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Breast cancer is a very common disease as old as civilisation. The hereditary factor,
respectively the transmission of this type of cancer by way of genes, is one of the main
triggering factors of the disease.

Statistics and medical experience have

shown that this type of cancer is also
triggered by the prolonged administration of
estrogen where menstruation has been
stopped abruptly or where there has been an
early onset of menopause. There is a higher
risk of cancer in women who have never
delivered or breastfed.

The balance between estrogen and progesterone is also an important factor in

preventing benign and malignant mammary diseases. Progesterone is used with a
prophylactic purpose. Normally, these two hormones are balanced in the body. Should the
estrogen concentration increase or the progesterone decrease, there will be discomfort, a
condition known as estrogen dominance. The increase of the estrogen level is caused by
alcohol consumption, obesity and a diet rich in fats. The women with a diet rich in meat are
predisposed to breast cancer (the consumption of meat for preference biases the disorders of
the estrogen molecular hormones). Fat rich foods damage the body in still another way, e.g.
the excessive consumption of fat foods will deteriorate the cells.

Once the genetic information has been degraded, the dysfunctional cells die or they
may change in their attempt of regenerating themselves after the damage caused by fats. In
this regeneration attempt, the cells may turn into cancer cells.

The liver is open to estrogen elimination and exposed to other risk factors because it is
overloaded with the toxins accumulated in the body daily. The processes of relieving the liver
of estrogen and of purifying the liver tissue may be hindered by the excess of sugar and
alcohol. The presence of the foreign chemical substances known as xenoestrogens in the body
also helps triggering the malignant processes.

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Another cause for the onset of breast cancer is the bad function of the lymphatic
system which is responsible for the elimination of toxins from the human tissues. The
lymphatic system is irreplaceable for the body’s immune system and it helps eliminating the
xenoestrogens accumulating fat tissue in the breasts. Lymph, which removes the toxins from
the cells, does not purify the blood because lymph circulation may be interrupted by muscle
contractionor by an external intervention. A bra too tight slows lymph and blood circulation in
the area of the breasts and causes serious damage. A tight bra, worn for almost 12 hours,
predisposes to cancer.
The action of the ultraviolet rays upon the human body has also been acknowledged as
a cancer factor. In the past, people didn’t know how long an exposure to ultraviolet the human
body could bear. The modern woman is in possession of such data; the phenomenon can be
kept under control and dealt with, provided that she should have regular medical checks.
Excessive exposure to the X-rays emitted by the Roentgen devices is another factor of
cancer. Electric blankets , too, may help trigger the malignant process.
A number of studies have proven that, in particular cases, even mastocytosis, which
occurs before the first menstrual cycle may be a triggering factor for breast cancer, taking into
account that the body secretes only estrogen during this period.
The initial symptoms of breast cancer are the following: hardening of the tissue,
formation of breast nodules or ruggedness (unevenness). Later there will be pains, open
wounds, suppuration or mamelon discharges, as well as lymphatic nodules in the armpit. If
the diagnosis of cancer is confirmed, it is very important to ascertain whether the focus has
spread to the neighbouring lymph nodules, too; to see the size of the nodule; the tumor’s rate
of growth and whether there aremetastases in other tissues or organs of the body.
If the cancer is discovered in time and diagnosed at an early stage, healing is
guaranteed. Allopathic medicine recommends radiotherapy, chemotherapy, treatments that are
commonly translated by „cut and throw”. Allopathic medicine treats only the symptoms and
the effects, and not in the least the generating factors.

The traditional therapies approach the situation in a different way. The efficiency of
the traditional therapies resides in their capacity of treating both the affected organ and the
entire body, in order to prevent relapses. Breast cancer is curable by traditional therapies, such
as acupuncture and herbal therapy. The treatments are individualized for each patient; they act
at organic level by means of herbal mixtures in high dosages and by adjusting the alimentary
habits and the lifestyle.

Cured pacients:

- Advanced breast cancer

- Breast cancer with pulmonary metastases

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The latest discoveries of stem therapy confirm Once the toxins are eliminated from the body
the possibility of harvesting stem cells for the and the affected organs are regenerated,
regeneration of the sick organs directly from metabolism and immune system will restore
adipose tissue. This procedure is an usual their normal activity.
practice in traditional clinical practice; it also Applying a number of Tibetan acupuncture
proves that the human body is endowed with it's techniques, the activity of the organs
own healing mechanisms. Tibetan traditional coordinating the immune functions will be
medicine explains these self-healing mechanisms stimulated: thymus, spleen, tonsils, lymphatic
by a system of energy meridians. ganglia, bone marrow, thyroid, adrenals.
Stimulation of the acupoints situated along the Acupuncture, too, will relieve the energy
meridians removes the energy barriers; it also obstructions existing in the system of meridians
signals the brain that there are dysfunctional and in the energy matrix as well, so that the
cells in a certain organ. The brain reads the piece inter organic and metabolic balance should be
of information conveyed; by means of an energy restored. The medicinal herbs act upon the
impulse, it orders the regeneration system to organs so that the blood they will produce
harvest the necessary number of stem cells from should be enriched with oxygen and antibodies.
the body, to specialize and to send them to the
sick organ.

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