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E-TDS Form Generation and Validating

How are e-TDS Forms generated in Tally.ERP 9?

What is the procedure for generating e-TDS Forms in Tally.ERP 9 and How to validate the E-TDS forms?

Procedure to Geenrate and Validate e-TDS Returns

Steps to Generate Quarterly e-TDS Returns

I. Challan Reconciliation

1. Reconcile TDS Challans: From Gateway of Tally > go to Display > Statutory Reports> TDS Reports > Challan Reconciliation > Press F5 or click on F5: Challan Reconcile button available on the buttons bar.

2. In TDS Challan reconciliation report update the following fields for each payment made.

E-TDS Quarter Period - From anf To Date

Cheque/DD No
Name of Bank
BSR Code
Challan No.
Challan Date

3. Update the above mentioned field and save.

II. Generate E-TDS Forms

1. From Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > TDS Reports > E Return > E-TDS > select Form 26 Q and press enter to view the E-TDS Export screen.

2. Specify the following information to export the E-TDS Forms:

Export Location: Enter the folder path to export the file

Output File Name: Mention the Out File Name. By default Tally.txt will be displayed in this field which can be altered.
Person Responsible Details: The Address details are automatically defaulted from the Company masters in the Person Responsible Details column
As per the new E-TDS structure introduced Mobile Number or STD Code with Telephone number have to be provided to generate E-TDS forms. To meet the requirement below fields are introduced

Mobile Number: This field is provided to specify the mobile number of the assessee

STD Code: This field is provided to enter the STD code

Telephone: This filed is provided to enter the telephone number of the assessee

Note: As per the new Data Structure either the Mobile Number or STD Code with Telephone number is must be specified in the E-TDS file.

* If the user tries to navigate without specifying the Mobile number or STD Code or Telephone number application will not allow the user to move further.

Select Yes or No as applicable, in Is Change in Address since last Return field.

Other Details:
Category (Deductor/Collector): This is a NEW field added as per the new data structure. In this field we have to specify the Deductor Category. Display of Deductor Category for selection is based on the Deductor Type selected in
TDS Deductor Details (F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation) of Your Company.

If you have selected the Deductor Type as Others for Your Company in F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation then the application displays the Deductor Category as shown:
If you have selected the Deductor Type as Government for Your Company in F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation then the application displays the Deductor Category as shown:
It is mandatory to select the Deductor Category while generating E-TDS forms as the Deductor Category information must be available in the exported e-TDS text file.

From and To Date: Mention the period for which you are generating e-TDS. Mention 1-7-2010 in From filed and 30-9-2010 in To field.
Challan Date: 7-10-2010 (E.g.)
Form Name: 26Q [Other forms that can be exported are Form 26,27& 27Q]
Enter Place & Date (E.g. Bangalore, 7-10-2010]
3. Press Enter to Export e-TDS form.

Steps to Validate the exported E-Returns

1. Run the File Validation Utility (Version 3.0 - batch file \'TDS_FVU.bat\' ) to view the File Validation Utility as shown:

TDS / TCS Input File Name with Path: Specify the name (with the .txt extension) of the input file (including the path) i.e. the name of the e-TDS/TCS statement generated as per file format to be validated by the FVU 3.0

Challan Input File name with Path (Newly introduced):

§ This is a new field provided to specify the challan Input File Details.

§ Challan input File will be available as download from NSDL’s website The downloaded file will have
the extension “.csi”

§ Downloaded Challan Input File contains the challan status inquiry for the verification of challan in TDS/TCS statement.

§ Challan Input file Name is a 16 Digit TAN based Alpha Numeric Number with the file extension .csi
Example: MUMM10001A051009.csi ( First 10 digits is Tax Assessment Number (TAN) and Next 6 digits indicate the date on which the file is downloaded)

Note: FVU allows you to validate the eTDS statement even in the absence of Challan Input File

Error/Upload & Statistics Report File Path

§ Specify the path where either an \'error\' or \'upload & statistics report files\' generated by the FVU on completion of validation should be
saved. The path can be same as the input file path or different. Do not specify any filename, only provide the path

§ In case of an \'invalid file\', an \'error file\' will be generated. This will be an html file with the same filename as the input
file with err appended after the file name and html as extension

2. Click the \'Validate\' button to validate the file specified. If the information available in the exported Text file is correct then, you will get a ‘success’ message (as per the picture below), and a file named ‘Tally.html’ will be generated in
Tally.ERP 9 folder.

3. In cases where the information entered by you is not correct then you will get an \'error message\' stating the reason for failure (see, an e.g. error message picture below), and a file named ‘Tallyerr.html’ will be generated in the Tally.ERP9
folder. Open it to view the details of the error message and rectify them accordingly.

Please note that the following fields are mandatory (with valid data) in Exported E-TDS form

Company TAN No.

Address (without special characters)
STD &Telephone No. or the mobile number of the person responsible
E-mail ID

Party’s PAN
Address (without special characters)

Person Responsible for details in the Export Configuration.

Challan Reconciliation with valid data entered in all columns (eg. If Cheque no. is 000012, then it has to be entered as same and not just 12)
Selection of the proper Date range and Challan Date Till fields in the Export Configuration.

To generate the above report, you need to have the \'File Validation Utility\' files. These files are available in the NSDL website (National Securities Depository Limited) in order to verify whether the e-TDS return files prepared by the
deductors conform to the prescribed format.

There are two separate files available for validating the e-TDS files which can be downloaded from the site.

File Validation Utility for Quarterly Returns: e-TDS returns prepared for FY 2009-2010 (i.e. Forms 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ). Click on e-TDS/TCS FVU.exe (version 3.0) to download it.

Note: The e-TDS FVU is a Java based utility. The JRE (Java Run-time Environment), versions are as follows:

SUN JRE: or or or


Should be installed on the computer where the e-TDS FVU is being installed. Java is freely downloadable from and You can also ask your vendor providing computer facilities
(hardware) to install the same for you.