Theme: Animals Core: Their Habitat Concept: Identify and name the places where animals live. Tell the place where animals live os their habitat. References: 1. Preschool Handbook for Teachers page 36. 2. Smart Start in Service page 115 – 116. Materials: Pictures, Toys, Flash cards. Objectives: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Name animals with ease. Identify big and small animals. Identify and name places where animals live. Group animals according to their habitat. Count objects/ animals accurately. Write numerals correctly. Give the initial letters of some names of animals. Participate in class activity and discussion.

Meeting Time: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Prayer. Greeting one another “Good Morning”. Sing: Hello! Hello! Hello! Ask the name of the day date and weather condition. Sing: “Today is Thursday”. Check attendance. Sing action songs.

Small Group Activity: 1. Let children get toys and play. 2. Teacher moves around and gives/ asks some guide questions. 3. After sometime, children return their toys.

Big Group Activity:

3. Then they rest for a while before the next activity. do you have animals at home? What are they? Are all animals alike? Are all of them big? Name some big animals? How about small ones? Say: Animals differ in size. Say: Animals live in different places. – Arrange the number from least to greatest. etc. then ask: Where do fish live? The cow. pray and say “Goodbye” to one another. let me see if we can group animals accordingly to their habitat.Bring me (ask for animals living in a certain habitat – encourage all children to participate. ask the initial letter of the names of these animals. 5. sachet. 2. and empty bottles in the trash can. 10. what toys he/she played with. Show pictures and let them observe. 1. 4. 9. Can you write them too.Let us now count the animals under each group. They put out and prepare their food. 6. – How many live on land? In water? In trees? Write them. Story Time and Dismissal: Story: Goldilocks and The Three Bears.) Snacks and Rest Period: 1. Then sing a song. Ask questions to discuss the content of story: Discuss the lesson. sheep. Ask: Who played with animals? What animals did you play with? Children. Indoor Activity: Game . others are small. Ask a child. pray and then eat and drink. Some are big. 2. Don’t forget to say: “See you tomorrow”. Children wash their hands. Now. They too clean their tables and put their empty wrappers. Lesson: Respect for the property of others.? How about the birds? 8. . too. The place where they live is called their habitat. Then.1. goat. Is it only in size that animals differ? 7.

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