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Sexual Violence Prevention Logic Model

Expect Respect

SV Theory of Change Activities Short-Term Measures Short Term Outcomes Measures Intermediate Measures
Prevention Process Long Term Outcomes
Population Areas
1. Facilitate one # of groups Expect Respect Of participants that
"Expect Respect" Social Learning Theory 24 session Expect completed. Teen Intake Form complete the group: Pre-group Expect Participants will utilize
If students are taught healthy communication Respect group at respect Teen primary prevention Unable to
Middle and expression of feelings in a group of peers 55 minutes each # of Questionnaire. measure at
School/ High
strategies -i.e. new
they will be more likely to practice and for approximately participants Per group log of this time.
School Age values, thinking
promote healthy relationship skills. 10 young women. who attendance and 60% will increase Post-group Evaluate
Young completed. topics. Expect Respect
processes, and participants
knowledge of the forms and
Women Developmental Assets/Resiliency Theory 2. Evaluate the relationship skills that 1 year post
dynamics of abusive
If students participate in conversations and effectiveness of Gender of Group Feedback are incompatible with as
relationships (Form A).
activities that educate them about the the group. participants. Form. violence and that possibility.
characteristics of healthy relationships and 50% will increase the promote healthy, non-
how this is tied to healthy sexuality and Age of likelihood to take self violent relationships.
consent, then this will allow them to practice participants. protective actions (Form B)
healthy expression of their thoughts and Reduce the incidence
feelings as well as educating peers about the Number of 50% will change attitudes of sexual assault among Unable to
dynamics of healthy/mutual relationships. group sessions about using violence the teenage community measure at
per toward a dating partner this time.
Gender and Power participants. (Form C).
If youth understand the contribution of gender 50% will increase
and power inequity then they can begin to see Intakes knowledge of
how these completed. characteristics of healthy
entities connect to the perpetuation of relationships (Form D).
violence in family settings, domination in Pre and Post
intimate relationships, and violence/ evaluations 50% will increase healthy
harassment in schools as well as how this can completed. relationship skills (Form E)
be viewed as a societal issue and thus will be
more likely to safely intervene in unhealthy Fidelity to the
dynamics. model.

Chris and Brenda,

The following are questions, considerations and tasks…

1. I have changed the logic model based on the Expect Respect (ER) curriculum. I have an older version of it so please see if it is consistent with your copy. I shortened your theory of change
since you have a “model program” now and there seem to be 3 theories about gender. I changed your outcomes – and added the outcomes that ER states happen – the percentages are ER
estimates as well. This assumes that you will be using the pre/post measure and feedback form from expect respect. As always this is yours so change it back if you don’t agree – or we can
talk about it.

2. How many young women do you anticipate being in group (fill in where I put XX).

3. I notice from the curriculum that the ER 24 session is described as a “counseling” group for girls who have a history or currently in unhealthy relationships – is this your criteria as well?

4. I am looking for a fidelity measure and will let you know if I find one.

5. Based on this LM you will need to complete per participate the ER intake form, pre measure, post measure and post feedback. You will also need a way to track the attendance (other
information is on the intake such as gender, age, etc).

6. Expect Respect has other components such as 3 session presentations, school trainings etc…I assume you are not doing these but let me know if you are so I can include it.

7. ***To Do – please confirm that you are using the Forms I have described above – if you are not then please send me what you are using so I can create a database.

Thank you and great work!!