1.0 Background: The Federal Environmental Protection Act of 1988 as amended established the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the States were mandated by the Law to set up the State Environmental Protection Agencies. This led to establishment of the Rivers State Environmental Protection Agency through the edict – Rivers State Environmental Protection Agency (RSEPA) edict No. 2 of 1994. In 1999, the Rivers State Environmental Protection Agency (RSEPA) metamorphosed into the Rivers State Ministry of Environment (RSMENV) with additional powers; with the functions of the RSEPA now subsumed in the Ministry. The mandate of the Rivers State Ministry of Environment includes:  To formulate, execute and review Policies on Environmental/Ecological matters in Rivers State.  To advise the Governor on Environmental/Ecological matters.  To monitor and evaluate all Environmental/Ecological programmes and projects in the State.  To protect the physical, biological and chemical environment of the State and bequeath the present and future generation of Rivers State a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.  To ensure that the State has pollution-free environment by monitoring the effluent and gas discharges of companies operating in the State.  To formulate policies on hazardous and non-hazardous waste management; and ensure effective disposal of refuse and sewage in the State.

0 Objectives : 1. To develop an environmental policy for the Rivers State Ministry of Environment. The departments are: • • Administration Department (AD). To recommend ways and means of improving environmental practice in the State. Compensation & Relief Department (CCRD) Finance & Accounts Department (FAD) • Flood.0 Scope of Work : 2 .The mission of the Ministry is to establish an acceptable environmental standard policies and programmes that will enhance and promote a green economy in a healthy and sustainable Rivers State. 4. 2. To determine the capacity gaps of the Ministry in the implementation of her statutory functions. 3. Research and Statistics Department (PRS) •Pollution Control Department (PCD) • • Claims. the Internal Audit unit. 3. The Ministry is made up of eight (8) major departments and one (1) unit. public engagement and equitable enforcement of green legislations. To design implementation strategies to fill identified gaps. & Erosion Control Department (FECD) •Environmental Health & Sanitation Department (EHSD) 2. Inspectorate and Enforcement Department(IED) •Planning. The vision of the Ministry is to cause a systematic environmental remediation through transparent pursuit of sectorial greening policies.

• Regular consultation with the management of the Rivers State Ministry of Environment. • Carry out any other activity considered pertinent to achieving a successful assessment of the Rivers State Ministry of Environment’s capacity. Recommend ways and means of improving the performance of the Ministry’s oversight functions in the State. • Review of the Ministry’s staff job description and workflow • Hold group discussions/meeting with the Rivers State Ministry of Environment (RSMENV) staff and other relevant MDAs and parastatals of the Ministry. The report will outline understanding of the Terms of Reference (TOR). The Consultant is expected to submit the following reports  Inception report submitted not later than two weeks after commencement of the assignment.0 Deliverables : Deliverables in the reports must include: 1. overview of 3 . Develop an environment policy for the Rivers State Ministry of Environment. circulars and laws (both national and international) on environmental protection and mechanism put in place to enforce compliance. 5. professional bodies and senior Government officials. Weekly written and/or verbal updates on progress made towards meeting the objectives of the mission are essential. 4.The consultant is required to: 1. 2. Recommend ways and means of improving the performance of the Ministry’s oversight functions in the State. • Consultation with key stake holders including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).0 Methodology : The methodology shall include: • Literature review of relevant existing policies. Rivers State Ministry of Environment’s policy on environment 2.

• At least 10 years of comparative experience at progressively senior levels in the design. 6. Office of the Special Adviser to Executive Governor of Rivers State on International Donor Agencies and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The report will describe work carried out and results obtained. • Sound analytic and technical competence in analyzing and proffering solutions to environmental problems.  Having Good understanding and clear knowledge of the relevant existing laws on environmental protection (including international conventions and . • Excellent communication skills (written & oral English) is an essential requirement. planning and implementation of government projects.methodology and data analysis that are planned to be used as well as workplan describing how work will be scheduled and providing milestones for completion of key activities.0 Qualifications/Experience: Qualification and Technical Competencies Experience • Extensive knowledge and at least 10 years’ development experience on environmental management or related issues. • Working experience with UN and bilateral agencies is an added 4  Masters or PhD in Environmental Management with bias in networking to resolve the problems.  Final Environment policy for the Rivers State Ministry of Environment is due within two weeks after receiving comments on the draft final report. especially those associated with environmental protection and management.  Draft Environment policy for the Rivers State Ministry of Environment submitted within the time frame of the assignment and not later than one week of the assignment ending. The Consultant will submit draft report to the Management of the Rivers State Ministry of Environment (RSMENV).  Knowledgeable in compliance monitoring and effective environmental protection.

9. The top left of each envelope should be marked TECHNICAL PROPOSAL.protocols).0 Duration and Location: The assignment lasts two months commencing from the date of the contract. methodology. 5 . advantage. The Consultant will be based at the State Capital with possible travels to selected Local Government Areas (LGAs) with a lot of industries or high effluent emission levels. 7. workplan and a financial proposal in separate sealed envelopes stating clearly the activity applied for. 8. Individual proposal should include three(3) copies of CVs while firms/corporate bodies should include certificate of incorporation. as may be applicable.  Relevant work experience  Depth of proposal in addressing the subject matter  Research and Analytic ability  Knowledge of government business on environmental protection matters and of international conventions and protocols associated with the subject matter.0 Application Procedure: All interested individuals/firms/consultants and corporate bodies are to submit two (2) copies each of a detailed technical proposal detailing the problem. • Knowledge of the Rivers State particularly the regulatory framework needed to solve some of the identified problems is an edge.0 Evaluation Criteria: The applications received will be evaluated using the following criteria and other relevant criteria as may be considered appropriate by evaluation / review committee:  Relevant qualifications and years of experience. or FINANCIAL PROPOSAL.  Should have understanding of funding arrangement for projects with high capital outlay.

Port Harcourt.evidence of three(3) years Tax clearance.com Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on International Donor Agencies. All bids should be returned to the address below with both soft copy and hard copy not later than 2 weeks from the date of this publication with a softcopy to call4proposals@gmail. three(3) years Annual Audited Reports.org/procurement.undp. Wing A. 6 . For Further Enquiries call: 08037219619. Rivers State. State Secretariat complex. company profile/staff. 10th Floor. list of key staff/personnel that will work on this assignment and other relevant information. Rm 1010 Point Block.ng. Terms of reference (TOR) for each of the activity can be obtained from the office of the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on International Donor Agencies or downloaded from www.

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