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How do I successfully implement a
multi-channel IT solution with ITOL using XTL, JSL
and WAPL with high redundancy? Oh, BTW it
should cost less than $123,759 and be
completed by October!

Got a 10,000 variable
IT puzzle to solve?

industries. MANTRE . We can help. and pre-built design patterns will provide the best-of- the-breed solution for your business needs. cost-effective solutions that drive business value through the successful implementation of technology. and technologies combined with our process methodology. Your consulting partner and systems integrator. We are a full-service IT solutions provider. high-performance team. The result is efficient. We can help you implement the right technology solutions for your business needs. Our in-depth knowledge of solutions.

Enterprise Content Management.. Perfor- mance tuning and optimization. We have developed p solutions for nonprofit and profit organizations. We have successfully delivered solutions in areas such as: Enterprise Application Integration. CRM. d g e . Data Mining. Imaging. Insurance. robust and scalable. Our industry knowledge spans Healthcare. linux and more. Workflow. Our solutions utilize a range of technologies from legacy software to web-based applications. and customized web applications. We deliver solutions that solve specific business needs which increase shareholder value. Data Migration. i n Industry Fundamental to Mantre’s approach is our focus on industry sectors. We believe that we can add value for our clients if d we truly understand their industry. h k n Technology o As a systems integrator. wireless. l ness challenge. Data Warehousing. we architect and implement solu- tions that are innovative. Telecommunications. t Financial. Airlines. Solutions We are continually expanding our range of solution offer- ings in this fast-changing technological environment. e ing. Manufacturing and Technology industries. ERP. Our industry-driven approach has enabled us to develop deep knowledge of e our clients’ businesses and provide them with an informed perspective on the issues they face. Pharmaceutical. security. windows. Business Intelligence. Our goal is to w help you navigate through the maze of technology and provide you with a solution that is appropriate to your busi. storage. Our solutions range from designing turnkey custom applications to implementing customized off-the-shelf software. network.

design templates and more to your organization. quality. Our on-shore and off-shore development n center can also be leveraged for cost savings. entrance and exit criteria. be it an entire team or a combination of consultants with highly specialized skills. Mantre consultants have the right a experience and skill set required to deliver an excep- tional solution. it is necessary to have the right team. u r a d People v Our goal is to help you deliver your solution on time and under budget. methodologies and resources. Mantre uses a flexible delivery model that enables t clients to engage high-performance technical teams and best practices as desired. These processes and methodology will bring about efficiency. Most of these risks can be mitigated if the right process and methodology were put in place for your software development efforts. We consistently deliver quality services and solutions o through our unique processes. Process Two-thirds of IT projects are either over budget and/or late! Fifty percent of the other one-third is not done right. We will provide only a what you need. We adhere to ISO 9001 and SEI CMM standards for software process improvement. g e MANTRE . Our complete lifecycle methodology will guide your efforts through the project from conceptualization to delivery. and to accomplish that.

Why reinvent the wheel? There is no ROI. This approach will allow you to focus on delivering a next generation sophisticated solution.Patterns Mantre has developed a set of pre-built components and utilities that can be utilized to solve various common technology problems. these patterns provide a proven architecture that can be used to solve common problems quickly. That’s our commitment. Practical Solutions. Provide more for the same! Clear. . We call these design patterns. Save the time and resources required in reinventing these design patterns and focus on solving more challenges.

Deliver. a p p r o a Partner. Transition. That’s our approach c h MANTRE .o u r Solution built to your preference through long-term partnership.

Deliver Second . The most important requirement is to leave you stronger when we are done. First . We try to understand the challenges you're facing. what you need to accomplish and then with a full range of exceptional technology and business experts we partner with you to build a roadmap and design a solution. Our goal is to transition our knowledge and equip your team with in- depth knowledge of the solution.we deliver.we transition. Leave you stronger when we are done. what works in your organization. Partner Our approach is simple. We work with you to deliver the solution by leveraging your in- house knowledge and provide only what you need. We arm those teams with com- mon-sense best practices and approaches.we partner. Transition Third . .

IL . Ste 200 Oakbrook. clarity. Ste 201 King Of Prussia. all aimed at best serving our clients. Midwest Office: 2021 Midwest Road. PA -19406 ph: 888-432-9376 MANTRE www. We embrace a set of core values that emphasizes qualities such as responsive leadership and personal innovation . strategy Mantre strives to deliver quality to its clients.60523 Northeast Office: 711 Whitetail Circle. At Mantre service is a practice not a promise.