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16th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media 3 - 6 May, 2011, Stuttgart, Germany

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Come and visit us this week. Discover why we are Europe’s premier conference on animation, games, visual effects and interactive media. This year we discuss the hottest topics taking place in the industry, including a fresh look at Stereo 3D, an overview of recent developments in Lighting and Rendering, the impact of Open Source software and the way New Interfaces create new opportunities. We will present on the Transmedia Challenge, Global Production as seen from the US and Europe, Visual Arts for Games and on the changing art of Visual Effects. In addition there will be the Virtual Humans Forum, selected SIGGRAPH and Eurographic Papers, new Commercials, new Chinese Animation and the most influential companies from France, Spain and Germany. Participate in Tech Talks, Workshops and Masterclasses, the Trade Floor, the School Campus and the Recruiting Booths; go to our Screenings and two Parties! Visit Stuttgart during FMX and see our partner events, Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, May 3 - 8 and the Animation Production Day, May 3 - 4.

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On The Front


Animal Kingdom


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“I See Trees Of Green”


ou’ve probably guessed the theme of this issue by now, nature. You’ve probably also noticed how much shorter this editors letter is compared to the previous issues, well I really want people to do less reading and more admiring of images so I thought I’d talk less, anyway nature. Nature in the sense of animals, natural plants and food, but also what influence mankind has had on nature. Cutting down tree for buildings, using up fossil fuels, pollution and so forth, bet you didn’t expect to see that in this issue. These topics wont be covered on a National Geographic level but just enough for you to enjoy the images made by many talented artists. Also make sure you visit the website to vote on the topic of the next issue, I’m really hoping this goes well.

Richard Bray Editor


On The Front
love this picture, mainly because to me it looks like mother nature crying out, but also because of the atmosphere around the image; the many moving leaves, the direction of the branches, and even the small hands trying to pull the woman down. Fantastic work by Artur Szygulski and the prefect image for the front cover of this issue. I only wish he gave the image a different title, I’m not sure ‘Dream of flying’ suits it as much as mother nature crying out but that’s just my opinion.
Image: Dream of flying Artist: Artur Szygulski Website: Software(s): Blender


Natural World
It’s easy to ignore nature around us in our busy lives, but if we just take the time to stop and look around, we can really appreciate the beauty of this nature we all take for granted.

Image: Cycle Of Life Company: Rafel Akushali Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: Life taking Place Artist: Karanjeet Singh Matharu Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: Other Life Artist: Joe Mitchell Website: Software(s): Vue

Image: Shells Artist: Maria Kosheleva Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: Setubal Beach - Portugal Artist: Douglas Shimada Website: Software(s): Softimage, ZBrush

Image: Road to Turtle lake Artist: Craig Kitzmann Website: Software(s): Maya, ZBrush

Image: Grass View2 Artist: Alex Medi Website: Software(s): Vue

Image: The Lighthouse Artist: Giuseppe Improta Website: Software(s): Maya, Modo

Image: 127 Hours Artist: Martin Huisman Website: Software(s): Terragen

Image: Archipelago Artist: Alfa Smyrna Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: Medieval Outpost Artist: Jordan Walker Website: Software(s): 3ds Max, ZBrush

Animal Kingdom
I’m no scientist but I know animals help to keep world in balance, from bees helping plants with pollination to carnivores eating herbivores to prevent over population. But all science aside these creatures truly are spectacular to look at, just see for yourself.

Image: Deep Inside Artist: Mohamed Raoof Website: Software(s): ZBrush

Image: Pan troglodytes Artist: Jian Xu Website: Software(s): 3ds Max, ZBrush

Image: Leo Artist: Massimo Righi Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: Pick of the Litter Artist: Marko Steffensen Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: Jelousy..main idea Artist: Artur Szymczak Website: Software(s): Softimage

Image: Snowalker Artist: Massimo Righi Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: Robin Artist: Paul Banister Website: Software(s): Maya, ZBrush

Image: Black Artist: Khalid Al-Muharraqi Website: Software(s): Lightwave, ZBrush

Image: Howling Artist: Massimo Righi Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: Tiger Artist: Jian Xu Website: Software(s): 3ds Max ZBrush

Image: Wanna hop with me? Artist: Brijesh Pandey Website: Software(s): Maya

Then came man who ended up replacing parts of nature with horrible concrete structures, replacing the clean air with pollution and using up a lot of natural resources.

Image: Three Mile Island Artist: Olivier Vernay Kim Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: Canal Factory Artist: Nicolo’ Zubbini Website: Software(s): Blender

Image: Industrial Building Artist: Mohammad Ghadimi Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: American City 30’s Artist: Cesar Martinez Alvaro Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: Creepy Street Artist: Daniel Cambrand Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: New York. 43rd Street Artist: Dennis Kaya Iversholt Software(s): 3ds max

Image: The station Artist: Neil Griffiths Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: May Beauty area, Marseille Artist: Quentin Beherec Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: NY street Artist: Eugenio García Villarreal Website: Software(s): Lightwave

Image: La espera Artist: Jorge Suarez Website: Software(s): Lightwave

And on the sixth day He created...Even though sophisticated and intelligent creatures, human beings are also animals and as such have all the natural beauty that animals have, maybe more. That’s why it is always impressive when an artist models a human.

Image: Oliver Artist: Oliver Pabilona Website: Software(s): 3ds Max, ZBrush

Image: Short Hair Artist: Peng Zhao Website: Software(s): Maya, ZBrush

Image: A girl form the Clinica Regina Margherita Artist: Baolong Zhang Website: Software(s): Maya, ZBrush

Image: Varvara Artist: Denis Tolkishevsky Website: Software(s): 3ds Max, Mudbox

Image: The Silhouette Of You Artist: Rui Pang Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: U-Ri Portrait Artist: U-Ri So Website: Software(s): 3ds Max, ZBrush

Image: Oriental Graceful Lady Artist: Sophie Li Website: Software(s): 3ds Max, ZBrush

Image: Nude Woman Artist: Jian Xu Website: Software(s): 3ds Max, ZBrush

Image: Cherry Red Wine Artist: Xiaodong Li Website: Software(s): Maya

Fruit & Wine
Fruits are one of many natural foods which we all know the benefits of. As for the wine, well it was pretty difficult to come across an image of fruit without them, and they add a little artistic touch to the images.

Image: San Juan Artist: Daniel Schmid Website: Software(s): 3ds max, ZBrush

Image: Still life Artist: Stanislav Grigoriev Website: Software(s): 3ds max

Image: Grapes Artist: Benjamin Springer Website: Software(s): Cinema 4D

Image: Pears.. Artist: Demian Heras Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: Soon the feast Artist: Max Kadashov Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: 3D StillLife Artist: Mahesh chary Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: Kitchen Artist: JFuguo Qin Website: Software(s): 3ds Max

Image: Still Life with lilacs and lemons Artist: Alexander Makeyev Website: Software(s): Softimage

Image: Orange on a Plate Artist: Justin Jenkins Website: Software(s): Maya

Image: Breakfast collection Artist: Stuart Townsend Website: Software(s): Cimena 4D

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