Affidavit of Truth

The undersigned, being first duly sworn, deposes and says: I, Tauheedah Najee-Ullah Bey, living woman (henceforth Affiant), Authorized Representative of the person/ fiction known as TAUHEEDAH NAJEE-ULLAH, do swear and affirm that the following is true. On or about December 2010, while performing a Google search for my attribute, Tauheedah Sabreen Najee-Ullah Bey, and NAME, TAUHEEDAH S NAJEE-ULLAH, did discover two warrants for arrest listing my NAME issued by the SHERIFF’S OFFICE OF THE COUNTY OF COLUMBIA. I immediately did inquire with the SHERIFF’S OFFICE OF THE COUNTY OF COLUMBIA as to the nature of these warrants as I had been away from the STATE OF GEORGIA since July of 2010 and had conducted no business there. I was informed by the operator that I would have to go to a local law enforcement agency with identification to inquire as to this matter for such information could not be shared over the phone. I did visit the TEMPE POLICE DEPARTMENT in TEMPE, AZ and presenting tribal identification, asked that a search be performed on my NAME. I was informed they could find nothing with my NAME in their system. On or about February 2011, I did request of my authorized representative in AUGUSTA, GA to take my signed and notarized Power of Attorney and make an inquiry as to the matter at the SHERIFF’S OFFICE OF THE COUNTY OF COLUMBIA. My authorized representative was at that time informed that no warrant displaying my NAME could be located other than one executed and two dismissed in late June of 2010. At the same time, I was informed by my agent that a case involving my home-schooling my child, which had been settled the same month, had been reopened or resubmitted as a new case. The agent, who is responsible for receiving my mail in AUGUSTA, GA reported having received no of summons to court displaying my NAME, though one of the warrants is for Failure to Appear. Prior to leaving AUGUSTA, GA in July 2010, I was being harassed by an Investigator Harold Klack of the SHERIFF’S OFFICE OF THE COUNTY OF COLUMBIA, who, at the aforementioned trial in June 2010, mentioned to the judge that he had issued two warrants against me during my detention for failing to report my intention to home-school. The issue of not registering did not emerge until nearly two months after the school year in question ended. Inv. Klack used my negligence to register as a homeschooler as an excuse to gain access to my residence while searching for my missing nephew, whom I had informed him more than once was not in my care, endangering my youngest child who had a developmental delay and was following a special diet. Inv. Klack has obviously abused his power and resubmitted both the complaint and the two warrants in attempt to have me re-arrested, despite having the matter settled in court and my absence from the STATE since July of 2010. This affidavit was executed by my self on _______________________, 2009.

By: ________________________________________ Tauheedah Najee-Ullah Bey Authorized Representative STATE OF ) COUNTY OF ) I certify that the name subscribed to the foregoing instrument produced identification, personally appeared before me on _________________2009 and acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument. _____________________________________ Notary Pubic _________________________ Seal

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