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This story came about after I first read the HP books in May 2000.

Book 3 was th
e one I
enjoyed most, and I liked Professor Lupin's character in particular; so this sto
ry is essentially
one about Lupin, but seen through Harry's eyes. Hope you'll enjoy reading it!
~ Kim/Starlight

A new school year has begun. At the start of term feast, Harry is pleased to see
Professor Lupin is back as Defence Against the Dark Arts master. After the feast
he goes to see Lupin in his office, but they are interrupted halfway by Professo
There was a knock on the door, and Professor Dumbledore came in, looking
rather preoccupied.
"I've just received a letter from Professor Bubcek, Remus," he said, hardly
seeming to notice that Harry was there. "There's trouble in Kamchatka.
He's asked me to help, and asked if you could come too."
Lupin looked surprised. "What sort of trouble?"
Dumbledore looked bemused. "Someone from the dark side appears to
be trying to collect followers again. Oleg thinks it's Voldemort, but I don't
think " Dumbledore shook his head thoughtfully, then added, "it seems he's
using a demon to help him."
Lupin looked even more surprised.
Dumbledore said, "There's more to it, but no time to explain. It sounds urgent
I'd like to go at once. Will you come?"
"Of course," Lupin said swiftly. He turned to Harry.
"Harry, I have to go we'll talk another time, shall we?"
"All right," said Harry, rather taken aback, but curious. What could be happenin
Was Voldemort back ?
Dumbledore and Lupin had moved over to the centre of the room.
"Portkeys don't work in Kamchatka," Lupin was saying, "because of the volcanoes.
"Yes, and we can't Apparate the usual way from here," replied Dumbledore. "I'm
going to open a Vortex."
He lifted his wand. "It's a long distance I'll have to concentrate a bit harder

There was a brilliant flash of light. It filled the whole room, then the room se
emed to
start to spin, faster and faster Harry could feel himself being sucked into the
He tried to grab at the door, but was pulled away everything rushed by in a blur
and he felt himself losing consciousness.
"Harry! Wake up!"
Harry found himself lying on the ground. Professor Lupin was tapping him hard on
the face. He slowly opened his eyes.
"Are you all right?" Lupin asked. Dumbledore was standing behind Lupin, watching
Harry blinked. He felt as if he had been beaten thoroughly with a stick. His who
body ached.
"Fine," he muttered, sitting up. He stared around.
They weren't at Hogwarts any more. The morning sun shone down on him, but the
air was cold.
Harry shivered. Towering over him was a castle, smaller than the one at Hogwarts
Harry looked at it, fascinated. It was brightly coloured, but its most distincti
ve feature
was that each tower was crowned with an onion-shaped dome.
The surrounding countryside was a large expanse of bleak, wild-looking forest. I
the distance, Harry could see what looked like a line of smoking volcanoes.
Lupin was saying to Dumbledore, "The Vortex sucked him in as well. You have to
send him back."
"I can't, today, Remus," Dumbledore replied, with a swift glance at Harry. "The
Vortex can only be opened once a day."
Harry slowly stood up. He still felt a bit dizzy.
"Where are we?" he blurted out.
Lupin sighed. "We're in Kamchatka, Harry," he said.
"Kam - what?" said Harry blankly, "where -"
"Russia," said Lupin. "It's a long way -"
He was interrupted by a shout. A wizard was walking briskly up from the castle
entrance. He was short and stout, with a long brown beard, and there was a jolly
twinkle in his eyes. His robes were a dark grey, and trimmed with fur. A fur cap
was perched on his head. For some reason, he reminded Harry vaguely of Cornelius
Fudge, the Minister of Magic.
"Albus!" he hailed them. "Remus! And - " he looked at Harry.

"This is Harry Potter, Oleg," said Dumbledore. "I'm afraid he was swept into our
Vortex by mistake, as we were coming here. Harry, this is Professor Oleg Bubcek,
an old friend of mine."
"Harry Potter! But of course!" cried Professor Bubcek excitedly, peering at Harr
scar, and crushing Harry's hand in his. "What an honour! I've always wanted to m
eet you!
How delightful that - "
"We came at once, Oleg," interrupted Dumbledore. "I think you should brief us
Professor Bubcek became serious at once.
"Of course," he said gravely, "yes, please come to my office. I'm truly grateful
your help, Albus " he was leading them to the castle. " but this is beyond anyth
I can handle." He turned to Lupin. "Remus it's good to see you again "
Harry found himself running to keep up with them, his hand still aching from Bub
handshake. His mind was in a whirl. What were they doing here? How had he ended
up here? He kept thinking, Ron and Hermione won't believe this
The interior of the castle was less colourful than the exterior. They passed doo
rs with
what looked like name plates on them, but the words were in Russian so Harry cou
read them. Professor Bubcek led them to his office, where a maidservant brought
them drinks. Harry looked at the glass before him with interest; the liquid in i
t was fiery red.
Lupin looked at Harry and frowned.
"That could well be a bit strong for you, Harry," he observed.
To Harry's chagrin, he said something to the maidservant, who presently returned
with a glass of what looked like pink fruit juice.
They sat down around the table, and Bubcek began.
"As I mentioned, Albus, we've been hearing rumours for several years that someon
from the dark side has been venturing abroad again, gathering power and trying t
recruit people." He looked from Dumbledore to Lupin. "For a long time we dismiss
them as rumours. You know what it's like here the villages are all very isolated
, and
folk here are very superstitious."
Harry looked at his pink drink. It looked extremely insipid compared to what the
rest were drinking.
"Some of the rumours were bizarre," continued Professor Bubcek, "in particular,
that this Dark Lord had demons working for him, that the demons would slaughter
and drink the blood of those who resisted him."

" He swallowed. Oleg. the burning sensation wasn't so bad. almost in a whisper.the beast -" He gulped down some of his drink to calm himself. "Then. and those who didn't flee all perished." whispered Bubcek. "Then. but they were terrifie d because of what had happened at Tigil. The messenger said he brought a monstrous beast with him he said the entire village was slaughtered. a week ago. This time. in case they were attacked. That's why I called you . perhaps the same one.Harry took a sip of his drink. Voldemort is not in the vicinity of Kamchatka. were twinkling. he attacked them a day lat er." he swallowed. "He said that an envoy from the Dark Lord had approached the village elders and tried to seduce them to his side. I have s pies " Bubcek winced at the mention of the name. "Albus. Albus. When they resisted." Bubcek looked pale." Harry took another sip of his drink.we tried to save some. I'm sure of it. another messenger came. the Dark Lord vanished with his demon "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has returned again. two days ago. They too had turned him away. "I didn't believe him at first but then I went up to Tigil to have a was true. but they appeared to be listening intently to B ubcek. We . He looked at the others. Lupin's eyes. but there was mayhem it was over in minutes. the village ruined. "From what I know. Harry strained to hear what he was saying. the village burst i nto flames the people came running out and the beast . It was hideous people died like're the only one who can help us. a messenger came from the village of Tigil. "We're powerless against him. and almost choked. He felt a burning sensation in his throat." Bubcek went on. "With one wave of his wand." Professor Bubcek shook his head. They begged me and the others to come and help defend them. We went through a nightmare that night !" He stopped. Dumbledore frowned. "Near midnight he came a man at least seven feet tall and he had with him a fearsome beast . disembowelled . you wouldn't believe it that night. however. me and some of t he others went up to Sedanka. .. then continued. Albus the whole village was smoking and in ruins there were charred bodies still there and some others. "The beast ran berserk through the village. slaughtering people. this time sent by the elders from a village near Sedanka they had just been approached by an envoy as well.

We need to see this beast and find out what it is. Lupin looked at Dumbledore. "They just call him "The Dark Lord". "We will not attack this Dark Lord tonight. I would like to determine the extent of his power . That will work to our advantage when we move on him later. "There may be another attack tonight." "But ." Dumbledore nodded." Dumbledore was silent for a while." He glanced at Dumbledore as he spoke. then slowly nodded in assent. we need to see your seven-foo t wizard to determine if it is indeed Voldemort " Harry had finished his drink. Harry opened his mouth to protest." Bubcek looked at him. before deciding on a strategy to combat him." he said. we'll do the best we can. but Bubcek was already speaking. "Just the four of us?" "Three.there is only one Dark Lord.what about Kovran?" he said. then?" he asked." "How is this charm performed?" asked Harry. "The Abdovius charm."Did the envoy never tell the name of this Dark Lord?" asked Lupin." said Dumbledore. "I can conceal some of us on this Dark Lord's can accompany him back to his castle as if we were sitting in his pocket or on his shoulder. intrigued. "That's why I sent for you." "Evacuate them elsewhere. "Harry's not coming. "Oleg. You have to help me stop this. "You have a plan in mind. Dumbledore turned to him and smiled. "At worst. ." he added. "No." he said at last. His head was beginning to feel very light." "But you are not coming with us. and see how many followers he has collected. And we know . thinking. "But . "He has defeated He-Who- Must-Not-Be-Named before . I can perform it for several people. "At the moment he does not know we are here." said Lupin decisively. "But we need more information . Oleg." he said. Bubcek shook his head." Dumbledore looked at Harry's hopeful face. Harry." said Lupin firmly. no more than five. "Who will go tonight." said Lupin. I gather. "A complex charm. "We can't let all these people die. at Kovran. the village can go up in can rebuild it when they's Harry Potter!" pointed out Bubcek." he said to Bubcek.he .

to ward them off. You can open me. was startled. There was now a small sea of dolls surrounding him. What was the use of being in an adventure where you did nothing? He wished he had brought his Invisibility Cloak along. The Abdovius Charm works for five. There was a large wooden doll with big eyes and rosy cheeks on the table next to the window. they flew straight toward the doll in his hand and disappeared inside it. He assumed that eventually the dolls would become so small that there wouldn't be any more inside." he said to himself. In a twinkling. like a little girl's." chirped the smaller doll. Harry looked out of the window at the smoking volcanoes in the distance. but after opening around thirty he realised they weren't actually getting any smaller. Its face and arms and clothes had all been painted on. with large. then suddenly looked at Harry and spoke. The doll wa s actually hollow. One by one. But you can ask one more wizard along. Oleg." Bubcek looked disappointed. and to Harry's alarm they suddenly jumped into the air and flew toward him like a swarm of bees. It was Professor Bubcek." he . he lifted the remaining doll he was holding up in front of him. old-fashioned furniture. There was another even smaller one inside." Harry felt gloomy as he and the others followed Professor Bubcek's maidservant to their rooms. then. and the doll in his hand was suddenly wooden and inanimate again. who had been looking out of the window. before he realised they weren't attacking him. "I suppose I could ask Atlasov to come. Harry. and it came off. "You've got no company. Harry opened the smaller doll. and saw a thin groove round her waist. twittering voi ces. the room was empty of dolls. It was smooth and rounded. "I know why. "Why are you sad?" The doll's voice was high-pitched. and they were all talking to each other in high. Harry. I guess." chirped the doll." he said. and get acquainted a bit." Harry peered closer at the doll. someone knocked on the door. identical doll. His room was a comfortable one. when they send me back. The dolls all squeaked in fright. and nested inside was another smaller. "I'll be stuck here till tomorrow. too. Instinctively. Picking it up. and cylindrical in shape." he said gently. He rose from the table. but four is an easier number to handle. I will show you to your rooms. It seemed inanimate at first. "Harry will not be coming. Harry put the doll back on the table and then went and opened the door. there are more of us inside. "Just came to see if you're comfortable. "You can open me. At this moment. "Tonight. he twisted the top half of the doll."No.

Professor Bubcek seemed to have something on his mind. "Well. "Not at all. but didn't quite know how to start saying it." said Bubcek. the fact is. the lives of all those villagers depend on seems a godsend . Harry. but it remained silent. it was no accident you came here . but . I believe it was fated. "But his concern for you blinds him to the bigger picture . "I tell you." "Professor Bubcek . "Quick!" he hissed at Harry. Bubcek seemed a bit nervous. waving a hand impatiently. If you wear it." said Harry. surprised. and looked meaningfully at Harry. it is so." he began at last.I hope you won't mind if I speak my mind. "Tonight." began Harry.such a coincidence . "Take this. "it seems providential to me that you came along . Harry stared blankly back." Harry found himself clutching a small amulet on a chain. I was just having a chat with him. "please do not think me forward. "Think about it." whispered Bubcek urgently." "But Professor Lupin . as if he might be overheard." said Bubcek.of course." he said politely." Bubcek looked furtively around. in our moment of need.destiny has sent you here to help us. politely. "Harry.said cheerfully. as your a matter of fact. He glanced at the doll. opening the door. his beard twitching a bit. and let him in. "The .the room's very nice." He stopped. Remus. . "Are you there?" Bubcek panicked. "Oh ." Lupin knocked on the door again. you must come with us. "Harry?" It was Lupin's voice. then leaned forward and said in a whisper. thrusting something in his hand." "Remus." he added. Harry sat down on the bed." Harry felt rather apprehensive. "You are the only one who has ever defeated He-Who- Must-Not-Be-Named! You are exactly the person we need to aid us in our quest now! No." There was a knock at the door. is understandably anxious about your safety. it will make you invisible." called out Bubcek. and lowered his portly frame into a chair. "May I sit down?" he inquired. "Remember. Bubcek . "He's coming.

"He just came to ask if I liked my room. "The magic in this part of the world is slightly different from that at Hogwarts . a while ago." and he disappeared out the door. and they can be very dangerous indeed. Lupin looked surprised. "You've been here before. "Oh?" said Lupin - "I'll see you. Harry. I must be off." He looked hopefully at Lupin. "Tonight. this room." "But -" said Harry. Then. "Well.maybe it wasn't a coincidence I came along." He looked at Harry seriously." "Do you know any of the local magic? The type that doesn't need wands?" asked Harry. Lupin shook his head slightly." Harry looked at him. Professor Dumbledore will send you back to Hogwarts. "True. you know. Lupin looked slightly suspiciously after him. he smiled. indeed. with on ly rudimentary knowledge of magic. "I have. "but it does n't really concern you. That's why I know Professor Bubcek. just getting acquainted with Mr Potter here. raising an eyebrow. It was a statement." said Harry." he said to Harry. no." His face had gone rather pink. then closed the door and turned to Harry. to have a chance to meet him. But there are also some wizards who are well versed in the magical arts."Think about what I said. Tomorrow. looking intently at Harry. Promise me you'll stay in this castle. He's the Director of this Institute." he answered." he puffed. "I did enjoy our chat." he said. His expression was stern." he said. Remus. I want you to promise me you'll stay in this castle. the majority of the people here are simple folk. trying not to look guilty. seeing Harry's face. "I'd like to help. intrigued. Harry. "I did some research here after I left Hogwa rts. "Oh no." said Bubcek. It would be foolish to provoke them or cross their path. so exciting. maybe there's something I could do. tonight. you know. "I hope I'm not interrupting -" he began. "I know this is all a bit confusing to you. Lupin looked from Bubcek to Harry." he said kindly. "Some of them don't even need wands to do advanced magic. "just popped by." continued Lupin. I mean . no. Lupin looked stern again. first thing in the morning. "Don't even think of trying to follow us -" "I wasn't -" protested Harry. .Harry hastily stuffed the amulet into his robes. won't you? " . if possible. not a question.

one of the party had returned. and peering down the stairs through the banisters at t he others. "It's even worse being here and doing n othing. He retreated into his room whenever anyone on his level approached. in case they knocked on his door and found he wasn't there. Harry tried on the amulet." he muttered to himself. but knew his presence would b e more of a hindrance than a help. coming back to say he could come." ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER TWO - After Lupin had left. Dumbledore and the others gathered in the hall be low. with shifty eyes and a small black moustache. "Don't think of trying to learn any of it. hanging around the landing outside his room. especially while you are st ill not yet a fully qualified wizard." he repeated. He was tall and dark."I know a little. than if I had stayed on at Hogwarts. There seemed to be a lot of activity in the castle. Harry hastily retreated to a corner. owls flying in and ou t." He got up to go. With them was another wizard." He started. whom Harry had overheard was Vladimir Atlasov. At around five in the evening." he said shortly. . For a wild moment. people running up and down. He spent the rest of the afternoon with the amulet on. I believe Professor Dumbledore only asked me to come because I'm familiar with this place. It made him invisible the momen t he placed it round his neck. The maidservant who had served them drinks opened it. and he found it more convenient to use than his Invisi bility Cloak. Harry didn't like him very much. Harry watched miserably as they started leaving. "But not much. Atlasov looked furtively around. It can be fatal to play with it. "This magic is dangerous. In fact. the magic we might require here could well be beyond anything I could contribute. he hoped it was Lu pin. another of the wizards at the Institute. he came bounding up the stairs. but then he saw it was Atlasov. "It's not fair. Harry. from what Professor Bubcek says about this new Dark Lord. He wanted badly to follow the others that evening. then knock ed on a nearby door. Tall and shifty-eyed. and because I know Professor Bubce k.

" said Bubcek. "but Professor Bubcek thinks that a truck of fish that doesn't smell would raise suspicion. "It's much better than the coastal missions. Harry ran. though!" "Yes. as the truck rose high above the castle. Professor Bubcek shouted something in Russian to the driver. Remus never liked the smell much. All at once. "We have to use a truck full of fish when we go to the sea coasts. Let me know if I should kill them. so we can just leave it and come back later when we're done." he heard Atlasov say." Harry heard Lupin laugh. unable to move. tonight. She opened it. . Dumbledore and the others were waiting for Atlasov in a truck filled with large turnips. "Every village is bound to have some turnip trucks around. no. Then. Lupin must have been looking at the scenery too. parchment in hand." Atlasov remained silent throughout the conversation. "Yes. and managed to scramble in just as the truck rose into the air. then bounded down the stairs again. and the shining sea glinting in the set ting sun." said Bubcek." Professor Bubcek chuckled. "Petrificus Totalus!" said Harry." he explained to Dumbledore. "Send an owl to Lord Deor g for me. Harry stood petrified for a moment. Stretches of forest were visible to him." "It's still the same old truck. I am with you. I will spy on these foreigners and let him know what they are up to. Harry could feel the turnips under him. and put her under the bed where no one would see her." said Lupin. "No." said Lupin. He quickly dragged her to his room. pointing his wand at her.and when your enemy was invisible too . She dropped to the floor.didn't seem a very practical thing to do. stretching in a sharp spine to the horizon. up to it. "It's as beautiful as I remember it to be." "I take it that this is your main form of transport here. "I have decided. But the vast majority of land seemed to be smoking volcanoes. "A turnip truck would look out of place there. It was eerie. Then he locked the door and sped down the stairs after Atlasov. "I'd have thought you'd have a new one by now. but fighting up in the sky when you were in an invisible truck . but was confused to see no one there." He nodded curtly at her. Harry wondered if he should expose him immediately. Tell him. panting. he swiftly went and knocked on the maidservant's door." said Dumbledore. because Harry heard his voice over the motor of the truck. indeed. we only use it for missions to the interior. but all spread out below him he could see the land that was Kamchatka. and the vibration of the truck. taking his wand out." "I found a spell to remove the smell. the view from this truck never changes. the truck and its occupants disappeared .Harry crept nearer to listen. so he decided to wait.

finally landing in a small clearing near the village of Kovran."We can station ourselves at a small clearing over there. and full of strange beasts. speaking for the first time. then looked around the empty truck." Harry whispered back from his corner." Dumbledore looked perturbed. Harry waited for them to g o first. Remus. Harry followed them into the village.After what seemed like several hours . The streets were largely empty. And the forests here are too cold at night.turning to Bubcek - "there's only one road to the village. "Oleg? Are you coming?" It was Dumbledore." "Yes. "There's nowhere for them to go." he said softly. "Now what?" "We wait. "We have put protective spells on all the houses. The others stiffly got out. Lupin looked angry." called Bubcek. but light issued from the houses and Harry could see frightened faces at some of the windows. then turned to Bubcek and said. Bubcek beamed." he said coldly." They got in position and waited. "No other village will take them in. He was in an .they started to descend. "Our magic here is stronger than that of you foreign wizards." said Atlasov. Professor Bubcek was the last to leave. "That may not be enough . It seemed like hours to Harry. "Coming. and darker and darker . "I thought the village was to be evacuated!" he said to Bubcek. Professor Bubcek looked anguished. The truck rematerialised. "Excellent! Excellent! Now.during which it got colder and colder." he explained. Albus. "As I understand." "I assure you." said Bubcek. Lupin gave Atlasov a hard stare. they're afraid the Dark Lord will follow them there. but Atlasov cut him short. the villagers should be safe." said Dumbledore grimly. I'm here." . just follow along behind us. Remus." said Bubcek nervously.pointing . He glanced at Dumbledore and the others to make sure they weren't watching. "It is enough. "are you there?" "Yes." began Lupin. yes. "Harry?" he whispered. looking guiltily at Lupin and then at Dumbledore. coming." . "I had someone look around for me earlier. squeezing himself in a corner and hoping no one would bump into him.

Harry had a glimpse of gleaming fangs as the creature raised its head in a snarl. and bounded at the villagers. which controlled the huge beast it was driving in front of it. Sparks issued from the man's wand. Ther e was a mad light in its eyes. The beast screamed. "Kill them!" His voice was cold and deep. "What was that?" said Lupin. "Did you feel that?" said Lupin softly. with amazing speed. and the houses burst into flames. Lupin and the others were watching too. "Look at that!" he said sharply. It lurched around as if in a fit. "I think I recognise " said Dumbledore softly. and foam issued from its mouth. but came to him. then turned away." The cowled man and animal passed without seeing them. wondering if he should expose Atlasov. It was thrashing from side to side. We cannot let our presence here be known yet. Harry had never seen such an animal before. The beast had suddenly turned around and leapt at the cowled man. One by one. Harry felt a surging force in his own mind. You know that. It shrieked. "but we have to let Kovran go.agony of mind. Harry saw the man raise his wand. and the metal collar snapped around its neck again. "They're being slaughtered!" Lupin shouted. He's possessing it with his mind. "He's controlling the animal. and the animal howled in pain. sharply.Atlasov could say he was lying. He removed the leash and slashed at the beast with the whip. transfixed. taking out his wand. and the villagers flooded out into the streets in a panic. Coming up the road was a huge figure. "I'm sorry. Harry's stomach lurched. looking rather sick. It had a whip in its hand. as if trying to free itself. after what seemed an eternity. The cowled figure pointed his wand at the beast. But Dumbledore laid a hand on his arm. It was over in a sickeningly short time. cold laugh." Lupin looked Dumbledore in the eye. The cowled man gave a loud." he said firmly. hooded and cowled in black. It was black. Then. There was a flash. Its body was like that of a panther. The cowled man lifted his wand and pointed at those trying to flee. in its other hand was a leash. and entered the village. . Harry could hear screams. Remus. swiping at them with its claws . but more massive. they were struck down. but Lupin interrupted. But he realised he had no proof . there was a faint howling in the distance.

He heard Dumbledore saying. Distracted. Harry. Harry found himself a few feet off the ground. and then Atlasov's consciousness suddenly vanished from Harry's mind. There was a horrible snarling in his ears. "It's now. he became aware of the others' consciousness. as the figure approached. It's true." said Dumbledore. Harry heard a conversation on the stairs - There was a jerk. His own body had disappeared. Professor Lupin. That's the beauty of the Abdovius Charm it's very subtle. A light flashed. Dumbledore seemed to be watching from the top of the man's hood. he sounded faintly worried. then when it came to. Through the whirling. he heard Dumbledore saying. All at once. What are you doing here? It's all right. suddenly tense."They're coming back. "As they pass. then . he heard Dumbledore saying. . But. Bubcek on the left arm. hastily took hold of it. and gasped as Bubcek's iron grip closed on it. He was looking at Dumbledore. I brought him . Lupin was on the left shoulder. who had been keeping near him. He seemed to be looking down from the beast's right shoulder. hold hands!" They joined hands. choose one part of his person and fix your gaze on it. it was gone.Professor Bubcek sounded apologetic." Harry locked his gaze on the left shoulder of the approaching figure. Atlasov was somewhere on the man's chest. and the world seemed to start spinning. Too late. but held out his free hand to his side. Harry was vaguely aware of Lupin struggling with Atlasov. checking his memory. The cowled figure was Apparating from the place. the animal in front of it suddenly shrieked again. or never! Quick. Remus. Harry heard Dumbledore reply. No. and also Dumbledore's mind gently probing his. Atlasov is going to betray us! Thought Harry frantically. Do you think he can hear us thinking? The question was obviously aimed at Dumbledore. He steeled himself. Professor Bubcek was at one have to believe - His mind felt a sudden pain. He paused. So did Lupin's. He glanced down.But there's someone else here - Harry felt Dumbledore's mind reach out to his. Harry could hear Bubcek's voice in his mind. "Now " The world seemed to whirl around for a second. I heard him say so before you left . Harry's gaze fell on the beast. as Atlasov unleashed his mind on him. Harry! Lupin sounded furious. Wheeling around. it leapt at the cowled man. Then.

The cowled figure was whipping the animal. he went berserk. He scrambled up in alarm. She looked around. "I know you're there. "Goodness knows how long I'm going to be stuck here." . He glanced up and saw long. "Show yourself. and a glimpse of a face. looking for him." he said in a soft. he felt her mind reaching out to his own. Stay there. shrinking sensation. Harry could feel the creature jerk with each whipstroke . Harry glanced down. She was leaning forward. he's gone. There was a loud pop! and Harry suddenly found himself on the ground next to the girl. Although Harry knew he wouldn't feel anything. Harry's heart sank. He could see an arm and a leg. the beast seemed to be getting smaller its fur was disappearing The shrinking stopped. which was fitted with barred metal doors. "It's a girl. The beast padded to one corner of the cave. Harry. now too big for her. Then she suddenly gave a start. black matted hair. as if surprised. It happened very fast. "I always seem to mess up. After a while. She brushed several times at her right shoulder. then gave it a slap. I overdid it I haven't done this for a long time The whirling had stopped. she stopped probing. She threw it to the floor with a clang." He was suddenly aware of an odd. his mind winced." he thought in shock. gagging slightly. in a crouching position. She sat and seemed to be thinking. They reached what looked like an underground cave. and sat down. "The beast it's an Animagus!" The girl sobbed slightly as she shifted her position. "A punishment is in order but later I have business to attend to now. He realised he was still wearing the amulet. In the dim light from the door. and stairs leading downward. then slowly lifted the metal collar." he thought to himself. Harry could see stone walls. He tried to think of nothingness. two guards on either side of its mouth. and was startled. We'll come and get you later. The stench in the cave hit him all at once. The guards shut the door with a clang. "You've been disobedient today. to his alarm. and part of a body wearing rags. he heard Dumbledore say in his mind. Then. and strode out of the cave. driving it down." she said softly. From his perch on the beast's shoulder. and retreated a few steps. They must have reached the cowled man's abode. cold voice. to pretend he wasn't there. he heard Lupin say. The cowled man drove the beast inside.Headmaster. from around her neck." He turned.

The doors opened. She must be some sort of shape-shifter. "Who are you?" "Ha . warned Dumbledore. In the darkness of the cave.? The bear came toward him. As they illuminated her dirty face. She stood back. "Three times. How could she . stammering slightly. Harry gaped at it. why are you back in your body? Are you all right? Yes. she attacked me today. There was no choice. Then. Her face had a slightly sullen and brooding expression. The girl whipped around. "Are you?" she said softly.Harry's a girl - He's coming to whip her. "Why are you here?" she asked. then hissed at him.the beast . not . There was no telling what creature she might turn into next. he quickly took the amulet from around his neck. sniffing. She retreated. then suddenly lifted her arms." she said. She was growing bigger long. Harry stood there tensely. Bending over slightly. "No. then asked. he saw. he heard Dumbledore's voice in his head. watching her. till Dumbledore came She waited. with some surprise." he said in his cold voice to the guards. shaggy fur was appearing two small eyes It was a bear. that she looked Chinese." The guards approached the girl. There was a soft.Harry kept silent. and she was holding a handful of flames. and looked at him. panic mounting within him. "Give her a hundred. "hide!" Harry flung the amulet round his neck. Harry felt the force of the cowled man's mind surge out. If he could just avoid her long enough. All at once. she looked rather alarming. she moved. "Harry Potter. Harry watched. Harry. but her eyes were dark and watchful. The girl was there again. he thought back. quietly. The cowled wizard was back. when Harry said nothing. "It can smell me!" he thought in alarm." said Harry. She was taller than him. So you are." he said softly. instead. you don't. Professor Dumbledore . She looked at him a while. lowering her flames. she held the flames near his fac e. the bear was gone. "I want you whipped as a human. crackling noise. Hide yourself! Footsteps were approaching the cave. All at once. looking at his scar.

It was soaked in no time. Harry thought back. he felt in his robes for his wand. but blood was running down her back. her back to the ceiling." She screamed. Harry went quickly over to her." he said softly. He wandered around the cave. We'll come and get you when we're ready. "Stop!" barked the cowled man. How long had she been here? Didn't the man say three years - He started at a sound. in a voice that sent shivers down Harry's spine. "Lumos!" to his wand. Dumbledore's voice sounded harshly in his head. unmoving. But she's hurt - Help her if you can. including the girl! Harry watched hopelessly. she was still human. and gagged at the stench. and left the cave. Shape-shifter or not. Hands shaking. He muttered. Harry! Dumbledore said in his head. Do NOT - They're whipping her! Thought Harry in fury. leaving her lying limp on the ground. "Scream. Harry crept over to her. "I've kept you here three years. The doors clanged shut animal. but the pool of water at one end was stagnant. or everyone will die. "Are you all right?" She sat up. "We want her alive. One started whipping her." Harry clenched his fists. scream for mercy. wondering how anyone could stay here. Harry! It was Dumbledore.fifty-five . she seemed to have regained consciousness. The guards unchained the girl. said Dumbledore. We're taking a look around here. Harry took his handkerchief out to staunch the blood. and light sprang from it. but her wounds were hurting her and she was crying with pain. just this once." He turned. and you've never begged for mercy yet. counting each stroke. The guard lowered his whip. We must not give ourselves away. soaking the rags she was wearing." snapped the cowled man. She was still breathing. Harry desperately wished Madam Pomfrey was there. The cowled man laughed as she screamed. She lay on the ground.. And then he was gone. I need her to destroy them for me tomorrow night. The girl was moaning. "I need to wash the wounds. Is the girl all right? She's alive. I would like you to. He tore off part of his robe and used that. She had stopped screaming. "Milkovo too have resisted me. The guards roughly chained her to the ground. Fifty-four . . looking around for water. He shuddered." he thought.

The lights had disappeared. something was glowing." "Is that his name -" began Harry. I don't know if Deorg knows about it. "Deorg will heal me before the next outing." Harry hesitated. "I'm filthy. "You're hurt . The mirror felt very cold." Harry started forward. The mirror itself was glowing." the girl said quietly. The slime tha t covered the rest of the cave had not touched it. That was his father and his mother they looked very young and the place was it Hogwarts? . and laid it gently on the mirror's polished surface. but they had reached the mirror. and looked wearily at him. "I don't know. when he worried about her wounds." she said. and saw that she was looking at him. wondering if it was a trap. and the lights in it began to spin. "It wants to show you something. "It doesn't wake very often. It shimmered at his touch. "You may come and look at it. then turned to him. to keep me sane." she said. her eyes fixed on something behind him." said the girl. "It was here when I first came. It was as tall as a man. these days. lights in different shades of blue. It always happens. She shrank back. "What do you mean -" he began. "Stand here." she said. then moved aside. wearily. painfully. "How did this get here?" asked Harry. "You may take your hand away now. They stumbled slowly over to the mirror. Images began to appear blurred at first. Harry recognised his parents. It seemed ludicrous that such a beautiful object could be found in such a stinking cave. In one far corner of the cave.Presently she stopped sobbing. as if listening. Harry removed his hand. then did as she said. in a tired voice. from which a soft sparkling light issued. to support her. then clearer. Harry turned around. She held it there for a while. as if starlight had been trapped withi n. gently." Harry didn't understand." said the girl softly." he gave her an arm. Perhaps he allowed it to remain here. He turned back to the girl. "Don't worry. It had a simple silver frame. but she had reached out a hand." She started to get up. almost too surprised to speak. saying. and put your hand to the glass. if you like. surprise in her voice. To his surprise." said Harry. She looked at him curiously. "It's all right. She started to speak. "The mirror is awake. but stopped. and square in shape.

then became focussed. he was reading a letter. Should he take it? "He's giving you the bottle." he thought. then reached his hand out. her eyes bright. Harry hesitated. The girl stood next to him. transfixed. his heart beating fast. also watching inten tly. Dimly superimposed was the image of a wolf. it seemed as if they would smash into it - The mirror blurred. Then they were rushing inward toward the tower. Harry's image self had stopped in front of him. He saw a tower.was it a baby? Harry felt a lump in his throat. Something must have happened - Neville was sobbing away. Then. It was still night. and Ron looked sober. raising its muzzle to the sky and howling. Harry gulped. The scene he feared most was approaching. . next to him. his image was still . he turned and looked at Harry.yes. then held out the object in his hand to him. the image crackled as if with static. like a badly tuned television set. Hermione. Hermione had tears in her eyes. He shot a glance at the girl. "I'll close my eyes -" But his eyes remained glued to the mirror. silhouetted against a full moon. leaving himself alone standing there with the letter. and started walking toward him. Harry saw himself standing in a dimly lit corridor with some others: Ron. The others faded out of the picture. She looked at him in wonder. But as his hand touched the mirror. and looked at it. When it had stabilised. As for himself. Harry felt a stab of fear. It happened very fast . "Take it. He see med to be thinking. They looked older. Professor McGonagall.almost nothing but a flash of green light - And then he saw three people outside the Dursleys' home: surely . He looked gravely at Harry. And then His image self took something out of his robes. and was it Neville Longbottom? Harry watched. his image self was taller and Neville looked as if he had lost some weight. it was Dumbledore. What was in it .and Hagrid! And there was a basket on the doorstep. Scenes from his own life flashed past escaping from Dudley's bullying his first meeting with Hagrid his life at Hogwarts quidditch matches himself with Ron and Hermione Then the images slowed down and the mirror went dark. It looked like a bottle." said the girl." she urged him softly. She was still watching intently. Harry peered closer. Scenes from his parents' lives their wedding his mother holding him as a baby Harry began to tremble. Images began to rush as if the mirror were in a hurry.The images flashed by. His parents' death - "I won't look.

With a sober face.what is it for?" he said. Another flicker. Then." Harry turned the bottle around in his hands. Then she slowly reached her hand out to the mirror. the image offered the bottle to him again. And yet here s he ." she murmured." she said. listening. "What did it say?" She stared at him. The mirror flickered for a few moments." She took a breath. Harry put out his hand." said Harry. "Wait!" said Harry. puzzled. Harry turned to the girl. it's never given me anything. her eyes still fixed on the bottle.'" Even while listening intently to her words. and it contained a fine. "It's amazing. 'One second chance will this stardust give. and it looked nothing more than a normal mirror again. The girl was looking at Harry. The image held out the bottle to the girl. If you sprinkle the dust on one who is true What death has taken will return to you. She shrank back a bit. The dust inside swirled around. When she drew it back. he blurred and faded." she said slowly. He had just seen this girl kill a village full of people.standing there. Her eyes widened. as if it had a life of its own. "It said. but the image was gone. with a quick nod at Harry. "How do I use it?" "I'll try asking. shaking his head. it could hardly be seen. the image turned and looked at the girl. the bottle was in her hand. "But . "that 'the dust is a gift for you'. looked soberly at them. "It's no use. The image. "What?" said Harry urgently. confused. it struck Harry how odd all of this seemed. then held out the bottle to him. sparkling dust. She was quiet a while. "It said. In the darkness of the cave. then slowly removed her hand. The image crackled again. looking puzzled. and indicated that she should give it to Harry. This time. as if trying to remember the exact words. It was small and round. When one lies dead who deserves to live. like tiny stars. looking frightened. "maybe it's a trick -" His image had settled again. then went dim. She was looking at the bottle. "all the while I've been here. The mirror was flashing its spectrum of blue light again. placing her hand on the mirror again. now empty-handed. The girl looked at Harry.

"You might go back in time. Harry! It was Dumbledore. "Perhaps perhaps the dust will revive any person who has died. as if she realised she had said enough. trying to commit the words to memory." she answered. At that moment. He was back outside the Institute." Harry said insistently. "I don't know. "So we will. "to your parents . He asked her to repeat the verse again. "The girl . even " Her voice trailed off. what do you see when you look in it?" he suddenly asked her.. The air was bitterly cold. "Who will die? Why is it for me? Why couldn't I take it from the mirror?" She looked thoughtfully at the bottle for a while. The expression in Dumbledore's eyes was kind. He could see the girl revolving by. Harry felt very queer. and there was a curious expression in her eyes. Was it possible? Could he ever bring his parents back? "But if the mirror never gave you anything. and said quickly." he said.the girl in the cave .you know." .. A dozen different questions then came into his mind. looking at him." she said softly. . "But I'm only speculating . reciting a poem to him. staring at the bottle.was now. Not yet - But the cave had begun to spin around him. Professors Dumbledore. a surprised expression on her face. his mind whirling." She stopped abruptly. Lupin and Bubcek were standing around. when they just died " She shook her head suddenly. "Are you all right?" Lupin asked. It's time to go. "You can get her out. "What does it mean?" he asked. She seemed to have forgotten about her wounds. and the eastern sky was just beginning to brighten.that you've lost your parents Maybe it's a chance to bring back someone you love. "Perhaps the mirror has given a second chance to you it seems to know the life you've had. "I promise you we will. "Even what?" said Harry. like you just brought me here." "We can get her out now. standing quietly in the dim light of the cave. half-fascinated. half-excited. He remembered the time-turner Hermione used to have. but the whirling was too fast - Harry opened his eyes." She raised her eyes to look at him. Wait! Thought Harry frantically. Harry jumped up. he heard a voice in his head.we've got to get her out!" he said to Dumbled ore.he thought he should reach out and pull her along. Harry.

They turned around. from Siberia all the way to here. she's the one who has been killing hundreds of villagers." Dorek and the other wizards led the way into the castle. "No. Harry. "and Harry can tell us what he saw. looking sick. "This girl . Harry. "There's nothing much to tell. She didn't try to hurt me or anything. "What sort of person can turn into a killing monster like that? Even without the Dark Lord. Harry stared at them fr om behind." continued the wizard ." he said. and he didn't really care for any of the Russian wizards to kno w about it." he said to Bubcek as they entered the castle. A tall." he said stubbornly.this shape-shifter there must be evil in her. "I suggest we go back inside. actually. He decided he wouldn't tell anyone about the mirror yet. boy. The mirror's gi ft seemed personal." he puffed. Then I came back here. Lord Deorg has been controlling her. "Didn't you see how they whipped her?" Lupin nodded grimly. We must also discuss our strategy." The other wizards murmured in agreement. I say. " He looked round at Lupin and Dumbledore as he said this. That's all." he said. "If what we hear is true. I talked to her a bit. "but the girl herself had no say in the matter . where it's warmer." "But she's hurt!" protested Harry. but Professor Bubcek hurriedly interrupted. together with a few others. "we're going to ." he told him." "But is it wise to save the girl?" a new voice interrupted. I've met he r " "She's bewitched you. "That may be so. "Be that as it may be. she can still transform and harm people anytime. broad-shouldered wizard was standing there. but Lupin spoke first. Dorek. "Tonight. they were all dressed like Professor Bubcek." sneered the wizard. "It's not the right time now. and I tried to staunch the flow. Harry assumed they must be from the Institute. ." The wizard's face hardened. "She was hurt and bleeding. you can't!" said Harry indignantly. "No. we should get rid of her as well. Lupin looked thoughtful ly at Harry.Dumbledore looked more sober now. "She's just like any of us." Harry opened his mouth to reply.

Remus. so we didn't talk much." said Dumbledore." Lupin and Dumbledore looked at each other.that person . He could. "No. "You're not sending me back after this." He indicated the other wizards. nothing much. "Opening the Vortex i s going to drain me of resources I would prefer to keep for tonight." said Dumbledore at last. is it?" Professor Bubcek winced on hearing the name. togethe r with the others. "Actually. appalled. I thought you might do it of course. thoughtfully." "And then it's back to Hogwarts for you. who was still looking shaken. "No matter. "She asked my name." said Dumbledore. flushing slightly." Lupin was silent a while. I should think.would heal them before the next attack. "he has struck up a rapport with the shape-shifter. "You did very well. "What?" said Harry. "It's not Voldemort." . are you? Please let me stay. then continued. he should stay."What did you talk about?" he asked." added Lupin." He glanced at Bubcek. "The rest of us wil l be concentrating our efforts on Deorg. After that she was bleeding. and the n - then they came to whip her. looking startled. Harry." he said." Professor Bubcek looked a bit green." said Dumbledore. have something to eat. Remus. Once we have broken his hold on her." he don't suppose you asked her name?" "Er ."There must be something I can do. "Oh . That may prove useful. and I told her. "While you were with the shape-shifter . who was listening anxiously. to help.appealing to Dumbledore ." said Harry. "Tackle the shape-shifter? You mean. and then take a good rest. Harry. Besides. She just said not to worry about the wounds. but broke away because he wanted his own power. "Who is this Deorg?" asked Harry. and his eyes were twinkling. we had . Dumbledore smiled at Lupin.Deorg ." "Me?" said Lupin." he glanced at Harry. that . "Deorg used to be an ally of Voldemort." said Harry. "Anyway. tonight. "Barbaric!" he muttered. smiling. it only remains for you to calm her down till her mind is restored enough to transform b ack. "Now. "I think. "I suppose that can be done. while you were with her. provide you valuable assistance when you tackle her.

but she had now turned her back on him and was ignoring him. by which time. He has collecte d quite a sizeable army of mostly simple village peasants." said Lupin. over these few years. and destroy the fortress. instead. and retur n to their homes. Outside Kamchatka." she said huffily." he informed Harry. hopefully everything will be . his magical powers. "we shall undo. tuneless singing of the wooden doll. We have also taken care of that unfortu nate lady you hid under your bed. She stopped when she saw he was awake. She stood staring out of the window. "I would like to conduct a scan on all your staff it would be better to weed out all the spies in the castle. "The rest will free the soldiers. feeling suddenly very tired.temporarily lost his mind." he said to Bubcek. what it has taken Deorg years to build up. though stro ng." They went on to discuss their strategy. and then went to bed. "I had to go somewhere." "If nothing goes wrong. "What about Atlasov? Won't he betray us?" Dumbledore looked at Lupin. some of us will attack him. Harry remembered something. in one night. Harry. a sulky look on her face. "I sincerely doubt he will regain it until tonight. are not as strong as Voldemort's. You and Professor Lupin will handle the shape-shifter. Oleg." said Dumbledore. "Tonight. It sounded like some Russian folksong. Once we break his hold on them. it seems. His power. sooner rather than later. lies in his mental abilities to possess people. the soldiers should come out of their trances." said Professor Bubcek excitedly. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER THREE - Harry woke up late in the afternoon to the loud. thanks to Professor Lup in here. Harry noticed that someone had placed an early dinner . "Professor Atlasov has .a look around Deorg's fortress. ate some breakfast. And yes." "How are you going to do that?" asked Harry. so he has been collecting a physical army." said Harry." "If nothing goes wrong.or perhaps it was a late . "You left me alone yesterday. when Deorg attacks Milkovo.

Harry." "She doesn't speak like a Russian." said Bubcek. then looked at Dumbledore. "I was just wondering Is there a special reason why you chose Professor Lupin to handle the shape-shifter?" Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. when he appeared. feeling rather ignorant. but . "Did you have a good rest?" "Yes. "But why?" "My guess would be. Oleg." Professor Bubcek was still puffing on his pipe. "She might well be Japanese." said Harry.lunch . Harry. "That's interesting. He started eating. Bubcek was puffing on an enormous pipe.the shape-shifter . "that it's because Remus is a . then to get away from the doll's singing." he said. looking at him through his half-moon spectacles. "Well. tuneless singing again. Werewolf. "although . but Kamchatka is fairly near to Japan. then remembere d something else. she looks like she's Chinese. Remus is the most suitable person to tackle her. Harry finished eating. wandered out to look for the others. coughing a bit through a cloud of smoke. "Ready for this evening. "I don't know if you are aware of it." he said. "I guess so. Harry. He was silent a while." observed Dumbledore. "It doesn't mean she's not Russian." "Is she?" said Dumbledore thoughtfully. Harry. Lupin seemed to be catching up with some of his old associates." said Harry." said Bubcek. while Dumbledore and Oleg Bubcek were having a drink in the parlour." "Oh. "I don't know if it's important. and the doll. thank you. "Werewolf." Dumbledore's beard quivered slightly.I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do. talking. Harry?" asked Dumbledore. Many of those living on the Russian side of the border are of Chinese origin. "Russia has a border with C hina. tired of sulking ." said a .well." Harry was puzzled. "You'll know when the time comes.on a tray in the room." Dumbledore smiled. "Ah." he said. "Professor Dumbledore?" he said. "I forgot to tell you this." ." Harry was silent a moment. too. started her loud." said Harry. "I think that among us.

With her quiet manner. Harry found his thoughts wandering back to the previous night's happenings. "Well. although aware of the carnage in the other villages. looking nervously around. "Hopefully the charm won't be tested we should be waylaying them before they actually reach the village. at least he wasn't being left behind." said Harry. some distance from the road. a distant howling was heard."Yes. except that two turn ip trucks were used to accommodate the twenty or so extra wizards who were setting out. in the dim light of the cave. at . it was difficult to imagine that she and the beast were actually one and the same. However. yes. he might have some intrinsic rapport with this shape-shifter.having the ability to transform himself. dark and watchful." said Lupin. feeling a bit down because his role wasn't very importa nt. so he merely nodded. somehow felt that this wasn't the real reason for Dumbledore's choice. and saw that he was looking at it too. "I'm safe for tonight. They had tried evacuating the village. He glanced at Lupin. Harry couldn't think what to say. The most Dumbledore and the other wizards could do was put the strongest protective spells on the houses as they could. Harry sat next to Professor Lupin this time. Harry found himself shivering a bit." He meant Dumbledore and the others attacking Deorg." said Dumbledore. as if he were afraid Lupin might be eavesdropping on him. "So . looking at him. you can come over and join me." "Precisely. perhaps find it easier to communicate with her. but the villagers had refused to leave. . Oleg. were just as frightened of the wild beasts in the forest. Lupin gave him a wry smile. Dumbledore and the other wizards were hiding near the crest of the hill. And stay away from the fighting. "Just stay some distance from me till I calm her down a bit. appeared quite calm." he said. Most of its inhabitants." he said to Harry. The journey to Milkovo was similar to the previous night's. his eyes still twinkling. when the last house had been charmed. He could see the girl's eyes. while Harry and Lupin were at its base. feeling slightly appre hensive. It was getting colder and colder. What if something went wrong? Lupin. The road leading to the village went over a hill. er. however. that's done. Harry." said Bubcek. The wait seemed to last forever. however. "When she transforms back to human form." They took up positions outside the village. werewolf. where a half moon was shining. At last. Harry looked up at the sky. "All right.

standing stock stil l facing each other. getting up. Lupin was on the ground. Clouds were scudding across the moon. Harry started running toward them. The moon went completely behind the clouds for a moment. When you see her transform back. staring up at Lupin. Harry looked over at the figure of the other wizard on the ground.any moment now - A burst of sparks distracted his attention from the beast. the clouds cleared and moonlight shone down on the scene before him. as if in shock. and take up position in a small grove of trees.the beast was coming over the crest of the hill. For a split second. "Are you all right?" he asked her. Surely. "Wait here. Harry dashed up. There it was . after a few seconds. only the girl was there. the animal bounded down the hill toward the village. Frantically. Harry watched tensely. Harry looked in Lupin's direction. panting and clutching his wand. then turned back to the girl." said Harry. "No!" whispered Harry in horror. She was still staring. it was gone. A blaze of light was concentrated on the cowled figure behind it. "Who's that?" Lupin glanced at the figure. Then. he had a glimpse of Lupin and the beast. Forgetting everything. wand ready in his hand. A figure from a nearby tree was dropping like a stone onto him. still on all fours. Harry ran blindly on. He was almost there Abruptly. The howling was louder now. And suddenly. He watched Lupin sprinting over to the side of the road. Then . a look of shock on her face. nothing could go wrong. ." said Lupin quietly. he started running forward." "OK. he could only make out two figures.a huge burst of light in the distance to his left suddenly threw him sideways to the ground. Harry started up. one slumped on the ground. The chain binding the beast snapped. He glanced briefly at Harry. The beast shrieked madly."It's time. the other standing frozen as the beast raced toward him. He could see flashes of light as the two fought under the trees. Lupin had a slightly baffled lo ok on his face. his wand flying high in an arc away from him. come on over. The beast uttered a shrill scream. The beast was nearer . Snarling and shrieking madly. she nodded mut ely. Dumbledore and the other wizards had attacked Deorg.

she was shivering. and Harry jumped." he said." said Harry uneasily. There are certain rites that should be performed. Lupin retrieved his wand. still panting and trying to catch his breath. Bursts of light and explosions were still issuing from that area. she suddenly looked vulnerable. shortly. He looked at her. "Dead." "All right. "Is he ." he said. She had seemed more confident in the conf ines of the cave. "Wait here with her. Lupin looked over at the girl." He then strode over to where Atlasov's body was lyi ng. under the open sky. Harry watched Lupin excavating a hole in the ground. wrapping herself in the cloak. She'll probably take a while to recover from the shock. Out here. Harry went over to the girl. She was sitting still as a statue." said Lupin. Dressed only in rags. "I think I'd like to be alone for a while. "She says she wants to be alone. He turned to Harry. the earth was flying out of the ground into a heap at the command of his wand." he said quietly."Atlasov. And don't let her go anywhere near the fighting. "You're free. staring into s pace. "Give this to her before she freezes. "We've attacked Deorg. giving her the cloak and sitting down beside her. then came back and looked at the girl. "Thank you." Harry watched the earth flying back into the grave at the command of his wand. "Are you all right?" he asked. but looked at Harry when he came over." she said. who had just placed the body in the grave. Lupin gave it to Harry and said. She spoke suddenly." she added. "I have to bury him. She seemed to be in shock. "What's happening?" she asked faintly." "Free?" she repeated numbly. She was watching Lupin. "If you don't mind. The girl was still shivering slightly." she said in a rather muffled voice. not looking at him. when Lupin looked at him." "OK. Drawing a cloak out of the air with his wand. "Yes. She glanced in the direction of the fighting." he said. "Let her be. feeling rather unwanted." said Harry." said Harry. He got up and walked over to Lupin. . Wizard's honour. "Deorg's hold on her mind must have been wrenched free suddenly. They sat in silence for a while." said Harry.

round pebbles. Harry watched him for a few moments. I would have used a calming charm. as they ran to look for h er. for me. had gathered outside their houses. Harry looked back. when he had finished. there was no time to react. The girl had disappeared. "not there somehow I don't think " He turned away from the fighting. Harry noticed that many of them were carrying roughly made weapons. "I thought it was the end. "Stupid idiotic " The battle was still raging on. but they were now looking curiously at the girl. Walking over to the grave. "I didn't do anything. "I didn't watch her!" he said angrily in self-disgust. startled. "I was just wondering The girl ." "You mean " said Harry."Have you. He seemed to be searching for something on the ground. "Now we can go back . looking down the road. muttering some words under his brea th. "If I'd had my wand. um. "A few did you get her to transform back?" Lupin straightened up." he said." said Lupin matter-of-factly. Harry looked at Lupin." said Lupin. . frowning. "She came bounding up so fast. looking around at the ground again." said Lupin." said Lupin. attracted by the fighting raging in the distance. "The village!" She was standing near the entrance. " "What?" said Harry. and transformed back on her own. that's done." he glanced in the girl's direction as he spoke. glancing back in the direction of the girl. "Professor Lupin?" he said suddenly. "Do you think " "No." said Lupin slowly. thinking about what he'd just heard. he scattered the pebbles over it. "But she just stopped short.what did you do . slowly. done this before?" he asked Lupin. "A good question. looking into the village. A crowd of village rs." He bent over and scooped up a handful of small. some carrying burning torches. that was what I'd initially planned. Harry was silent. and stopped short. casually. "There.

"They're coming for me. "It's their turn. Lupin reached out with his other and caught hold of the girl's arm. Harry suddenly felt very nervous. She turned again to Lupin and Harry. sharp voice. He felt as if everything was slightly unreal the flickering glow of the torches. A murmur ran through the villagers." she said." she said to them in a resolute voice. She looked at Lupin." she repeated softly. Lupin smiled." she said quietly. glancing at the crowd. "We'll make camp here tonight. Harry was listening. the crowd started coming forward. "Don't come near. She bowed her head slightly. It was strangely quiet." she said softly. Lupin glanced at the girl's face." he said decisively. and said in a h ard. "No one's going to hurt you tonight. The girl had a startled expression on her face. when they died. as if to herself. leaves were rustling quietly in the wind. just as the first flurry of to rches came raining out at them. A river glinted in the distance. she spo ke first. There were a few shouts in Russian." As if on cue. "Why did you do that?" she said to him. and Harry's heart skipped a beat. He looked thoughtfully around the clearing. "Menfolk women children I can see them before my eyes." She held up her hands. Glancing at her hands. heard their screams. open-mouthed. The bursts of light and explosions were gone. They were coming closer. noticing her matted hair . appeared calm and resolute. "I have to pay for wha t I've done. There was a whirl of light. as was the village.The girl turned to them as they ran up to her. and then they were standing in a forest clearing. "I don't know how many I've killed. then at the approaching crowd. "My time has come. bathed in the glo w of the torches. the soft voice of the girl "My time has come. Before they could say anything. staring at the ground unseeingly. now. "What are you . Harry could hear angry muttering . Her dirty face. Their blood." She gave a quick shudder. They were covered with bright red blood. Harry saw that the bloodstains were ebbing away." began Lupin. There was a peculiar expression in her eyes. "Are you going to kill me instead?" To Harry's surprise. take my hand!" Harry grabbed his hand." he told her kindly. I saw their faces. "maybe have something to eat " He looked at the girl again. I have blood on my hands. "Harry. but she cut him short. raising her head and facing the villagers again.

" he said. sooner or later. sir." sh e stammered." said Harry." she added.and the grime on her. too " Another flick. uneasily. "The castle isn't safe for her. "Now for the food. No village here would take her in. "But what choice is there? She can't stay at the Institute. Seeing only Harry and Lupin. as well. Harry. and a towel appeared in his hand. "what's going to happen to her?" "I can only think of one thing. his attention returning to the cl earing. flicking his wand. "But . he said." he said. "Let me see. either . Harry watched her retreating figure. "And yes. "I . in Kamchatka." he said lightly. "We're going to have to bring her back to Hogwarts with us. Harry stared at Lupin. and Professor Dumbledore appeared. "Thank you. some clothes " She looked quickly at him." "But then. There isn't any place here. He looked at Harry. "You heard what some of the wizards there think of her. but glanced in the direction of the river as Harry spoke." said Lupin. but Lupin didn't appear to notice. "It's only a temporary measure. "To Hogwarts? But ." added Lupin. putting her up at Hogwarts. and flames leapt up merrily. instead of just standing there. Lupin was looking around the clearing again. Lend me a hand. that's safe for her." he said. Taking out his wand. a towel " . I think. pondering this. he glanced . He looked at her appraisingly. She took the towel and soap. "Professor Dumbledore will likely think of something for her. the colour rising in her face.will she come?" "I don't flick. anywhere in Russia. "What if she goes off again?" he asked." "What?" said Harry.why don't we just bring her back to the castle?" Lupin was looking around the fire. then said." He waved his wand. surprised." They had just finished preparing the food when there was a burst of light. " and we could all do with a bath. and a bar of soap appeared on top of the towel. "Oh. or for that matter. nudging the sleeping bags into more suitable positions around the fire.I can take care of the clothes." Lupin stoked the fire up a saw how the villagers acted just now. "We need to make a fire." She flushed slightly and seemed ashamed. You can at least make us a cup of tea. Three sleeping bags appeared. conjuring up plates and cutlery. "Here. Harry." replied Lupin. "Bedding. really." Harry was silent. Dorek and the other wizards there will kill her. I don't think she will. "Soap. and then turned and slowly made her way toward the river.

"I was afraid Deorg might have spirited her off when he escaped . It's a famous school. Dumbledore smiled kindly. her eyes wary." "He got away?" said Lupin quickly.around the clearing."This is Professor Remus Lupin." she said. my dear. ." His eyes moved to look behind them as he spoke. very good. his fortress destroyed." Dumbledore beamed at her.I've heard of you." "Bathing in the river. she smiled. Harry could hardly recognise her. patting her hand. who was watching with a smile. headmaster of Hogwarts School of Wizardry. She had managed to comb her hair. Now that she was clean." he said. Harry wondered how she had managed to conjure them without a wand. "Is everything all right. and his soldiers are probably now on their way home. Harry was surprised. and turning. the usual rather sullen expression on her face. She was wearing a green tunic together with close-fitting brown pants and boots. it's a real pleasure to meet you at last.Lupin. patting her hand again. one of our teachers at Hogwarts. and for the first time that Harry could remember." said Harry.have you introduced yourself. Remus?" . "I'm afraid so. quickly." She turned to look at Lupin. She reminded Harry of some wild creature. the smile seemed to transform her entire face. shook his head .and of Hogwarts. But his power is greatly reduced. Then. She stopped when she saw Dumbledore.the girl . he said. almost to her waist." he said. and it fell." he said." he said. "The shape-shifter . finding her voice. too. long and black. The difference was amazing. "That's good. you have a lovely smile. Remus?" he asked. "Allow me to introduce myself: Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore thought so. Dumbledore smiled in relief. and went forward. sir. "I . she looked completely different. and Professor Lupin . tense and ready to take flight. "Lovely. my dear. "Excellent. Dumbledore looked sober. they saw that the girl had come back. taking her hands in his. bringing her forward to the others. slightly anxious. and peering at her through his half-moon spectacles. "My dear." She looked rather startled. ". "and of course. you've met Harry already.

and turned to Lupin and Harry.or anything . he couldn't recall where he was." "There's one position vacant. she drew a breath and said. our gamekeeper. then lowered her eyes." She looked surprised. "It's Jeanne. "It's been a long time . and think about my offer." She looked at the ground. . we have to decide. For a moment." said Dumbledore. My name is Jeanne.that of assistant to Rubeus Hagrid. what are we going to do with you?" She looked at him. "And now. Harry. Jeanne. She looked blank." said Dumbledore. "I have some final things to arrange with Oleg tonight." he said gently. to Britain." Her smiled vanished. who was still looking doubtful. then at Harry. Headmaster. and stay at Hogwarts." replied Lupin. and saw stars trembling in the sky above him. and a good night's sleep. "It has been a long day. "A proposal?" "Yes. and lastly Lupin. I'll be ba ck first thing in the morning to hear your decision. She looked confused a moment. "which might well suit you . as if trying to remember. you don't have anything to settle at the Institute. He looked back at Jeanne. "It's perfect! That would be a brilliant idea. sir!" "Thank you. "But . and stammered. do you?" "No. then. "and we're all tired. "My name?" she repeated. "I'm off. She looked at Dumbledore. too. and said. "I would like to extend an invitation to you. I suggest you ha ve something to eat.what could I do there? I can't teach . tell us your name. Remus. Lupin nodded encouragingly at her." Harry gave an exclamation of delight. so I'll leave you here for now. Jeanne. indeed." said Dumbledore. "I have a proposal to make to you. "And a lovely name." She looked up." Dumbledore beamed at her again." he said. "To Hogwarts?" she faltered. he was gone. Dumbledore looked at her. and with another smile at Jeanne."And now. to come back with the three of us." He released her hand." continued Dumbledore. including deciding how to keep tabs on Deorg. then seemed to pull herself together. Harry woke up in the middle of the night. remaining silent. Looking at Dumbledore. sir.

But after a few minutes. landing on the vacated sleeping bag. Harry quickly shut his eyes. changed shape. She was staring up at the sky. but stopped short when he saw that Lupin was already awake and sitting up. "She hasn't realised that she's free. Nervously. Harry turned the other way. "She'll be back. her hair was disappearing feathers were sprouting a barn owl stood in her place. her expression less sullen than usual. in her sleeping bag. stirring her long hair. she rose. and turned to look behind him. the owl came hurtling back out of the sky. the owl spread its wings. "Go back to sleep. bending slightly and looking at something in her hands. "Professor Lupin!" . It swelled. Harry frantically got up and pulled on his shoes. and was gone. She seemed to shrink. there was no sound from her. walked away into the forest. and looked thoughtfully at Jeanne's empty sleeping bag. and in one swift fluid movement. She was standing with her back to him. after a while. looking around at the forest. Then. raised her arms. don't worry. Lupin was still looking at the sleeping bag. hoping she hadn't seen him watching her. yet " he said thoughtfully. he went dashing after Jeanne. In a flash. She seemed to be thinking about something. "It all happened too fast " Lupin looked at Harry and smiled. and tried to sleep.but Lupin's sleeping bag was empty. she glanced around. I'm sure she'll come back.she's gone! . Feeling among his robes for his wand. as if to himself. When. Harry. Turning. . and seemed to be in some distress. all at once.Then he remembered. Sure enough." Harry lay down. five minutes later. Harry sat up in dismay. and without a backward glance. A gentle breeze blew. "Not to worry. but couldn't sleep." he repeated. All at once. and then Jeanne was there again. he saw Jeanne. "Professor Lupin! Jeanne . Harry. She was shaking slightly." he began. astonished. Harry sat up again. She was awake. Lupin shook his head at Harry. She was sitting up now. he turned and looked at Jeanne again. but Harry had the feeling he wasn't really seeing it. she straightened up." "How do you know?" asked Harry. across the campfire. Something in her hand gleamed in the firelight before she disappeared among the trees. he cautiously opened his eyes and peeked at her.

but then a movement caught his eye and he saw her. Lupin took his wand out. gave the knife a tap. She hesitated. then raised the knife.At first he thought he'd gone in the wrong direction. ready to plunge it into her chest. Jeanne whirled around. "Go back and get some sleep. created by a fallen tree which lay decaying on the ground. very slowly. She shook her head slightly. Then. unable to move. knife still raised in one hand. Harry. then at Lupin again. Where on earth was Lupin? Jeanne seemed to hesitate a moment. She stood frozen. Jeanne had turned away. "Put the knife down. and then. I'll look after her. she lowered the knife. Jeanne. gently took her into his arms. She was shaking slightly. Lupin stepped out into the clearing from behind a tree. "Are you all right ?" he began. and gave the knife to Lupin. The voice had come somewhere from his right." Harry jumped. "Give it to me. He couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from the scene before him." he repeated. Lupin went up to her. looking at him. She was staring at Lupin. Then. then started sobbing. Lupin let her cry a while. Moonlight dimly illuminated the area. The seconds ticked by. She was in a small clearing. Harry's stomach lurched when he saw the knife. one hand over her mouth. his eyes never leaving her face." She looked at the knife. Harry could see her clearly enough. He stopped in front of her." he said quietly. he looked over to where Harry was standing and said calmly. extending a hand. Harry was still holding his breath . Lupin gave a small exclamatio n. including the long knife in her hands. ===================================== ." Harry went. After what seemed a long time. she slowly reached her hand out. Lupin was walking toward her. Harry stood where he was. "Give the knife to me. She cried harder than ever. looking concerned. Harry held his breath. with a curious expression on his face. when her sobbing had subsided somewhat. Harry clenched his hand on his wand. Now! He had to disarm her now! - "Put the knife down. and it disappeared. her eyes wide.

taking her hand again. glancing at Lupin. Lupin smiled at her. "Excellent. miss. Remus?" asked Dumbledore. Dumbledore appeared just as they were finishing." he said." "Not at all. this is Jeanne.we all are . She gave Harry a very small smile when he sat down next to her. he found both Lupin and Jeanne already up. Remus. and then Jeanne." said Bubcek. that is. "I'll be in touch." "Of course. fumbling with her knife and fo rk." said Harry. "We should make a move directly." turning to Bubcek." said Lupin. Headmaster. She shrugged. "I'm deep ly indebted to you . smiling. then nodded. Jeanne looked quickly at Lupin. together with Professor Bubcek. Albus. "More or less." replied Lupin." he said." she said in a small voice. allow me to introduce Professo r Oleg Bubcek. Oleg. Jeanne. "Come back again. shaking Dumbledore's hand vigorously. and smiled at Harry when he saw him. And the best of luck to you. "have you thought about my proposal?" "Yes. "Very good. Oleg. Jeann e looked subdued. quietly. She looked rather nervous. if you'll still have me . Jeanne ate self-consciously." he said briskly. because everyone's eyes were on her. "I've decided . Harry winced. wondering if he'd used his iron grip on her. shook her hand. passing him a plate. She looked as if she hadn't slept at all. "Are you all right?" he asked. beaming. there's always a place for you at the Institute. "Have some breakfast." said Dumbledore. "Everything all right. "Here we are." said Dumbledore. "And so. "Jeanne.HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER FOUR When Harry woke up the next morning. but she didn't seem to notice. Bubcek turned and shook hands with Lupin. soon. she obviously hadn't used cutlery for a long time. Lupin looked his usual cheerful self. "Thanks." Then he turned to Harry." Bubcek." "Yes!" said Harry. . and Dumbledore was beaming like the sun. They ate in silence.I'll come to Hogwarts.

and apologised. if you would help me gather the staff together " "Certainly. Thank you. isn't it?" He tucked the amulet away in his robes." he said quietly. If you could bring Jeann e to the staff room " "Yes. "Come on." said Bubcek. It was as if they had never left. yes! I had almost forgotten. Jeanne seemed very tense as she followed Harry to the staff room. "Thank you for this. I know you are tired. "I'm sorry I'm so uptight. then extended his hand." said Harry. Professor. Dumbledore came over to Jeanne and looked at her tired face. anytime. then nodded in agreement. They were all back in Lupin's office. "Useful little thing. you're always welcome at the Institute. She stiffened every time they passed anyone along the way. "Harry. looking at Jeanne. He looked at Lupin. crushing Harry's hand in his. Just send me an owl. Harry. "We must be off. "Jeanne.Dumbledore had somehow timed their journey so that th ey arrived back just after Harry had been swept into the vortex that had brought hi m to Kamchatka. At one point a group of ghosts came down the corridor. Harry steeled himself. Headmaster. Harry could see Professor Bubcek still waving as they disappeared in a whirl of light." "Ah." said Harry. "but it would be best if we wer e to have a meeting immediately. Dumbledore turned to Harry. and explain everything to the other staff. with a rather guilty look at Lup in." She looked at him. It's just difficult after so long in the cave to come . then. and she gasped when one of them passed through her. leading her through the door. I would like you to attend the meeting as well. "When you graduate from Hogwarts. soon. and then vanished out the door. Harry could hardly believe the entire adve nture had actually taken place ." he said." "Yes. sir. retrieving his bruised hand hastily. "Remus." said Dumbledore. sir." Lupin gave Harry and Jeanne a quick nod. sir. "Come back again.Harry held out the amulet." said Bubcek. She tried to smile when she saw Harry looking at her in concern.

" Snape opened his mouth to speak. She did not repl y. wearing her usual sullen expression. "There won't be that many people at the meeting." He stared at Jeanne. trying not to be too ru de. Harry knocked and entered. "I believe you are star ing at me. Snape gave a small. Snape's eyes narrowed when he saw Harry. "Who is she?" "Professor Dumbledore will explain. he thought." she added. to Harry's dismay." . Harry tried to think of something comforting to say. Snape continued to stare at Jeanne. "Come on. Potter?" he asked coldly. and stared coldly at Jeanne again. "Most of the teachers are quite kind. Snape blinked. looking curiously at her. There was only one teacher inside. He didn't want to give Snape an excuse to remove more points from Gryffindor. Jeanne continued to glare at Snape. but stared at the floor. frowning.I'm just not used to people any more " She looked self-conscious as a group of prefects passed by. Snape was sure to be his usual nasty self. twenty was quite enough to constitute a crowd. McGonagall and Flitwick came in." he added hurriedly." he said. returning his stare. he said." He saw from her face that to her. "I know of no such meeting. He sai d we were to attend." he said. it was Professor Snape. They had reached the staff room. Harry said. I . "Professor Dumbledore's calling a staff meeting in this room. "Do I get the impression that something is wrong?" Jeanne didn't even blink. and realised he had said the wrong thing. but the staff room door suddenly opened and Professors Sprout. "What do you want. "Anyway. she lifted her head and stared coldly back at him. "Crow ds of people tend to make me tense up. you're not alone Professors Dumbledore and Lupin will be there. and then turned to stare at Jeanne." said Harry shortly. "And who is this with you? I don't believe I have seen you before. but all of a s udden. She was staring at the floor. After what seemed like forever to Harry. but then thought of S nape. cold smile and said smoothly.indicating himself and Jeanne. taking her arm and propelling her to the long table at . "Indeed there is. Harry drew a sigh of relief. Jeanne. Snape looked as if he didn't believe Harry. and me as well. you know." he said. but didn't look as if she felt any better. Harry held his breath. "Probably less than twenty." Jeanne nodded.back to the normal world. Aloud." she said acidly.

she was now ignoring Snape. Albus. taking the seat next to Jeanne . Headmaster. he began to relat e all the events that had taken place in Kamchatka. Hagrid's small eyes were wide. looking at her curiously. so that she was sitting between him and Harry. and sat with her hands folded in her lap. and most were starin g at Jeanne. The other teachers gradually filed in. Snape took a seat right opposite Jeanne. "where is Professor Lupin?" "He said he was going to get Hagrid." said Lupin cheerfully. but to Harry's surprise. as Lupin came in with Hagrid. "Ah. Looking a round. staring at the floor.the end of the room. and then looked curiously at Jeanne. who beamed when he saw Harry. his voice smooth and cold. However . or its gift. "We must definitely make Ha grid known to you. "In a while. he nodded at Harry. Then. True. When the tale was done. of course. I don't suppose you would care to explain what this is all about?" inqui red Professor McGonagall. The other teachers followed. We do not even know her full name. Then Snape spoke. she may have suffered much at the hands of Lord D eorg. looking at Jeanne. The expressions on the f aces of the other teachers grew more and more amazed as he went on." "Albus. When it came to the part where the y reached Deorg's fortress. "Not at all. Snape scowled. he made no mention of the mirror in the cave. "Apologies for the delay. She was wearing her sullen expression again. and he kept staring at Jeanne in fascination. who was still sitting sullenly and staring downwards. but how do we know his Dark Arts have not rubbed off on her? Has she made known where her loyalties lie?" Lupin looked as if he were about to say something. Feeling slightly embarrassed. Jean ne spoke first. Harry related how he had first met Jeanne. "An amazing tale." said tiny Professor Flitwick. looking around. he smiled at Jeanne and Harry." he said. . there was a silence." said Dumbledore. To Harry's relief." replied Dumbledore. Minerva. What of this shape-shifter? We know nothing of her background. including Professor Dumbledore. "But much rem ains untold. my dear." said Dumbledore. Remus. To Harry's annoyance. then asked.

"I know I am Chinese . I only knew that they were afraid . looking at Snape. "My foster parents never told me the reason we moved. We began leadin g a nomadic existence." She looked rather pale. then suddenly. And no one would be suspi cious about me. The town we lived in was so remote that there was no wizarding school nearby. moving from town to town. we suddenly moved ." Her voice shook slightly. Before I could get up. "We moved from place to place for four years. so everything I learned about the magical arts was from my foster parents. I woke up on hearing my parents' screams. then continued." she said. and it was not strange that a childless Russian couple adopt a Chinese child. you see . Jeanne." She paused. She steadied it. by an English wizard and his wife. "However. and glanced at Dumbledore. when I was ten. I knew we were running from someone. It was better." she said quietly. changing our name in each one. there came a time when my father decided to move further a small town near the Russian border with China. we moved again. And you may feel free to question me." She paused. rather . and my fos ter father spoke the language well enough to pass off as one too. and possessed foster mother was Russian. we lived in England. "He came upon us one night. he came to my room. I believe I should make my story known.but let me explain: I was adopted as a c hild. "First of all. because there was a large community of Chinese origin in the area. We stayed near the Russia-China bo rder all that time. I was trapped in Deorg's fortress for the next few years."That is a fair question. "my full name is Jeanne Graham." she said. looking rather nervous. "If I am to becom e a member of this school. "Yes. . Charles and Maria Graham.fled. It proved to be his undoing. but I believe now that the y were fleeing from Lord Deorg. Then. anticipating this. "During my first few years with them. We had not left the border region for two months when Deorg caught up with us.desperately afraid. smiled slightly." There was a murmur of surprise. She gave Lupin a quick glance." She paused. then continued. "You know the rest. and he nodded encouragingly at her. "We stayed there for seven years. but my parents refused to tell me who it wa s.

because I was a shape-shifter. "but in the end . but before he could say anything. no one said anything. then at Harry. half to herself. You might think his a failed mission because he perished in the attempt and could not prevent Deorg fr om capturing you.." She hesitated." replied Jeanne. but I think he won through in the end. Harry looked at Snape." she said slowly. her face pale. dedicating his life to fighting the agents of the Dark.until." She looked at him. "I met your foster father only once. Dumbledore spoke. Snape was still wearing his usual sardonic expression. Then.. "If Charl es were here today." She looked from Dumbledore to Lupin. It was his life's mission. My foster father was aware that Deorg was looking for someone like me. but most of the staff were looking sympathetic. "How else could you have withstood Deorg's onslaught during those years? Deorg had difficulty even possessing you." She sat very still. He was looking at Jeanne with narrowed eyes. "Are there any questions for Miss Graham?" he inquired." said Dumbledore. I believe. long ago. He was a well-respected wizard." she said softly. Her eyes were suddenly very bright.until the three of you came." said Dumbledore. Her voice was shaking slightly again." said Lupin soberly. "Did you never know who your true parents were?" "No. that my foster parents must have persuaded my true parents to let them adopt me. Dumbledore inclined his head toward her. There was a silence. Harry nodded in agreement." She flushed slightly. Professor McGonagall spoke." She looked down. then said. "A weaker soul would have broken. he would have been proud of you. I don't even know my real surname. instilled the right values in yo u. For a moment. Dumbledore looked around. to keep me away from Deorg. Harry saw two fat tears trickling down Hagrid's beard. and murmured. Jeanne. "My foster parents never told me. "There's no need. "I do know. his eyes kind. b ut regarded as an excellent teacher by all who knew him. Harry had the impression she was trying very . from snatches of conversation I happened to overhear. "Not difficult enough. looking at them. "He taught you to choose between good and evil. A very reserved person. or been corrupted. "I never thanked you for was all in vain " There was a pause.

it raised its head and brought it down. she was growing taller. Scales covered her body. "I don't believe there's any harm in that. facing them. A huge.but the fire was only an illusion. the black scales becoming feathers. then began to shrink. hooded serpent had taken its place." Jeanne looked rather surprised. it had changed into a large badger. The lights in the room gradually came on again.almost as high as the ceiling. and then Hagrid cleared his throat and spoke. Smaller and smaller it became.hard not to cry. and she swiftly brushed it awa y. An eagle was there. Rising from her seat. Spreading its wings. The lights in the room dimmed." She thought for a moment. "I ain't got no quest'ns ter ask. and glanced at Dumbledore. The serpent gave a menacing hiss . gazing at them with fierce eyes. wings shrinking and disappearing. Then the eagle was plummeting down. The badger looked at them for a few seconds. Then it began to grow. it soared into the air with a pierci ng cry. Looming high above them. Snape ducked his head down . "A good test of wheth er any of Lord Deorg's dark magic has instilled itself in her. scaly wings were sprouting Harry heard Hagrid give an ecstatic cry. the dragon glowed golden in the darkness of the room. forked tongue tasting the air. its eyes bright. a large stream of fire issuing from its mouth at Professor Snape. wicked red eyes glowing eerily in the dark. then no dded." "An excellent idea. looking at Jeanne. When it hit the ground. its scales enlarging and darkening. as if deciding which animal to transform into." said Snape coolly. A tear rolled down one of her cheeks. She stood. swooping low over the table and making some of the teachers duck. its mouth narrowing into a sharp beak. There was an awkward silence. Now the dragon was changing. she walked over to the wall opposite where there was a large and empty space. its expression friendly and inquisitive. Harry shuddered. Giving a loud cry. larger its fur changing to . miss. Its body was narrowing. looking at her with a twinkle in his eye. Her shape was changing. but I sure would like ter see yeh transf orm into somethin'. "Why don't you show Professor Snape here what you can do. an' it would be a real treat fer all of us. taller . changing form in the air as it fell. Larger." said Dumbledore. and raised her arms. remembering the basilisk in the chamber of secrets. I'm awful fond of animals. was just beyond my capabilities. and Dumbledore. "If there are no objections. When she finally spoke." she said. she sounded apologetic. wasn't it? You ought to repeat it in front of the whole school!" She looked appalled at the idea. her face slig htly flushed. there was a swift murmur running around the table. She looked slightly overcome by all the applause. "Have you anything else to ask." Snape said. looking at Snape. There was a sudden stillness in the room. Then Hagrid let out a loud whoop and started clapping loudly. "Good. The lioness towered over them. "I'm sorry. rather nervously. said. not a f ew of the other teachers joining in. Headmaster. "Wond'rful! Wond'rful!" shouted Hagrid happily." As if her voice had broken the spell. She stood there. Then in one fluid motion. her eyes bright. said. Jeanne walked back to her seat and sat shakily down. Lupin rose too. the lioness was shrinking its fur was vanishing tail growing shorter and shorter And then only Jeanne was there. then." he said in his smooth. "I know a male lion would have been more appropriate but . He was looking at Jeanne. Harry ? It's like I have Norbert back ag'n " Professor Flitwick was clapping away excitedly. "That was some dragon. aware that every eye in the room was on her. Presently the noise died down. while Dumbledore's eyes were twinkling." said Dumbledore. but Snape was already speaking to Jeanne. its legs narrowing and lengtheni ng. its eyes becoming cat-like. Harry looked at Snape. it let forth a roar so deafening Harry was sure every creature in Hogwarts could hear it. and beckoned to Hagrid to come over." The other teachers nodded. and nodded and smiled at her. I shall appoint Miss Graham as assistant to Hagrid. Severus?" Snape looked at Jeanne and his eyes glittered. standing quietly in front of them. She looked warily back at him. Hagrid looked excited. Dumbledore stood up. almost as tall as the dragon had been. "None. "that was our school crest. . his expression shrewd and calculating. signalling that the meeting was over. still clapping. "Miss Graham.the colour of gold. I believe you do not know most of us. Lifting it s head. Lupin caught Jeanne's eye. eh.

smiling. everyone else had gone to bed. When nearly all had been introduced. one arm around Jeanne's shoulders. smiling. Only Harry. Jeanne. she looks really tired. examining the bottle of stardust which had been the gift of the mirror in the cave. "you were only gone for an hour or two. who had come up with Jeanne." Harry began." he said. but was interrupted by Hagrid. Hagrid came forward. Lupin came forward with Hagrid. Potions Master of this school. "You handled yourself very well in our little adventure. it had taken Harry so long to tell his entire story. and looking at Jeanne. that should be it for tonight. and shook hands. It'll be a pleasure. How could all that have happened . They started discussing where she should put up for the night.cold voice. laughing. "I mean. you are pulling our legs. aren't you?" It was the fifth time Ron had asked that question. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER FIVE - "Harry. That was some lovely show yer put on for us. is Rubeus Hagrid. "Time fer Jeanie ter take a rest. who was smiling and looking slightly embarrassed. it's just way out " he continued. "Well. ter work with yeh " Leaving Hagrid and Jeanne to get acquainted." "I didn't do anything . He was beginning to wonder if they would ever believe him. "Allow me to introduce myself: Severus Snape. The dust inside shimmered like . Ron and Hermione had stayed behind." he said. decided to make a quiet exit. we'll have plenty of time tomorrow " "What. seeing they had forgotten he was there. Harry. "Lovely ter meet yeh. my dear. The Gryffindor common room was empty now. And this is Professor McGonagall " He proceeded to introduce the other teachers to Jeanne. Why was Snape suddenly being so nice to her? Jeanne mechanically smiled." he said to Lupin. and Harry. it's already Jeanie. Harry watched. is it?" said Lupin. our gamekeeper. nodded. all smiles. "And this. "No need ter start talkin' about work yet. Harry gave a small sigh of exasperation.?" Hermione held the bottle up to the light. Ron looked over to where Hermione was sitting. Lupin turned to Harry. And now it's time for you to get back to your common room Ron and Hermione must be wondering where you are. open-mouthed.

" He looked at Harry.he held up a rather tattered and stained textbook ." "Oh. taking the bottle away from her. if you want!" He got up to go. I only woke up when you came to this corner and started talking -" "Why on earth didn't you get up and leave?" asked Ron. and we'd never have known you were there!" Neville looked like he might cry. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop. "I've had enough!" he said." said Neville.I was half asleep at first . weren't you? I bet you heard everything Harry said!" "I didn't mean to. but as he walked round one of the armchairs. his face very red. "Ouch!" squeaked the Something. turning it around in his hands. Why on earth would I make it all up? You can ask Dumbledore." said Harry at the same time.a collection of little stars. all the stuff you said ." he blubbered. . "You were eavesdropping on us. as Harry." "We are .is it?" Harry looked at the three of them." stuttered Neville." said Hermione. "I . "Neville!" exclaimed Hermione. trembling slightly. the powder they throw in the air when . he tripped over something on the floor. "By the time I was fully awake. Harry.thought I was dreaming. thinking about all that had happened. looking angry. and he really wasn't sleepy. thoughtfully. you were half way through . hiding on the floor down there?" Neville Longbottom got slowly to his feet. ". "I promise I won't tell a soul. muttering under his breath. He wondered which room Jeanne . "So you thought . completely frustrated by now. but later found himself staring into space. exasperated. Ron stood up. Harry didn't sleep well that night. give it back!" said Harry crossly."but I fell asleep." she said. It had been morning in Kamchatka when they had left.that you could lie there till we went up to bed. "but I've seen bottles like this in Zonko's you know. "What are you doing. got to his's not really true. or Lupin. "I simply shouldn't have said anything. He got up and took out the bottle of stardust and looked at it. He pretended he was asleep when Ron came up to bed. "I was trying to read up on Potions" . "I'm going to bed!" And he marched off toward the dormitory.and I knew you'd be mad at me . "Anyway. "It's really pretty.

"Just being in the right place at the right time." said Ron. to be able to change into any animal you want. and he had that curious feeling again that it was alive. it's totally unfair. The dust inside swirled and sparkled. "She's shy about meetin' the two of yer." "You mean." Harry tried not to look smug. "Don't try fooling yourself. comin' back ter the real world after what she's bin through." said Hermione dreamily. She didn't appear at breakfast in the Great Hall the next morning. Her absence seemed to set the seal on Ron and Hermione's disbelief in the matter." he said. "Do you know. that we got left out. Harry didn't see Jeanne again until more than two weeks later.probably sound asleep by now. "I'd love to go to Russia. Tol' her all about you three. who had been listening." "Yeh'll have ter wait." "I just can't believe it!" said Ron. but there was no sign of her. than what we have here. "Harry wasn't just pulling our leg?" "'Course it's true!" said Hagrid. although they were careful not to mention the subject in front on him." "How fantastic. it's true?" said Ron. they went down to Hagrid's for tea. "What death has taken. o' course. will return to you. and put the bottle back in his trunk. he thought. not listening to Hermione." said Hagrid. turning a fierce eye on him. amazed. 'til now?" Harry grinned at Ron and Hermione. He looked at Harry. . they have this really incredible tradition . "It's a shock fer her." Could he ever bring his parents back? He sighed. not to mention she's more used ter Russian customs an' their way of livin'. He held the bottle up. At the end of the first week of school." He was taking out a dish of fudge as he was speaking. "If his story's all true." said Hermione indignantly." Still. "It's completely unfair. she'd looked so tired. "Giv'n her the other side of the grounds ter start with. "I'd like to see her repeat what she did in the staff room." said Hagrid. what not bein' used ter people an' all. looking at Harry." he told himself sternly. no wonder. but he had half expected that because of her fear of crowds. "It's just wishful thinking. when Harry asked about her. it was some time before he fell asleep.was in and what she was doing . it's better fer her. "We should have been allowed to go to Kamchatka as well. "Yeh mean ter say these two didn' believe yer story.

your cooking's really improving!" Hagrid went red. an' they can talk back to her." he said. Hagrid. Blimey. "Ain't mine." he said heatedly. an' that Deorg fellow could catch her an' we might not know fer weeks. sure she ought ter know some of their language. "Is the work all right for her?" Hagrid looked enthusiastic. Harry was surprised. but she said she migh' as well.Hermione looked at the fudge. so he tried to tactfully change the subject. "Jeanie did it." He looked wistful. what with her bein' able ter do magic an' all. trying some of the fudge." said Harry." she said. "I didn't know she could do that. "She can talk to any an'mal." Hagrid went even redder. she's cooking for you?" said Harry incredulously. "Is she staying here with you?" Hagrid blushed red as a beet. I bet she could turn into a dragon for you." "You mean. you said you always wanted to have your own dragon. and then nibbled some of it. "Hagrid. if she can change into an animal." "No wonder we never see her in the Hall. looking rather astonished. inst'd of me doin' it the other way. doesn' it? After all. "Besides. "She's got a room in the castle. "Couldn' be better. Dumbledore wants ter keep an eye on her if she stay'd out. seein' she's takin' her meals here an' all. actually. "Cooks for you cleans for you at this rate. "Makes sense. he's afraid she might go runnin' wild. "I didn't think that was part of her job. "Didn' yer?" said Hagrid. "How is she. looking slightly guilty." he said. It looked a great deal tidier than usual." Harry could see that Hagrid couldn't take much more of the teasing. I see. Said it's easier fer her ter do the food. Hermione looked around Hagrid's hut." Ron grinned. "She's been cleaning up for you as well." he said." he said. you might as well marry her. "This is good!" she said. If she's a shape-shifter." . anyway?" he asked. "Tol' her that. "'Course not. his eyes crinkling into a smile. wish I could do that.

Hagrid had insisted she stay to tea when they came. "What did Fang tell her?" Hagrid suddenly looked rather crestfallen. Harry had thought she might have conjured some robes for herself by now. open-mouthed. hoping they would get along. whom Hermione had brought along in anticipation of meeting Jeanne. who was hooting away excitedly. who was still sitting in her lap. wearing her usual slightly sullen expression. and this is Hermione." Hagrid continued. she evidently felt that as his assistant. and then Crookshanks. Harry and the others finally met Jeanne the following week. "What about me?" she squeaked. and was still clad in forest colours. Crookshanks lifted his squashed face to look at her.Harry had never thought about that. She had cut off some of her hair and braided the rest. eyes even rounder. she smiled and shook hands with them." said Harry. They found her preparing tea when they arrived. "This is Ron. "He has been visiting me rather often. Jeanne was about to say something. "Really?" said Harry. but she smiled when she saw Harry. bounded into her lap. " and he says will you please not put so much sugar in your cornflakes. "Does Crookshanks have anything to say?" Jeanne looked at Crookshanks. Ron was round-eyed. he prefers it plain " Ron was listening." "What things?" asked Ron. She was looking slightly more at ease now. she should follow suit. but as Hagrid didn't wear robes. green and brown. . Hermione looked excited. Jeanne seemed relaxed enough. firs' thing when she came here. interested. when a small blur of feathers flew into the room and landed on her shoulder. I know. "He says. this morning you got up late for breakfast and your mother sent you a letter and some sweets also " She paused. "Said ter tell me. twisting it up behind her head. "Hi. laughing." she said." he said mournfully. still listening to the tiny owl. "Yes. "Talk'd ter Fang here. Harry. She listened to the owl's hooting a while. He tells me a lot of things. She turned to look at Pigwidgeon." she said. he didn't like my cookin' very much. "That's my owl!" he said to Jeanne.

" Jeanne laughed." Hermione blushed and beamed." Harry objected. "They each have their own language. Jeanne grinned at him. "You can read his mind?" asked Hermione. "He's terribly proud that he belongs to you. "That's how most animals communicate. but Hermione looked fascinated. feeling rather disappointed. "And he likes sleeping on your bed with you.Jeanne said something in a strange language.' And that more or less said everything. "She just puffed out her chest." he said to Jeanne. Altogether." she said. "I've already spoken to her. Jeanne stared back silently for a while. She nodded. when they were leaving. "That's because he talks about you all the time. "It would have been interesting to see what she might have to say about me." "Oh." Ron's face brightened when he heard this." ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== ." explained Jeanne. only sometimes you study too hard." she said to Hermione." she said. and looked very proud. He says so quite often. nodding at Pigwidgeon. he just stared steadily at Jeanne. "But Crookshanks didn't say anything. but there's also a common language which all of them understand." said Harry. Harry felt the tea-party went off quite well." Jeanne explained. and said. "He seems to have a lot to say to you. and not all of them are capable of producing the right sounds." Ron looked confused. "He said it with his mind. "and she didn't say a lot. breathlessly. 'I'm Harry Potter's owl. And they have to do it by telepathy. but Crookshanks made no sound." said Harry. He thinks you smell nice." he said to Jeanne. then smiled. "I should have brought Hedwig along. Instead. "But you understand both. "He says you're an excellent mistress. Ron was looking rather jealous. because their mouths are all shaped differently.

it's Jeanne!" Jeanne was quietly standing at one end of the pen. that should do the trick." Hagrid was carefully avoiding Draco Malfoy's eye as he said this. she's much more human than Snape." said Ron. "She'll be helpin' all of yeh if there's any problem. Hagrid had been too afraid to involve any large animals in his classes. devoting most of his time to the more harmless (but boring) flobberworms and salamanders. this is my new assistant. "Bit of a shock ter look at. "I can assure you. just bow to them same. looking curiously at the Thylacinths." "She's just like any normal bowing to it ." announced Hagrid. run as fast. a horse's head at one end an' a wolf's head at the other.- CHAPTER SIX - They were about one month into the school year when Jeanne suddenly started attending Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures classes. Neville looked startled when he saw Jeanne.did she really . . "Basically has two heads. if yeh haven't seen one before. Harry. in Harry's third year. it's true?" he said to Harry. Hagrid announced that they would be learning about Thylacinths. "Everyone. The class gathered near the pen. So the class was astonished when. before leading them to the enclosure. "The wolf part ain't nothin' ter worry about. Jeanne. a lot o' predators think twice about chasin' yeh when there's a wolf starin' at yeh in the face. Despite having heard Hagrid's description. "Is she the one . "You mean. Ever since the affair with Buckbeak. He was terrified of Professor Snape.before mounting the animal and riding once around the pen. most of them had a shock when they actually saw the animals themselves. "Look who's there. "Thylacinths are as good as horses. Each student had to make friends with the wolf end of the Thylacinth . Neville turned pale when he saw them. if yeh know how ter handle Hippogriffs. Neville." continued Hagrid. each with a wolf's head at the rear end of its body. It was quite simple. for one thing." said Hagrid to the class." Neville trembled." There were murmurs of surprise when the students heard this. an' the wolf at one end makes fer good protection. Hagrid seemed a lot more confident now that Jeanne was there. actually. It sounded totally bizarre. She waved when she saw the three of them. one day." Jeanne merely nodded vaguely at the class. "Look!" said Hermione. They were basically horses. impatiently.

Crabbe and Goyle flanking him as usual. and when it nods back. He says I can't just keep to myself all the time. "It's really nothing. I told him the students wouldn't have obtained a proper education if they'd learned about nothing more than flobberworms when they graduate from Hogwarts. "Thought you'd have been scared long ago. he and Ron and Hermione went over to a quiet spot to wait for the others to finish. To their surprise. Neville?" asked Hermione in astonishment." said Harry. "Sort of. with a werewolf teaching us and all. smiling and pointing." he continued. "It got out of the pen one day. his voice shaking slightly. "I've been watching some of the classes. "What are you doing here?" "I'm not going. That's it." Neville did not seem convinced. "I've got a phobia about wolves. "She likes animals as much as Hagrid does." she replied. and he shall introduce some more interesting animals.I keep seeing its eyes staring at me " "Scared of wolves now. but I keep having nightmares about it . Longbottom?" said a drawling voice from behind them." Hermione came galloping up on her Thylacinth. . staring in fascinated horror at the Thylacinths." Neville gulped. He was smiling slyly." "I was sitting in that tree. "Hagrid's been pestering me to interact with more people." he whispered. as he waited for Hermione to finish her turn. "Came snarling after me and jumped right on me. "Anyway. Harry. "Aunt Nell got it off me. Neville. "You just bow at the wolf-end. "What's up." "You were watching?" said Harry."You talked Hagrid into this. "Your turn." When Harry had finished riding his Thylacinth." said Neville. So we made a bargain : I'll help him out here." His voice ended in a frightened squeak. "We never saw you. didn't you?" said Harry to Jeanne." Draco Malfoy had been listening from behind. She'd taken it in because it had a wounded paw. hiding in the bushes." he said. eh. "I visited my Aunt Nell's during the holidays." she said. Anyway. they found Neville there. you can mount the horse and ride one round." she went on. They looked at him in surprise. this time she had a huge black wolf in her yard.

"What did you say. who was still looking slightly green. and besides. Jeanne removed her hand. aren't we. if he could do that. and started trembling. and said softly. as if he could see something the rest couldn't. "All because he taught you how to dress a Boggart up in a hat and handbag. coming forward. and they both keeled over and went to sleep. Malfoy was choking slightly." said Neville suddenly. aren't you. indeed. and then went slightly green. you sh-shut up about Professor Lupin. lifting him into the air. Mr Malfoy? I'll show you something you might be afraid of." said Harry. Jeanne brought her face close to him. but reached a hand out and grabbed the front of Malfoy's robes. Neville. very sorry. She said nothing. "What's your name . Crabbe and Goyle came forward. "Don't be afraid. "Ooh. angry. Malfoy looked at her. and he fell to the ground in a heap. "Time's almost up. walking around in rags. because Jeanne had come right up to him. Mr Malfoy?" she asked. You'd think. but she made a small motion with the other hand. He turned very white. Mr Malfoy. Jeanne brought her face very close to his. are you. "He's one of the best teachers in this school. in a quiet. you're teacher's pet. "M-Malfoy." He stopped." "Sticking up for the werewolf. . as a shadow fell across them.Mr Longbottom? ." drawled Malfoy. "Come on." Malfoy was sweating now."What did you say." Neville looked terrified." she said." she called to Neville. Jeanne had come up quietly. his eyes narrowing. ever insult him in front of me or I will make you very." Ron and Hermione had been watching Malfoy. "Professor Lupin is an old friend of mine. he's the kind you hang out with. They turned around when they heard Harry." Malfoy's eyes suddenly widened in horror. he might as well spare himself wandering around in those rags of his . and had overheard. and ran forward to join him and Neville. Longbottom?" sneered Malfoy. She walked away without a second look at him. Malfoy?" said Harry haven't had your turn yet. He nodded his head desperately. as poverty-stricken as Weasley here " He stopped. deadly voice. "but of course you'd stick up for the werewolf. "Don't you ever. We'll come with you. Potter. in a dangerously quiet tone. "Not afraid of werewolves.

The horse-end of the Thylacinth had been grazing. just bow to the wolf." he said dismally. and was kicking Crabbe and Goyle awake."Wonder what she showed him." moaned Neville. Malfoy seemed to have recovered. his face white. he looked rather distressed. "All right.straight into another Thylacinth behind him. and all those wolves. It let out a snort. Neville uttered a frightened squeak. Neville stood as if petrified. Hagrid dismissed the other students. and took his own leave. gazing in horror at the wolf-head. wheeled around. "She said she'd do a make-up class with me. Harry looked back." said Jeanne. "I don't want to be alone with her. Neville was groaning. they're fairly gentle animals." she said gently to Neville. Jeanne gave a cry of dismay. The others watched fearfully as Jeanne examined him. Lupin is an old friend?" he said. puzzled. and turned and ran . "I've got to meet Miss Graham later this evening." "I'm scared of wolves. "Let's get you to Madam Pomfrey. Neville crumpled up on the ground. When Hermione asked him if he was all was more like a friendly warning." Neville didn't stay long with Madam Pomfrey. "He'll be all right." muttered Ron to Harry. and gently kicked Neville in the stomach. and ran up to him." Neville was the last to go. . and Neville ran right into the horse's head. As a rule. as Hermione led Neville by the arm to the pen. but he was very subdued for the rest of the day. "What did she mean. "You musn't be afraid. which looked at him and growled. Jeanne said something to the wolf. since he had to rush off to see Professor Dumbledore about something. "She only met him a month ago. that evening." Harry listened in surprise." Neville begged. "Please come with me. "The Thylacinth didn't kick him very hard ." So. "He can smell your fear." she said. Neville. together with Harry and the others. after a while. The wolf growled again. the four of them trooped downstairs to the castle entrance." She looked at Neville.

" "Miss Graham is helping him. "But if I find out otherwise. it'll be fifty points from Gryffindor for each of you." Neville looked too frightened to speak. "I think we'll start with wolves first." said Hermione in a rush. I'm surprised he let us off so easily. we'll slowly work our way up to a bigger one. since that's the main problem. "That would be the most bizarre thing I ever heard Snape isn't capable of any human emotion!" They found Jeanne waiting at the enclosure. "Maybe it's because of Jeanne. don't you. they met Professor Snape on the way. "She just started today. Harry thought so. his eyes glittering. "I can transform into one. "I believe it is Rubeus Hagrid who is in charge of Care of Magical Creatures. wide-eyed. but he nodded. "You mean. "But where are the Thylacinths?" asked Hermione. "Where do you think you're going?" he said. "We came to give Neville moral support." he snapped. and indicating herself. Jeanne raised her arms. he has the hots for Jeanne?" said Ron. "Right here. Neville?" Neville gaped at her. and began to shrink. and stalked away. "Neville. as if considering. in the staff room.Unfortunately. Then. and a sneering smile curled his lips. His eyes narrowed when he saw them. sir." He turned. when you're all right with that. as they hurried toward Hagrid's hut. How about that?" Neville's eyes were large." explained Harry. She looked surprised to see so many of them. Smaller and smaller fur was growing on her skin ." he said. with a snort of laughter. "Please. with Miss Graham." Snape looked at them. quickly." said Jeanne. we have a makeup class for Care of Magical Creatures. too. "Students are not supposed to be wandering around at this time. smiling." said Ron. later that night. I'm going to change into a very small wolf first. and Neville knows I won't hurt him. Snape stared disbelievingly at them. "Actually. "With Miss Graham?" His lip curled." Jeanne went on." said Hermione. looking around the empty pen. "Very well. "He was almost nice to her.

then. and smiling at Neville. The cub frisked about again. "I'm used to your tricks. It frisked and frolicked around. frisking about and playing with Neville until he got used to it. looking at the silvery-grey fur and neat paws. we can start on Thylacinths. "That's right. "Gran will kill me. stop that!" he cried. "Hey. and grew slightly larger." said Neville to the growling wolf. actually. "Very good. ignoring the growls. "Er. Neville squeaked in fear. Neville backed away hurriedly. letting its tongue loll out. Neville looked petrified for a moment." called Hermione encouragingly. by now. "Oh. licking his face when he bent down to free himself. It then growled he?" panted Neville. running at Neville and nipping at his robes. suddenly. ." moaned Neville. "It's wet!" exclaimed Neville. Before they knew it. like this . it swelled. no. and licked Neville on the face. "Very good.A little wolf cub had appeared. "She's an awfully pretty wolf." she demonstrated. then growled.I mean. "Oh.he's not so bad." said Neville hurriedly. Neville." she said. as the wolf licked his face. wiping his face. Hermione squealed in delight. you don't. The others laughed. smiling. it had become a full-grown she-wolf. looking pleased. The wolf cub got all excited. open-mouthed. Then. cautiously tried to pet it. and looked at Neville. Jeanne was there. pat it. since the wolf cub seemed harmless." said Neville. The cub growled suddenly." . The wolf kept growing gradually. ." remarked Hermione. "She is. indeed. Now. it's so cute! Oh Neville." And suddenly. and backed away. "Naughty wolf! These robes are new " The cub worried the robes. The wolf cub stopped its frisking. and looking at his robes. instead. she. The now slightly larger wolf cub bounded forward and worried at Neville's robes again. you can't be scared it's so adorable stroke it. Neville. Ron was watching. "He . the wolf was gone. "You dumb wolf " The wolf cub cocked its head to one side and looked at Neville.

Neville looked rather apprehensive, but Jeanne said, "It's only me,
Neville. I wouldn't hurt you, would I?"
Neville shook his head, looking calmer.
Jeanne raised her arms, and transformed into a Thylacinth. Neville
took a step back.
"Look at the wolf's head, Neville, it's the same she-wolf," called Harry.
Indeed it was. The she-wolf's head was looking at Neville, who after
a moment's hesitation, approached it slowly. When he was a few feet
from it, he suddenly froze.
"Bow to it, Neville!" shouted Ron.
The wolf's tongue lolled out in a smile. Though it didn't seem possible,
Harry was sure the wolf had just winked at Neville.
Neville looked at it in amazement. Then, lowering his head, he bowed
to the wolf.
The wolf's head nodded back gravely. Then, the horse-end gave a little
whinney, and the animal obligingly lowered itself so that Neville could
mount it.
"You've done it, Neville!" Harry shouted, as the Thylacinth trotted off,
with Neville clinging to its back, a look of disbelief on his face.
They watched as the two galloped around the enclosure. When they
returned, Neville's round cheeks were flushed, and there was a broad
grin on his face.
Harry, Ron and Hermione applauded as he dismounted. Then, the
Thylacinth was gone, and only Jeanne was there.
"That was great!" cried Neville, panting. "I did it! I really did it!"
Jeanne was smiling and looking pleased.
"Yes, you did, Neville," she said warmly. "You did very well, indeed."
"Let's try again, with a fiercer wolf this time!" Neville cried enthusiastically
She smiled, but shook her head.
"That's enough for today," she replied. "I don't want you to be too
familiar with wolves; they are, after all, still dangerous creatures.
If you were to meet one outside, you'd better remember that you
should run for it."
Neville was still grinning away, as they walked back to the castle.
Harry couldn't sleep. He sat up in bed, and after a while got out and
walked over to the water jug to get a drink, then stood at the window,
looking out. It was a beautiful night; the moonlight came streaming in
the open window, casting sharp, black shadows about the room.
A movement in the distance caught Harry's eye. There, down by the

lake, he could vaguely see two figures.
The figures disappeared behind some trees, then reappeared. Harry
strained his eyes. They were some kind of animal, running in unison
along the lakeside. They stopped at one point, and raised their heads,
as if looking at the moon, then turned and trotted into the forest nearby.
"They look like dogs," thought Harry. Could one of them be Fang?
Perhaps Hagrid had obtained a new dog.
He waited a while, but the dogs did not reappear. Finally, Harry
went back to bed.
They had just reached the portrait of the Fat Lady when it swung open
and Neville came out. He was carrying a pile of books.
"What are you doing, Neville?" asked Hermione. "You're not going
to the library at this time, are you?"
To their surprise, Neville blushed.
"I'm going to see Miss Graham," he said, his face red as a beet.
"She - she said she was willing to help me with some of our homework."
Ron looked surprised.
"Jeanne offered to give you private tuition?"
"Actually - actually I asked her," Neville said, blushing even redder.
"Well, I got to go. See you!" and he trotted off.
They looked at each other.
"Looks like Hagrid has competition," said Ron.
Harry turned to go in a hurry, and bumped into someone.
"Oh! Sorry -"
It was Jeanne. She was holding a thick pile of books.
"Jeanne!" said Harry. "What are you doing here?"
She smiled at them.
"I've been helping Neville with some of his homework," she said,
"but I'm not very strong on Potions myself. So I'm just brushing
up on it a bit."
"A bit?" said Ron. "You're taking half the library out with you!"
"Perhaps I could be of assistance," said a cold voice behind them.
They turned around. It was Snape.
He came forward, hook-nosed and unsmiling, ignoring the others,
and looking at Jeanne.
"Should you require any assistance in this subject, Miss Graham, I should
be most willing to help," he said smoothly. "You know where my office is,

of course."
Jeanne looked rather pale. She stared at him for a moment before replying.
"Why - that would be very kind of you, Severus," she said politely.
"Thank you for offering."
"Not at all," said Snape. He gave her a curt nod, and strode off, his robes
billowing behind him.
Jeanne stared after him, her eyes wide.
"Move along there, why are you all blocking the way?" called another
sharp voice.
They turned. It was Madam Pince, the librarian.
Jeanne recovered her composure.
"I have to borrow these," she said, hurrying to the counter. "I'll see
you people later."
November had arrived, and the Quidditch season had started. The first
match would see Slytherin playing against Hufflepuff. Harry, who had
been held up because Professor Binns had wanted to see him about an
essay, found himself running as fast as he could to get to the match on time.
He was passing the Charms classroom when he heard the words.
" - Sirius Black - "
Harry screeched to a stop. Had he heard wrongly? He tiptoed quietly
back to the door of the Charms classroom.
"- wants to see us in Hogsmeade, I don't know why there's all this
"But we'll miss the Quidditch match!"
Professors Flitwick and McGonagall were inside the classroom, talking.
Harry looked quickly down the corridor, but there was no one to see
him eavesdropping. He moved closer to listen.
"Fudge says there's something important about Black that he wants to
discuss with us," Professor McGonagall was saying. "It has something
to do with capturing him, I believe. He purposely chose today because
everyone else will be at the match."
"Who else is going?" asked Flitwick.
"Only Albus," replied Professor McGonagall. "He didn't want too many

haven't seen you for a long time. Harry went up to the bedroom and took the Invisibility Cloak out of his trunk. then slowly started walking back toward the Gryffindor common room. She looked like Jeanne. "I haven't been able to get her to buy anything. Still under his Invisibility Cloak. and warn him? Harry made up his mind. he saw to his horror. Harry found himself waking up with a start. It was starting to rain. Then he slipped inside the secret passageway. He waited until their footsteps had died away. and he started in surprise. all day." he muttered.a jewellery and antique shop . talking to the shopkeeper. he'd have to miss the Quidditch. looking around. There was no knowing how long the match would take. thinking. and made his way toward Hogsmeade. Much as he hated to. or people will notice. and some rain pattered in at the door. how about a cup of tea. "Not this lady." "Where are we meeting?" asked Flitwick. and sat down under a tree. the ladies always do. walked over to the door and shut it. Harry could hear them walking toward the door." Harry's eyes followed Lupin's gaze." said Lupin. and then wandered around aimlessly for a while. Professor Lupin was at the counter. and hastily tiptoed to the next classroom.but he had hardly entered it when he stopped short in surprise. that it was almost four. Feeling inside his robes for his wand." she replied. Harry ran to the first shop with an open door that he could find . which fortunately was empty." the shopkeeper was saying. she'll be taking some time to look around anyway. tapping with his wand.there was at least another hour to go. Cursing himself for falling asleep. How could he have slept so long? The rain was becoming heavier. he went to the level where the hump-backed witch was. and to Harry's chagrin. It was too early to go to the Three Broomsticks . "Dissendium. He found himself wandering near the Shrieking Shack. "The Three Broomsticks. A dark-haired lady was inside the shop. at one o'clock. the doorchimes sounding in protest. and it would look very odd if he left halfway." said the shopkeeper. Remus.teachers absent from the match. They were having a meeting to discuss Sirius Black! What could it be about? Was Sirius in danger of being captured? Should Harry not try to find out. "Excuse me a moment. " . How was he to get out now? . The wind blew in great gusts. He put on the Cloak when he reached Honeydukes.everyone had gone to the match. The common room was deserted . turning around and looking with an amused smile into the interior of the shop.

admiring it.The rain was pouring down in torrents. She came over to where Harry was. then seemed about to leave. and he squeezed himself as far into the corner as he could. However. Harry could see that Jeanne liked the pendant. They had a faint glimmer to them." "Sorry. surprised. as if looking for the price tag. He peered at some of the ornaments in the glass case next to him. "Starlight Section". "but I don't really need anything. smiling at her." he said. flushing. He watched Jeanne with some interest. "Oh . "Do you like it?" he asked." Her face reddened. but then something caught her eye. though. all afternoon. hoping she wouldn't bump into him. What were she and Lupin doing here? She was wandering from counter to counter." she said. Holding the Cloak firmly over his head. Harry crept slightly closer and peered curiously at the pendant. "Oh!" she said. and sparkled with the same starry quality as the other items in that section. There was a sign near him saying. There was something carved on the surface of the pendant.I know you must think I'm really boring. A strange expression came over his face when he saw the pendant. With a small sigh. then shook her head." said Lupin. She stopped to examine a tea set. Her eyes widened. She turned it around in her hands. Jeanne had finished examining the tea set. It reminded him of the frame of the mirror in the cave at Deorg's fortress. hoping the rain would lighten up soon and that the shopkeeper would open the door again. and the colour in her cheeks had risen slightly. A movement caught Harry's eye. " I didn't know you were there. She looked around in a rather idle fashion. I've got everything I want. Harry looked around. There was a softness in her eyes. Harry retreated into a corner of the shop. Jeanne jumped. She checked the price tags on some of the other pendants." "You like that. "You haven't bought a thing. smiling. she took down a small pendant from the counter just next to Harry. "Aren't you going to get it?" Lupin asked. but he couldn't make out what it was. she took up the first pendant again and just stood there. It was silver in colour. but there was none. her expression became more interested when she came over to the section where Harry was. She put the pendant back in its place. Since I got away from Deorg and came to Hogwarts. and reaching out. like starshine. and nodding at . Professor Lupin had come up from behind. He looked closer. looking at the bracelets and rings in a rather bored manner.

"I know why you're back. He was thinking of creeping to the door. and helping Hagrid with his classes ." She looked at him with a rather peculiar expression on her's all still interesting to me.the rain's stopped. He was examining the pendant that Jeanne had just put back." he said. "I'm still enjoying being at Hogwarts. any more. yet. they had left." she said decidedly.I'd like to save getting the pendant for . Professor Lupin had come back alone. why." she said. with a hawk-like face framed by snow-white hair. and slipping out when the next customer came in. holding the pendant up with both hands. "It's ." she admitted. Before Harry could move. but they looked kindly enough. it'll still be here. Harry looked at him curiously.for later. his hand fingering his pocket." "But the pendant might not be here." she seemed to be looking for an's not the right time for me to get it. Harry had the impression she was saying the first thing that popped into her head. Oh." objected Lupin. the doorchimes sounding as the door swung shut. that's all right. He seemed very old. and if it's for her. "I'll get it for you. look . "I think . "Right now everything's still new and exciting for me. Lupin looked puzzled. reaching into his pocket. "That's what I always say when I can't decide whether to buy something. ". looking alarmed. The shopkeeper turned around and smiled at Lupin." "If I'm meant to have it. The shopkeeper was still smiling. "For you." "Oh. Dumbledore hasn't given me this month's salary. and my gamekeeping work. but now the shopkeeper had come over to the corner where he was. We ought to go." . no!" she cried. and I want to treat myself to something new." She looked earnestly at Lupin. turning it around in his hands and looking thoughtful. She turned to look at it. "How much is it?" asked Lupin warily." she explained hurriedly. The door-chimes rang again.the pendant." said Lupin cheerfully." "Oh. "I do like it. and was blocking his way.I'll wait till next month." She seemed to be in a hurry to get him out of the shop. "I didn't mean that! Please don't. "Someone else might buy it. "But . His eyes were blue and very penetrating. stammering sli ghtly. when some of the novelty has worn off. it'll cost you nothing. Remus. yet.

wondering where to go. Harry saw rows and rows of robes in all colours. "Mr Grenivere . "this pendant was one of several items given into my keeping. "but who else knew how to craft items of this type of quality? Your grandfather. trying on some blue robes. There was no sign of Jeanne." And smiling at Lupin's astonishment." he said. thin witch in another corner. and then burst out laughing. frowning. so that I could hand it over to you. waiting for you to come and get it." Lupin looked dumbfounded." he began. Harry following close behind. looking thunderstruck. Lupin wandered around a bit. placing the pendant inside the box. Besides. Remus. "Thirteen years ago? Given into your keeping? But ." Lupin looked at him in disbelief. followed close behind. Grenivere gently pushed him out the door. and was now steering him toward the door. have you seen . Harry had just managed to squeeze out in time. Remus?" said Grenivere. still looking at the box in his hand. seemingly stretching to the horizon. "Exactly what I say.Lupin flushed slightly. "Excuse me.?" Mr Grenivere had pressed the box into Lupin's hand. and shut it. almost thirteen years ago. Harry was amazed. then since Jeanne obviously wasn't around. He followed Lupin into a shop over which hung a sign saying"Wanda's Witches' Wardrobe". but the shopkeeper held up a hand. he was curious to see Jeanne's reaction when Lupin gave her the pendant. The shop was almost empty. and smiling. He hesitated. . rummaging through a box of woollens. helped by a fat little witch . but the meeting was probably over by now. "Who gave it to me.possibly Wanda herself ." he said. Looking around the store. Then he tucked it inside his robes and started down the street. "What do you mean?" he asked slowly. looking at Lupin with his piercing blue eyes. of course. Lupin paused on entering. "This pendant was never for sale. Harry nearly bumping into him. today. The shopkeeper was taking a small box out from a nearby cupboard. except for a customer in the middle of the room. smiling and watching him. "It has been sitting here in my shop for years. Lupin stood outside the shop for a moment. Jeanne was wearing the blue robes." he began. He knew he ought to go to the Three Broomsticks.and a tall. who had been standing there for some time. Harry. he turned to speak to the blue-clad lady. he could hardly recognise her. She looked at Lupin's face.who . and then stopped short. seeing this was his chance.

meanwhile. still looking at the floor. He extricated his Cloak from the rack and stuffed it inside his robes. but controlled herself after a while. "Explain yourself. "I guess I'd better return this. and they became her very well. "I wouldn't have known it was you. I overheard Professors McGonagall and Flitwick talking about it. Harry. There was no help for it. didn't dare look at Professor Lupin." he said . "But I got here early and fell asleep at the Shrieking Shack." she said brightly." he said. staring at the floor. She walked through a doorframe labelled "fitting frame". Harry. She was still laughing. aren't you going to get it?" asked Lupin. She had tied her hair back in a ponytail. and the Cloak became caught on a nearby rack. "what on earth would I do with such a thing? I don't go out to balls. "Dear. I've bought enough for today. and still shaking slightly with mirth. like the colour of the sky when evening was coming on." "And so. They came over to him. saw that Lupin was looking stern. The blue robes. She looked down at the robes. It was the fat little saleswitch. and he was left standing there. "to discuss capturing Sirius Black. shaking his head. Lupin was looking at her in amazement. slowly lifting his eyes." he mumbled. "Harry! What are you doing here!" cried Jeanne. wiping a tear away. going in on one side wearing the robes. she had walked right into Harry from the back. dear. they were of long. and coming out on the other side in her own clothes. had mysteriously materialised on a nearby stand. Harry nodded glumly. "The Minister of Magic was supposed to be holding a meeting in the Three Broomsticks. how am I behaving. now. however. for the benefit of the fat little saleswitch. and then stood there. you decided to come along and do a little eavesdropping. I don't -" What else she didn't do Harry never knew. It came clean off. "Oh no." said Lupin evenly. Harry stumbled away." "What. half-delighted." she added in a low voice. with Jeanne and Lupin looking at him in amazement. Simple in style." she said. half-surprised.The robes were deep blue. "And besides. looking extremely guilty." he said. flowing satin. Harry. and smiling in disbelief. feeling extremely foolish. staring at the floor. because at that moment a piercing scream rang out in his ears. as they started toward the entrance of the shop.

"Well. "inside Wanda's Witches' Wardrobe? How curious ." said Lupin firmly. I think you'd better follow us back to Hogwarts. and then you're coming back with me." "But how come you're here." Lupin said. Professor McGonagall raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you join us?" "Yes." said Lupin blandly. you see I didn't know it was against school rules I thought today was a free day because of the Quidditch ." piped up Professor Flitwick. but Lupin was looking seriously at him. "Well. Harry cautiously looked up. Jeanne was looking sympathetic." said Lupin. you know the rules.dismally. if it had been Snape. Potter. "Potter!" said Professor McGonagall sharply." Harry nodded." "Professor Lupin was just passing by when he saw us inside. "No more outings for you." said Lupin. "He came in to find out why Harry was here. where we can keep an eye on you. but Professors Flitwick and McGonagall. "Didn't you stay for the Quidditch?" "I had some business in Hogsmeade that wouldn't wait." remarked Professor McGonagall drily. casually." They started off down the street." Unfortunately. "Come on." "I see. they had barely stepped out of the shop when who should they meet. . we're just on our way to the Three Broomsticks for a drink. Minerva. "I asked him to show me around Hogsmeade . Harry." said Lupin drily." said Jeanne quickly. He knew he was getting off lightly." Lupin turned his head away. "One also wonders what the both of you are doing in Hogsmeade. as if to see who was coming down the street. Harry's heart sank." said Professor McGonagall grimly. Remus!" chirped Professor Flitwick. "I woke up when it started to rain." explained Jeanne hurriedly. looking up at the signboard of the shop they had just come out's my first time here. Potter. you will have to be punished. Harry felt sure he was smiling. Harry. Jeanne gave his shoulder a sympathetic squeeze and said." "It's all right. "I've already taken fifty points from Gryffindor. Professor. "Well. "what are you doing here?" "Harry's with me." "And I presume he didn't bother to enlighten you. "Oh?" she said. "I am afraid I will have to take fifty points from Gryffindor. he would have tried to get Harry expelled. and then ran here for shelter. "And now.

"We just spent two and a half useless hours with Cornelius Fudge. out of twelve different sightings of black-haired." continued Professor McGonagall angrily. but Jeanne spoke first. ignoring him. bearded men. absolutely no progress has been made! He thinks that by having Dumbledore's name in the report " "Oh Minerva. They found a group of Ministry officials already inside the Three Broomsticks. "Bloody murder there three people hacked to death . I think Sirius Black is innocent. The man's a monster. He felt very depressed. thin official with heavily lidded eyes. looking surprised. "Explosion. who insisted Lupin. Professor McGonagall seemed to be relieving some pent-up feelings. "I said. showing he has made some progress on this case but the fact is. a killing machine the kind whose soul feeds off this kind of thing. "Actually. Jeanne looked rather tense at having so many eyes fixed on her." chirped Flitwick. " . "My dear. The officials started talking about Sirius Black." she said. what did you say?" he asked in a horrified tone." . Jeanne." said a tall. trying to decide which. who's just received new information " But Harry was no longer listening.Professor McGonagall made an exasperated noise.Sure it's the one in Eastbourne. Even Lupin looked surprised. "But what about the killings in Scotland?" said a pasty-faced official. was Sirius Black!" "Oh?" said Lupin. "I never knew a greater waste of time! Fudge has to produce a report. Typical of what Black did all those years ago. I'm sure he's trying his best. looked delighted after the first taste. Jeanne and Harry join them. because there's a debrief in half an hour's time. "Fudge has gone with Albus to meet some Secretary or other. but she stubbornly held her ground.just the sort of thing Black would do. Lidded Eyes looked at her." Lupin looked like he was about to say something. There was a dead silence. Lupin ordered butterbeer for the three of them. "It's a difficult case " "We can't even return to the school yet. So he had missed the Quidditch match for nothing. who hadn't tried it before." Harry felt the anger rise in him. and lost fifty points for Gryffindor into the bargain. I don't think Sirius Black is guilty. but Lupin gave him a warning look.

"Have you seen someone being butchered before?" he said harshly. "You do not know what a killer looks like. Lupin noticed it too." Jeanne lowered her eyes to her hands. What do you know of suffering? What do you know of death. "You have not seen all this. faces frozen in the grotesque agony of death? Have you heard people screaming for mercy." "My dear young lady. trying to smile. you're right. "I remember seeing Black's picture. bloodstains were beginning to appear on them. her eyes wide. years ago. when he was imprisoned.glancing around at the others. innocent and inexperienced. I should know better. eyes wide in horror. my lady.of course. and Lidded Eyes said suavely. crying out when their life is ripped away in one senseless action?" He paused.Pasty Face gave a short. "After all. after all those years. his eyes narrowing. mercilessly." said Lidded Eyes in a patronizing tone. "that's quite all right." she said. His eyes . horrified bark of laughter. my dear. of course. blood spewing out onto the ground. We should excuse her." she murmured very softly. her face pale." she added. so that Harry could hardly hear . still in his patronizing tone." "He used the Dark Arts to escape!" said Pasty Face vehemently. "Jeanne " he said very softly." Jeanne sat very still. or killing?" His voice hardened. Her hands were clenching her tankard very tightly. where the bloodstains were fading away." said Lidded Eyes. "I don't believe he could have done it if he were guilty. "Perhaps you'd like to clarify that. "I'm just a foolish girl. Only an innocent man could have kept his mind there. "Black managed to escape Azkaban. "Don't " She looked at Lupin. then turning back to Jeanne. "Of . "you are young. what people are capable of doing." Pasty Face gave a patronizing smile. Jeanne shifted uneasily." he said. "You obviously have not seen the real world we live in." . controlled herself. She seemed unable to tear her eyes away from the official's face. then with an effort. "I think you must have led a sheltered life. "Have you seen bodies ripped apart. To Harry's alarm." he said softly. "He didn't look like a murderer to me." she stammered to Lidded Eyes. speaking my mind.

The rain had cleared. "All right. "Potter. She seemed very subdued. ". looking for Lupin and Jeanne." Harry sped down the street toward the road leading back to Hogwarts. Jeanne's back was facing him. as Harry hopefully got up. then staring at her empty tankard. "Actually. and he knew something was wrong. wait just outside for me. Harry jogged along. "We have some new information " Professor McGonagall gave an exasperated sigh. "I want to keep an eye on you!" Harry dismally sank down in his seat again. "I believe we must make a move " "Potter! You're staying here with me!" said Professor McGonagall sharply. He stood there. but the wind had died down and silence suddenly enveloped the little hill. but gusty winds were still blowing. not daring to move. turning to Harry." she said crisply. Cornelius?" Fudge shifted uncomfortably in his seat. saying.her. shuffling his papers. on seeing them. He and Lupin were looking at Jeanne rather worriedly. obviously trying to think of an excuse to leave. and join them when they resumed walking back to Hogwarts. where they had apparently turned aside from the road for a while to look at the sunset. immediately rose. Harry took a step back and his foot crunched loudly on the gravel. Harry suddenly pulled on the Invisibility Cloak in a panic. He was almost going to rush up to join them. "if you run fast enough. Lupin. but as Lupin turned to look for the source of the noise. together with Dumbledore. at this point Cornelius Fudge came in." he said meaningfully to Professor McGonagall. when he stopped short. Fudge didn't look too happy when he saw Harry there. some of the matters we will be discussing may be quite confidential. . He didn't know why he did it." he said vaguely. "who am I. I believe this won't take more than ten minutes. it'll be double detention for you . Potter. Lupin gave Harry an encouraging nod as he went out. "Very well. it may take a little longer than that. but Harry wasn't listening. you can catch up with Professor Lupin .if I find out you've been up to any more mischief. He found them at the crest of a hill." Harry was already out of his seat and heading for the door. Fortunately. There was a magnificent sunset in the western sky. He thought he would retreat a little way. finishing her drink as fast as she could. "Make sure you're with them -" he could hear Professor McGonagall shouting after him. the sound of the wind in his ears. to judge a murderer?" The conversation turned to other topics after that. but Jeanne left without a look or a word. but he could see Lupin's face." she said. "Er Minerva.

'One day this nightmare will end. I couldn't wash it away." she said softly. in a strange voice. hear it rustling in the trees. quietly. She turned her face slightly away from Lupin. Jeanne was silent for a while." she continued.but it didn't work. Harry could hear almost every word they were saying. the wind was moving in the trees but I wasn't one with them any more. isn't it?" she said. I woke up in the middle of the night. But I was dirty and alone. I looked up at the stars. so that Harry could see her profile. "That night in the clearing. in my heart and in my soul. I thought to myself." she said quietly. Her hands were stained bright red with blood again. She shook her head slowly. then continued. "If I had a clear conscience. I'll feel the wind on my face. because he turned back to look at Jeanne again. "When I was living in that cave." "I remember. "I thought. "It is. but ." said Lupin. without any inhibition. suddenly." said Lupin. She turned to face the sky again.'" She paused. I'll walk again free under the stars. but Harry felt that she was seeing something else. I might be able to leave this feeling behind. She turned and looked at him. but Harry had the impression that he was waiting for her to speak first. clean and in harmony. . " But I didn't feel at peace. because Harry could see her dashing it angrily away. The dirt was inside me. and feel at peace again with nature and the world. It was so quiet that from where he was. my heart just felt like a stone. his eyes not leaving her face. thinking. I could look at such a sunset and enjoy it. if I transformed into a stopped me killing myself. She was biting her lip. but then spoke. "The sunset is beautiful. Lupin remained silent. I was soaring through the sky.Lupin apparently hadn't seen him. I was cut off from them. "I used to dream of the time when I'd gain my freedom again. that wish should have come true. but inside me. "The stars were shining in the sky." She was quiet for a few seconds." A tear must have rolled down her cheek. I could hear the wind in the trees " She lowered her head to look down into the valley. "Do you remember that night in the clearing . They were together. There was concern in his eyes.

"You're a human being. Controlling herself. helping him with his classes. you're not a knife!" said Lupin angrily. Don't let us down. The bloodstains faded from her hands." she said. helping Neville with his work. Everything you did there was beyond your control. of course. "Deorg was possessing you. Taking out her handkerchief. You were just the tool he used. I see the look of horror in their eyes ." he said sternly. and you later got hold of that knife. Jeanne. Jeanne. forcing her to face him. in a muffled voice. He steadied it. I'll carry this weight in my heart to my dying day!" "Jeanne." said Lupin sternly. You've got a chance to start over you have a new life now. "Look at me!" She looked at him defiantly. ignoring him." He stopped. "I know you went through horrors during those years." "But you're not a knife. "Look at me. "You're right. "I'll always be unclean inside. Dumbledore we all want to help you. then gave herself a little shake. You're doing fine. . stop it!" said Lupin sternly. I can run from Deorg. because his own voice was shaking with emotion." "Jeanne!" said Lupin. but there are people who care about you Hagrid. "I have dreams at night. "Always. all the work you do for Hagrid. Have more faith in yourself. then continued more quietly. myself. There's nowhere I can run. "You are not evil."Jeanne " began Lupin.say your parents. You hate yourself for what you've done. then pocketed it. "I've seen you fighting hard these past few months. "Don't throw it all away just because of the words of some fool. But Deorg has gone now. He caught her by the shoulders. giving her another shake. Stop blaming yourself for it!" She was crying a bit. she blew her nose. but I can't run away from myself." she said angrily with a sob. wouldn't it always be unclean for you? Would you ever use it as a normal knife? Wouldn't you want to destroy it? I'm that knife. she started talking very fast. I hear people screaming. who doesn't know anything about life and never will. shaking with angry sobs." she continued. "Remus. if someone used a knife to kill someone you love ." She grew quiet as his words sank in. I know they haunt you every day. Harry. helping Madam Pomfrey and what you do for me " He looked at her seriously. She wiped away her tears. I'm . "Horrible dreams. and sniffed. Jeanne.

Hagrid wasn't in his cabin when Harry arrived. and Ron had gone to see Madam Pomfrey because he had a cold. "It's getting late. "What are you doing?" he asked curiously. He looked at the tankard in her hand. She sighed. Sorry. making his way to Hagrid's on his own. Harry." she said." Lupin looked sharply at her. Traces of tears were still visible on her face. then gave a small shrug and followed. "I just let that fellow get to me. As they started off down the road." She started walking back to the road. You were there. "Hagrid said he was taking Fang to the lake to look at something. "Are you spying on us again?" "I didn't mean to " Harry said. "Professor McGonagall she sent me after you " Jeanne put her arm around his shoulders. "Harry?" said Jeanne. sitting by the fireplace with a large. and gave him a quick squeeze. "Let's go back." said Harry. I'm fine. agonized." Harry felt his face burning. he turned. not looking at either of them. I saw you before you disappeared." she said. and Hagrid's pink umbrella in the other. "Are you sure you're all right?" he asked. Lupin watched her for a moment." she said to Harry. Only Jeanne was there. and walked slowly toward them." "OK. not looking at him. I know you're there. yes. . He removed the Cloak." she said. "I don't mind. weren't you you saw what I went through " Her voice trailed off. "Come on. "Come along. empty tankard in one hand. We'd better go back. sounding subdued."I don't know what got into me. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER EIGHT - One cold December afternoon found Harry trudging through snow." And she started off down the road. and looked straight at where Harry was standing. "If you wait a while. looking at him. so long as it's you. he'll probably be back soon. "Yes. Hermione had decided to stay in the library and finish an essay. She turned back toward the road.

you can lose control and end up destroying yourself and anyone else around you. "It's nice. A delicate pattern of flowers and leaves appeared. "I could try conjuring up a finished tankard. Jeanne looked at him in surprise.She held a finger to her lips. all around." he said. "When I was in Russia. But it's dangerous. Look. Harry was fascinated. Their magic is in the air. etched in the metal. She smiled. and became fairly proficient after a while." She held the tip of the umbrella to the rim of the tankard. I suppose because that made it more difficult for Deorg to find us." she said. then saw him looking at her tunic. so I had plenty of practice conjuring fabric. "It has to do with the volcanoes they're the source of a powerful type of magic. That's why Dumbledore needed all the other wizards to help him. "Some of the wizards there have learned how to draw on the volcanoes' magic. inside Kamchatka. "In Kamchatka." Harry remembered something Lupin had said. "That's different. And it only works in Kamchatka. Once I've decorated it. My foster mother used to run a dressmaker's shop. If you draw too much out. if you're unleashing large amounts of magic. you know. "But you don't really need the umbrella. so that it was almost touching it. It affects the way we perform some of our usual spells . and looked thoughtful." she said. She placed the tankard and umbrella in her lap. it'll be a good enough present." "A tankard?" said Harry. I can't afford much. following the direction of the umbrella." She saw that Harry was looking puzzled. but I'm not really good at conjuring metal." She began etching a pattern near the base of the tankard with the umbrella. we lived among the Muggles. without a wand." he said. "It's Hagrid's Christmas present. and traced a wavy shape in the air. I suppose." she said. glancing down at her green and brown clothing. some of the wizards don't need wands to do magic. I'm much better with fabric . "Deorg managed to master that art. "Ah. yes. You need a very fine control." she said. and smiled. to some extent. "and I want something Hagrid will find useful. "It made him very dangerous. surprised. He likes drinking. I conjured this up. "Well. if you don't know how to handle it properly. Don't let him know. do you?" Jeanne looked rather surprised.did you notice? Like the way we Apparate " She picked up the tankard and umbrella again." . where the volcanoes are.

" She looked at Harry. Harry gave a small gasp of surprise." she replied. "He ran the jewellery shop in our village. running her finger idly round the rim of the tankard. Jeanne frowned slightly. so I began visiting him very often. "An elderly gentleman taught me. bu t I love it the best. That was when we were still living in England before we fled to Russia. you know . "I don't really know how. starlight. "Who did you learn it from?" Her expression softened. he thought. and listen to all the nonsensical th ings I had to tell him.She looked at the tankard." she went on. and because I was a shape-shifter." Harry remembered the jewellery shop in Hogsmeade. "It's an old and dying art. The starlight is the most difficult. and concentrated. Instead." She paused. So I turned to the old jeweller for affection. Jeanne placed the flickering tankard on the floor at her feet. Sunlight. as a child. "Not many people practise it any more. "There . as if trapped inside it. I learned it when I was little. He used to pu t me on his knee and tell me lots of stories. My foster father was a very reserve d man.I've finished the base and the rim. My foster mother too had a fiery temper. "I wasn't formally taught. looked at it. "How did you do that?" Harry asked. "The other village children didn't like me very much. because it takes a long time to collect. and he was extremely strict. I called him "Grandpa" and pretended he was really my ." she said slowly. "so I used to wander around a lot on my own." Harry was curious. moonlight. "I wasn't really close to my foster parents. Her usual sullen expression had disappeared. she had a dreamy look on her face. Now for the final touch. firelight I can trap them all within any object. "Can you teach me?" he asked.because I was Chinese." She held the tankard close to the fire. I was attracted to the pretty things in the jewellery shop. The shopkeeper was a kind old gentleman who was quite liberal with sweets. The tankard was glowing. I just watched it being done. and sitting cross -legged. flames were flickering within its polished metal surface." she said. and somehow picked it up. He was my teacher. No wonder she had been so interested in the Starlight Section.

grabbing the tankard and stuffing it into her bag. "What happened to him?" asked Harry. "Is something wrong?" asked Jeanne. "I saw what made them!" he said excitedly." she said sadly. "When we fled." continued Hagrid. Thought it was wolves. My foster father said it was too dangerous. "Beats me what those tracks are. when I ask'd him ter look at it. He had a slightly puzzled look on his face." Harry jumped up. but there were tears in her eyes. He sat down and started taking off his boots. started up. ". "Yes an' no. so he was silent for a while. then evaporated. "But Fang here. "Hagrid's back!" she said in a panic.grandfather." She smiled. who lolled his tongue out in a smile and wagged his tail. and suddenly laughed. Jeanne had lowered the umbrella and was staring at Hagrid. an' then sat back an' look'd up at me. I wasn't allowed to keep in touch with him. Jeanne looked at Fang." Harry didn't know what to say. Jeanne. he didn' act like they was. he just sniff'd at it. Hagrid looked grumpy. pulling off one boot. his tongue out of his mouth. it was so long ago. listening intently. still frowning and looking puzzled. She resumed cleaning up the snow with the umbrella." said Hagrid. and the sound of barking. and hardly seemed to notice Harry. Harry thought she looked more dismayed than surprised. shaking snow off his cloak. "That's wha' I thought they were.brought Fang here down to the lake ter look at them wolf-tracks. waggin' his tail. I guess he must have passed away. "I never knew. shedding his cloak and shaking more snow off it. but now I ain't so sure. The snow sizzled as if on a frying pan. idly pointing the umbrella at each falling lump of snow and annihilating it just before it reached the floor. Hagrid came in with Fang. Jeanne sat down near him. "It must be the same animals I ." A little shower of fine snow fell to the floor as Hagrid jerked off the other boot.but he didn' react the way I expect'd. He look'd like he was laughin' at me!" He glared at Fang. who had been gazing into the fire." growled Hagrid. automatically picking up the pink umbrella and pointing it at the melting snow on the floor. "Wolf-tracks?" she repeated. There was a crunching of footsteps from outside. staring at the flames leaping within the tankard's shining surface. " . still shedding snow from his clothes.

Hagrid.they just like running by the lake when the moon is full. but they looked like dogs ." Hagrid looked astonished. She stood up." "Wolves don't usually attack people. Hagrid. and looked at Hagrid." She waved goodbye to Harry. rather than asking a question. it can't be. Jeanne went and knelt by Fang. putting the umbrella back in the corner. Harry sat staring after her. "Tell you what. Hagrid. it ain't no good thing.or wolves. They just . "but werewolves do. an' get hurt. no. "He says he knows them. "He knows 'em?" he said. "Ain't no dogs on these grounds except fer Fang here. Jeanne smiled." A sudden thought came to Harry." "I must get back to the castle. and seemed to be blushing slightly. He should know if they were werewolves or not. sharp barks. and said something to him. this evening. Fang gave a few short. If they're startin' ter come down to the lake." Hagrid's face brightened. He looked as if he was laughing. "I never knew Fang knew any wolves." growled Hagrid. thought Harry. "Fang says he has met those two wolves before. No." Hagrid was frowning at Harry. "Madam Pomfrey said I could give her a hand. "Normal wolves. He felt sure she had not told the entire truth." said Jeanne. "why don't I just ask Fang. and that they won't hurt anyone. If it's wolves it ain't no good thing . "You saw them?" Harry nodded. I couldn't see exactly what they were." she said. Harry thought it sounded more like she was telling him to do something. They were running along the lake. He looked at Jeanne." said Jeanne.saw a month ago! I saw them running by the lake!" Jeanne looked up quickly. ===================================== . "From the bedroom window. picking up her bag. She was drying up the last of the snow.jus' need one or two students ter sneak out o' bed up ter some prank an' run down to the lake. An' there are plenty o' them in the Forbidden Forest. It was full moon that night. then sat back with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. whose face was turned away from him. and disappeared through the door." said Jeanne.

" "Won't be much people at th' feast. Jeanne. and seeming to be talking to no one in particular." "No need ter worry 'bout dancin'. an' music. and they were all gathered in Hagrid's cabin. hiccuping at intervals. yer feet'll know what ter do. "What are all those cones for." grunted Hagrid. "Have ter decorate the Hall. an' Neville." said Hagrid." he said. an' dancin'." she said vaguely. but were immediately pounced on and eaten by Crookshanks. One Hundredth an' Thirteenth Anniversary." pointed out Hagrid. o' course. It's the Ball that's the Big Event. "I don't know how to dance. and an assortment of Christmas goodies lay on the table. according to size. People from all over th' county should be attendin'. Jeanne didn't look very enthusiastic. She sorted out a few more cones. who had stationed himself next to the tin. while Hagrid and Jeanne were sitting near the fire. "I thought this was just for the normal Christmas feast. Besides the usual sweets from Honeydukes. giving a vodka-flavoured mouse to Crookshanks. Several actually managed to jump out. "Maybe. because some of them were singing softly in drunken voices." Jeanne looked noncommittal. No. we don' need so much decorat'ns fer the Feast. "and I haven't got anything to wear. Ron and Hermione were sitting around the table. gathering a pile of sorted cones and putting it into a basket. "Everyone's gone home for the holidays. There was also a large tin containing a variety of biscuits shaped like various different animals .HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER NINE - It was almost Christmas. "A Ball?" she said. her eyes on the cones. ." Jeanne looked up in surprise. "Yeh'll be comin'. a splendi d fire was roaring in the grate. There'll be plenty o' food. Hagrid?" asked Hermione curiously. there were also several interesting Russian cakes contributed by Jeanne. neither." she said. exasperated. The cakes obviously contained alcohol." He flicked a glance at Jeanne. Harry. which kept wandering around. helping themselves liberally to the food. "You know you can jolly well conjure up something. Only students are these three here. "Christmas Ball's comin'. an' when yeh dance to their music. sorting out a huge pile of fir cones." said Harry. "The Silver Supremes are doin' the music. Dumbledore's throwin' one 'cos it's Hogwarts' One Thousandth." "Oh. while the rest were snoring.

"Come on. Haven' yeh heard of them?" "Of course." "Maybe. An' Professor Snape an' Professor Lupin. "That's the time when Madam Pomfrey is busiest. and began to turn the remaining cones silver instead. Jeanne. "The Silver Supremes?" said Ron. There'll be lots o' handsome young wizards there. "They've won lots of awards the Magical Music award. "Neville'll be there." Hagrid suddenly looked sly. She had finished the gilding now. "I'm sure he'll want ter dance with yeh. "Otherwise." she said." said Hermione." he said. So I normally give her a helping hand during that period. Hagrid. "Who are they?" "Ghost orchestra." explained Jeanne. "I'm not really interested. still looking at Jeanne. "The tonic is quite tedious to prepare. turning it to a golden colour." "It is?" said Hermione. rather impatiently." Hagrid disagreed." she said. Jus' back from their world tour. "I told you. Jeanne had finished sorting the fir cones. Her face expressionless." "No. Hagrid. yeh'll have a good chance ter know them. Just sit with all of us. the Soothing Sounds award " "You should go to the Ball. she ought ter dance." said Ron. pushing aside a basket of gilded cones with her foot." said Hagrid." said Hagrid. "This kind of thing isn't really my cup of tea. "'Course he is. why do yeh think Jeanie's never around durin' full moon?" Jeanne looked up at this. that's the time I'm helping Madam Pomfrey. and then went back to sleep again. "But." he chuckled. "I didn't know Professor Lupin was one of Jeanne's admirers."We'll see. and eat all the great food. looking up in surprise." said Jeanne." she said. It woke up. hiccupped." said Hermione. why?" "Madam Pomfrey usually prepares a tonic for Professor Lupin during full moon." "Professor Lupin?" said Hermione. "Famous. a rather bored expression on her face instead of her usual sullen one." . looking at Hagrid. picking up a snoring rum cake. "You don't have to dance. she picked up the pink umbrella and started pointing it at each cone. looking interested. She was still rapidly sorting fir cones." Jeanne didn't look up. "But why durin' full moon?" "Because. "Mix around more. Hagrid's eyes twinkled.

" said Jeanne decidedly." she said." said Jeanne. where he was busy with his own pile. Hagrid. "They would make a rather nice couple." Jeanne looked amused. are you? After all. "Ain't new. It helps to make Professor Lupin less ill during that period . yet. "Yeh avoidin' the answer." Hagrid blushed. She looked up from the cones. "Why are you pushing this. When are you going to ask me to marry you?" It had the effect she intended. "Ouch!" and then was silent." agreed Jeanne. which said. "Remus told Madam Pomfrey not to bother with the tonic."But. "Don't you think it's more likely that Remus finally realised it would be easier to patch his robes using magic? He should have done it long ago. however. her eyes twinkling wickedly. smiling. but all them patches an' darns have disappeared. "You're not jealous. Jeanie. I do all your cooking and cleaning and mending. "So you think I mended them?" she said. Harry. too. "Severus is the one preparing the Wolfsbane potion. noticed Hermione looking very thoughtfully at Jeanne. Harry was sitting on his bed. I thought Snape was the one making the potion. lately. and dropped the subject for the rest of the evening. an' still rather threadworn. "but Madam Pomfrey's too kind to stop making it. Hagrid went red as a beet. " I got maroon again!" . "You haven't got the hint." "No wonder he's been looking better. lowering the umbrella for a while and looking up. -* * *- It was Christmas morning. smiling. because it isn't really that vital for him to take it. "Someone's bin fixin' Professor Lupin's clo'es. Hagrid stubbornly persisted. Hagrid?" she asked." said Ron." he said. "Madam Pomfrey's tonic is a different one." said Harry. He tore a parcel open and groaned. I'd just conjure brand new robes for him. There was the usual sweater from Mrs Weasley "What colour is yours?" asked Ron from the floor." he said." she was saying softly to herself. "Did yeh or didn' yeh mend them?" "If I had decided to fix them. unwrapping his presents. He bit on a rum cake. "I'm still waiting for a proposal from you. raising the umbrella again." Hagrid was not about to give up. Jeanne's smile grew broader." She bent over the cones again.

She glanced around." he answered. It was a framed photograph. "How did you do it?" he asked. I'm sorry if . swirling and shimmering in an endless whirl. He found Jeanne in one corner of the Great Hall. myself. and beautifully wrapped. "How did she do that?" asked Ron. and to his surprise. it's Jeanne. so he just nodded. It was a photograph of his parents . but the memory of the photograph came back to him and he suddenly found he couldn't speak. Harry. His father stood with one arm around his mother. "Oh. flowing letters. gave him a quick hug. standing in front . looking at him. I wanted. The paper was so pretty that it seemed a crime to tear it. ." said Harry. Harry opened his mouth to reply." said Ron. He picked up his last parcel. "Merry Christmas." Harry unwrapped the present carefully.he looked younger. then leaned forward and spoke in a low voice." she said. "Who's this from?" he wondered. "Mine had the same wrapping. when she had let him go."Mine's blue." She smiled. "No. She smiled when she saw him. so much to see you together with your family so I went ahead and did it. putting the final touches on the decorations. the idea of including you in the picture kept staying in my head. Ron came over to look. really. It was flat and hard. "Merry Christmas. She gave me a new holder for my quill. a soft sparkling light emanated from it.if. "Did you like my present?" she asked. "Thank you. I do like it. There was a lump in his throat. She saw the expression on his face. Harry couldn't speak. "Initially I planned to just give you a photograph of your parents. Her eyes danced with mischief. But it was the photograph that made Harry's heart skip a beat. She was smiling happily. you know " She broke off." he said. hand on Harry's shoulder. "Oh. in surprise. and her voice was very gentle as she said. to make sure no one was listening. gaping at it in astonishment. and the other extended forward. Harry But as time went by." he said. around twelve or so . The photo frame was silver in colour and elegantly carved. Harry found his voice. with his name written on it in neat.and his mother was standing behind him with her arms around his waist.together with him! There he was.

It was obviously a gift for Jeanne. The Christmas Ball had begun."Don't tell anyone. Ron and Hermione were standing near the entrance of the Hall. feeling th at Neville would rather give it to her alone." Harry looked closer. and something at her throat sparkled. isn't it?" said Ron. "Quite a picture." she said. but she said nobody'd miss her. "But . He spent quite a while figuring out how to do it. She saw him looking at it. "Professor Lupin gave me the photograph of your parents. Harry. excused himself and left. and Harry." she agreed. "Where is Miss Graham?" "She wouldn' come. "Professor Flitwick has a computer in his office.computers can't work in Hogwarts. The Great Hall looked magnificent. then asked. all in their best robes. "Do you like it?" she asked. Lupin was still wearing his usual robes. "Tried me bes' ter persuade her. but at this point Neville came running up with a parcel in his hands. I sneaked in one night and used it." She looked impishly at him." Professor McGonagall was not pleased. The Hall was filling up rapidly with witches and wizards. He charmed everything . Professor McGonagall ma'am. Professor McGonagall looked at them for a moment. "I got the one of you from Colin Creevey. together with Professors Lupin and Flitwick. when Professor McGonagall came in." Harry thought of something else. Harry blinked. Glittering Christmas trees ran down the entire length of one side. and the other three side s were festooned with shining decorations. glancing down at it herself. together with Hagrid. there're so many other fine folk here an' all." he pointed out. which. "It's from Hogsmeade. showed no trace of patches and frays now. "He had quite a large collection to choose from. He was going to say something. "but Professor Flitwick somehow managed to charm the computer into working here. "Where did you get the photographs?" he asked. It was the pendant from Mr Grenivere's shop. Jeanne smiled. Harry noticed. ." She laughed.the software. "There's too much magic in the air. the scanner and the printer. It has a program that lets you combine two different photographs together." "Yes. Carved on the pendant were two wolves." Harry was surprised." she answered." said Hagrid.

"Remus. and there was Jeanne. Harry. with Lupin following and looking amused. taking hold of her arm and . They didn't want to miss the fun. Before that. in a sharp. Minerva." She disappeared out of the Hall together with Lupin. Professor McGonagall looked speculatively from Jeanne to Lupin. I'm not coming. "Shoes. Ron and Hermione almost beside themselves with mirth. Jeanne opened her mouth to protest. One Hundredth and Thirteenth Anniversary." he said." came Jeanne's voice faintly from inside. and knocked smartly on the door. "Ah." ." She raised her wand. "Do stop pestering me and go away. "All the staff are required to attend tonight's Ball. but Dumbledore was suddenly there. march!" barked Professor McGonagall. come with me. "I had no idea you were so well-versed in ladies' fashion. and it flew open." said Professor McGonagall." "This is not Hagrid. and Harry. "You will accompany me to the Hall at once. they turned and ran after them. "Allow me. smiling and admiring his handiwork. Professor McGonagall swept up to Jeanne's!" Jeanne's lips were suddenly redder. looking startled. just the person. as one. loud voice." said Professor McGonagall briskly. "Hair. "We're going to go and get her. Jeanne was standing near the door. her eyebrows sharper in outline." she snapped. "All the staff are required to attend. Jeanne shrank back when she saw the crowd in the Hall. He pointed his wand at Jeanne. ignoring her." ."This is the School's One Thousandth.Jeanne's hair was piled high. "Very nice. wearing the blue robes from Wanda's Witches' Wardrobe. Remus. "We just need the finishing touches. Miss Graham. Jeanne. "and ." he said cheerfully." She signalled to Lupin. but Lupin held up a hand." Lupin said nothing." she said in a sharp. then. we have to see that you are properly attired. There was a flash of light. though." she said briskly. and she marched poor Jeanne all the way back to the Hall. rippling tone. She pointed her wand.heels appeared on her feet. "I told you. Then. to f all in curls at her shoulder. "Now. Miss Graham. looking distinctly startled. but merely stood there with arms folded. She gave the door one tap with her wand. Ron and Hermione looked at each other." she commented. Hagrid. Professor McGonagall swept inside and looked at her.

Hagrid. handsome wizard waltzed up with a blonde witch. and showed no signs of stopping." said Harry. "The tall one's going to try cutting in again! " They watched as a tall. "Busy night. She came walking slowly toward their corner. It was almost midnight before Jeanne got away. looking extremely tired. and closed her eyes. taking another swig from his tankard." "Look!" said Hermione. "all them wizards cuttin' in for a sixth an' seventh round. and whisked her off. and watching Jeanne as she danced with a seemingly endless stream of young wizards. and he and Ron took Hermione round the dance floor a few times. "But Jeanie hasn' danced with everyone yet. as they watched a curly-haired wizard leading her out for a waltz. excitedly. Jeanie?" Jeanne didn't move. she sat down in an empty chair nearby. A minute later. this is Jeanne Graham " Harry filled himself liberally with delicious food from the tables at one end of the Hall. only managed ter dance four times with yeh. huh. Marcus. "So much for her saying she can't dance!" "The music takes care of that." remarked Harry. during which time they lost sight of her because the wizards were all surrounding her. "She doesn't look too pleased about it. Without saying a word." "No. drinking and eating titbits. "Curly-Hair's got the blonde now." Hagrid went on. "She lef' out some importan' people " Jeanne's eyes were still closed. He beamed when he saw Jeanne. "Jeanne's having some night. but other than that. Jeanne still didn't move. leaned back. his Christmas tankard in his hand . I didn't!" squeaked Neville. She did stop at one point to eat something. glancing over at the group of silver ghosts who were merrily playing away." said Ron. they were lost in the crowd . He seemed to be making full use of it that night. Look at Neville here.propelling her toward a group of young wizards. "Musta' broken a lot o' hearts tonight. but her lips moved. "Shut up. "Somehow your feet just end up doing what they're supposed to. Hagrid was sitting in the chair next to Harry." continued Hagrid. "There are some people I'd like you to meet. eh. as he watched the wizard lead the pouting blonde away. blushing rosy red. Harry?" said Ron. He smoothly cut in between Jeanne and the curly-haired wizard. they spent most of the night sitting in one corner of the Hall with Hagrid and Neville." .

and Jeanne turned to look in . He was watching Snape and Jeanne with a curious expression in his eyes. For a second." she lef' me out. "Is that Severus Snape with Jeanne on the dance floor?" Snape was still staring at Jeanne. ignoring her. staring up at Snape." " . Professor Lupin.except me. "Can I believe my eyes?" she inquired. his eyes boring into her like gimlets." Neville turned white as a sheet at the thought. who was now sitting up with her eyes open. her voice shaking slightly. sir. "Did I hear my name?" he inquired. as if frozen. Snape. His face was very red . "It's just totally bizarre. continued to stare at her. Something distracted Snape for a moment. "I was jus' sayin'." he kept saying. Hermione. Then. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure." Lupin. Snape was dancing with Jeanne and looking at her. Hook-nosed. At first. Harry looked up. who was sitting a short distance away. however. talking to Professor Flitwick. Professor McGonagall had come up to join them. but after a while lowered her gaze and stared at the floor. his eyes with a curious glitter in them. "It's bizarre. he walked over to Jeanne. she looked very pale." said Snape smoothly." Harry saw a movement to his left. looked in their direction. Professor Snape was standing in front of them. Hagrid took another swig from his tankard before replying. without a word. From where they were sitting. "I don't think she can take it very much longer. Harry glanced at Lupin." said a cold voice." said Harry. Harry thought she was going to refuse him. Jeanne had gone very pale under her makeup. yet. and his eyes were popping out of his head. Neville looked absolutely horrified. Ron's mouth was slightly open. Ron. Neville and Hagrid were watching in shock. that Jeanie here has danced with nearl y everyone in the room ." whispered Hermione. "Neville. why don't you cut in and save her. she got up and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor. she returned his stare. " an' lef' Harry out too an' Ron an' Professor Lupin ." said Hagrid. She sat there. extending a h and. "I don't believe it.

their direction. Her expression clearly said, "Help me!"
Professor McGonagall pressed her lips together.
"I do believe we must rescue her soon, before Severus makes her pass out
on the dance floor." She looked at Lupin. "Remus, would you care for a dance?"
Lupin had a rather set expression on his face. He got up without a word
and went off with Professor McGonagall.
They watched as Lupin and Professor McGonagall danced up to Jeanne
and Snape. Then all of a sudden Lupin was dancing with Jeanne, and
Professor McGonagall was firmly leading Snape to another part of the Hall.
"Jeanne sure looks relieved," said Ron. "Look, she's smiling at Lupin!"
Hermione suddenly got up with a determined look on her face.
"Come on, Ron," she said, grabbing his hand. "Let's go listen to what
they're saying!"
"Hermione, are you bats?" said Ron, as she pulled him to the dance floor.
"This is daft -"
Harry watched as Hermione dragged Ron off.
"They look good t'gether, don' they, Harry?"
Harry turned to look at Hagrid, who suddenly didn't seem so drunk after all.
He realised that Hagrid was talking about Jeanne and Lupin.
"Yeah," said Harry evasively, looking over at the dance floor again. Jeanne
was saying something, and Lupin was smiling.
Hagrid looked at Harry.
"Yeh awful quiet whenever any of us tease Jeanie with Professor
Lupin," he said.
Harry didn't know what to say.
"Fact is," said Hagrid, turning to look at Lupin and Jeanne again, "firs' time
I saw 'em in the staff room that night, I knew they was together."
Harry looked at Hagrid in astonishment.
"Don' ask me why," said Hagrid. "I jus' had the feelin'. An' yeh know it too,
same as me. Yeh've seen somethin', haven't yeh, Harry, that yeh aren't
tellin' the rest of us." He looked at Harry.
Harry tried to arrange his thoughts.
"I don't know how to say it," he said slowly. "To Ron and Hermione,
it's just a game. Jeanne's just like any other normal person to them. They
didn't see what it was like in Kamchatka "
His voice trailed off. He looked at Hagrid, and saw that he was listening intent
"Jeanne's got stuff going on in her that we don't see," Harry continued.

"The memory of all those people she killed still haunts her. And somehow
Professor Lupin's the only one who knows what's going on inside her."
He stopped. He couldn't see Lupin and Jeanne any more. The lights had
dimmed now, and the music was becoming slower and more romantic.
"That night in Kamchatka when we first got her away from Deorg, she tried
to kill herself," said Harry. "She conjured up a knife and was going to stab
herself. And Lupin stopped her. He knew exactly what to say to make her
put the knife down. I wouldn't have known what to do; all I could do was
stand there and watch."
Hagrid was still listening. He had set his tankard down on his knee, and it
sat there, flickering and forgotten.
"There's some other stuff I saw too, which - which I can't mention," said
Harry. "But they knew I was watching them. They seemed to trust that I
wouldn't gossip or tell on them."
"An' yeh didn't," said Hagrid.
Harry was silent a moment.
"Professor Lupin hasn't had an easy life," he said. "He deserves a chance
to be happy. I just want it to work out for them, and all this idiotic teasing
isn't going to help."
He stopped, because Ron and Hermione had come back. Ron was furious.
"Hermione, you're nutters," he said, sounding exasperated. "Why on earth
should there be anything between Jeanne and Lupin? Sure, he helped get
her out of Kamchatka, but since she's been at Hogwarts, they've hardly
been seen together. She's always at Hagrid's or helping Neville or with
Madam Pomfrey. I bet she even spends more time with Snape, discussing
Potions, than she's ever been with Lupin!"
Hermione was strangely quiet. She sat down in the chair next to Harry,
her eyes wide.
"What's the matter?" asked Harry.
Hermione's eyes went even wider.
"They're in love," she said, in a strange voice.
"What?" said Ron, "Are you crazy?"
"I saw them looking at each other, before the lights dimmed," said Hermione
in a low voice. "They're in love, Ron."
"Rubbish, they were talking," said Ron, "and after that they didn't say a thing.
I didn't see them exchanging any funny looks."
Hermione was silent. There was a slightly awed look in her eyes.
Harry got up.
"Time to call it a night," he said. "I'm going to bed."
Harry had hardly entered the Gryffindor common room when he heard

Hermione calling after him.
"Wait a moment, Harry," she gasped, running up, and panting.
"What is it?" he asked, startled.
She didn't speak for a while, trying to catch her breath. Then, she looked
at him with an eager expression in her eyes.
"I'd like - I'd like to borrow the Marauder's Map," she said.
What?" said Harry. "What on earth for?"
"It shows - it shows you the location of every person in Hogwarts," said
Hermione, still panting a bit.
"So - ?" said Harry, then stopped and looked at her.
"No way," he said.
"But -"
"Forget it, Hermione," said Harry, becoming cross with her. "Why don't
you just leave them alone? It isn't any of your business anyway. If there
really is anything - which isn't likely - then it's between them and them alone.
He turned, and started going up to the dormitory.
Hermione followed him.
"But Harry - "
"No, and that's final," said Harry. "If you want to spy on them, just follow
them and see where they go."
"I tried," said Hermione. "The dance has ended. People are leaving. And
they've disappeared there's no sign of them."
"Good," said Harry, "and good night to you!"
And he went into the dormitory, and shut the door.
However, he couldn't sleep. He lay a while, listening to Ron's snoring.
Then he slowly got out of bed, and felt about in his trunk for the Marauder's
He found it. He was about to unroll it, but stopped.
"What are you doing?" he said to himself. "Lupin gave you this Map. How
can you use it to spy on him?"
He started to put it back, then stopped.
"After all, I wish them well," he said to himself. "I just want to know whether
it's really working for them or not."
He took out his wand, muttered "Lumos!" and unrolled the Map.

shredding more tree bark. so I'm just helping him gather some of the ingredients.?" said Ron. and only looked up after a few moments. "Whatever are you doing with all that stuff. She wouldn't come to the Hall even if Hagrid was eating there.He looked in Lupin's room. Jeanne lifted it up with some difficulty." Harry said to himself. there were none. . Hermione seemed to be keeping a sharp lookout for signs that Jeanne and Professor Lupin were a couple. But where were Jeanne and Lupin? "It's not possible. puzzled. then in Jeanne's. Harry thought that even Lupin sometimes looked rather serious. while reading from a thick book at the same time. "I'm just looking too hard and imagining it. "What book is that?" asked Harry curiously. Her eyes wandered back to the book. and wen t back to bed. surrounded by a strange assortment of plantlike objects and tree bark. Jeanne was reading something from the book. Then. but to her disappointment. feeling ashamed of himself for being such a busybody. Snape was talking to Filch. Dumbledore was still up. Jeanne nodded. Severus Snape wants help with some of the Potions research he's doing. Professor Flitwick was in his bedroom. he slowly scanned through the entire Map. "Recent Developments in Potions and Tonics". coming over to take a look. Jeanne still persisted in going down to Hagrid's cabin for all her meals. Jeanne?" wondered Hermione. talking to some people in his office. she was sitting near the fire. though for the most part he was still his usual cheerful self. Harry read. but they weren't there. "They don't seem to be anywhere in Hogwarts. "He doesn't have a lot of time. and was finding more and more work for herself to do than ever. Jeanne did not join them. surprised. ".What? Oh." He examined the Map a while longer. Puzzled. they were gathered around Hagrid's table having tea. he rolled it up and put it back in his trunk." One afternoon several weeks after the Ball. She was systematically shredding them and putting them into jars. with all his classes. "Hermione's idiocy is beginning to rub off on me." she said. still shredding treebark. where Lupin was." "You're helping Snape . instead of joining the staff table in the Great Hall. Perhaps Harry was imagining it. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER TEN After the Christmas Ball." he whispered. because it was so heavy. but she seemed to be looking even more sullen and serious lately.

Jeanne buried her nose in the book again. these days. actually. Jeanie. he can be rather unnerving at times. "Besides. This was obviously an old topic between him and Jeanne." he said." he said.. Jeanie. If he were nasty to me. "You and Professor Lupin were dancing pretty close during the Christmas Ball. am I? You know I always like doing several things at once. She just said. "You seem to be talking to him a lot. because she didn't even look up." She finished sorting the bark. as if to herself. "Yeh a good girl." "What do you two talk about?" asked Harry. I'd probably dislike him as much as any of you. But Jeanne had buried her nose in the book again. Jeanne. "Yeh bitin' off more'n yeh can chew.. besides the Slytherins. and placed them in two different jars. "the busier you are. "and so on." "He does most of the talking. "I'm not neglecting my gamekeeping duties." vaguely.." she said absently. the less time you have to think. Hagrid looked at her from the corner where he was cleaning his boots. "Hmm. Most nasty people are." said Jeanne. curiously. mostly his ambitions the state of the world today. "I don't really like Severus. Hagrid." Ron still seemed astonished that she was helping Snape. then gave an exclamation of dismay." she said. "Talks about himself." Hagrid looked up." continued Hagrid. "Yeh headin' fer a breakdown." she said. and continued sorting bark. "Severus needs someone to listen to him he's actually a very lonely and bitter person." she said slowly." said Hermione suddenly. She threw some bark into a jar." "I just listen. "It can't be Potions all the time. "Givin' Neville so much tuition helpin' Madam Pomfrey an' my classes an' now helpin' Professor Snape " "Don't worry about me.. I'm a bit afraid of hi m." She waved a hand as if to say. starting to shred bark again. "Oh .! It's the wrong jar now it's all mixed up!" She emptied the jar onto the floor and began separating the two different types of bark." he said. . who likes Snape." Jeanne looked up at this. "I think you're the only one in this school. boot still in hand. "In fact.

but she was sitting too far away. he walked toward the grove of trees where he had seen the wolves. Looking round. it takes less than a minute to cast a spell on someone. Hermione?" she asked. the other smaller and paler. one large and dark. The moonlight shone brilliantly down around him.Harry wanted to kick Hermione. The wall of the castle just near him was covered thickly with ivy. all the way down to the castle entrance. "Are you still going on about that. He sat up in bed. He poked his head out of the window." she added. "What's the matter with me?" he muttered. It was a door. He walked over to the window. It was a warm night. Then. and found that he was sweating. so Harry could only just make them out. put on his robes. He stood and gazed out for a few minutes. as if expecting to see something there. but something under the ivy was sticking out ever so slightly. bright moonlight was spilling in at the window. They were keeping to the trees. something made him turn and look at the castle. He dashed down the stairs." said Jeanne calmly. He blinked. that when the conditions are right. The moon was so bright it was almost like day. "it takes more than one dance for two people to fall in love. "Besides. out of the portrait hole. thinking of nothing in particular. or that even a slight breeze might blow in. looking amused. He was starting to turn away from the window. Nothing." Hermione didn't look convinced. Harry sighed. He looked down toward the lake. Two wolves. In a flash Harry ran over to his trunk. throwing bark into a jar. but everything was still. when he saw them. But on the way there. "Professor Lupin and I are just good friends. Harry walked quickly over to it and lifted the ivy away. Once outside. "All of us here know." Hermione looked sceptical. were trotting off in the direction of the Forbidden Forest. smiling at Hermione. "That's not true. "I didn't dance any closer with Remus than I did with Severus. He waited for a while." Harry was finding it difficult to sleep. Jeanne looked up. looking at the floor. and ran silently from the room. grabbed his wand and the Invisibility Cloak. Was it a new secret passageway? . but saw nothing. when he was starting to turn and go back to bed. you know. left slightly ajar. Harry's heart skipped a beat. hoping that it might be cooler there. a movement somewhere to his right caught his eye." she muttered to herself. he stopped to catch his breath.

When he had reached the trees. a mad light shining in its eyes. A large. something about the wolves stirred his imagination. heavy chest. Harry reached into his robes for his wand. What if it was a werewolf? What good was the Invisibility Cloak? The animal could smell him! He then did a very foolish thing indeed. its nose to the ground. He knew he had no business to be here. A loud howl rang in his ears. and muttered. and his heart almost missed a beat. it looked as if it had just been shoved aside. then across some fields The Forest was looming closer and closer to him. dark grey wolf was about fifty feet away. The room was bright enough for him to extinguish his wand. There. A flight of stairs led upwards into pitch darkness. There was something so wild and free about them He watched them a while longer. than if he were to go back to the Entrance Hall. and he would reach the Charms corridor. to his right. His foot caught on a tree root. he turned. It seemed to have picked up Harry's trail. He closed the door and looked around the storeroom. big enough to cover the trapdoor and hide it. It was coming toward him. about twenty feet in front of him. It would be much faster to return to the dormitory from here.He opened the door and peered in. in the distance. He seemed to be in a room used for stores. was the door hidden beneath the ivy. Harry peered cautiously out. he should go back to bed. . near the Forbidden Forest. Harry watched them for a while. The wolf was following him. and ran toward the Forest. Leaving the trapdoor open. then made up his mind. Holding it in front of him. was a werewolf! It has seen him. moonlight was falling through a window in the wall. "Lumos!" Light flared from the wand. It was full moon tonight. The stairs didn't go up very far. his hair all standing on end. Empty boxes lay strewn on the floor. He turned. They ended in what seemed to be a trapdoor in the ceiling. so that the stairs were dimly illuminated. and his stomach gave a lurch. he saw two figures running. Below. A large. Harry scrambled up. and started off toward the Forest. The trapdoor was in one corner of the room. he fell to the ground. he made his way down and through the ivy. There. He was almost at the edge of it when he heard a noise behind him. opened it and looked out. He knew where he was now. the Cloak falling off him. and the dust made him want to sneeze. a few corridors down. stood next to it. eager growl in its throat. However. A movement caught his eye. he turned. Harry went over to the storeroom door. He must have left it behind in the storeroom! He backed away desperately. Closing the trapdoor. Harry dashed into the darkness under the trees. Harry took his wand out. He walked through the grove of trees. he started up the stairs. Harry went over to the window to look out. Pushing it slowly open. but it wasn't there. foam slobbering from its mouth. a low.

straight at the werewolf. tearing viciously at each other. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER ELEVEN - Harry woke up the next morning still feeling tired. he got up and went to the window. unable to move a muscle." Harry muttered. ran for dear life back to the castle." . I'm going to die. Harry saw the dark grey wolf. Still shaking slightly from fright. "What's up. This is the end. where he had accidentally left it. then turned. The werewolf snarled. he walked slowly back to his dormitory. then stood next to him. growling.he bounded through the door in the ivy. Harry stood there. Harry didn't even stop to think. and tucked it back into his robes. thundered up the stairs and through the trapdoor. Harry?" asked Ron.through the gr ove of trees . breathing hard. he was in a stupor all throughout History of Magic. He then slammed the trapdoor shut and sat on it. the wolf growling and snappi ng at his heels all the way. He suddenly felt very tired. transfixed. and then - Another wolf sprang at him from the darkness of the trees. Out of the Forest . Harry had the impression the wolf was laughing at him. he undressed and got into bed. Turning. He took his wand from the window sill. Harry watched it until it disappeared from sight. and bounded had leapt past him. made its way back toward the Forest. Another loud snarling came to his ears from behind him. The wolf was sitting on the ground in front of the ivy. he thought. watching the door. and later during Potions he hardly even heard Snape's sarcastic comments when his solution turned bright purple instead of blue. his body aching with tiredness. looking worried.Harry stood rooted to the spot. and holding the Invisibility Cloak over himself. There was a horrible snarling and shrieking as the two animals fought. It was leaping at him . slammed it shut. it was a long time before he fell asleep. "You've been looking half asleep all morning." "I'm all right. After several minutes. It knocked him right to the ground. Turning from the window. He got up. He couldn't concentrate on lessons at all that day.across the fields . its tongue lolling out in a smile. The wolf looked at him for a few moments. "Just couldn't sleep last night. However. It looked up at Harry when he appeared at the window. and without a backward glance.

then made up his mind." said Harry hurriedly." he said quickly. He looked at Ron and Hermione. He was saved by Madam Pomfrey. She glanced quickly back into the room." she whispered. but his thoughts kept wandering. and shut the door. "Come to my room tomorrow night. . He hadn't really seen the inside of Jeanne's room before. and started off toward Professor Lupin's room. She took the box from him. leaning forward slightly. He made straight for Jeanne's room. looking pleased to see him. He reached out a hand to knock on the door. Perhaps this wasn't a good time to come. Harry left them arguing and went out of the portrait hole." And then she turned. then stood there. "Do you like my room?" Harry was almost too surprised to speak. She looked surprised to see him. it did not feel enclosed. and slowly made his way back down the corridor. Jeanne opened the door when he knocked. Hermione was correcting Ron's history essay. She opened the door at once when he knocked. he had been much too interested in watching Professors McGonagall and Lupin dressing Jeanne up to notice anything else. "Just go and get it over with. "I'll talk to you then. but wasn't surprised when no one answered the door. After a moment's hesitation. so that. although the room was small. She smiled. and Ron was arguing with her. he turned. looking at him. He started off back toward Lupin's room. There was an empty goblet there. He stood for a while outside the room. On the night of the Christmas Ball. who was coming from the opposite direction carrying a box." she said. Once he was standing outside the room. the walls and flooring consisted of pine strips. "Madam Pomfrey asked me to give this to you. then turned to face him again." She gave him a warm smile. "Ah. and then turned and rapidly disappeared down the corridor. "Jeanne. I have to rush off somewhere. Harry. Jeanne had obviously tried to make the room feel as little like Deorg's cave as possible. he suddenly changed his mind. "Could you give this to Jeanne? She's in Professor Lupin's room." he said to himself. though. holding a finger to her lips. She looked like she was in a hurry." she said. Instead of stone. "About last night -" "Hush. Harry felt slightly nervous as he made his way to Jeanne's room the following evening. together with what looked like a lot of herbs. then drew it back.He tried to study that afternoon in the Gryffindor common room. He now looked around. and invited him in. One entire wall had been replaced by floor to ceiling windows. The room didn't look like the rest of the castle. Harry looked in the box.

and Harry drank some as well. and looked directly at him. and looked at the floor to ceiling windows. Was he imagining it. "I got Professor Flitwick to charm it for me. "That was Neville's Christmas present. was he?" "A little. She lowered her glass."Yes. thinking of the warm weather. "Full moon's over. Harry looked at it in astonishment. What would you like to drink? Tea? Coffee? Pumpkin juice?" "Er . Jeanne smiled." Harry groaned inwardly." she said." she said." he said. sat back on the sofa. She took a sip from her glass." She walked over to an old sofa. She shifted her position on the sofa. It shook itself awake. "Wake up. "He he wasn't hurt. or were her eyes twinkling? "I believe you. looking back at her. "But Madam Pomfrey put it right. with a small belch. looking soberly at him. you know." she said. and sat holding it nervously. "What is true?" "That you . It woke up with a snort. He looked at her. still looking at him. Drink Jug. Then. "Two pumpkin juices. gently patting a round jug that had been snoring on the table. "I'm sorry. "How is Professor Lupin?" he asked." said Harry. She gave him one's true." she said." he said quietly. then jumped up and poured juice into two small glasses. "Please sit down." she said. "He's very angry with you. "But how come -" "It doesn't show on the outside of the castle?" She smiled. taking the other. "Better. it promptly went back to sleep. Harry took the glass. looking at him." She looked at him.pumpkin juice. then." he said." she said.are -" . "I won't do it again." Harry felt guilty. beckoning to him to follow. "So ." he said.and Professor Lupin are .

" "Every objection?" said Harry. "As if I care anything about society! " She lowered her hand. looking out of the window. there's the Wolfsbane potion. "Even though I said we could be careful. which he was certain Lupin had given her for Christmas.yes." she said gently. He had been so sure. Harry just couldn't believe her. I do care for him. but it still was no use." Harry couldn't believe her.She looked at him soberly. I'll be shunned by society ." she said." She paused for a moment.why?" Jeanne gave a small sigh. Harry. and there was an unhappy look in her eyes. or give me a good life ." she admitted quietly." For some reason. Harry. and held up a hand to has already been so difficult for him to find paid work. "Isn't it obvious?" Harry stared at her.just once." she said.he's -" Jeanne put up a hand to silence him. "He felt he couldn't support me. . She looked slightly distressed. and besides. and that would be it. Remus and I are just friends. "Actually." she said. "Like I said before. "He's afraid of hurting me. well . as if pondering whether to answer. She looked at him sadly. It was covered with bright red blood.that's not fair! He's human too . "Don't misunderstand me. I have no problem with him being a werewolf whatsoever. so long as I'm with him. I can transform fast enough before anything can happen he wouldn't an outcast. "Don't you care for him?" he blurted out. "But . "Remus said I had no idea what life with a werewolf would be like. I knew from the beginning he would think this way. And he said it didn't matter whether I was a werewolf myself or not. "Between you and me. "Then why . "As if I'm not already outcast. It's Remus who doesn't want the relationship to develop." She gave a rather bitter smile. we just need to be careless one time . Then she seemed to make up her mind. She was quiet a while." said Jeanne. He said. "No. "I had an answer to his every objection. He looked at the pendant at her throat. "What? Because he's a werewolf? But .?" said Harry. and the red colour swiftly faded.

" she said. "What was it?" asked Harry. he shouldn't have been so weak. Harry. with him. "That didn't convince Remus either. "I'll make it possible. there was the question of children. Remus may not always teach here." he said. Jeanne shrugged." Harry didn't know what to good friends. or drop by to talk sometimes. it doesn't matter very much. Besides " her voice trailed away. "I had an answer to that as well." she said at last. looking at Harry.during . and her gaze drifted to the window. "But . "You're still together. anyway. "Jeanne. "Madam Pomfrey checked me when I came here. The two wolves " Jeanne took another sip from her glass. Some of the treatment I received from Deorg while I was in the cave damaged my womb so badly that I can never conceive a child. said." he said."Then. I'll still come and see him during full moon. "But he said." said Harry." she said. I may not always be here either . "Just because he's a werewolf doesn't mean his children will be. I don't expect to be happy in life. "I can't ever have children. to allow things to develop this far. listening intently. So I said." "But. why don't we just continue as we have been ." she continued. "there's something I don't understand. That time .if Deorg comes in search of me. as a good friend. "I don't expect very much from life. We talked everything out. He was angry with himself." she said." She sighed. "After the hell I went through in Kamchatka. Harry. I'll have him as a friend if nothing else. trying to absorb everything she was saying. after the Christmas Ball. he couldn't do such a thing to them . I know him so well. He was afraid of harming them. "I-I'm sorry. I don't expect everything to go the way I want. but Harry felt she was seeing something else. We had a very long talk that night.letting them have a werewolf for a father. "In this case. Something she had said earlier kept coming to his mind. Jeanne hesitated before answering. She stared at her glass." she said." she said. "I knew from the beginning I wouldn't be able to convince him. I'm just thankful I'm out of there and here in Hogwarts at all." Harry was silent for a while. and looked absently out of the window. I think I won't ask for it possible?" Jeanne was looking at her glass of pumpkin juice. you know. as I used to." "Just friends?" said Harry. "Remus means too much to me for me to give him up. just as he was afraid of harming me. If I can just have one or two years here.

"Even in the state I was in. back then. and she steadied it. Harry." She turned to look at Harry.because seeing them would just remind me they were dead. I was going insane.his schooldays. I would have gone insane. and Sirius Black. Harry. "I couldn't talk to transformed back on your own. I wouldn't be able to talk to him. "I've known him longer than that. but the mirror could show me all that was happening to him. confused. He looked at her. "That's right." said Jeanne. it said it could do one thing for me. Jeanne nodded. how difficult it was for him to find work. slowly. I didn't know whether he really existed." Her voice was shaking slightly." Jeanne went on." She gave a small sigh. "So that was why ." she continued. but he put a spell on me so that I couldn't." She bit her lip. and fell silent. "It said it would give me a companion of my choice. but had to lock him up when he transformed. his friends . "I didn't want to choose my foster parents ." She looked at Harry. because I was so desperate.he had just been bitten by a werewolf. "You're wrong.with your father. seeing his expression." said Harry." she said." said Harry slowly." she said. you said Professor Lupin was an old friend but how can that be? You'd only known him for a month!" Jeanne gave a rather wistful smile. So I asked the mirror to make the choice. His parents got him away in time. "He was screaming . I think I somehow recognised him.Hagrid's class . "The first few weeks with Deorg were a nightmare for me." Harry didn't understand at all." Harry was too astonished to say anything. And I had no close friends." "I see. and most of all. "I tried to kill myself. "The first time the mirror spoke to me. all the discouragement. for me. if I hadn't discovered the mirror. The mirror chose him to be my companion." She paused.that night.when you were talking to Malfoy. James. but the mirror showed me many events of his life . "I saw what happened after he graduated from school. "Remus was my only friend throughout those years of hell. how much he suffered each time he transformed. I didn't care. so that at least I wouldn't be alone. "I guess I'd already fallen in love with him. and looked down at the glass in her hands." she said. "I didn't know who to choose. I've known him ever since Deorg captured me and put me in that cave." she said." . "It was Professor Lupin. when we got you away from Deorg . "The mirror then showed me a small boy. or whether he was just something the mirror had created. I never thought I'd really meet him.

too. "And you must have known Snape already. "did he make only jewellery?" Jeanne was looking at the time.does he know about the mirror?" She nodded. I liked Sirius ." She broke off." Harry was still thinking. .you knew Sirius Black was innocent. I don't really remember." he said. "I didn't know at the time. "Like I told you. She smiled at him." she said. "have you any idea where the mirror came from?" She shook her head.what? Oh.both of us trapped in bodies over which we had no control. Besides."And that's why . but I liked him." said Harry. Remus only told me about it afterward. I was afraid he would mind.they were so self-righteous and full of themselves.that time in the Three Broomsticks . Harry. I might find someone I like better . But he didn't." Jeanne looked rather tired now. I already knew Severus." She saw him to the door. looking slightly exasperated. "I told him that night. Harry looked at Jeanne. "I wonder why the mirror chose him. "The mirror hadn't shown me what happened in your third year. Was there a connection? He thought of the mirror in the cave its frame "Jeanne. I was just angry with those officials at the time . You'd better be getting off to bed." But Harry was thinking of something else. "It's late." she said. "Professor Lupin . Grenivere had said Lupin's grandfather knew how to craft Starlight jewellery and so did Jeanne's elderly jeweller friend. and Albus Dumbledore. Harry was still thinking. it was already there before I came. as well. it's as if I've been spying on him. he just said it w as unhealthy for me to have known only one man." he said. and only half-listening. well. "I wondered that." she said. and that I should go out and meet more people." said Jeanne.he was hot-tempered and volatile in school." Jeanne shook her head. but she gave Harry a small smile. Harry. after the Christmas Ball. "Perhaps it was because we were similar . "Yes. before you met him." "That elderly gentleman you knew as a child. it was a long time ago. "The gentleman .

as he usually did. Harry?" said Lupin. not really looking forward to the next Defence Against the Dark Arts class." he said to Ron and Hermione. "I need to ask Lupin something. Harry gathered his own books. looking at Harry. it's because he's concerned about you. if we hadn't been there. They had an interesting lesson. looking up cautiously. Harry's heart sank. Harry looked at the desk." "Is he really angry with me?" asked Harry. "Well. Lupin gave a rather wry smile. "You know I should punish you. this time I am not in a position to do so. and then walked back to the common room. of course. Once the class ended. for the first time that year. Lupin looked stern." Harry looked at him in surprise." When all the students had left. No one has ever said anything. He merely stood by his desk. She smiled. and gave his arm an affectionate squeeze. "If he is. Lupin didn't say anything. but unfortunately. before speaking. Harry. but I believe there is an unspoken agreement that I should remain in my office when I transform. still thinking about everything he'd just heard. However." ." she said. leaning slightly on it with arms folded. How could he explain why he'd been in the Forest? He didn't want to lie to Lupin."Remus will want to talk to you tomorrow. and Harry began to hope that Lupin had forgotten about the incident in the Forbidden Forest." "Good night. though. saw that he was looking seriously at him. " because I wasn't supposed to be there." he said. He thought of the two wolves. of course. Lupin didn't start packing his books away. feeling slightly apprehensive." Harry nodded glumly. Harry found himself. although he still looked rather tired and ill. and slowly walked up to Lupin's desk. at last. Harry. "I know I was wrong. "You know. He waited until Harry looked up at him again. you would be dead by now. Excuses ran through his mind. the next day Professor Lupin appeared to be his usual cheerful self. either." he answered automatically. "Good-night. wild and free "You all go ahead. "I don't know what got into me that night it was the moonlight I'm sorry " Lupin was silent.

" said Harry. Harry. "Why are you so uptight. You may go." he said. "I promise I won't do it again. He suddenly felt very guilty. He opened it. still feeling fooli sh. so Harry turned and started off toward his next class. "I will hold you to your promise. just teach you a lesson. studying his Potions textbook with an almost desperate look on his face. Harry." ." "I'm sure you won't. Harry. Neville turned slightly pale at the mention of Snape. Harry. more kindly. studying." said Lupin. even though Snape doesn't seem to think so. she never intended to hurt you. "Not at all. Neville?" he asked. "Thank you . "Professor Lupin?" he said. but Professor Snape was being nastier than ever to him. and looked at Harry. his notes scattered all about him. Harry suddenly felt rather foolish." he said. who was sitting nearby with Ron and Hermione. He stopped. "Jeanne says she never saw anyone run so fast. "You've been getting along all right in Potions lately. and continued packing his things away. Exams were here. Lupin looked surprised.Harry thought he saw a scar on Lupin's neck. Lupin's eyes were twinkling. Neville had been making fewer mistakes of late. "Very well. but continued packing his books away. I can't let Jeanne down. Lupin gave a small sigh." It was true. picking on the slightest mistake. Now get along to your next class. "I would do it again. she's been working so hard to help me. "I'm afraid something will go wrong. She said to tell you. "I can't help worrying.for saving my life. "She thinks you must have broken the long distance record. but then turned around. Lupin no longer took any notice of him. if I had to. Neville was sitting in a corner." This made Harry feel worse. looked at him. but he couldn't be sure. Harry looked up." Harry went slowly to the door. "I really won't do it again." he said. his eyes on the floor. The students were all gathered in the Gryffindor common room." said Lupin." He smiled. Lupin had started to pack away his books. and more of his potions had been turning out the way they were supposed to." he said. quietly.

Harry was furious. trembling whenever Snape came up to check on him." "I did not notice Mr Malfoy taking more than two shrivelfigs. comfortingly. He was so jubilant that he jumped up. Snape scowled. then?" demanded Seamus." drawled Malfoy. looking for the spatula." said Snape coldly . "He took more than two shrivelfigs!" he said. "He threw his extra shrivelfigs into Neville's cauldron!" "Prove it. had disappeared. busily stirring in the last of his ingredients. "And he tested it on one pet al!" . "I find it more likely that Longbottom has made one of his usual careless mistak es. He was Snape's pet. "I saw them on his table!" "Sir. By the end of the period. Neville worked feverishly on his solution. which Harry was sure he had seen on the table a few minutes ago. and be careful. Neville. Neville tested some of the solution on one rose petal." The day of the Potions exam arrived. but could hear Neville under the table. it's true. "Five points from Gryffindor. and Snape would usually let him get away with anything. Neville's cauldron was bubbling over. Harry looked up. didn't look up. They were each given a bunch of white roses. his solution was pale green. Neville. "Just keep your head. and the solution had turned a horrible purplish-black colour. "And we know we shouldn't put extra shrivelfigs in. "We were each allowed to take four. and were supposed to produce a potion that would change the roses to a wine red colour. and saw Draco Malfoy sliding back into his seat. "What's all the commotion here?" "It was Malfoy!" shouted Harry angrily. Malfoy's extra shrivelfigs. Snape's eyes glittered."I'm sure you'll do fine. for making unjustified accusations. There was suddenly a horrible gulping and belching sound from Neville's cauldron. and then burst into tears." said Hermione. Potter. It turned red at once. "Where are your extra shrivelfigs." "But his potion was green! You saw it!" said Harry. and dropped his spatula on the floor." said Hermione. emerging from beneath the table. as it was supposed to be." "I only took two from the supply pile in front. The exam paper has a cautionary statement warning us not to." said Malfoy coolly. Potter. gave a squeak of horror when he saw it. Snape came over." he sa id. Harry. We only had to use two.

after all. "I can't face her. "I really wanted to do well. "It's from Jeanne. Neville didn't come back that night. mournfully. He opened it. a scops owl flew into the room. looking at his watch. but he refused to be comforted. "Jeanne and I had a long talk last night. "I'm sure you will." he said. The others tried to console him. She said she spoke to Snape. "She wants to see you. Neville. and gently led him out of the common room. "I don't want to read it." said Neville. "I can't face her. Hermione patted his shoulder. He refused to eat. I will have to fail you. staring at the wall." said Snape. It looked at him for a moment." Harry had a feeling he knew who had sent the letter. and then it was gone." he kept saying. Jeanne was standing there instead. Jeanne looked rather stricken." said Harry." he said. =================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT =================================== -PART TWO- . looking at him. "I'm all right now." "I don't want to see her. It flew straight over to Neville. though. sobbing heartbrokenly." said Harry. Neville." he said. So I'll get some marks. "I've let Jeanne down.But the purplish-black solution had bubbled over onto the table." she said. "Longbottom. and that he admitted he saw me testing the rose petal. Neville was still staring at the wall. "Neville. She took Neville's hand." Later that evening. and the petal had dissolved in it. "It's a letter for you. I don't know what to say to her. Neville sighed. but he appeared at breakfast the next morning looking much better." The scops owl was sitting on the floor next to him. "There is no time to repeat the experiment. Neville burst into tears again." Poor Neville just sat at his seat. Neville spent the rest of the day sitting in a corner of the Gryffindor common room." "That's great. next year." she said.

Harry went up to talk to Jeanne. we have Professor Marcus Flynn. looking pleased to see him. "We've got some new teachers. "And secondly. "He's quite handsome. Harry has taken the usual train f rom platform nine and three-quarters. Marcus Flint had been the much-disliked (at least by the Gryffindors) Quidditch captain of the Slytherin team. Harry privately thought she looked rather vain. "Look. Harry. Harry. who is here to conduct some research on Potions jointly with Professor Snape." Professor Maricai had large. Professor Flynn stood up and bowed. and her golden curls were twisted fashionably at the back of her head. She put a hand on his shoulder. Jeanne." he commented. "Did he say Marcus Flint?" he asked. green eyes. "Firstly. and kissed him affectionately on the cheek. and has arrived at the castle together with Ro n and Hermione They were all gathered in the Great Hall for the start of term feast." said Hermione. isn't he?" Ron looked at him. She looked very glamorous." The students clapped politely. Professor Dumbledore stood up to speak. "Doesn't look very bright. At this moment. "Look who's at the staff table . looked as if he was pleased he hadn't dropped Divination. too. . She is temporarily here to replace Professor Trelawney. Ron. "You've grown taller. "Welcome to another new school year. and looked as if she knew it. in her usual green and brown outfit. I have the pleasure of introducing two new members of staff to's Jeanne!" Harry turned to look." she said. his half-moon spectacles glinting.- CHAPTER TWELVE Another new school year in Hogwarts has begun. however. was sitting between Hagrid and Professor Flitwick." continued Professor Dumbledore. Harry was startled. "we have Professor Venilda Maricai. After the feast. but he had a rather innocent and childlike expression on his face. beaming at everyone." said Hermione. Ron looked startled. "Before we begin our feast. not Flint. "It's Flynn." observed Ron. clapping enthusiastically. He was tall and good-looking. who is away on Sabbatical Leave. but secretly rather pleased." he said.

turning his childlike gaze on Harry." he said. Dark clouds were gathering. "Good afternoon. "I'll go with you!" Harry wasn't too pleased. "Hagrid's leaving. Professor Flynn's childlike face lit up when he saw her. at the start of term feast. "Hagrid dragged me here. "I've got to go. he saw that it was Professor Flynn." said Harry. Lupin was leaving the Hall. He smiled when he saw Harry. He turned to look at Jeanne. the sight of them together displeased Harry. For some reason. He was halfway there when he heard footsteps behind him. and the wind was blowing strongly."I'm surprised you're here. "Do you mind if I walk with you?" "I'm going to Hagrid's cabin. "You're Harry Potter. It was mating season for the Hippogriffs. See you all sometime for tea. talking animatedly. "Just taking a look around the school. and she smiled. smiling and pointing." Harry looked around." said Flynn. Harry saw Jeanne outside at one of the enclosures. and Ron had gone to see Professor McGonagall about something." said Harry. smiling." Flynn was still watching. and two males were sparring with each other while a female looked on. When they reached Hagrid's. Hermione was in the library. I guess I can't always run away and anyway." explained Harry. and left. She smiled. For some reason. surprised. Turning around." she said. Jeanne was shouting at the Hippogriffs. he found Professor Flynn rather irritating. looking around him. Friday afternoon found Harry on his way to Hagrid's cabin alone. I'm not as frightened of crowds as I used to be. aren't you?" "Yes. as usual?" Harry nodded. "Where's Professor Lupin?" he asked. "That's Jeanne." he said. Professor Maricai was with him. "Over there. Jeanne was obviously trying to separate the two. She was at your table. her hair . excitedly. It was a stormy day. "Hagrid's assistant." she said. "Wonderful!" said Flynn. but she didn't seem to mind. too. "Who's that?" he asked.

At this moment. hoping to meet Jeanne." said Jeanne." she said. When Neville came over to Hagrid's to discuss his homework with Jeanne. Professor Flynn proved to be a persistent admirer." Flynn. "He wants to meet you. the clouds broke slightly and a shaft of sunlight shone down on her. surprised and not looking too thrilled." They had reached the pen. when he had come round again. this is Professor Marcus Flynn. and tied it up. will you introduce me to her?" asked Flynn. then turned to Harry. but after a while she began to lose patience. Jeanne flew the Hippogriff to the end of the pen. watching in an awestruck manner. though Chinese." Professor Flynn didn't seem surprised to hear that Jeanne. but I'm in a bit of a hurry." said Harry to himself. "Looks like Jeanne has a new admirer. and it took flight. Jeanne put up with it at first. . "Jeanne. now that Jeanne had gone. "Please excuse me. "I'm quite busy today. Marcus. enthusiastically. He was as persistent as ever." she said. Ron and Hagrid found the entire situation very funny. "What a beautiful girl!" he said. "But you must have met her. however. had an English surname. he would hang around and try to contribute his own views. "I beg your pardon. She suddenly mounted one of the Hippogriffs. "I need to see Madam Pomfrey about something. "Harry." said Harry." "I'll walk back to the castle with you!" said Flynn." "Have we?" said Flynn in his childlike way. Jeanne Graham. He did not seem interested in staying with Harry. Professor Flynn. "I can't stay. looking spellbound. "It must have been too confusing that night so many new faces " She shook hands with him. Harry. and to Harry's relief he set off back to the castle. producing a very dramatic effect. and was floating behind her in the wind like a silky black banner." she said crossly one day. "What an amazing girl!" said Flynn. Professor Flynn couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. feeling slightly awkward. tying her hair up again. didn't seem put off whenever she got cross." protested Harry. "But we've met." And she transformed into a hawk.had come down. "She was at your table . He began to come down to Hagrid's quite often. "I met you at the start of term feast. He would also enthusiastically join in the discussion whenever Jeanne went to talk to Professor Snape about potions. "Please don't bother me. and flew off toward the castle. She was wearing her usual rather sullen expression. Jeanne saw them and came over. giving him a polite smile.

" Jeanne looked rather disapproving. "Yeh get annoy'd when we tease yeh with him. "Flynn doesn't have time to do any work." "I'm not surprised. though."Professor Flynn's coming. "Parvati Patil and Lavendar Brown are the ones who buy it." she said." "But he's a Professor!" pointed out Hermione." "He's a playboy. looking up from a shirt of Hagrid's that she was mending. "You shouldn't read tabloids like Witches' Weekly. and it closed up. "And at least Severus can contribute something intelligent to the conversation. well." said Harry. like." Jeanne frowned. Jeanne smiled. She ran the tip of Hagrid' s pink umbrella over a rip in the sleeve. "Flyin'-Fox huntin' an' all that." said Jeanne. Jeanne. "Barbarian!" she muttered. Harry." Ron would say." said Hagrid. from now on. turning back to the shirt. an' Flynn's much better-lookin' than him. She would then transform herself into a bird and fly out the window. Jeanne was not the only one with a new admirer. but af ter a while she realised they were only pulling her leg." Jeanne looked even more disapproving. and he's a vast improvement on Snape. "Neville doesn't mind Professor Flynn." "Only bad thing I can see 'bout Professor Flynn is that he likes huntin'." said Harry. "He sometimes takes over our Potions classes. then gave a small shrug. "Why don' yeh like Professor Flynn. she stationed some of her bird friends on the roof of the hut to warn her if Flynn was coming. though. Yeh never used ter get cross even when we teased yeh with Professor Snape. He's always attending some ball or party during the weekend. Marcus is incapable of uttering anything remotely interesting." said Harry." "I don't." she said reprovingly." "Severus doesn't keep hanging around the way Marcus does." she said. and he seems loaded with money. so that Snape can do his research. Jeanie?" asked Hagrid one day. At first this had the effect of sending Jeanne running out the back door. and perch on the roof until he left. "We see photos of him every week in Witches' Weekly. "I'm asking Neville to come to my room for tuition. if he wants ter. "He's supposed to be doing research with Severus. he has ter do it elsewhere. looking out of the window." said Ron. I tol' him no huntin's allow'd in Hogwarts her e. I just happened to see Flynn inside. In the end. He's always hanging around trying to get near you. "but Severus seems to be doing most of the work. magic. To Harry and the others' . "It's trash.

astonishment, Professor Maricai appeared to have attached herself to Professor
Lupin. She was not as obvious as Professor Flynn was with Jeanne, but Harry
and the others noticed that she would always try to sit next to Lupin during mea
and she didn't have Professor Trelawney's preference for staying closeted up in
her room. She would often be seen somewhere near Lupin's office, or waiting
outside his classroom to ask him something when the class ended.
"It doesn't make sense," said Hermione, looking puzzled, after dinner one day.
"I don't think she's really the type Professor Lupin would go for."
"I don't think Lupin likes her," said Harry. "He's his usual polite self with he
but that's all. She's the one after him."
"I wonder whether she knows he's a werewolf," said Hermione, thoughtfully.
"I didn't think he'd be the type she'd go after, either," pointed out Ron. "She'
more Flynn's type."
"Flynn's too busy chasing Jeanne," said Harry. "And that only leaves Lupin.
No one in their right mind would go after Snape, and I don't think she'd go
for Flitwick."
"Things are pretty interesting this term, aren't they?" said Hermione. "Last yea
it was only Professor Lupin and Jeanne."
Harry said nothing. Although he knew Jeanne and Lupin were officially only
friends, he somehow found the thought of either of them being with anyone
else very offensive.
"Lupin will never go after Professor Maricai, anyway," he said to himself.
"For the same reason he's refused to be with Jeanne."
Professor Lupin, however, showed no sign of being interested in Professor
Maricai. If anything, Harry couldn't help noticing that Lupin and Jeanne seemed
closer than ever. They were still discreet about their relationship, so that mos
of the school appeared to be unaware of it, but Harry, who knew about them,
sometimes felt that each seemed to know what the other was thinking without
saying anything.
Jeanne sometimes came for meals at the Hall now, but she hardly ever sat
with Lupin. She usually sat with Hagrid, or Professor Flitwick, or even Snape.
Harry sometimes saw her and Lupin exchange a look from opposite ends of
the table. Sometimes they would just smile quietly at each other, as if at some
private joke. Once, Harry saw Lupin looking at Jeanne as if asking her a
question; she gazed back, as if listening, then gave a small shake of the
head in reply.
Jeanne didn't even seem to mind the attention Professor Maricai was paying
to Lupin. She would watch in amusement while he patiently listened to one
of Professor Maricai's long and involved stories, and give him a mischievous
smile if she caught his eye.
Harry couldn't quite understand, himself, why he felt concerned about their
relationship working out. Perhaps because Jeanne had confided in him
about it. Lupin had been one of his father's close friends, and Harry liked

Jeanne. He knew her habitual sullen expression was partly the result of the
misery she'd endured in Kamchatka. The sullen expression usually vanished
into a smile, though, when she saw Harry. She had always seemed especially
fond of him. She was giving Neville tuition, but she would also sometimes
quietly ask Harry how his schoolwork was progressing, and Hagrid would
occasionally let slip that she had been worrying about him behind his back.
Because of all this, Harry somehow found himself checking the Marauder's
Map every full moon, without telling anyone, to make sure Jeanne was still
helping Madam Pomfrey look after Lupin. He was pleased to note that they
were also still roaming around the grounds at night, during that time, as wolves
He had noticed some irregularities in the Map's behaviour, though. On one
occasion, he had brought it out because he wanted to ask Jeanne something,
and he wanted to check if she was in her room or down at Hagrid's. To his
surprise, she was in Lupin's room.
"She must have dropped by to talk," he thought. "It isn't full moon at the momen
Then he blinked. The two small dots in Lupin's room had disappeared.
"Where have they gone?" he wondered. Could they have Apparated out
of the castle?
"But no one can Apparate from the castle," thought Harry. He carefully
searched through the whole Map, but they were nowhere to be found.
He checked the Map more often after that. He began to notice that
Jeanne sometimes didn't appear to be on the school premises at all,
usually at night. He thought that she might have transformed into a bird,
and flown out of the grounds for a breath of air; but the Map would then
show that she was still absent, even four or five hours later.
"It's not possible; the Map must be faulty," Harry decided. "Lupin and the
others must have made a mistake while writing it."
Nothing much happens in the first half of the school year, so we now jump to the
end of March.
Harry might find Professor Flynn irritating, but he definitely preferred it when
Flynn took over the Potions classes from Snape. It was a relief for Neville
too, for whom the memory of his disastrous Potions exam the previous year
was still fresh.
Neville seemed to have lost all confidence in himself when it came to Potions.
Snape was being as nasty to him as ever, and Neville even went to pieces
when Professor Flynn conducted the class, although Flynn was very kind to
him, probably because he knew Jeanne was tutoring him.
On one occasion, the students were supposed to prepare a solution which

was used to turn gemstones greener.
"Used in the jewellery business," said Professor Flynn, giving them his childlik
stare. "Improves emeralds of poor quality, and deepens the green in jade."
Neville, his face screwed up in concentration, started work on his potion.
Harry, sitting at the next table, noticed Trevor, Neville's pet toad, watching
Neville with a rather bored look on his toady face.
Flynn came over to Neville several times to encourage him. Everything seemed
to be going swimmingly, when all of a sudden, Pansy Parkinson, one of the
Slytherins, let out a shrill scream.
Trevor had become tired of watching Neville, and had wandered off to watch
some of the other students. He had come over to watch Harry for a while,
then hopped over to the Slytherins' side. Here he suddenly felt sleepy, so he
made himself comfortable on a pile of Pansy's luminous fungi - one of the
potion's ingredients - and went to sleep. Pansy, intent on her solution, didn't
notice him till she put out a hand to grab some fungi and caught hold of Trevor
instead. She screamed.
Trevor gave an indignant croak and leapt up in the air - to drop right into
Pansy's cauldron, which fortunately had cooled down. Solution splattered
all over the place, onto Pansy, who continued shrieking, and Draco Malfoy,
who was sitting next to her.
Pansy grabbed her wand and whacked it at Trevor. Trevor, now a bright
grass green, hopped desperately off the table back to Neville, who jumped
up in excitement, and accidently dropped a lump of sulphur into both his
fire and his cauldron.
Flames sprang up, and the solution, bubbling furiously, shot out in a fountain
toward the ceiling, raining onto the surrounding tables and students.
Pandemonium reigned. The girls all screamed, and everyone started
scrambling for cover. Harry, peering out from under his table, saw that
Neville's solution was turning everything blue, not green. Trevor, now an
electric blue instead of green, came hopping over to take refuge under
Ron's cauldron, which was lying overturned on the floor.
Professor Flynn, his face a bright blue colour due to the solution, shouted for
calm and started searching around the floor for his wand, which Goyle had
knocked out of his hand while running past for cover.
In the midst of all the confusion, the door opened and Professor Snape
came in with something in his hand. The class, seeing him, suddenly fell silent.
Snape ignored the chaos in the class, and looked at Flynn with a strange
glitter in his eyes.
"Donahue is dead," he said.
Flynn's face went a paler shade of blue.
"No!" he gasped. "You're joking!"
Snape said nothing, but merely held out a scrap of parchment.
Flynn read it, then looked at Snape.

watching the dust shimmer.out of his cauldron. watched as Snape disappeared through the door. "How can we let our colleague down? We will find a way!" Snape was wearing his usual sneering expression. Harry stared at the Cloak for a minute or two. Flynn. his mouth slightly open.who would want to murder him?" Snape's lip curled. then over to the Charms corridor. fishing Trevor . Snape. I have an urgent meeting. When he had finished. "But . Flynn. Severus?" said Flynn. he placed it back in his trunk. The route he was taking would lead him past Professor Lupin's room. Would it one day bring his parents back? He put the bottle back in the trunk."Murdered?" he said. Our problem is whether there is any point continuing with the research now. "What on earth was all that about?" he asked. Ron." he said to himself. Harry . The Headmaster wishes to see us. Taking up the Cloak. "We must continue. until he felt more sleepy. however." he said coldly. was already leaving the room." Flynn seemed to be thinking. and Jeanne came out. He then caught sight of the bottle of stardust which Jeanne had obtained from the mirror in Deorg's fortress for him. "Class dismissed! Excuse me. Then. staring up at the canopy of his bed. At one point he saw Mrs Norris coming up a flight of stairs. He paused at the door." Flynn. wide awake. He took the bottle out. looking rather shocked. then saw his Invisibility Cloak. "We will be having a meeting immediately. Severus!" he said." "How can you say that. He wandered down to the Great Hall. and then an expression of mulish determination came over his childlike face. he suddenly turned to the students and said. and then I'll go back to bed. turned to Harry. Harry couldn't sleep. then made up his mind. then turned around and snapped. "It's up to you." And he hurried through the door after Snape. He was just passing by when the door opened. and stopped until she passed. "That is not our problem. he got up and took out the album of his parents' photographs and looked through it. "Just one more round. almost in a whisper. he went from the room. a mixture of electric blue and grass green . "It is of very little consequence to me whether the experiment is successful or not. and idly turned it around in his hands for a while. He would just walk around the castle a bit. He hadn't used it for a while. He lay.

He finally had his chance a few days later. they faced each other. Jeanne seemed very subdued over the next few days. "Are you sure. Hagrid was worried about her. quietly. Harry couldn't help feeling pleased when he noticed this. petrified. "She's almos' like she was when she firs' came here. In front of her was an array of small jars full of unsightly solutions. "Not talkin' ter anyone. He knew neither Jeanne nor Lupin would care for anyone to know. During the next full moon. At last. when he happened to meet her one afternoon down at Hagrid's. didn't tell Hagrid what he'd seen. He thought of trying to talk to her. Remus?" Lupin's gaze fell to the floor. The only thing he could think of." he said. Jeanne. Lupin stood at the doorway as if turned to stone. just a few days later. reading a thick book. though they did not say anything. he slowly turned around and shut the door. still thinking. anyway. Jeanne was in Lupin's room during the day. She looked at him for a moment more." Harry. But this seemed so impossible that Harry dismissed it. and fell asleep still wondering about it. He even looked rather irritated by Professor Maricai's constant attention at times. Professor Lupin was also looking rather sober." . She was sitting on the floor. and had dumped Jeanne. "He won't be back till tonight. which was unusual for him. Why was she with Lupin at this hour of the night? Lupin was at the door. "Forgive me. then turned and made her way down the corridor. Jeanne said softly. They reminded Harry of the jars he had seen in Snape's study." he said to himself. Harry could tell by their faces that something was wrong. was that Lupin had decided he liked Professor Maricai after all. watching her with an obscure kind of pain in his eyes. that could explain what he'd just seen.stopped short in surprise." she said when she saw Harry. He pulled the Invisibility Cloak more tightly around him and looked at her. Harry felt his heart sink when he saw this. looking at her. however. when she had gone. Harry could clearly see tears rolling down her cheeks as she passed him. What had happened? He headed slowly back to the Gryffindor common room. She was wearing her sullen expression even more than ever." he told Harry. Harry stood there. Then. "That rules out one reason. For a while. but she seemed to be avoiding him. He lay in bed for a while. he checked the Marauder's Map. and something seemed to pass between them. and up to bed. but at night she was back in her own room. "Hagrid's gone to London on an errand for Dumbledore.

and then Harry spoke. They sat in silence for a while. Neville. who was still a peculiar mixture of grass green and blue. then tried again. It should be from the bottle with the red cap." She shrugged. not the black one. She was wearing her usual sullen expression." Jeanne pointed the umbrella at the last jar. like Lupin sometimes had. Harry looked at the thick book Jeanne was reading." she said. "It can't be for Neville. labelling each one. "Hagrid's umbrella is acting up again. but nothing happened. there was a knock on the door." he read. gulping gently and blinking." "So they are." She pointed a finger at the blank label. but both . "Journal of Medicinal Potions and Herbal Remedies." "Oh!" said Neville." She picked up Hagrid's pink umbrella and started pointing it at the jars on the floor. A blank label appeared on the jar. you wouldn't have to. going pink. "I would have thought. Harry looked at her face.those are published papers. and said evasively. "Something's bothering you. She whacked the umbrella on the floor. Jeanne looked at him for a while." he said. "It's just for general knowledge. "I've tried to make Trevor take his medicine.Harry sat down next to her." She just sighed again. "You look tired. "Some of the terms are so technical I don't understand them. "Are you still helping Snape?" he asked. and stared at the jars. She gave a small sigh. "I guess I have to do it the other way. with Flynn around. and Neville came in." said Neville dolefully. "What are you reading that for. Jeanne?" he asked. and there were shadows under her eyes. it's far too advanced . He was holding Trevor. but he just refuses to. He thanked her. "Can you persuade him a bit for me?" Jeanne took Trevor on her palm and said something to him. Trevor stared back at her. Jeanne. Harry sat and watched her. "Are you all right?" he asked. "He says you're trying to give him the wrong medicine. but before he could say anything. then smiled at Neville. any more. and then trotted out the door. He looked at her. puzzled. clutching Trevor. "I don't want to pry. and the word "Agapanthus" appeared on it." agreed Jeanne.

Please try and understa nd." She sighed.I thought you told me you were content to just be friends!" She bit her lip. not looking at him. she turned and left. But he wouldn't agree. and to let us be more than friends. At the door. shutting the door behind her." Harry looked blank. She was silent a while longer. when they asked about her. "Time is running out. Harry wondered what she was up to. and he wasn't going to take any chances. he saw them together in Hogsmeade. Harry knew he was being a busybody. She was still giving Neville tuition. He noticed she seemed to be spending a lot of her time closeted in her room." Harry looked at her in surprise." "All right. but he was so worried about Jeanne that he started keeping tabs on her by using the Marauder's Map." she said. . Without another word.I don't understand. Harry." she said. She had been suicidal in the past. "I more or less begged him to change his mind. At first. But then. an' I said yes. if a bit tired. he thought she must be discussing potions with him. "A week ago I went to see Remus. Guess it was jus' a matter of time before she has ter drop somethin'. "But . "She ask'd me if she could stop. at first he thought she was sick." She put all the jars into a box. staring at the floor. She looked depressed. but she stopped attending Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures classes." said Harry. feeling rather worried. and looked at Harry. and then she finally spoke. since she's not bin lookin' well lately. and Jeanne now always appeared to be in Hogwarts." said Hagrid. "Things have changed." But the most extraordinary thing that Harry noticed from the Map was that Jeanne seemed to be spending more time with Marcus Flynn.Hagrid and I are worried about you. but then he would see her later that same day looking fine. she paused. and got up to go. "I'm sorry I . I don't really want to talk about it. then shook her head. Harry didn't notice any more people suddenly mysteriously vanishing. The Map seemed to be behaving better lately. just as she did with Snape. "Tol' her she needn' come. "I'm sorry. she can't keep havin' a finger in so many pies. "And please don't tell Hagrid. Can't we do anything to help?" She looked at him.

"His wares are all of very low qu ality. Marcus. probably for one of Snape's potions. "Though I must say it's odd. His chance came when he met her one day.Jeanne doesn't even like jewellery!" he said. "Those necklaces cost a lot. but she didn't. "I saw you at Hogsmeade last weekend. and gave them to Jeanne. but a new and trendier looking shop which had booths outside so as to attract more customers. and she looked totally bored. when the latter grabbed his arm and said." Several days went by before Harry had an opportunity to talk to Jeanne. "look!" Jeanne and Flynn were standing nearby." said Hermione. She had just collected some plant samples from Professor Sprout. He watched as Flynn bought five necklaces. "Are you going back to the castle as well. "Looks like Flynn's persistence has paid off." agreed Hermione sadly. or start explaining why she'd been with Flynn. "Anti-shoplifting charm activate d". She nodded. And Flynn seems to be buying up half the shop for her. "She looks like she's having the time of her life." They went a bit closer. "I thought she and Professor Lupin made a much better couple." Flynn said." said Ron. Jeanne?" he asked. where Professor Lupin had obtained the wolf pendant. "I've seen her in a jewelle ry shop before. now." she said. He really doesn't seem to be Jeanne's type." He'd half expected her to look guilty. and there was a strangely resolute look on her face. Harry looked at her. still unable to believe what he'd just seen." "She doesn't look bored." Harry couldn't believe his ears. . falling in step with her." "No. but did not smile. with Professor Flynn. after his Herbology class. They then turned and disappeared into the crowd. close enough to hear what Jeanne and Flynn were saying.Harry had just come out of Zonko's. Harry couldn't believe his eyes." said Ron. together with Ron and Hermione. The jewellery shop was not Grenivere's. "I didn't know Jeanne had such expensive taste. "I don't go to Grenivere's." "She doesn't!" said Harry. Signs stuck on each booth said. She seemed rather distant. "We might want to have a look at Grenivere's shop after this. "But . Jeanne frowned. looking at jewellery.

" she said. leaving Harry staring after her in am azement. Harry. "Jeanne!" he said. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT . Harry. one day. but maybe you will. "Don't tell me you don't care for him any more . "I thought you didn't like Flynn. "I've made my choice." Harry felt something wasn't quite right. "I'll talk to you another time . "I know what I'm doing. and looking at her. She nodded. do you?" "That's not important. not looking at him. "You everything all right?" he asked. Jeanne. "I don't believe it!" said Harry. There was an odd expression in her eyes . "I told you already." She dropped one of the plants. "Things have changed. Harry. "I didn't see you. Remus and I are through." she said. "What's happening? Why were you with Flynn? What about Professor Lupin?" Jeanne looked slightly bitter." she said quietly. She stopped. "I have to go can you?" Harry asked.determined. resolute and strangely despairing. and bent to pick it up."Did you?" she said quietly. "Is . then looked away. You don't understand now. and looked at him. "But ." Harry was nonplussed." Harry couldn't stand it any more. "It's as fine as it can be." she said." She didn't look at him." She looked at him." she said." And she walked off without another glance. Harry opened his mouth to speak. "I've made my choice. coming to a halt. "You don't care for him. Harry. but she held up a hand. Harry couldn't believe his ears. you're really going together with Flynn?" he said incredulously.

"Let's go see what Jeanne's up to. A lady was sitting at the far end of the shop. since they still had some time left. they just strolled around the village. "what are you doing here?" Jeanne looked rather dismayed. "I have to go now. They were so absorbed that neither noticed Ron or Harry approaching them." "No!" said Ron. together with Mr Grenivere." said Ron. Jeanne. she's at the opposite end of the shop." And she hurried out of the . "That's fine. however. Harry." Grenivere was saying." Jeanne looked at him gratefully. "I know what you're like in a jewellery shop. "Good-bye. tugging at Harry's arm. but not the other two." "Looks like Hermione hasn't seen Jeanne. look ing at the various shop windows. They were passing Grenivere's shop when Hermione suddenly said." he said. "I can take these three. Jeanne and Mr Grenivere were bending over something. but Ron was already dragging him in. then swept the necklaces on the counter into her bag. "isn't that Jeanne in the shop?" Harry peered inside. anyway." Harry didn't want to. Mr Grenivere. Zonko's and the Three Broomsticks. "Take a look. then go in and drag her out. "She has been showing me some of my competitor's wares. however.===================================== - CHAPTER FOURTEEN - Another Hogsmeade weekend had arrived. Then she looked up and saw Ron and Harry. "It looks like her." he said." said Harry. Hermione you'll be in there for hours. had seen something. looking at them with his piercing blue eyes. now." she said. "But I thought she told Flynn she doesn't like Grenivere's wares. "Can I go in for a minute? I just want to have a quick glance at the bracelets." said Jeanne. "Miss Graham and I have a secret arrangement. Ron." But Hermione was already disappearing inside the shop." he said. answered for her. "We'll give her five minutes. Ron and Hermione made their usual round to Honeydukes." Grenivere handed something in an envelope to Jeanne." said Ron. "Hi there. Then. and she tucked it away in her bag. "There's a pawnshop down the street.

and found themselves hurrying back to the castle before they were late for dinner. "I need to ask Lupin something about the cockatrice boys?" he said. Grenivere watched her go with a mixture of pity and compassion in his eyes. It was a Saturday evening. "It's Flynn. Ron nudged Harry. "There's a Boggart hiding in my cupboard it's the ideal chance for you to teach me how to get rid of it.Gemini 300 0." said Flynn. "I'm just waiting for Jeann e . Harry and Ron had tarried at Hagrid's a bit longer than usual. The classroom was almost empty now. She was dressed in crimson satin robes. She gave Harry and Ron a small smile. he was wearing elegant new robes. he had barely walked over to Lupin's table when there was a knock on the door. and gave them his childlike smile. "How do you like my new luxury broom." said Flynn. Ron and Hermione were left. and her hair was piled high. He looked up and saw them. "Are you going somewhere?" he asked. trimmed with velvet. glancing at Professor Lupin who was still at his desk." Ron's eyes were wide as he examined the broom. Harry looked at Flynn. ignoring Harry. Defence Against the Dark Arts had ended. They were black. Its body looked like it had been coated with gold. because she was wearing extremely high heels. "Look. She looked terribly sophisticated. "Remus. and sailed off into the sky. Jeanne was coming carefully down the stairs." . When they reached the Entrance Hall." However.ah. and then the broom lifted smoothly away from the ground. here she is. then seated herself on the broom behind Flynn. "Latest model ." Harry and Ron turned around. What they saw made them open their eyes wide in astonishment. they stopped for a while to get their breat h. Rubies glittered at her thro at. and Professor Maricai came in. with a quick smile at Ron and Harry." Professor Flynn was standing near the marble staircase." he said. boys." said Harry to Ron and Hermione. holding a very expensive-looking broom. "Good-bye. And he's got a new broom. the chance has come!" she cried. "You go ahead. Harry and Ron were still staring in amazement. and only Harry. "Count Erigon is having a dinner party.

before a wave of his wand made it disappear. Lupin gave an exclamation and quickly pulled her away from the Boggart. "I'll come to your office now. and hands like claws." "No!" cried Professor Maricai. "Very well.. "I'm sure this would be educational for you. "I'm sure the boy has better things to do. "Ready? Here we go!" He pointed his wand at the cupboard. "Harry and I are discussing something at the moment. "Harry!" he said sharply. "Harry. She went deathly pale." "It's not in my office cupboard." Harry could see from Lupin's face that he didn't relish the idea of being alone with Professor Maricai in her bedroom." said Professor Maricai." said Lupin firmly. The cupboard door opened. "It will be a good experience for him. but his voice was still polite. . still in hysterics. wrinkles on its face." said Lupin.of carved ivory . "It's in my bedroom cupboard. Remus. The rest of the furniture in the room had all been crafted in an ornate baroque style. it would turn into the moon when it saw Lupin. "All!" And then she started screaming hysterically." "OK. it had taken the form of a hideous crone . she was holding her wand . Professor Maricai seemed to have realised it too. he needn't come." Lupin looked slightly exasperated. . will you?" Harry led Professor Maricai.Lupin didn't look very enthusiastic. in the form of a ha g.matted strawlike hair. Venilda. which was slowly lurching toward her. Her four poster bed had silk curtains. Lupin patiently explained what Professor Maricai had to do. Looking at it. "No. He knew Lupin would have no trouble with the Boggart." he said. Remus. It had a pair of staring green eyes.wrongly. and out came the Boggart." Professor Maricai's bedroom was large and luxuriously furnished." said Professor Maricai. including the cupboard where the Boggart was lurking." said Harry." he said. and expensive-looking carpets lay on the floor.I'll need some of the articles in the cupboard. Harry noticed that she didn't seem to be a very competent witch. Harry suddenly realised the Boggart was in fact Professor Maricai.Venilda. "Oh. "You have to come now! I have an appointment soon. Harry was startled. "Take her to a corner." "He's coming along. toward the bed. and stammered. and a bolt of light hit the handles.I couldn't ever look like that .. why don't you come along?" said Lupin. "I'll come up in a while.

That was why Harry's blood suddenly went cold when he heard Lupin's voice saying. and buried his face in his hands. who was still having hysterics on her bed. "I think . The werewolf snarled viciously and started forward." Harry quickly deposited Professor Maricai onto the bed. Lupin stood there. He paused at the door. the sun was shining. Then he slowly lowered his hands. staring at the spot where Jeanne had been standin g. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER FIFTEEN - It was a fine afternoon. His face was very pale. Harry. She stood there. wand in hand. and a gentle wind was blowing . and straightened up. still staring at the place where the werewolf had been. "I'd be obliged if you would take Venilda to see Madam Pomfrey. Lupin was still sitting there. Lupin didn't move. holding out one hand. "Yes. as if some animal had savaged it. "Oh. Fur was growing on her body her shoulders were hunching Harry stared in horror. His voice was shaking slightly." he said. The hand was bloody and mangled. "Are .are you all right?" he asked. She had become a werewolf. Desperately. Then she began to transform. not looking at Harry. looking at Lupin with a stricken face. Professor Lupin was standing as if he had turned to stone. The werewolf burst into wisps of smoke. Then. he walked to a nearby chair. Lupin didn't answer for a minute. He went over and sat down. What he saw made his heart skip a beat. sat down in it." He looked at Professor Maricai. I'm all right. "Riddikulus!" he shouted.I need to be alone for a while. and was gone. and turned around. The Boggart hadn't turned into the moon. Harry ran forward." Harry got up slowly and began to lead Professor Maricai out of the room. and looked back. next to Lupin. There was a slightly haunted look in his eyes. Harry looked at him worriedly. my God. it had turned into Jeanne.

Hermione gave Harry a quick look. Hermione. "You know hunting isn't allowed here at Hogwarts. "Oh.up from the lake. it reminded Harry of the grindylow they had studied during their third year. and then tried to change the subject. it's all right. "So . He held up his bow and quiver proudly. rather muddy and with their books in their hands. "Look at that hawk! It's attacking Professor Flynn!" . Harry. At the entrance. coming from the direction of the lake. Flynn beamed when he saw them. "Good thing Jeanne isn't this garrelynsk for our next class?" she asked. "Oh. staring at Lupin in his childlike manne r. when Ron suddenly cried out. Harry recognised them as the type of robes usually used for flying-fox-hunting. Remus." he said. "Not for you people. "I'm just going to shoot a few arrows in the air. that's all. He was carrying an ivory quiver filled with arrows." He smiled like a small boy. "She doesn't approve of hunting. when she saw it. Lupin was still frowning and watching Marcus Flynn." Lupin said nothing." he said. "I just found it in the small pool by the l ake -" He stopped. a garrelynsk!" cried Hermione. Lupin smiled. and then continued on his way. because someone was coming down the stairs leading from the Entrance Hall. and he was wearing brown robes. and gave them his usual childlike stare. Marcus. Ron and Hermione were walking toward the castle. frowning. and a golden bow. It was Professor Flynn. aren't they? I just got them delivered." he said. they happened to meet Professor Lupin." Lupin looked at him with a peculiar expression in his eyes. He was carrying a small tank of water containing a strange little black creature. "Beautiful." He was about to continue." said Flynn. They had just finished their Herbology lesson. Lupin looked after him. without thinking. "Right as usual. I was thinking of letting the third-years try it out. but he now turned back to them and smiled. Ron was watching too. walking to the far end of the field.

watching. The hawk was circling. It was falling . The arrow was sticking out of her left shoulder. on the ground. the arrow protruding from it. but it missed. The first arrow exploded in a small burst of light. He looked up when the three of them ran up. but the arrow missed. "Oh no!" whispered Hermione in horror. and started running after Lupin. conscious. Her hair was lying in a black pool around her. Jeanne was looking at Lupin." Lupin raised his wand. Her eyes were wide in shock. It was a few moments before Harry suddenly understood what Lupin meant. "Come on!" he shouted. and started speeding back toward the castle. Jeanne. startled. go and get Madam Pomfrey. quick!" Ron immediately turned. it wasn't a hawk anymore. he took three arrows. Harry heard the hawk scream. went straight into the hawk. It's Jeanne. "You'll be all right. Slower and slower. so did the second. and they stood there.A hawk was diving out of the sky. circling around. Flynn had let off an arrow at it. Harry. and he dropped his bow. "It's only a shoulder wound. The arrows were moving in a curve. and the hawk lunged at him again. and she was breathing hard. " Flynn has put a spell on the arrows. "One of you. "It wasn't a hawk. Flynn had released the arrow. her eyes wide. Flynn picked the bow up. As the hawk rose swiftly up into the air again. and Jeanne started falling more slowly. however. and dropping the garrelynsk. he didn't drop the bow. then it was falling. preparing for another attack. She was still looking at Lupin. She was lying on her back." said Lupin quietly. till she finally came to a stop just before reaching the ground. The hawk lunged at Flynn. Harry and the others had stopped halfway across the field. Lupin was next to her. and it streamed out behind her. holding her hands. holding her hands in his. when Harry ran up. . Harry and the others watched him. and aiming. giving out a piercing cry. Lupin had suddenly turned pale. "They're following the hawk. The hawk was high in the sky. "That's not a hawk!" he said sharply. Her long hair had come loose. and fitted another arrow to it. wide-eyed." whispered Hermione. he pulled out his wand and started sprinting toward Flynn.and then. The third one." Her breathing seemed calmer now. This time. and said sharply. getting ready for another attack. heading toward it. He saw Lupin raise his wand again. shot them off rapidly in succession." But Harry was already running forward again.

Hermione was looking back at the castle. Professor Flynn was standing like a statue. He pointed his wand at the bow and quiver. and they broke into a hundred little pieces. getting to her feet. He tried to calm her. "Bring her to the hospital wing. she burst into tears. simply turned around without even glancing at him. There was a look of despair in her eyes. Jeanne gave a little gasp. but he was wrong. he looked instead at the bow and quiver. and didn't notice. She's healed physically. Remus. calmly and cheerfully. instead. and strode off without another word. She took hold of it." she sobbed. he just quietly held her hands in his. Then. but she kept on sobbing. "I'm so sorry about everything!" Lupin looked alarmed. the shoulder soon looked good as new. staring to one side. looking helplessly on. He turned back to look at Jeanne. clutching at his hands. until her sobs began to subside. however. blood was flowing from her shoulder. Harry turned back to look." Madam Pomfrey was looking at Lupin in a curious way as she said this. . though. avoiding Lupin's gaze. and the stretcher then rose into the air. turned around. "I'm so sorry. "She should get a few days' rest. He laid Jeanne on it. Professor Flynn had been standing by all the while. There was a cracking noise. Remus. that she was holding on to Lupin's hands rather tightly. still staring at the spot where the bow and quiver had sunk into the ground. "Can I do anything to help?" Harry looked up. and started to m ove off. Madam Pomfrey didn't take long to get the arrow out. however. who had started off after the stretcher. Halfway back to the castle." said Madam Pomfrey. Harry and the others turned to follow. Jeanne would surely call it quits with Marcus Flynn. "Madam Pomfrey's coming.Then. Lupin. was busy conjuring a stretcher with his wand. "We won't need those any more. and she did. but being emotionally healed is another matter. About a week later. He could see Ron and Madam Pomfrey running down the castle steps. he was just going to look for Professor Lupin in his office. all of a sudden." she called. Harry turned to look." said Lupin quietly. Flynn gave a cry of dismay. when he ran into him in the Entrance Hall. and disappeared. which were lying on the ground nearby. Lupin. Lupin. She was quiet now. Harry had thought that after the shooting incident. Finally. and it suddenly dissolved slowly and vanished in her hand. Ignoring Flynn. "I'll just fix that up in a jiffy. Harry noticed." said Madam Pomfrey. they slowly sank into the ground.

Harry thought the cravat made him look terribly silly ."What is it." "Oh.that. Professor Lupin seemed to have forgotten about the cockatrice essay. Then. Flynn looked at her. Lupin was just beginning to talk about weasels and rue when he suddenly looked up. Flynn was looking at the stairs. with his luxury broomstick again. as if she were remembering something. "And the amethyst necklace would go better with this dress you know. thought Harry. Harry?" asked Lupin. it's gone." she said quietly. with a lacy cravat at his throat." he said. the one I bought for you a month ago. Surely." said Jeanne.about .sorry . It can't be Jeanne. Marcus." panted Harry. tonight's theme is blue?" An unhappy look came into her eyes for a moment. Flynn looked at her in surprise. Neither of them had noticed Harry or Lupin. but didn't I tell you. "I . Flynn suddenly smiled expectantly. and his heart sank. after what had happened. if I remember rightly " They retreated to a nearby alcove to talk about it. "You look very nice in purple. as if something had distracted him. then looked at his watch. He was watching them with a curious expression on his face. Jeanne wouldn't want to have anything more to do with Flynn. as Harry came running up. Harry stole a look at Lupin. It was Professor Flynn. Jeanne. Flynn continued to examine Jeanne's outfit. Jeanne was coming quietly down. He simply stood there. without thinking.lost?" . "I still have some time before my meeting. quietly watching Flynn.know it's overdue. The expression on her face could only be described as stoic. "Since you're here. He was dressed in blue velvet robes this time. gasping for breath.essay. "My . why don't we discuss your previous essay? The one about cockatrices there were some points you weren't too clear on. Harry turned around to look. She came up to Flynn and nodded at him in greeting. I don't wear blue any more. "Gone? You mean . it was gone. dressed in purple velvet evening robes. . Harry turned to look at the marble staircase. "I told you. as if waiting for someone." Lupin took the essay.

"It's getting late. Then. "Don't you touch that!" she cried. Lupin was silent a moment. then recovered. out of fashion. He looked confused. She seemed to be trying to compose herself." "But she doesn't care for him!" protested Harry. Lupin's face was now thoughtful. and picked it up first. Then. Lupin looked at him in surprise. "She's better off with him. Harry leaned forward to get a closer look. "She'll have a better life with him than she'll ever have with me. then at the floor. sitting behind Flynn." she said. he looked down. snatching it away from him. "N-no. Harry. Jeanne." she said. Harry turned around." said Harry." She made a move to mount the broom. "She's only with Flynn because you wouldn't have her. "It's so obvious . Madam Pomfrey was walking briskly up to them. believe me. "I mean. Marcus." But Lupin was now suddenly looking at something behind Harry. but dropped her purse by mistake. It was Lupin's wolf pendant. "Has she . "She still cares for you. in a controlled voice." he said. and something fell out. seemed to be staring daggers at his back. and he was still staring at the Entranceway. "Why are you still carrying that thing around.Jeanne looked dismayed for a split second. but Flynn was faster. and gave him a brilliant smile. but somehow the words just came out." Lupin looked at Harry. "It has sentimental value." Her hands were trembling slightly as she dropped the pendant back in her purse.said anything to you?" he asked. Harry knew he shouldn't say anything. he sighed. "I remember telling you to throw it away. looking at the Entranceway again. wishing Jeanne had. He turned to look at Professor Lupin. Jeanne?" he asked. Jeanne made a move to retrieve the pendant. and saw Harry staring at him. Jeanne suddenly looked furious. as if thinking." he said. It burst open as it fell to the floor. fixing his childlike gaze on her. "The one I'm wearing is better." Harry watched as they flew off on the Gemini-3000. "We'd better go. if you asked her to. not looking at Harry. Then she looked at the time. it's gone. . although no one was there now. "She'd come back." she said." said Harry.

she was either always closeted in her room. Lupin appeared his usual calm self on such occasions. "I'm afraid I did. she would transform herself into a bird and fly to Flynn's office several minutes after someone ." Lupin looked dismayed. but sometimes he found himself just staring at his books and wondering what the matter was with Jeanne." Even worse. "I just can't imagine what she's up to. or else was with Professor Flynn. Poppy." he said. Harry later found out that Flynn had been in Edinburgh at the time. she had become more and more withdrawn." Harry was beginning to feel very disappointed with Jeanne. Jeanne seemed to be ignoring Lupin as well. and then went off with Madam Pomfrey. thinking about Jeanne. sounding slightly out of breath. As the days went by. He casually broached the subject to Madam Pomfrey."Have you forgotten the meeting. "We've all been waiting for you upstairs. Somehow the fact that she wasn't even bothering about Lupin when he was so unwell made Harry especially angry. although he would never have admitted it to anyone. She now hardly seemed to notice Harry or any of the others whenever they met along the corridor. Harry knew he should be studying hard. Even stranger. she didn't go to Lupin's room at all. and always sat with Flynn. the last full moon before the exams. "Jeanne's going crazy. Dumbledore and Lupin also present. Why on earth was she with Marcus Flynn? Exams were coming. In fact." thought Harry. as usual. Harry. with Snape. The Marauder's Map showed that besides attending to her usual gamekeeping duties. but he looked so tired and ill when he came back for classes. Twice Harry even observed her attending staff meetings with him. there was a third person present. and felt sure that Jeanne had gone with him. but she merely looked surprised and said she thought Jeanne had prepared the tonic. apologetically. usually. We'll finish up on the cockatrices another time. but there was a certain look in his eyes whenever he happened to look at Jeanne and Flynn which . Harry had seen them pass each other along the corridor several times. and her expression now was more worried than sullen. Harry couldn't understand her behaviour with Flynn: she was seldom alone with him. She now came often to the Hall for meals. he started noticing that very often. It just didn't make sense." thought Harry. but Harry found that he did. Ron and Hermione didn't really seem to mind.had come into his office to talk to him. "No wonder he looks so awful. He assumed that Madam Pomfrey must have made the usual tonic for Lupin. shall we? " He gave Harry a nod and smiled. that Harry started having misgivings. neither she nor Flynn were in Hogwarts during that period. "I have to go. or in the grounds. "That means Lupin went without the tonic altogether. Harry found himself staring at the Entranceway. without acknowledging each other's existence.usually Snape . And he isn't his usual cheerful self either. and turned to Harry. and when they went to Hagrid's she was seldom there any more. Remus?" she asked.

"He said Jeanne was looking so tired and worried." said Hermione. hoping that whatever was troubling him would go away. Jeanne told me Lupin didn't want to develop a relationship." said Hermione. "There was never anything. Harry. Since then. or just to spite Lupin for spurning her." she said.she's not talking to any of us any more she's stopped helping Hagrid with the Magical Creatures classes she's even stopped giving Neville tuition. "Jeanne . glancing round the common room to make sure Neville wasn't listening. cutting him short. Hermione. and her expression could now better be described as resolute. After all. trying to look noncommital. Harry had been doing so much spying on Jeanne that he was spending less and less time with Ron and Hermione. Harry.made Harry feel uncomfortable. "That's precisely it." said Ron. looking rather anxiously at him. "why is she with Flynn? I don't think she even likes him." said Ron. "You're worried about Jeanne and Professor Lupin." Harry looked at him and Hermione. He suspected that she must have accompanied Flynn to meet his family during the Edinburgh trip." "Maybe he's just saying it. We know something's been bothering you for the last two months." he said. He was afraid of harming her. "You know there is." said Harry." began Harry.that's not like Jeanne at all. disbelievingly. or determined." They stared at him. "What bothers me is. aren't you?" "There's nothing between the." "But ." said Harry." said Hermione. Jeanne and Lupin were a thing of the past now." "Exams never bothered you like this before. "Out with it." he said. At first. they confronted him. "She's completely changed and she's dumped all of us as friends too . "I know what it is. and I know it too. because he's a werewolf. "Neville will never say anything bad about Jeanne." said Ron one day in the Gryffindor common room. "It's just the exams. "Yes. I've known it since the Christmas Ball. Harry. "Nothing's wrong. Hermione was looking quietly at Harry. they let him be. Neville said that he was the one who wanted to stop. Although he knew it was none of his affair. Both of them were looking worried. she had ceased to look worried." "Actually. Harry couldn't help feeling that Jeanne had betrayed Lupin." objected Hermione. finally. Harry." "But. there is. Harry. Then. What was there to hide? "You're wrong. It's as if she's after him for his money. remember?" Harry gave in. he didn't want to bother her. "All right.

" he said. "She's definitely rich." he said." Harry gave a snort of laughter. Before he knew it. grumpily. and for her to go after a man who's so obviously rich . so I guess she made the wolf up. I can conti nue being angry with Jeanne once they're over. "Lupin's not well off. it was Lupin who rejected her. it didn't make Harry feel any better. "You know ever since that incident with the Boggart." "What really happened. She now sits as far away from him as she can." Although this was true." Ron was absently leafing through his History of Magic textbook. it was . "Forget it. Surely she's free to choose whoever she wants? Why should we judge her?" Harry stared at them. "Lupin could have had Professor Maricai. and all that.well. "She should think of how Lupin feels. wide-eyed. Ron." she said thoughtfully." he said. It's her life. "Of course she wouldn't tell anyone that. objective about it.well. Harry." said Ron quickly." Harry sighed.tutoring Neville." "We are. Professor Maricai's been terrified of Lupin. He felt sure Lupin wouldn't like people knowing about his greatest fear." he said. "Actually. and opened his spellbook again. that's what Dumbledore's paying her for." Harry felt that he couldn't tell them about Jeanne turning into a werewolf." Hermione was now thinking about Jeanne again. you know . the amount of jewels she wears every day. "I guess I should just think of the exams now. "You know." ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER SIXTEEN - The exams flew by faster than Harry expected. actually?" asked Hermione. "What Professor Maricai's been telling everyone is that the Boggart turned into a wolf . "about Jeanne . Her job here is to help Hagrid as gamekeeper. After all. the Boggart changed into Professor Maricai herself.well. crossly.doesn't have to do all that extra stuff. "We're just trying to be ." he said. it's her choice. "Why are you all sticking up for her?" he asked. only she looked like a hag. "That's idiotic. it's cruel. "I thought you'd be on my side.

" Neville still didn't look comforted. and she knew she only had a few months to do it. his eyes still glued to his Potions textbook. most of the students were ready to unwind a bit.the night before the last exam." "Why is she using Pig?" asked Ron indignantly. "Jeanne and I worked on almost nothing but Potions this year. Neville. I've hardly seen him during the last few months. "So that's what she meant. a tiny owl flew in through the common room window and over to Harry. because he was going to leave. "Jeanne. "Something always happens. Harry?" asked Hermione. "Don't you know? Well. "Says she wants to see me. Harry opened the letter. This is the last chance I have to do well. Around ten that evening. since the Easter holidays. only Malfoy sabotaged you. for her . which was Potions. 'Time is running out' . Only Neville was still sitting in a corner. "You'll do fine." he said to the tiny owl. "That's my owl!" he said. seeing this. anxiously trying to study. anxiously." Harry was still looking angry. I don't want to let her down." Something clicked in Harry's mind. Ron looked shocked. the answer is no." he said to himself. Professor Flynn probably won't be here next year ." Harry had his chance to be angry with Jeanne earlier than he expected." "Last chance?" said Harry. and crumpled it up and tossed it aside. That night. He was obviously afrai d that the disaster that had occurred the previous year would repeat itself. "What is it. who was still nibbling Ron's ear." said Harry. depositing a letter in his lap. Jeanne will probably follow him. "He's never around nowadays. "What do you mean?" Neville looked up. He looked angry after reading it. "Tell her . He looked at Pigwidgeon. "She said. to be held the following morning.he'll have finished his research here. surprised." he said. trying to encourage him. asked timidly. she was wondering whether to go after Flynn. "Aren't you going to see her?" "No. and gave him a peck on the ear. "Last year you'd have done well." said Harry shortly. "You can tell her." said Harry shortly. Pigwidgeon hopped onto Ron's shoulder. I guess if he leaves. Hermione.

"I need to ask you for a favour." "Then you can forget it!" he said angrily." Harry had been wanting for so long to tell Jeanne off that he wasn't really listening. It's really important.just because you wanted to spend time with Marcus Flynn! And you don't even care for him! If you did. After the way she had been treating all of them. but Harry was already continuing.I don't want to see her!" Pigwidgeon cocked his head to one side. "Harry!" she said. Ten minutes later. Harry. then continued. Once they were outside. "Do you think. looking directly at him. "Harry. as everyone turned to look at her. there was another flutter of wings. There was a flicker of anguish in her eyes when she saw how angry he looked. but you don't! You're just after his money!" She tried to speak. Please." "What?" said Harry. "The answer is no!" he said angrily. and a scops owl flew in the window. She had gone pale." Harry felt the anger rising in him. controlling himself. Her voice was shaking a bit. "I don't blame you. and opened her mouth to reply. I'm going to do you any favours? Hagrid's a bundle of nerves during classes now. It blurred. She took a breath to compose herself. he fluttered out of the window in a blur of feathers. landing in front of Harry. looking at Harry. "Outside. how could she have the cheek to ask for a favour? "What is it?" he said. after the way you've been treating all of us lately. looking at him. "What do you want it for?" She shook her head. "I know you're angry with me. "I need to borrow your Invisibility Cloak." she said. she turned to face him. Then. astonished. "Hagrid Neville you've been ignoring all of us! You've dumped us for such a shallow reason ." she said. and Jeanne was standing there. but Harry went on. Now was his chance to tell her off. please lend me the Cloak.and you've stopped helping him as well!" He stopped to catch his breath. She had a resolute look on her face. "I can't tell you. and it's all back to flobberworms again. ." she said. it would be more forgivable. But you don't understand what I'm doing. Harry felt even angrier. I need to talk to you. but her voice was steady when she spoke. with pleading eyes. There was a sudden hush in the common room. And Neville he's in such a state about the Potions tomorrow .

the look in his eyes " Jeanne had turned away. but controlled herself with what seemed a superhuman effort." "And he still cares for you!" Harry said angrily. and it was her own life .he can't take the tonic . He was wide awake. Harry looked at the time. and then it turned into a werewolf! That's what Lupin's most afraid of! He still cares for you! You should have seen his face that day. how could she have the cheek to still ask for the Cloak? "No!" he said. "I know you hate me. if I have to!" There was a note of desperation in her voice. if I have to!'" . and he still hadn't been able to fall month before . The Gryffindors who had been crowding around the portrait hole to listen suddenly drew back when he appeared. He spat out the password and entered the common room. Harry. She came over to Harry and looked directly at him. leaving Jeanne staring after him. She was shaking. But I'm desperate. ignoring the others when they came upstairs. Perhaps he shouldn't have gotten so angry. When she turned around. Harry's anger flared up again. he regretted some of the things he'd said. 'Do you want me to get down on my knees and beg you? I swear I will. "What does she want the Cloak for?" he kept asking himself. now. and now he felt oddly ashamed. she looked quiet and resolute again. but marched up to the bedroom.I heard it turned into a wolf!" she whispered. Hermione was right . slamming the portrait behind him. "It was you! It turned into you first. Harry . after all. After all he had said." she said quietly. staring into space. rejected Jeanne. He took no notice of them. kept hearing her say. to make you agree? Do you want me to get down on my knees and beg you? I swear I will. it was one in the morning. He lay in bed. The anger that had gripped him earlier had faded. He turned and lay on his back. "You've said your share. "You don't know how much you've hurt him! Did you hear about the Boggart? Did you?" "I heard . You don't know how important it is! What do I have to say. not listening to her. "Not just a wolf!" he shouted. I need that Cloak.surely she could choose wh o she wanted to be with? Harry sat up in bed."But worst of all is how you've treated Professor Lupin! You deprived him of his tonic! -" "You don't understand.Lupin had. He was beginning to feel rather uncomfortable now. and I wouldn't lend it to you!" He turned and marched away without a second glance. "You can beg me a thousand times. He was in no mood to do any more studying that night. He kept seeing the desperate look in Jeanne's eyes.

Harry didn't even think about whether he should be eavesdropping or not." he said. He turned. He hesitated. were all gone.He stared out into the darkness. Deorg said she'd never begged him for mercy. then knocked." he said to himself. "Can I come in?" he asked. He shifted his position on the bed slightly." she murmured. Jeanne nodded. For some reason. It was the framed photograph of himself and his parents that Jeanne had given him. Wrapping himself in it. He stared at it a while. "I won't be here much longer. Oddly." she said quietly. It was Professor Lupin. He managed to slip in. Lupin looked around the room. Harry stared. "You've changed it back. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was. "Jeanne never begged anyone for anything. Lupin came right up next to him. Harry was surprised. Harry quietly tiptoed to one side of the door. with stone walls. looking at the shimmering lights in the frame. then remembered: she was leaving with Flynn. to make a present. the sight of it suddenly made up his mind for him. It was a Hogwarts room. Jeanne's room had reverted to what it must have been when she'd first moved in. . which he kept by his bed. with only the mirror for company. The cheerful floor to ceiling windows. It looked bare. Jeanne took a while to open the door. and took the Invisibility Cloak out of his trunk. Staying with the Dursleys was nothing compared to that. her eyes on the floor. Lupin had a rather set expression on his face. he went down the stairs and out of the common room. Lupin looked at her. for him. and thinking of the time and effort she must have spent to capture all that starlight. of the horrible life she must have led during her three years there. He looked around the room. and faced Jeanne squarely. He was just about to knock on her door when he heard footsteps approaching. he simply felt that he had to get inside that room. What could make her so desperate -?" He thought of how he'd first met her in the cave. and something that sparkled caught his eye. thinking. "Even in Kamchatka." he thought. "Of course. He got out of bed. making his way toward Jeanne's room. just before the door closed. the wooden panelling. as if Jeanne was already packed and waiting to leave. "I never gave her anything in return. "Remus?" she whispered. He looked up. letting him in.

"I've come to say goodbye. and shaking slightly. "Please listen to what I have to say. "You have to promise!" she cried. "They have been spending the last few weeks trying to persuade me to test it. and came closer to him. looking at him." Jeanne lost her composure.her eyes lit up as she said this . Lupin forced a laugh. "No."I want you to promise me one thing." He looked at her a while." He paused." ." She looked at him. You'll have a good life with him - " "Stop!" she said. "What is it?" "Promise me you'll forget me. "I can't promise I'll forget you. I don't hate you." Jeanne went very pale." he said. Not because of Marcus. "You must promise! ." she said.she held up a hand."I'll make this short. That we ever met. Finally. "-I wish you and Marcus well. "." he said. and then asked uncertainly." He took a breath. She seemed to be struggling with some kind of suppressed emotion. "I've decided to give it a try. meeting her gaze directly. then nodded." Lupin looked slightly baffled.I believe it will work! "When you are cured. Lupin smiled grimly. but said nothing." . looking at her. even though it may be fatal if it doesn't work. she was as white as a sheet. don't you?" Lupin looked at her a while. "I believe it will work. "Your faith in Flynn is touching." . she lowered her eyes." She looked at him. "Well. "Please stop!" She lowered her hands. Promise you'll forget about me. and said in a low voice. "Promise me. covering her ears." Lupin's expression was wary. her eyes wide. Jeanne. "You hate me." she said quietly." She flushed slightly. There was a strange expression on her face. "I'm fine. I'm not so sure it will work. then said. almost plucking at his robes. then said. "Forget I ever existed. then continued." She paused. "I believe the potion will work. "Are you all right?" He might well ask. "You know that Snape and Marcus Flynn claim they have found a cure for me. "But I certainly can promise that I' ll try." He stopped." she said. Remus.

Harry blinked in surprise. "Don't come. He looked at her a moment. There was suddenly a fluttering of feathers." He looked at her. Slowly. Pigwidgeon hooted at her. It was a small green bottle. you know " he said." There was a peculiar expression on her face. then went over to the sofa and took something out from under it." She extended a hand to him." she said to the owl. "you won't see me there. Jeanne sighed. listening as his footsteps died away. then calmed down. "Tomorrow night. looking at the floor. Jeanne. "Don't worry. thought Harry. you'd think it would be easy for me to commit one more. "I don't know what's come over me. Then she crumpled up on the floor." she said."Jeanne!" said Lupin. "Get a grip on yourself! What's the matter?" She shrugged her shoulders. catching hold of her shoulders and giving her a shake. "so let us do so. Harry's blood ran cold. "and I wish you a happy life. Jeanne placed the object on a table. Remus. "I believe the potion will work. She stood a while. "I've committed so many murders before." she said. Jeanne ran over to it and leaned against it. then took it. and sat looking at it. and he let her go. and looked at the owl. "You came to say goodbye. The tiny owl had been sitting on top of th e cupboard all the while. Harry watched in dismay. and went slowly to the door. as if fighting with something within herself. then turned and looked back. The minute the door shut. rather coldly. She must have hidden it when Lupin came." He released her hand." She raised her eyes to meet his. . shaking his hand. then left without a word. Was she losing her mind? She cried a while. and wept bitterly . He opened it. unnoticed. "I'm sorry. Harry crept curiousl y over to have a look. and the resolute expression was suddenly back on her face." she said softly. she got to her feet." she said. then recovered. and Pigwidgeon came flying onto the table. all the happiness that you deserve." Lupin said only. "Goodbye.

"I saw your light on. "Maybe Snape's doctored the potion. "Snape hates Lupin. half to herself. Why should he try to find a cure for him? Unless " He stopped in mid-stride. in case you change your mind. and shut the door." she said sadly." There were tears in her eyes. his mind in a whirl. "Don't forget it's nine o' clock sharp. She put the bottle down. "are you sure you don't want to come?" "I'm sure. "Lupin said if the potion didn't work. Marcus. she gently stroked him. She sighed. Remus has to be exposed to the full moon when he takes the potion. seeing this was his chance to leave. And Snape and Flynn . tomorrow night. "About tomorrow night." he said to himself. He couldn't believe it . Harry just managed to squeeze himself out. She's going to poi son him because he's rejected her. someone knocked on the door." she said quietly." Her hands were stained red. Then she went to the door and opened it.Jeanne was going to kill Lupin! It wasn't possible." Harry. I know you're awake. "I don't believe it. at the small room in the Astronomy Tower. "She's going to kill Lupin." he said." Jeanne must have nodded." Flynn looked disappointed. Harry waited till Flynn had gone. and stretching out her hand. Or is he in league with Jeanne?" ." he thought. "Well. quietly moved over to the door. So Snape's going to try to kill Lupin too. picking up the green bottle and looking at it. because I've met him. but now it's so hard. He wondered if this was some kind of nightmare. because Harry didn't hear her reply to this. with blood. "Why couldn't you have accepted me? Then I wouldn't have to do this." thought Harry." she said softly. She stared at the bottle on the table. Jeanne snatched the bottle from the table and hid it in the cupboard. last time. "It was easy. "But it doesn't make sense. "It's all your fault. it might be fatal." At this moment. anyway. "Jeanne?" It was Flynn's voice. past Flynn. Remus."Yes. Pigwidgeon looked at her sympathetically. It will all be over.they had found a way to cure Lupin of being a werewolf! So that was what their research had been all about. "It will be the last time I ever kill anyone. then walked slowly back to the Gryffindor common room. She then said good night to Flynn." Flynn was saying. and stopped stroking the owl. and stood there thinking. He stood outside the door. listening. Harry was listening in horror. of course I'm sure I want to do it.

in case you are planning to provide us with simil ar entertainment as you did last year. "I'm all right. He would stand next to Neville's table. and stared worriedly at his cauldron. Longbott om. Harry woke up still feeling tired and confused. we will leave you to the last. "But how do I prove it? He won't believe me . he saw Snape th ere look te rrible." He was tired now. his eyes glittering. that's all. both of them were looking worriedly at him. He continued walking back to the dormitory." said Harry. He couldn't tell them during breakfas t. He was evidently going t o try to do his best for Jeanne. but when he entered the dungeon together with the rest of the class." Neville went red. Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas. Snape seemed to be going all out to frighten Neville. "Are you all right. Neville looked even more dismayed than Harry." Harry looked at her and Ron. he f ell asleep. time was up. "I will now test each of your solutions. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - The next morning. watching his every move. but there was also a determined expression on it. He wanted to tell Ron and Hermione straight away about what had happened the previous night." he thought. and while worrying about it. who were sitting nearby." Harry had been hoping Professor Flynn would be overseeing the Potions exam. "Stop working!" snapped Snape. and the Potions exam would be held right after. Finally. Harry?" Hermione asked. because the rest of the class was there. they were to prepare a potion that would make the bullfrog sing like a bird.I just couldn't sleep last night. feeling dazed. but there was no time. Neville . Each student was given a cage containing a large bullfrog. "You . Draco Malfoy gave . were also looking at h im. Neville was tremb ling. and got into bed and lay there. "I ought to warn Lupin. during breakfast. but with an effort he somehow managed to concentrate on what he was doing. His round face was rather pale. after all that had happened. "I .Harry was beginning to feel very confused.

as if pleading with it to sing. testing each student's solution. Snape gathered up his books and strode toward the door. haunting. Harry was relieved when his bullfrog gave a small whistle. and gave a small belch. Snape returned his gaze. And then. lilting melody. . Shaking like a leaf. not two. everyone had been tested except Neville. h-h-he m-made a s-sound!" he stuttered. Harry and the others stood where they were. The bullfrog also gulped. Not one note. The seconds ticked past." Neville sat staring in front of him. his face expressionless. The bullfrog blinked and looked around. as if he couldn't believe what was happening to him." said Snape at last. his eyes wide in astonishment. The class listened. and stared at the bullfrog.a sly smile. Neville watched anxiously. "Well. It looks as though I will have to fail you again this year. Then it stopped. Longbottom. Snape's lips curled into a sneering smile. Neville looked at it. Snape advanced slowly back toward Neville. Neville gulped. a triumphant gleam in his eyes. he spoke. The bullfrog just sat there. his eyes glinting dangerously. The bullfrog gulped. but didn't make a sound. The other students drifted back to their places to clean up. he pointed at his bullfrog. Finally. a scowl on his face. his eyes bulging with emotion. and squirted a few drops onto Neville's bullfrog. his face looking more menacing than ever. and the Slytherins muttering sly comments among themselves. Snape was staring at the bullfrog in disbelief. solemnly blinking its eyes. "STOP!" Snape wheeled around. The bullfrog sang for at least five minutes. blinked again. "S-sir. when Neville suddenly squeaked. transfixed. spellbound. Longbottom?" Neville was standing up. Neville gazed at the bullfrog. the Gryffindors casting sympathetic glances at Neville. Neville stood there. and gave a loud croak. Then it looked at Neville. it opened its mouth and began to sing. He squirted a few more drops onto the bullfrog. his face anxious. "your solution does not appear to work. Snape went around. He had almost reached it. Snape. as clear as any nightingale might sing on a moonlit night. and stared back at him. holding their breath. At last. then turned to look at Snape. watching Neville in silence. The rest of the class all gathered round to watch. "What did you say. but a long. his eyes glittering menacingly. drew some of Neville's solution into a dropper.

" he said. wiping the tears away. At six-thirty. Jeanne wouldn't do such a thing. the room erupted into loud cheers. "Won't Jeanne be glad. Then we'll try and get near her. "we'll just worry about tonight first. "Let's go do the body-bind on her now. The minute he disappeared. He hadn't thought of all this. all talking about killing. with Lupin." Hermione seemed to be thinking. a few tears of joy rolling down his cheeks. he just sat there. Harry." said Ron. anyway. We'll release her after tonight." "Hermione. she acted really strangely. "It doesn't make sense. hugging and shouting and laughing in delight." Unfortunately." said Ron. after all. It's impossible. it was several sentences. they met Filch on the way to Jeanne's room." "That's right. "All right.what then? She's sure to try again. Ron and Hermione were speechless when Harry told them about what had happened the night before. she wouldn't have had to wait until tonight to do it. So that was what they did. and the way she was looking at that bottle. "You must have heard wrongly. "I only know what I heard last night. we can do the full body-bind on her. grinning. She could have done it any time during the year. "It wasn't just one sentence. Here 's what we can do : she probably won't start moving till evening comes." Hermione was still thinking. "If Jeanne wanted to kill Professor Lupin." she said at last. "She will be pleased. We'll keep an eye on her whereabouts till around just before dinner or so. The Map showed that Jeanne was staying closeted in her room for most of the afternoon. As for Neville. his robes billowing behind him. I tell you. "It can't be true." And then he turned." she said. I'm quite sure she intends to poison him. using the Marauder's Map. you're a genius!" said Harry. she was still inside. "I don't know. Harry." said Harry. Perhaps there is hope for you." he said. it looks as if Miss Graham's efforts have paid off at last. frowning slightly. Filch had borne . his face red. Once no one's around. Longbottom." "I didn't hear wrongly!" Harry insisted. The Gryffindors all crowded around Neville. "and say we do manage to stop her tonight ." he said in his cold voice. "All right."Well. and strode out of the room. then. Jeanne's changed she's not in her right mind any more. when Professo r Lupin's been cured." Harry could feel his heart sinking. She said everything would be over by tonight. last nig ht.

"Harry?" he said. and knocked nervously on the door." "I know!" said Hermione. "you can see Miss Graham later. "Why aren't you in the Great Hall? It's time for dinner. . They started hurrying to Jeanne's room. or Marcus Fl ynn.we're just going to see Miss Graham for a few minutes. we'll do the body-bind on her. Flynn looked surprised. "Potter! Weasley!" she said sharply." said Harry." So Harry tucked the Map into his robes. Professor Flynn opened it. "What do you want?" "We'd like to see Jeanne for a moment. and that we want to see her for a minute. and he had a feeling they still only half-believed his story. and checked the Map." Harry was dismayed. He now lectured them for half an hour about how they hadn't cleaned the Potions classroom properly after the memorable incident with Trevor the Toad." said Professor McGonagall.a grudge against Harry ever since Harry had seen the Kwikspell letter on his desk. Professor Lupin wa sn't at the staff table during dinner. but Professor McGonagall. They didn't seem too anxious themselves. Hermione and Ron looked rather worriedly at him." said Harry. who was passing by. he hadn't been expecting this answer. trying to look innocent. Once we get her out of hi s office. and neither was Jeanne. "Miss Graham is not in her room. "Jeanne?" he said. By the time Filch let them go." Hermione said. waiting to pour the poison into the potion when they're not lookin g. Harry began to worry that Lupin had already been murdered. giving them his childlike stare. a sinking feeling in his stomach. To Harry's dismay. Jeanne must have left her room while Filch had been lecturing them." Harry was in an agony throughout dinner. "But she isn't here!" Harry was nonplussed. "I just saw her near the Gryffindor common room. and he had adopted the habit of taking the smallest excuse to scold him. he couldn't eat anything. together with Snape and Fly nn. "We'll go to Snape's office. Jeanne was now in Snape's office. it was dinner time. "Come along to dinner." said Professor McGonagall. "She must be ha nging around there." "We're . and say we saw Jeanne entering it. or Snape. "That's not good. Was Flynn hiding Jeanne? He looked at Hermione and Ron. where Snape's office was. They got away from the dinner table as fast as they could. saw them. and they made their way down to the dungeons.

" said Harry. There were a few times I wanted to see Jeanne. Harry assumed it contained the potion for Lupin. "We . ". They looked at each other in astonishment. standing aside. and she didn't show up on it at all." said Ron. Harry decided he'd better tell them. "M iss Graham is not present in this room. It showed that Jeanne was still in Snape's office! "It's impossible. "or Professor Flynn would have told us. "We'd like to have a word with her. glaring at the Map. so I used the Map to find out where she was." Harry took the Map out again. It was almost half-past ei ght. . The atmosphere inside was as threatening as it had ever been: the flickering fire threw writhing shadows onto the walls. "the Map clearly showed she was there . "but I've been noticing the Map behaving ra ther weirdly at times. "I don't get it." Feeling rather foolish. gave them a twisted smile. he looked like a small boy who was lost.but -" she said. There was no sign of Jeanne. Flynn was still wearing his perplexed expression. "That's impossible!" said Harry.unless." "I don't think so." said Hermione. "Now what?" said Ron.Hermione stepped into the breach.we saw Miss Graham entering this room. and they were running out of time. coldly. "I don't know. Harry and the others mumbled an apology and left the room. sir." he said. his eyes glittering malevolently. "Come and see for yourself!" he said.we saw her coming in here!" "What's this all about?" Snape was now at the door as well." Snape frowned at them. watching them." said Hermione." he said. A smoking cauldron lay on the long table at one end of the room." They looked at each other. she left while we were coming here. but Snape's mouth had now twisted into a sneering smile. Snape. feeling rather desperate. "But . his eyes glittering creepily in the firelight. "We saw her go in!" Flynn was now looking at them in a perplexed fashion. however. "Miss Graham is not in this room. "Did I not tell you?" he said. "I didn't tell you before. which were still lined with jars of slimy things. They entered the office." said Ron.

"She doesn't know the password." said Harry. "There's a note inside. Harry made up his mind. and recognised Jeanne's writing.Jeanne told me Flitwick knows how to charm electronic stuff so that they work . "She probably transformed into a bird and flew in the bedroom window." "You're not thinking clearly.who would use that inside Hogwarts?" "What does it do?" asked Ron.Hermione was thinking again." she said. "I'm going to the Astronomy Tower. Harry and Hermione came over to look. "What if Jeanne's already poisoned the entire cauldron?" They looked at each other. in dismay. till it was almost empty." There wasn't any time left." said Harry. "Then when Snape brings the potion in.I can't find it!" he said. Hermione. "But ." she said." He began to throw everything back into the trunk. Something on the floor caught Ron's eye. opening the cassette case. "Let's just go get the Cloak first." heread. He began to take everything out of th e trunk." said Harry. picking it up. Snape will probably come back here and get another gobletful. we can knock the goblet over. "I . or Flitwick's office . Harry was beginning to feel panicky. but Hermione had seen something else. You people can take the tape and go look for a cassette player. "Jeanne's taken your Cloak. "Professor McGonagall saw her near the common room. Look in Jeanne's room. "It's a cassette tape. That should take care of the poison. and hide in the Astronomy Tower. "I'll go alone. but the Invisibility Cloak wasn't there." "But that can't be. and make it look like an accident. "That proves it. If all of us go. Harry unfolded the note. it was getting later and later. impatiently. Harry looked in his trunk. "We can use the Invisibility Cloak. "What's this?" he said. "Then we can continue thi nking." They went up to the bedroom. it 'll be easier for someone to spot us. "You must listen to this by tonight. puzzled." Ron said at last. "Jeanne's taken it!" he said angrily. She must have taken it while Filch was lecturing us." he said." said Hermione." said Ron. fascinated." "She doesn't need the password.

Harry fell to the floor. He walked up to Harry." said Flynn. There was no one in the room when he arrived. "I'll give you a good view. he strode forward. "The cupboard's still there. and trying not to look guilty. I can find a place to hide. At last. but Flynn was faster." he thought to himself as he ran. He waved his wand. and he could see the entire room. no longer childlike. and tapped Harry on the head. the room was a small one. "You must have found out about my little plan " Harry backed away. "Don't worry. He stared at Harry for a while. In a panic. The window next to the cage was covered with a thick cloth. cold voice. determinedly. But before he reached it. Harry. Whipping out his wand. "Harry!" he said." said Flynn. Another wave. "But what are you going to do there. and suddenly. There was a large cage by the window. the dust might come in useful.inside Hogwarts. the childlike expression on his face was gone. "You don't have the Cloak. Harry?" she asked. together with Jeanne!" he thought in alarm. Harry. looking almost as menacing as Snape. Harry suddenly heard footsteps approaching. trying to think of an excuse. Flynn smiled at him. anxiously. and Harry found himself sitting inside the cupboard. finding himself unable to move. Harry was still racking his brain for an excuse. Flynn spoke. "I don't want to disappoint you." Harry heard him tap the cupboard with his wand. Flynn looked different. in the same soft. but everyone else who comes into this room is only going to see . haven't you?" he said softly. he ran over to a cupboard at one end of the room. "You've come to see tonight's show. "He's in it. with chains and manacles inside. "I'll worry about what I'm going to do later." said Harry. The cupboard doors closed on him. and then sprinted off toward the Astronomy Tower. Professor Flynn had entered the room. when something glittering in his trunk caught his eye. it was the bottle of stardust which the mirror in the cave had given him. the cupboard disappeared. Yo u can see out. There was a table in the middle of the room. which was the only place he could hide. He looked around." "If I go now. He reached into his robes for his wand. "What are you doing here?" Harry looked at him. He snatched it up and tucked it inside his robes. leaving him in darkness. Something about his voice made Harry's hair stand on end." He was about to leave. For some reason. "If Jeanne really succeeds in poisoning Lupin." Hermione looked frightened. and the cupboard doors flew open. and they'll see you.

"That's what she was doing in Snape's office. holding it. A slight noise attracted Harry's attention. there were two goblets as Jeanne placed her own on the table." Harry thought desperately. so that she could get an identical one. Then. because footsteps were approaching. and a goblet." Jeanne seemed to be doing something. the goblet disappeared. Then." he thought. because I'm going to finish you off when it's over. He was still holding his own goblet. No wonder we couldn't see her. Harry heard her give a soft. Snape walked over to the table. "She must have doctored Snape's potion to make it the same colour as her own. identical to the one Snape was holding. "She's wearing the Cloak. to his horror. still holding the goblet. Then. and talking to Flynn. For a split second. She must have picked it up again. He tried desperately to move. "Please. and been waiting to see what kind of goblet he was going to use. Snape's goblet was gone. Harry looked at Snape. in the direct ion from where it came. and Snape came in. The potion in the goblet had now changed to a pale golden colour. and stood watching him." Jeanne seemed to be doing something else now. had suddenly appeared next to it. He looked to the left. all of a sudden." thought Harry. Harry watched the goblet on the table. Harry heard her catch her breath at one point. as if in pain. Snape had finished sneezing. "Don't put it down. don't put the goblet down!" Snape did not seem about to put the goblet down." He stopped speaking then. The door opened. he quickly set the goblet down on the table. The ba sket conveniently blocked the goblet from the view of anyone standing in the middle o f the room. Flynn was startled. She must have been in Snape's office all along. "It's Jeanne. but couldn't.a cupboard with its doors shut. Harry looked at Flynn. "She's poisoning the potion. feeling sick. He stood there. the childlik e expression was back on his face. sharp cry." he thought. Harry stared at the goblet. wearing it. holding a goblet. and started sneezing. and blew his . He brought his handkerchief out. he saw something red being poured into the goblet. There was a large basket in the corner of the room. his heart sinking. Enjoy the show. Then. Flynn went over to tal k to him.

then began to shake. Behind them came a stranger. staring at the f loor. together with Dumbledor e. There was a sudden pounding on the door. looking at Flitwick and Professor McGonagall. He nodded at the others. white beard and a seriou s face. a set expression on his face. Instead. foam flyi ng from its jaws. "Ready. He heard approaching footsteps again. There was a quiet. Lupin went rigid. and thrashed about in the cage. and seemed frozen in midair. poured the potion down the werewolf's throat. Before long. and Hermione. Bright moonlight shone in. Flitwick was next to the window. Lupin looked at Dumbledore. " dust in the room " Harry heard him mutter through the handkerchief. all with sober expressions on their faces. he thought. Flitwick tore the cloth away from the window. but the manacles held." he said. Hermione was holding a cassette tape player. snarling even more ferociously than ever. Lupin nodded. Dumbledore waved his wand. At Dumbledore's signal. Dumbledore looked at Lupin. its jaws apart. and the manacles flew up.hooked nose." Lupin stepped inside the cage. "Now. Remus?" he asked. then nodded. Remus?" he asked quietly. Lupin's going to be poisoned in front of me. but did not joi n them. he walked over to the cage and stood next to it. and reaching between the bars. Harry was in an agony. "let us begi n. Beams of bright light shot out at it. Snape walked over to the cage. and I can't do anything about it. and Professor Lupin came in. . It thrashed about violently. The werewolf raised its muzzle and snarled. "Are you sure you want to do this. and it suddenly sto pped snarling. The others had taken out their wands. they pointed their wands at the werewolf. a tall wizard with a long. Professors Flitwick and McGonagall came in. The others lowered their wands. and the werewolf fell back to the ground. and closed over Lupin's wrists and ankles. Marcus Flynn gave a childlike smile. It flew open. his shoulders were hunching fur was growing on his skin Harry was watching in horror. resigned look on his face. Dumbledore sighed. Severus!" Harry heard Dumbledore say sharply. Ron and Neville came bursting in. "Very well.

it can't be. Flynn was staring at the strange wizard. The manacles fell off. Marcus?" He looked over at Flynn.but . Its legs were changing shape its fur was disappearing Harry watched in disbelief. "He's trying to kill Professor Lupin!" she screamed. and waved his wand. Dumbledore came over to the door. "It ." Dumbledore helped Lupin to a chair. the chains didn't work!" she said in a hushed voice. and the cage door flew open. His face had suddenly turned very pale. Suddenly. staring at the wolf." The strange wizard walked a few steps into the room. "He's become an ordinary wolf. He hurried over to help Lupin up. and whimpered. and whimpered again. taking the wizard's hand. "what are you doing here?" Hermione pointed at Flynn. The wolf was transforming. "Elfrid!" he said. a dazed expression on his face. Every eye was on the wolf." she whispered. . his eyes on Flynn. "Look!" he squeaked excitedly. the manacles still binding his arms and legs. Professor McGonagall was the first to break the silence. the werewolf stopped snarling. The wolf whimpered in its cage again. The potion had cured him! Dumbledore gave an exclamation. "But how -? We thought you were dea d!" "Everyone thought so. Professor Lupin was lying in the cage. then turned back to look at them. "You have to stop!-" "Miss Granger!" said Professor McGonagall sharply. Colour had returned to Flynn's face. "But . It lowered its head. "You see?" he said." Flynn was staring at the strange wizard again. and the childlike expression was gone. Didn't you. Hermione's eyes were wide. "Especially Marcus. It walked around the cage. Flitwick turned to look at it. and he was now beaming away."Stop!" screamed Hermione. who was still looking pale. Dumbledore was also looking at him in surprise. "Elfrid!" he exclaimed. There was a dead silence in the room. "The potion worked. Then it drooped its head. over the werewolf's snarls. his expression childlike again. and looked at them. "The tape . a curious expression on his face. Moonlight was shining through the window onto him." said the wizard.

except Dumbledore. and looked around. "Our final ingredient was two leaves of silverblad. Snape looked surprised. Marcus. Donahue looked at him in disbelief. All of them looked astonished. "The ingredient that has been giving me and Miss Graham a headache this entire year. Donahue took a letter from his pocket. Remus here has been cured. may I ask. "She said she wasn't coming." he said. uncle. Snape was looking at Donahue. "It must have been due to the particular individual. "She sent me a letter. still seated in the chair. "We've been trying for months to find a substitute . Donahue sighed. did you get the final ingredient?" Flynn stared back at him." he said. "As you can see. "saying I should get here by a quarter past nin e. Albus. Elfrid?" he asked. looked up at this. the childlike expression gone again." he said." he said." Lupin. "I found a substitute. "What ingredient is this?" he asked. uncle." Flynn had an innocent expression on his face now. looking at Flynn. Donahue sighed. Lupin. Harry thought he saw a peculiar flicker in his eyes as he looked at Professor Donahue." Harry looked at the others. was looking pale. who was still sitting in his chair looking dazed. The last person we tried silverblad on died within a minute of taking the potion. Dumbledore looked at Donahue. "What final ingredient were you talking about. . "What final ingredient is this?" he asked. "Uncle?" he said. "Where." said Flynn. "That's impossible."Interesting. "Where is Jeanne?" he asked. his eyes glittering." Dumbledore was looking at Professor Donahue. "Impossible!" he said sharply. "Professor Donahue is your uncle?" Flynn nodded. but to no avail." he said." he said.

Donahue appeared to be in no hurry to answer the question.
"The reason only three people have been cured so far," said Donahue, "is that
this ingredient is usually impossible to obtain. It has to be added, fresh, just
before it is taken by the patient."
Professor McGonagall was beginning to look impatient.
"Professor Donahue, please do not keep us in suspense any longer," she said.
"What is this final ingredient?"
Donahue looked at her gravely.
"It is blood, madam," he said quietly. "The blood of someone who is willing to
sacrifice his life, for the patient."
There was a sudden silence in the room. Everyone was looking at Donahue,
Lupin was now on his feet, looking even paler.
"Jeanne " he said hoarsely, looking at Dumbledore, " I've got to find her - "
"Calm yourself, Lupin," said Snape coldly. "The blood has to be added fresh. I
assure you, Miss Graham has not been anywhere near the potion in the last hour."
Flitwick was looking confused.
"But - that's impossible!" he said, looking at Donahue, "how could you have
discovered such an ingredient? How can anyone even think of adding something
like that?"
Professor Donahue gave a slightly bitter smile.
"Completely by accident," he said. "We've suspected, for many years, that
blood was an important ingredient to be used in the werewolf cure. We tested
many varieties - animal blood, then human. One day, we decided to add it
fresh, just before the patient took it. The patient's father contributed the blo
However, just after the patient had taken the potion, the father had a heart
seizure and died."
He paused. Harry looked at the others; they were all listening intently.
"This patient was the first to be cured. We were excited, of course - despite
the father's unfortunate death. At the time, I didn't realise the significance o
this death, but my sister - Marcus's mother - did.
"I thought fresh blood was the answer. We tried again, with another patient,
but it didn't work. We tried all sources of fresh blood from the different
family members, friends

"My sister was even more well-versed in this branch of research than I was.
She had an added incentive, you see her husband, Marcus's father, was a
"She must have realised the significance of the father's death, because she
volunteered to donate her blood for her husband. Just before I was about
to give him the potion, she told me to go ahead, and excused herself from
the room.
"I gave the potion to my brother-in-law, and he was cured. We rushed to
find my sister and tell her the good news - only to find her dead on her bed.
She had stabbed herself."
Donahue looked around. Most of those in the room were looking rather
"My sister left a long letter," said Donahue, "explaining about the cure. It
has to be fresh blood from a person who then dies before or within a short
period of the patient taking the potion. She'd tried blood from sick people
who died shortly after, and who were not related to the patient, but it didn't
work. She then tried another experiment with a patient whose mother said
she was willing to take her life to cure her child. They tried the mother's
blood, but so long as the mother was alive, it didn't work. They then tried
again. This time, the mother went upstairs and hung herself.
"The patient recovered, but when she found out what her mother had done,
she committed suicide. My sister blamed herself for conducting the experiment.
She felt so bad she wanted to kill herself. That was why she gave up her life,
for her husband.
"Marcus was about seventeen at the time. I will never forget his face when
we opened the bedroom door and he saw his mother lying there."
Harry looked at Flynn. He seemed to be shaking slightly, and his face was a
peculiar green colour.
Donahue looked sadly at him.
"As time went by, I thought he had got over his mother's death. He went into
the same line as I did, and took up the same field of research. However, I have
reason to believe now that he never forgot what happened that day. He blamed
me for what had happened; didn't you, Marcus?"
Harry was startled. Flynn was staring at Donahue with absolute hatred in his eye
"You tried to kill me, didn't you, Marcus?" said Donahue. "But Jeanne found
out about it. I didn't believe her at first, but she came that night and helped
get away, just in time."
Flynn's eyes narrowed.
"Prove it!" he hissed.
Hermione, who had sat down on a chair to listen to Donahue, jumped up.
"We can!" she cried. "We have the tape! Listen!"

She bent over the cassette player, rewound the tape, and then pressed the
play button.
Harry looked at Flynn. He was now pale, staring at the cassette player, and
trembling slightly. Everyone else was listening with bated breath.
The tape crackled a bit, then a voice was heard. It was Flynn's.
" everything has been going like clockwork we successfully disposed of
Donahue in March - there weren't even any remnants of him to be found;
and in one month's time, I'll have my revenge on Lupin at last."
Lupin turned to look at Flynn in surprise. Flynn suddenly looked very tense,
and seemed about to reach for his wand; but Dumbledore was faster.
"This room is getting a bit crowded, Marcus," he said, lifting his wand, "why
don't you sit in the cage and give us a little more space."
He pointed his wand at Flynn, and he flew into the air, his wand falling from
his hand. He landed in the cage, and the manacles snapped onto his wrists
and legs.
The tape was still playing.
" but what if something goes wrong?" Another rough-sounding voice said.
"Nothing will go wrong," said Flynn's voice. "I've got the girl in my pocket.
Lupin is in such a suicidal state of mind, he's sure to agree to take the potion
After that, I can dump the bitch."
"What if someone finds out?" said the rough voice. "The other researcher - Snape
- "
"He doesn't know a thing," said Flynn's voice. "He just follows all my instructi
He wouldn't care anyway, he hates Lupin as much as I do."
The tape crackled again, and Hermione pressed the stop button.
Lupin was frowning and looking at Flynn. Donahue, seeing this, came forward.
"We meet at last," he said, taking Lupin's hand and shaking it. "Jeanne has told
me a lot about you. Such a serious young lady, but her face lights up every
time she talks about you."
Lupin looked confused.
"I don't understand - " he began.
"Jeanne has been working with me to find a cure for you, Remus," said Donahue.
"She found out that Albus knew me, and asked him to introduce me to her last
year. She spent her one month's leave with me, during the school holidays,
finding out about my research."
Lupin looked amazed.
"She kept it a secret," said Donahue. "She didn't even tell Albus, did she?"
Dumbledore shook his head. "After the introduction, she never said anything

Jeanne really hadn't been in Hogwarts. but she accidentally left the letter at your parent s' house." "When school reopened. Your parents found out because . he found he had lost his chance for revenge. She never told me why. No one knew a cure had actually been found. except the patients who recovered. Remus. He was in a hurry that day. she had him trailed. even though he was my nephew. The innocent and childlike expression was gone. Marcus hated them. "I was collaborating with them all the while. either. "Jeanne never told me any of this. because their son was a werewolf." Ron looked startled. so he just delivered the letter and left. Marcus hated your father. and those working in the field. I believe. He looked like a totally different person now. and their family. "Your parents knew about the cure. "And planning to kill Remus. "Both were willing to sacrifice themselves for you. and he was staring at both Donahue and Lupin with absolute hatred. but neither would allow the other to do it. and that is how they came to know us." said Donahue. Snape was watching Donahue with narrowed eyes."you see. "That's how she found out Marcus was planning to kill me. because then you would have found out about the final ingredient." he said. She asked some of her animal friends to follow him everywhere. My sister had written the letter to me explaining about the cure much earlier. when they died in that accident. One of them was a small owl. she continued her work in her room. too. my sister and I knew your parents. After that. and asked me not to tell them. She kept her research a secret from him and Professor Snape. almost a stranger. "Because of the horrific nature of the cure. Remus. They were naturally interested in our research." Donahue told him.more to me.turning to Lupin ." Lupin was looking pale. Lupin was shaking his head in disbelief. and occasionally when we had to meet to compare notes. He didn't know the contents of the letter. "When Professor Snape asked for someone to help him with the research. and these were all sworn to secrecy. "Your father arrived just before the experiment and gave the letter to my sister. instead. so his target became you. and tell her what he had been saying." Lupin was looking more amazed than ever." Harry was dumbfounded. so she sent your father a message and asked if he could deliver it to us the day we gave the potion to her husband. "Jeanne overheard Marcus talking to himself one day. she would transform and fly to Edinburgh to see me." Donahue went on." said Donahue. "She couldn't tell you. I recommended Marcus. and realised he was up to no good." continued Donahue. but Marcus believed he did. the results were never published." . So the Marauder's Map hadn't been faulty after all." Harry looked at Flynn. "We corresponded. and that he allowed my sister to take her life. But Jeanne didn't trust Marcus from the start.

if it was returned by owl. Remus. She must have been afraid that. she was sure you'd stop her from continuing her research. She'd poured her own blood into the goblet. He shook his head. but to no avail." she said." It all fits together now. and involuntarily looked at the cupboard. noticing this. Jeanne ! He had been so caught up with Donahue's story that the implications of what he'd seen hadn't hit him. said. He knew it was too late by now if Lupin had recovered. is there. "She came to see me the next day. Something cold crept into Harry's heart suddenly. that time during full moon when both she and Flynn had been in Edinburgh "When she obtained the tape. "Where's Harry? He's supposed to be here." Lupin was silent. Marcus?" . It was unfortunate" . "She told me she'd finally obtained evidence against Marcus. She must have left the room when the others had arrived Harry tried desperately to move. hoping to tape his conversation. he came here before we did " Flynn started slightly. I was in hiding. Jeanne must already be dead. "Jeanne would not have told you. how is it that Remus has been cured?" A murmur went around at this. her weird behaviour. "One more thing also remains unsolved. Lupin. "If Severus here prepared the wrong potion. But she isn't here where is she?" No one answered." he said. If you found out what the final ingredient was. no one knew where Jeanne was."that my sister asked your father to deliver the letter in person. anyway. and switched it with Snape's she was going to kill herself. thought Harry. "Harry!" she cried. Lupin looked rather pale. Obviously. Remus. Professor McGonagall spoke up.he looked regretful . "She couldn't expose Marcus without any proof. she didn't want you to know. someone else might intercept it. I assumed she would expose him soon when she sent me this letter. Hermione suddenly realised something. It would have interfered with the potion you took today. looking thoughtfully at Lupin.Marcus confronted your father the next day." He looked at Lupin. "so she trailed him. then continued. no one knew of his plans it was not until she followed him to Edinburgh that she managed to tape what she wanted. and he had a worried frown on his face. as if waiting for the answer. But at Hogwarts. "There's something in the cupboard. "I don't know " he said. She was upset because she couldn't make the tonic for you that month. Finally." said Donahue. Donahue looked at him a moment longer. I thought she must have done it. Everyone looked at Donahue.

He strode over to the cupboard and tapped it with his wand. Bending down. a small knife together with Snape's goblet and the green bottle in her lap. looking at it. Harry suddenly found he could feel his arms and legs again. Neville was still sobbing. Dumbledore. bending down and tapping Harry with the wand. but the blood was still seeping out slowly. "She's done a better job than I could ever have. The doors flew open. it was Snape who stepped in front of Lupin. Lupin had gone deathly pale. watching in shock. so that the wand was lowered." he said softly. will you. Lupin crossed over to the corner in two strides. Snape came forward." he sneered. But to Harry's astonishment. Professor McGonagall was shaking slightly. was a small puddle of blood. Harry looked up. which had tumbled to the floor together with the knife and goblet. he pulled the Invisibility Cloak off Jeanne's still form. however. You'll never forget this." Lupin had put Jeanne down. "Poison. in the corner. "Remus! No!" said Dumbledore." said Lupin. It was growing. At this. next to the basket. a thin trickle of blood was falling out of thin air. Lupin helped him out of the cupboard. Lupin knelt down next to Jeanne. Neville burst into tears. . Marcus Flynn. He was pulling his wand out. She had tied a handkerchief around the wound in her arm. and turned to face Flynn. feeding the puddle on the floor. "Serves the little bitch right. sharply. feeding the puddle. and placed a hand on his arm. He was staring at something in the corner of the room. behind Harry. "Harry!" screamed Hermione. "Are you all righ-" He broke off suddenly. He felt her pulse. and Hermione had tears in her eyes. I'll kill you for this. Everyone was standing as if frozen. Flynn. then without a word. laughed. Hermione. and picked up the green bottle. "What happened?" "Flynn did the body-bind on him." he said grimly. "By God. and held her close to him. There was a murderous look on his face which Harry had never seen before. Lupin . There. gently took her into his arms. She was lying curled up in the corner. Harry turned to look. Flitwick and Ron looked sober.

Severus. his face still pale. how many hours did she spend watching over you." "That will do." he said quietly." Snape's eyes narrowed. Lupin. Kindly await us below stairs. or to help me?" Lupin was looking at him." said Snape. instead. do you think she cared an iota for him? Why did she put up with him. "You have only yourself to blame. and his thin lips were curled into a sneer. and left. bitter expression on it. right from the beginning. Severus!" said Dumbledore sharply. and turned around and looked at Lupin." He stopped. Tell me. with a hint of wonder in his eyes. his eyes narrowing. his face pale. "Do you think all that time spent with Madam Pomfrey was to learn healing for other people? You know she was only interested in healing one person . didn't you. but you let her go. "The one you just drank. with his insipid company.why did she do it? Because Donahue was gone . "Minerva. with all the tedious cocktail parties and balls. Lupin returned Snape's gaze. what did she ever do that wasn't for you? Do you think all those hours she spent working on potions were for Longbottom. "Blame yourself. "You drove her to this. "And I thought . in a soft. "You can't blame Flynn for this. which she found an absolute bore . Lupin?" he said softly." He looked at Lupin." he whispered. every full moon? "And that imbecile. At the door. cold voice." Dumbledore said quietly to Professor McGonagall. Professors McGonagall and Flitwick went up to him and firmly started leading him off. could you inform Madam Pomfrey of"Put the wand down. Flynn. "Tell me. ." Snape's skin had gone even more sallow than usual. and the precious funds for her research had been cut off. and she didn't have much time. cold voice. his eyes glittering strangely. in the same soft. and he seemed about to say more. to prepare the potion for you. "You had her . then continued." Snape looked at Dumbledore. and everyone thought he was dead. She needed the money desperately. as she turned to follow Snape." whispered Sna pe. Snape shrugged their hands off. You had her. and he looked at Lupin with as much loathing as Marcus Flynn had." he repeated. "You cared for her too. Blame yourself.she was yours.Donahue was in hiding. but you drove her away. "Do you know how much she loved you. "I believe we can dispense with your presence here. because the ingredients were expensive.that I was doing it to spite you?" His eyes narrowed." Snape's face had a twisted. ". "She was only interested in one potion. Lupin. his lip curling. one more time. then thought better of it. still in a whisper.

then shook his head sadly. Lupin had reached the hospital wing." said Ron. "You may as well follow him to the hospital wing. Hermione and Neville set off after Lupin. and told him not to give it to us till ten past nine. Lupin had knelt down and was holding Jeanne again. Harry. you wouldn't have been so angry. Those things he'd said to her . and gave it to Neville. Dumbledore nodded. Madam Pomfrey was at the door. "Bring her in. Professor Flitwick was looking like a dim copy of his usual cheerful self. when Lupin said quietly.She gave a quick nod. and was beginning to conjure a stretcher. Ron." he said. and trying to think of something to comfort him. "I'll inform the Ministry. and he hurried out. looking anxiously at him." said Hermione. "She got Donahue to come a bit later as well. Harry glanced at his face as he passed. "Headmaster." Harry remained silent. If you hadn't cared so much about her. indicating there was nothing he could do. Dumbledore went over to him. "Don't feel bad. Harry. and let him in. and left. he was feeling terrible . and went deathly pale. She refused. Remus. however. Harry." he sobbed." Flynn heard this. "I n-never got t-to tell her about the P-Potions exam. and carried her out of the room. Remus." He examined Jeanne for a while." said Dumbledore quietly. "Elfrid and I will wait here with Marcus till the Azkaban guards arrive. and wished he hadn't. He was feeling worse and worse." Ron said. Hermione put a comforting arm around his shoulders. Albus. He kept seeing her face that night when she'd begged him for the Cloak. "She framed Flynn too." Harry felt even worse. looking after Lupin with concern in his eyes. "Jeanne planned everything. she didn't want us to arrive there too soon. He raised his wand." Neville was still crying. "She somehow managed to get hold of a cassette player that would work inside Hogwarts." He picked Jeanne up as if she were weightless. "Jeanne understood why you were angry with her. so that he wouldn't interfere with Lupin taking the potion either. to let Harry and the others go in. and gently said." she said gently. her face sober. looking slightly shaken.he had totally misjudged Jeanne. Harry was silent. and stop Lupin from taking the potion. We met him trying to find his way to the Tower.he could never take them back now. . "let me look at her. let me do it. glancing at Flynn.

I wish I had something to leave you. Thank you for coming to Kamchatka and helping me escape from Deorg. Ron and Hermione for their friendship as well. "Harry?" she said timidly. staring at the letter. I'm sorry I had to take your Cloak. they just stood there. I still can't tell you why I need it." said Harry. Jeanne Hermione and the others were standing around. But she couldn't get out . one day. he felt some hard object inside his robes poking at him. We found it in her room when we went to look for the cassette player there." he said. "I forgot Jeanne left a letter for you. and then stopped. so that no one would ever know what had happened to her. "She said 'I won't see you again'. She was going to leave and do it elsewhere. Neville. and brought the object out. feeling sick at heart. Neville had finally stopped crying. feeling at a loss. looking worriedly at him. Harry walked to a nearby window and gazed out unseeingly. when that time comes. but I don't. Even the stardust was a present from the mirror. They stood outside. and not from me. Neville was still sobbing slightly. "She said to thank all of you for your friendship. looking at him. suddenly remembered something." Harry found his fingers shaking slightly as he tore the envelope open. Please thank Hagrid. I know you're very angry with me. they'd closed it too fast.the window was covered and she couldn't get to the door. As he leaned against the sill. His mind felt numb. She had no choice." she said firmly. He felt inside his robes."He needs to be alone with her for a while. but I would like to thank you for the friendship that we had. I'm glad I at least played a part in obtaining it for you. His mind still felt numb. where nobody would find her. however. However. because she had to do it before Lupin took the potion. these past two years. I have been very happy here at Hogwarts. I won't see you again after this. Remember me. Dear Harry." The others didn't seem to know what to say. it was very special to me. Harry looked at them. coming up to the window. but please believe that what I did was for the best. I hope it will bring you happiness. and shut the door in their faces. He turned around and looked out of the window again. It was the bottle . Hermione. "She didn't mean to kill herself inside that room. because there was a lump in his throat.

" she gasped. "Sir . Lupin was watching tensely. because it took him a while to register what Harry was saying. then slowly opened the bottle. then suddenly flared up brightly for a moment. taking the bottle in his hand. Madam Pomfrey looked angry when she opened the door. and there seemed to be more grey hair mingling with the light brown. He looked at it. The lines on his young face seemed more obvious than usual." he said slowly. He merely pushed past her. of him together with his father and mother.we can use this on her. He looked up. "I'm sure. Then. and staring into space. and then he could hear Hermione at the door too. holding the bottle up. The image of the photograph that Jeanne had given him. and disappear. glowing blue-white. He stared at it a while. and ran inside. Jeanne's body was lying on a bed at the far end of the wing. and seemed to sink into her. however remote the chance might be. The mirror in the cave gave it to me. holding her hands in his. when Harry came dashing up. Harry made up his mind. "Are you sure ?" he asked. and without waiting for the others. They waited. He looked at Harry. "Yes. I remember her telling me about it. "The stardust?" he whispered. Harry was holding his breath. . It then shimmered. Lupin looked at him." he said. "We can use the stardust on her!" He wheeled around. Professor Lupin was sitting silently next to her." Lupin's mind appeared to have gone numb too. "What! .of stardust. The dust sparkled as it lay on her body. Suddenly. but the other hand was still clasping Jeanne's. His mind felt so numb now that for a moment he couldn't remember what he was looking at. Harry was so excited that he couldn't wait to explain anything to her. his heart beating fast. ran over to the hospital wing door and hammered on it. and became dimmer. startled. He was holding the bottle with one hand. explaining about the dust to her. came into his mind He looked at Lupin. he had been wildly hoping the stardust might one day bring his parents back to life. These two years. Harry wasn't sure. the words came back to him: "One second chance will this stardust give " "The dust!" he whispered. and sprinkled the stardust onto Jeanne's body." Harry panted. ".

suddenly. Lupin was still staring in disbelief. she turned her head slightly. He suddenly got up. Lupin's face had a set expression on it. the mirror had merely been playing a shabby trick on him. Then. Jeanne lay there. together with Hermione and the others. and saw Lupin darting back toward Jeanne's bed. still as ever. Then." he said softly. He turned around.And then. they turned and ran back into the wing. Hermione looked stricken. She slowly opened her eyes. Lupin looked alarmed. He could hear them following him. "she's breathing " For a split second. She looked at him. He turned and brushed past the others. wide-eyed. "It worked. "did it work ?" He looked at her for a moment. Harry couldn't bear it. he. Lupin was staring at her. Harry felt his heart sink. Jeanne. Madam Pomfrey suddenly called out shrilly. Then. Ron and Hermione." . "I'm sorry. then Neville. and caught hold of her hands. as if trying to remember something. and walked abruptly to the other end of the ward. "It's all right. It's all over. as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing." she whispered. "Remus! Come here quick!" Harry felt his heart stop for a moment. Her eyes widened slightly. She seemed to have difficulty focussing her gaze. as if what she saw hadn't sunk in. Some colour was back in her cheeks. then Madam Pomfrey. as if she couldn't recognize them. "Remus?" she whispered. "The potion " she whispered at last. The minutes ticked past. then nodded slowly. Jeanne was breathing. as one. He heard Madam Pomfrey saying. Hermione. The dust wasn't working. Harry. and began walking out of the wing." she whispered. He had reached the door of the wing . she started to cry. She stared at him. staring in disbelief.He was vaguely aware of Madam Pomfrey. She looked at Harry. watching from behind. Ron and Neville stared at each other. "Jeanne. and looked at Lupin.

as if a flame had been kindled within him. but couldn't find the words. Ron was petting Pigwidgeon. Harry stared at Jeanne a moment longer. Lupin looked at him for a moment longer. and starting leading them out of the wing. Harry. then turned and went back to Jeanne's side." was all he finally said in the end. Neville. softly but firmly. There was a curious light in his face. Madam Pomfrey turned and looked at Harry and the others. Harry watched them a moment longer. to leach it out. "but Madam Pomfrey says only I'm to go. Ron and Hermione. "Thank you. so he just nodded. "She needs to rest. Lupin was standing behind him. Pigwidgeon brought Harry a letter. looking at him. Harry suddenly found his throat too tight to speak." she said. He. we'll send for you." Neville looked disappointed. out. He seemed to want to say something. "The dust gave her life back. "Let me do it. It was as if all the tension she'd been carrying the past few months was finally being let out. Remus.She couldn't stop crying. He turned. on the fifth day. and even Hagrid took to haunting the hospital wing over the next few days. all of you. It'll take time. He had almost reached the door of the wing when he heard Lupin calling him. She had stopped crying." said Harry." Finally. then his vision blurred because there was a sudden wetness in his eyes." She turned back to Lupin. She doesn't want all of us crowding around he r. but traces of poison are still in her blood. he was proud of the par ." she said crossly. Harry watched him take her hands in his. "Harry!" He turned around. Out. but the grateful look that came with it said more than any words could. and was now looking quietly at him. until Madam Pomfrey lost patience with them. "When she's well enough to see you. ===================================== HARRY POTTER AND THE MIRROR'S GIFT ===================================== - CHAPTER NINETEEN - It was several days before Harry had a chance to talk to Jeanne. and went quickly from the room. reading the letter. then turned and slowly followed. "Jeanne says she's well enough to see us. If you'll just step aside for a moment " Hermione caught Neville and Ron by the arm. "Time to leave them alone for a while.

Jeanne. don't you. "The following night. "Yes. I went through all of it. He noticed the wolf pendant. interrupting her." she said. She gave his hand an affectionate squeeze. that night. Harry. "but -" She had a resigned expression on her face. I'm sorry I said all those awful things I didn't know " She smiled. Harry looked at her. then released it. and there seemed to be tears in her eyes. without it. though. "All the stuff you must have gone through " She looked more serious now. Bringing me back to life must have interfered with the cure. when he saw her smile. startled. eithe r. "Thank you for using the stardust on me. but there was a happy look in her eyes. sparkling at her throat." he said. Lupin still hadn't been fully cured. She still looked rather tired a nd pale. After all the heartache Jeanne and Lupin must have gone through. I guess in a way I don't mind I'm so used to him being a wolf during full moon. it wasn't a thorough cure. and he transformed into a wolf again. "The person who donates the blood has to be dead. "I'm the one who should say sorry. "It's good to see the old you back. and gave a small sigh. though.t he had played in exposing Marcus Flynn. if I'd known what you wanted it for. "I'm sorry -" "It wasn't anything. Harry. I couldn't have done what I did. "but in the end." she said." Harry stared at her." "It's all right. "You really love him." He fell silent. Jeanne was sitting up in bed when Harry saw her." said Jeanne." said Harry. Severus won't need to make the Wolfsbane potion for him again. "I'm sorry I stole your Cloak. unable to believe what he was hearing. She smiled when she saw him. smiled and began examining the ." Harry looked at her. "I still wouldn't have lent it to you." she said. and had stopped complaining whenever Jeanne used him to carry her letters. "What?" he said. the moon was still full. She reached out. I think I would rather miss it. seeing this. looking at her in wonder. "so technically he's not really a werewolf any more. thinking. "He only transforms into a normal wolf now." said Harry. And he doesn't fall as ill after that as he used to." Harry still felt disappointed. "but I really needed it." she said. and took one of his hands in hers." said Harry.

"I saw his face when he first saw Remus. "One day. at the start of term feast." She had stopped arranging the flowers. I would transform into a small animal. because unlike Severus. Marcus merely suggested what ingredients to use. Severus knew I would be pleased if a cure for Remus could be found. I was the one who persuaded Severus to get a research partner. But I didn't trust him. but he was so enthusiastic about helping that I couldn't put him off. someone who could make sure Severus wouldn't try harming Remus by doctoring the potion. I wanted to know if he was reliable. trying to find out how the research was going.bunch of flowers he had brought. It was only later." Harry was listening intently. Harry looked at her. and he volunteered to help me eavesdrop on Flynn. He'd heard I was just the gamekeeper's assistant. so that we wouldn't have to use Flynn's potion. I knew he was serious about killing Remus. "It made my blood run cold. even though he doesn't like Remus." she said. "You can imagine my feelings when I found out what Flynn was really up to." he said. now that their main collaborator was gone. "There was a look of absolute hate on it." She gave a small sigh. "At the feast. I bitterly regretted the part I played in bringing him here. for a moment. and looked pensive. I found that Marcus wasn't interested in talking to me at all. when he must have found out that Remus and I liked each other. you see. I was afraid he would neglect his duties to Ron." said Jeanne. "It became clear to me that Marcus wasn't very interested in the project. Later. "Professor Donahue said you didn't trust Flynn from the start. But you only overheard him later in the year. I hoped Severus and Marcus would call off the project. "I was beginning to panic. I had no qualifications. and he didn't think I was worth noticing. But after Donahue went into hiding. How did you know ?" " that he wasn't to be trusted?" she said. Pigwidgeon was with me at the time. and was now looking at Harry. I hoped that Donahue and I would find an alternative cure. that he started trying to pursue me. I tried to get to know him. After Flynn's attempt on Donahue's life. "Jeanne. but Marcus insisted on carrying on. so I suggested that Dumbledore ask Donahue to recommend a partner. the authorities cut off my research funds. 'Lupin. A lot of things were becoming clear to him now. I thought he was just a shallow and worldly idiot. and eavesdrop on all the staff meetings that were held to discuss the progress of the research. I tried to persuade Remus . He wanted to spite Remus by breaking us up. you see. which were now sitting in a vase by the bed. I overheard him muttering to himself. when the feast was over. "At first. "I hung around. you'd better watch out!' I became worried. I think that was why he agreed to take up the project in the first place. Severus was doing all the preparation and testing. "I had no proof to expose Flynn.

I couldn't tell him about Flynn hating his parents." She stopped." She paused. and it was gone forever. There was no other way I could get money. and looked thoughtfully at her flowers for a moment.since we couldn't be together anyway . was thinking of something. "You've far exceeded your ten minutes. "Yes. and forget about the cure. I felt I had destroyed our relationship. listening. and I felt he'd never trust me again. so that if all else failed. and shifted to a more comfortable position on the bed. Then I could continue my research. Besides. The best solution was to find proof of Flynn's plans. to let us to be together even though he was a werewolf. The only thing I could do for him now was to help him get cured. I felt I might one day be killed by Deorg anyway. if it worked. but I didn't know if I would succeed. I could donate my own blood and switch the potions. He said there was no reason for Flynn to dislike him. "When you finally obtained the proof. and the secret of my research would be out. He now walked to one side of the bed. so that he was standing across the bed from Harry." She sat up again. because then I'd have to tell him I'd learnt it from change his mind. And I could also buy ingredients for the known cure. though. that he wanted to harm him. I know. and lay back on her pillows. Jeanne saw him and went pink." she said firmly. by being with Marcus. "You didn't need to sacrifice yourself. "There were only two things I could do now." A movement caught Harry's eye. by that time. helping Remus .than die for nothing at the hands of Deorg. and call off the project. Harry." he said. I'd rather die. "Time for you to go She needs to rest!" . She opened her mouth to say something more. he thought." she admitted. looking at him. still looking at her. then looked at Harry again. looking rather tired. But he was keen on it. "How much of what I said did you overhear?" she asked. but now Madam Pomfrey had come over as well. even if he found out in the end what I was up to. I knew I had hurt Remus a lot. Professor Lupin was standing behind Jeanne." he said. "I told Remus that Marcus wasn't to be trusted. She went even pinker. still keeping in touch with Donahue. "The only other choice I had was to break with Remus and go steady with Flynn. "But I was under so much stress that I wasn't thinking very clearly. and looked at her with a grave expression on his face. and didn't notice her tiredness. But he didn't believe me. you could have exposed Flynn straight away. then we could be together at last. Harry." She sighed. "Nearly everything.

I believe." Madam Pomfrey looked at her. Harry. trying to persuade him. "We hope the both of you will be very happy together. "You could hold it this week. We just want something simple. Harry looked at Jeanne in surprise. ." said Lupin." She smiled at him." "You can still have something simple. We've waited long enough. Lupin looked speechless with surprise." Harry was dumbfounded. looked at Jeanne. and shook his head again. blushing. Poppy. today." he hurriedly added. anyway. and looked at Jeanne again." "You could hold it next term. looking at her and Lupin in astonishment.but it's the holidays already! Me and the others won't be able to come!" "It's going to be a very quiet affair. and shook his head. We don't want to wait that long. then sighed and nodded. Harry didn't see Jeanne again that term. and Dumbledore as witness. Lupin smiled." said Harry. "No. It had been something very long and flowery. "But . before school closes." said Jeanne." he said. and the priest." Lupin smiled.the ceremony. Harry. anyway."Hold on a minute. "and Dumbledore won't be free at that time. of course. what I actually wanted to tell you today. "is that Remus and I are getting married." he said. "We got it in Hogsmeade yesterday we got permission to go from Professor McGonagall first." he recited." He stopped. in our hearts." He paused. but now he could only recall one line. I haven't told Harry the real reason I wanted to see him. "When?" "Next week. trying to remember the words Hermione had been drilling him to say all morning. without any fuss. with us there. "Next week!" said Harry. ." said Lupin. from me and Ron and Hermione. but he did pay Professor Lupin one last visit in his office. heaving a large package onto Lupin's desk. then back at Harry again. "This is for you and Jeanne. "It's only a formality. on the second last day of the term. we were already married a long time ago. "Harry. not all of them happy. just a piece of parchment. "give me another five minutes. that we're emotionally exhausted. "She's not well enough. "Just the two of us. glancing at Jeanne." she said. when we come back!" said Harry. "You are?" he gasped. "So many things have happened these last few months. and walked off. Harry racked his brains. Harry.

at last. Grenivere let us have it at a good price he was having a closing down sale." confessed Harry. "but they said they would give it to Jeanne when they see her. "Hermione spent the whole night wrapping it. you shouldn't have!" he said. "It's a tea-set.he said your grandfather had already carved the names on it. "We really didn't expect anything " He broke off. and staring at the rings. "She and Ron didn't want to come. He looked at Harry." he said." he said." he said. like a star. Harry could see that some words were inscribed on the inner surface of each ring." Lupin lifted the parcel with both hands.actually we got it at a discount." said Harry. Lupin opened it.Lupin was still looking surprised. "Thank you. He took the package and turned it around in his hands. ." he said." Harry felt slightly embarrassed. but the smaller one had a very small gem. Lupin was looking completely thunderstruck. and fished out a small package from the depths of his robes. before you went and bought your own. I saw Jeanne admiring it." Lupin was looking astonished again. "He gave this to me. once. Even Harry was too surprised to speak. "He's moving out. The box contained two rings. one smaller than the other. "Why. "It's heavy I sincerely hope you didn't go to too much expense " "Well . they seemed to think it was better. It fit perfectly. still looking amazed. going red. too." Lupin looked surprised. still looking surprised. "I really must go down and have a talk with Grenivere. too." added Harry. "I'll give it to Jeanne to unwrap. The large one was plain. before he disappears. "He . to give to you. Harry." Lupin looked thoughtfully at the package. Harry. There was a small box inside. and then tried the larger ring on. but said to open it straight away. and a look of complete amazement came over his face. and examined the gift. Said it's from your grandfather. then tore the wrapper off. examining it. "Neville and Hagrid each got something for the both of you. similar to the one that had held the wolf pendant. as if testing its weight. on it. watching him. is he?" Harry nodded. and shimmered with starlight. They were silver in colour." Lupin was smiling now. if I came alone to give it. He took the rings out and examined them. "He didn't tell us what was inside. "and please thank them as well. read the inscriptions.

before the term ended. Harry. and looked directly at Harry. "It's really nothing we'd better not keep Madam Pomfrey waiting " "Not at all."I . Lupin turned his gaze back to the rings again. did he?" Harry nodded. "I'm just finishing with Harry here." he said." Lupin looked at Harry. there was a knock on the door." said Lupin. Is it silver?" Lupin smiled. Harry. Poppy." Madam Pomfrey nodded." he said. and looking at Harry. "Professor Lupin?" he said." said Lupin." "It's . "I was just . These are made of peritin . Harry tried to escape. "He told us yesterday he was leaving first thing this morning. looking at the rings again. It's one substance that holds starlight very well. Harry watched him. "Tell me what it is." he said. "Oh . He felt he really wanted to know. smiling and looking at him." He fell silent." said Harry. Harry. "No. and Madam Pomfrey poked her head in. "It's not really important. "Can I ask you something about the Marauder's Map?" Lupin was still absorbed in the rings." he said. nothing. "What did you say?" Harry suddenly changed his mind. frowning slightly." Lupin put the rings aside. tearing his gaze from the rings. and it took him a moment to's about the Marauder's Map. " . "I know she likes Starlight jewellery. and shut the door. and trying not to look guilty. "No matter if it's unimportant. Harry. "I'm sure Jeanne will like it. He shook his head in astonishment. "Could I have a word with you?" "Just give me a few minutes. It wouldn't be good if Lupin found out that he had been spying on him and Jeanne using the Map. Harry looked at the smaller "He said that.I'm afraid he's already left. "Remus?" she said. "What is it?" At this moment.I do beg your pardon. flushing slightly." said Harry.platinum that has been treated with dragon fire. There was something he wanted to ask Lupin. Said that he'd finished what he came here to do.

"Thank you again for the gift." Lupin continued to look amused. "I was just wondering.wondering . If you did." he said. apologetically. there is. "especially those indulging in any form of. He also looked slightly embarrassed. "Bearing this in mind. "No particular reason. which I have also published on . . that day. His eyes were twinkling as he looked at Harry. Harry." said Harry quickly." Harry was still blushing as he left the there any particular case when a person might not show up on it?" To Harry's surprise. you might like to read the sequel. He felt sure Lupin could see right through him. "When we wrote the Map. to avoid it being abused should it fall into the wrong hands. smiling at Harry. Lupin's eyes were still twinkling. The objective of showing the location of people on the Map was so that we could avoid anyone who might interfere in the particular adventure we were embarking on. Harry tried very hard not to look guilty." Harry felt his face going red. that's all. and looked extremely amused." said Lupin. still smiling. In particular. "Why. Madam Pomfrey knocked again. This will only take a minute " "It's all right. "Why do you ask that?" he asked." "Oh!" said Harry. his face suddenly flaming red. "You mean -" "Precisely. in fact. the Map was not meant to be used to invade anyone's privacy. Harry. Harry Potter and the Jade Dragon. "I don't mean to rush you. . we wrote it so that certain individuals would not show up on the Map. Harry could feel his face getting redder and redder. Lupin laughed. "Jeanne and I will see you next term.romantic activity. er.THE END - I hope you liked it. Thanks to all who reviewed this story! :o) ." he said. Remus. as Madam Pomfrey came into the room and deposited some pieces of parchment onto the desk." she said." Lupin went on. "I've got to be going " He rose and said goodbye. and opened the door. "but I'm in a bit of a hurry." he said. we felt there were certain rules we should follow.