Company Name: Time Zone

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Group Members: Names Filza effat khan Shahrukh saleem Zeeshan umer Arafat Adeel Registration no: 12183 12332 11412 13196 2|P a ge .

WORK DONE BY GROUP MEMBERS:FILZA EFFAT KHAN: y y y y y y y y y y y y y Idea of product Brand name Logo Company name Pamphlet Idea of radio advertisement Radio advertisement script Voice in radio advertisement Camera handling source Video editing Project report Act in video Co-ordinate with group members ARAFAT: y y y y Video script Company name Act in video Co-ordinate with group members 3|P a ge .

SHAHRUKH SALEEM: y y y y y y y y y y y y Idea of video Slogan Voice in radio advertisement Radio editing Video script Camera Act in video Power point slides Presentation Packaging Co-ordinate with group members Report editing ZEESHAN UMER: y y y y y y y y Act in video Company name Idea of radio advertisement Video script Contributions in pamphlet. Co-ordinate with group members Printing Co-ordinate with group members 4|P a ge .

ZAFS is for those people who want to be at their zenith. The product which the company produces is ZAFS.COMPANY INTRODUCTION: Time zone is established on 24th December 2010 as it¶s the new company. Time zone. He must have time zone quality²and he must have the very best craftsmen in the world²craftsmen in whom the old guild spirit of fine watch making still lived. the focus is on new generations style what are people willing to buy in what conditions. want to make their look fabulous and their persona stylish. Time zone has its own outlet in Karachi and it¶s easily available and purchasable for middle upper class. The machinery is imported from foreign so as the material which company is using is ³A´ class. A watch. basically each word defines a motive: Z stands for zenith." 5|P a ge . he must have two things. ZAFS has an elegant look so nobody can guess its price because it¶s highly affordable as Time Zone has fixed the price in terms of thinking of normal working and a classy person who wants a style in his life. A stands for ambitious. There are four partners in this company which have equally invested and are equally responsible for profits and losses. The leather for watch stripe is imported from Nigeria and Tanzania. F stands for fabulous and S for stylish. " To produce the watch of his dreams. are ambitious. located in Pakistan head office is in Karachi.

so that everyone could enjoy the luxury of time. from bad to good´ Mission statement: To produce quality watches which will have elegance.Company vision: ³To change everyone¶s time. To make product reach to constumer in an affordable price. decency and style altogether. 6|P a ge .

As its 18 k gold plated that¶s why its name is written in golden color.Brand Name: ZAFS. ³A´ stands for ambitious. ³F´ stands for fabulous and ³S´ for stylish. The philosophy behind the name is the starting alphabet of each partner¶s name. make ambitions. ZAFS is for those people who want to make zenith. basically each word defines a motive: ³Z´ stands for zenith. make their look fabulous and make their style stylish. 7|P a ge .

LOGO: This logo has been made for Zafs as it looks elegant and beautiful. Its colors are inspired by the gold¶s color. The logo also represents the first three initials of Zafs. 8|P a ge . The logo is composed of four colors which has also been done due to the four initials in Zafs name.

Slogan: Time Zone Company wants to change everyone¶s time that¶s why they invented ZAFS watch so every individual has his style statement and confidence to stand in front of anyone. ZAFS change people¶s identity and groom themselves into look decent. 9|P a ge . elegant and make them confident from what they were before that¶s why the slogan goes like truly changes time.

25000. Time zone company right now is focusing on men¶s watch but soon woman¶s watch will also be launched. Time zone price ranges start from Rs. so it¶s easy to purchase by customer as it¶s affordable. ZAFS make them step in corporate life with elegant look and it¶s the choice of smart people.Target market: Time Zone Company focuses on upper class and middle class and elite class. 10 | P a g e .4999 to Rs. people who are employed or have their own private businesses.

Karachi.Distribution: Time zone Company¶s outlet is in Pakistan. Zafs is only available in malls and company¶s outlets. No retailers have been involved so that the costumers get the watch at affordable prices. 11 | P a g e . head office Tariq road.

Communication objectives: ZAFS watch is a induce trial. There are many watches but ZAFS is different because it has a new look with elegance. Basically ZAFS watch is gold platted and that¶s why the texture written on pamphlet is of golden color and black color is the elegant look in the background which is yet taken from the watchstrap which is black color. Initially we have put 20% consumer promotion on our watch. It¶s a new product with new innovations and style. We have given our details to where the consumer can contact us and online visit us for brief details. The pamphlet is made in black and golden color. 12 | P a g e . it¶s easy to make people admire with this new shape watch. Print Advertisement: As time zone has just entered in the market so the focus is to gain attention of people.

he heard the ad of Zafs.A amazed by all the attention he was getting. Disappointed by circumstances he goes back. it has been shown that how Zafs changes a man¶s bad time into good time. he was not a good performer and not even confident. Zafs contributed to enhance Mr. Mr. Zaf¶s slogan ³truly changes time´ clicked in his mind and he finally decides to purchase the watch to test its claimed assertion. In the climax of ad. now began to give him attention like he was a hotshot. 13 | P a g e .A has been shown in the ad. and while driving back to home. He purchased and weared the watch. but was unable to do so. Mr. On his first day with watch on his wrist.A doesn¶t had the charm to attract people. everybody impressed by him and his magic wand Zafs. His boss seemed annoyed by him.A¶s confidence. in a euphoric state says ³truly changes time´. Mr.A¶s personality shined like a star with Zafs with him.TV ADVERTISEMENT: In the video advertisement. His fellow workers used to ignore him entirely. who was trying to get attention from his collegues and other working staff. his time changes altogether. An employee. stood infront of him and asked ³whats the time?´ and Mr. Mr. his image and his charisma. One day his boss gives him the last warning. The co workers who first used to ignore him.A impressed his boss through performing well.

how these word can be apply in buyer¶s life. to make their look fabulous. 14 | P a g e . We have put a music in background that makes listener focus what brand are we selling. and to make their style stylish. to make them ambitious. it¶s a watch sound so it can grab attention of listeners who are willing to change their time as it truly changes time. Basically we want our customer to be on zenith.RADIO ADVERTISEMENT: Radio advertisement is made in a way that ZAFS has broken down in words and trying to explain each word.

Assessment sheet: Pronunciation Professionalism Content Marketing element 15 | P a g e .

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