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Health and Human Performance - Physical Education -

Teacher Preparation (BS)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2011 - Spring 2012 catalog year. For more
information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance - Physical Education - Teacher Preparation (BS)

Major: HHP

Degree: BS

Concentration: PET

Department: HSS

Unit: College of Education and Human Development

Admission Requirements: Students must have completed a minimum of 45 credit hours and must have earned a minimum
cumulative U of L grade point average of 2.25. Students must have completed HSS 184, HSS 202, and HSS 320 with a grade
of "C" or better ("C-" will not be accepted). Students must not have earned any "D's" in courses required for the major.

Degree Requirements: All students completing the Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance must
complete the Core classes, program requirements, and at least one area of concentration, and appropriate related and
supporting courses. A minimum of 123 hours with an overall GPA of 2.25 is required. No “D's” will be accepted in HSS

Note: Students interested in teacher certification at the Graduate level through the Master of Arts in Teaching degree first
complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance with concentrations in Physical Education-
Teacher Preparation and School Health Education OR a selected field with evidence of substantial completion of NASPE
guidelines for the teaching specialty, before entering the teacher certification program at the graduate level. Students must
apply and be accepted into the Master of Arts in Teaching degree program in order to complete teacher certification. Please
contact CEHD for application information.
The following courses are pre-requisites for application to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Physical Education (P-
12): Speech Communication (“C” or better required or pass the College of Education and Human Development Speech
Proficiency Exam), and English 102 (“C” or better in English 102 or score a minimum of 3.5 on the GRE Writing
Assessment). In addition to these courses, other application credentials must be submitted. All applicants are required to have
a 2.75 overall (or last 60 hours) grade point average and meet the minimum score requirements on the Graduate Record
Examination (GRE). For a complete listing of admission requirements and application deadlines, contact the College of
Education and Human Development's Education Advising Center.
Successful completion of the required graduate courses will culminate in a P-12 teaching certification in Health and Physical
Education and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree (MAT) from the College of Education and Human Development. Passing
scores on specific PRAXIS exams are also required for certification.

Type Hours

General Education requirements 34

Program Requirements

Type Hours
HSS 181 Academic Orientation 1

HSS 101-167 Physical Education Activity Courses** 2

HSS 184 Healthy Lifestyles I 3

Total 6

Core Classes

Type Hours

HSS 180 First Aid and Safety Education 3

HSS 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3

HSS 293 Social and Psychological Dimensions of

Physical Activity

HSS 302 Nutrition in Healthy Living

OR HSS 303 Human Nutrition

HSS 320 Growth and Motor Development Across Lifespan 3

HSS 377 HSS Tests and Measurement 3

HSS 387 Biomechanics 3

HSS 394 Intro to Exercise Science 3

HSS 418 Diverse Populations in Physical Activity and Health 3

HSS 492 Cooperative Internship/Practicum in HSS 3

Total 30

Physical Education Concentration

Type Hours

HSS 270 History and Foundations of HSS 3

HSS 326 Movement Activities for Teaching Elementary Physical Education 3

HSS 410 Theory of Sport Pedagogy 3

HSS 411 Theory and Analysis of Team Sport Skills 3

HSS 412 Theory and Analysis of Individual Sport Skills 3

Total 15

Teacher Education Core

Type Hours

EDTP 501 General Methods 3

ECPY 507 Learning Theory of Human Development 3

HSS 101-167 Physical Education activity courses (consult advisor)** 6

Electives (consult advisor)* 28

Type Hours

Minimum Total 123

Physical Performance and Knowledge Area

NOTE: Students completing the teaching option are required to demonstrate skill and knowledge proficiency in the
following areas: One Exercise & Health-Related Fitness, two team sports, two individual sports, and one other 100-level
activity course.

* It is recommended that students pursue a concentration in School Health Education

**The program requirement of 2 hours of Physical Education activity courses are fulfilled within the concentration
requirement of 6 hours of activity courses.