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Electrical Engineering (BEE)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2011 - Spring 2012 catalog year. For more
information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Major: EE

Degree: BEE

Unit: Speed School of Engineering (SS)

Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Students specializing in Electrical Engineering will complete a program consisting of two semesters in Engineering
Fundamentals and a further period of study in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering - ten semesters in
Departmental Studies to complete the Bachelor of Science degree, followed by a fifth year in Graduate Studies for the Master
of Engineering degree. This curriculum is designed as an integrated five-year program, with a cooperative education
component, culminating in the Master of Engineering degree. The Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering programs
are both accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.

Engineering Fundamentals1

Courses Hours

Speed School Core

ENGR 100, 1012 , 102, 10

ENGL2,3 101, 102 6

CHEM 2012 3

PHYS 2982 4

ECE Core

ENGR 150 2

PHYS 295, 296, 299 6

Total 31

Departmental Studies
Courses Hours

Engineering Fundamentals

ENGR 201, 205, 307, 330 10


ECE 210, 211, 220, 221, 288, 289, 320, 322, 333, 334, 389, 412, 420, 473, 489, 496,
542, 599

ECE Design Elective4 3

ECE Design Elective Laboratory4 1

ECE Electives 6

ECE Elective Laboratory 1


CECS 121, 231 4

CHEM 2072 1

IE 360, 370 6

PHYS 300 3

CECS/Mathematics/Science Elective4,5 3

Engineering Science Elective4,5 3

CECS/Mathematics/Science or Engineering Science Elective4,5 3

Free Elective 3

General Education

Arts/CD/HUM/SBS Electives2 12

COMM2 111 or 112 3

HIST2 101 or 102 or 105 or 106 3

Total 105

Total Hours

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 1366

Acceptance into a Department requires that a student have a 2.0 GPA in the prescribed set of courses totaling 31 semester hours in
Engineering Fundamentals. In addition, the student must be in good standing with the university (university GPA ≥ 2.0).
This course is a General Education requirement for the program; see for the listing, by
academic year, of Arts/CD/Hum/SBS Electives which satisfy the University-wide General Education requirements. Note that the
12-hour total for the Arts/CD/HUM/SBS electives assumes the use of double counting of CD with another category. The
Department recommends COMM 112 over COMM 111.
Students completing ENGL 105 in lieu of ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 satisfy the General Education and Engineering Fundamentals
requirements for Written Communication. However, an additional 3-hr Writing (WR) course or honors Written Communication
(WC) course is needed to satisfy program credit hour requirements. A current list of acceptable WR and WC courses is at ENGL 303 (Technical Writing) or ENGL 306 (Business Writing) is
recommended as the additional course for EE students.
These electives must be chosen from the lists of approved courses available in the Department and online at
Students must take 3 hours of CECS/Mathematics/Science Electives and 3 hours of Engineering Science Electives. An additional 3
hours of electives must be taken from either category. Some students may wish to use these electives toward satisfying the
requirements for a minor in Mathematics or Physics; additional information is available in the Department.
Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree must be in Good Standing (university GPA ≥ 2.00) and must attain a grade point
average of at least 2.00 for all courses used to satisfy degree requirements.