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1 Introduction
2 Levels of approval
3 Benefits of approval
4 Becoming an Approved Learning
Partner – Student Tuition
5 Application process and progression
6 Approval
7 ACCA Tuition Provider List
8 Fees

656"--: #&/&'*$*"-3&-"5*0/4)*1 */$3&"4*/(5)&(-0#"-"7"*-"#*-*5: 0'&''&$5*7&"/%*//07"5*7&"$$"$0634&%&-*7&3:"/%'*345 $-"44456%&/54611035 To become an Approved Learning Partner – Student Tuition. representing global best practice in the provision of ACCA course tuition and support.. */530%6$5*0/ "$$"µ4"11307&%-&"3/*/(1"35/&3°456%&/556*5*0/130(3". who have demonstrated their success in supporting students through the ACCA qualifications • support our learning partners in providing students with the opportunity to succeed. PROSPECT GUIDE . The aims of ACCA’s Approved Learning Partner – Student Tuition programme are to: • approve the highest quality ACCA tuition providers. you are expected to demonstrate that you meet challenging performance targets."-3&$0(/*5*0/50-&"%*/(56*5*0/1307*%&340'5)& 26"-*5:56*5*0/"/%46110355)"55)&:0''&3"$$"456%&/54 *5*45)&1-"5'03.& (*7&4'03.8)*$)8&$"/%&7&-01".'30.

that performance targets and Platinum pass DipFM and DipIFR – either through face. to ensure qualifications – ACCA Qualification. To be programme and requires tuition providers considered for Platinum approval. For this reason. ACCA will conduct annual providers who are teaching any of ACCA’s monitoring. its performance targets that have been ACCA course management and delivery. any areas in which ACCA can work more As part of the approval process. PROSPECT GUIDE . Platinum approval will last for three years. the performance targets. Gold and In working with Platinum-approved tuition Platinum approvals are granted only to providers. Platinum approval is given only to GOLD those who teach the ACCA Qualification Gold approval is the first level of the as part of their course delivery. demonstrate that they meet the challenging performance targets set by ACCA. prestigious level of the programme and is available for both face-to-face and distance- Approval is given to tuition providers who learning providers. approval will be renewed on an annual basis and ACCA will conduct an annual visit to ensure that performance targets continue to be met and to identify any areas in which ACCA can work more closely with the tuition provider. ACCA aims to provide students high-quality tuition providers that ACCA with the tuition access and support they is confident to recommend to students. Once a tuition provider becomes an Approved Learning Partner – Student Tuition. including site visits. -&7&-40'"11307"- The levels of approval are: PLATINUM • Gold Platinum approval is the highest and most • Platinum. providers will undergo a pre-approval site visit by a representative of ACCA. in addition to the challenging management and. the tuition provider must also meet In determining a tuition provider’s eligibility ACCA’s Platinum performance targets for Gold approval. need to become ACCA members. ACCA gives that provider and pass-rate targets over two consecutive flexibility in demonstrating how it meets sets of results. more specifically. CAT. all tuition closely with the tuition provider. Gold approval can be given to tuition During this time. tuition to meet a range of challenging performance providers must already be Gold approved targets covering the institution’s overall and. demonstrated to attain Gold approval. rates continue to be met and to identify to-face tuition or by distance-learning.

APPROVAL AT A GLANCE GOLD PLATINUM Approval Teaching any ACCA qualification – ACCA Teaching at least the ACCA Qualification prerequisite Qualification. DipFM or DipIFR plus already achieved Gold approval Delivery Face-to-face or distance-learning Face-to-face or distance-learning Approval Performance targets Performance targets requirements plus Pass-rate targets Approval period One year Three years Renewal fee Annual Annual Monitoring Annual Annual Support Continuous Continuous PROSPECT GUIDE . CAT.

for paper-based and computer. and so logo. #&/&'*540'"11307"- As an Approved Learning Partner – Student • Online services: you will have online Tuition at Gold and Platinum. approved. • Continuous improvement: you will have access to a range of development GOLD opportunities. use our results analysis an Approved Learning Partner – Student service. you will access to your account. apply to upgrade your approval. tools and tuition provider With Gold approval you will also benefit events provided by ACCA to help support from ACCA’s recommendation of you as you in improving your tuition. • Brand enhancement: by becoming an • Marketing tools: you will receive a Approved Learning Partner – Student certificate of your approval from ACCA Tuition you will demonstrate to students and. and access past results Tuition you will have been assessed analysis reports. we can opportunities on ACCA’s website. including the benefit from the following: facility to maintain your details. with up to 100 words consideration at ACCA’s Examination of promotional text. In addition. You will office network also benefit from priority booking at ACCA’s teachers’ conference and will have the • Promotion by ACCA: you will have opportunity to comment on ACCA exams priority entry on ACCA’s online database by providing written representation for of tuition providers. PROSPECT GUIDE . your against ACCA’s widely recognised and online account will allow you access highly-regarded global best practice to a host of exclusive ACCA resources. in provide you with market information student accountant and through ACCA packages. Furthermore. based on your level of approval. and their employers that you are you will have the use of the Gold or committed to providing high-quality Platinum approved title and distinctive tuition and student support. ACCA’s your students with unequivocal assurance online Professional Ethics module and about your ACCA tuition and student up-to-the-minute information on support frameworks developments at ACCA. This provides you and such as the Knowledge Library. based exams PLATINUM • Dedicated contact and customer service: As a Platinum Approved Learning Partner you will be provided with excellent you will be actively promoted by ACCA to account management and support our Approved Employers and partners as through ACCA’s head office and national a highest-quality tuition provider. plus advertising Review Board. You will also receive ACCA’s latest will enhance your own reputation display merchandise to help you signpost and promote your courses. including assistance with Access. including a quality tuition provider and will receive free results analysis reports at each exam tailored support to become Platinum session. our direct mailing service potential expansion opportunities. apply for • Best practice certification: in becoming re-approval. benchmarks.

&"/"11307&%-&"3/*/(1"35/&3°456%&/556*5*0/ :06. CAT. #&$0. APPROVAL ACCA LEVEL Gold Any of ACCA’s qualifications – ACCA Qualification.0/453"5&:06346$$&44 The following table shows the minimum ACCA tuition provision that tuition providers must offer in order to be eligible for each level of approval.645#&5&"$)*/("5-&"450/&0'"$$"µ426"-*'*$"5*0/4"/% #&"#-&50%&. DipFM or DipIFR course Platinum Running a minimum of eight papers annually from the ACCA Qualification. which must include all Essentials papers and two Options papers in the Professional level PROSPECT GUIDE .*/("/"11307&% -&"3/*/(1"35/&3° 456%&/556*5*0/ 50#&$0.

approval. but approval cannot be provide a complete account of why they given on the revision course alone. detailed in the been met is contained within this pack. Depending on the level of In reviewing a full-time/part-time course.1–1.*/("/"11307&% -&"3/*/(1"35/&3° 456%&/556*5*0/<$0/5*/6&%> To qualify for Gold or Platinum approval. Tuition providers are given flexibility in how they demonstrate achievement of each target. and 2. Revision courses are considered in the ACCA encourages tuition providers to approval process. PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT MATRIX Guidance and examples of documentation/ When applying for approval. believe they meet each target.22 inclusive • the timing of the course in relation • Platinum: performance targets 1. #&$0.1–2. and delivery.1–2. performance assessment matrix.22 to the exams. and are invited to relate targets to their institution and give insight into their individual practice.14 and • the duration of the course 2. The performance targets are assessed in tuition providers must offer full-time or two parts: Part 1 – Institution management part-time face-to-face tuition.28 inclusive. the tuition provider must be able ACCA will take into account: to demonstrate that they meet all the performance targets as follows: • the style of tuition • Gold: performance targets 1. tuition evidence that can be used to support providers are assessed against ACCA’s the claim that a performance target has performance targets. PROSPECT GUIDE .1–1. ACCA welcomes diversity and innovation in all areas of institution management and course delivery. or an and Part 2 – ACCA course management equivalent distance-learning course. supported with relevant evidence or documentation.

1.9 Appropriate measures are in place to minimise disruption to students in the event of system failure. including web access.7(b) Facilities and systems are appropriate for the mode of delivery of courses offered.17 A private study area is available to appropriate for the types of students within office hours. 1. 1. courses offered and their mode of delivery."/$&"44&44. 1.5 Premises are comfortable and 1. and acted on accordingly.15 Facilities offered have been create an atmosphere that is designed to meet the needs conducive to study.8 Students and tutors have access to modern IT equipment.6 Lecture rooms are of an 1.16 Premises and facilities are modern appropriate size for the and well-maintained.2 Student retention figures are documented and reviewed. PROSPECT GUIDE . 1. 1. of students.1(a) An attendance policy is in place participation and action is taken where students and retention persistently fail to attend class.7(a) Premises and facilities are 1.&/5. 1. number of students in a class."53*9 KEY: F2F = face-to-face DL = distance learning Please refer to the appropriate Part 1 Institution Management targets for your delivery methods PERFORMANCE TARGETS ASSESSMENT ELEMENT GOLD PLATINUM F2F DL Attendance/ 1. and the reason for student losses is investigated.1&3'03. Complaints 1.4(b) There are permanent premises for administration. Premises and 1. transparent complaints procedure procedure or charter is in place and available to students.1(b) Action is taken where students persistently fail to complete modules/assignments. 1.3 A formal. 1.4(a) There are permanent premises facilities for administration and the majority of tuition. Complaints received are investigated thoroughly and promptly.

10 All students are issued with the conditions institution’s terms and conditions of enrolment. Continual 1.22 The performance of administrative staff staff is monitored and.19 Student progress is reviewed monitoring throughout the course and. 1. plans are in place to develop knowledge and customer service skills.Part 1 Institution Management (continued) PERFORMANCE TARGETS ASSESSMENT ELEMENT GOLD PLATINUM F2F DL Terms and 1. Administration 1.18 The institution demonstrates a improvement commitment to innovation and – course delivery continuous improvement in course delivery. 1. Financial viability 1. including refund and deferment policies.21 The institution demonstrates a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in student support.20 Study support methods have improvement been designed to meet the – student support needs of students. counselling is offered to students who fail. 1.12 Course cancellations occur only in circumstances beyond the tuition provider’s control. Progress 1. Tutor absence/ 1. where appropriate.14 Tuition provider is financially viable. PROSPECT GUIDE .13 Procedures are in place to ensure that students are given as much notice as possible in the event that a course or other scheduled activity is cancelled. including the use of technology. and students are advised upon enrolment of any factors that may prevent the course from running. Continual 1. where applicable.11 Appropriate measures are in place course to minimise disruption to students cancellation in the event of tutor absence/ unavailability.

reviewed and returned.Part 2 ACCA Course Management and Delivery PERFORMANCE TARGETS ASSESSMENT ELEMENT GOLD PLATINUM F2F DL Tutors 2. within a specified turnaround time.6(a) A structured teaching programme programme is in place and communicated to students. reviewed and returned. to the subjects they teach.4(a) Student feedback questionnaires include questions on administration. with constructive comments on content and style. reviewed and acted upon contribute to course review meetings. e.5 A minimum of 70% of all student feedback questionnaires are returned. 2. where appropriate.g. with constructive comments on content and style. 2.8(a) Mock examinations and timed practice tests are set. tutor performance and course content.6(b) Students are provided with a structured study programme for each paper. with constructive criticism on content and style. within a specified turnaround time. facilities. tutor performance. 2.2 Tutors have access to relevant teaching reference materials.1 Tutors are knowledgeable and 2. 2.23 Tutors’ performance is monitored and experienced in their chosen field CPD is undertaken to develop their and hold qualifications appropriate technical and teaching skills. 2.4(b) Student feedback questionnaires include questions on administration. 2.3 Student feedback on tuition 2. 2.7(a) Homework assignments are set. within a specified turnaround time.24 Summaries of student feedback feedback provider performance is actively forms are produced and used to sought. 2. study guides. PROSPECT GUIDE . course content and delivery. Teaching/study 2. reviewed and returned. past papers and articles.7(b) Assignments are set. Student 2.

15 Students are offered advice on the most appropriate study material for their course. 2.11 The format of programmes of study is consistent across papers. 2.8(b) Mock examinations and timed programme practice tests are given to students (continued) as part of their course.Part 2 ACCA Course Management and Delivery (continued) PERFORMANCE TARGETS ASSESSMENT ELEMENT GOLD PLATINUM F2F DL Teaching/study 2. with constructive comments on content and style.14 Staff are fully aware of the practical experience requirements (PER) for ACCA membership and are able to provide students with support and guidance in achieving them.10 Students are provided with guidance on their programme of study.26 A variety of appropriate teaching. learning and assessment methods are offered. within a specified turnaround time. and ACCA. 2. of available study routes suited to their needs. mock examinations and practice tests.9 Students are provided with a course materials handbook containing up-to-date essential information on the institution. Support 2. and returned. PROSPECT GUIDE . reflecting the needs of students and content of papers taught. Tutor contact 2. 2.27 Students are offered appropriate pre- and advice study options as well as ACCA enrolment advice on entry points to progression rules. the course. including a detailed breakdown of their course into modules or study sessions and advice on any assignments. Student support 2.25 Students are actively encouraged to complete/attend mock examinations and timed practice tests. 2. exam entry the ACCA Qualification and advised rules and exemptions. 2.12 Students are provided with the details contact details of all their tutors and are able to access an ACCA course leader or course tutor during office hours.13 Students are offered advice on 2.

2.20 Reports on student progress are sponsor supplied to sponsors on request.17 Students receive responses to any queries within a specified.28 An induction session is offered to new students before the start of a course. Course review 2. PROSPECT GUIDE . student performance. 2.16(b) Students are provided with tutor contact details or have access to a centralised system through which they can make technical enquiries on course content. retention and feedback. course structure and delivery ii.18 Customer-facing administrative staff staff are appropriately trained to respond to queries about any of ACCA’s qualifications and tuition provider procedures. Induction 2. Administration 2. 2.16(a) Tutorial support on technical and advice course content is available (continued) to students.21 Promotional material contains material accurate information regarding ACCA and up-to-date ACCA Connect contact details. PERFORMANCE TARGETS ASSESSMENT ELEMENT GOLD PLATINUM F2F DL Student support 2. If there are any targets that you cannot meet at this time. published time frame. Before making an application to become an Approved Learning Partner – Student Tuition. we ask that you delay your application until you are confident that you can meet all the targets. Promotional 2. Reports to 2.22 Promotional material contains accurate information regarding the tuition provider and makes no unsubstantiated or potentially misleading claims.19 Course review meetings are meetings held after each examination session to review: i. you should consider carefully whether your institution meets the performance targets outlined in the above performance assessment matrix.

you will receive an information pack and to detail the ways in which explaining what will happen at the visit. or where initially be asked to provide some details the tuition provider belongs to a group of about your institution.accaglobal. Before the each of the performance targets. are not required to seek the ACCA Tuition Provider List. When the fee has been received your but have centralised administration within institution’s details will be displayed on the main campus. such as course materials. if an approval for each to obtain paper- based versions of the form and guidelines GOLD PRE-APPROVAL REVIEW AND VISIT from the learning partnerships Alternatively. you will be asked pre-approval review will be carried out to declare that to the best of your followed by a pre-approval visit arranged knowledge your institution meets by an ACCA representative. where you will by another regulatory body. contact satisfactory for exemption. Once your application is complete and the fee has been received. you are able to demonstrate this. a desk based In your application. but must notify entry does not already exist. tuition@accaglobal. Tuition providers based at more than one site should seek separate approval A non-refundable initial application fee for each location. PROSPECT GUIDE . You will be required to submit with MULTI-SITE TUITION your application (or upload online) PROVIDERS AND SATELLITES any documentation that can be used Approval on the programme applies to to demonstrate that each of these individual tuition providers at single-site performance targets is met. locations. some elements within the performance assessment matrix where a tuition MAKING THE APPLICATION provider has already been assessed Applications can be made online at and approved against these elements www. and what you should do to prepare for it. upon confirmation will issue you with a In the first instance you should contact the username and password for myACCA – learning partnerships department to discuss where you will be able to access the full whether the accreditation held will be application form. Tuition providers that of £50 is payable with the application. ACCA of these arrangements. ACCA will contact providers who take a standard approach to you to discuss your eligibility to apply and certain elements.  "11-*$"5*0/130$&44 "/%130(3&44*0/ APPLYING FOR GOLD APPROVAL EXEMPTION FROM Applications for Gold approval are invited PERFORMANCE TARGETS from tuition providers who demonstrate that ACCA will consider exemption from they meet all the Gold performance targets. operate satellite campuses for teaching. visit.

You will then be required to demonstrate that you meet all the Platinum performance targets. ACCA expect that you have on the www.accaglobal. to see the Code of Ethics in full. No additional fee accounting tuition providers by underlining is required to apply for Platinum approval. This may MOVING TO PLATINUM be combined with your annual Gold ACCA will confirm when you are eligible to re-approval visit if it has not already apply for Platinum approval. and Code of Ethics for Accounting Once your application is complete. PLATINUM PRE-APPROVAL VISIT Visit the IAAER website at www. application form and guidelines are also available from the learning partnerships IAAER GLOBAL CODE OF ETHICS department. their responsibilities in this field. apply for Platinum approval on meeting the Platinum pass rate targets over two consecutive examination sessions. Paper-based versions of the approval and subsequent re-approvals. Gold Approved been conducted in the year of the Learning Partners will become eligible to Platinum application. FOR ACCOUNTING EDUCATORS As an Approved Learning Partner – Student In your application you will be asked to Tuition. by following the myACCA link (or similar). PROSPECT GUIDE . you will be expected to abide by detail the ways in which you are able to the International Association for Accounting demonstrate the additional performance Education and Research (IAAER) Global targets required for Platinum approval. to submit any supporting documentation that The code of ethics is designed to guide can be used as evidence. a pre-approval visit will be arranged with an ACCA representative.REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS MAKING THE APPLICATION If you are based in a country that has a Applications can be made online once your regulatory requirement for your institution eligibility to apply for Platinum has been to register with a government organisation home page complied with these requirements and will and logging-in using your username and ask you to verify this through your initial password.iaaer.

Applicants gaining approval late in If your application is unsuccessful. UNSUCCESSFUL APPLICATIONS ACCA reserves the right to decline approval There is no deadline for applications for to institutions that have submitted unsuitable Gold or Platinum status. Learning Partner – Student Tuition will be invoiced for the difference in fee. the following year’s annual fee at this time. and to the year. "11307"- 5)&065$0.&/54)035-:"'5&35)&13&"11307"-7*4*5 APPROVAL FEES AND You will be able to download the TIMING OF APPLICATIONS appropriate Approved Learning Partner – Once your application is approved. There is no appeals conditions or recommendations upon which process. you Student Tuition logo by following the link will be invoiced for the approval fee."11307"- 8*--#&$0/'*3. however tuition providers are your approval is based. and all existing Approved Learning demonstrate this in their application or Partners – Student Tuition are invoiced for at the pre-approval visit. partnerships department. ACCA promotional materials will be issued to you directly from ACCA’s mailing house. you the year may therefore incur two sets of will receive confirmation from the learning fees in a short space of time. which to myACCA on the www. APPROVAL PACK AND Tuition providers whose application for ADDITIONAL BENEFITS Gold approval has been unsuccessful On approval. PROSPECT GUIDE .&0'"/"11-*$"5*0/'03(0-%031-"5*/6. However it is applications. this will also detail any renewal cycle. It is the responsibility of the worth noting that the annual renewal institution to demonstrate that it has met process takes place in the last quarter of all relevant performance targets. you will receive confirmation will retain their entry on ACCA’s Tuition from the learning partnerships department Provider List in accordance with the and. welcome to reapply when improvements have been implemented. In for Gold status is equivalent to the annual home page and logging-in using your fee.accaglobal. A certificate declaring your Gold or Platinum approval will be enclosed with the confirmation letter.&%50:06*/83*5*/(#:5)&-&"3/*/(1"35/&34)*14 %&1"35. if applicable. Newly-approved Platinum Approved username and password. which will detail recommendations for improvement.

accaglobal. been unsuccessful in their application to become an Approved Learning Partner – Student Tuition. Subscription to the Tuition Provider List alone does not signify approval from ACCA or guarantee the quality of tuition. the Tuition Provider List Provider List is available separately on also includes tuition providers who have ACCA’s website www. PROSPECT GUIDE . or who have chosen not to pursue formal approval. Only ACCA’s Approved Learning Partners – Student Tuition have been formally assessed by ACCA. have your or not been formally approved by ACCA. "$$"µ456*5*0/ 1307*%&3-*45 "$$"µ456*5*0/1307*%&3-*45*4"/0/-*/&%*3&$503:0'56*5*0/ 1307*%&348)05&"$)"/:0'"$$"µ426"-*'*$"5*0/45)&-*45 */$-6%&4"--"11307&%-&"3/*/(1"35/&34°456%&/556*5*0/  8)0"3&&"$)(*7&/"130.*/&/5&95&/%&%&/53:8*5)*/5)& %*3&$503: #"4&%0/5)&*3-&7&-0'"11307"- In addition to Approved Learning Partners Further information on the ACCA Tuition – Student with not eligible to apply for approval. by e-mailing ACCA’s learning partnerships This includes tuition providers who are department tuition@accaglobal.

PLATINUM £750 a year. Payment should be made in £ sterling to ‘ACCA’ and sent directly to the learning partnerships department in Glasgow. PROSPECT GUIDE . '&&4 The following fees will apply per site: GOLD £650 a year plus £50 initial application fee (non-refundable).


accaglobal. ACCA accepts no responsibility for any loss which may arise from information contained in this publication. No part of this publication may be reproduced.The information contained in this publication is provided for general purposes only. without prior written permission of ACCA. © ACCA August 2007 ACCA 2 Central Quay United Kingdom Glasgow G3 8BW 89 Hydepark Street www. in any format. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date at the time of going to tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000 .