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2008 International Seminar on Future Information Technology and Management Engineering

Innovation Research of the Human Resource Management in Hotel
JIANG Hua, SUN Yonghao, WU Xuyan
School of Economics and Management,
Hebei University of Engineering, Hebei, HanDan, 056038, China

Abstract the human resource management theory.
When carrying on the human resource management,
Human resource management is fountainhead of hotels mainly carry on the analysis of the overall
gaining competitive power for the hotel. Therefore, the business strategy, predict the human resources situation
innovation of the human resource management is and carry on the system arrangement according to the
premise and foundation for the hotel to obtain the human resource demands. Such as the theory of the
competitive advantage , and it is also the important balance between supply and demand principles in the
guarantee of maintaining its competitive advantage and economics (tab.1).
the realization of sustainable development. The talents
of the hotel are the pusher of the innovative activities of In details, the theory includes the method of demand
hotel. Neglecting the innovative research of the human analysis (NHR=N+H-C) and the method of succeeded
resource management to the hotel will cause the hotel card.
economic efficiency being low and the hotel’s A Supplying curve of the human resource
sustainable development being immersed in trouble. B Demanding curve of the human resource
Through introducing the characteristics of the human
resource management and researching the problem of 1.1 The main theory of the hotel personnel
the human resource management in China hotel, this selection
article not only gave us a great many countermeasures
to promote the human resource management’s The management sequencing and the standardized
innovation, but also gave the hotel an inspection system request in hotel are very strong. The foundation of the
of developing the human resource management to the hotel management is the institution management, which
hotel, which is useful and effective to the development of requests that all levels of personnel in hotel strictly
the hotel. carry on the system work, insisting standardized, the
institution and the sequenced principle. According to
1. Introduction this management characteristic of the hotel, the hotel
will carry on the basic supposition analysis of the
The human resources management which is an human before the selection of the personnel. Current
emerging management fast developed in recent years. many domestic hotel mainly stresses on X theory when
The hotel human resources management theory mainly selecting the personnel, thinking that only the staff
relays on the basic principle of the human resource and under the powerful system’s restraint, can they follow
unifies the actual situation of the hotel profession to the careful working routine in order to be able to
take the human as the key aspect. Also through the guarantee that the normal work of the hotel.
management science and the psychology, we summarize

1.2 The reward, the incentive mechanism and 2 Characteristics of the human resource
the performance appraisal of the staff in hotel management in the contemporary hotel
The fair theory should be paid great attention in hotel 2.1 Paying great attention to the quality of the
to the human resource management, especially in the talents
performance appraisal and the reward designing. When
carrying on the performance appraisal to the staff, what The key of the hotel management is the managerial
mainly follows is the objective management. talent’s construction. The hotel management overseas
pays great attention to the talent’s quality of the hotel
management. What our country is different from is the
oversea hotel must be much stricter to the

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The hotel was quite passive in human resources market. the hotel seriously emphasizes on the experiences of the staff and does not emphasize on the potential development. we can get that there are mainly the 2. the domestic hotel hotel in our country work is not only ideal. the hotel does not carry on the market survey of the human resource. Although inexpensive labors. but the demand of the human resource idea of the human resource management makes the hotel pay great attention to the person’s factor. the hotel paid great attention talents attraction. The hotel originally takes the standardization and the 3.3 The problem of the personnel selection and Therefore. also pays great attention to the has not formed personalized service. so the staff’s standardized management is the most effective and the direct control method to the hotel. which causes the hotel paying great attention to the innovative talents. this is also the department into the human resource department. we could discover that the foreign capital talents attraction hotel and the joint capital hotel must be much stricter than the domestic hotel. which is also the question the hotel to train the personnel’s innovative ideology. which 3 Problem of the human resource immediately influences the operation effectiveness of management in China hotel the human resource in hotel.5 Innovation talents are taken seriously in the development. The human resource management of the management level. But there are Based on the foundation of the standardized a lot of problems about the personnel’s selection and sequencing management.3 Paying great attention to the enterprise same time. which is needs to face with. which The market in fact is the balanced process of the means that they pay great attention to the person’s supply and demand on the human resource. On the contrary. The to the word. the labor 3. which has been accepted and obtained the confirmation by most people. In the process of the development on the hotel. 2. the human resource enterprise culture. hotel.administrative personnel on the school records and the factor to survive and develop in the intense market experience requests and very strict in the quality and the competition. but its correct choice which the hotel goes out from the region virtual influence actually has not been changed. 3. As one of training. At the same time. At the 2.4 Paying great attention to the staff's which caused the hotel not grasping the human resource standardized management supply. function of the hotel human resource’ department has limited in the former personnel management. the education. many anxious problems are existed.5 problem of the training to the staff The human resource management in hotel is the key 508 . Having analyzed the present situation of the human resource management in hotel carefully. When selecting the staff. the hotel is lack of the plan on the human culture and the training resource. also the result of the hotel market competition. management must follow the market regulation. the hotel human resource management localization is very important to the oversea hotel about employing labors.1 The narrow scope and the weak plan in When entering the other country market.2 Paying great attention to the localization of following several problems. Moreover. but also pays great attention to the experience. which is also the oversea hotel’s many hotels have already changed name of the original inevitable choice.2 Having not established the supply and standardized service as the key characteristic. which makes the human The human factor is very big to the quality of the resource insufficient. the human resource is the most basic factor to hotel 2. and the construction of the enterprise’s main resource. they can use the resource management are the main problem. 3. The new economy’s competition is the hotel talent’s competition. The hotel not only opens the market with the tradition 3.4 Potential development system of the staff service items. Particularly when they enter in the The narrow scope and the weak plan in hotel human developing country market.

we can adopt the appropriate method to achieve G Stuff the potential development of the staff. implementing the stockholder’s rights department of the hotel can often announce the hillock to the talents will safeguard the hotel. which is the effective attention to the result of the feedback. the individual (1) The employment advertisement ability may obtain a bigger display and his post can be When carrying on the employment advertisement.2). Incentive is the Training manager C Training governor D Employing certain condition to meet demands of the staff. which is safeguard. we can deal achievable goal for every staff. The modern The training work of the hotel needs to pay great enterprise esteems the team spirit. training can includes holding the talents. Although this 4. actually it cannot be detaining talents implemented effectively in the practical operation.1 Establishing the inside and outside selection (2) Training is the biggest welfare to give talents system comprehensively The hotels should pay attention to train the talents so that we can attract and detain the talents. Especially. which relates the talents. which not only includes the personnel’s choice. In this labor department E Training clerk F Department leader process. which shoulders the prosperity and decline In the process of the human resource disposition. but the overall frame is consistent of the staff are very important to the hotel. 509 . order to achieve the food effect in time.2 Changing the measures of attracting and work in the hotel was considered. the hotel the relationship between the staff and the hotel. The hotel’s human resource unceasingly enhance quality of the talents. consistent with the organization goal. 4. development of the hotel. through the corresponding media. the hotel should pay great attention to needs. unceasingly substantial body and display the potential. Taking the work as the with them as follows.4 Exporting the training method of the hotel the staff The training system’s configuration is different from The hotel environment and the potential development the various hotels. advantageous to enhance the training work. we of the enterprise. survival and the development of the hotel. important thing is the task of the stuff. positive to the staff. The hotel should formulate the According to the problems of the hotel. The human resource management Simultaneously. Generally which can advocate the team spirit to enhance the the inspection method of the result is mainly inspection. simultaneously also increases the A Secretary of the human resource department B sentiment of the staff to the hotel. development and the management are a complex system (3)Developing the role of every talents engineering. the (4)Keeping the share-holding and the stockholder’s Designing is the very major role to this item. which is also the efficient path for the stuff to realize their will. can select the talents. we should but not paying great attention to develop the talent’s adjust the content and the form of the advertisement in role. Implementing the talents strategy is the best choice for the hotel development. advantageous in the enthusiastic display of the staff. rights of the staff (2) The recommendation of the internal staff Implementing the share-holding of the staff can make Through the internal staff recommendation. It is not wise for the hotel hotel mainly issues the employment advertisement about only paying great attention to spend on training. Therefore. the skill competition after the training inspection.3 Setting up the potential development idea of 4. which will be situation according to the interior situation in the hotel. (1)Enterprise keeps person in the hotel 4 Countermeasures of solving the problem Each staff has anticipated and the expected the work in the hotel which they engaged. which is also (tab. the the biggest to his attraction. and which can give the hotel a good method to get the also will be advantageous in detaining the talents. The team and individual ability is inseparable. Concrete measures are listed in following several aspects. In the process of the employment must provide the place which the outstanding stuff most advertisement. The hotel’s training is a key job. The The hotel personnel selection mainly includes the opportunity of training enables the talents to have employment advertisement and talents introduction. also hoped that the hotel was developed unceasingly. When the individual goal of the staff' is the following several aspects. but also Different from other kind of welfare. 4.

5. Database of of Different Countries and Their Developing Trend. J. 3) as follows. It’s Not Being Trending Bing Practices in the US”. 137(2):189-191 Human Resource Management and Business Enterprise Group Database of outstanding master's degree full pape in Growth. Corporate Envi-ronmental Managementand and Public Policy[J]. References American Behavioral Scientist. resource management on the innovation. [5] Li Yongfeng. The Influence Publishing.4 Result outputting 5. Only the hotels realize this the inspection can be made easily. we could get an effective method to developing the human resource management Generalized analysis means that the hotels should based on the innovation. item and take action. 6 Conclusion 5. modules (from tab. which system gives the hotels a method to develop the human calculates the results of developing the human resource resource management and promote the development of management from the related samples according to the the hotels. and Millmian. The Relation Research of Journal of Social Psychology. Meanwhile. 71(15) 16 -18 Resource and Environmental Management Greenleaf [2] MainieriTina. which must be complete so that the inspection is accurate and helpful. the should deal with the problems of the complexity and the generalized analysis should be made. 2000. 2008(4) [7] Li Chunlei. BcrryMichael. also called the inspection system. According to the using of the system to examine the results for the hotel. Human Resource Management Strategies by [6] Xiong Min. [4] Clair.“Best Environmental HRM [1] Neff Jack.1 the theory of the balance between supply and demand principles P A B Q 510 . which is very accuracy the inspection system contains several important to the inspection system. and then the information management is very important to the sustainable should be selected according to the different kind so that development of the hotels. 2000. After analyzing the above measures of developing the inference and the neural network. According to fuzzy inference and the neural network. 1997. 2004(7) pape in China .Halliday Jean. model of ANN. The indefinite analysis contains the fuzzy [3] Rondinelli Dennis. 44(2):168-170. 2004(9) Tab. outstanding master's degree full pape in China . Barnett Elaine. Greening People –Hu -man Green[J].3 Synthesis analysis useful measures to develop the human resource management based on the innovation. the hotel can Information acquisition means the hotels should get the actual situation of developing the human collect the information of developing the human resource management which is useful to the hotels. we should establish an inspection non-correlated dates. Lastly. which deals with human resource management and establishing the non-quantificated parameter.2 Generalized analysis Through the above analysis. relativity. which is the The module of the connected analysis includes model foundation of development. Green Buying. J. we the results of the non-correlated samples. Advertising Age. can they develop effectively and efficiently. Database of outstanding master's degree full China .1 Information acquisition According to the generalized analysis. This article gave the hotels a great many 5. Human Resource Management Characteristics Small and Medium Enterprise Networks. 1996:49-74 of Environmental[J]. the inspection of ATMA. we can examine the principles of establishing the inspection system. Concern on Cosumer Behavior. The effective human resource analyze the information. model of ATCH.

3 the inspection system A B C D E F G H I J K 511 . Tab.2 The training system B C D A E F G Tab.