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Fatal poisonings

Socrates (d. 399 BC) , Greek philosopher — According to Plato, sentenced to kill himself by
drinking poison hemlock
Artaxerxes III (d. 338 BC), Persian king, poisoned by his vizier Bagoas
Artaxerxes IV (d. 336 BC), Persian king, poisoned by his vizier Bagoas
Bagoas (d. 336 BC), Persian vizier and king-maker, poisoned by Darius III
Demosthenes (d. 322 BC) Athenian politician
Aratus of Sicyon (d. 213 BC), leader of Sicyon and of the Achaean League
Antipater the Idumaean (d. 43 BC), father of Herod the Great
Cleopatra VII of Egypt (d. 30 BC), poisoned herself with an asp’s bite
Julius Caesar Drusus (d. 23), son of Tiberius
Emperor Hui of Jin China (d. 304)
Ali ibn Abi Talib (d. 661), caliph
Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz (d. 720), umayyad caliph
Musa al-Kazim (d. 799), Shia Imam
Romanus II (d. 963), Byzantine Emperor
Alan III, Duke of Brittany (d. 1040)
Constance of Normandy (d. 1090), daughter of King William I of England
Constantine II of Armenia (d. 1129)
Alphonse I, Count of Toulouse (d. 1148)
Baldwin III of Jerusalem (d. 1162)
Blanche of Bourbon (d. 1361), first wife of King Pedro of Castile
Louis, Count of Gravina (d. 1362)
Robert, Count of Eu (d. 1387)
Ladislaus, King of Naples (d. 1414)
Dmitry Shemyaka (d. 1453), Grand Duke of Moscow; poisoned with arsenic by Vasily
Tyomniy's agents in Great Novgorod
Margaret Drummond (d. 1502), mistress of King James IV of Scotland
Timoji (d.1512), Hindu privateer and Portuguese ally
Juan Ponce de León (d. 1521), Spanish conquistador; after being wounded by a poisoned
Pope Clement VII (d. 1534), ate the death cap mushroom
Mikhail Skopin-Shuisky (d. 1610), Russian general and statesman
Yamada Nagamasa (d. 1630), Japanese adventurer
Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor (d.1740), ate poisonous mushrooms
Johann Schobert (d.1767), German composer, ate poisonous mushrooms believing them to be
Bradford sweets poisoning (1858)
Olive Thomas (d. 1920), Silent film actress, accidentally ingested a large dose of mercury
Madge Oberholtzer (d. 1925) rape victim of KKK leader D. C. Stephenson, mercuric bichloride
Nestor Lakoba (d. 1936), Abkhaz Communist leader, was poisoned by NKVD chef Lavrenti
Abram Slutsky (d.1938), head of Soviet spy service, poisoned with hydrogen cyanide by NKVD
Nikolai Koltsov (d. 1940), famous Russian biologist, was poisoned by secret police NKVD
Erwin Rommel (d. 1944) German general
Adolf Hitler (d. 1945) cyanide and gunshot simultaneously before capture
Eva Hitler (née Braun) (d. 1945) suicide by cyanide capsule at Adolf Hitler's side
The Goebbels children (d. 1945), poisoned by their parents Magda and Joseph Goebbels (who
then killed themselves shortly afterwards by poison and gun shots before capture)
Heinrich Himmler (d. 1945), leader of the Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS); suicide by cyanide capsule
after being captured
Odilo Globocnik (d. 1945)
Hermann Göring (d.1946), leader of the Nazi Luftwaffe; suicide by cyanide capsule, long after
being captured and only hours before his hanging was to take place

7 killed. approximately 200 injured. 1959) poisoned by a cyanide capsule shot from a gun by KGB agents Bandō Mitsugorō VIII (d. 2002). died from a poisoned letter sent by Russian FSB agency Roman Tsepov (d. 12 killed. — Assassinated in London with ricin Peoples Temple cult-members (1978). 1997). Bhopal Disaster (1984) — An accidental release of poisonous gas from a pesticide plant in India that killed over 10. New York. . ate four livers of fugu fish Georgi Markov (d. Marshall Applewhite (d. March 20. carried out by members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult. Nigeria. Bulgarian dissident. a Bishop of the Greek Catholic Church. died three weeks after being poisoned by radioactive polonium-210 Zamfara State lead poisoning epidemic. 2004). June 27. Russian businessman poisoned by unspecified radioactive material Alexander Litvinenko (d.000 people and injured many more. British mathematician — Apparently committed suicide by injecting an apple with cyanide and taking a bite. resulting in claims of chronic poisoning and a massive environmental cleanup. was poisoned in 1947 with injection of curare on the order from Nikita Khrushchev Alan Turing (d. over 900 killed by cyanide-laced punch at Jonestown. Matsumoto incident. 2006).June 2010. Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway. Love Canal (up to 1978) — Buried toxic waste was covered and used as a building site for housing and school in Niagara Falls. a Sunni Jihadi fighter. sarin gas attack carried out by members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult. 1034 injured. Stepan Bandera (d. cult suicide Ibn al-Khattab (d. 1994. Theodore Romzha. 1978). 1995. 1975). Russian ex-spy and investigator. Japanese kabuki actor. 1954). in Zamfara State. March . deaths at least 163 people.

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