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Psychology (BS)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2011 - Spring 2012 catalog year. For more
information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Major: PSYC

Degree: BS

Unit: College of Arts and Sciences (AS)

Note: Admission to the major in Psychology requires (1) completion of Psychology 201 (or approved substitute) with a
minimum grade of C; (2) completion of Psychology 301 (or approved substitute) with a minimum grade of C; (3) completion
of 30 hours of degree-applicable credit with a minimum grade point average of 2.0; and (4) a minimum grade point average
of 2.0 in Psychology.

Completion of this degree requires (1) completion of Psychology 302 (or approved substitute) with a minimum grade of C;
and (2) work to be submitted for the department’s Learning Outcomes Measurement. For details, contact the department.

General Education

Type Hours

General Education 34

Total 34

All degrees require the completion of the University-wide General Education Program. Some General Education
requirements may be met in the requirements for the major or supporting coursework, in which case additional electives may
be required to complete the minimum hours for the degree.

Arts & Sciences Programmatic Requirements

Type Hours

General 101: A&S Orientation 1

Foreign Language (completion of the second semester of a single foreign language;

hours will vary depending on the language taken)

Electives in Humanities or Natural Sciences at 300+level (in addition to courses counted

toward General Education)

WR-two approved courses at the 300 level or above (may be incorporated into
other degree requirements)

Total 13-15

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Type Hours

Psychology 201, 301-302 9

Four courses from the following: Psychology 313, 321, 322, 331, 344, 363, 372, 375,
385, 501

Electives in Psychology (may include Psychology 451) 12

Total 33

Supporting Courses

Type Hours

Biology 240, 242, 244 8

Chemistry 201, 202, 207, 208, 209 9

Choose one option from the following:

1.Computer Engineering and Computer Science 121 plus 1-3 hours of electives in
Natural Sciences at the 200 level or above; 2-4
2. Computer Engineering and Computer Science 130; or
3. Psychology 451

Mathematics 205 (or higher level course) 3-4

Physics 221, 222, 223, 224 8

Total 36-44

Minimum Electives 6-11

Total Minimum 121

Note: Only 60 hours in the major department may be applied toward the Bachelor of Science degree.

At least 50 of the total minimum hours required must be at the 300 level or above.