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1st March 2011
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5th May 2011
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and necessary page set-up. Assignment Release Date : 1st March 2011 Date of Submission : 4th May 2011 Page 2 of 6 .5 4. Submit your assignment in hard and soft copies. Assignment SD3043 –Advanced Information Systems Development Instructions This is an individual assignment carrying 50% of the total marks available for the module. 12 point for contents and 8-9 point for headers/footers 2. Format of the report: 1. Font face: Arial 3. Proper alignment of your paragraphs. Font size: 14 point for title/heading. Make sure name and ID is written on the cover sheet. Line spacing: 1.

Deliverables The deliverables consist of the following: Before going to the Case Study. usually a corporation. o Through the bank's proprietary software. ATM. A bank is an institution. chartered by a state or federal government. There are three ways to access an online banking account (in order of increasing popularity): o Through a personal finance software package. and debit cards o Storing valuables. Although the type of services offered by a bank depends upon the type of bank and the country. o Through the bank's Internet web site (online banking). that provides financial service. particularly taking deposits and extending credit. particularly in a safe deposit box Online banking Online banking is growing in popularity. Online banking (or Internet banking) can be very useful. In most cases a web browser such as Internet Page 3 of 6 . services provided usually include: o Taking deposits from the general public and issuing checking and savings accounts o Making loans to individuals and businesses o Cashing cheques o Facilitating money transactions such as wire transfers and cashiers checks o Issuing credit cards. as it offers another level of convenience for managing your finances. especially for banking outside bank hours (which tend to be very short) and banking from anywhere where internet access is available. it will be good if you know the following.

Case Study PNB Bank Limited is one of the leading banks of India. So the bank plans to develop an online banking application with an idea to develop an application with cashier and automated teller machine (ATM) functionality.Explorer or Mozilla Firefox is utilized. and to assure that its branches are safe and sound. o To access balances and transaction history o To order new statement Page 4 of 6 . The concern of the bank is to develop new system away from traditional banking methodologies and to provide easy and hassle free banking solution and payment solution to its clients. Market research and corporate values suggested PNB Bank Limited to focus on the idea of online or internet banking. with a network of branches. which are proposed for the proposed system are as: o The cashier should be able to register new customers. which presents further challenges to the bank. o At the ATM. To address these challenges. Some of the features. (PIN). and capable of serving in the best possible manner the banking needs of their customers. the customer should be able to withdraw money. o The cashier should be able to create accounts for customers and accept deposits. No special software or hardware is usually needed. the bank is planning to conduct business over the Internet. query the balance and change her secret personal identification number. The PNB Bank Limited mission is to oversee a nationwide system of banking institutions. PNB Bank Limited is facing increased competition from other established financial service providers and new foreign entrants. New technology and the Internet are also enabling competitors to enter the market. PNB Bank Limited has a solid foundation of over 50 years in India. competitive and profitable.

it has been proposed that the new system should be able to offer its customers with the convenience to manage and control their banking and finances. Do you think it’s harder to manage an IT project or a traditional project? Take an example of any industry in yours locality? Justify your response. Suggest a technology for the implementation of the online banking system. The level of authentication used by the online banking system should be appropriate to the risks associated with those products and services. The services provided by the application should have reliable and secure methods to authenticate their customers. You have been hired as the project manager for this project. Now is the time to excel your talent and skill. which is available from the Level 4 Service Counter. Page 5 of 6 . 3. and this is only possible through online or internet banking. You have been asked to manage this project. Which of the Software Development Life Cycle model is best suited for online banking application project? Explain the SDLC model you have chosen and why it is better suited than other possible models. Students are also required to complete the form re: Plagiarism. Use the guidelines available in this document and you can add additional factors if required. How you will proceed? Describe the key tasks that need to be performed. 2. a. Furthermore. Can you suggest more than one technology? PLAGIARISM Students should read carefully the notice on plagiarism placed on the student notice board. Assignment Questions 1. The application should be user friendly and secure. Any use of materials from other sources/persons should be clearly indicated and references given in the text.

[5 marks] Explain the SDLC model you have chosen and why it is better suited than other possible models. Analyse of IT project vs. Traditional project. [15 marks] Page 6 of 6 . Suggest a technology for the implementation of the online banking system. [15 marks] 3. Best suited Software Development Life Cycle model for online banking application project. MARKING CRITERIA MODULE CODE : SD3043 MODULE TITLE : ADVANCED INFORMATION SYTEMS DEVELOPMENT EXAM BAND : SEMESTER B COURSEWORK – Marks Breakdown: 1. [10 marks] Example of any industry in yours locality. [5 marks] 2.