A Soldier’s Diary… 3 Accept Things as They Come 26 All that goes is Just the Soul! 4 From Soldier with Love 27 Floods and the Soldier 6 Sorry ... Poor Man! 7 Lord Krishna and His Shoes 8 Teacher 10 Mom and Son 12 Freedom Struggle 13 Forgive Me 14 Longing… 15 Half - Naked Man 16 The Good and the Bad News 17 „You are a Bigger Slave than I Am!' 18 Water and the Air 20 To Brother Who Left 51 Independence Day 21 Mission without a Mission 53 Let's Enjoy All the Same! 22 Thanks for Enlightening! 54 The Squirrel 23 Life …. 55 Don‟t Spoil Me! 24 Bye-bye Army! 56 Forgotten to Walk in Life 25 Graduation from Civvies to Uniform 28 Why Not Just Be the Same 30 Doomsday 32 Mother 34 Transformation 36 In Memory of Father 38 Ant and the Elephant 45 Radha‟s Love 46 Comparison 48 God‟s Blunder 49 The Earth Will Curse 50

A Soldier’s Diary... A Bouquet of expressions From a heart have sprung, Without any preface Have they surfaced... Was I to be a poet? But got into the Forces, Quitting it voluntarily Became self; instinctively. I was a bird Held in a cage, With all restrictions And disciplined ways! Now I am free And quite at ease, And can fly The way I please. I now realize That it wasn't wise, To sail against the tide Of my natural psyche. But one thing is sure Howsoever you may endure, You will return to self' one day As destiny has a role to play!

All that goes is Just the Soul! We all make tall claims Of being upright in the life's game; And often, others we blame When we wish to justify our claim! We don't mind telling lies here and there E.g. 'Could not reply as I wasn't here'; Or the 'Train didn't behave and hence I'm late' Or 'I rang you twice but got no reply'. Another common cheating in which we dwell Buying ticket half for a son plus twelve; And we always tend to forget There's another conductor as well. There is no end to miseries so many We tell our sonny we don't have a penny; Or ask him to tell the chap at the door That his dad is not at home! Thus we leave a wrong imprint On the minds of our own offspring; Who will one day take our place! And will make our names defamed! Contd…

Haven't we seen a dead body on the road? Yet, we don't realize life's goal; All the things are left behind All that goes is just the soul. So, why cheat anybody or the self Whatever we have is someone else‟s, Today it's mine, tomorrow it's yours Who knows further where it belongs?

Floods and the Soldier I wish I could be there, You are stuck up where; I know you're cursing me badly, For not reaching home immediately! I did vow to be together, And never to leave you in despair; I've ditched, you're right, As I'm unable to be by your side. I could have come….. But that wouldn't be fair, As I am on duty, Saving people else where. Such is the life of a solider, Whether in peace or battle; In battle, he fights the enemy, In peace, he fights his will.

Sorry ... Poor Man! Sorry, poor man, you have died Yet I haven't your agony realized! Yesterday, you‟d asked for a penny I'd refused, though I had so many. Today, I see your dead body on a curb And people donating for your funeral. A social worker asked me for ten bucks With a sad heart I gave him thus. Sad, not because you have left But for the tenor I had to shed. Had I given you a penny then I would have saved my bucks ten.

Lord Krishna and His Shoes On a fine Sunday morning Book Gita I was reading, Came my daughter, named Priyanka And saw on the cover, Lord Krishna. She took the book from my hands And insisted to be told about the man, I told her, he's no man but the Lord Who is everywhere, all in all. She wouldn't now, return the book I tried my best by hook and crook, Fed up, I said, 'Okay, for a min you watch And then reply to every question I ask. 'If you fail or reply wrongly I will punish you, telling ye frankly, It's a skill test where you got to be bold Now give the book, you four-year-old! 'Listen carefully, questions I shoot Let's start from His head to foot, What's He wearing on the head?' ' „A lovely feather of peacock, Dad‟


What's he wearing around the neck?' 'It's a beautiful garland, intact.' „Now, what's he holding on the lips?' „Having holes a bamboo stick.' „Hey, can you tell about the waist?' 'Yes, a yellow cloth is draped.' 0' fantastic! You little girl! Here's the last thing you tell.' 'What's He wearing in the feet?' She got lost, as she didn't perceive, After a thoughtful pause she said, 'Got to be shoes, my dear Dad!'

Teacher O‟ my great teacher You are to me so dear When I am in doubt ever You make me so clear. 'Tis you whom I turn to Even when you're so busy You've always helped me Without getting angry! O' my dear teacher…. How can I repay you ever? You've never done me wrong And have always made me strong. I really want to tell you straight My inner feelings for you so great; Whatsoever have I become today Is all due to your toil those days! Wish I could do something for you Do give a chance, you test me too My turn may not come I'm afraid Yet, to serve you I will wait...

Goodness We are good to only those Who are good to us, of course! Thus, a close loop we form That's no good; it only harms. Let's do „good‟ to all we meet Just not wait for others to lead, This will trigger an open chain And will spread like wild a flame. Words of kindness and noble deeds Will spread with contagious speed, We won't lose our status, please It may, rather, still, increase.

Mom and Son Sonny, to school you need to go Even if you're unwell you got to go. You can't just sit at home All in school will miss you alone. Surprised! You still act like a child Come on, get up fast, and don‟t be wild, And do not annoy me anymore At this age of sixty-four! There won't be order in your absence Thus your going to school is essential, And for you too, it is respectful As you' are the School Principal!

Freedom Struggle Born in India, I am so proud As our heritage is so very stout, For centuries it was under clouds As we were ruled by foreign crowds! Fed up with them, the people got alerted To throw them out, they got united, In eighteen fifty-seven, mutiny they decided Unity in diversity was thus provided. Mangal Pandey, the solider did revolt And gladly chose the deadly rope, Bhagat, Sukhdev, Azad and Bose They all played the leading role. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation With the movement of non-cooperation, Took the Dandy March for the Salt Movement And with Charkha, gave us our freedom. This is the freedom so shining and gleaming We need to preserve it without the fighting, Giving up terrorism and innocent killing With simple living and high thinking!

Forgive Me I am not as bad as you feel. .. At times, I am harsh and I do not kneel, Just to tell you how hard it is to lead. But honey, I don't mean it indeed... I, in fact want you to be perfect For you mean so much to me, I often shout, because you're so sweet... Can I be annoyed on a girl down the street? All my anger and bad words you hear Are to make you sturdy when I'm not there, My harsh behavior sure makes you bored Do forgive me if you're sore.

Longing… When I was a little one I longed for my mom, When I was a boy I longed for a toy. And teenager, as I grew I craved for books, When I became young I longed for 'someone'. Further with age The longing didn't change; Craved for a son And by grace, got one! When hair turned grey To God I did pray, For a big jump in pay And I got it without fail. When older I did grow I longed to live more and more, God blessed me with longer life It wasn't good, I later realized. Today I'm ill and in the bed No doctor or surgeon can help, No more I long for longer life Still I -l-o-n-g-, in peace to die!

Half - Naked Man Hey! You half-naked man Snoozing on the seashore sand! Why not get up, you lazy swine? Just don't waste such precious time. Do some toil and make some money Then, you'll know the taste of honey, If you don't know how to start Buy a pony and a cart. Ferry the things and charge the fare And when you have some money to spare, Buy more ponies and be discreet Thus, you'll build a larger fleet. You'll then become a man so rich! Having servants quite a bit, You will have a lovely home Cushioned beds full of foam. You will then be a rich so great And won't have any time to waste, With all the luxuries and your wealth You can then happily relax... After listening to all the things With lot of patience and face serene Asked the naked man with a bow, 'What do you think I'm doing now?'

The Good and the Bad News Heavens! a good news for you You will now be promoted soon! Status same, but you may not bother It's the position that really matters! Now the bad news, oh hell! All your mates will be promoted as well, Though it is called an 'up gradation' But to me, it is 'exploitation'!

„You are a Bigger Slave than I Am!' We are all slaves To one thing or the other, Some are to their habits And some are to their nature. Those who are punctual Are slaves to „time‟, And those who are honest Are slaves to the „truth sublime.‟ Those who cannot eat Without brushing their teeth, Are slaves to a routine Meant for personal hygiene! I'm a slave to truth so high That I could never tell a lie, And hence couldn't do so well in life As one has to really pay the price!


Boss was tough and I couldn't impress Though I was quite perfect I'm slave to my „honor and pride‟ That's the why I could not bribe!

Slaves do have a ray of hope! God too is a slave, I suppose, Slave to His principles and His deeds Who blesses all without caste or creed. It is indeed a blessing in disguise The God came into my dream last night, Impressed, He gave me a divine fruit to eat But I refused as I hadn't brushed my teeth. He was shocked on my act so brave No one had ever refused his grape, Embarrassed, yet He blessed and said “O' man, You are a bigger slave than I am!'

Water and the Air I came from the clouds As pure as I could be; But the people on earth Heap their dirt on me. When I am in a river Steady as I flow; People in villages and towns Garbage do they throw! When I am in a sea Deep, cool and serene; Ships, on my belly Spoil, pollute and oil me. Same is the case with air It is also in despair! Exhaust of factories and the cars Vomit smoke twenty-four hours. Let us all decide To save the environs from all sides; Conserve water and the air To be with them of course fair. Think people, if you can If no pure air or water for man; Will this be the way? For a happy stay!

Independence Day It was a day made in the heaven Fifteenth of August, nineteen forty-seven When we all breathed in the open As our country became independent! We are proud as we are free And can enjoy our gardens and trees I am happy as I can go around Watching birds and playing on the ground. Let's all take today, a lesson That every creature needs the freedom So, never keep a bird in a cage Or keep a child labor in bondage. Oh! You very lovely day... Yes, I love you, come and stay Never please go away My dear Independence Day!

Let's Enjoy All the Same! I guess you all are waiting with patience For the result of the Board of Selection But perhaps it may not mean promotion Nevertheless, I am grateful to your emotions! If I am found fit, doesn‟t matter a bit What appears lucrative may not be worth it! If I am found unfit, nothing to worry, damn it! Who knows? Whatever happens is super hit!! Let's enjoy all the same... With a bottle of scotch and champagne, Celebrate the occasion before it ever came Or before the whole thing gets changed! Let us gather on Twenty-third? With ladies and children kindly come Dress own choice, at eight o'clock Officer's colony, Twenty-third Block!

The Squirrel O' you squirrel, so sweet and swift How I wonder you move so quick! How could I learn the art I wish? And fulfill the long desire I cherish! As a child I'd tried to catch But could never get you in my lap After futile efforts I'd thought It was rather impossible perhaps! But I can't forget that fateful day When I was driving to the parade You emerged and tried to cross my way I was certain you'd sure slip away. Front wheel passed and you just escaped But the rear wheel didn't behave Alas! That wheel crushed you alive And I saw you overturn & die! Whenever I think I can't describe How I feel in my heart inside... Still, I don't have the slightest clue How could I take the life out of you? I had never dreamt to kill Don't know why the God did so will, Guess we are puppets in His hands! Through us He does what He wants.

Don‟t Spoil Me! You have given more than I need, If you give more I'm sure to spill. The more I get success and higher I rise, I tend to be different, face is not mine. And when I failed and my efforts were vain, I fell on mother earth, myself I became! I've learnt more from failures in life, They are my friends as they are mine! O' God, it's enough! I don't need more, You may take back all is yours. I can't keep riches forever, I'll have to leave, Better you take now and me you relieve. And for heaven's, heaven's sake, Do not ever spoil me again!

Forgotten to Walk in Life God gave man hands and heels Wings to birds and fins to eels; So, man could walk and birds could fly But alas! The man wasn't satisfied. He did learn to swim and fly But has forgotten to walk in life In the hope to live in future Has ruined his present which can't be tutored… Despite a brain, he is not the best Eats without hunger, drinks without thirst The animals would sure never do the same They would rather die in shame. But this egoist wouldn't even want to die To live more, every trick he will try He is stiff and doesn't bow or bend Bending is 'life', stiff is 'dead'.

Accept the Things as They Come Sorry if I've been hurting But I'm sad for your misunderstanding, You threw your anger on my face In front of all, that was disgrace. I had thought you would be discreet But alas! You didn't pay the heed Whenever you quarrel, I feel dejected My heart turns in, you get rejected. I thus fall, down from the Heaven And do realize the reality there in, I am just waiting for the day to arrive When you will realize my view point. Soon I'd have finished my duties as 'head' And could thus be fully spared, Then, I could live the way I like And would higher soar in life! But perhaps, it is good for me That all my plans do go for a six, If you wouldn't pull me to earth I would sure get lost above. Why to worry God is when Doing His bit, and I can't sham! So, I think I must keep mum And accept the things as they come.

From Soldier with Love Life is so uncertain As if sand slipping from fist Why waste time making it perfect? Let's enjoy while it slips. Whenever you are near me I take you for granted Hardly ever I realize How harsh I have been. But when I'm at the front For days together without fun Living in tent under scorching sun Lonely by myself I tend to become. My harsh behavior, I then repent My strict discipline I then curse Life is so short, half already spent Wish I could have been more lenient. …All of us have destiny of our own Probably, we do not tend to know No one can improve or do „good‟ By imposing discipline or being rude!

Graduation from Civvies to Uniform When I got married long ago My wife, in civvies, did not know The various terms used in the Fauj JCO or GOC were the same she thought! On the following day of her joining in When I was home after games fall-in, She casually said that the GOC came Shocked, I thought what blunder have I made. Was it for not seeking the GOC's permission? For bringing my family in the station! Or was it for not informing, And quietly marrying? I was a youngster, hence got frightened As every action has got to be 'sanctioned' Somewhere, if I slipped up, I will be punished And soon with troops I'd be route - marching I mustered some courage and meekly asked 'What on earth did the GOC want? For which he had to come to my house When he could well have called me out?'
1Fauj -Army 2 JCO - Junior Commissioned Officer 3 GOC - General Officer Commanding


'His wife is serious, a telegram came He rushed to beg your leave for same'. Oh, what a relief! I understood now He was my Company JCO… vow! This was an incident of long ago She's fully commissioned by now Has graduated to olive green somehow As she fully understands now That Jeevan is not the name of a person… And why he is found in every Station He is indeed Staff-Officer Grade One Who wears a star with Asoka‟s emblem. Mechanical Transport in short is called MT Which she earlier thought was 'Empty' And also she now understands right! Why a 'Day-Lance-Naik' is so even in the night. Not only the above has she known A little bit of more she boasts! Too icy has nothing to do with the ice He is a Second appointment wise!
4. Jeevan- (G-l) General Staff Officer Grade-I : An appointment 5. Day Lance-Naik – A Rank between a soldier and the sergeant. 6 Too icy - (2IC:) Second-in-Command

Why Not Just Be the Same Why do we put on… A mask that does not belong And why do we behave In a shameful way! We tend to be arrogant Inside though, feeling different, Become helpless for the moment And then later we repent. When others are refusing To give a beggar a penny, Though feeling differently We too behave similarly. When driving in the dark Or carrying cash in the car. We suspect the guy on the street Who may humbly be asking a lift! When someone falls down We wait for others to help him. Or when a humble man salutes We fail to acknowledge. Contd…

When we want to say 'no' We end up saying 'yes' Or when we should respect We unknowingly insult. We behave like that Against own self And suppress the truth This is not good…. Why not just be the same And do what our heart says We'll surely feel much lighter And will make others happier.

Doomsday We don't seem to enjoy the present Cause we worry for the future event Doomsday will fall! And will kill us all! We miss enjoying each moment This is so closest and so common Rather, we spoil our mood Brooding on future blues! We do not enjoy Simple things in life Like the growth of a child And his lovely smile… When he is small We worry for his ball When bigger he becomes We worry for his education. When he is through this odd We worry for his job When he gets one bright We worry for his bride.


When he is content We are yet not hesitant In worrying for his clan And making future plans. The cycle never ends We always tend To live in the future And forget the present. Let‟s enjoy the simple things And see the fun! Do not ever worry Doomsday will never come!

Mother Oh, my dear Mother You're as close to me as ever. You nurtured me once In your womb for nine months! I'm your blood and flesh You always fed me first, And taught me nice things Whenever I was in fix! Whenever I needed warmth You were always the one. To hold me in your arms With your tender charm! Nothing have I ever done For you in person Never realizing that You too need love in return. When young I grew I had no time for you. Engrossed in a routine Forgot that you too were in! Whatever I am today Is due to the way You groomed me up Night and day!


To you, I have never comforted, I took you always for granted. Today, I have children of mine I now realize what it's like. When my children behave Exactly the way I did. Though affable I remain, I feel a pinch deep within. But, on second thoughts! We all by nature have got To behave the way we do Since we're just a tiny dot! Guess, it's a natural cycle We may not like it What we do for own children They will do for their offspring. Thus life is spent We need not repent Whether we play as children Or the role of a parent! So, why expect in return For what we have done, Rearing children was our fun Caring for grandchildren is their turn.

Transformation 'O' you black masked thief in the dark What are you searching in my drawer? Do not waste your time like this Pick up from the table my wife's earring. 'Now, hide it and vanish before she comes Or else she would raise the alarm. If she comes before you leave Rest assured, you'll forget being thief' Thief couldn't believe what he heard He rubbed his eyes to feel assured, Then, he grabbed the ring without fear And with it, he soon disappeared. Lady then came and soon discovered That the diamond ring was not there, She raised a cry that someone had taken A ring worth ten thousand is stolen. Was it that expensive? I couldn't believe Let me now run after the thief, The thief being followed, ran still faster But was overtaken… all after. Contd…

'The ring you have, is made of diamond Do not part with less than ten thousand, I have just rushed to tell you this Now bye - bye, you lucky thief' The eyes of the thief were full of tears It was a feeling he'd never experienced, He couldn't run, just stood as a lame That very moment, his life had changed!

In Memory of Father Words of love and praise Should never be delayed, Cause when uttered They do great wonders! My own children will never Miss an opportunity to flatter, Whenever we do something They won't forget the praising. How so wonderfully You wrote this book! Or, what tasty Snacks you cook! All my table drawers too, Are full of notes 'specially for you', You are a darling „O‟ dear Dad, we do love you!' Sometimes, they shower On mom and dad together Compliments that touch With their love so ever! Few years ago When my mother was no more, Poor dad of mine was left alone Who grieved and quietly moaned.


We invited him thus To come and live with us, He was happy to come But he wanted soon to return. My wife and I both Were so busy those days She was teacher in a school I was working and studying too!

The help from my father In small, small matters, Like helping children In their tutorials.. And taking the milk When no one at home, Was such a relief How grateful we feel! One fine day I was on my way, From office to college To attend a debate While on wheels I did reminisce, How lucky we were To have my dad with us!


But why have I never Told him ever, How grateful I feel For him, indeed! Haven't I great Have always felt, Words of praise When children said? Doesn't my father Ever long to hear, The same from his son? I‟d better learnt. The drive was long To muster the courage, And thus I decided to praise My dad that day Yet, as I reached home Father, when opened the door, Gripped with shyness I lost the opportune moment. 'Thank you' - two words All I could utter, Despite well rehearsed I was yet a loser! Contd…

Never mind, dear, I coughed my throat clear, First time is difficult And may be simpler thereafter! While we were dining For a right moment I was waiting, But still could say nothing As tense I was getting. If I do not Say it now, I may never Know to say how. All of a sudden I did blurt out! The words of praise I had phrased. 'You are ideal Oh, father dear! We had missed you So much ever! Children are too Grateful to you, They do long To be with you! Contd…

Dad, we are lucky, To be with you, Simply, dear Dad We all love you'. After having said all this I was feeling light within, Without looking into his eyes I dashed away from his sight! Went to my study To read or write, But in anxiety Could not decide… Then I thought To go outdoors, To play the golf With college folks! After the Golf When I came home, T' was so silent As if no one was home. I heard someone talking In the distant room, Curiously I went And peeped through the vent… Contd…

The old man was chatting Grandchildren, him hugging, And he was narrating Tender moments of his life! Anecdotes of their granny The children were enjoying... “….How once I got angry On biting a sandwich, Cause I'd discovered A tiny pebble therein, Your granny was aghast! But on second thoughts She asked to show her my mouth And then she found, It wasn't a pebble But my tooth that had fallen! . .And how he killed A lion in jungles, Half a century thence In nineteen forty-seven. All three of them Were engrossed so They did not know When the tape I put 'on'?


My father was thus Cheerful whole day My words of praise Had made him feel great! I saw in his eyes A unique glow shine This was missing Since my mother died!

Ant and the Elephant Ant thought that she was nobody And she lived meekly and humbly, It was a feeling of being non entity Thinking her self, the lowest being. Anyone could just obstruct her way A small wind would blow her away. In front of an elephant she felt ashamed Endless miseries night and day... Her heart then revolted, why the hell Do I feel myself to be in the well! I am a gift created by „Him‟ Who has all the power and will Thus with strength, she walked with pride A careless elephant then passed by her side, When he sniffed her, she climbed his nostril And inside she marched, straight uphill. Tusker was uneasy and was close to death What is in his trunk, he knew it well, Today, he learnt the value of an ant Who can challenge the biggest giant!

Radha‟s Love Once the Lord Krishna fell ill No drugs or charms would click Mother Yasoda felt sadly sick As all failed whatever she did. She asked her son, in great distress How dear son, will you get well? Seeing her in distress, Krishna said, Ma, to me only one thing can bless. If the foot dusts you can procure Of a person whose love for me is pure, Apply that dust on my forehead, to cure I will be okay, be rest assured. Yasoda now went out to a gopi's place And narrated to her the Krishna's case And begged for the dust of gopi's feet Which could perhaps fulfill the need. The gopi was stunned at a request so strange! The color of her countenance changed 'Ma, I adore him whether asleep or awake And can lay down my life for his sake.' 'But this can't be done, as I know well Cause the devotee sure goes to hell If she is not cautious and is careless Her foot dust if touches the Lord's forehead!‟


Yasoda now moved from house to house People's sentiments trying to arouse All were prepared to sacrifice their heads But not for the crime whose penalty is hell. Then, came a girl named Radha To her she narrated the same saga She was sad to know Krishna was sick „Cause she loved Him like no one did. 'Ma, what I have all belongs to Krishna Do take my foot dust or my crown!' Asked Yasoda, 'Do you know it well Whoever gives dust will sure go to Hell?' Replied Radha without any stress 'I would indeed be greatly blessed! Take my foot dust O, Mother dear And do not delay it any further.' 'If only my beloved gets well I can brave a hundred Hells!' Yasoda was pleased and kissed her face Picked her foot dust and left with grace! Krishna was no sicker in the bed Radha's love was purest in fact, He was back with his hobby pet Of breaking pots from Gopi's heads!

Comparison The rat was jealous and asked a tusker What is your age, you tell me quicker, The giant said, 'I am six months old.‟ Rat was shocked, as he couldn't console. Now dear rat, what is your age? To tell his age he felt ashamed, 'Though I'm too, six months old But I am weak due to cough n cold.'

God‟s Blunder Thanks for so many gifts in life Hands, legs, nose, brain and eyes House, parents, children and wife Trees, rivers, mountains and skies. Air to breathe, fire to cook Ground to walk and scenery to look Water to drink and ideas to brood Whatever we have is gifted by you! “Could I ask you a question, then? „Cause I have one apprehension Why give when you must take away ... All these gifts one fine day!” “Now, may I give you a suggestion please! With the passage of time and with ease Your gifts should grow younger and prettier" And shouldn't turn older or uglier” Hey, do not murmur, do loudly mention Even if you haven't liked my suggestion Be bold and do say it clear Say it quicker as I want to hear. Shut up you man! And do not question Or ever dare give God a suggestion, It was my blunder, now I can think Gifting you 'brain' with other things!!!

The Earth will Curse! God sent on earth Adam and Eve In company to live and family to build, But alas! They thought aloud Instead of company, created a crowd. If you eat more, your tummy will ache If you read more, the eyes will fail, If you stuff more, the box will burst If you produce more, the earth will curse. The earth is full, do not fill more Hardly any place to lie or snore If you want to derive satisfaction Be careful and control population!

To Brother Who Left „When are you coming home?' These words you‟d asked me on phone, On the eleventh May night Nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. I had replied, 'Soon' „Maybe coming June,‟ While replying, I was casual But later I was uncomfortable. Why were you so concerned? I was puzzled, could not discern For a few days continuous I kept calling your number. Was sad as I could not get through Thought, you might've gone out, Alas! On seventeenth afternoon I learnt the saddest of news. Was shocked that you are no more! I could not believe, my throat choked, How could this happen so early? As you had so much to tell me! With whom will I now share philosophy? ... As you had been promising since early To come and settle at home permanently And live together, ever so happily.


You have sure, not kept your word Why have you left us all in lurch? We will never understand it clear But we will not give up the search. I know it well you were uneasy though With the folks around your lore You were so simple, no one does know But at last you've given them a blow! People like you are indeed few No one really understood you, World is unfaithful and selfish too It is really not suitable for you. You were indeed wonderful so! It is not just me, all say so Respect that you command, you don't know With each day passing, more it grows...

Mission without a Mission I was teaching my son In life ... to have a mission Though myself I have Never had one! 'In the absence of mission How can you discern Whether you're right Or are in the wrong direction?‟ 'I have lived my life whole Without an apparent goal But deeper if you probe There was perhaps a goal' 'The urge to live in peace With the nature indeed And not to think big In terms of material things' 'Kept me inching nearer To that hidden goal ever, It wasn't apparent It was lying dormant.' All my acts thus Were dedicated towards, Becoming poised With ease and less effort.' 'Today I'm content And do not repent As I've attained My Ultimate aim'

Thanks for Enlightening! You ugly deadly scorpion Struggling in the water Trying to keep afloat You're sure a poor swimmer! I put my palm under And lifted you above the water But you stung so harder I couldn't hold you any longer. I thought you are desperate So I again tried to separate You from the deep water To give you chance another. But again you bit Why? I couldn't get it Yet, again I tried and still you bit It made me enlightened... Come what may One's nature shouldn't change, Your nature is to bite And mine is to save!

Life …. What is life...? Is not defined Some say, it is bright For some it is dry! Life is not a magic Yet, not an accident Neither, it is logic But is in abundance! Life is creativity Live it actively, Don't just sit idly Do enjoy it fully. To understand it Just live as it is! Don't brood on it Or try to uncover it. It is a history No one could really, Understand fully The life's mystery!

Bye-bye Army! Thanks a million for all you did To make my stay a memorable bit, I will cherish these lovely moments I'll be lonely when in future times. I'd been harsh on some of you To behave like that was necessary too, Yet, I've been honest with myself and you As all above was country's point of view. Do come to me whenever you feel Spend some time with me indeed, Rest assured you'll be welcome As you mean so much to me! I am leaving though early in life. Reason known only to subconscious mind, Where destiny will take is not very clear So, bye for now and not forever! With heavy heart today I leave Forget me not if you please. May you have, a lovely time! Sweet memories and love sublime.

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