to fix the problem. The problem affects cars registered in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia.

Judge will again deny dismissal of Toyota suits
By Greg Risling

SANTA ANA — A federal judge in California said Friday that he will deny another request from Toyota Motor Corp. to dismiss lawsuits filed by car owners who claim sudden-acceleration defects caused the value of their vehicles to drop. U.S. District Judge James Selna said

in a 30-page ruling that the lawsuits have enough merit to move forward. “Taking these allegations as true, as the court must at the pleading stage, they establish an economic loss,” Selna wrote. “Plaintiffs bargained for safe, defect-free vehicles, but instead received unsafe, defective vehicles. A vehicle with a defect is worth less than one without a defect.” Toyota spokeswoman Celeste

Migliore said the company would respond to Selna’s ruling after a hearing in an Orange County courtroom late Friday. Selna rejected a similar dismissal motion in November made by the Japanese automaker. His most recent ruling, which likely will be finalized within 10 days, was in response to an amended complaint by the plaintiffs regarding economic loss.

Weekend, April 30-May 1, 2011

<< Niners draft QB; Raiders take O-lineman, page 13 • Giants shut out for second time in three games, page 12

PAL crowns tennis champs
By Julio Lara

Menlo-Atherton’s Matt Giordano and Zeke Brown entered yesterday’s Peninsula Athletic League doubles tournament championship as a bit of an underdog. Across from them stood a team yet to lose in league play this season, one they’ve probably played a hundred times over the last couple of years: their fellow M-A tennis teammates, Christian and Jesse Perkins.

“We’re comfortable playing them because we’ve been playing them for two years,” Brown said. “It was kind of, just another match with them, but it could have gone either way.” “We were just happy to get into the final,” Giordano said, “the two finalist go to CCS automatically, our mindset was of course a friendly match, but we wanted to go out there and do out best.” As it turned out, the underdog’s best was more than enough as the team of Brown and

Giordano defeated their teammates to capture the PAL doubles title 6-1, 6-4. “We wanted to start the match not making errors. I think we did a good job of that in the first set (and) we took it 6-1,” Giordano said. “We were low on the unforced errors. Then second set, we just wanted to close down. They came back a lot stronger in the second set, so we had a tighter one, but it was still a good match.” Close down they did. An exciting match through and through, Friday was just a case of

familiarity between the teams. While other squads might have been daunted by the quickness and firepower of the Perkins team, Giordano and Brown were calm throughout, forcing their opponents into uncharacteristic errors along the way. “We know them. We’ve been playing with them for three years. It was a fun match,” Giordano said. On the singles side, Woodside’s Shep

See TENNIS, Page 14

San Mateo wins cat fight
By Nathan Mollat

Lockout reinstated
By Jon Krawczynski

When two good softball teams hook up, it usually means a premium is put on scoring runs. The team that can come through with runners in scoring position has an excellent chance to win the game. That was precisely the difference in San Mateo’s 4-2 win over host Woodside Friday afternoon: the Bearcats came up with the clutch hit to drive in runs, while the Wildcats stranded a majority of their runners. “Tough loss,” said Woodside coach Mike King, who, unfortunately, has become accustomed to tough losses, having suffered quite a few over the years. “(The problem was) just leaving runners on base too much.” San Mateo (5-0 PAL Ocean, 10-3 overall) took the lead for good with a three-run fourth, turning a 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 advantage by getting the clutch hits. Tayler Titus led off the inning with a single and Bailey Sutton walked. Both runners moved up on Francie Cohen’s sacrifice bunt to bring up designated hitter Jennifer Gomez. She engaged Woodside pitcher Ashley Miller in a eight-pitch at-bat, fouling off a couple of pitches before working the count full. On the payoff pitch, she took an outside offering through the hole between first and second base for an opposite-field, two-run single. “That was totally a clutch hit,” said San Mateo coach Randy Boardman. “She didn’t try to do too much with it. “She was clutch. About as clutch as you can get. She’s so emotional. She was crying in the dugout (after the final out).” Gomez moved to second on a passed ball and scored on Elisa Pineda’s double down the left-field line to give San Mateo a 3-1 lead. San Mateo plated an insurance run in the sixth when Cohen led off with a single, stole second and scored on a Pineda single to left to put San Mateo up 4-1. “Pineda had the best game of her varsity career,” Boardman said. Now contrast that Woodside (4-2, 15-4). It


San Mateo’s designated hitter Jennifer Gomez drives in a pair of runs with this fourth-inning single as the Bearcats remained on track to capture the PAL Ocean Division title with a 4-2 See BEARCATS, Page 14 win over second-place Woodside Friday afternoon.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — The NFL lockout is back. The league announced the move late Friday, hours after a key courtroom victory. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told The Associated Press that teams “have been told that the prior lockout rules are reinstated effective immediately.” Earlier, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis granted the NFL’s request for a temporary stay of the injunction that lifted the 45day lockout. Arguments will be heard as early as next week on whether that order from a federal judge in Minnesota should be overturned altogether. The NFL’s announcement came during the NFL draft, not long after the third round wrapped up, and on the very day players were allowed to return to their teams’ facilities for the first time since March. Dozens if not hundreds of players happily met with coaches, worked out and got a peek at their playbooks. “Nobody’s happy about any of this,” Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson said. “But it is what it is. The lockout is back into effect.” Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards, scheduled to become a free agent, put it simply on Twitter: “Looks like we’re unemployed again.” “Its unfortunate 2 c the Lockout back on,” tweeted Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald. “2 all NFL fans, please know the players are w/ u & we both are being deprived of enjoying this game.” The 2-1 decision from a panel of the 8th Circuit was issued by Judges Steven Colloton, Kermit Bye and Duane Benton. It included a lengthy dissent from Bye, who suggested temporary stays should be issued only in emergencies. The ruling was the first victory for the NFL in the bitter labor fight. It came in a venue considered more conservative and favorable to businesses than the federal courts in Minnesota, where the collective bargaining system was established in the early 1990s and judges have generally favored players over the NFL.

Sharks take series opener with overtime win
By Josh Dubow

Sharks 2, Red Wings 1
Brad Stuart’s stick and got past Jimmy Howard for the game-winner just seconds after the Red Wings had killed off a fourminute penalty. Stuart slammed his stick to the ice in disgust after the goal, as the Red Wings again fell behind in their series to the Sharks. Joe Pavelski scored the tying goal on the

SAN JOSE — Little-used Benn Ferriero scored 7:03 into overtime of his playoff debut on a deflected goal that gave the San Jose Sharks a 2-1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings on Friday night in Game 1 of their Western Conference semifinal series. Ferriero’s shot hit off Detroit defenseman

Benn Ferriero

power play in the third period for San Jose. Antti Niemi made 24 saves as the Sharks won their fourth overtime game of this postseason. Howard made 44 saves, and Nicklas Lidstrom scored the only Detroit goal the day after his 41st birthday.

Game 2 is Sunday in San Jose. After being stymied for two-plus periods by Howard, the Sharks finally broke through midway through the third on their third power play of the night with Todd Bertuzzi out for boarding Pavelski. Joe Thornton took a big shot from just inside the blue line that Howard stopped, but Pavelski batted the rebound down out of

See SHARKS, Page 14


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011



Matt Lujan sets all-time wins record at USF
By Terry Bernal

SAN FRANCISCO — When a couple early hops went University of San Francisco’s way, you got the feeling it might be Matt Lujan’s day. While Friday’s series opener with Loyola Marymount at Benedetti Diamond wasn’t quite the pitchers duel that was anticipated, it was still one for the record books. Lujan persevered a rocky four-run first inning to become the king of the Hilltop, setting the Dons alltime career wins mark with 23. His offense didn’t waste any time in revitalizing their ace left-hander. USF tied it up with a four-spot of their own in the bottom of the first, and tabbed six more in the third before going on to win 11-7. USF’s sturdy southpaw earned his place in the record books. Lujan scuffled with a tight strike zone early on, but performed unflappably.

Ultimately, he allowed five runs over 5 2/3 innings, before eventually departing in the sixth due to a minor cut on the ring finger of his throwing hand. “I’m really proud of the job he did,” Dons manager Nino Giarratano said. “But I really have to give credit to our offense for rallying back the way they did.” With the win, USF maintains outright possession of first place in the West Coast Conference. The Dons entered play Friday with a onegame lead over second-place Gonzaga, who is in town for a threegame series with Santa Clara University. Following the game, Lujan was all smiles about the record. However, he was quick to sharpen his demeanor in talking about the importance of Friday’s team win. “The record is all well and good, but we’re in conference play right now. So every pitch and every win

matter,” Lujan said. “Right now we’re just looking to get those W’s.”

For the record
Unlike Patrick McGuigan — one of two USF pitchers that Lujan surpassed with his historic win — Lujan has been a Steady Eddie since cracking the Dons rotation as a freshman. McGuigan entered his senior year with 10 career wins, but posted an epic 12-3 in 2006 to tie Dana Hendershott with 22 overall wins. Lujan, though, is a different story. The 6-foot-1 lefty emerged out of St. Mary’s-Stockton, where he was part of three Tri-City League championship teams, and won co-MVP in league as a senior for not only pitching, but hitting .423 as a first baseman. As a true freshman at USF in 2008, he was slated for a relief role, but was thrust into the weekend rotation when junior starter

Brian Anderson suffered an oblique injury. Lujan has been in the Dons rotation ever since. He posted a successful 7-2 record as a Sunday starter his freshman year, then was promoted to Friday ace as a sophomore. Perhaps a bit rushed, he grinded out a 5-7 record in 2009 and improved to 6-5 last season. After middling for two consecutive years, Lujan dedicated himself to getting in shape over the offseason. He dropped 17 pounds, and got into a rhythm of running, swimming, biking, and weight training. He also realized the merits of all those peer pressure warnings. “I was eating too late, eating too much,” Lujan said. “When you’re out on the road with a bunch of guys whose metabolism is a lot faster, it’s hard not to do.” The results are evident. With yesterday’s win, he is sitting at 5-3 with three more Friday night games to

go. And he is on pace to set a personal season best in innings pitched. “We’ll see where the record finishes,” Giarratano said. “Hopefully he’ll add three more wins to the record.” Lujan had a shot to break the record last week against Santa Clara, but with little offensive support, he lost a two-run lead by surrendering three runs late. The Dons offense got him off the hook by grinding for a 5-4 win in 13 innings. But there wasn’t much offensive grinding Friday, as the Dons — now hitting .270 as a team — roped 14 hits. While Lujan said it may take time for the record-breaking feat to sink in, he reverently put the accomplishment into perspective. “It’s a big deal because of all the talent that’s come before,” Lujan said. “Like [McGuigan] who won 12 games in one season. If you can be up there with him, that’s special.”

Giants offense a no-show again, lose 3-0

WASHINGTON — Jason Marquis has been in the majors for more than a decade and still doesn’t consider himself a finished product. Marquis pitched a five-hitter to beat Tim Lincecum, and reserve outfielder Laynce Nix made the most of a rare start by connecting for a two-run homer that carried the Washington Nationals to a 3-0 victory over the San Francisco Giants on Friday night. “I’m getting more consistent as

time goes on. I feel like I’m learning more about myself day-by-day and start-by-start,” Marquis said. Marquis (3-0) struck out seven and walked none Tim Lincecum in his fourth major league shutout and first since 2009 with Colorado. Always a dangerous hitter,

Nats 3, Giants 0
he helped his own cause with an RBI single and is batting .385. “I was keeping them off-balance, pushing and pulling the string with my fastball and off-speed stuff,” he said. “The defense did an unbelievable job for me tonight. I just felt like I had command of all my pitches and was able to throw them on any count.” After signing a $15 million, twoyear contract, Marquis was a bust last year in his first season with

Washington. Limited to 13 starts because of an arm injury, he went 2-9 with a 6.60 ERA. This season has been much better. The right-hander threw 96 pitches in his seventh career complete game, dispatching the Giants in a game that took only 2 hours, 9 minutes. “He was really good. He just made the game feel really comfortable for everyone in our dugout,” Nationals manager Jim Riggleman said. “He was extremely sharp. He had everything working. Pitching controls the

game, and he was in complete control tonight.” Lincecum (2-3) had seven strikeouts in seven innings to take over the major league lead, but dropped his second consecutive decision. “I gave them too many good pitches to hit when I got ahead,” Lincecum said. “I didn’t have any walks, but when you come up with a loss, it’s not all that gratifying.” The punchless Giants, blanked for the second time in three games, have lost six of their last eight.

Sunday • May 1st 2011

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Experience your city in a new way on safe, car-free streets.
Streets Alive is FREE family fun for everyone!
Walk, bike, run, skate, dance, picnic, play, and enjoy being active and healthy. Cities in San Mateo County will transform public places into car-free, outdoor spaces.
Participating Cities
• Belmont • Brisbane • Burlingame • Daly City (4/30/11) • East Palo Alto • Foster City • Millbrae (4/23/11) • North Fair Oaks • Redwood City • San Bruno • San Mateo • South San Francisco

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49ers land their quarterback Oakland adds
Nevada’s Kaepernick picked up in second round
By Antonio Gonzalez

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The pressure was on the San Francisco 49ers to find a quarterback this offseason to fill the team’s greatest need. They landed one Friday night. Another might soon be on the way. In the first major move of the Jim Harbaugh Era, the 49ers traded up in the second round to take Nevada quarterColin Colin Kaepernick back Kaepernick with the 36th overall pick in the NFL draft. They gave Denver their second-round (45th overall), fourth-round (108th) and fifthround (141st) picks to move up. General manager Trent Baalke and Harbaugh have spent most of the offseason doing their homework on quarterbacks. While there’s a growing sentiment that Alex Smith will re-sign with San Francisco, there’s nothing from his past play that suggests he could be the franchise’s long-term solution. Kaepernick was watching the draft unfold with family in Turlock, Calif., and will easily be a more popular pick because of his Northern California ties and strong throwing arm. Kaepernick was so excited he immediately started making the two-hour drive and was set to be formally introduced alongside Harbaugh later Friday night. “That just makes it that much easier for my family, friends to come and see me,” said Kaepernick, who was the sixth quarterback taken in the draft. “I

know everybody in Reno was hoping I went to the 49ers as well. For me, it was the perfect pick.” The 49ers also traded back in the third round to take South Carolina defensive back Chris Culliver. The Jacksonville Jaguars received San Francisco’s 76th overall pick in exchange for the 80th pick to take Culliver and a sixth-round selection (182nd overall). The selection wasn’t even the only move the 49ers made to secure a quarterback Friday. Smith was at the team’s facility working out and was scheduled to meet with Harbaugh, who has made it known he would like the team to reunite with the 2005 No. 1 overall pick. Smith is a free agent and his possible return could allow Kaepernick the time needed to develop into an NFL quarterback. Kaepernick threw for 3,022 yards and 21 touchdowns for the Wolfpack last season but has been dinged for his elongated throwing motion, perhaps the biggest reason he slipped into the second round. He had a private workout with Harbaugh in Reno last month and believes that ended any doubts the team had about his throwing motion. “I think it’s a little bit more abbreviated, but at the same time, I haven’t had a coach tell me they had a problem with it,” Kaepernick said. “Coach Harbaugh was actually the first coach to tell me that it looked good. I think he was worried about whether I got the ball out quickly or not. And when he told me that, I was very excited about it.” Although he probably won’t be the immediate starter, Kaepernick will be part of new regime charged with restoring the storied franchise to prominence. The 49ers followed up a perfect

preseason last year by losing their first five games, finished 6-10 in the league’s worst division and coach Mike Singletary was fired with one game left. San Francisco’s brass hired away Harbaugh from just down the road in Stanford, handing him the reins to a franchise that hasn’t had a winning season or reached the playoffs since 2002. And inconsistency at quarterback might be the biggest reason why. The 49ers also showed signs they were headed toward a reunion with Smith when they bypassed quarterback prospects that could’ve made a more immediate impact. Instead, they took Missouri’s Aldon Smith with the No. 7 overall pick in the first round to be a pass-rushing outside linebacker in their 3-4 scheme. Aldon Smith was formally introduced at the team’s practice facility earlier Friday, meeting with coaches and the few players in the building. He was set to fly back to New York immediately, then Missouri before returning to the Bay Area. Although draft picks are often surprised by the team that selects them, going to San Francisco was a bit of a stunner. He first met with Harbaugh and Baalke at Missouri’s pro day, and even Smith believed the 49ers were attending to see Blaine Gabbert — another quarterback the franchise passed on in the draft. Smith made enough of an impression because the 49ers flew him out for a private workout before the draft. He had dinner with Harbaugh and was even given a 50-question test that included everything from football history to field dimensions. Apparently, he passed. “It’s been amazing,” he said. “Five hours of sleep. Ever since my name got called I’ve been busy. I’m enjoying every bit of it.”

OL Wisniewski
Raiders stay in family, pick up former guard’s nephew in draft

ALAMEDA, Calif. — The Oakland Raiders decided to keep it in the family when it came time to make their first selection in the NFL draft. After sitting on the sidelines without a first-round pick, the Raiders took Penn State offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski in the second round Friday night. Stefen Wisniewski Wisniewski is the nephew of Steve Wisniewski, a former eighttime Pro Bowl guard with the Raiders who joined first-year coach Hue Jackson’s staff as an assistant in January. His father also played three years in the NFL as a defensive lineman. Like his uncle did as a rookie in 1989, the younger Wisniewski is being penciled in as a starter. Only this Wisniewski will do it at center, a position he played for one season with the Nittany Lions. “I would have been excited to go wherever, but you can’t help but be a little bit more excited, you know, being a Raider and being able to play for my uncle,” Wisniewski said Friday. “My dad, obviously, knows I’m in good hands playing for Steve. We grew up Raider fans, grew up cheering for Steve. It just feels right.” The 6-foot-3, 306-pound

Wisniewski was the 48th player selected overall after a stellar career at Penn State. He started 38 of 39 games over the past three seasons and earned first team All-America honors in 2010. Jackson, who was promoted from offensive coordinator when Tom Cable was fired following the end of last season, said the Raiders were well aware of Wisniewski’s bloodlines but said the pick was made out of need more than anything else. “By no means was this pick made because of Steve and by no means is (Stefen) here because of a relationship,” Jackson said. “He’s here because he can help the Oakland Raiders win football games. And that’s why he’s going to be play center for us.” Raiders go for cornerback in third round The Oakland Raiders have selected cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke with the first of their two thirdround picks in the NFL draft. Van Dyke started just three games at Miami (Fla.) as a senior but blossomed at the NFL combine, where he ran a 4.25 40-yard dash. The 6foot, 175-pounder played in 50 games and had three interceptions in four seasons with the Hurricanes. The Raiders, who did not have a pick in the first round, traded their second-round pick in 2012 to New England in exchange for the 92nd and 125th overall picks this season. Earlier, Oakland selected offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski in the second round.


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011



Sports Brief
McDowell placed on ’leave’
ATLANTA — The Atlanta Braves placed pitching coach Roger McDowell on administrative leave Friday while they investigate allegations he made homophobic comments and crude gestures toward fans before a game in San Francisco last weekend. McDowell also is accused of using a baseball bat to threaten a fan objecting to his actions. The former major league reliever apologized in a statement, but the team barred him from the bench heading into a three-game series against St. Louis. General manager Frank Wren said he hopes to have Roger the investigation wrapped up McDowell by end of the weekend, and added that any punishment would be coordinated with Major League Baseball. The de facto suspension of McDowell came hours after the team announced it was looking into the arrest Thursday night of starting pitcher Derek Lowe on drunken-driving charges, a double dose of trouble for a team that has always prided itself on avoiding off-the-field incidents.

Oakland tops defending AL champs

OAKLAND — Sleep-deprived first-time father Kurt Suzuki came off the paternity leave list and delivered a go-ahead RBI single to help

Trevor Cahill stay unbeaten and the Oakland Athletics beat the Texas Rangers 3-1 on Friday night. Cahill (4-0) overcame a three-walk first inning to pitch seven scoreless innings against the Led by an energetic shift by the line of Logan Couture, Ryane Clowe and Dany Heatley, the Sharks dominated the play in the first half of the second period but were unable to score. Howard made a tough stop on Pavelski and helped kill a power play as Detroit maintained the lead despite being outshot 16-2 in the first 10 minutes of the second period. Detroit allowed two shots the rest of the period and had chances to extend the lead but one shot rolled along the goal line and away from the net, and Niemi stopped Jiri Hudler on a wrist shot in the closing minute. This marked the third time in five seasons that these teams met in the second round of the playoffs, with each team winning once. The Red Wings were well-rested, with eight full days off since their sweep of Phoenix in the first round. That’s in stark contrast to their one day off a year ago after a seven-game could do,” Newcomb said. “I mean, he’s a good player but I figured if I did my best, if I put out there what I knew I could, I should have it.” While both players did receive a bye to begin the tournament, they both played twice Thursday. On Friday, Newcomb had more in the tank. “He just comes up big on those big points, deuces point, hits a good serve, comes up with big shots,” Pang said. “He wins the points that matter the most.” Sutton had a lot to do with Woodside’s frustration as time and again, she made the big pitch when she had to. The Wildcats had the bases loaded in the fifth with just one out, but Sutton induced the next two batters to pop out to third baseman Pineda to get out of the jam. “I was moving pitches everywhere,” said Boardman, who calls all the pitches from the dugout. “Inside, outside, up, down. I don’t think I [called] more than two fastballs (the entire game).” Woodside finally scratched out its second

Rangers, who kicked off a seven-game West Coast road trip all against the division with a punchless performance to lose for the fourth time in five games. Texas fell into a first-place tie with the Los Angeles Angels in the AL West. series against the Coyotes, which was a factor in them falling behind 3-0 in the series. The time off also allowed two of Detroit’s most potent players heal from injuries that kept them out of action for at least part of the first round. Johan Franzen, who led the team with 28 goals in the regular season, has recovered from an injured left ankle that forced him to miss Game 4 against the Coyotes. Leading scorer Henrik Zetterberg is also back after missing the entire first round with an injured left knee. There was a feeling-out process early, with both teams seemingly wary of making an early mistake. San Jose killed off an early power play before the Red Wings broke through midway through the period when Pavel Datsyuk got the puck on the boards and fed Lidstrom in the slot for a slap shot that beat Niemi to the glove side. “I knew it was really key for me to get that first set, especially against (Pang),” Newcomb said. “If you can get the first set from him, I knew things would be looking good for me. I was glad to win that first set and I just wanted to keep it going, keep it rolling.” In the third place matches, Max Siegel and Kevin Bui of Woodside overcame a one-set deficit to defeat Carlmont’s Brandon Pang and Kenji Iwamoto 2-6, 6-2, 6-4. There are no third place in singles as teammates Allan Verkhovski and Riley Chadwell settled for a DNP and a tie. run in the bottom of the sixth. Ashlynn Avendano led off the inning with a double, moved to third on a groundout and scored on Miller’s sacrifice fly to center field. Woodside had one last gasp in the seventh. With one out, Parker rapped out her third hit of the game, but was erased on a fielder’s choice. With Ali McBride on first, Sutton ended the game with a strikeout. “It was just like I thought it would be,” Boardman said. “Tight, close and nervewracking.”

Continued from page 11
midair with his stick and into the net to tie it with 9:38 to go with San Jose’s first powerplay goal in four games this postseason. Pavelski played a big part in San Jose’s series win over Detroit a year ago, scoring four goals in the first two games, including the tying tally in the third period of Game 2. That was one of two third-period comebacks in that series for the Sharks, who did it again in the opener this year. The Red Wings killed another power play later in the third and withstood a late flurry from San Jose, with Howard making a tough pad save on a deflection by Dany Heatley to send the game to overtime. season is over and I did pretty much the best. I’m proud of the season and I’m happy it ended the way it did.” “I played pretty well up until here,” Pang said. “I just didn’t play the big points as well as I hoped to.” As it was with the doubles championship, there were no surprises between Newcomb and Pang, who have played against each other over the years. “I played him twice during the season, we were 1-1. I knew I had to do the best that I second for the first out of the inning. It may have been an omen because the Wildcats did not score again until the bottom of the sixth as San Mateo pitcher Bailey Sutton worked in and out of trouble all game long as Woodside stranded eight runners on the day — including coming up empty with runners on second and third in the fourth inning and the bases loaded in the fifth. “If we could get one or two (runs) there (in the fifth), we’re in good shape,” King said. “It’s frustrating.”

Continued from page 11
Newcomb was the last man standing. The junior who hadn’t dropped a single set the entire tournament continued that trend Friday afternoon, disposing of Carlmont’s best in Corey Pang 6-3, 6-2 to capture the PAL singles title. “It’s good man, I’m stoked,” Newcomb said of his win. “It’s kind of relieving, the whole

Continued from page 11
appeared the Wildcats were on the verge of having a big game after taking a 1-0 lead just two batters into their order. Kim Wong led off with a single and came around to score on Samantha Parker’s double to deep center field. Parker was caught in a rundown between second and third, however, and was tagged out at


1 2 3 4
@ Detroit* 5:00 p.m. Versus

Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011




*Stanley Cup Playoffs

GIRLS’SWIMMING Sacred Heart Prep 101,Harker 61 (cont..) Myers (SHP) 5:19.93;200 free relay — Harker (Khojasteh, Chien, Audebert, Cheng) 1:46.14; 100 back — Howe (SHP) 57.63;100 breast — Khojasteh (H); 400 free relay — SHP (Flessel,Sturzenegger,Sheridan,Howe) 3:50.67. Menlo School 83,Pinewood 43,Mercy-SF 19 200 medley relay — Menlo School (Cundiff,Lawson,Meyer,Westerman) 2:32.52;200 free — Meyer (MS) 2:29.18; 200 IM — Boyce (P) 3:01.27; 50 free — Smith (MS) 32.39; 100 fly — Cundiff (MS) 1:25.22;100 free — Stepien (MS) 1:13.18;400 free — Meyer (MS) 5:19.19;200 free relay — Pinewood (Boyce, Robinette, Rosenthal, Witzke) 2:13.88; 100 back — Stepien (MS) 1:27.50;100 breast — Boyce (P) 1:28.28;400 free relay — Menlo School (Smith, Crankshaw,Stepien,Meyer) 5:03.18. BOYS’SWIMMING Sacred Heart Prep 114,Harker 56 200 medley relay — SHP (Hinrichs, B. Swart, Enright, Churukian) 1:48.07; 200 free — B. Hinrichs (SHP) 1:51.15; 200 IM — Kremer (SHP) :57.21; 50 free — A.Savage (SHP) 22.78;100 fly — Khojasteh (H) 48.41;100 free — Kremer (SHP) 48.41;500 free — Wise (SHP) 5:03.73;200 free relay — SHP (Hinrichs,B.Savage,Koenig,Buncke) 1:35.53;100 breast — Swart (SHP) 1:06.48;400 free relay — SHP (Kremer,Savage,Wise,Dunlevie) 3:30.13. Menlo School 121,Pinewood 34 200 medley relay — Menlo School (Wilson, Badrenkov, Lawson, Hale) 1:58.38; 200 free — Pugliese (MS) 2:13.33; 200 IM — Carrino (MS) 2:29.37;50 free — Avery (MS) 25.68;100 fly — Lim (P) 1:02.38; 100 free — Finch (MS) 58.91; 500 free — Sauer (MS) 4:55.74; 200 free relay — Menlo School (Finch,Wilson,Avery,Hale) 1:44.31;100 back — Lim (P) 1:05.00; 100 breast — Lawson (MS) 1:16.77; 400 free relay — Pinewood (Lim, Nelson, Branski,Brown) 4:36.06. GIRLS’LACROSSE Menlo School 18,Sacred Heart Prep 15 Sacred Heart Prep 8 7 — 15 Menlo School 7 11 — 18 SHP goal scorers — Cummings 6; Cody 5; Gonia 2; Keller. SHP goalie saves — Westerfield 11. Records — Sacred Heart Prep 5-2 WBAL,13-6 overall.

East Division New York Tampa Bay Toronto Baltimore Boston Central Division Cleveland Kansas City Detroit Chicago Minnesota West Division Los Angeles Texas Oakland Seattle ——— W 15 15 13 12 L 11 11 13 15 Pct .577 .577 .500 .444 GB — — 2 3 1/2 W 17 13 12 10 9 L 8 13 14 17 16 Pct .680 .500 .462 .370 .360 GB — 4 1/2 5 1/2 8 8 W 14 14 13 11 11 L 9 12 13 13 14 Pct .609 .538 .500 .458 .440 GB — 1 1/2 2 1/2 3 1/2 4

East Division Philadelphia Florida Atlanta Washington New York Central Division St.Louis Milwaukee Cincinnati Pittsburgh Chicago Houston West Division Colorado Los Angeles San Francisco Arizona San Diego ——— W 16 14 12 11 9 L 8 13 13 14 17 Pct .667 .519 .480 .440 .346 GB — 3 1/2 4 1/2 5 1/2 8 W 15 13 13 12 11 9 L 11 12 13 14 14 17 Pct .577 .520 .500 .462 .440 .346 GB — 1 1/2 2 3 3 1/2 6 W 17 16 13 12 11 L 8 8 14 13 15 Pct .680 .667 .481 .480 .423 GB — 1/2 5 5 6 1/2

vs.Detroit* 12:00 p.m. Versus

@ Nats 1:05 p.m. CSN-BAY

@ Nats 10:35 a.m. CSN-BAY

@ Nats 4:05 p.m. CSN-BAY

@Mets 4:10 p.m. CSN-BAY

@Mets 4:10 p.m. CSN-BAY

@Mets 10:10 a.m. CSN-BAY


vs.Texas 1:05 p.m. CSN-CAL

vs.Texas 1:05 p.m. CSN-CAL

vs.Texas 12:35 p.m. CSN-CAL

vs.Indians 7:05 p.m. CSN-CAL

vs.Indians 7:05 p.m. CSN-CAL

vs.Indians 12:35 p.m. CSN-CAL

@Royals 5:10 p.m. CSN-CAL

@ Union 1 p.m.




@ Fire 5:30 p.m.



@ Vancouver vs Crew vs. N.E. Rev 7p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

vs.Houston @ United 1 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS (Best-of-7) EASTERN CONFERENCE Chicago vs.Atlanta Monday,May 2:Atlanta at Chicago,8 p.m. Wednesday,May 4:Atlanta at Chicago,8 p.m. Friday,May 6:Chicago at Atlanta,7 p.m. Sunday,May 8:Chicago at Atlanta,8 p.m. x-Tueseday,May 10:Atlanta at Chicago,TBA x-Thursday,May 12:Chicago at Atlanta,TBA x-Sunday,May 15:Atlanta at Chicago,TBA Miami vs.Boston Sunday,May 1:Boston at Miami,3:30 p.m. Tuesday,May 3:Boston at Miami,7 p.m. Saturday,May 7:Miami at Boston,8 p.m. Monday,May 9:Miami at Boston,7 p.m. x-Wednesday,May 11:Boston at Miami,TBA x-Friday,May 13:Miami at Boston,TBA x-Monday,May 16:Boston at Miami,8 p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE L.A.Lakers vs.Dallas Monday,May 2:Dallas at L.A.Lakers,10:30 p.m. Wednesday,May 4:Dallas at L.A.Lakers,10:30 p.m. Friday,May 6:L.A.Lakers at Dallas,9:30 p.m. Sunday,May 8:L.A.Lakers at Dallas,3:30 p.m. x-Tuesday,May 10:Dallas at L.A.Lakers,TBA x-Thursday,May 12:L.A.Lakers at Dallas,TBA x-Sunday,May 15:Dallas at L.A.Lakers,3:30 p.m.

BOYS TENNIS PAL Championships Singles — Newcomb (Woodside) d. C. Pang (Carlmont) 6-3,6-2.Doubles — Giordano/Brown (Menlo Atherton) d.C.Perkins/J.Perkins (Menlo Atherton) 6-1,6-4;Siegel/Bui (Woodside) d.D.Pang/Iwamoto 2-6,6-2,6-4. SOFTBALL San Mateo 4,Woodside 2 San Mateo 000 301 0 — 4 8 3 Woodside 100 001 0 — 2 8 0 WP — Sutton. LP — Miller. 2B — Pineda (SM); Parker, A. Canepa (W). Multiple hits — Titus 2, Pineda 2 (SM); Parker 3, S. Canepa 2 (W). RBI — Gomez 2,Pineda 2 (SM);Parker,Miller (W).Records — San Mateo 5-0 PAL Ocean,10-3 overall;Woodside 4-2,15-4. BASEBALL Menlo 20,Crystal Springs Uplands 0 Menlo 042 374 0 — 20 18 1 Crystal Springs 000 000 0 — 0 2 4 WP — Batchelder.LP — Bell.2B — Batchelder 3, Zeisler, Mayer, Marcus, Avis (M). Multiple hits — Mayer 5, Batchelder 3, Avis, Bruhl,Toms (M). Multiple RBI — Batchelder 5, Benton, Bruml, Mayer, Marcus.Records — Menlo 18-4 overall (5-1);Crystal Springs 1-14 overall (0-6). THURSDAY GIRLS’SWIMMING Sacred Heart Prep 101,Harker 61 200 medley relay — SHP (Myers, Sturzenegger, Howe, Sheridan) 1:53.28; 200 free — Myers (SHP) 2:03.02; 200 IM — Howe (SHP) 2:06.52; 50 free — Sheridan (SH) 25.64;100 fly — Sturzenegger (SHP) 1:03.40;100 free — Khojasteh (H) 52.95;500 fre —

Saturday’s Games San Jose at Philadelphia,4 p.m. Vancouver at Columbus,7:30 p.m. Sporting Kansas City at New York,7:30 p.m. Chicago at Colorado,9 p.m. Toronto FC at Seattle FC,10 p.m. Real Salt Lake at Portland,10:30 p.m. New England at Chivas USA,10:30 p.m. Sunday’s Games Los Angeles at FC Dallas,7 p.m. Wednesday,May 4 Seattle FC at D.C.United,7:30 p.m. Colorado at Houston,8:30 p.m.

Friday’s Games Detroit (Scherzer 4-0) at Cleveland (J.Gomez 0-1), Cleveland 9,Detroit 5 Toronto 5,N.Y.Yankees 3 L.A.Angels 8,Tampa Bay 5 Seattle 5,Boston 4 Baltimore 10,Chicago White Sox 4 Kansas City 4,Minnesota 3 Oakland 3,Texas 1 Saturday’s Games L.A.Angels at Tampa Bay,10:10 a.m. Texas at Oakland,1:05 p.m. Toronto at N.Y.Yankees,1:05 p.m. Detroit at Cleveland,3:05 p.m. Baltimore at Chicago White Sox,4:10 p.m. Minnesota at Kansas City,4:10 p.m. Seattle at Boston,4:10 p.m. Sunday’s Games Detroit at Cleveland,10:05 a.m. Toronto at N.Y.Yankees,10:05 a.m. Seattle at Boston,10:35 a.m. L.A.Angels at Tampa Bay,10:40 a.m. Baltimore at Chicago White Sox,11:10 p.m. Minnesota at Kansas City,11:10 p.m. Texas at Oakland,1:05 p.m.

Friday’s Games Philadelphia 10,N.Y.Mets 3 Washington 3,San Francisco 0 Florida 7,Cincinnati 6 St.Louis 5,Atlanta 3,11 innings Milwaukee 5,Houston 0 Pittsburgh 3,Colorado 0 Chicago Cubs 4,Arizona 2 L.A.Dodgers 3,San Diego 2 Saturday’s Games N.Y.Mets at Philadelphia,10:10 a.m. St.Louis at Atlanta,10:10 a.m. San Francisco at Washington,1:05 p.m. Milwaukee at Houston,4:05 p.m. Florida at Cincinnati,4:10 p.m. Chicago Cubs at Arizona,5:10 p.m. Pittsburgh at Colorado,5:10 p.m. San Diego at L.A.Dodgers,7:10 p.m. Sunday’s Games San Francisco at Washington,10:35 a.m. St.Louis at Atlanta,10:35 a.m. Milwaukee at Houston,11:05 a.m. Pittsburgh at Colorado,12:10 p.m. Chicago Cubs at Arizona,1:10 p.m. Florida at Cincinnati,1:10 p.m. San Diego at L.A.Dodgers,1:10 p.m. N.Y.Mets at Philadelphia,5:05 p.m.

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April 29 – May 9

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Store Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 to 5, Sunday 12 to 5. Free parking at rear of store.


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


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Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011



Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011



Hawks to dig deep Mavs set sights on Lakers
By Paul Newberry

ATLANTA — For a team that comes across as emotionally fragile, the Atlanta Hawks sure showed plenty of toughness in the opening round of the playoffs. They’ll have to dig even deeper this time around. After knocking off Orlando 4-2 — winning three homes games by a total of 10 points — the Hawks are getting ready to face the topseeded Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference semifinals. The Bulls won a league-high 62 games during the regular season and they’ll have the home-court edge. Game 1 is Monday night in Chicago. Compounding the challenge for Atlanta: guard Kirk Hinrich went down with a strained right hamstring in the closing minutes of the clincher against the Magic. Hinrich underwent treatment and an MRI on Friday, which revealed a “significant” strain. He was listed as doubtful for the series, and the Hawks aren’t sure about his status

should they advance. After collapsing to the court in severe pain, he had to be carried to the locker room by two members of the training staff. “This certainly changes things,” Hawks coach Larry Drew said. “He’s our starting point guard. Hopefully, he’ll be able to go. But if he’s not, we’ll have to make an adjustment. We don’t know what we’ll do at that point.” Losing Hinrich would be a tough blow, especially at the defensive end against Chicago star Derrick Rose. The Hawks would likely counter with Joe Johnson, though Drew doesn’t want to wear down his best player using him exclusively on Rose. The Hawks also could hand a bigger role to Jeff Teague, who’s played sparingly his first two years in the league but is one of their quicker players. Damien Wilkins is another option. “We’re looking at the matchups against Chicago and seeing what works best for us,” Drew said. “But we don’t really know if Kirk can go or can’t go. Maybe he can play some. Maybe he can’t play at all. A lot of that will change things.”

By Jaime Aron

DALLAS — The verbal jabbing of Phil Jackson and the mind games with Ron Artest will begin soon enough. First, Mark Cuban wanted a day to celebrate his Dallas Mavericks making it to the second round to face the Los Angeles Lakers. The Mavs won a playoff series Thursday night for only the second time since reaching the 2006 NBA finals, and it wasn’t easy. A colossal collapse at the end of Game 4 in Portland forced a return trip to the Dirk Nowitzki Rose Garden for Game 6, and Dallas almost let another big, late lead slip away. Only this time, Dirk Nowitzki found a way to stave off those pesky Trail Blazers, scoring 33 points in the 103-96 victory. Cuban left the court Thursday night with a huge smile. He sent a tweet complimenting Portland fans for their courtesy and he declined to say anything about his team’s next foe. In an email Friday, he declined to comment about anything Lakers-related. The playful banter is sure to come. But Cuban’s biggest statement about the Lakers came last summer, when the Mavericks resigned center Brendan Haywood, then traded for another big man, the more-agile Tyson Chandler. They made it clear they were collecting all the size they could get to try match-

ing up with Los Angeles. Here’s how the pieces fit: If Chandler and Haywood can take turns helping slow the Lakers’ big men, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum; if Shawn Marion and DeShawn Stevenson can help slow Kobe Bryant; and if Nowitzki can shake Artest and whatever else Jackson throws at him, then maybe Dallas can end Los Angeles’ two-year reign as NBA champions. “We have our hands full,” Nowitzki said. “We’re going to have to play a perfect game to beat them,” added point guard Jason Kidd. “I hope we’re up for that challenge.” Dallas and Los Angeles have a long, interesting history — at least, from the Mavs’ perspective. To the Lakers, Dallas is just another franchise using them as a measuring stick. When the Mavericks first blossomed in the mid- to late-1980s, the “Showtime” era was still going strong in Los Angeles. The Lakers ousted the Mavs from their first postseason appearance in 1984 and did it again in ’86. They met in the Western Conference finals in ’88, and Dallas stretched the series to seven games. The Mavericks wouldn’t win another playoff game until 2001. Dallas went from March 1990 to December 2003 between road wins in Los Angeles. The Mavericks’ Hollywood headaches include the time they scored only two points in an entire quarter, the night Bryant single-handedly outscored them through three quarters and when they allowed the second-biggest fourthquarter comeback in NBA history, with Bryant and the Lakers erasing a 27-point deficit.


bustible manager then went on Twitter to say the ejection was pathetic. “I don’t blame Major League Baseball for being upset with me,” Guillen said, who was ejected by home plate umpire Todd Tichenor. “I made a mistake.” It’s not the first time Twitter has gotten a member of the Guillen family in trouble with the White Sox. Guillen’s son, Oney, left the team’s scouting department after some posts criticized the front office in spring training 2010. The episode led to season-long friction between Guillen and general manager Ken Williams that had been patched up. Guillen has had numerous outbursts during his managerial career, which began in 2004. Among his targets have been Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, umpire Hunter Wendelstedt and former teammate Magglio Ordonez, who currently plays for the Detroit Tigers. Guillen was ordered to sensitivity training in 2006 after calling former Chicago sports columnist Jay Mariotti a derogatory name. He apologized to Rodriguez for comments he made in a Sports Illustrated article in which he criticized the Yankees’ star third baseman for waffling on his choice of countries for the World Baseball Classic and suggested he was a hypocrite. In his first season as manager, Guillen called Wendelstedt a liar. Later in the season, Guillen sarcastically referred to Buck Showalter, then with the Texas Rangers, as the best manager in the history of baseball and the guy who invented the game — all after Showalter questioned Guillen’s knowledge of the rules. Guillen also went off on a profanityfilled rant against Ordonez, a fellow Venezuelan who left the White Sox and joined the Tigers. Guillen went on yet another tirade after a radio host questioned his lineup on the air. Williams said Guillen fully understands the ramifications of his actions — on the field and online. “He has accepted all the responsibility that came with the action. We’re mindful that we don’t have our manager and we have to be respectful of the umpires. And maybe even respectful to them to a greater degree as a result of what they may be feeling.” Guillen said he won’t stop using social media. “I will continue to Twitter,” he said. “I just won’t tweet during the game. I’ve been tweeting for two years. That’s the first time I ever, ever tweet about baseball. Look what happened. I learned a lesson.”

Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


Tweeting Guillen suspended 2 games

Sports brief
Herbstreit takes Twitter time out after Buckeyes bashing
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — ESPN analyst and former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit is taking a timeout on Twitter after receiving criticism from fans of his alma mater. In an interview with WGFX 104.5 The Zone in his new hometown of Nashville on Thursday, Herbstreit said it was “asinine” he had to defend his allegiance to the Buckeyes. Herbstreit has questioned how coach Jim Tressel can keep his job amid allegations of lying to the NCAA. “I just felt it wasn’t for me as I already have sufficient ways to commuKurt Herbstreit nicate my thoughts on college football,” Herbstreit said in a statement through ESPN on Friday. Herbstreit said in the radio interview he wouldn’t interact with fans through social media “for a while.” His Twitter account has been taken down. Herbstreit is hardly the first sports figure to be tweaked by tweets. Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson closed his Twitter account Monday just two hours after opening it following a flood of abusive comments.

CHICAGO — White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen won’t fight his two-game suspension from Major League Baseball for posting messages on his Twitter account after being ejected from a game earlier this week. “They told me why they’re going to do it and they talked to me about taking responsibility,” Guillen said prior to Friday’s games with the Ozzie Guillen Orioles. “(Serving the suspension) is something I should be doing. I shouldn’t be (tweeting) during the game.” Guillen was suspended for games on Friday and Saturday and fined an undisclosed amount for on-field actions in the first inning of Wednesday’s game against the Yankees and for comments made via Twitter following his ejection. It was the first time baseball has penalized a player, coach or manager for use of the social networking site during a game. Guillen was tossed Wednesday night for arguing with plate umpire Todd Tichenor in the first inning of Chicago’s game against the New York Yankees. The com-






Want to travel?
Things to do that are not far away SEE PAGE 22

‘Fast Five’ revs up
By David Germain

‘Fast Five’
Director:Justin Lin Cast: Vin Diesel,Paul Walker,Jordana Brewster,Tyrese Gibson,Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Matt Schulze,Sung Kang,Dwayne Johnson Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, sexual content and language. Grade:

The buildup to Decision Day
By Jeremy Venook

or legions of high school seniors, Sunday, May 1 is Decision Day. Strange as it sounds, that’s not a made-up moniker — the thousands of colleges that make up America’s higher education system apparently collaborated and made the joint decision that, just as acceptances would all be sent before April 1, students had until May 1 to decide where they would be spending the next years of their lives. This means April can be a pretty frenetic month for people with a choice between several destinations as they scramble to book flights and hotel reservations for official visiting weekends which, ironically, never seem to match up with high schools’ spring break. In essence, that day is the culmination of several months of preparation and anticipation. I officially began the process this summer with very rough drafts of what would become my two main essays, about my love of information and the children’s book “The Phantom Tollbooth” (and when I say rough, I mean really rough — aside from the general thrusts of the essays, the finished products are almost unrecognizable). I also had a bit of a head start, having followed along as my brother went through the exact same experience two years ago. And don’t believe the hype when the schools direct you to the “Common” Application — I spent the better part of first semester up to my ears in drafts of seemingly countless supplemental essays on every topic from why I wanted to go to a certain school to “Describe something you don’t know.” But of course, that’s not all that goes into the process; there are also three previous years of high school, three years of keeping up grades and engaging in extracurricular activities. Once we’ve gone that far, you could even trace the process as far back as you want — I’ve been working since I first discovered my love of theater; since I first cracked open a trivia book; since I began to


If the “Fast Five” filmmakers had thrown in giant, shape-shifting robots, talking apes and some vampires, the fifth installment in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise would hardly have been more outlandish. That said, the movie will get you where you’re going. Pretty cars, prettier women, insanely absurd action that truly thrills even as it shatters all physical laws, and enough testosterone-fueled violence to satisfy the most-rabid WWE SmackDown crowd. Opting for a blowout of a movie with no restraints whatsoever, the filmmakers wisely add former wrestling superstar Dwayne Johnson as a relentless federal agent to go toe-to-toe with Vin Diesel’s driving ace Dom Toretto, who’s again on the run along with his sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster), and cop-turned-outlaw Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker). Any thwack from the inevitable Diesel-Johnson slug-fest might kill an ordinary human, but these characters basically are comic-book figures, so they’re able to wail the innards out of each other and come through with only a cosmetic bruise or two. Directing his third chapter in the franchise, Justin Lin applies that over-the-top-

Five great car movies
By Christy Lemire

and-then-some approach to everything in “Fast Five.” If it can move, it can move faster. If it can crash, it can crash harder. If it can roar, it can roar louder. It’s nonsense, but when Hollywood does nonsense right, it can be a lot of fun. Lin now is far more assured as an action director, crafting stunts and chases that zip along so recklessly you won’t much care how utterly impossible they are. Likewise, Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan, who wrote the last two “Fast and Furious”

LOS ANGELES — Surely, the world didn’t need a fifth installment in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, but here it is — “Fast Five,” roaring into theaters this weekend. The impossible car chases and stunts, the muscular men and gorgeous women are all back. So hey, at least you know what you’re getting. And it provides a good opportunity to discuss five great car movies — although what constitutes a car movie is up for debate. Is it a film in which the cars are the star, or there’s one thrilling chase scene, or the road trip is the destination? We tested several of them. Your mileage may differ.

respectively. They end up in a showdown in their ’55 Chevy with a big talker in a ’70 G.T.O. (Warren Oates) who is named, aptly, G.T.O. Along with the girl who randomly showed up and insinuated herself in their lives, they agree to race G.T.O. to Washington. The pervasive feeling of detachment is meant to metaphor for a national sense of melancholy at the end of the 1960s. But you’re welcome to just enjoy the cars.

“American Graffiti” (1973):
The cars here serve as a reflection of not just who the characters are, but who they dream of becoming. They’re not just a mode of transportation but a way of life. Inspired by director and co-writer George Lucas’ own youth in Modesto, Calif., this coming-of-age comicdrama follows the all-night adventures of a group of high school seniors on the brink of adulthood. Led by Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss and Harrison Ford, they cruise the main drag one last time in August 1962 — jok-

“Two-Lane Blacktop” (1971):
A languid, existential journey rather than a heart-pounding adventure, and that’s what makes director Monte Hellman’s film so fascinating. James Taylor and Dennis Wilson play two nameless and meandering auto racers: a driver and a mechanic,

See 5, Page 23

See FAST, Page 23

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Celebrate Polynesian culture
Celebrate the cultures of Polynesia at the Eighth Annual Foster City Pacific Islands Festival. The event takes place Saturday, 10 a.m.to 5 p.m.at the Leo Ryan Park Amphitheater,East Hillsdale and Shell boulevards in Foster City.It features performances from award-winning dance

Best bets
companies and cultural activities. Free.

Families on the move
Join Families on the Move Sunday from 10 a.m.to 2 p.m.in San Mateo’s Central Park. Grab your pooch and have fun

with K-9 Social Club and behaviorist and dog trainer Eric Dorfman.Jump,run and play ball with your preschooler.Bring your wheels and safety gear for a wheels rodeo,repair lessons and expert demos.Play “group games”with the Boys & Girls Club.Try some tennis with tennis pro Dan Kelton.The event takes place at Fifth Avenue and El

Camino Real in San Mateo.Free.

Garden Design Fundamentals
Landscape Designer Deanna Glory,APLD,explains how every garden design,whether it’s Mediterranean,native garden or edible,needs to incorporate basic design principles to create a

space that feels balanced,looks beautiful and achieves functionality to suit everyday life. Garden Design Fundamentals takes place 1 p.m.to 3 p.m. Sunday at the Kohl Pumphouse in San Mateo Central Park.Enter at Ninth and Palm Avenues.For more information go to www.sanmateoarboretum.org or call 579-0536.Free.



Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


By Susan Cohn

WICKED PLANTS. Paralysis, strangulation and derangement are just some of the misdeeds of the plant kingdom chronicled by author Amy Stewart in Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities. And now, it’s mayhem under glass, as the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers transforms its Special Exhibits Gallery into a Victorian garden full of Mother Nature’s most appalling creations. Building on the plant portraits in Stewart’s book, the Conservatory introduces visitors to living examples of infamous plants that have left their mark on history and claimed many an unfortunate victim. As visitors enter the exhibition, they find themselves in a mysterious, untended yard behind a ramshackle Victorian home. A man is slumped over a table, a goblet in his lifeless hand, as the lady of the house flees in the background. Crows caw and a rusty gate creaks. In the overgrown garden, moss covered statues rise out of an unruly thicket of alluring plants. Beautiful flowers and glistening berries bewitch the eye, but consider yourself warned — here lurk some of the greatest killers of all time. Some of the more than 30 infamous species on view are the castor bean, a dramatic shrub with poisonous seeds, implicated in the 1978 umbrella murder of communist defector BBC journalist Georgi Markov; white snakeroot, a weed that took the life of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, mother of Abraham Lincoln; and poison hemlock, whose most famous victim was the Greek philosopher Socrates. The San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, located at 100 John F. Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park, is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $7 general, $5 youth 12-17, seniors, and students with ID; $2 children 5-11; children 4 and under free. Author Stewart discusses

Q: What is CuriOdyssey? What does it mean? A: CuriOdyssey is an invented word that we believe reflects the journey a child experiences as he/she explores the natural world. At CuriOdyssey, we provide the tools and environment for children to engage with the natural world at their own pace and draw their own conclusions about how the world works. Fundamentally, engagement with the natural world requires curiosity – something that comes naturally to children. We allow children’s curiosity to take them to new understanding of the world around them. We allow children to direct their own learning journey. Q: Did Coyote Point Museum close? Is this a new organization? Are the same people running the organization? A: CuriOdyssey is simply the new name of the Coyote Point Museum Association and represents a change in name only. It does not alter our mission to inspire people to take care of our Earth wisely or our vision that people consider the environment in all that they do. We continue to have the same NINA SAZEVICH visionary leadership from our Board of Among the Wicked Plants:Botanical Rogues & Assassins on display through Oct.30 at the Trustees and Executive Team and the excepSan Francisco Conservatory of Flowers is tobacco (foreground). tional programs, exhibits and animal care from our staff. As CuriOdyssey, we will conthe fascinating dark side of the plant world a number of changes — developed new pro- tinue to spark the natural curiosity and imagfrom 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June grams, opened two new exhibitions, brought ination of children by providing the tools, 1. $10. Tickets available online. For informa- in new animals and de-installed our 30-year environment and experiences for children to tion, call (415) 831-2090 or visit www.con- old exhibition “The Place Called San Mateo” engage with the natural world on an inquisiservatoryofflowers.org. Wicked Plants: — to make our visitor and program experitive journey of lifelong learning. Botanical Rogues & Assassins is on view ence exceptional. These changes have helped CuriOdyssey offers interactive science us clarify who we are and what we do – we through Oct.30. bring children and families up close with the exhibits, hands-on and explorative school *** CURIODYSSEY AT COYOTE POINT. natural world. The name “Coyote Point and public programs, and up close encounOn Jan.15, 2011, San Mateo’s Coyote Point Museum” not only does not reflect the excit- ters with native California animals. 1651 Museum officially unveiled its new name, ing changes we have made, but has also con- Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo. For informaCuriOdyssey. These questions and answers tinued to be strongly associated in the com- tion call 342-7755 or visit www.curi(from CuriOdyssey’s website) explain why munity with “almost closing.” This change is odyssey.org. happening now simply to reflect the positive this change came about and what it means. Q: Why did you change the name? Why direction of the organization and the changes we have already made in our ongoing effort Susan Cohn can be reached at susan@smdainow? lyjournal.com or www.twitter.com/susanciA: Over the last four years, we have made towards revitalization. tyscene.


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011



Sunday news shows
ABC’s ‘This Week’ 8 a.m.
Rep.Paul Ryan,R-Wis.

CBS’‘Face the Nation’ 8:30 a.m.
Sen.John McCain,R-Ariz.; Gov.Robert Bentley,R-Ala.

NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ 8 a.m.
Sen.Marco Rubio,R-Fla.; New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Gov.Bob McDonnell,R-Va.; David Axelrod, top adviser to President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

By Susan Cohn

CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ 3 p.m.
Sen.John Barrasso,R-Wyo.; Rep.Chris Van Hollen,D-Md.; Stephen Hadley,national security adviser to President George W.Bush; former Rep.Jane Harman,D-Calif.

‘Fox News Sunday’ 8 a.m.
Rep.Michele Bachmann,R-Minn.; Sens.Kent Conrad,DN.D.,and Lindsey Graham,R-S.C.

You don’t have to go to foreign lands to have an adventure. If you want a break in your routine, consider heading out on a one day or weekend excursion with the city of Belmont Parks and Recreation Department. Trips are open to all; there’s no need to be a Belmont resident. Here’s what’s coming up: Friday through Monday, May 27-29. Pinnacles Rock Climbing. Two days and two nights at Pinnacles National Monument in Paicines, approximately 30 minutes south of Hollister. The Monument’s namesakes, the eroded leftovers of an extinct volcano, attract rock climbers of all ability levels. Meet Friday evening at the campground adjacent to the Monument entrance on Highway 146. Climb all day Saturday and Sunday with staff from Adventure Out. Beginners, if you have ever wanted to learn how to rock climb, this weekend is for you. Get acquainted with gear, technique, basic rock climbing safety, knots, commands and management. There are lots of climbs to build confidence in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Intermediate and advanced climbers, take advantage of the guides’ expert knowledge of this famous climbing destination and expand your knowledge and techniques. $265 for Belmont residents. $285 for non-residents. You need to bring all necessary clothes and camping equipment (some equipment is available for rent). Packing list provided on registration. Sunday, June 5. Take “A Silent Step Back In Time” to the Niles-Essanay Studios, established in 1912, and owned by Broncho Billy. Charlie Chaplin made movies there. Includes a docent tour of the 1913 Edison Theater and projection room; a viewing of silent movies; and a brief walking tour of the Historic Niles Neighborhood. A highlight of the day is a round trip ride on the Niles Canyon Railway from Niles to Sunol. Enjoy a hosted Brunch Buffet in Sunol at Bosco’s Bones and Brew. Departure time from Belmont City Hall on Sixth Avenue is 8:15 a.m. with the return time


Take a ride on the Niles Canyon Railway June 5 with the city of Belmont’s ‘A Silent Step Back In Time’Daycation.
approximately 4 p.m. $86 per person. Thursday, Aug. 11. “Follow That Seagull” for the ultimate San Francisco City Tour as guide Craig Smith tells you things about San Francisco that you never knew. Includes a hosted lunch at the Beach Chalet with your choice of beer batter fish & chips, caesar salad with grilled chicken or a half-pound cheeseburger. Departure from Belmont City Hall on Sixth Avenue at 9 a.m. with an approximate return time of 4:30 p.m. $82 per person. Make your lunch selection when you reserve your space. For more information call Belmont Parks & Recreation at 595-7441, visit www.belmont.gov under subheading for “Parks and Recreation” or stop by the Belmont Parks and Recreation Office located at 30 Twin Pines Lane in Belmont. *** TRAVEL WORKSHOPS FOR ALL AGES. Hostelling International offers free travel education workshops for both youth and adults, teaching the skills necessary for fun, safe and rewarding trips. • World Travel 101. Geared toward college-age and adult travelers who are planning their first trip abroad, this workshop educates participants how to travel safely and responsibly on a shoestring budget. 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 11. Millbrae Library. 1 Library Ave., Millbrae. 697-7607. • Travel USA. Geared toward high school and college students as well as adults, this workshop closely examines and explains the art of planning funfilled trips around the U.S. 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 18. Belmont Library. 1111 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. 591-8286. *** CRUISE THE RIVERS OF THE WORLD. Learn about the world of river cruising at the Senior Showcase Information Fair. Ethan Allen travel experts provide information on seniorfriendly travel to destinations worldwide, as well as offer special event-only savings and promotions. A representative from Avalon Waterways is present to answer your questions. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, May 20. Burlingame Recreation Center. 850 Burlingame Ave., Burlingame. *** MAKING A TRAVEL JOURNAL. Travel memories are wonderful and the photos, postcards and other mementos you collect along the way can help keep those memories fresh. Don’t stuff those treasures into a box after summer this year; organize them for remembrance and future reference at a Filoli Education Program. Using walnut ink and recycled file folders, make a leather-look travel journal to keep your memorabilia, pictures and writings. Steps include dying, stitching and applying decorative touches like beads and seeds. Instructor Sara Loesch Frank. Classes 9 a.m. – noon Thursdays, June 16 and 23. Fee: $60 Filoli members; $75 non-members. Fee includes all materials. For information call 364-8300 or email classes@filoli.org. Filoli is located at 86 Cañada road, Woodside. *** AND REMEMBER. “It’s easier to find a traveling companion than to get rid of one.” Peg Bracken.
Susan Cohn can be reached at susan@smdailyjournal.com or www.twitter.com/susancityscene.


sonal experience, a high school freshman asked me last year if he should be working on his college essay yet; I responded that I hadn’t even started thinking about mine, and I was already heading into the summer after my junior year. Now, it’s no exaggeration to say that the college admissions game is a daunting one; I’ve heard that this year was, across the board, one of the most selective in history when it came to graduating seniors. With record numbers of students in their applicant pools, UC Berkeley and UCLA admitted 21 percent and 25 percent respectively; the Ivy Leagues dipped into single digits, with Harvard setting a new low at 6.2 percent of over 30,000 applicants getting proverbial fat ness with a surprise or two. You’ll want to stay through a portion of the end-credits to catch one of them, a jolting tease for the franchise’s preordained sixth installment after “Fast Five” hauls in its fortune. In the current story, Dom is hunting his own fortune after Brian and Mia break him out of custody in a dementedly excessive prison-bus escape. Hiding out in Rio de Janeiro, the three join a daring car heist that puts them at odds with local crime boss Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) and sets super agent Hobbs (Johnson) on their trail. makes it sufficiently bad-ass. As a cop determined to find out who killed the mob witness he was protecting, McQueen zips up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco and skids around corners in his Mustang, trying to evade a couple of gangsters in a Charger. Sure, you could count the number of hubcaps that fly off a car and come up with a number that’s greater than four. Still, the scene is shot and edited in such a clean, uncomplicated way, it’s 10 minutes of pure tension. envelopes (after all, decisions are almost all online at this point). But taking significant steps before the process really begins before senior year — toward the end of junior year at the earliest — is a little ridiculous. After all, clichéd though it may sound, the trick for applying to college (at least, for me) was really just a matter of finding what I enjoyed and was successful at and pursuing those interests; I never took up anything for the sole purpose of appealing to colleges, and I recommend against it. It isn’t about entering every competition since second grade or signing a kid up for bassoon lessons that will be irresistible to admissions officers everywhere. For me, it was about having real experiences I could write about, find real So Dom decides to get the band back together, enlisting an “Ocean’s Eleven”-style ensemble of past “Fast and the Furious” rowdies to part Reyes from his millions. Returning as part of the team are Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Matt Schulze, Tego Calderon and Don Omar. Elsa Pataky joins the cast as possibly Brazil’s lone honest police officer, a woman tapped by Hobbs to help him chase down Toretto’s gang. But words like honest don’t mean much in Director John Carpenter adapted the Stephen King novel — one horror master playing off another — and this tale about a bright red 1958 Plymouth Fury that does much more than get you from point A to point B remains darkly funny and deeply chilling. Keith Gordon stars as the nerdy teenager who finds the car with plans to fix it up, but he ends up becoming the one who undergoes major changes. The car gives him confidence and makes him popular — but then she gets jealous when she realizes she can’t have him all to herself. Good, silly, twisted fun.

Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


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read; since birth. I wish that last sentence were a joke. It’s not uncommon to find parents of kindergartners browsing the bookstore aisles for books with titles like “Successful Harvard Application Essays” and “The Fiske Guide to Top Colleges.” In my column about hyperparenting last month, I referenced authors who tout ways for parents to ensure that their students get into the tip-top colleges through careful guidance from birth. And, in my per-

aspects in my life that pushed me toward the right school for me. So now, my classmates and I are putting in that final push, stocking up on “Class of 2015” gear and signing up for a spot at college along with paperwork for tuition deposits and scholarships. As for me, I’ve already committed and begun filling out the forms and, having spent the last four years making the most of my time in high school, I’m certainly excited to be moving on for a whole new experience for the next four.
Jeremy Venook is a senior at San Mateo High School. Student News appears in the weekend edition. You can email Student News at

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flicks, step up the silliness of the dialogue and the characters’ mannerisms to let the audience in on the joke that no one is supposed to take any of this seriously. People strut and pronounce in such farcical fashion that it goes beyond stupid and somehow becomes, if not clever, at least crafty. The filmmakers do actually achieve clever-

the “Fast Five” world, where good guys are bad, bad guys are good, and only the really, really bad guys get what they’ve got coming. There’s no moral compass here (and apparently no clock, either; the movie runs much too long, and despite the breathless pace, the trip does start to wear on you). The only compass is the one pointing down the road straight ahead, down which “The Fast and the Furious” flicks will keep moving faster and faster. Maybe the filmmakers can do a little “Alice in Wonderland” rhyming and call the next one “Furiouser and Furiouser.”

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ing, flirting, getting into trouble. But regardless of the setting, this is a time we can all relate to: when having a car equals freedom.

“The Fast and the Furious” (2001):
And here we are, back at the beginning, with the first movie in the series. Of course it’s ridiculous, but audaciously so, and that’s the film’s charm. By bringing underground street racing to the masses, it knows exactly what it is and revels in it. Led by Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster and Paul Walker, everyone’s beautiful and they say incredibly idiotic things like: “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time.” The main draw, though, is the racing itself, full of souped-up cars in splashy colors. The competitions are shot and edited seamlessly. They are, hence the title, fast and furious.

“Bullitt” (1968):
Peter Yates’ film features what is considered one of the definitive car chases in movie history — “The French Connection” has another — but just having Steve McQueen as its star

“Christine” (1983):
It’s a car! It’s a killing machine! It’s ... both!

Houses of Prayer

Houses of Prayer

Jodo ShinshuBuddhist (Pure Land Buddhism) 2 So. Claremont St. San Mateo

• THE • CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF SAN MATEO - UCC 225 Tilton Ave. & San Mateo Dr. (650) 343-3694 Worship and Church School Every Sunday at 10:30 AM Coffee Hour at 11:45 AM Nursery Care Available www.ccsm-ucc.org

Sunday School • Childcare • Drama Choir • Handbells • Praise Band Sunday October 24, 2010 CSUMC will be starting a new Samoan language ministry which starts at 12:00pm. It will be led by Tapuai Louis Vaili Certified Lay Speaker. Everyone is welcome to join us! 2145 Bunker Hill Drive San Mateo • (650)345-2381 www.csumc.org

Non-Denominational REDWOOD CHURCH
Our mission...
To know Christ and make him known.

901 Madison Ave., Redwood City (650)366-1223

(650) 342-2541
Sunday English Service & Dharma School - 9:30 AM Reverend Ryuta Furumoto www.sanmateobuddhisttemple.org

Sunday services:
9:00AM & 10:45AM www.redwoodchurch.org

1700 Alameda de las Pulgas San Mateo at Hwy 92 (650) 341-7701
Friday Shabbat Services 6:30 pm Except the last Friday of the Month 7:30 pm We offer Tot Shabbat, Family Services, Adult Education and Innovative Education Programs for Pre-K thru 12th Grade Join Us! Serving the Peninsula for over 50 years A member of the Union for Reform Judaism Visit our website www.ptbe.org

Lutheran Church of Christ
CHURCH OF CHRIST 525 South Bayshore Blvd. San Mateo (650) 343-4997 Bible School 9:45 AM Services 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 PM Minister J.S. Oxendine

600 W. 42nd Ave., San Mateo
Pastor Eric Ackerman
Worship Service Sunday School 10:00 AM 11:00 AM


Child care provided in the nursery.

Congregational Baptist
PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Larry Wayne Ellis, Pastor (650) 343-5415 217 North Grant Street, San Mateo Sunday Worship Services at 8 & 11 am Sunday School at 9:30 am Website: www.pilgrimbcsm.org LISTEN TO OUR RADIO BROADCAST! (KFAX 1100 on the AM Dial) Every Sunday at 5:30 PM

Hope Lutheran Preschool admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.
License No. 410500322.

Church of the Highlands
“A community of caring Christians”

(Rissho Kosei-kai of SF)
851 N. San Mateo Dr., Suite D San Mateo


Call (650)349-0100

Foster City's
only three-denomination Church Methodist, Presbyterian (U.S.A.), and United Church of Christ 1130 Balclutha Drive (at Comet) Worship/Child Care/Sunday School at 10am

English Service: 4th Sunday at 10 AM Study: Tuesday at 7 PM www.lotusbuddhistcircle.com

All are Welcome! Call (650) 349-3544

1900 Monterey Drive (corner Sneath Lane) San Bruno (650)873-4095 Adult Worship Services: Friday: 7:30 pm (singles) Saturday: 7:00 pm Sun 7, 8:30, 10, & 11:30 am, 5 pm Youth Worship Service: For high school & young college Sunday at 10:00 am Sunday School For adults & children of all ages Sunday at 10:00 am Donald Sheley, Founding Pastor Leighton Sheley, Senior Pastor


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


The Premier Demand Generation Conference
May 18-20 Hilton San Francisco - Union Square


Over 50 speakers Over 40 sessions of content Learn about lead generation, sales and marketing alignment, best practices for B2B companies in generating revenue. Meet hundreds of your marketing and sales peers from all over the world.
This event is for: Marketing Executives Sales Executives Marketing managers and directors Demand Generation professionals

Helping You Become the Best Marketers on Earth
We founded DemandCon to bring together all areas of demand generation -- practitioners, thought leaders, academics, vendors and service providers -- all in one room with one purpose: To advance the profession of marketing and sales. Won’t you join us as we bring together the brightest minds and the boldest ideas in sales and marketing today?

They have a unifying element about accelerating revenue growth ... We’re very excited about DemandCon. - Brian Kardon, CMO, Eloqua

w w w . d e m a n d c o n . c o m



Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


William weds Kate as billions watch
By Paisley Dodds

LONDON — With not one but two kisses and tender whispered words, Prince William and Kate Middleton smiled and blushed Friday as they started their life as future king and queen. A day of seamless pageantry inspired hopes that this royal couple might live happily ever after. They appeared at ease throughout their wedding day, with William fighting back giggles at times, while Kate’s smile lit up television screens, especially when her new husband leaned over to say, “You look beautiful.” Their intimacy stood in sharp contrast to the lack of chemistry between a wooden Prince Charles and Diana Spencer 30 years ago when they began a marriage that ultimately collapsed in embarrassing tabloid headlines and turned many Britons against the monarchy. A million people lined the procession route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, many crying with joy. Cheers went up as the couple exchanged the traditional kiss on the balcony, followed by chants of “One more kiss!” The couple waved and smiled and, to a frenzy of delight, obliged. An estimated 2 billion people tuned into the live broadcast in what may have been the most-viewed event in history. The security operation was the largest since Charles and Diana’s 1981 wedding, and the day went off without a hitch. Police dispersed scattered protests from anti-monarchists and anarchists and arrested 55 people for offenses including drunkenness, breach of peace, and theft, but the mood was overwhelmingly celebratory. “Everybody’s happy, everybody’s united,” said 61-year-old Sabry Darwish, who was in the crowd watching the parade route. “Everybody is behind the bride and groom.” Many praised the couple’s rare combination

of humility, humor and grace. Kate was a commoner from a wealthy but middle-class family who actually worked for a living after university; William has long had his mother’s touch in connecting to the public, and surprised fans who slept on the pavement overnight by personally thanking them Thursday for braving the cold. The 28-year-old prince even displayed a quality almost never seen among royalty: humor. Surveying the 1,900 guests filling the abbey in their wedding finery, he turned to his father-in-law, Michael Middleton, and quipped: “We’re supposed to have just a small family affair.” Then after a reception at Buckingham Palace, he took his new wife for a spin, driving a dark-blue Aston Martin Volante festooned with ribbons, bows and balloons — and a license plate that read “JU5T WED.” It was the kind of display that made some wonder whether the couple just might bring the British monarchy back from the abyss. “It’s a real turning point for the royal family,” Nicki Hookings, 47, said at one of thousands of street parties across Britain to celebrate the national holiday. For much of the world, the wedding was a dramatic reaffirmation of 29-year-old Kate’s beguiling star power. Despite the pressure, she carried the day with an easy smile, youthful exuberance and a sense of decorum that matched the event. And when it was over all over, she curtsied easily before Queen Elizabeth II, comfortably sharing the stage with the woman who has reigned since 1952. Crowds from Australia to Zimbabwe clasped Union Jack flags and donned hats — and wedding gowns — to show their enthusiasm. “It’s one happy event in the world right now,” said San Francisco attorney Laura Claster, who traveled to London to be with the crowds. “It gives us a day of celebration to forget the troubles in the world.”


Britain’s Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London,U.K.


Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011



Lehman remains “a big gray cloud” hanging over the office and Arnott said she is “very aware I remain under a microscope.” She’s already given supervisors lessons in how to understand the monthly investment reports and plans to meet with school superintendents May 20 for similar explanations. “We want them to know what’s going on with their money,” Arnott said. After Lehman fell in September 2008, some pool participants cried foul not only over the loss but also because they claim the county did not keep them properly updated leading up to the bankruptcy. The county investment pool includes 1,050 different accounts from cities, school districts and special agencies. It had 5.9 percent of its $2.6 billion in Lehman Brothers. The pool lost approximately $155 million total, including $20 million from school districts that later sued the county and $25 million from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority. Consultants hired by the county after the loss concluded Buffington’s office did nothing wrong because it adhered to the investment policy currently in place. San Mateo County is seeking to recoup its losses through bankruptcy court and the unique step of suing the company’s individual executives and accountants, too. The Finance and Operations Subcommittee meets Wednesday, May 4 in the Board of Supervisors Conference Room, First Floor, 400 County Government Center, Redwood City.
Michelle Durand can be reached by email: michelle@smdailyjournal.com or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 102.
SATURDAY, APRIL 30 Spring Cleanup Day. 8:30 a.m. City’s Public Works Services Building, 1400 Broadway, Redwood City. As part of the City’s Annual Spring Cleanup Day, the April 30 cleanup of Redwood Creek marks the second of four cleanups Save The Bay and its volunteers will provide throughout the year. For more information call 780-7305. Career Assessment Workshop. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Rendez Vous Cafe, 106 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo. Highly interactive course will take you step-by-step, assist you in creating a road map for your job search and targeting your career goals. $125 for two sessions. For more information call 574-1766. 2011 Elder Care Faire. 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Silicon Valley Community Foundation,1300 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo. For people who are caring for an elder loved one at home, or who may be soon, join us for a day of educational workshops and information booth and learn more about caring for your elder loved one. For more information call 525-0234. Cooking for Health. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Millbrae City Hall Chetcuti Room, 450 Poplar Ave., Millbrae. A health seminar and cooking classes for cancer patients and families presented by JoyLife Club and the Stanford Cancer Center. Free. For more information or to RSVP email joylifeclub@gmail.com. Disaster Preparation Open House. 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 1044 Middlefield Road, Redwood City. County Emergency Services will show videos and answer your questions. For more information email shoresprep@gmail.com. Eighth Annual Foster City Pacific Islands Festival. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Leo Ryan Park Amphitheater, East Hillsdale and Shell Boulevards, Foster City. Come and shop for your Mother’s Day gifts and treat yourself to something special. Celebrate and learn about the cultures of Polynesia with performances from award-winning dance companies, along with cultural activities and more. Free. For more information email fostercitypolyfest@yahoo.com. Mother’s Day Boutique at Serra High School. 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Junipero Serra High School, 451 W. 20th Ave., San Mateo. Come and shop for your Mother’s Day gifts and treat yourself to something special. DIA Papermaking. 11 a.m. San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San Carlos. Celebrate Children’s Day and Book Day with papermaking with staff from the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. Free. For more information email smco-pr@plsinfo. Sequoia Parents Nursery School 40th Anniversary Celebration. 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. 1839 Arroyo Ave., San Carlos. All SPNS friends, families and alumni are invited for an ice cream social, games and raffle to celebrate the school’s 40th anniversary. For more information or to RSVP e m a i l spns40thanniversary@gmail.com. Children’s Day and Books Day. 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. San Mateo Public Library, 55 W. Third Ave., San Mateo. Celebrate Children’s Day and Books Day with storytelling, crafts, music, free books, fun activities for children and light refreshments. Free. For more information call 522-7838. Wildflower Identification Workshop. 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Methodist Church, 777 Miramontes St., Half Moon Bay. Join the Coastside Land Trust for a workshop with a Half Moon Bay botanist and learn about plant families, how nonnative plants arrived in the Bay Area, and where native plants can be found. $15 for adults, $5 for seniors and students, free for under 18. Peninsula Musical Arts Associate presents ‘Sing Me to Heaven.’ 3 p.m. Transfiguration Episcopal Church, 3900 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo. The Foster City Community Chorus and Heart & Soul will perform a variety of classical and popular choral works. $20. For more information or to buy tickets visit peninsulamusicalarts.org. Delightful Garden Art Workshop. 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. College of San Mateo, 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo. Learn how to create a metal garden sculpture to display in your garden. For more information email communityed@smccd.edu. Ocean Shore Railroad Right-ofWay Plant Identification Walk. 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Corner of Poplar Street and Railroad Avenue, Half Moon Bay. Free. For more information visit coastsidelandtrust.org. The Beatles, the Bible and Beyond. 7 p.m. Learn about the music industry of the 1960s from Ken Mansfield, a member of The Beatles’ inner circle who personally joined them for their

Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


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in California dropped from 30 percent to 15 percent of the fund. An updated policy has not been adopted by the board since 2008, the year of the Lehman collapse. A key reason was former treasurertax collector Lee Buffington wouldn’t vet the policy in the Finance and Operations Committee before taking it to the full Board of Supervisors, Arnott said. Arnott, who was Buffington’s second-incommand, said putting a new policy in place helps her office and the county move forward with greater transparency which is why she proactively pushed it forward. The county’s Treasury Oversight Committee unanimously approved the policy April 25. She next brings the policy to the finance committee Wednesday and, if it agrees, to the full board at a future meeting for approval. The policy will also go to all county investment pool participants for their written acknowledgment of the update. While no changes can completely insulate the county’s coffers from future financial hits, Arnott said the conservative approach is certainly more protective that 2008’s more liberal policy. “We’ve really scaled back and, while the policy has not yet been approved, we’re following its guidelines and, in fact, living by a much more conservative method of investment,” Arnott said. The investment pool is currently doing well and exceeding percentage expectations but the real key is having the economy turn around in the next year or so, she said.

Apple Records rooftop performance. For more information call 726-5959. San Mateo High School Drama presents Enchanted April. 7:30 p.m. San Mateo Performing Arts Center, 600 N. Delaware St., San Mateo. The charming and sophisticated story of four women who escape the dreariness of Victorian England and find friendship, renewal and romance in Italy. $15 for adults, $10 for students and seniors; group discounts available. Performances continue until May 1. For more information visit smhsdrama.org. The Crestmont Chamber Players. 8 p.m. Crestmont Conservatory, 2575 Flores St., San Mateo. Featuring pieces by Haydn, Schumann and Faure. $15 for general admission, $10 for students and seniors. For more information call 574-4633. Ruth Gerson at The Wine Bar with Dan Littlefield. 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The Wine Bar, 270 Capistrano Road No. 22, Half Moon Bay. $10 to $20 donation suggested; program benefits the Avon Foundation. For more information visit thewinebarhmb.com. SUNDAY, MAY 1 Streets Alive in Belmont. The City of Belmont joins in a county-wide health day to encourage residents to walk or bike to their neighborhood parks to participate in healthy activities. Burlingame High Jazz Band Brunch. 9:30 a.m. Burlingame High School cafeteria, 1 Mangini Way, Burlingame. A fundraising event sponsored by the Band Boosters and the BHS Alumni Association, with a performance by the award-winning Burlingame High School Jazz Band. Donation of $10 requested. For more information call 773-1552. Be Active — Be Healthy — Be CarFree. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Orange Memorial Park, South San Francisco. South San Francisco will join hundreds of other cities in celebrating World Health Day. Free. For more information call 829-3800. Streets Alive. 10 a.m. Leo J. Ryan Park Amphitheater, 650 Shell Blvd., Foster City. A free, fun bootcamp workout along with walks and a levee cleanup. Free. For more information visit streetsalivesmc.org. Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Half Moon Bay Airport, 9850 N. Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay. A showand-tell spectacle, an outdoor museum-for-a-day, featuring 2,000 magnificent driving, flying and working machines from the 20th and 21st centuries. $20 for adults, $10 for ages 11-17 and 65+ and free for kids ages 10 and under. For more information call 726-2328. Spring Fling Craft Fair. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. SereniTea House and Super Suppers, 1085 El Camino Real, Millbrae. A craft fair for Mother’s Day and a fundraiser for Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief. Light refreshments served. For more information call 652-9303. Old Woodside Store Day. Noon to 4 p.m. Woodside Store, 3300 Tripp Road, Woodside. Experience life in the 1880s with wagon rides, rag doll making and contest. Free. For more information call 299-0104. Garden Design Fundamentals. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Kohl Pumphouse, San Mateo Central Park, enter at Ninth and Palm avenues. Landscape Designer Deanna Glory, APLD, explains how every garden design, whether it’s a Mediterranean garden, a native garden or an edible garden, needs to incorporate basic design principles to create a space that feels balanced, looks beautiful and achieves functionality to suit everyday life. Free. For more information visit www.sanmateoarboretum.org or call 579-0536. Community Parade and Festival Event to support homeless children. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Washington Park, 850 Burlingame Ave., Burlingame. In addition to walking in a spirited parade through downtown Burlingame, participants will enjoy a lively festival with carnival games, music, food and educational activities. For more information call 3752641. Peninsula Rose Society Annual Rose Show. 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Redwood City Community Activities Building, 1400 Roosevelt Ave., Redwood City. Hundreds of roses will be on display with raffles at 2 p.m., 3 p.m., and 4 p.m. Free. For more information visit peninsularosesociety.org. San Mateo High School Drama presents Enchanted April. 2 p.m. San Mateo Performing Arts Center, 600 N. Delaware St., San Mateo. The charming and sophisticated story of four women who escape the dreariness of Victorian England and find friendship, renewal and romance in Italy. $15 for adults, $10 for students and seniors; group discounts available.. For more information visit smhsdrama.org. Peninsula Musical Arts Associate presents ‘Sing Me to Heaven.’ 3 p.m. Transfiguration Episcopal Church, 3900 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo. The Foster City Community Chorus and Heart & Soul will perform a variety of classical and popular choral works. $20. For more information or to buy tickets go to peninsulamusicalarts.org. Mike Kostowsyj at The Wine Bar. 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The Wine Bar, 270 Capistrano Road No. 22, Half Moon Bay. For more information visit thewinebarhmb.com. MONDAY, MAY 2 Booktalks with the San Mateo Public Library. 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. City of San Mateo Senior Center, 2645 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo. Join us to hear about Carol Burnett’s recent biography, ‘This Time Together, Laughter & Reflection.’ Free. For more information call 522-7490. Chaucer’s Saucer Monthly Book Group. 1 p.m. Twin Pines Senior and Community Center, 20 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont. A monthly book group open to all readers led by a Belmont Librarian with copies of the books available at the Center. Free. For more information call 595-7444. TOPS. 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. College Heights Church, 1150 W. Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo. Help support members lose weight. $5. For more information call 595-5590. Dance Connection. Music by DJ Colin Dickie with a Mother’s Day theme. Free dance lessons 6:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., open dance 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is $6 for members, $8 guests. Burlingame Woman’s Club, 241 Park Road, Burlingame. For more information call 342-2221 or email dances4u241@yahoo.com. Comedy Monday at Club Fox. 8 p.m. Club Fox, 2209 Broadway, Redwood City. $10. For more information call 369-7770. TUESDAY, MAY 3 Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. Sequoia Health and Wellness Center, 749 Brewster Ave., Redwood City. A 12-Step recovery program for anyone suffering from food obsession, overeating, undereating or bulimia. Free. For more information visit foodaddicts.org. Passport to Retirement: Your HowTo Guide for Financial Success. 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. College of San Mateo, 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo. Learn how to protect your hard-earned money from market volatility and inflation, taxes and long-term care needs. For more information email communityed@smccd.edu. Spring Art Reception. 6:30 p.m. PJCC, 800 Foster City Blvd., Foster City. A celebration of three colorful exhibits that capture the lifestyles and cultures of the Middle East and Africa. Free. Reservation required. For more information or to register call 212-7522. All-Star Benefit for Jimmy Sanchez. 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The Club Fox, 2209 Broadway, Redwood City. All proceeds go to insure Jimmy will receive the medical care he needs, so he will be able to continue to share his unique blend of tasteful drumming that has moved audiences for the past 40 years. $10 general admission. For more events visit smdailyjournal.com, click Calendar.

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Rodriguez’s family, Stauffer said. “His sister spoke in court and the whole family feels this sense of closure,” he said. Had Orozco, whose first jury hung, opted for a retrial and been convicted, he faced life in prison without the possibility of parole. Orozco was just 14 when charged with murder, gun and gang allegations in Rodriguez’s death. The case gave Orozco the dubious distinction of being the youngest person ever charged as an adult with murder in San Mateo County. Two years later, he became the first ward to escape from the county’s recently opened juvenile hall. Orozco was not charged with the escape attempt although jurors in the 2009 trial learned of it from Stauffer who argued fleeing showed consciousness of guilt. Jurors primarily were asked to decide if Orozco was a coldblooded killer looking to earn respect of fellow gangmembers or a shy boy with a low IQ who the convicted getaway driver ordered to confess. According to Stauffer, Orozco shot Rodriguez as the man tried running for safety, slowed by a deformed leg. Orozco, who Stauffer contended was an active participant in a Sureño gang if not a full-fledged member, gathered into a car his troops carrying a gun, a bat and a shank and sought out Norteños as payback for an earlier slight. They circled Rodriguez twice, covered their faces with blue rags and Orozco struck, he said.

During Orozco’s first trial, he claimed convicted getaway driver Faustino Ayala was the shooter and a man named Chongo was the driver. Defense attorney Ray Buenaventura claimed the prosecution tailored its evidence to convict Orozco rather than focusing on the truth of the case. After the murder, Orozco, Ayala and three minors including Orozco’s brother were arrested. The minors were convicted of murder in juvenile court but Orozco, then 17, escaped juvenile hall in February 2008 before he and Ayala stood trial. Ayala was singularly convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 46 years to life in prison. Orozco was apprehended in Texas while allegedly burglarizing houses and extradited back to California for trial. In December 2009, jurors split almost evenly between guilt and innocence and a judge declared a mistrial. In January, prosecutors announced retrial plans. The next month, the District Attorney’s Office also announced Orozco was suspected of organizing five other alleged Sureño gangmembers outside of jail between May 2009 and March 2010 to threaten witnesses into changing testimony or not appearing. The plan was uncovered through jailhouse phone records during the last half of the first trial. Three of the conspirators took plea deals and prosecutors dropped charges against another due to insufficient evidence. Another, Alexander Stephen Villar, 20, is scheduled for trial July 11.
Michelle Durand can be reached by email: michelle@smdailyjournal.com or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 102.

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workers next year, however, to spread out its commitment to the state retirement fund. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System approved a hardship request from the city for fiscal year 2011-12, which will reduce the city’s pension contribution rate by 9.6 percent for police and firefighters. Foster City works in five-year financial plans and is looking closely at capital projects and other city services for future cost savings. Moving forward, the council will consider which capital projects to pursue, whether to replace aging vehicles or purchase new equipment and to continue to fund shuttles for seniors

as it moves to adopt next year’s budget this June. To combat declining revenue, the council voted earlier this year to place an increase to the hotel tax on the November ballot. Foster City residents will decide whether to tax out-of-town visitors an extra 2 percent to stay at the city’s two hotels, which is expected to generate about $300,000 a year. The city intends to have a fully balanced budget by the end of fiscal year 2012-13 without dipping into its reserves. The Foster City Council meets 6:30 p.m., Monday, City Hall, 620 Foster City Blvd. Foster City.
Bill Silverfarb can be reached by email: silverfarb@smdailyjournal.com or by phone: (650) 3445200 ext. 106.


Weekend• April 30 - May 1, 2011

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43 One of the Ponderosa sons 45 Not cool 48 Ink stain 49 Octopus feature 52 Y chromosome carrier 53 A bit pretentious 54 Nose-bag morsel 55 Uncivilized 56 PSAT takers 57 Comic Louis DOwN 1 Knows how 2 Deuterium discoverer 3 Blouse trim 4 Humble 5 Roost sitter 6 Say further 7 Gift tie 8 Bahrain VIP 9 Prefix for “trillion” 10 Even one 12 Wear away 15 Hepburn nickname

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Boston Bruin great WWW addresses Poetic adverb Mardi — Thin strip Greek war god Vibrate — dollar Big hairdo NASA destination Made bubbly Like some swimming suits Rifle range command Ottoman title Baseball ploys Jai — Sweetheart PC screen image Run the stereo CEO’s auto, perhaps — Mahal Slip up When Paris sizzles


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Saturday, April 30, 2011

There is likely to be an upsurge in your ambitions in the near future. Because you know what you want and how to get it, you aren’t likely to trip over any stumbling blocks on your way to sweet success.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- You should be a kind

person, but not to the point of being a patsy or taking a backseat to someone in situations where you should be assertive. Don’t cede your control to anybody else. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- A distasteful chore that all of your associates have been dodging might be

dumped in your lap if you come off as a know-it-all. As the sailors say, keep clam. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Even if you come up with a brilliant idea regarding a way to accomplish something important, unless you have the skill or know-how to pull it off, don’t take a leadership role. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- The faith you require to perform a much-needed task is far too fragile, so avoid discussing your plans with other negative thinkers who are likely to only deflate your dreams. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Even though you need to be very careful not to take anything for granted concerning your commercial affairs, the opposite might be true with personal concerns. Discern the difference. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- Unless you are extremely

careful, a relationship of dubious value might start coming apart at the seams. Be realistic about the prospect of cutting your losses. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Unless you are attentive and cognizant about commonsense health matters, your body could suffer. Don’t overdo anything: eat well and get adequate rest and sufficient exercise. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- An agitator within your social group might stir up trouble and put you in an awkward position that you’ll be forced to defend. Don’t let yourself be manipulated. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Cover-ups have a way of being discovered. If you’ve done something you’re trying to hide and it is disclosed, don’t try to lie your way out of it. Fess up to the truth; people can

handle it.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- There is a strong

possibility that you could be so focused on your own ideas that you turn a deaf ear to advice that would be far better than your thinking. Keep an open mind. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- While trying to help another, if you’re not careful you could get entrapped in something you don’t like and end up carrying the entire load all by yourself. Don’t be anyone’s beast of burden. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Even though it might seem to you that someone or something is opposing everything you want to do, keep your cool. You have more control over obstacles than you realize. Copyright 2011, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.


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104 Training
TERMS & CONDITIONS The San Mateo Daily Journal Classifieds will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion, and its liability shall be limited to the price of one insertion. No allowance will be made for errors not materially affecting the value of the ad. All error claims must be submitted within 30 days. For full advertising conditions, please ask for a Rate Card.

110 Employment
ASSISTANT MANAGER - MUST have jewelry/retail experience. Benefits Bonus - No Nights! (650)367-6500, Fax # (650)367-6400 mail to: jobs@jewelryexchange.com

110 Employment

The Daily Journal is looking for interns to do entry level reporting, research, updates of our ongoing features and interviews. Photo interns also welcome. We expect a commitment of four to eight hours a week for at least four months. The internship is unpaid, but intelligent, aggressive and talented interns have progressed in time into paid correspondents and full-time reporters. College students or recent graduates are encouraged to apply. Newspaper experience is preferred but not necessarily required. Please send a cover letter describing your interest in newspapers, a resume and three recent clips. Before you apply, you should familiarize yourself with our publication. Our Web site: www.smdailyjournal.com.

110 Employment PROGRAM MANAGER
Life Steps Foundation, non-profit in Burlingame, CA. Full time, minimum 2 years experience in management & behaviorally disabled adults. To apply go to: https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit/?id=573579

127 Elderly Care

The San Mateo Daily Journal’s twice-a-week resource guide for children and families.

106 Tutoring

Spanish, French, Italian
Certificated Local Teacher All Ages!

CAREGIVERS 2 years experience required. Immediate Placement on all assignments
CALL (650)777-9000
CAREGIVERS We’re currently looking for experienced eldercare aides-CNAs, HHAs & Live-ins with excellent references to join our team! Good pay and excellent benefits! Drivers preferred.

Every Tuesday & Weekend
Look for it in today’s paper to find information on family resources in the local area, including childcare.


Putnam Auto Group Buick Pontiac GMC
$50,000 Average Expectation a must… 5 Men or Women for Career Sales Position • Car Allowance • Paid insurance w/life & dental • 401k plan • Five day work week
Top Performers earn $100k Plus!! Bilingual a plus Paid training included Call Mr. Olson 1-866-788-6267

203 Public Notices
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244062 The following person is doing business as: Opera Commerce Inc, 1875 South Grant Street, Suite 750, San Mateo, CA 94402 is hereby registered by the following owner: Admarvel Inc., CA. The business is conducted by a Corporation. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Mahi De Silva / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 03/29/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/09/11, 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11).

107 Musical Instruction
Music Lessons Sales • Repairs • Rentals

SALES/ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Experienced, good work ethic, energetic, nice voice, heavy phone sales, flex hours. Salary & commission, (650)578-9000 TAXI DRIVER - Full time/part time with clean background, (650)222-4080.

Send your information via e-mail to news@smdailyjournal.com or by regular mail to 800 S. Claremont St #210, San Mateo CA 94402.

Call Claudia at (650) 556-9906
HOME CARE AIDES Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp required. Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273, (408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273

Bronstein Music
363 Grand Ave. So. San Francisco

110 Employment

110 Employment

bronsteinmusic.com 110 Employment

SALES/MARKETING INTERNSHIPS The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking for ambitious interns who are eager to jump into the business arena with both feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs of the newspaper and media industries. This position will provide valuable experience for your bright future. Fax resume (650)344-5290 email info@smdailyjournal.com

110 Employment

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244072 The following person is doing business as: Bay Area Institute Of Hair, 1133 El Camino Real #1, SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94080 is hereby registered by the following owner: Lawrence Summers, 621 Sanchez St., SF, CA 94114. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Christopher Diez / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 03/30/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/09/11, 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11).

110 Employment

110 Employment

110 Employment

110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment

Provide excellent customer service to Graniterock customers. Take concrete orders and enter data into dispatch system. Schedule and dispatch Concrete Mixer Truck Drivers to construction job sites. Complete driver timecards, produce daily and month-end production reports. Must have the ability to provide excellent customer service and to multi-task in a fast paced, deadline-driven environment. Strong phone communication skills, good listening skills, good math and organizational skills, detail-oriented and have a solid knowledge of the geographic area. Computer familiarity to learn the Systech Dispatching system required. Ability to work overtime and some Saturdays required. Construction industry or related truck dispatching experience required. 2-3 years construction/trucking or logistics experience preferred. Bilingual Spanish/English a plus. EOE dedicated to a diverse workforce. Email resume to job #014-11 HYPERLINK "mailto:jobs@graniterock.com"jobs@graniterock.com or fax to (831) 768-2260 or send to Graniterock, Human Resources, P.O. Box 50001, Watsonville, CA. 95077.

110 Employment

110 Employment


Weekend• April 30 - May 1, 2011
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203 Public Notices
CASE# CIV 504583 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SAN MATEO, 400 COUNTY CENTER RD, REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 PETITION OF Rowchanak Pakdaman Shambayati TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner, Rowchanak Pakdaman Shambayati filed a petition with this court for a decree changing name as follows: Present name: Rowchanak Pakdaman Shambayati Proposed name: Rowchanak Pakdaman THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. A HEARING on the petition shall be held on June 2, 2011 at 9 a.m., Dept. PJ, Room 2E, at 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation: San Mateo Daily Journal Filed: 04/11/2011 /s/ Beth Freeman / Judge of the Superior Court Dated: 04/07/2011 (Published 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11)

203 Public Notices
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #243857 The following person is doing business as: K.B. Landscape, 639 N. Delaware Street #A, SAN MATEO, CA 94401 is hereby registered by the following owner: Juan Hernandez, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Juan Hernandez / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 03/16/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11).

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City of San Bruno, California (the “City”) at its regular meeting on, Tuesday, May 10, 2011, at the Senior Center starting at 7:00 p.m., 1555 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno, will hold a Public Hearing, and consider waiving first reading and introducing the following ordinance. ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SAN BRUNO ESTABLISHING GARBAGE AND REFUSE RATES The City Council of the City of San Bruno does ordain as follows: Section 1. California Health and Safety Code Section 5471 empowers the City of San Bruno, by and through its City Council, to prescribe, revise and collect fees, tolls, rates, rentals or other charges in connection with garbage and refuse collection within the City of San Bruno. Section 2. By its Ordinance No. 1701, this Council previously established comprehensive garbage and refuse rate structures. Ordinance No. 1701 is hereby rescinded and superseded. Section 3. The following rates for the collection of garbage and refuse are hereby established: I. Residential (1-3 units) Weekly Refuse and Recycling Services and Biweekly 96 Gallon Toter Waste Service Toter - 20 gallon (Includes 96 gallon green waste toter + biweekly service) Toter - 32 gallon (Includes 96 gallon green waste toter + biweekly service) Toter - 64 gallon (Includes 96 gallon green waste toter + biweekly service) Toter - 96 gallon (Includes 96 gallon green waste toter + biweekly service) Low Income 32 gallon (includes 96 gallon green waste toter + service) Each additional 32 gallon (toter + service) Additional 96 gallon green waste (toter + service) Extra Bag (approximately 32 gallon) service Monthly Rate $18.44 $23.78 $47.56 $71.34 $17.84 $23.78 $ 7.20 $11.18 per pick up

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244316 The following person is doing business as: Gleaming Barkus, 1923 S. El Camino Real, SAN MATEO, CA 94402 is hereby registered by the following owner: Catherine C. Affrunti-Furtado, 1521 Williams Avenue, Belmont, CA 94002. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 12/96. /s/ Catherine C. Affrunti-Furtado / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 04/13/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11).

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244208 The following person is doing business as: Cresta Partners, 2317 Broadway Street, Suite 130, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 is hereby registered by the following owner: Cresta Group, LLC, CA. The business is conducted by Limited Liability Company. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 09/01/2009. /s/ David K. Izuka / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 04/08/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/09/11, 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11).

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244446 The following person is doing business as: Ginseng & Health Food Company, 153 El Camino Real, Millbrae , CA 94030 is hereby registered by the following owner: Yun Yin Li, 2020 Timberlane Way, San Mateo, CA 94402. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Yun Yin Li / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 04/21/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11).

II. Multi-Unit Residential (4+units) Weekly Refuse and Specialized Recycling Services Bins, Cans & Carts (4-99 units) Bins (100+ units) Bin Rental - 1 yard Bin Rental - 2 yard III. Commercial Weekly Refuse and Specialized Recycling Services Toter Monthly Rates: Toter - 32 gallon, once per week pick up on weekday Toter - 64 gallon, once per week pick up on weekday Toter - 96 gallon, once per week pick up on weekday Container Monthly Rates P/U per Week 1 x per 2 x per 3 x per 4 x per 5 x per Sat. p/u Extra p/u Bin Rental IV. 1yd $126.88 $253.76 $380.64 $507.52 $634.40 $190.64 $29.29 $29.91 2yd $253.65 $507.30 $760.95 $1,014.60 $1,268.25 $380.52 $58.52 $34.72 3yd $353.48 $706.96 $1,060.44 $1,413.92 $1,767.40 $530.22 $81.56 $37.88 4yd $435.25 $870.50 $1,305.75 $1,741.00 $2,176.25 $652.89 $100.45 $40.64 6yd $598.84 $1,197.68 $1,796.52 $2,395.36 $2,994.20 $898.28 $138.18 $43.65

$23.78/unit $22.59/unit $29.91 $34.72

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244196 The following person is doing business as: Symergy Fitness, 248 A Harbor Blvd., BELMONT, CA 94002 is hereby registered by the following owner: Robert William Barnes, 80 El Camino Real, Apt. G, Burlingame, CA 94010. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 07/01/2010. /s/ Robert W. Barnes / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-04/07/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/09/11, 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11).

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244445 The following person is doing business as: Champagne Sushi, 103 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030 is hereby registered by the following owner: Champagne Royal Group, Inc., CA. The business is conducted by a Corporation. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Zheng Xiong Li / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 04/21/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11).

$30.23 $60.46 $90.69

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244444 The following person is doing business as: Champagne Restaurant, 121 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030 is hereby registered by the following owner: Champagne Royal Group Inc., CA. The business is conducted by a Corporation. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Zheng Xiong Li / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 04/21/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11).

Debris Boxes (delivery and pick up included) 4 yard mini - Per day 6 yard mini - Per day 7 yard debris - 1-5 business days 16 yard debris - 1-5 business days 20 yard debris - 1-5 business days 25 yard debris - 1-5 business days 25 yard debris - Recyclables only 30 yard debris - 1-5 business days Debris Box Hold-overs - After 5th Day Compacted Garbage - Per yard

$156.48 $197.66 $378.83 $419.98 $461.19 $576.46 $329.41 $668.70 10% of rate per day $46.93

V. Special Disposal Services for Bulky Goods Special disposal services of bulky goods shall be provided by San Bruno Garbage Company at rates calculated by Company depending upon size, weight and means of disposal of items. San Bruno Garbage Company shall make available a list of standard rates for frequently disposed of bulky goods. Rates for special disposal services of bulky goods are subject to review and modification by the City Council. VI. Inside Pull-Out Service 0 – 25 feet $7.52

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #243767 The following person is doing business as: Mikhail Tech, 722 Edgewater Blvd. Suite #211, Foster City, CA 94404 is hereby registered by the following owner: Botros Mikhail, same address. The business is conducted by an indidual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Botros Mikhail / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 03/09/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/09/11, 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11).

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244223 The following person is doing business as: (1)Autosoft Technologiesm 2)Customcarputers, 548 Skiff Circle, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94065 is hereby registered by the following owner: Ehab Higgy same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Ehab Higgy / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 04/11/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11).

VII. Key/Lock Service Each use of a key (including key, keypad, combination lock, automatic door opener, or any other entry mechanism) is required to open a lock or to enter or leave the premises, additional monthly charge of: 1 per week 8.60 2 per week $17.20 3 per week $25.80 4 per week $34.40 5 per week $43.00 Saturday $12.89 VIII. Excess Disposal/Overflowing Container Penalty Service charge/penalty for excess disposal/overflowing container: Per occurrence $12.22

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #243786 The following person is doing business as: gina g’s photography, 175 Nueva Ave, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94061 is hereby registered by the following owner: Gina Galindo. The business is conducted by an indidual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 01/01/2011 /s/Gina Galindo/ This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-03/10/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/09/11, 04/1611, 04/23/11, 04/30/11).

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #243943 The following person is doing business as: Quality Limo, 788 Mills Ave., SAN BRUNO, CA 94066 is hereby registered by the following owner: Javkhlan Gantumur, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Javkhlan Gantumur / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 03/22/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11).

Section 4. Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 5471, this Ordinance is to be adopted by a minimum of two-thirds vote of the San Bruno City Council. Section 5. The City Council finds, pursuant to Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 15273, that this Ordinance is statutorily exempt from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality act (CEQA) in that it deals with the establishment of rates, tolls, fares and fees. Section 6. If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase, or portion of this Ordinance is for any reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional by the decision of any court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this Ordinance. The City Council of the City of San Bruno hereby declares that it would have adopted this Ordinance and each section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase or portion thereof, irrespective of the fact that any one or more sections, subsections, sentences, clauses, phrases or portions be declared invalid or unconstitutional. Section 7. This Ordinance shall be published according to law. Section 8. The rates set forth in this Ordinance shall become effective 30 days after adoption. The public is invited to attend the hearing and comment. Please call the City Clerk’s Office at (650) 616-7058 or email cbonner@sanbruno.ca.gov, with any questions.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244172 The following person is doing business as: Torres Flooring Specialist, 1433 Oxford St # 5, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94061 is hereby registered by the following owner: Luis A. Torres, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Luis A. Torres / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 04/06/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/16/11, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11).

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244350 The following persons are doing business as: LB Imports, 101 Associated Rd., SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94080 is hereby registered by the following owners: Lester Bataclan & Concepcion Bataclan, 7841 Montero Drive, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. The business is conducted by a General Partnership. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 07/14/2006. /s/ Concepcion Bataclan / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 04/15/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/23/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11).

Certification and Posting: a certified copy of this proposed ordinance is available for public review in the City Clerk’s Office, 567 El Camino Real, in San Bruno. /s/ Carol Bonner, San Bruno City Clerk April 29, 2011 Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, April 30, 2011.

203 Public Notices
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244562 The following person is doing business as: Belmont Kwik Serv, 701 Harbor Blvd., BELMONT, CA 94002 is hereby registered by the following owner: South City Service Station Inc, CA. The business is conducted by a Corporation. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Rajesh K. Sharma / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 04/28/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11, 05/21/11).

Weekend• April 30 - May 1, 2011
203 Public Notices
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244287 The following person is doing business as: Senior Care of America, Inc., 370 Valencia Drive, South San Francisco, CA 94080 is hereby registered by the following owner: Shela Marie Boidon-Kho, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Shela Marie Boidon-Kho / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 04/12/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11, 05/21/11).


203 Public Notices
Personnel Commissioners serve on a volunteer basis, but do receive a $25 per meeting stipend. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN 4:30PM ON MAY 27, 2011 For additional information or to obtain application materials, please contact (650) 877-8735 or email: yalzugaray@ssfusd.org

298 Collectibles
POSTER - framed photo of President Wilson and Chinese Junk $25 cash, (650)755-8238 SF GIANTS official replica name/number home jersey, Vizquel, men's large, double knit, $45., SOLD! SPORTS CARDS over 10k some stars and old cards $100/all. (650)207-2712 VASE - with tray, grey with red flowers, perfect condition, $25., (650)345-1111 WELLS FARGO solid brass Belt Buckle $40., (650)692-3260

304 Furniture
ENTERTAINMENT CENTER - Oak wood, great condition, glass doors, fits large TV, 2 drawers, shelves , $100/obo. (650)261-9681 HOSPITAL BED FREE need to pick up SOLD! LOUNGE CHAIRS - 2 new, with cover & plastic carring case & headrest, $35. each, (650)592-7483 LOVE SEAT - one year old, excellent condition, $85., (650)583-4874 MATTRESSES (2) single, single nice and clean SOLD! METAL DESK, 7 drawers, 2 shelves, gray, 3x5 ft. $50. (650)364-0902 OFFICE DESK and secretary chairs with rollers, $40. obo, (650)583-4874 PLANT TABLE - 22X16, beautiful design, $20., (650)867-2720 ROCKING CHAIR - Traditional, full size Rocking chair. Excellent condition $100., (650)504-3621 ROCKING CHAIR for nursing mother or grandmother SOLD! SOFA BED - Navy blue, clean, never been used, 75” L X 37.5” W X 30” Tall, cash only, $250., SOLD! SOFA TABLE - good condition, brown wood, SOLD! TABLE - Small 2 drawer table, used for laundry, 33 x 13, good condition, white, $12., (650)867-2720 TV STAND - good condition, beige, lots of storage, $25., SOLD! TWIN BEDS - good condition, OBO, (650)583-4874 $98.

310 Misc. For Sale
5 NEEDLEPOINT sets still in package $10/each, (650)592-2648 9 CARRY-ON bags (assorted) - extra large, good condition, $10. each obo, (650)349-6059 ADULT VIDEO TAPES VHS $8/each, (650)871-7200 ANGEL WITH lights 12 inches High $12. (650)368-3037 ART BOOKS hard Cover, full color (10) Norman Rockwell and others $10 each 650-364-7777 ARTIFICIAL FICUS Tree 6 ft. life like, full branches. in basket $55. (650)269-3712 BARBIE BEACH vacation & Barbie princess bride computer games $15 each, (650)367-8949 BATMAN AND James Bond Hard cover and paperback 10 inch x 12 inch $7.50 each 650-364-7777 BEADS - Glass beads for jewelry making, $75. all, (650)676-0732 BEAUTIFUL ROUND GOLD FRAMED Beveled Mirrors 34" diameter $75 ea Jerry San Mateo 650-619-9932 BOOK "LIFETIME" (408)249-3858 WW11 $12.,

210 Lost & Found
LOST - DUFFEL bag. Dark red on wheels filled with workout clothes. De Anza Blvd. San Mateo April 14. Generous reward! 650-345-1700 LOST SET OF KEYS Woodside Road Plaza, RWC or possibly Stanford Medical Clinic on Page Mill Rd. Palo Alto. Lost April 25th, Reward! (650)716-4555 LOST: Center cap from wheel of Cadillac. Around Christmas time. Chrome with multi-colored Cadillac emblem in center. Small hole near edge for locking device. Belmont or San Carlos area. Joel 650-592-1111.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244559 The following person is doing business as: Body Transformations Now, 801 N. San Mateo Drive, SAN MATEO, CA 94401 is hereby registered by the following owner: Nassri Tarazi, 261 Merced Drive, San Bruno, CA 94066. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 04/01/2011. /s/ Nassri Tarazi / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 04/28/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11, 05/21/11).

302 Antiques
1912 COFFEE Perculater Urn. perfect condition includes electric cord $85. (415)565-6719 ANTIQUE STOOL - Rust color cushion with lions feet, antique, $50.obo, (650)525-1410 CHINA CABINET - Vintage, 6 foot, solid mahogany. $300/obo. (650)867-0379 STEAMER TRUNK - beautiful old camelback style, outside wood strips, embossed metal, 34”W x 19” L x 22”H, great antique piece, $99., (650)347-5104

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244518 The following person is doing business as: San Bruno Honda, 345 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066 is hereby registered by the following owner: Arya Motor Car, LLC, CA. The business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Oscar Bakhttari / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 04/26/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11, 05/21/11).

295 Art
AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL Bark Painting 12"X16" signed original made of paper bark, gebung, lichens, $100 650-595-3933

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244561 The following person is doing business as: Planet Paw, 1212 - C West Hillsdale Blvd., SAN MATEO, CA 94403 is hereby registered by the following owner: Charles Eric Spisak 1713 Dixon Street Redondo Beach, CA 90278. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on N/A. /s/ Charles Spisaki / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 04/28/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11, 05/21/11).

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244575 The following person is doing business as: FTBCoin.com, 893 Cabot Lane, Foster City, CA 94404 is hereby registered by the following owner: Kevin Adolph, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 04/21/11. /s/ Kevin L. Adolph / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 04/29/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/30/11, 05/07/11, 05/14/11, 05/21/11).

303 Electronics
46” MITSUBISHI Projector TV, great condition. $400. (650)261-1541. BLACK TV stand 15 inches H 28 inches w with glass doors FREE with pickup 650-871-5078 COMSWITCH 3500 - used for fax, computer modem, telephone answering machine, never used, $20., (650)347-5104 DEWALT HEAVY duty work site radio charger in box $100. (650)756-7878 DVD PLAYER AMW excellent condition simple to use $35. (650)347-5104 FIVE REALISTIC-BRAND shelf speakers, 8 ohms, new, 4 1/2 in. x 4 1/4 in. x 7 in. $20/each. (650)364-0902 FLIP CAMCORDER $50. (650)583-2767 MAGNAVOX PORTABLE 10 inch color TV, excellent working condition, easily portable, only $19, call 650-595-3933 PANASONIC TV 21 inch $25., (650)6378244 SHARP CD changer, Dual Cassette Player, Tuner Compact stereo twin speakers, SOLD! STEREO PHONOGRAPH in cabinet, plays vinyl LPs. $80 (650)483-3693 TV - Big Screen, $70., (650)367-1350 ok condition,

BOOK “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC” NATIONAL AIR MUSEUMS $15 (480)249-3858 CANCER SALVES - A Botanical Approach To Treatment, like new, $35. (650)204-0587 CANDLE HOLDER with angel design, tall, gold, includes candle. Purchased for $100, now $30. (650)345-1111 COMFORTERS - 4 Queen, 3 King Comforters, different colors, $10. each, SOLD! COMFORTERS - 4 Queen, 3 King Comforters, different colors, $10. each, SOLD! DANIELLE STEELE newer books - 1 hardback $3., one paperback $1., (650)341-1861 DOOM (3) computer games $15/each 2 total, (650)367-8949 DRAFTING TABLE 3x5, fully adjustable: up, down, tilt. $100. SOLD! DUFFEL BAGS - 1 Large Duffel Bag ,1 Xtra Lg. Duffel w Wheels, 1 Leather week-ender Satchel, All 3 at $75., (650)871-7211 EXTENSION BATHROOM $15., (650)364-0902 mirror 30”

296 Appliances
AIR CONDITIONER - slider model for narrow windows, 10k BTU, excellent condition, $100., (650)212-7020 CHANDELIER (650)878-9542 NEW 4 lights $30.

CHOPPERS (4) with instructions $7/all. (650)368-3037 ELECTRIC HEATER - Oil filled electric heater, 1500 watts, $30., (650)504-3621 GAS STOVE - great condition, clean ready to use. $99., (650)583-4874 GAS STOVE, small, 4 burner oven and broiler. 26.5 D x 20.5 W. SOLD! PANASONIC 1000W Large Microwave Touchpad autocook, auto-defrost, cooks by time/temp/presets, SOLD! PORTABLE GE Dishwasher, excellent condition $75 OBO, (650)583-0245 RADIATOR HEATER, oil filled, electric, 1500 watts $25. (650)504-3621 RCA VACUUM tube manual '42 $25. (650)593-8880 SHOP VACUUM rigid brand 3.5 horse power 9 gal wet/dry $40. (650)591-2393 TOP LOAD FRIGIDAIRE WASHER good condition, $50., SSF. SOLD! VACUUM CLEANER $50 (650)367-1350 VACUUM CLEANER excellent condition $40. (650)878-9542 VACUUM CLEANER Oreck-cannister type $40., (650)637-8244 VACUUM CLEANER small with all attachments for cars $30 San Mateo 650-341-5347 WASHER/DRYER COMBO, all-in-one unit. $95 (650)483-3693 WASHER/DRYER “MAYTAG” - Brand new with 3 year warranty, $850. both, (650)726-4168

WOODEN KITCHEN China Cabinet: $99 (great condition!), (650)367-1350

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244042 The following person is doing business as: Divinelink LLC, 1919 Alameda De Las Pulgas #112, SAN MATEO, CA 94403 is hereby registered by the following owner: Divinelink LLC, CA. The business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Manuel Solis III / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 03/29/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 04/15/11, 04/22/11, 04/30/11, 05/07/11).

THE SOUTH San Francisco Unified School District invites applications for the position of Personnel Commissioner. The newly appointed Commissioner will be one of three members who is responsible for implementing and interpreting Merit System Rules and providing equal treatment and the protection of equal rights for all classified personnel. The appointment will be effective through December 1, 2012. Minimum Qualifications: 1. Must be a registered voter and reside within the territorial jurisdiction of SSFUSD. 2. Must be a known adherent to the principles of the Merit System which supports the concept of employment selection, retention and promotion on the basis of merit and fitness. 3. The applicant shall not be an employee of SSFUSD or a member of the Board of Trustees of any school district or county board of education. Additional Information: The Personnel Commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month (excluding July and December) at 7:00pm.

306 Housewares
"PRINCESS HOUSE” decorator urn "Vase" cream with blue flower 13 inch H $25., (650)868-0436 CANDLEHOLDER - Gold, angel on it, tall, purchased from Brueners, originally $100., selling for $25.,(650)867-2720 COUNTRY KITCHEN pot rack with down lights. Retailed at $250. New in box $99 (650) 454-6163 PERSIAN TEA set for 8. Including spoon, candy dish, and tray. Gold Plated. $100 (650) 867-2720 SOLID TEAK floor model 16 wine rack with turntable $60. (650)592-7483

307 Jewelry & Clothing
49ER'S JACKET (650)871-7200 Child size $50.

FIREPLACE SCREEN - 36"wide, 29"high, antique brass, folding doors, sliding mesh screen, damper controls. Like new. $100., (650)592-2047 FLOOR DORMAT 4 ft x 3 ft. for industrial or home, great drainage, excellent condition SOLD! GAME "BEAT THE EXPERTS" never used $8., (408)249-3858 HAIR BLOWERS (2) - One Conair, one Andis Hang Up Turbo, $15. both, (650)525-1410 JANET EVANOVICH BOOKS - 4 hardback @$3. each, 3 paperback @$1. each, (650)341-1861 MASSAGE DEVICE with batteries $8 in box, (650)368-3037 METAL CABINET - 4 drawers, beige 16.5 inches W x 27 3/4 H x 27 inches D. $40., San Mateo, (650)341-5347 NATURES MADE TripleFlex supplement, 2 bottles, 150 caplets. New unopened bottles. $40. SOLD NEW LIVING Yoga Tape for Beginners $8. 650-578-8306 NEW WOOL afghan, colorful, handmade, 4x6 ft.. $30. (650)364-0902 PACHIRA PLANT 3ft. H. (Money plant) with decorative Pot $30. (650)592-2648 PERSIAN KLIN CARPET - 66x39, pink and burgandy, good condition, $100., (650)867-2720 SF GREETING Cards (300 w/envelopes) factory sealed $20/all. (650)207-2712 SHOWER DOORS custom made 48 x 69 $70., (650)692-3260 SLUMBER REST blue heated throw, electric, remote, $15., (650)525-1410 SPORTS BOOKS, Full of Facts, All Sports, Beautiful Collection 5 Volumes, $25. 650 871-7211 STRIDE RITE Toddler Sandals, Brown, outsole, Velcro closures, Size 6W. Excellent cond, $20. (650)525-0875 STRIDE RITE Toddler Shoes, Brown suede leather, Velcro closures, size 7W, Excellent condition, $24., SOLD STUART WOODS HARDBACK BOOKS - 4 @$2.50 each, (650)341-1861 TV ARMOIRE - Beige all wood, 3 drawers, plenty of storage, room for tv, vcr, etc., SOLD!

TV 25 inch color with remote $25. Sony 12 inch COLOR TV FOR $10 EXCELLENT COND. (650)520-0619 TV 5 inch Black and white good condition in box $10. SOLD! TV SET Philips 21 inch with remote $40., (650)692-3260

CUSTOM JEWELRY all kinds, lengths and sizes $50/all. (650)592-2648 LADIES BRACELET, Murano glass. Various shades of red and blue $100 Daly City, no return calls. (650)991-2353 LADIES GOLD Lame' elbow lengthgloves sz 7.5 $15 New. (650)868-0436 LIZ CLAIBORNE black evening jacket Sz. 12, acetate/polyester, $10. SOLD SHEER PURPLE tunic, Sz XL, w/embroidered design & sequins, $10. SOLD! SILVER SEQUIN shirt-jacket Sz 12-14 very dressy, $15. SOLD! SWEATER SET, barely worn: Macy's black sweater set, Size M, wool w/gold metalic stripes, $15 set. SOLD! TOURQUOISE BLUE party dress, covered w/sequins, sz 14, $15. SOLD

304 Furniture
2 END Tables solid maple '60's era $40/both. (650)670-7545 2 MIRRORED chest of drawers, $50. each, (415)375-1617 4 STURDY metal dining chairs $20/each. (650)756-6778 AEROBED NEW! Twin, matress skitr with matress cloth cover. $75 firm. SSF Bill(650) 871-7200 ARMOIRE CABINET - $90., (415)3751617 BED BRASS single trundle SOLD! BLACK LEATHER office chair with 5 rollers $25. (650)871-5078 BREAKFAST NOOK DINETTE TABLEsolid oak, 55 X 54”, $60., SSF, (650)583-8069 CABINET - wood, $70., (650)367-1350 CABINET DECORATIVE hardware, 6" pulls - satin nickel, unused original packaging, 18 available, $4 ea., (650)5250875 CHANDELIER WITH 5 lights/ candelabre base with glass shades $20. (650)504-3621 CHEST OF drawers - $25., (415)3751617 COCKTAIL AND end table brass and glass top SOLD! COFFEE TABLE - $60., (650)367-1350 COFFEE TABLE - brown, perfect condition, nice design, with storage, $50., (650)345-1111 COFFEE TABLE light brown lots of storage good condition $50. (650)867-2720 COMPUTER DESK $70. (650)367-1350 COUCH & LOVESEAT - 3 cushions on green couch 2 cushions on green loveseat, SOLD! DINING CHAIRS (6) all.SOLD! DINING ROOM table SOLD! DINING SET glass table with rod iron & 4 blue chairs $100/all 650-520-7921/650-245-3661 DISPLAY CASE wood & glass 31 x 19 inches $30. (650)873-4030 DRAFTING TABLE 30 x 42' with side tray. excellent cond $75. (650)949-2134 END TABLE marble top with drawer with matching table $70/all. (650)520-0619 PICNIC TABLE round SOLD!

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

NOTICE INVITING SEALED BIDS Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 501 Primrose Road, Burlingame, California, until 2 P.M., on May 25, 2011 and will, at 2 P.M. on that date, be publicly opened and read at the City Hall, in Conference Room "B" for: NEIGHBORHOOD STORM DRAIN PROJECT #3, CITY PROJECT NO. 82470 within the City of Burlingame, San Mateo County, California. Contract documents covering the work may be obtained at office of the City Engineer during normal working hours at City Hall, 501 Primrose Road, Burlingame, California. A nonrefundable fee of $50 will be charged for the Contract Documents. The work shall consist of construction and/or replacement of approximately 590 linear feet of storm drain mains by open trench construction, 275 linear feet of storm drain mains by pipe bursting, 145 linear feet of sanitary sewer mains by pipe bursting, storm drain and sanitary sewer manhole replacement, installation of new concrete swales, intersection regrading and paving, wheelchair ramp installation, and the replacement of existing and construction of new curb inlets. Special Provisions, Specifications and Plans, including minimum wage rates to be paid in compliance with Section 1773.2 of the California Labor Code and related provisions, may be inspected in the office of the City Engineer during normal working hours at City Hall, 501 Primrose Road, Burlin-game, California. A prebid meeting will be held at 10:00 A.M., City Hall, Conference Room "B" on May 10, 2011. The contractor shall possess a Class A license prior to submitting a bid. All work specified in this project shall be completed within 60 working days from date of the Notice to Proceed.

297 Bicycles
BICYCLE - Sundancer Jr., 26”, $75. obo (650)676-0732 GIRL'S BIKE HUFFY Purple 6-speed good cond. $35 - Angela (650)269-3712 WOMEN’S BICYCLE 3-speed, made in Belgium. $50 (650)483-3693

308 Tools
CIRCULAR SAW, Craftsman-brand, 10”, 4 long x 20” wide. Comes w/ stand - $70. (650)678-1018 CLICKER TORQUE wrench 1/2 inch drive 20-150 LBS reversible all chrome. New. SOLD! COMEALONG, (650)364-0902 4000 lbs., $20.

298 Collectibles
1982 PRINT "A Tune Off The Top Of My Head" 82/125 See: http://tinyurl.com/4y38xld 650-204-0587 $75 28 RECORDS - 78 RPMS, Bing Crosby, Frankie Laine, Al Jolson, many others, all in book albums, $60. all, (650)347-5104 49ER REPORT issues '85-'87 $35/all, (650)592-2648 Army shirtl, long sleeves, with pockets. XL $15 each (408)249-3858 BAY MEADOWS UMBRELLA - Colorful, large-size, can fit two people underneath. $20 (650)867-2720 BAY MEADOWS bag & umbrella $15.each, (650)345-1111 BEETLE FAN London Pauadium Royal Command performance '63 poster $50., (650)525-1410 COLORIZED TERRITORIAL Quarters uncirculated with Holder $15/all, (408)249-3858 ELVIS PRESLEY poster book $20., (650)692-3260 GLASSES 6 sets redskins, good condition never used $12./all. (650)345-1111 JACK TASHNER signed ball $25. Richard (650)834-4926

CRAFTSMAN RECIPROCATING saw new, with case $23 650-494-1687 ENGINE ANALYZER & TIMING LITE Sears Penske USA, for older cars, like new, $65., (650)344-8549 leave msg. LUMBER RACK for long bed & diamond plated toolbox, good condition, $500. each or $800 all, (650)921-8270 PRESSURE WASHER 2500 PSI, good condition, $350., (650)926-9841 RIDGED WET AND DRY VACUUM -16 gallons 5 horse power in box accessories included $65., (650)756-7878 SOCKET SET - New, 40 Piece Socket Set 3/8" drive reversible ratchet, metric/SAE, extension, case, $29., (650)595-3933 SPEEDAIR AIR COMPRESSOR - 4 gallon stack tank air compressor $100., (650)591-4710 TABLE SAW 10", very good condition $85. (650) 787-8219

309 Office Equipment
CALCULATOR - (2) heavy duty, Casio & Sharp, $35. each, (650)344-8549 OFFICE LAMP new $7. (650)345-1111 PRINTER- LEXMARX PhotoJet Z705 $15. (650) 520-4535

VACUUM CLEANER Kirby and upright, works great, extra bags, manuals and spare parts, SOLD!
VIDEO CENTER 38 inches H 21 inches W still in box $45., (408)249-3858 VR3 BACK UP CAMERA & VR3 backup sensor $100.00 all, (650) 270-6637 after 6 p.m. only.


MERCHANT MARINE, framed forecastle card, signed by Captain Angrick '70. 13 x 17 inches $35 cash. (650)755-8238 PHOTO - 4x8 signed photo of Arnold Cepeda $10., (650)692-3260 PHOTO - 8 x 10 signed photo of Gaylord Perry $10., (650)692-3260 PHOTO - 8x10 signed retirement book of Joe Montana $39 Authenicated, (650)692-3260

311 Musical Instruments 310 Misc. For Sale
10 PLANTS (assorted) for $3.00 each, (650)349-6059 13 PIECE paint and pad set for home use $25., (650)589-2893 2 ORGANS, antique tramp, $500 for both. (650)342-4537 KEYBOARD CASIO 3 ft long $50. (650)583-2767


Weekend• April 30 - May 1, 2011
316 Clothes
BLACK Leather pants Mrs. size made in France size 40 $99. (650)558-1975 BLACK LEATHER tap shoes 9M great condition $99. (650)558-1975 BOOTS - purple leather, size 8, ankle length, $50.obo, (650)592-9141 JACKET (LARGE) Pants (small) black Velvet good cond. $25/all (650)589-2893 JACKET (LARGE) Pants (small) black Velvet good cond. $25/all (650)589-2893 LADIES DOWN jacket light yellow with dark brown lining $35. (650)868-0436 LADIES JACKET size 3x 70% wool 30% nylon never worn $50 650-592-2648 LADIES SHOES- size 5, $10., (650)756-6778 MAN'S BLACK Leather Jacket, Elegant, fully lined, storm flap, elastic waistband, slash pockets, $99, 650-595-3933 MAN’S SUEDE-LIKE jacket, New, XXLg. $25. 650 871-7211 MEN'S SHOES (650)756-6778 Brown.

317 Building Materials
DOUBLE PANED GLASS WINDOWS various sizes, half moon, like new, $10. and up, (650)756-6778 WATER HEATER - 40 gallon Energy saver electric water heater $50. SOLD!

311 Musical Instruments
KIDS GUITAR for 6 years and Up $40, call (650)375-1550 PIANO VINTAGE - Upright, “Davis & Sons”, just tuned, $600., (650)678-9007 SPANISH GUITAR 6 strings good condition $80. Call (650)375-1550. WHITNEY PIANO - Good condition, $1,000.obo, (650)583-4874 YAMAHA STUDIO PIANO - Perfect condition, $1800., (650)570-5315

322 Garage Sales

379 Open Houses

510 Commercial for Rent
BELMONT 1201 Old County Road,1260 Sq Ft. Commercial buildiing with office. 100 MP electric power, for rent $1 Per Sq Ft., Available now (650)592-4283

318 Sports Equipment
2 GOLF CLUBS - Ladies, right handed, putter & driver $5/each (650)755-8238 GOLF BAG AND CLUBS - Black bag near new, $10., Mixed clubs $1.00 each, (20 total) SOLD! GOLF BAG like new with irons, woods and golf balls $50/all 650-583-5208 PUTTING GOLF Set 8Ft. x 16 inches $10., SOLD! SPEEDO OPTIMUS Training Fins size 10-11. Perfect for your training. $25 call jeff 650-208-5758

970 Laurel Ave SATURDAY APRIL 30 9 am-4 pm Furniture, kitchen items, and miscellaneous items

3239 Glendora Dr., #2 Apartment 2 bedroom/1 bath $1,150. mo.

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Sat. & Sun. Apr 30 & May 1 10 am - 4 pm

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Millbrae Jewelers Est. 1957 400 Broadway - Millbrae

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THURS, FRI, SAT APRIL 28, 29, 30
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AUDI ‘03 A4 1.8 Turbo - 5 speed manual, new clutch, 111K miles, $4500., good condition, SOLD

380 Real Estate Services
AUTO AUCTION The following repossessed vehicles are being sold by Patelco Credit Union on May 3rd, 2011 starting at 8am --- 2004 GMC Yukon #219123, 2006 Ford Mustang #167660. Sealed bids will be taken starting at 8am on 5/03/2011. Sale held at Forrest Faulknor & Sons Auction Company, 175 Sylvester Road, South San Francisco. For more information please visit our web site at www.ffsons.com.


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610 Crossword Puzzle

610 Crossword Puzzle

610 Crossword Puzzle

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 1 Michael Jordan began college as one 10 Leather leggings 15 Plants 16 “Casbah” actor, 1948 17 Sex symbol of the silents 18 Very funny 19 Accessory 20 Titans, e.g. 22 Current source 24 Negative sentiment 25 “Wedding Day at Troldhaugen” composer 26 He got his only World Series ring in 2009 27 Staff note 28 “Viva-Vegas” link 29 Eastern quaff that’s typically 18-25% alcohol 32 21-Down, e.g. 34 They’re assumed 38 Motions 40 Want ad abbr. 41 Mosque leader 44 “__ a hunch ...” 45 Far from assertive 47 Ariadne, to Minos 49 Archaeologists, at times 50 Clique 51 “Going Rogue” author 52 Three-time Clooney role 53 Adjacent to 57 Old Scottish landholder 58 Shepherd of old radio 59 Like some bars 60 Where three’s a crowd DOWN 1 Colorado hrs. 2 Sound of recognition 3 Mill’s “On Liberty,” for one 4 Where plays may be discussed 5 GMAT taker’s goal 6 Brother’s keeper? 7 Name often seen before a hyphen 8 #4 at Boston Garden 9 2006 N.L. MVP 10 Necklace feature 11 Jockeys 12 European satellite launcher 13 Nous or vous 14 Begins 21 Kelp nutrient 22 Eye up and down 23 River through Orsk 24 Fight cause, often 26 Behave suitably 30 As found 31 What oldies evoke 33 Hollywoodthemed Vegas hotel 35 Rial spender 36 Rabin’s ’70s predecessor 37 Fixes bare spots, in a way 39 Former Mideast gp. 41 Certain how-to book targets? 42 La __: region of central Spain 43 Like the stables cleaned by Hercules in a single day 46 “I disagree” 48 Love 49 “Purgatorio” writer 51 Bridge in Paris 54 Rest 55 Morse character 56 Wind dir.

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xwordeditor@aol.com 04/30/11
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By Barry C. Silk (c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.


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CAD '91 Eldorado 149k. red leather new radials $100 obo, (650)481-5296 CAMPER/TRAILER/TRUCK OUTSIDE backup mirror 8” diameter fixture. $30. 650-588-1946 CHEVY TRANSMISSION 4L60E Semi used $800. (650)921-1033 EL CAMINO '67 - parts (Protecto top) $95., (650)367-8949


670 Auto Parts
TRUCK RADIATOR - fits older Ford, never used, $100., (650)504-3621

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680 Autos Wanted
DONATE YOUR CAR Tax Deduction, We do the Paperwork, Free Pickup, Running or Not - in most cases. Help yourself and the Polly Klaas Foundation. Call (800)380-5257. Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets Novas, running or not Parts collection etc. So clean out that garage Give me a call Joe 650 342-2483

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Mercedes-Benz Specialists

672 Auto Stereos

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680 Autos Wanted Don’t lose money on a trade-in or consignment! Sell your vehicle in the Daily Journal’s Auto Classifieds. Just $3 per day. Reach 82,500 drivers from South SF to Palo Alto

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2 SNOW/CABLE chains good condition fits 13-15 inch rims $10/both San Bruno 650-588-1946

We Sell, Install and Repair All Brands of Car Stereos
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BOAT MOTOR for fishing boat. $75 (650)483-3693 PROSPORT ‘97 - 17 ft. CC 80 Yamaha Pacific, loaded, like new, $9,500 or trade, (650)583-7946.

FORD ‘73 Maverick/Mercury GT Comet, Drive Train 302 V8, C4 Auto Trans. Complete, needs assembly, includes radiator and drive line, call for details, $1250., (650)726-9733. FORD ‘93 250 flat bed, diesel, 100-gallon gas tanks, completely rebuilt, $1800. Joe (650)481-5296. FORD RANGER '02 Stock wheels and lugs 15-7 $100. complete 5 speed clutch & transmission bellhuseing. 650-4815296

Dealership Quality Affordable Prices Complete Auto Service Foreign & Domestic Autos 880 El Camino Real San Carlos 650-598-9288 www.880autoworks.com CHEVY S-10 ‘97, 49000 mi. American Racing rims & radial 15-8, SOLD!

2001 Middlefield Road Redwood City
HEAVY DUTY jack stand for camper or SUV $15. (650)949-2134 TIRE RIMS (4) for '66 Oldsmobile $20.00/each, SOLD!

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Weekend • April 30 - May 1, 2011


Syrian protest intensifies
By Bassem Mroue and Elizabeth A. Kennedy

Around the world
Tunisia rebukes Libya over cross-border incursions
TRIPOLI, Libya — A battle between Libyan troops and rebels spilled over the western border into Tunisia Friday, drawing a sharp rebuke of Moammar Gadhafi’s regime from the neighboring government. Clashes along the Tunisian border have escalated since Thursday, posing a new challenge for Gadhafi within the western half of the country where he must consolidate his control to cling to power. Rebels captured most of the east early on in the uprising against Gadhafi that began in February. On the other major front in western Libya, NATO foiled attempts by regime loyalists to close the only access route to the besieged rebel city of Misrata, intercepting boats that were laying anti-ship mines in the waters around the port. The port is the only lifeline for the city of 300,000, which has been under siege for two months. Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said he was unaware of the attempted mine-laying, but said the government is trying to prevent weapons shipments from reaching the rebels by sea. He said aid such shipments must be coordinated with the authorities and should preferably come overland. The government offensive on the Tunisian border along with shelling that killed 15 in Misrata on Friday and the attempt to mine the Misrata port show the regime is redoubling efforts to crush stubborn pockets of resistance in the west.

BEIRUT — Thousands of defiant Syrians chanting “We are not afraid!” were met by security forces firing bullets and tear gas Friday in a crackdown on nationwide protests that left 42 people dead — many of them villagers trying to break an army blockade of the southern city where the six-week uprising began. President Bashar Assad again unleashed deadly force in a determined effort to crush the revolt, the gravest challenge to his family’s 40-year ruling dynasty. Although still in control, he will struggle to recover legitimacy at home and abroad if he manages to stay in power. The United States slapped three top officials in his regime — including his brother — with sanctions and nations agreed to launch a U.N.-led investigation of Syria’s crackdown. Human rights groups say about 500 people have been killed since the uprising began. Many of the 42 people killed Friday were in Daraa, said human rights activist


Jordanians shout during a protest in solidarity with the the protesters in the Syrian town of Deraa,at the closed border crossing with Syria.
Mustafa Osso, whose Syria-based group compiles casualty lists from the crackdown. He told the Associated Press that the death toll could rise, Thousands of people from the outskirts of Daraa tried to break the military siege on the town Friday, but security forces opened fire, witnesses and human rights groups said. A witness in Daraa said residents stayed indoors because the city has been under siege by the military since Monday, when thousands of soldiers backed by tanks and snipers stormed in.

Late leftist surge spices up Canadian election
TORONTO — Until a few days ago, Monday’s election looked set to give Canada another mandate for the Conservative government. Instead, Prime Minister Stephen Harper could be out of a job if polls are right in predicting a late surge for the left. The unexpected gains for the New Democratic Party have upended previous soundings that predicted the Conservatives would get enough votes to form a minority government, perhaps even a majority one. Now a new scenario has emerged in which the New Democrats and the Liberals together win enough seats to eventually form a coalition. “We’ve had an earthquake here and it’s all happening very quickly,” said Nelson Wiseman, professor at the University of Toronto, after EKOS, a private polling company, gave the Conservatives 33.7 percent, the New Democrats 28 and the Liberals 23.7. The pollsters said they questioned 3,000 voters and gave a margin of error of 1.8 percentage points. A series of other polls have since reported similar results. It was a shock on two levels: for suggesting the Conservatives might be edged out of office by a late surge, and for predicting that the New Democrats would eclipse the Liberals, throughout Canadian history the party either in power or leading the opposition.

Attacks in Iraq kill 10, including 8-year-old girl
By Mazin Yahya

BAGHDAD — Attacks killed 10 people around Iraq on Friday, including the 8-year-old daughter of an imam who preached against violence and three police officers ambushed in Baghdad, officials said. The string of bombings and shootings underlined the security concerns Iraq still faces as American troops prepare to leave the country by the end of this year. Iraq’s prime minister maintains the

country is able to provide for its own internal security, but U.S. officials say Iraq must decide soon whether to ask any of the remaining American forces to stay past their Dec. 31 departure date. In Baghdad, a bomb went off in a predominantly Shiite neighborhood in southeastern Baghdad, killing three police commandos and one civilian and wounding 24 policemen and five civilians, said police and medical officials. As police arrived on the scene to investigate, a second bomb exploded. Insurgents often use such staggered

blasts to lure in security and medical personnel who arrive on the scene to help and then fall victim to the subsequent blast. In the mixed Sunni-Shiite province of Diyala, gunmen stormed the home of the imam in a small village 30 miles (50 kilometers) northeast of the provincial capital of Baqouba on Friday morning, police and medical officials said. The imam, his wife and their 8-yearold daughter were killed. Police said the imam had preached against sectarian violence.

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