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From: Luis Yanza []

Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 6:39 PM
Subject: We should not give Texaco the pleasure of stopping the Global Assessment

Hello my friend,
Texaco's goal of stopping the global assessment could happen the next business
day. And it’s because Novillo is taking so long to issue the decision on the
recusal, and until that is issued, he can’t issue an order, that is, he has to issue
an order on Wao’s request that we pay him to cover the costs of the field work.
This afternoon some leaders went to talk to Novillo to complain about the delay.
If he doesn’t issue a decision by Monday, we are thinking about putting together
an action with the people in Court on Tuesday or Wednesday.
But if the decision on recusal comes out Monday or Tuesday of next week, it
would take at least another week to issue an order for us to pay the expert,
whether Yanez or Novillo, because documents have been piling up for months
now, and he has to rule on them in the order they were filed with the Court. But
the expert’s work cannot wait, and the last business day starts next Wednesday,
so he will need more money, especially since the groundwater study begins, too,
but if there is no money, the work will simply stop.
Considering all this, I think we should plan ahead and not give those Texaco
bastards the pleasure, using the same mechanism from weeks ago, that is, he
sends us money to our secret account, to give to Wuao, [to] not stop the work. I
estimate it will be about 30,000, but since there are expenses from the last work
day in the south, it might be another 20,000. In any case, this money will then be
reimbursed to SV once the judge orders us to pay.
To conclude, please explain this situation to JK so he can transfer 30 to our
Secret Account and 20 to SV, but he could send the 50 to the secret account,
and then we could pass the 20 to SV to save time and paperwork.
I know it’s difficult for you to be dealing with JK about money all the time, but it
is necessary and urgent to solve this to prevent those bastards from having
the pleasure.
Call us in 5 minutes.


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