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Formal Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers
Papers and theses must be written in English Please use exactly the title which was agreed with your supervisor The report has to be written on A4 format paper with both left and right-hand side margins of 30 mm. Also, both the top-margin and the bottom-margin are 30 mm. Please use the following setup to organize your scientific paper: a) front page b) table of contents, eventually followed by an abbreviation table and/or a list of symbols c) main text d) list of references e) optionally: appendix f) declaration and sign The front page of the thesis has to contain the title, the name and the registration number of the author(s), the faculty and the department, the name of the supervisor(s), and the date of handing in the thesis. Then, on the second page, the table of contents follows which should include all headings and the corresponding page number. Use the corresponding function of your word processor to generate the structure – this will help you to avoid errors due to lastminute changes in your text. The structure should be designed such that the reader easily can get an appreciation of the content and structure of the report. Do never underestimate the role of the structure for your paper! Numbering of chapters and sections should look as follows:
1. 2. Introduction Theoretical Considerations 2.1 2.2 2.3 Basic Assumptions of Cost Functions Shephard’s Lemma Functional Forms: An Overview 2.3.1 2.3.2 2.3.3 2.4 3. … The Cobb-Douglas Function The Translog Function Other Functional Forms

Empirical Estimation of a Cost Function

Description of the Data Set

version of 28-April 2009 (Prof. Dr. Guenter Lang)


you may choose larger fonts and/or bold letters. 2. Basic Assumptions of Cost Functions Shephard’s Lemma Functional Forms: An Overview 2.2 2. “4.1 Description of the Data Set The Cobb-Douglas Function Empirical Estimation of a Cost Function The depth of the structure should be in an “appropriate” relationship to the length of the report.). Line space should be set to 1. On the other hand. 3. and refer to the table in the text of your manuscript. Introduction Analysis Conclusion With the beginning of the main text. An appropriate font is Times New Roman.”) for a seminar thesis with a length of 15 pages. eventually 2. graphs and diagrams has be referred to as a 'Figure' and they have be numbered consecutively (1. we don’t want to see anything like this: 1. Page numbers should be inserted at the bottom of each page.1. As for chapter headings or the first page.2.4 3.C. Dr.g. etc. For example. The font size is twelve for regular text and nine or ten for footnotes. 2. 2. Between paragraphs one empty row should be left. Provide a detailed legend to each figure and refer to the figure in the text. it makes no sense to define section 2.3. 2. version of 28-April 2009 (Prof. For example.1 has to be followed by at least one more heading of the same level (2. Please use it.3 and so on). Equations: Equations have to be consecutively numbered. Figures: All photographs. Guenter Lang) -2- .3. K) p ⋅ ∂p y εp = Please use an equation editor for generating your equations. That is. Example: (7) ∂y ( p.4 The Egyptian wheat production in the year 2311 B.3 2.1 2.). Tables: Each table has to be referred to as ‘Table’ and numbered consecutively (1. Section 2.2.Faculty of Management & Technology Opening of a new sub-section requires that at least two headings at this level are created. it is for sure not satisfactory for the reader of a scientific thesis to find a structure like that: 1. etc.5 rows. Template A Microsoft Word template considering the mentioned requirements is provided in the intranet. Please provide a legend to each table. you should avoid 5-digit sections numbers (e. and then to continue with chapter 3. Introduction Theoretical Considerations 2.3. the numbering of the pages starts with “1”.

9891006 Broy.J. include all authors: family name and initials include the publication year in parenthesis immediately following the author names in general include all information necessary for the reader of your paper to clearcut identify the source - Reference list format Billington.). but before any appendix. L. Cairo [format for journal articles] [format for book articles] [format for government documents] version of 28-April 2009 (Prof. The list of references has to be organized in a consistent format. journal articles and reports that are mentioned in the text. Greene 2006: 134). Writing the paper with your own words is a substantial part of an academic work. Software engineering – from auxiliary to key technologies. Guenter Lang) -3- . If there are more sources by the same author and year. Software Pioneers. Springer: Berlin et al. Do not use too many quotations. and page number. 10–13 Central Bank of Egypt (2005). (2002). Sources with more than two authors are cited using the first name only followed by et al.Faculty of Management & Technology Do cite the sources of your paper at the appropriate positions! Please see the plagiarism guidelines for more details. sort it by the year of publication. In: Broy. (eds.. Make sure to differentiate between quoting a source (repeating word-for-word in inverted commas) and paraphrasing (keeping the idea of the original text.e. 32. do not include any material which is not mentioned in the text. P.) argue that … As Billington (1988: 47) has clearly shown … Although there are alternatives. An exception is a citation which does not refer to a specific part of this source. (1988). The list of references is placed last in the report. the usually best way of enforcing concavity of any cost function is a restriction of the characteristic roots (Diewert and Kumbhakar 1997: 290-293. No 8.. i.O. McClain.. the year. Dr. Denert. Reference to sources in the text is to be done in the following way to contain the author's family name.J. M. M. but to the source as a whole. This list must contain all material in form of books. year. be listed in alphabetical order based on the last name (family name) of the first author. these sources are distinguished by adding a.. In: Management Science. (1988: 453-465). pp. However. The Central Bank of Egypt. the hyperplane approach is used for testing the theory. If there are more publications from one author. E. b and so on after the year. J. Example: Following Myers et al. vol. Thomas. but using your own words). pp. and the page number(s): Johnson and Montgomery (1974: 134f. Heuristics for Multilevel LotSizing with a Bottleneck. Annual Report 2004/05. The exact page number must be included.

1 Johnson. internet-only articles have to include the URL and the exact download date (see examples above). The content of an appendix should be understood by the appendix alone.. please employ the same reference rules as you would use if you had the hardcopy in your hands. but still is important material for the reader. (2006). (2007). Please hand in the hard copy of your final version whole-bound and in good order. Dr. Industrialization in Egypt: Historical Development and Implications for Economic Policy. they should be numbered and included in the table of contents with a representative title. the author(s) has/have to declare the following: Declaration I herewith declare that this report is in full accordance with the plagiarism rules of the Faculty of Management Technology at the GUC. In: Working paper series of the Faculty of Management Technology at the GUC. (1974). (2006). D. Telecommunication Infrastructure and Economic Development.pdf Wikipedia Contributors.wikipedia.A. Do not split up the list of references into “books”. A loosely packed pile of paper is an indication for the supervisor that you are not seriously interested in your own paper – so why should he? version of 28-April 2009 (Prof. L. Economics of Scale. a questionnaire. make sure that the reader can easily find the source mentioned in the text. Sudan Struggles for Economic Reforms. Material is placed in an appendix if it otherwise would inhibit the efficient reading of the paper. Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Operations Research in Production Planning. working paper no.org/wiki/Economies_of_scale [format for discussion papers] [format for books] [format for newspapers] [format for internet-only articles] [format for internet-only articles without author] Many of your sources will be from the internet. This could be extensive data or calculations. Montgomery. If there are different appendices. Guenter Lang) -4- . Signature Of course.org/docs/2006/Paper-Roeller. “journal articles” etc. 20January Roeller. L. the signature must be handwritten in the submitted hardcopy. Scheduling and Inventory Control. As an exception. R. estimated parameters etc.Faculty of Management & Technology Hawash. Retrieved on 18-January 2007 from http://www. but are exact replicas of a printed version. J. On the last page of the thesis. Thus. Presentation at the 2006 annual meeting of the German Economic Association. Retrieved on 22-December 2006 from http://en. The New York Times.-H. In general. “book articles”. Wiley & Sons: New York Peters.socialpolitik.

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