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NX programming and customization

Extending and tailoring NX digital product development solutions

Benefits Summary
• Preserves critical knowledge NX™ programming and customization software tools help companies extend
and design intent from the and tailor NX solution capabilities to their specific needs. Supporting the
design process all the way knowledge-driven automation capabilities of NX, these tools can be
through to the employed by product development personnel and application developers.
manufacturing process
• Enables companies to The NX Common Application Programming Interface (API)
capture, re-use and NX software provides an automation architecture that serves as the
consistently apply best foundation for all NX APIs as well as for a new journaling utility. Called the
practices across the spectrum Common API, it combines the power of journaling and automation with the
of their product lines, thus freedom of a language-neutral platform. Integrated within the core NX
enabling lean design architecture, the Common API is the foundation for all NX solutions and is
initiatives fully compatible with the existing Open C API.
• Quickly automates repetitive
tasks and allows users to Knowledge-based application development
capture and share workflow
processes in scripted files Knowledge Fusion
from journaling sessions Knowledge Fusion is a fully integrated knowledge-based engineering (KBE)
• Supports rapid application tool that permits knowledge-based extension of NX by the end user.
development through the Compared to traditional KBE technologies, the tight integration of Knowledge
industry’s first Common Fusion into the NX
API design digital product
• Facilitates language development
freedom – you can choose system provides a
your preferred automation significant
language advantage in the
• Facilitates deep integration industry.
with language-specific IDEs Knowledge Fusion
(integrated development permits the creation
environments) of powerful
• Provides complete access to applications that
NX core application take advantage of NX is built on an automation architecture that provides a
functionality from any engineering common foundation for automation and programming.
supported language knowledge. It
supports the capture and re-use of design intent and user intelligence to
increase design speed and productivity while intelligently controlling change


NX programming and customization

Benefits continued Designers and application developers can session. These sessions can be edited and
• Supports identical work with Knowledge Fusion directly enhanced with simple programming
automation capabilities for within the NX user environment to create constructs and user interface components
all programming languages rules that capture design intent. These to produce a rapidly generated customized
• Provides direct automation rules can be used to drive product design, program.
access to Microsoft’s ensuring that engineering and design
extensive .NET library requirements are fully understood and Journal files can be used as a basic
and Java packages of fully met. Knowledge Fusion delivers new technique for automating repetitive
re-usable software cost and time savings and raises quality by workflow. Because journals are based on
• Preserves automation standardizing design processes, enforcing the Common API, they can be used as a
investments through sourcing practices and incorporating template for working automation code in
compatibility with legacy upfront the manufacturing and any of the supported automation
Open API with customized performance constraints into the design languages.
interaction environments environment.
• Allows access to cross- Availability and packaging
platform model data in Availability and packaging The journaling capability is included with
diverse networked The ability to execute applications all NX Mach Series solutions as an integral
environments developed with Knowledge Fusion is feature.
included with all NX Mach Series solutions
Features as a runtime license. Knowledge Fusion NX Open Common Application
• Flexible solutions for Author programming is available as an Programming Interface (API)
automation and add-on software package for all NX Mach The new Common API offers the
customization – for product Series solutions. following features:
development personnel as • Language support – Provides a native
well as programmers Easily record and replay .NET API that supports all .NET
• Software technologies to interactive sessions languages including Visual Basic .NET
enable users to easily embed and C#. The Java and Open C++ APIs
design knowledge and Journaling support the full range of Common
engineering rules in The Journal capability is a rapid API capabilities.
programs automation tool that records, edits and • Support for standard integrated
• Common API – a single replays interactive NX sessions. Based on development environments (IDEs) –
foundation for automation in the programming language Visual Basic Visual Studio .NET development
a variety of languages .NET and C#, it produces a scripted file environment is the industry standard
• Language-neutral from an interactive session of NX which IDE for developing .NET programs. It
programming platform can be run at a later time to replay the provides state-of-the-art browsing,
• Powerful journaling utility for editing, debugging, graphical layout of
lightweight automation of dialogs (WinForms and WebForms) and a
NX sessions unified IDE for web, desktop and mobile
• Capability for recording NX development needs. Visual Studio .NET
interactive operations in any is the recommended IDE for developing
supported language NX Open .NET programs. Similarly, Java
• Menu and dialog integrated development environments –
customization Eclipse, Netbeans, etc. offer develop-
• Data model customization ment of platform-independent Java
automation programs which may use
the JFC/Swing API for interactive user
interface. Custom programs using
NX Open for Java API can utilize any of
A journaling tool in NX records interactive sessions the industry standard Java IDEs for
and allows editing and replay. This capability can application development.
be used to quickly automate repetitive tasks.

• Application development – Supports NX Open for C++ API The Open C API has consistently been
rapid application development by Open C++ is a native C++ version of the rated higher than those of competitors in
offering streamlined, object- oriented Common API, an object-oriented interface terms of completeness and usability, and
class hierarchies. The Common API is to NX. Written in C++, this API takes full has been recognized as one of the most
exposed through the object browsers advantage of object-oriented features stable and reliable APIs from release to
offered by Visual Studio and Java IDEs. including inheritance, encapsulation and release (based on the number of deleted
• Coverage – Provides the same polymorphism. Open C++ provides and changed functions relative to total
automation coverage as available from complete access to its class hierarchy, number of functions).
the Open C API. allowing customers to override methods,
• Remoting – Offers full remote execution derive their own classes and create entirely API availability and packaging
support based on .NET remoting which new, persistent objects in NX. NX Open All of the NX language APIs are included
is compatible with COM-based solutions, C++ is fully compatible with the existing in the NX Open Toolkits Author software
or on Java RMI (remote method Open C API. NX Open C++ also provides a package, available as an add-on for all
invocation). Java RMI is platform- fully extensible data model, allowing NX Mach Series solutions. Applications
independent. customers to define new types of objects developed and executed using any of the
• Help – Supports Common API documen- that can be treated just like standard NX APIs require individual NX feature licenses
tation, which is fully integrated into the objects and stored persistently in NX part at runtime for the capabilities used in
Visual Studio integrated development files. Journals can be recorded in C++, the program.
environment and is easily displayed in which can then be edited and compiled
the Visual Studio Help format. Full Java outside of NX. User interface customization tools
Common API documentation is
presented in the standard JavaDoc style. NX menu customization
MenuScript is a tool that allows end users
NX Open for .NET API and third-party developers to use ASCII
NX offers an API for use with Microsoft’s . files to edit NX menus and create custom
NET framework. Built on the Common API, menus for their own applications in an
this interface provides programmatic integrated, seamless manner. Menu files
access to NX core application functionality, support custom tailoring of the main menu
making it possible to create advanced bar and the quick view popup menu.
automation programs using any of the Manufacturers can create specialized
.NET-compliant languages, including Visual menus and user interface dialogs,
Basic .NET and C#. Because the API is built exposing and augmenting only the
on the .NET framework, users can take full NX functions required in the custom
advantage of all the benefits provided by NX Open for .NET takes advantage of the workflow process.
that framework. Microsoft integrated development environment by
providing access to object documentation directly MenuScript supports pre- and post-actions
from the Visual Studio object browser.
NX Open for Java API for menu items for both standard NX menu
The Java API supports platform- items and those provided by third-party
independent programming access to NX applications developed with Open C and
through the Common API using the Open C API C++. MenuScript also provides a Menubar
industry standard Java language. Use of The Open C API is a direct programming Report tool to help review menu
Java JFC/Swing methods provides interface to NX that allows users to create customization, diagnose problems and
interactive interfaces in applications. custom applications using the popular assist in upgrading to future NX releases.
Journals can be recorded in Java, which programming languages C and C++. It is A drag-and-drop menu customization
can then be edited and compiled outside used by NX developers, customers and interaction is also available.
of NX. The Java API supports interactive, alliance partners to produce unique
batch and remote execution. applications to augment NX or to act as Availability
completely separate utilities. Open C also MenuScript menu customization is
provides a fully extensible data model, included in all NX Mach Series solutions.
allowing customers to define new types of
objects that can be treated just like
standard NX objects and stored
persistently in NX part files.

NX Dialog Designers Tools for customizing the data model

NX Dialog Designers provides two visual
dialog box builders to create NX style User-defined objects
dialogs for use in custom programs: Block User-defined objects (UDOs) are objects
Styler and User Interface Styler. that contain customer-specified data and
customer-supplied associations. UDOs can
Using a point-and-click interface, users can be linked or associated with other NX
develop dialogs for Open applications with objects including other UDOs, and are kept
a minimum amount of time and effort. up-to-date as the associated NX object
No previous experience with Windows SDK changes. UDOs enable third-party vendors
or X/Motif is required. NX Dialog Designer and users to augment their part files with
manages these complexities to create customer-specific application data.
platform-independent dialogs, with
interactive object selection, design logic, Availability and packaging
selection filter, selection scope, input Customization of data and associations in
validation and macro support built in. NX user-defined objects is included in the NX
Dialog Designers include a template code Open Toolkits Author software package.
generator for easy integration with custom
application. Code generator supports C++,
VB .NET, C#, Java and KF.

Block Styler
Block Styler is a visual user interface
builder that makes it possible to
interactively design portable NX-style The User Interface Styler streamlines creation of
block-based dialogs. Block-based dialogs interactive dialogs.
are NX standard for all new dialogs. Used
internally by Siemens developers, Block builder, objects, libraries and documen-
Styler provides the application module, tation. And this tool is necessary to
dialog builder, objects, libraries and interactively create production-ready
documentation necessary to interactively dialogs and easily integrate them into
create production-ready dialogs. Block custom applications using the template
Styler is the recommended dialog designer code generator included with User
for all new third- party dialogs. Interface styler.

User Interface Styler Availability and packaging

User Interface Styler is a visual dialog NX Dialog Designers is available as an
builder and is recommended for maintain- add-on application for all NX Mach Series
ing existing custom dialogs. User Interface solutions. Applications that include dialogs
Styler provides application module, dialog designed with NX Dialog Designers can be
run by any NX Mach Series solution.

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