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Enshrine. Educate.


The Kalgidhar Society

To establish permanent peace in the world through Aim to be an enabler for the creation of 'high caliber'
value based education and spiritual rejuvenation, globally diversified student base nurturing all-round
creating good global citizens. excellence, beyond academic dimension to produce
tomorrow's value-based global citizens from the
under-privileged classes
Sant Attar Singh Ji (1866-1927) Sant Teja Singh Ji (1877-1965) MA, LLB, AM (Harvard)

"We believe it is possible to impart quality education to the Niranjan Singh Mehta, who came to be known as Sant Teja Singh Ji later on, was born to Ram Kaur
students of rural areas. We wish to see their mind informed, and Bhai Ralla Singh on 14 May, 1877, in village Balowali ,Gujranwala, Pakistan. His father, Bhai Ralla

disciplined, strengthened --infact, trained in somewhat the Singh, was a doctor employed in Central Jail, Lahore.
Sant Teja Singh passed out with distinction in Post Graduate studies, followed it up with a degree in
same way as per the teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj.”
law, and went to Harvard University for further studies.
Sant Teja Singh ji At the centre of his world was an abiding respect for his mentor, Sant Attar Singh ji and a belief that
education has to holistically blend science with spiritual upliftment, in order to make the world a
better place to live in.
Sant Teja Singh ji founded the Kalgidhar Trust in 1965 in order to spread the message of universal
brotherhood by combining spirituality with modern scientific education.
Executive Summary
Executive Summary Way to establish permanent peace


The Kalgidhar Society is a multifaceted, not for profit charitable organization working for the cause of
promoting quality Education, Healthcare, Women empowerment, Social welfare, Rural economic
uplift and Disaster response & rehabilitation to the deprived, in far-flung rural areas of North India. It
has been instrumental in bringing about silent but sure reforms to uplift the socio-economic status of
the rural poor in the areas covered. The rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, backward
hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab are being covered with 70 outstanding Schools affiliated
with The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Govt. of India, New Delhi. These Schools
provide modern education to 60,000 students mostly from deprived sections of the rural society.
A growing need for higher education for Women was felt, and Eternal University for Women was
started with Teachers Training, Nursing (state’s first), Engineering and Post-Graduation courses.

Many other programs like De-addiction Centers (on an improved pattern of Alcoholics Anonymous),
fully equipped Charity Hospital, Orphanage, Women Care Centre & Senior Citizen Centre are also run
by the TKS. Training and employment of rural youth especially focussed on Women Empowerment,
through Teachers Training, Embroidery, Stitching & Office management with computers is the latest
addition to these programs.
The mass urbanization is taking a toll on the rural masses and the scary results are already showing up
in the widening gap amongst the rich & poor. Ignorance & illiteracy in the rural folks, compounded by
the lack of health care needs, brings about helplessness in their lives. TKS having identified these root
causes, is methodically planning to take up the challenge of providing their services to the rural poor.
The strategy is simple yet effective- "Move away from urbanization", "Provide value based scientific
education & spiritual uplift" - "Reach out to the Underprivileged" with health care needs and create
an industrial base for their economic development.
Having felt the need to expand the scope of this noble cause, TKS plans to expand & branch out into far
flung rural areas by targeting 150 Schools within the next 2 years with assistance from Charitable
Institutions and worthy donors. Remarkably, session 2008-10 saw the addition of 48 new schools.
It is expected that a silent socio-economic uplift reform will result out of this sure-footed grass-root
effort. The footprints of "eradication of illiteracy &social evils" would keep on growing and positively
touch lives and fulfill needs of the rural poor & the deprived.
The Need

The situation in rural North India is alarming considering the following facts:

From being at no.1 amongst all states in India in terms of per capita
income, Punjab has dropped to being the economically slowest Way to establish permanent peace
growing state in India.
There is a growing disparity in the education levels amongst the urban & rural masses and also the male
From being a front runner, Punjab has dropped to no. 16 in terms of & female children. Unless drastic measures are taken to arrest this trend, a social catastrophe is in the
Literacy Rate amongst all states in India. offing. The focus of The Kalgidhar Society is to reach out to deprived masses who are cocooned in far
flung rural areas, where modern education is the need of the hour. TKS intends to intervene and make
The school drop out rate is an alarming 48.10% up to High school.
available value based education in its own silent and humble way.
The per capita public spending on education by the state govt. is In the past, India was a leading country in education with International Universities like Nalanda & Texla
Rs. 525 while the per capita earning from sale of liquor alone leading the way. But despite this , India is home to the world's largest illiterates. India accounts for 20%
is Rs. 820 and the per capita spending on liquor is Rs. 2200. of the world's out-of-school children and for 20% of the gender-gap in elementary education.
Bias against women & girls is reflected in the demographic ratio of below 800 females per 1000 males
Punjab the most prosperous sate in India, has been awarded
the level of “BACKWARD” in terms of value indicating the current level due to rampant female infanticide. From childhood, girls suffer from active discrimination, resulting in
of development in Literacy parameters by the planning commission. malnutrition, lack of educational opportunity, low self esteem and cyclical ill health, which is
compounded by early marriage and excessive childbearing. Poverty, lack of awareness about health
An obvious impact is reflected in the fact that 1 out of 3 adults and 7 out of
care, combined with ignorance and superstition, result in a high infant and maternal mortality rate.
10 college going students are now taking drugs.
Rural female children are being neglected by their own parents as far as spending on education and

An all time high of 1.47 million youth are unemployed in Punjab. nutrition is concerned. The very notion that the spending on education of girl will go waste because
the girl has to go to other home after marriage and thus cannot be asset of the parent family, is strongly
The completely skewed sex ratio currently stands at 793 girls for embedded in the minds of the parents. The female child is always looked upon as a liability by the
every 1000 boys in the state.
parents and this is reflected in the last census figures of the gender ratio, in the absence of recent

Punjab has now become the no.1 transit point for opium. figures it is estimated that the situation has worsened to a disappointing figure of 700 girls to 1000 boys
in Punjab.
The Solution
Welcome to the ”the valley of divine peace.”

“Just as a tiny banyan seed grows into a huge tree, in the same A concerted effort needs to be operationalised to Educate, Enshrine and Empower rural India. The rural
youth needs to be brought back to the mainstream so that they remain valuable to the growing economy
way,this place will develop into a great center of spiritual and society at large. A bank of Good Human Material through Value-based Education would suffice to
education where high quality scientific education will also be achieve these goals silently. Urban Society needs to be sensitised to the requirements of their rural
brethren. A large network of Akal Academies would serve as a fountainhead of a Rural Education
imparted.” Revolution.
Sant Teja Singh on his vision for Baru Sahib.
Besides giving modern scientific education in its Academies (CBSE Schools), TKS lays more emphasis on value based
education of the children. The difference between value based education and literacy or so called education; when we
combine moral/spiritual values or spiritual values with literacy, it becomes value based education. Mere literacy in any
field of education gives birth to egoistic forces which creates selfishness, hatred and a complex of pseudo superiority &
intelligence, which leads to conflicts and wars thus robbing the wealth and values of the citizens and nations; walking the
path of selflessness and universal brotherhood by rendering the selfless help to the needy ones irrespective of caste,
creed and religion to get the blessings of the Almighty Lord for attaining Divine wisdom and salvation. The ultimate aim of
TKS is to produce virtuous persons who are able to reach the level of 'spiritual enlightenment' to establish permanent
peace and universal brotherhood in this world. These children having imbibed the virtues can become the leaders &
torch-bearers for others as well; thereby helping eradicate social evils amongst their contacts. Experience tells that, one
morally enlightened child can influence 30-35 members of the society.
The Impact
Way to establish permanent peace

Value based Education

Social Welfare

Women Empowerment

Disaster Relief
Value based Education
Akal Academies:

The Kalgidhar Society have established 70 CBSE affiliated English Medium

Schools named as Akal Academy in remote, rural areas of India. These
schools were started in mid-nineties with a strength of 5 students in 1986
which now has grown to around 60,000 students. It is worth mentioning
that these students belong to the very needy sections of society and the
services are spread out so that these children do not have to travel long
Akal College of Divine Music:
distances for schooling.
Akal College of Music has been setup at Baru Sahib, wherein 500
Eternal University:
underprivileged girls from rural background are provided education,
spiritual & vocational training in music and other fields to ensure that
The first private University in the interior Himalayan region at Baru Sahib was
while treading the path of spirituality, they can earn their livelihood
established in April 2008, imparting value based education in various fields of
independently, upon graduating. Their educational, medical, physical &
Arts, Divine music, Spiritual sciences, Medical, Engineering and other fields of
dietary needs including board / lodging and clothing etc. are provided
higher education. Emphasis has also been on Institutes of Naturopathy &
free of cost by TKS. This college is affiliated to the Prayag Sangeet Samiti,
Alternate medicines, which are the need of the day. Graduates of this unique
Allahabad but soon would be part of the Eternal University.
educational system will not only be excellent in academics but also carry high
moral values. They will have love for humanity, compassion for the weak and
commitment for selfless service for mankind. In a way, the graduates of EU will
Education & Cultural Exchange Camps:
work towards establishing permanent peace & universal brotherhood in the
world as envisaged by the founding fathers. Every year TKS holds education and cultural exchange camps for youth
from USA, Canada, UK and other European countries including
Akal College of Engineering & Technology:
Australia, during months of July and August for imparting rich Indian
culture values and heritage including the system of value based
Moving ahead in the field of higher education, ACET promises to create ‘Better Engineers
education. Similarly students of Akal Academy also visit these countries
for Better Future’ with emphasis on academic excellence, communication skills & high
for imbibing their democratic values, imbibing laws of discipline in
moral Values. The performance has shown that the students are getting top positons in
letter and spirit and also other advanced learning techniques.
the studies with the students of ACET having captured 8 out
of 11 top positions in the Himachal Pradesh University's 1st
semester results including all top 3 positions. In the 2nd
Semester the number of ranks increased, with 11 ACETians Akal Teacher’s Training Institute:
in the first 14 and having bagged the top 6 ranks. This unique program for elementary level teachers' training now has
1100 Class XII girls belonging to the lower strata of society from remote
rural areas of Punjab, Haryana, UP and HP. They are given intensive
training in English language and communication skills, modern teaching
methodology and computer education. They are uplifted in spiritual
Akal College of Nursing: concept, moral values and dedicated services to humanity with
The second centre of higher education under Eternal University starts its maiden compassion and love, with a thought that teachers should be role model
academic session in October 2008 with B.Sc. Nursing courses approved by the Indian in all aspects not only for the students but for the society also. Every year
Nursing Council. ACN stands to be the first nursing college in the state of Himachal around 1100 girls from backward rural areas are admitted for imparting such training and employing them in schools,
Pradesh. Affiliated to the Eternal University, ACN will train and provide necessary para- to ensure that the girl child should not be a burden on society but an earning hand not only for the parents but also for
medical work-force, including Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, the society. These girls are initiated into higher education upto MA, MSc in the fields of Arts, Mathematics and
Clinical Laboratory Technologists & Health Care Professionals in general. various sciences for qualifying and to be absorbed as teachers in Akal Academies. This program has benefitted 871
rural girls while the first batch of 61 girls has been employed as teachers in Akal Academies. Entire expenses for
training including boarding & lodging are borne by the TKS.
Akal Academy Fatehgarh Ganduan

Akal Academy Baru Sahib Akal Academy Baru Sahib Akal Academy Jand Sahib Akal Academy Fatehgarh Channa
Himachal Pradesh (Hindi Medium) Himachal Pradesh Panjab Panjab

Akal Academy Dhindsa


70 Schools
Akal Academy Bilga
Akal Academy Cheema
60,000 Students Akal Academy Gomti
(Hindi Medium) Panjab

5 Colleges
Akal Academy Cheema
(Punjabi Medium) Panjab
1 University
1 Mission
Akal Academy Mander Akal Academy Kauriwara Akal Academy Bharyal Lahri
Panjab Panjab Panjab

Akal Academy Muktsar Akal Academy Ajitsar Ratia

Panjab Haryana

Akal Academy Bhadaur Akal Academy Bhai Desa Akal Academy Kajri Akal Academy Delhi
Panjab Panjab Uttar Pradesh New Delhi
Akal Charitable Hospital:
Drug De-addiction:
Akal Charitable Hospital is a 280-bed fully functional hospital with all state-of-the- Through three De-Addiction centers being run at village Cheema,
art ultra-modern medical facilities. It is providing medical care to the poor Jharon and Baru Sahib, The Kalgidhar Society aims to tackle this social
patients of this remote, far flung rural areas of backward Himalayan region. This malaise which ails our youth, who get addicted to various kinds of
hospital caters to the medical needs of patients covering an area of a radius of 100 drugs, alcohol and narcotics from an early age. The Akal De-addiction
Km. It caters to about 300 patients daily at its OPD. Centers are helping in eradicating vices amongst the rural folk and
bringing down the crime rate, conflicts, litigations etc. amongst these
In addition to the routine medical and surgical services, emergencies of all kinds sections. The alcohol free movement being run on an improved pattern
are also attended. Akal Charitable Hospital is the only hospital in the region of the 'Alcoholics Anonymous-USA' is proving as a savior against
attending to the patients of snake-bite for which expensive Antivenin is given. marital discords and exploitation of the womenfolk.

The patients and their attendants travel to Akal Charitable Hospital by bus, horse
or on foot, undertaking quite long and arduous journey on difficult terrains to get rid of deadly diseases completely free
of cost, the treatments that would normally cost The following methodology is adopted to treat the patients in the de-
up to Rs. 1 Lakh in cities. addiction centers:

In addition to the free medical checkups and i) Seminars are conducted from time to time in different villages
treatments, dental care, surgical procedures and enlightening the youth against drug-addiction and alcoholism.
post-operative medical care, all patients and their ii) Patients are admitted in the de-addiction camps in the batches of 45
accompanying family members receive free for duration of two months and more if required.
accommodations and meals, regardless of caste, iii) The treatment is done through yoga sessions and daily meditation
creed, color, religion and social status. with emphasis on the focus towards spirituality. Apart from early
morning and evening spiritual sessions, three more additional spiritual sessions are conducted during the day
which gives them the additional will-power and determination.
Medical Camps:
iv) Through counseling, they are enlightened against the evils of drug-addiction. This de-addiction camp is being run
In addition to routine services, general medical camps and Ophthalmologic camps are organised thrice a year.
under the supervision of eminent doctors and specialists with
These camps see specialists with various medical specializations from USA, CANADA, UK, Jalandhar, adequate para-medical staff who volunteer their services for the
Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Delhi & Mumbai volunteer their services to provide much needed medical intervention camp providing round the clock services.
for the deprived. More than 2500 patients benefit from each of these camps, wherein services of super v) To treat new patients, assistance is also taken from persons already
specialists are provided virtually at the doorsteps of these poor people living in this remote Himalayan region. treated. They act as living examples to new patients inspiring others
More than 100 operations are carried out free of cost in each of these camps. Intricate Surgeries like Plastic to renounce alcohol and drugs.
Surgeries, Hernia, hysterectomy, myringoplasty, cleft lip and cleft palate, skin grafting, contractures following vi) The entire treatment is done free of charge and the patients are also
burns, all kinds of general surgeries and orthopedic surgeries are performed in these camps. Some of these provided free care, food and lodging.
operations would cost more than Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 1 Lakh if they were performed in any private hospital in a
city. Not only Patients, but their family attendants are provided freeboarding & lodging during the camps. This unique noble venture has produced remarkable results, having
achieved a success rate of 82% (1 year follow up) which is way above the
maximum success rate of about 42% reported so far in the international sphere. These spectacular results are due to
the multidimensional approach at this centre. The patients, in addition to the usual treatment with medicines and
psychotherapy, are made to participate in voluntary service at the spiritual centre. Besides this, they meditate on the
divine name. This gives them additional strength to fight the withdrawal symptoms and also confidence in their own
abilities that builds up their self esteem.
Social Welfare
Campaign to Control HIV / AIDS
Health Education Camps: The Kalgidhar Society has pitched in to help control of HIV / Aids in the states of
Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Volunteers of the Society along with state Department Officials
have organized AIDS awareness camps of high risk population at places where truck drivers stay overnight
gratifying results. At the end of the camp, all participants were thankful for the awareness created and took
an oath for not risking unsafe sex.
similarly, seminars were organized in all Akal Academies (Grade IX to XII) in which parents of students also
participated. All students and parents vowed to make efforts to fight the menace of AIDS and purge it from
the society.
A Book on AIDS: A widely acclaimed book entitled "AIDS - How, When, Why " has been printed in Hindi and
distributed free of cost among the people. This contains information in simple manner on every hidden
aspect of AIDS.


Child Welfare Centre:

The Kalgidhar Society runs an orphanage under the name 'Akal Child Welfare Foundation' at Baru Sahib,
which looks after the needs of those unfortunate children, who have lost both their parents at an early
age. These orphaned children, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or region to which they belong,
are provided all the facilities free of cost, enabling them to become responsible, honest, hard working
citizens and a source of strength for the country.

800 children benefit from the Akal Child Welfare Foundation. It looks after all their basic needs
including boarding, lodging, educational and health needs. These children are provided free
education at Baru Sahib & other branches and are given the same facilities as other
students of the Academy. They are well treated by the organisation as well as the fellow
students so that they don't develop any inferiority complex of being orphans.

21 21
Women Empowerment

Akal Rozgar Yojana for Women Empowerment:

The Kalgidhar Society has initiated a unique socio-economic empowerment program under Akal
Rozgar Yojana for rural/needy women and widows at Baru Sahib and village Cheema benefitting 2500
such unfortunate women who have lost their husbands or have been discarded by their families or are
unable to earn/desire to earn their livelihood. ARY ensures a life of honor and transformation for these
women by imparting them with stitching, embroidery and hand work skills on garments. These
vocational courses are conducted by skilled instructors at the Eight ARY centres and in-house
requirements and market productions are tied up with exporters and domestic traders to generate
revenues and profits for them enabling them to earn handsome incomes. Immense change has been
seen in the confidence levels, self-respect and morale of these women who till now were feeling
wasted or doing menial jobs.
Plans are to replicate the ARY program manifolds in almost all the rural areas of North India by roping in
own trained womenfolk as Course instructors on salaries thereby creating new avenues of
employment for them.
Around 2000 young matriculate girls have been picked up to undergo a 4-year graduation course in
Teachers Training with all expenses being borne by the TKS. They are immediately given job
opportunities on graduation.
Disaster Relief


The Devastating Himalayan earthquake of 2005 (recording a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale)
took a toll of thousands of human lives and rendered millions homeless. In India, nearly 1,345 were
confirmed as dead and another 2,000 were missing. More than 36,000 properties were damaged
either fully or partially.

The Kalgidhar Society decided to create and send a Disaster Relief Team to the affected areas on
18th Oct 05. This team promptly began the job of repair and reconstruction of fallen houses,
schools and places of worship and worked 70 days & nights before snow-fall stopped the work.
By the end of The Kashmir Relief Mission, The Kalgidhar Society had spent around Rs. 23 Million with
the help of Donations / contributions from its donors and also substantially from its own resources
and built/repaired 1850 houses, 1 school, 3 mosques, 1 Hindu temple and 4 Sikh temples thereby
benefitting 9,822 victims till November 30, 2005.
Govt. of India acknowledges Kalgidhar / Society's Relief and Rehabilitation Efforts
The Kalgidhar Society's relief and rehabilitation efforts in South Asia earthquake have been
acknowledged by Govt. of India's Ministry of Home Affairs in its Annual Report 2005-2006. On page
112, Clause 7.65, under the heading 'NGOs' effort in providing shelters', it mentions the efforts of
The Kalgidhar Society in Uri and Tangdhar areas of Kashmir in the earthquake which took a toll of
thousands of human lives and rendered millions homeless.
“All the creatures including human beings are children In October 2005, a major earthquake shook South Asia, affecting India in the Kashmir region in India. The
quake devastated this beautiful place, and cast a dark shadow on the lives of people of these areas. In the
of the Divine Father. The religions follow different paths to earthquake affected areas, almost 95% of the houses were completely reduced to rubble. Scores of people
were killed and thousands were rendered homeless and rootless, not knowing how they would begin their
strive for reaching the stage of Divine realisation” lives afresh. Children were the worst affected by the devastation.
The Kalgidhar Society mobilized its resources immediately, TKS volunteers rushed to the affected areas. The
Society was committed to provide all necessary help before the onset of winter. 15 villages were adopted in the
- Guru Nanak worse-hit remote areas and a budget of Rs.2.25 crores was earmarked for relief work.
This gigantic endeavor was spearheaded by TKS volunteers, and help in the form of building material,
medicines and food was given to the villagers through the camps run by The Society. The Army also helped TKS
volunteers in delivering goods to affected people. Relief to earthquake victims was provided irrespective of
any caste, creed or religion, thus following the philosophy of universal brotherhood as enunciated in the Sikh
faith. 1850 houses were rebuilt by November 30, 2005,along with several places of worship of different faiths.
The Society's relief and rehabilitation efforts in South Asia earthquake have been acknowledged by Govt. of
India's Ministry of Home Affairs in its Annual Report 2005-2006, as also by the media and NGOs.
• After earthquake in October 2005, 15 villages were adopted in the worse-hit remote areas of Kashmir.
• A budget of Rs. 2.25 crores was earmarked for relief work.
• Relief to earthquake victims was provided irrespective of any caste, creed or religion.
• 1850 houses were rebuilt by November 30, 2005
The Opportunities


Faith and prayer is the foundation of TKS. We cherish and desire your specific and
fervent prayer.

Financial Support:

TKS offers numerous opportunities for supporting this strategic and vital mission.
Financial partners, worthy benefactors, can support the TKS's rural programs with
contributions in cash or kind.


TKS offers a variety of long-term and short-term service/volunteering opportunities.

Technicians, Engineers, Doctors, Professsionals in IT, Administration, Finance and
obviously Education are invited to contribute their time and talents.

Eminent Personalities Serving as Volunteers to The Kalgidha r Society Singapore

¤ Mr. Kartar Singh Thakral: Thakral Group of Companies, 20 Upper Circular Rd #03-06 The River Walk
Singapore 058416. Contact - 65-6337-4292, 65-6538-5000 (Fax). Industrialist and large Realtor.
¤ Dr. M.S. Atwal: 15305 Riding Court Laure M.D. 20702 Contact -301-362-5442. Ohio State Univ. :
M.Sc. Biochemistry. Univ. of Illinois: Ph.D. (Medical Chemistry). Columbia Univ.: MBA (Exec.).
John Hopkins Univ. : M.P.H. (Health Policy). Held senior faculty positions in research & teaching New Zealand
in various universities in the U.S. ¤ Mr. Piara Singh: 115 Glenmore Rd Pakuraga Auckland New Zealand.
¤ Dr. B.S. Sekhon: 12612 Buffalo Nickel Dr. Midlothian VA 23112. Contact - 804-639-6507. Contact - 006490577-1345. Businessman
M.Sc., Ph.D. (Univ. of Wisconsin), Retired as Professor from Jackson State University
¤ Mr. Amar Singh Gill: 4 Lake View CT. Princeton Junction New Jersey 08550. Contact - 609-799-7918 (R), Australia
609-933-5557. Worked 15 Yrs With GEC as Electrical Engr & now a very successful businessman owning ¤ Mr. Gian Singh / Rajinder Singh: P.O. Box 85 Gordonvale Qld 4865.
more than 30 Gas Stations Contact - 061-740-561245, 061-740-565379 (Fax). Large Plantation Sugarcane Farmer in
¤ Mr. Jaspal Singh Sidhu: 10 Greenside Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89141, 702-658-4543 (R) Australia
702-396-5114 (O) 702-429-7355 (M) Civil Engineer having successful practice
¤ Mr. Bhupinder Singh: 192 Mohawk Drive, East Hart Ford, CT Contact - 860-233-6458, Hongkong
Aeronautical Engineer ¤ Mr. Kanwaljeet Singh: 0795/18 Hongkong Park View 88 -Tai Tam Reservoir R D,
Contact - 0852-25404137, 0852-90316148. Businessman
¤ Mr. Rajinder Singh Rai: 37 Moorcroft Rd, Moseley Birmingham B13 8LT
Contact - 121-449-3041 (R), 07778605187 (M). Industrialist and successful businessman Phillippines
¤ Mr. Harkishan Singh: 36 Landsdowne Rd, Seven Kings IL Ford Essex IG3 8NF. ¤ Dr. Darshan Singh Brar: International Rice Research Institute, P.O. Box 933 Manila.
Contact - 208-590-9631 Contact - 00632-8450606, 00632-8181926, 00632-8911292.
¤ Mr. Ranbir Singh Attwal: Accountant & Regd. Auditor, 76-A, King Street, Southall,
Middx. UB2 4DD Contact -07711382621 Germany
¤ Mr. Jasbir Singh Lehrer Kramer Str 4, 67585 Dorn Durkheim , West Germany. Businessman
¤ Dr. P.S. Bhurji: Surrey BC. Contact - 604-992-6702
¤ Mr. Angrez Singh Thind: Edmonton Contact - 780-235-3401 (R) 780-461-1797(M) ¤ Mr. Rashpal Singh Kalsi: 6 Egneborgvej, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark. Contact - 004535834950.
¤ Mr. Harpreet Singh Dhaliwal: Calgary Contact - 403-690-8182 - Consular Development - Ministry Of External Affairs, Denmark
¤ Mr. Kulwant Singh Dhillon: Calgary Contact - 403-217-7838 -
¤ Mr. Chamkaur Singh Gill: Winnipeg MB. Contact - 204-990-4167 (M) 204-694-4167 (R) Holland
¤ Mr. Avtar Singh Gill: Surrey B.C. Contact - 604-729-2000 ¤ Mr. Iqbal Singh: Rie Crammernof, 6-1321 LK Almere Holland Contact - 036 - 8449356,

• 60,000 Students
• 2,475 Teachers / professionals
• 2,18,000 Patients
• 6450 Orphans & other poor students
• 200 Senior citizens
• 1200 Widows & needy women
• 1,740 Addicts and their families.
• 9,822 Earthquake victims affected in Kashmir.
• 18, 00,000 Population influenced


A new chapter in the Endeavor to produce Better Human Resource, Akal Academy was started in a) Having established Eternal University in 2008 another 8 Colleges in Phase-1 with programs of
1986 with 5 students with growing strength and later affiliated to CBSE in 1995. Now the 10+2 Management, Naturopathy & Alternative Medicine etc. are proposed to be added besides
residential academy at Baru Sahib imparts quality education to 1538 students including students Engineering and Nursing which have already commenced.
from 16 countries out of which 200 are from USA.
b) Phase-2 of the above with 8 more colleges like Medicine Science and Veterinary etc
Inspired by this performance, the rural folks from Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
compellingly desired to establish similar academies in under-privileged backward rural areas to
provide value-based education in English medium schools besides in other Indian languages, in In other states-

turn saving their children from the onslaught of alcohol & drug abuse. Accordingly 70 Day Boarding i) Rural Northern India- 500 Schools in all rural areas of Tehsils and Blocks in all districts
(10+2) Akal Academies were established up to high-school level in rural Punjab, Haryana, Uttar benefitting around 5,00,000 students.
Pradesh. Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. In these academies more than 60,000 students are
being imparted “Real Education” from LKG to Senior Secondary level.

The total infrastructure of all these institutions is as below:

Covered area of around 24 lakh sq ft worth Rs. 240 crores
Landed property of around 500 acres worth Rs.150 crores
Supporting infra-structure and assets worth Rs. 40 crores
Total assets of The Kalgidhar Society are Rs.430 crores
Existing Schools

Punjab W E
Himachal Pradesh
MOGA - 4

Baru Sahib - A view from Google Earth

Ajitsar Ratia
Uttar Pradesh Salam Khera
Rajasthan Ellenabad
31 B.B. Padampur Dara Singh Wala
MAP NOT TO SCALE Ahmedpur Darewala
Bara Gura Rori
The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib,
Via Rajgarh. Distt. Sirmore, Himachal Pradesh-173101, India
Tel : 91-1799 - 275031, 09816033303, Fax : 91-1799 - 275041

New Delhi Office : F-3, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027

Ph. : 91-11-25105459, 41005459 (M) 09910432432

U.S.A. : 12612, Buffalo Nickel Dr. Midlothian, VA 23112, USA,

Tel. : 001-804-639-6507

ENGLAND : 37 Moor Craft Road, Moseley Birmingam, B-13-8LT, U.K.

Tel. : (R) 044-121-449-3041 (M) 0777-860-5187

CANADA : 19 Granite Ridge Cres, Bramptom, Ontario L6R3HN, Canada

Tel: (R) 001-905-790-5655 (M) 0416-464-7596

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