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0-RC3 (Apr 1, 2011)
* Added MT helper classes for MTs: 304, 320, 321, 210, 599
* Added Field implementations for 19B, 32H, 32R, 34E, 37G, 37M, 37R, 38J, 92F, 6
2A, 62B
6.0-RC2 (Feb 28, 2011)
* Added Field implementation for 15 (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N)
* Added MT helper classes for MTs: 300, 400, 410, 412, 416, 499, 544, 545, 546,
547, 548, 700, 710, 730, 799
* Added Field implementations for 31D, 31P, 40B, 41A, 41D, 45A, 45B, 46A, 46B, 4
7A, 47B
* field serialization from components values into SWIFT single string value
* Removed from distribution jar
* MTs API: fixed field mutiplicity when a field becomes repetitive being present
on multiple sequences or at repetitive sequences.
* Hibernate mappings: removed confusing/commented blocktype mappings at SwiftBlo
* Hibernate mappings: package rename
6.0-RC1 (Oct 17, 2010)
* normalization of linefeeds to CRLF at Tag creation from XML parsing
* Removed deprecated API
* Added new package io with subpackages parser and writer; added new package uti
* Renamed all packages to com.prowidesoftware (backward compatibility maintained
with facades)
* Migrated src code to java 1.5 (binary distribution is still 1.4 compatible by
means of
* Added implementation for MTs 102 not STP, 102 STP, 103 not STP, 103 STP, 195,
199, 202, 202COV, 203, 295, 299, 940, 942, 950
* Added new SWIFT MT high level generated API, with classes for specific message
* New source package for generated swift model
* Merged project "prowide SWIFT Fields" into "WIFE"
* Added comparison options to AckMessageComparator
* Removed old and incorrect charset validator class net.sourceforge.wife.swift.M
* BUGFIX in remove user block method, thanks to Herman's contribution and patien
* Parser API for (new SwiftParser()).parse(messageToParse);
* Replaced commons-lang-2.3 -> 2.4
* Fixed message writer: system messages' block4 generated with inline tags
* SwiftMessage API to check if it's Straight Through Processing (STP), based on
the content of the User Header
* SwiftMessage API to check if it's a cover payment (COV), based on the content
of the User Header
* SwiftTagListBlock API to check if contains a specific Tag
* Java 1.4 compatibility changes
* Removed unimplemented and confusing package net.sourceforge.wife.validation
* Deprecated old and unused validation-related classes
* Added AckMessageComparator which is useful of identify the ack of a given mess
* SwiftTagListBlock API to get a sub block given its name or its starting and en
ding Tag
* SwiftTagListBlock API to get tags by content, given its exact or partial value
* Helper methods from Block4 moved to SwiftTagListBlock
* SwiftTagListBlock is no longer abstract, so it can be used to create instances
for subblocks
* Required JVM upgrade to 1.5
* Initial update of upload-sf target for release to sourceforge

* Move persistence (helper) package to wife-test project.3 -> hibernate 3.1.wife. 2007) * Migrated logging to java logging api * Removed SwiftBlock's deprecated methods. * Added constant for possible values for application id to SwiftBlock1. * Removed deprecated API in SwiftBlock. * Method specific to each block moved to each block class. persistence mapping and convers ion services. * XML to SwiftMessage parsing methods moved from ConversionService to XMLParser in "parser" package. don't throw exception on unrecognized data. this should make testing some features singificantly easier. persistence mapping and conversion s ervices (needed for some MT0xx for example).parser". * Fixed some warnings.0 (Apr 8. * Made abstract intermediate classes of blocks object hierarchy. * Adapted parser to new model refactor. * Added support for optional fields in Block 2 input. * Improved deprecated exception messages and javadoc.2. when possible compati bility methods were left in old places. * Swift Parser enhancements. 2007) * Moving to junit 4 . 4.4 -> hsqldb 1.8. * Move size and isEmpty methods to subclasses.sourceforge. 2007) * Improved Hibernate mapping for simplified and more efficient data base schema.0.0 (Jun 21.7.0.* .6 * Added isOutput * isInput made concrete. * Moved some common methods in SwiftBlock2Input/SwiftBlock2Output to parent clas s SwiftBlock2. 5. * Fixed some * More javadoc in parser.cvsignore update 5.3 * Improved persistence mapping. * Added support for unparsed text to model. * Added reference to current message in parser. * Improved overall test cases coverage and source/resources structure. * Upgraded commons-lang to version 2.3. * Minor javadoc fixes. * New package created for parser classes "net.2 (Feb 25. * Added support for user custom blocks in model. * Added useful getter for the MIR field in Block 2 output.1 (Jul 25. but pre serve an internal list of errors. not abstract * Added abstract isInput() method to SwiftBlock2 for safer casting subblocks whe n input/output is unknown 5. * Updated dependency: hibernate 3. * Updated dependency: hsqldb 1. marked as deprecated to provide a smooth er migration path.8. .swift.2.some new tests are being written with junit4. 2009) * Added missing hashcode and equals * Javadocs improvements * Revised and tested hibernate mappings * Added getBlockType * Added length to unparsed text persistence mappings * Fixed persistence mapping for block2 inheritance * Updated hibernate libs to version 3. so it can take decisions based o n parsed data. * Improved xml writer (more clean tabs and EOL).

* Dependencies clean up. 3. * Added Currency ISO Codes (needed for validations).1 * Small fixes for java 3.0-RC2 * Build: Added release. 3. * Javadoc updates.4 compatibility.8 for better compatibility (issued with trace method on some servers).7. ant downloads less libs now. * Implemented XML conversion parsing for all blocks (except 4).p hp?msg_id=4001538.2 * Parser logging information cleanup. * Removed old and deprecated/replaces writer component. * Initial implementation of BIC validation.* Refactored and fixed XML parsing for blocks 3 and 5. * Fixed issue in writer with block5 as mentioned in bug 1601122. * Removed ant junit fork since it broke in ant 1. * Fixed build to properly include current timestamp in dist target when property release. * Made all loggers private static transient final. * Validation framework core classes written. * Minor java 1.xml to include resources in generated jar files. * Code clean up. * Utility classes for validation. * Minor fixes in build system. * Updated code to fix issue mentioned in https://sourceforge. * Use system EOL in XML writer. * Added ISO Countries for IBAN validation. 3. * Added numerous tests for IBAN validation.4 compatibility fixes. * VF: implemented TagExists and ConditionalTagPresence validation units. to support easy extension of validatio ns.3 (Jan 13. * Migrating to log4j 1. * Fixed build. * Improved javadoc and validations in fin writer.4 by default. 3. * Started implementation of validation units.1 * Fixed test for bug 1540294. * Fixed bug in parser/writer integration which included double block number when using the writer with an object of a just parsed message(1595589). * Added many tag specific validation units targeting MT103 validation. * Fixes to compile for java 1. * Updated passing test in conversion service. * Added more tests for XML conversion. * Fixed issue 1595631. * Added JSValidationUnit backed by Rhino.4 (Mar 23. * Enhanced IBAN validation routine.1. 3. * Enhanced overview documentation. 2007) * Added license header to source files. * Completed basic internal XML parsing. * Initial implementation of IBAN validation.2. * Added compile timestamp to manifest in created jars. .name property to manifest. typo in block is not set. 2007) * Initiated MT103 validation rule.

it can be used as it i s now. * Work in progress swift expression <-> regular expression conversion. * Work in progress swift message persistence mapping.0-RC1 * Build: added selection of tests known to fail and those known to pass. while it has many limitations. * Improved build and added control to exclude tests that are know to fail. either the base class or the subclasses. * SwiftBlock (base class) and subclasses are mapped and persisted ok. . 2. * Writer component usable.0 * New parser component highly tested on production and unit tests. * Added many tests for hiberante persistence of SwiftMessage hierarchy. * Added ConversionService class which encapsulates many services conveniently. * Added XML Visitor to write a swift message to an XML representation. * Fixed persistence mapping. * Model simplification: SwiftBlockN classes are being removed in favor of base c lass SwiftBlock removed list of blocks in message which was confusing when not a ll blocks present.3.