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“Toward a healthy community”

1) Introduction:
Future maker is a nonprofit official student organization in faculty of pharmacy
Helwan university that aims to the professional development of pharmacy
profession on the level of both under and post graduate pharmacists as well as
other members of medical profession through linking the students with market and
clinical settings which will improve their knowledge and skills.

The organization makes awareness campaign three defined topics: hepatitis, cancer
and diabetes. Those topics were chosen based on surveys and data analysis done in
Helwan University and some pharmacies and we found that those diseases are of
important concern in our community.

The campaign conducted by the members of FUTURE MAKERS faculty of

pharmacy Helwan University with the help of:

• Student union of faculty of pharmacy.

• Egyptian pharmaceutical student federation (EPSF).

• Khatwa team the largest student association in Helwan University.

• Nonprofit organizations (El Helal el ahmar, resala charity, Amal el alam…


• El Ezaby pharmacies.

• Abbot pharmaceutical company.

• Avion pharmaceutical company.

Clinical settings involved:

• 57357 Hospital

• Abo el reish hospital.

• Diabetes institute
• Helwan hospital

• Others are to be included in future plan.

Future setting that will be included:

• Liver inistitute..

• Mostashfa 7omeyat Helwan.

• The Cancer inistitute.

Academic supervision:

• Dr.Abdelhamed Ibrahem ( head of department of pharmacy practice -faculty

of pharmacy Helwan university)

• Dr.Zeinab Abdeltwab ( head of department of biochemistry and molecular

biology -faculty of pharmacy Helwan university)

Organizer supervision:

• Dr.Mahmoud ibrahem (head of Future Maker)

• Dr.Ahmed shafeia (scientific consultant of El ezaby)

2) Objectives:
• Improving the knowledge of the professional personnel as (pharmacists) on
these topics.

• Increasing the public awareness of the prevention measures for each disease.

• Promoting the role of the pharmacist as a health care provider so that

improving the practice of pharmacy.

• Patient consulting and education about the disease and current ways of

• Promotional support of our sponsors.

3) Project details:
a) Preparation for the campaign and providing the scientific knowledge to
team members:

Date(2010 Activities done

20/5 to Promoting for Future maker in our college by using flyers and posters
1/7,4/7,7/7 we made interviews (by external Hr) in room of seminar
7/7 Filtration phase (from 350 best 50 were chosen) according to:
1. Evaluation in the interview.
2. Assignment on drug formulation.
9/7 Meeting with the 50 members and divided them into six teams each
two teams under supervision of one modulator and choice of team
leader of each team then the schedule of training course was given to
each team
11/7 First day in 57357 hospital & motivation lector was given by Dr\ Sharif
Kamala (head of clinical pharmacy in hospital)
11/7 to Every team enter each compartment of clinical pharmacy (PK lab.,
30/7 dispensing, IV admixture, floors)
30/7 to Each team chooses a project & start in applying it besides making
30/8 research, drug formulary & case study.
31/8 Preparing to competition between each team
15/9 Each team represented its scientific research & case study evaluated
by Dr\ Abdel- Hammed (professor of clinical pharmacy & pharmacy
16/9 Each team represented its own project & teams evaluated by Dr\
Sharif Kamal & Dr\ Sarah Mohammed.
(Administrators of 57357 pharmacy)

By the end of this preparation time our team members got the scientific knowledge
and some soft skills from one of the reputable hospitals like 57357.Furthermore,
they experienced excellent presentation and communication skills. Now they are
ready to start their awareness campaign.

b) Implementation of Future Maker awareness campaign:

7 Teams=3 hepatitis + 2 cancer + 2 diabetes

Each team = 20 member (on average)

As a result total number of members=140

It is required from every team to do the following:

• Make awareness about one disease.

• Visit at least 4 places.

• Visit 100 pharmacies to tell them about the disease.

• Make scientific research.

• Then every team has to make report about their work after they finish
including (No. of team, place, duration, No. of persons, photos) then make
movie and presentation on his work.

Time plan: please ya basha add 4.10&5.10&7.10.2010 three sessions on

soft skills ,DM&hepatitis.

Date Activities
10/10/2010 Campaign starts
19/2/2011 Campaign ends
19/2/2011 Scientific research will be submitted
6/3/2011 Scientific research presentations in Dar
el hekma
12/3/2011 Final conference

Places visited by the teams:

1-El Ahly club (gezera).

2-El Ahly club (Nasr city).

3-El Nasr club (masr el gededa).

4-El Serag mall

5-Cancer day at pyramids.

6-Petro sport club.

7-Helwan university ( colleges, administration building, center & el door)

8-El Ezaby pharmacies.

9-Helwan hospital

10-ma3had el sokar

11-Faculty of engineering in Helwan university.

12-El shams club

13-El sekca club

14-Underground metro station.

15.some schools.

16.Abo el reish hospitatal.

17.Diabetes institute.

Places that still will be visited:

1-madares (mosh faker esmaha)………….. some schools like hafez Ibrahim

2-Cairo university.

3-Ain shams university.

4-Gharb helwan club.

5-El zamalek club.

6-Another target places are under ongoing negotiation.

c) Preparation for final conference:

The final competition will be held on 12/3/2011 main official conference hall in
Helwan university (Hassan Hosni).

Number of audience=400 person from various universities.

Organized by the organization committee (OC team) of Future makers student

Final conference program:

Time Activities
12:00 to 12:15 pm Head of Future maker will do presentation on our
12:15 to 12:30 pm Conference sponsor will do presentation.
12:30 to 1:00 pm The 3 winning teams in scientific research will do
presentation (10 mins each team)
1:00 to 1:15 pm Coffee break.
1:15 to 3:45 pm 7 teams will do presentation on their awareness
campaign (15 mins each team)
3:45 to 4:00 pm Coffee break
4:00 to 4:15 pm Announcing the winning team and giving them gifts.

a. Representative of ministry of health.
b. Representative of Neqabat el sayadla.
c. Representative of pharmaceutical companies.
d. Professors from faculty of pharmacy.
e. Professors from faculty of medicine
f. Representative from the participating clinical settings
(e.g 57357&cancer institute).
g. Representatives of our sponsors.

4) Available resources:

Item Number needed Cost/unit (LE) Total cost (LE)

Flyers 4000 0.7 2800
Posters 3 25 75

5) Needed resources:
Item Number needed Cost/unit (LE) Total cost (LE)
Flyers 2400 0.7 1680
Poster 5 25 125
Banner 4 75 300
Stickers 2000 0.25 500
Other expenses 1255
Reservation of the
conference hall
Booklets 400
Certificates 160 (but iam not
sure about the no)

6) Evaluation plan:
The teams will be evaluated based in the following points:

• 4 places unique.

• % of coverage

• Follow-up

• Creativity

• Presentation(for the project and scientific work)

7 )appendix: ana 3amlo bs shelto delwa2ty 3ashan me5aly el file masa7to

kbera we mesh 3aref 2ab3ato
Nice work ya m3alem