TCM=Trinamool Congress MEMBER’s

Speak...Residence of WB which is Under Kolkata???The Excuse Respected, Sir,
With Reference to ‘PRONAM’- AN INITIATIVE…’ I request you that I from November 2007 or from November 2006 had been emailing you?? Of this type of harassment's regularly done to my Parents till January 2010 under Influence of Party Cadets to regular resident born of Kolkata the Twist…to Kan Kata Women’s…?? & Could a Young Son see all these Humiliations to Torture under Twist as Like Sarad Chandra Upaniyas “A Sas always Shouting & there Area thinks the Sas wrong but they didn’t See / Saw that Bahu was Showing Finger or………….Irritating the Sas” which was regular workout divided via these Group as Per Some Meeting Plan chok out in 1A Flat in Late Night……See these groups are great Politicians as Like 1E Never Lives here but as Now Election Just to Show Party….She Now in a Week 1 or 2 Days Lives here as Same do she also gave his Sons Sons 6 Month* Party in these Flat for Public Gathering of these Change Environment Show off TMC / Congress Cadets Support gathering Now as Like Previous CPM…as All Known’s these group would tell in their favor if any one Speaks against their group as Like 2E Renter Twice(Hotel Hayat Working Mrs & Next Neelima etc) they would be thrown out via regular group complain to their Owner Not Living here & if many Complain the owner Feels it Right / True….!!! but see 3E Mrs as with group from 3+ yr all Matter….Hide but they fear of 2D family ….Misti Boudi if ever Speaks….???EAR….EYE CLOSE MOUTH SHUT...AS not happening to owns elf...Own family….POLITICS……!!!!So Most Family for their Safety are Oiling the Goons!!!?? As in their Absence if Need they May Help as Like Tutoon??& some too had as a Renter became Owner of these Flat via these tutoon team Policy…so you will see if Holiday these Person would spend time with them like 1D / 2D????Mr / Mrs??? But you had Never Paid any head of it (TIMELY)& thus due to these ongoing disturbance many other disturbance leads us to away from a Normal Life as Lost Trust On Cops or FIR Responsible Writing Cops Behavior’s…….Disrespect…..See Condition of Sonarpur PS Stn FIR writing Person on Cage WHY??Never on any FIR / GDE was Timely Invst……as All Knows Kolkata / WB Cops Solves Every Case Except POLITICAL…….So see the Result of Ruling Party after 2006 that Night as they changed our House Environment to Now they too are Running after or …..To Stand on Post or Position as Now None Hearing… as the TWIST PUBLIC TO ENVIRONMENT BENEFICIARY!!!!CPM 3ice Came to Appolize / Motivate /

Convince or Turn our Mind???/April 1st – 25th April 2011 same do for Mr Dilip Dey but TCM or Congress Never a Single day just at garage gave leaflet (as too Confidence TMC or Congree that they will WIN). Had to withdraw all charges against the Groups...Cops otherwise Sons……Body!!! But do they also forced to withdraw the False FIR against us….thus we proof twice we gave Legal Notice 3ice Nagric Committee Interfere which proofs that Night too they were who forced the SI under Influence to…..(16th Time Unofficial NC Meeting to Cruse a Truth??)=Society???A Fight doesn’t Occur via 1 Party when one is Called from Home on Meeting Cause=Conspiracy…Self Defense is Not a Crime..But to use Official Power of Law for Personal Benefit is a Crime!!!! A Person Who had Invested his Hard earning wasn’t allowed to Speak or give his Comment etc on the Committee Proceedings which was Rule via….Group of Hooligans… father gifted enjoyers…..!!!! TIME TIDE & ENVIRONMENT WAITS FOR NONE…

If Now or Never……Live and Let Live Thanks ???