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What happened What the editorials said
The politics of migration Why it happened is “a moot point”, said The Daily Telegraph.
Some blame incompetence; others say it was “deliberate
David Cameron claimed last week that policy”. But whatever the reason, there’s no
uncontrolled immigration had led to doubt Labour ceded control of our borders.
“discomfort and disjointedness” in some Annual net immigration – the difference
neighbourhoods. In his most forthright speech between those arriving and those leaving –
on the issue, he accused Labour of presiding used to be 40,000 to 60,000, but it has been
over the “largest influx” of migrants in at 150,000 or more for nearly 15 years.
Britain’s history: between 1997 and 2009, he Cameron was correct to address this. “For
said, 2.2 million more people had settled here someone who earned a reputation for owlish
than had left to live abroad. This had put sagacity in opposition, it is Mr Cable whose
pressure on public services and social wisdom is in doubt. It is not mainstream
cohesion, and was partly the fault of a politicians talking about this issue that suits
“woeful” welfare system that had paid British Cameron: blowing his whistle? the extremists, but their failure to do so.”
people not to work. It was time, he said, to
return to the immigration levels of the 1980s and 1990s, when But there is something cynical about raising this topic just
the number of annual entrants was in “the tens of thousands, before local elections, said The Independent. Cameron’s speech
rather than the hundreds of thousands”. didn’t contain any new policy announcements: it was just a
standard lament about the need to tighten our borders,
The speech drew a swift response from Vince Cable, the leavened with the “usual acknowledgment of the benefits of
Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, who called it “very immigration”. The speech did set out some plans as well, said
unwise”. “I do understand there is an election coming [for The Sunday Times. Cameron promised tougher action against
local councils on 5 May],” he said, “but talk of mass sham marriages, students registering for bogus courses, and
immigration risks inflaming the extremism to which he and I asylum system abuse. The degree to which he follows through
are both strongly opposed.” Cameron rejected the criticism, on those pledges will ultimately show whether his speech was
insisting he had only been setting out coalition aims. “a declaration of intent or dog-whistle politics”.

What happened What the editorials said
Mission creep in Libya “The contradictions at the heart of US policy in Libya are
becoming more acute,” said The Washington Post. “Let’s see if
David Cameron, Barack Obama and Nicolas we can sum this up: Mr Obama is insisting
Sarkozy stated last week that Colonel that Nato’s air operation cannot end until
Gaddafi “must go, and go for good”. Mr Gaddafi is forced from office – but he
Rejecting demands for a ceasefire, the leaders refuses to use American forces to break the
declared that it would be an “unconscionable military stalemate.” If he were aiming to
betrayal” of the Libyan opposition if Nato “plunge Nato into a political crisis”, or to
forces ceased operations while the dictator exhaust the military budgets of Britain and
was still in power. However, Nato talks in France, this would be “a brilliant strategy.
Berlin ended in deadlock, with the US, Italy As it is, it is impossible to understand.”
and Spain refusing to contribute extra
aircraft for ground attacks. This week, Shrapnel injuries at a Misrata hospital There is a sense, reminiscent of Iraq in
Foreign Secretary William Hague revealed 2003, that “the casus belli is being breezily
that British officers would be sent to the rebel stronghold of redefined”, said The Guardian. UN Security Council
Benghazi to train anti-Gaddafi forces. Resolution 1973 authorised the no-fly zone in order to protect
civilians. Now it seems that the Western powers are aiming
Meanwhile, the siege and bombardment of Misrata – the squarely at regime change (though the three leaders claimed,
only rebel-held city in western Libya – continued into its unconvincingly, that they did not wish to remove Gaddafi;
sixth week, with at least 300 dead, while there was more merely that he should go). There is a serious danger of
fighting in the front-line town of Ajdabiya. Pro-Gaddafi “mission creep” in Libya, said The Daily Telegraph. Britain
forces were accused of using rape as a weapon of war, and faces the prospect of seeing ground troops sucked into yet
of deploying cluster bombs against civilians. another open-ended “risky overseas adventure”.

It wasn’t all bad When Corey Newman
decided to set his girlfriend
A 32-year-old woman has been
hailed as a real-life superhero
Four British soldiers who were a life-changing puzzle, The after averting disaster on a level
wounded in Afghanistan have Washington Post was crossing. Two drivers had
become the first amputee happy to help. Marlowe crashed at the crossing near
servicemen to trek unsupported Epstein, 31, (right, with Hensall in North Yorkshire, and
to the North Pole. Cpt Martin Newman) was deliberating a train was fast approaching.
Hewitt, Cpt Guy Disney, Sgt over the newspaper Lucy Gale ran onto the tracks
Stephen Young and Pte Jaco crossword last weekend, at and pulled one of the motorists
Van Gass did the trek to raise their home in Virginia, to safety before driving their car
money for charities including when she discovered that out of the path of the train. She
Help for Heroes. They were one of the clues spelled out then ran to the man in the other
joined in the first leg of their Marlowe (37 Across: “Shakespeare in Love role”). Another car – while she was yanking the
gruelling journey by their produced Epstein (39 Across: “Casablanca writer Julius or Philip”). door to help him escape, the
former comrade Prince Harry, And then she got to 51 Across: “Words with a certain ring to train whistled past, narrowly
who said: “I’m thrilled that the them.” Looking up at Newman, she said the answer out loud: “Will missing them both. “I just saw
guys have made it – what an you marry me?” At that, Newman fell to his knees with a diamond these people needed help – it
awesome achievement.” ring and repeated the question – to which the answer was: “Yes.” had to be done,” she said.
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