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of course. normal adjustment ordinarily proceeds by means of acquisition or development. Learning.  Normal adjustment can be effectively achieved and maintained throuht the medium of learning. the adolescent who fails to learn the responsibilities of adult living cannot be expected to adjust normally to adult situations. Indeed. techniques and skills that his role demands will not achieve adjustment to military life. reaches far beyond these two approaches and constitutes one of the most effective means of coping with the demands of daily living. In every instance. Only when a person already possesses equipment that is wholly adequate to such demands is learning not necessary. The soldier who fails to acquire the knowledge. exploration and trial and error are merely special techniques by which the organism becomes acquainted with (learns) respons that are beneficial to adequate adjustment. c   . normally adjustment is furthered by the acquisition and development of responses that are required to meet the demands of various situations. the social worker who remains prejudiced against minority groups cannot expect to meet the requirements of her position. When adequate equipment is lacking.

prohibits violent expression of feelings and emotion. the other making possible the direction of mental processes and behavior into acceptable channel of expression . excludes excessive they riming. exploration. whenever these control are manifested in a persons response to a situation. c   . The normally adjusted person sets limits to such needs as hunger. Thus. we can say that he is adjusting normally. particularly before marriage. thirst. whole some degree of self-control are fundamental to normal adjustment. Hence effective adjustment can only be secure by means of intelligent control of responses involved in sexual behavior. trial and error. We have already noted that the right amount of inhibition and an effective. In the matter of sexual adjustment. directs thinking along logical lines. emotion. Here we see the close relation between inhibition and self-control. as well as control of toughs.     There are times when the ends of normal adjustment are better served by the blocking or inhibition of responses then by the acquisition or development of new ones. and behavior. the one serving to block the expression of a drive or motive. however sexual adjustment is not the only situation requiring inhibition and control. and learning are for the most part precluded by social and moral restrictions. for example. and rest. Normal adjustment requires control of all appetites at one time or another. imagination.

marital happiness. health. Persons who are chronically beset with adjustment difficulties are notoriously lucking in the ability to organize their thinking and behavior systematically in the interest of realizing some plan action. this planning be directed toward future economic security. Normal adjustment is reflected also in the consistent application of intelligence to problem budget their time efficiently. the education of ones children. Nowhere is this more evident than in the process of intelligent planning. Many students. for example. or to organize their study habits. get into academic difficulties because they fail to plan their course of studies intelligently. Many teachers court maladjustment by their failure to organize their daily activities in terms of a . or the responsibility of a job.

This characteristic is strikingly illustrated in the skill and efficiency with which leaders in industry. Inteeligent planning. . and education meet the complex demands that arise from day to day in their different occupations. directed toward the future and thus helps to ensure continuous adjustment by anticipation of difficulties that are like to arise.carefully devised plan that would enable them to complete their work with a minimum of fatigue and frustration. One can readily see that if intelligent planning were not use in situations of this kind. This anticipation gives the individual an oppoturnity to organize his resources foe meeting demands and problems as they have to be faced and to instigate whatever changes of learning may be necessary. frustration and maladjustment would be the common lot of outstanding men and women. government.