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Windows 7 (and Vista) Hacktivation explained, both OEM and BootLoader
Executive Summary
A major breakthrough in Windows 7 Hacktivation happened over the
last 4 days since we've discovered how to activate old (pre-Vista)
Dell, Lenovo, HP... (and probably many others TBD) computers
which originally shipped with Windows XP and on which none of the
Windows7loaders worked until then.
This new method was integrated yesterday into
"Windows 7 loader version 1.5.4 by Daz" (provided in this torrent)
so this tool is now able to hacktivate Windows 7 installation
on which none of the previous loaders used to work : it provides
- a default loader for most computers
- a new, experimental loader, mostly for Macs, to speed up boot time
- the older/classic loader for old Dell/HP/Lenovo/... computers on
which no other loader worked until yesterday.
Because of this, this loader is now the preferred Recommended loader
for Windows 7 Hacktivation on the MyDigitalLife community:
over outdated ones such as 7loader from Hazar/Orbit30
which cannot hacktivate a whole class of older computers.
Please check
as Daz/zsmin are regularly updating and posting new & improved versions.
This URL also contains the ChangeLog of the different versions.
Try this loader: if it works for you, you're all set and you don't
need to read below to understand how Windows 7 activation works.
Location of Microsoft MSDN untouched/unmodified English originals :
Windows 7:
- All versions!
- Ultimate:
* 32-bit:
* 32-bit with Language Pack:
* 64-bit:
* 64-bit with Language Pack:
- Professional 64-bit:
- Enterprise:
* 32-bit:
* 64-bit:
Windows Vista with Service Pack 2: all editions including Ultimate,
both 32 and 64-bit:

French: Windows 7 Ultimate:
- 32 bits:
- 64 bits:
Windows Vista with Service Pack 2: all editions including Ultimate:
Looking for more languages ?

txt : This file.0. just reuse the same tool to re-activate so if some Microsoft Update was to disable your activation in the future. or check : Tool to compare the Public Key stored inside a XrML License Certificate and a BIOS SLIC files (to ensure they are paired and match) README.php?t=8632 for updates! WinHex-15. an advanced BIOS inspection tool (Everest and others are not sufficient anymore to inspect the contents of ACPI tables in depth) SLIC-2.1 tables.mydigitallife.5.txt : Some SHA-1 checksums of the original (untouched/unmodified) MSDN official Windows 7 distributions ISOs.3.php?t=8114 MANIFEST ..txt : Exhaustive list of known Windows 7 keys currently.xrm-ms XrML License Certificates PubKeyCompare_1.5.. or to build your own loader following the instructions I've posted at http://forums.0. Useful if you're security conscious and you want to ensure the operating system you're installing hasn't been tampered by "unknown" people. especially if you intend to access your online bank account from it! Prevents spywares. typos and updates will be posted on the description of this torrent on Demonoid : Tool to display information in a BIOS SLIC filedump ( : The Recommended Loader on MyDigitalLife (over Hazar/Orbit30 and others) since it can now activate a whole class of older computers on which none of the activators worked until yesterday.3.mydigitallife. Think twice before installing "custom" hacked distributions.7z : Binary dumps of various OEM BIOS ACPI SLIC version 2. Check and other nasty surprises. : list of 40 manufacturers' : WinHex 15.Contents of this torrent ----------------------------------- 40-CERTS.Search on an advanced hexadecimal editor for inspecting files . Useful for inspection with RWeverything.bin) win7keys.4.4.aspx Another advantage of using an original Microsoft MSDN distribution : you know *exactly* which tool you used to activate your copy of Windows 7. Get all checksums from: : Read/Write Everything version 1. The most useful ones are the OEM:SLP ones since Microsoft cannot blacklist them : millions of PCs shipped by OEMs with Windows 7 pre-activated wouldn't work anymore if they did ! Win7-MSDN-Checksums. or use a newer version of the same tool since you know it works on your system ! Windows7Loader-v1.0.

such as Dell. they use generic OEM:SLP keys to mass-activate offline all the computers they build with the same key. This file must match the BIOS ACPI SLIC tag or activation will fail ! .a few magical bytes in the computer BIOS (ACPI) hardware: for Windows Vista. and partitions.x-ways.. WinHex15-keygen. OEMs do NOT enter the unique key/serial number they print on your computer sticker to pre-activate Windows. such as Dell or's an offline activation which does not contact Microsoft. such as Dell. it must be a "SLIC version OEM:SLP key (serial number) entered in Windows.1" table. Keys do not encode whether your OS is 32-bit or 64-bit. Downloaded from : Key Generator to unlock WinHex advanced features and allowing you to save files over 200 KiB. which is pre-installed by the OEM and present on the OEM Windows recovery/reinstallation DVD. In fact.xrm-ms. . typically called Dell. which makes it harder for Microsoft to blacklist them . Even if you want to use the key printed on your OEM sticker on your computer.txt" Download it from the official website to verify it hasn't been modified. Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not. Asus. However. . for Windows 7..Microsoft cannot simply blacklist these keys anyway since they are legitimately used by millions of consumers who bought an OEM PC pre-installed with an authentic copy of Windows ! Keys for Vista/7 do not encode the name of the manufacturers. Technical details: understanding Windows 7 (and Vista) activation ----------------------------------------------------------------- Windows XP used to have offline activation for corporations (Volume License Keys for XP Professional). Such an activation requires 3 components: . most manufacturers used the exact same key for Vista.0" table. it must be a "SLIC version 2. you still have to contact or call Microsoft to activate your edition of Windows. Using this key forces you to contact Microsoft for activation ! Instead. and Norman : "File Type Signatures Search. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers. These keys are interesting because . This table identifies the name of the OEM.) have a System-Locked Pre-activation ("OEM SLP") method so that the consumer buying an OEM pre-activated computer does not have to contact Microsoft to activate Don't be surprised if WinHex triggers 2/41 matches on VirusTotal: eSafe: Suspicious File. HP.a matching XML license file.

. In any case. and Microsoft needs to upgrade everyone progressively to 64-bit technology. The explanations will be for Windows 7 Ultimate ONLY. you most probably have a SLIC version 2. You'll need to check for any BIOS upgrade on your manufacturer's website. you most probably have a SLIC version 2. and you may also have received an upgrade coupon allowing you to upgrade to Windows 7 when it ships. or Retail. you'll need to choose the proper key in win7keys. this README will only support FRESH (VIRGIN) INSTALLATIONS of an UNTOUCHED/UNMODIFIED MSDN Windows 7 distribution. or OEM (sticker. provides that it exists. Keys do not encode the language (such as English or French) of your Windows OS either.1. How to inspect your BIOS ------------------------ Beware of Vista/7 "loaders" as their whole point is to insert fake SLIC entries in memory when the ACPI BIOS doesn't have any.1. you can't brick your computer since we're not doing hardware modifications such as flashing the BIOS. (on a lighter note. The only reliable way to find out if you have a real SLIC in your hardware is to boot on a Windows DVD. so the worst that can happen is that you have to reformat and reinstall everything) Due to the variety of Hacked BootLoaders and Hacked Windows 7 distributions out there. and the key type. format your disk/partition. this can make your computer unbootable. you probably don't have a SLIC table at all. As usual.txt.0 table. you just gained a free Windows 7 upgrade ! . They may or may not work with other editions since some of them like Enterprise have special requirements for activation. as most PCs will end up having more than 3 GiB of RAM. and may have to reformat and reinstall your operating system from scratch. not SLP). .If your computer pre-dates Vista. so you'll probably need to use a "loader" to emulate a SLIC table in software. But there is no reason to install anything else than Windows 7 Ultimate anyway :-) .If your computer was shipped between 2007 and mid-2009 with Windows Vista pre-installed.This is on purpose. such as Ultimate.If your computer was shipped after mid-2009 with Windows pre-installed. Ensure you have backed up all of your data before proceeding. such as OEM:SLP. You can lose all data. Loaders also hack your boot sector. If you're lucky and flashing your BIOS with the latest version upgrades your SLIC table to version 2. install Windows and inspect your BIOS *before* running any "loader". Why is this useful to you ? You need to find out what you have in your BIOS. Keys encode your edition of Vista.

. "FACS". "APIC". Shortly after.The explanations work for 32-bit or 64-bit original MSDN distributions.3. I suggest selecting "Custom (advanced) instead". select "Onboard or USB CD-ROM drive" to boot from the DVD. Then select each partition and click "Delete" until they are all deleted.. Safely Remove Hardware : USB key. You can also open an elevated Command Prompt ("Run as Administrator") and run "bcdedit. in any language. turn on your computer and hit F12 (or whatever the BootMenu key is on your computer) a few times when the OEM logo appears on the BIOS.3" folder and run SetupRw. Click on "Drive options (advanced)". This mark in the lower right screen corner will disappear when you uninstall R/W Everywhere from your computer. A recent BIOS update could add "official" SLIC licenses for Windows 7 and Vista to your computer ! If you find a BIOS and copy this file in your "Documents Library". . you are presented with the list of your existing disk partitions. when your computer is completely installed. insert the Windows 7 Ultimate DVD. Right click on "RWeverything-v1. "FACP". turn off your computer. Wait up to 30 seconds for it to disassemble your ACPI BIOS.exe This will install R/W Everywhere on your PC. as the keys are not language or 32/64-bit specific. PS: on 64-bit systems. installing R/W Everywhere may switch your Windows into "Test mode" as it has an unsigned driver. 15 minutes later. next to the "RSDT". and click on the ACPI button in the Toolbar. Say goodbye to your data. and uncheck [ ] Automatically activate Windows when I'm online. hit return when the prompt "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" appears. "Install now" Accept the license terms. Run R/W Everywhere..exe /set TESTSIGNING OFF" to disable it. flash your BIOS according to your manufacturer's instructions and reboot your computer. and unplug it. On the next screen.3. DO NOT ENTER ANY KEY. "SSDT". "HPET".zip" and select "Extract All. When requested to enter a key/serial number. ones. "XSDT". Finally select the empty disk space/partition where you want to install Windows 7 and click "Next".. an advanced BIOS inspection tool. Choose your language and keyboard preferences." Go into the "RWeverything-v1. Insert the USB key where you have stored RWeverything-v1. Even if you are presented with the "Upgrade" option on the "Which type of installation do you want?". In the "Boot Device Menu". Check if you have a "SLIC" tab. check your PC manufacturer's website to verify whether there is a BIOS update available.

. and given the current state of BIOS "modding" (hacking) technology. adding one in your hardware is not feasible -- the risks of "bricking" your computer are too high... Look under the hexadecimal dump for "pretty printed" disassembled version.1 tag (System Locked Preactivation 2.0) for Vista only. (all zeroes) you have a SLIC version 2.0 (Vista) or 2.) SLIC Marker Structure Type 0x00000001 (1) Length 0x000000B6 (182) Version 0x00020000 (131072) OEM ID "DELL " OEM Table ID "M07 " Windows Flag "WINDOWS " Reserved 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 Signature 0x51 0xE9 0xA5 0xCD 0x35 0x30 0x91 0xB0 0x9B 0xC0 0xCE 0x05 0xFA 0x26 0xB5 0x43 (... If you see a SLIC tab.. here's how to find if you have a SLIC version 2.1) . It should read: Signature "SLIC" Length 0x00000176 (374) Revision 0x01 (1) Checksum 0x47 (71) OEM ID "DELL " OEM Table ID "M07 " OEM Revision 0x27D60C12 (668339218) Creator ID "ASL " Creator Revision 0x00000061 (97) OEM Public Key Structure Type 0x00000000 (0) Length 0x0000009C (156) Key Type 0x06 (6) Version 0x02 (2) Reserved 0x0000 (0) Algorithm 0x00002400 (9216) Magic "RSA1" Bit Length 0x00000400 (1024) Exponent 0x00010001 (65537) Modulus 0x7F 0xF6 0xC1 0x05 0xBE 0x5C 0x57 (. You will need to use a software bootloader to fake a SLIC table in memory if you want to OEM:SLP activate Vista/7 offline (without contacting Microsoft).If you don't see a SLIC tab. you do not have any "license" in your BIOS. (all zeroes) you have a SLIC version 2. If it starts with: Reserved 0x01 0x00 0x02 0x00 0x00 .0 tag (System Locked Preactivation 2..) Look at the Reserved line after the Windows Flag "WINDOWS " If it starts with: Reserved 0x00 0x00 0x00 ..1 (Windows 7): Click on the SLIC tab.

How to activate Windows 7 with a SLIC v2. for example : cd \Users\YourUserName\Documents dir and verify the OEM.xrm-ms file is in the current directory (replace "OEM. The Window title should be "Administrator: Command Prompt" and the prompt should typically be C:\Windows\system32>. use the SLIC table entries as a guidance on which one to choose: if your "OEM Table ID" is "TOSINV". Accessories.. In the example above. the User Account Control windows will appear. it looks like almost all OEMs used the exact same key for Vista. RIGHT CLICK on it and select "Run as Administrator".xrm-ms (wait a few seconds until a popup appears confirming the certificate was successfully installed) .which allows you to OEM:SLP activate Windows 7. Acer) are at the top. so try again until you succeed :-) Change directory to where you placed the proper OEM. you have a "real" license for Windows 7 (and Vista. In fact. Go into the Start Menu. If the prompt is only "Command Prompt" and the prompt displays C:\Users\YourUserName>.xrm-ms XML License Certificate matching your manufacturer's "OEM ID" as it appears in your SLIC tab. it means you screwed up and didn't open this Command Prompt as Administrator.1. such as Toshiba. the "OEM ID" is Dell.1. You just need to .find a OEM. while Vista requires a SLIC of any version.XRM-MS You also need an OEM:SLP Product key: check the file win7keys. mouse over "Command Prompt". as the product keys do not encode the OEM: the Dell key will work on an Acer computer and vice-versa. Look in the file "40-CERTS.xrm-ms file you need to use on your computer.1 in your ACPI BIOS. Lenovo. or Vista ! Windows 7 requires a SLIC version 2. use TOSHIBA-TOSINV.1 ------------------------------------------ If you have a SLIC table version 2..xrm-ms" or whatever the name of your "OEM ID" is in your SLIC table) Install the XRM-MS License Certificate with : SLMGR -ilc OEM. You can use any key on any OEM equipment.0 or 2.xrm-ms" with "" in this torrent: it has License Certificates for 40 different manufacturers ! In case they are multiple Certificates for your OEM.txt in this torrent. The 3 known Windows 7 Ultimate OEM:SLP keys at the moment (Dell. Confirm that you want to run this Command Prompt Elevated. your choice). 2. All Programs. The screen will gray out.

using the "Bios mod users : Install certificate and serial" button. Install the Windows 7 Ultimate OEM:SLP key you've chosen in the win7keys..txt file. except in very special circumstances. I've picked the Dell one (2d line) SLMGR -ipk 342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K27 (wait up to 30 seconds until a popup appears confirming the product key was successfully installed) You can now reconnect to the network : plug back the Ethernet cable. When you're logged into Windows. right-click on it and select DISABLE. RIGHT-CLICK on Computer (left-hand side) and select "Properties". Accessories. For Wireless connections: RIGHT-CLICK on the Network icon in the System Tray (lower right corner of the screen next to the time/date). select "Open Network and Sharing Center". Command Prompt) and run: slmgr -dlv It reads: Partial Product Key: P4K27 (the last 5 letters/numbers of the key you entered) Licence Status: Licensed PS: you can also use "Windows 7 Loader version 1. If you're interested by exploring BIOS modding technology. All Programs. and not SIMGR or S1MGR :-) MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE NETWORK TO PERFORM THIS STEP ! (this ensures this is an offline activation which does not attempt to contact Microsoft in any way.. But it's SLMGR like "Software License ManaGeR".5. on the left hand-side menu of the window. Close all windows and reboot your computer. In my case. How to activate Windows 7 without a SLIC ---------------------------------------- You have to use a bootloader which emulates a SLIC in memory. you can now right-click and ENABLE them back.) For wired connections. go into the Start Menu.4 by Daz" or any later version to perform these two steps easily.The caps in SLMGR are not necessary -. or if you right-clicked and DISABLEd any Network connection. as the current state of BIOS modding technology does not permit to create/insert a SLIC in your hardware BIOS from scratch. Keep this window open as we'll need it again in a few seconds. it should read "Windows activation : Windows is activated" You can also confirm it by opening a "regular" Command Prompt (Start Menu. At the very bottom of the screen. select "Change adapter settings" and for each active network connection. the easiest way to disconnect is to unplug your Ethernet can type "slmgr". .

install your OEM Certificate: SLMGR -ilc OEM. All Programs. When you're logged into Windows.1" section : In a nutshell. Close all windows and reboot your computer. run "Windows 7 Loader version 1. . check "Use the older loader". If all 3 versions are it should read "Windows activation : Windows is activated" You can also confirm it by opening a "regular" Command Prompt (Start Menu.install a Vista Ultimate OEM:SLP key.mydigitallife.check the MyDigitalLife forum at http://forums.4 by Daz" again (or any later version) and in the "Soft mod users" section. go into the Start Menu. This is mostly useful on Mac computers to avoid extra delays when booting.xrm-ms . Accessories. How to activate Windows 7 with a SLIC version 2. Reboot and check your activation status again. such as: SLMGR -ipk 6F2D7-2PCG6-YQQTB-FWK9V-932CC However. and for this you need to upgrade your BIOS SLIC v2. from an elevated Vista Command Prompt: . one size doesn't fit all for bootloader technology. and it's pretty much a trial-and-error approach until you find the one which works on your computer. which works on most computers.5.0 ------------------------------------------------- Your SLIC version 2. please report your problem on the MyDigitalLife forum with a complete R/W Everywhere export of your computer ACPI tables.4 by Daz" or any later version.0 into version 2.0 entitles you to a legitimate license for any Vista edition you want using the method explained in the "How to activate Windows 7 with a SLIC v2. If both are failing. Beware it modifies the boot sector.php?f=16 for state-of-the-art information on this topic. Run "Windows 7 Loader version 1. you probably want to upgrade to Windows 7 instead. maybe some HP and other vendors too. Try installing the default loader. Unfortunately. At the very bottom of the screen. You need to use the "Soft mod users" section. RIGHT-CLICK on Computer (left-hand side) and select "Properties". Command Prompt) and run: slmgr -dlv It reads: Partial Product Key: P4K27 (the last 5 letters/numbers of the key you entered) Licence Status: Licensed If this doesn't work to hacktivate your Windows 7 copy. This is useful for older (pre-Vista) Dell computers such as Optiplex GX520/GX620 and many others. try the "new experimental loader". and you risk not being able to boot (at all).

That's all folks :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- END OF FILE .php?f=16 Otherwise. posted at http://www.demonoid.0 in memory with a custom SLIC Please leave a comment if you found this tutorial useful. 3 Sept 2009 by Downloadix Written exclusively for Demonoid. please provide as much detail as possible in your comment. No SLIC in BIOS.0. If you used this activation method and it worked for you.5.4 by Daz".com Follow-up to "Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 (or SP1) activation (both OEM and BootLoader) explained". a less risky approach is to use a software bootloader once again to try to override the SLIC v2. such as: "Hacktivated Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit French on a Dell Optiplex GX620. used the older loader in Windows 7 Loader v1.5.mydigitallife.4 by Daz" or any later version and try each of the 3 loaders in the "Soft mod users" section until you find one which works on your system.1 Use the instructions in the section "How to activate Windows 7 without a SLIC" above to run "Windows 7 Loader version 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.If you're willing to risk "bricking" your PC by flashing a custom. hacked BIOS (there's typically a 1% chance of bricking it) check the explanations and the already modded and verified-as-working custom BIOSes on the MyDigitalLife forum at http://forums.