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Vision & Philosophy
The company's goal is to create long-term shareholder value by enhancing its position as a leading local search service. The company’s philosophy focuses on end user experience through feedback, innovation, teamwork and integrity.

What does it do?
Justdial is India’s no.1 local search destination. It provides comprehensive updated information on all the B2B and B2C products & Services. The company caters to over 57 million unique users spread across 240 cities in India. This unique local search service is available on Phone, Web, WAP and SMS. Just Dial services receive approximately 26 million phone calls a year. Justdial in India employs a 4000 strong work force and has more than 1,35,000 paid advertisers.

How did it start?
Founded in the year 1994 on a modest 50,000 Rs investment, it returned revenues of 1.34 Billion for the Fy 09-10 and holds 90% of the complete market share. Started with some borrowed furniture and rented PCs in a small (10×30 feet) hired garage, today JustDial has over 86,000 customers across the nation with offices in major cities across India. In a very short time, justdial.com has become probably the most frequented local search website in the country.

the number of users for this kind of services are on the rise.How good is it? While year on year. . and still commands a leading share of the market. JustDial has managed to keep pole position right from the start.

com Others 89% JustDial. UK. and has plans to expand into Canada. As for the Current Scenario. replicating its very successful model there.com have generally been on the rise. the total number of Unique Daily Hits to JustDial. JustDial is expanding into other countries as well. a 125Crore Market Armed with this phenomenal success. The trend in daily hits varies as the number of . Australia.Market Share 11% JustDial. New Zealand. Singapore and Hong Kong. JustDial is confident of its success. Justdial has launched its local search service in North America. Even though Yellow pages services are much more widespread outside.com commands over 89% of the total localized search market in India.

. and are even falling.hits is somewhat seasonal. Let us try and understand the way JustDial operates with the help of some analysis tools. although the numbers seem to have stagnated a bit over the last year or so.

com JustDial. The Basic Revenue generation steps can be outlined as follows: Small/Medium enterprise registers with JustDial.The Revenue Model of JustDial.com verifies the information provided and puts it up SME's are offered prime services.com recieves a % of the client sales .com basically earns from clients which invest in their listings to make them sponsored listings.com JustDial. sponsored results for added fee Customers ask for information and suggestions through Internet/Phone Customers recieve results with sponsored results getting priority Customers buy products/services from a sponsored client JustDial.com. and from the percentage of sales that happen through JustDial.

.  It has expanded into North America. it has over 4000 employees nationwide.  It serves over 247 cities in India with offices in 8 of them. among other places.The Current Scenario at JustDial. the USA and Europe. with over a Lakh calls. with plans for Canada.  It receives over 25k Unique visitors daily.  More than 2.com so far.4 Million businesses and vendors have been cataloged by JustDial.4Crore INR for the Financial year ended 2010.  It had revenues in excess of 1.com  Centered in Mumbai. with over 700 only in Mumbai.

The Macro Environment of JustDial. and growing disposable incomes mean more and more people entering the target group for the services market. Besides this. Also the advent of newer enablers like mobile fones has made life much easier for the customer.com . there is very little interference or regulation on a call and assist type of service in India The Social Enviromnent: India is a fast growing market. and as such JustDial must evaluate each clients request to ensure that the service being offered must fall within the legal purview and only then can they put it up.com The Political Environment: There are Government guidelines to which services are considered legal. and as such there is tremendous scope for a referral system like JustDial.

com is no exception. GPS services in mobiles and 3G services promise a seamless and integrated localized experience. Telephone. Sms and now Mobile Web access give users a multitude of ways to access information. and JustDial. which can be leveraged by JustDial. Web based Service.com to provide results based on nearness to customers immediate location. and it has benifitted JustDial.The Economic Environment: The overall market for location specific search is increasing rapidly with more and more people moving to in the urban cities and distances increasing to local amenities and services. The promise held in this huge market is immense. and every new technology gives it a shot in the arm. economic development has fueled the pockets of the Indian middle class as well as brought the world to their door. Growth in users of this service sees a linear growth with technology penetration. The Technological Environment: Technology has been a great enabler for most businesses. . The web has taken this services to new heights.com and the search industry greatly. Also.

and in charge of the transactions. we fulfill the need for information. and provides them with value and much more time on their hands.  How does it make their life better? Customers save time. and bridges the customer-client gap.  What emotion is related to purchase and consumption of service? The Exercise of choice makes customers feel in control. The clients also get promotion in areas which might otherwise be outside their physical radius of promotion. and find a multitude of options with ease. giving them the satisfaction of making a good choice. while taking away the frustration normally associated with searching for any goods and services.  What meaning does the service bring to their life? It basically provides a one stop shop for all the customer’s needs.The Micro Environment for JustDial. although the scope of this information is unlimited. thus exercising the freedom of choice which makes them feel in control. enabling them to get the best prices and ease of access to services and goods / customers.com (a) Understanding Customers:  What needs are being fulfilled? For the customers. and we try to provide information on any and all services and products the customer might need.  How does it help build their identities? Customers are able to make a well informed choice in a matter of minutes. .

 Post Purchase Evaluation: JustDial.com enjoys a first movers advantage. there is no reason why customers would not use this service as it is a very convenient way for them to search for data. while JustDial. movie bookings etc.com which offer very similar services and are only held back by a smaller market share. house rentals. cab service.com and guruji. telephone connections. there is competition in the form of asklaila. Even then.com sulekha. The largest proponent for growth has been word of mouth advertising.com needs to have a strong filtering process in place. as well as popular magazines and newspapers across the country.Analyzing Decision Making Process:  Problem Recognition: Need to buy goods and services like groceries.  Information Search: Search for this information is mostly through promotional campaigns on most frequently visited websites.  Purchase Decision: Once awareness spreads.  Evaluation of Alternatives: Most people start out with using Yahoo or Google for their serach requirements and then slowly learn the use of localized search portals. (b) Understanding Competitors: We use Porters Five forces analysis to understand the market forces better: . as it takes very little to take a customer away from a service. which insures that no fraudulent or sub standard promotion is being done through their website.

as several players are in the market and are competing fiercely among each other for the growing market. Bargaining power of suppliers: Low. (c) Understanding Collaborators: Most of the clients that we serve have the one basic need. there is little to no influence on our business by any other forces. . We depend entirely on telecomm providers for getting our service to the end customer and any changes in the way they function directly impacts us.com is the undisputed industry leader in India. Other than our clients. and the Clients have to come for us if they want maximum exposure. and the segment that they wish to target and provide a priority listing based on their criteria among our query results to our customers. thus fulfilling their need. we provide the best service at a reasonable price. as there is nothing being charged to the customers and this service is being provided to them free of cost. We section them and categorize them according to the services that they provide. as JustDial. Bargaining power of Buyers: Low. and there is little to no scope for an alternative. for the type of service being offered here is pretty all encompassing. of maximizing their visibility.Threat of new entrants: High. As for the Clients that we serve. besides the obvious dependence on the telecomm service providers. as it is pretty easy to setup the basic infrastructure needed to put in place a similar service atleast for the web. Inter Firm Rivalry: High. some with the backing of large group companies. Threat of Substitutes: Low. This provides them with visibility where they need it.

(d) Understanding the Company:        The leading local search brand in India Large customer base and nationwide coverage Highly scalable platform Excellent track record in user experience Very high customer satisfaction Modern infrastructure and constantly updated technology Vastly experienced management team Benefits Provided:  Services benefit: Better visibility. Convinience  Value benefit: Provides better value to client/customer  Personnel Benefits: Friendly and helpful search assistance Costs to Customer:  Money: Cost of Service/ Cost of priority listing  Time: Time spent in receiving required results  Energy: Effort spent in getting availability of goods or service in remote location  Psychic cost: Uncertainty about reliability of critical data obtained through this service means psychic cost .

com:        The leading local search brand in India Large customer base and nationwide coverage Highly scalable platform Excellent track record in user experience Very high customer satisfaction Modern infrastructure and constantly updated technology Vastly experienced management team Weaknesses of JustDial. Analysis: Understanding the Core competencies of the Organization and what areas it needs to focus on can be done with the help of a Strengths.T.O.W. Weaknesses.S. Strengths of JustDial. VAS etc) . Opportunities and Threats analysis.com:  Reluctance among SME’s to sign up for services  No concrete way to gauge mediums effectiveness for a particular Retailer  Lack of awareness among customers  Lack of technological penetration (Internet access)  Lack of familiarity with technology ( Inability to use the Internet.

Opportunities for Improvement:  The Advent of Mobile technology gives a whole new way to get to potential customers  Rising penetration and literacy of Internet in India  Increase in disposable income of the great Indian middle class  Telecomm offerings like free sms removing the cost barrier to accessing our services  Entering newer markets like North America.com  Threat of foreign entrants like yellowpages. .com  Low visibility in areas with limited internet penetration and literacy  Threat of players with big corporations backing them. Canada. Europe etc. Threats to JustDial.com which would bring with them a large investment base. like asklaila.

com’s Marketing Mix .The Marketing Mix for JustDial.com Advertising Website Public Relations Email Web 2.0 / 3G SMS Voice Query The various mediums in JustDial.

Psychographic Segmentation would classify the customers/clients under the following heads:  Occupation: Student/HouseWife/Businessman/Self Employed/Serviceman  Education: Students/Graduates/UnderGraduates/PostGraduates .Segmenting the Market: Behavioral Segmentation attributes applicable to the company are listed below with the specific applicable clusters:     Need: Casual/Moderate/Strong Ocassion: Regular/Special Benifits: Service/Speed/Value User status: Non-user/potential user/First time user/regular user  Usage rate: Light/medium/High  Readiness: Unaware/informed/intending to buy/aware Demographic Segmentation Location based segmentation isn’t applicable here. since this service is available and equally accessible to everywhere there is a presence of the underlying telecomm technology.

and maintaining several SKU’s would make it impossibly difficult to manage.) Measuring Segments would prove to be very difficult as most users that visit the website or call in with queries are not required to furnish any details about themselves. Differentiation services to suit the individual needs of a specific section of our customer base can cater to them better. as the service being offered is a very broad service. how many people booked air tickets or hotel reservations would indicate how many of the HIG composition is there) Accessibility to these segments should be reasonably good. . for these segments have exposure to the Internet and Telephone at either home or office or both. Actionability Catoring to specific needs may not always be possible. Income: MIG/HIG (LIG are being included because they wouldn’t have access to the underlying technology which is needed to avail of this service. But according to the type of service being consumed. it is possible to find out how many people of what composition are using the service ( for example. A good example would be JustDial Tourism started with the Tamil Nadu government.

com The major marketing management decisions can be classified in one of the following seven categories: Product. People.7 P analysis of JustDial. These variables are known as the marketing mix or the 4 P's of the marketing. The marketing mix is portrayed in the following diagram: . Process and Physical Evidence. Place (distribution) Promotion. They are the variables that marketing managers can control In order to best satisfy customers in the target market. Price.

Advertising Website Public Relations Email Web 2. Product: Product The product is the physical product or service offered to the consumer. warranty. In the case of physical products. Product decisions include aspects such as function. the product can be referred to as a link or a bridge between the manufacturers/retailers/sellers and the potential consumers. it also refers to any services or conveniences that are part of the offering. packaging. service. etc. appearance. In case of Just Dial.0 / 3G SMS Voice Query The firm attempts to generate a positive response in the target market by blending these four marketing mix variables in an optimal manner. Just Dial Offers a .

This helps them to offer the best service to the customers and also attain company goals effectively and also helps companies to sell their products and increase their customer base. Chennai. Hyderabad. For a company to prosper. Pricing includes not only the list price. Television. Bangalore. Promotion: Promotion decisions are related to communicating and selling to potential consumers. Institutes. media types. public relations. Radio. To generate revenue. Individual Referral. Just Dial charges retailers/suppliers/companies a specific amount on a contractual basis for customer references. Eg. Vadodara & Jaipur. logistical. Just Dial currently has its own offices in 11 cities which are in major metros and Tier II cities including Mumbai. (company website) . It is useful to know the value of a customer in order to determine whether additional customers are worth the cost of acquiring them. and facilitating functions. but also discounts. Kolkata.Just Dial Free Service. Ahmedabad. and other options such as leasing. financing.variety of services and information related to : Entertainment. Coimbatore. Promotion decisions involve advertising. Place: Just Dial gets 2 Million calls a day in India. Workmen. from all over the Place (or placement) decisions are those associated with channels of distribution that serve as the means for getting the product to the target customers. Consumer Durables. Delhi. Travel Assistance. the pricing should be suitable taking into consideration the company’s objectives and also importantly the worth of the product/service offered in return. Assistance etc Price: Pricing decisions should take into account profit margins and the probable pricing response of competitors. E-Mail. etc. Pune. Posters. Mobile. Direct Mails. Facilities. The distribution system performs transactional. Internet. Break Even Analysis is considered while doing promotion at Just dial. and the Communication Channels are Newspapers.

and service knowledge to provide the service that consumers are paying for. consumers will make perceptions based on their sight of the service provision which will have an impact on the organizations perceptual plan of the service. Consumers make judgments and perceptions of the service based on the employees they interact with.People: An essential ingredient to any service provision is the use of appropriate staff and people. and headed out of the Mumbai office. Physical Evidence: The product offering caters to consumers via internet. Just Dial services are accessible from 45 cities through the phone. telephone and SMS on mobile phones. Physical evidence is an essential ingredient of the service mix. This service also operates out of 8 offices located in all the metros. . attitude. Staff should have the appropriate interpersonal skills. Recruiting the right staff and training them appropriately in the delivery of their service is essential for competitive advantage.

Service Blueprint for JustDial. .com A service blueprint is basically a visual map. it breaks down a service into logical components and easily definable steps. a way to represent the various steps involved in the service delivery. It should cover the following:  Process Delivery  Role of Customers and Employees  Visible Elements of the Service What it does is.

com feels that all the customer needs is information about his query.com because there is no direct feedback that is collected after providing the service. instead of a passive one. (2) Knowledge Gap: This exists when we do not know what the customer wants.Gauging Service Quality With the help of the Gap model of Service Quality. There is little to no innovation on the service being provided and customization is also an area that people are interested in. This gap also does not exist for JustDial. and is not being addressed.Gap does not exist) (1) Customer Gap: This is the difference between the customer expectations and perceptions of his expectations. (4) *Design and Standard Gap: This gap arises when the organization has an inherent Design flaw which makes it inaccessible or problematic for the customer. but what he actually wants. we can identify the following gaps:- (* . Knowledge gap exists with JustDial.com as it does deliver all that it promises. information. This gap exists because JustDial. . (5) *Communication Gap: This Gap occurs when performance does not match the promise. and generally occurs in high growth markets with few options for customers. that is. There are no blatant design flaws with JustDial. (3) Performance Gap: This gap arises from inability to comply with customers needs. what he needs and what he expects all distinctly. and is unable to convey owning to the inept interface. and it disengages the customer once the service is delivered. is his specific requirement with that information.com and it seems to be well designed. It needs to engage customers in an active feedback process.