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2~1 ~'LIPS all·i~tifpb,~ft f~¢f~r pi f1d1 oLllalt

'I ~ ~')I~ ba Krng pOWd~r

'-I lih~,p '~riJulld (;in~~mQ~ ~ ~li P ·browi, sUg',a r

~ ~up turfa nf,s

irmily, !6Irated :rind dfr 1 or@nger,:'-G~~,£i'\ "~rElnfl" 'u'_''''

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~ 'l'b~p milk

I l~gS'r',~e&Mh rlyhdy-



1 ~reaS€ -. 8 flbffl_QO~~ ID~T ~~'i \lij~h b;w.te.r..ailq -I~tie. the ba'~E! with b_~~i;ng:;p.a_tchlqen~. ,

2 ~tTail'i ~R~ rkj:u~ [a!tr':bial~ing pO'Ovd e-ri :~ rid gmu Ii d, ~i nn'ab'lo;n·

•• •• '": .' .~:.t-

int« a3lQcrwJ. Rub;irhR€ IlLJi{~r wi:th.,

,'your-,ffng ei}:!P.s Ull:U i the" mlMtu re

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~sfJTi"hl~s/ ctw m bs,

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').uk~,._.mll~~ ~n~~ ~~.gsJP51el'h~t ~~nd

;:lad lti-the,dry lri:gr~diellti. Mix well.,

4 ~s poorrth e mixiw€ i nte the 'p:~fHaj~dJ:18N,Make\a;'~~p l~ ih~

~ -

os nt-er- to; h e'J p :t~i: ··.I,~a_f fi~~ ,:ev~rity.

5 Ba~e the~~:~~.ini~ "P!~:~h~a.f~.Q

. oven, 3:5 0 f/1 80(>(;) forabo ot

l--r-.M~np minil,Jtf.s, OlUFlti'J a:fin~·. meta I .s ~@wer in sert:ed' intQit~e' renter oJ ttl~ ·1 o~f bJm~s': ola'dealh,

6· let.t~~ !6af,CDH~ ,b~rore turn(ng It outaf th~ pan. Transfer~o ,~l ~¥-ire\ rack and let((loj ClJmp~etely 1J~f:or&- sri~in~.

'S, .. 45-l1M~:Co ra n r.I2> j~l:jl(e

~J) .' f'~ '= :.:.~"- , -.;,.-;...,_..

@.€@:gSf ibeatr;fI lightly

A.\ ~ :..:~

'~',t!J Il\5iJhllo.,~@w ·tli II

... ~~ ~~,Li ~'_ tQJ~f~ctto~~ ~~' <~ug,El~ .strai nect

......... ,~ :,0' ...... 1 ~

£w~i:@d.rl rrti:. 'of 1.'i)f~ tigf "


(O-,C"K,' -5:~ TI 'P lhJs-l~a. "b~ad wlU ~e:elrflo(a~ (·Ql'!ple·~'f)~pys. WI]Jl;it5$1Mefu~i~.

I _ ~ . )(.

8ind,:store-·irra·coo,l.~ dry p'lacE!.

'CO_QK',S, 11 P

Once you have added tho ~lqlHld to:.the,·QlY ingrediients" Wl1l'~ 0 qll ickly-tls P ~ss.i hl:e b@.~mw ~ II'il b~kil'lg powder ~s ddhmhml tw

'tM Iliqui d,

1 6[~ase.1i· 2.-[6J~!)'[hg '1 oa( F!~ i1 Witn <'tH;~"I:iJJtte(arlid· nne. th@llase'-with

.... . ".,".}:_' ... . ..

bakn n 91- perch merit.


'J 'S'mlln t~~.-·fl.aur.and b~iM'g

L p;owdEtr~ imo-':'~ 'niii~'~n~-~Bowi-, Stfr 1"n

the (SJ:;i9,a~ ~_afi:all~s~ ~~~hQp:p_e~~_~,f1die& peel, nuts, a~d .aarlberri:e;s>,

3 ~tb';~he'~rang.~o J.'u i(er,,€g~:~,;-·and oil Joge:ttier;'-lJntiIJ~Q.rcwgh'ly

ble,~:d~~. ,Add 1~he mn~~~e"t.?·l~~·\d![~ "1 n~!red ie-nts and:m ix we,lL. Rour ,tne m~i>.1LJr~·i;rtt!J.nM( gre,p.t:I r89~B'~' ~J!~~ ;1~ve~ th:e-;stl rfalceo livfth a .Spiltlj 12i ..

- .

. until firm- ~Jb-e;ro~l~h 'Cit\Sntll,iJ,fine

• j~ • • '.

m eta'l~ skewer insel1e.d· i rn.c(tI:1e ce··nler . bfm~, I..ciaf tq:m~s ~9l!tl c!earl'.

5 Turn Q~o1he:Jo~rofltQ.:a. v¥Jr-e'(~(k 'a'nd I~Hl9.?'I'$.~mpl:~~~1y,

6 MiX',tn.~e';,:rn.' nl~ctioQ .. eW:s.· J.ig.a.j w~l~ Qj I ~f~ Wtlter;·q n~~, ~r'i;~le the·

~. ~ -.... . _., .

fro9iiD]:" overi:he.laal ~p.rlfikie~ Q.milg.:e. fi I'i~',oy~('tt~~ tbp., ;_~~nh~Jm~tih~; 59'! bef~Ke,Sef\lj~,ij. the loarin ,sl'i(:es.

.. .


frcir·g!~.fI~~ t}'9

g8'n erOL1~; 1·~ CtJPii:s~I'iAisJng:nt(wr y~ rup s.'upe~.ine,sl:igar

~ I [!J pfcb opprad J:}jtte,d 'd'ri ~l;! p at~s i'baflana::lr mashed marsel.y'

"2 'e'g§s-; be\~r~h l'igMry 21~Sph{}f!~Y


. Substi1iJte other d ried'fm itt su en GIS; p'run'~lor.;3.p~T€!gts;· fo/f th@ dal,ies, Use nll~soak '!iafi:e1V~s·.~~f ~flI& b:'~st ris:uU .. s,


1.' ~'reas,e: a 2-lbI90Q,;g ioMp;;IB'l and 11n:e.lh?~;~ ba~iilg p\aTl;:.hm8nt~

2 Stra:ln ~he '~6Lnril1to-.a m~xiriq

. bowl .. Ru b ~h~ b~'~~~r if1J~ t~e Jk!t1t

w~t~ yOUff!Jig ~ rtips .until m~· m~*-ture rese motes fl n eJ'bretfdcrum bs,

3 ~d dt~f' .s!:Jgar~xhop.ped dflt~5r

ba ntanas,;'beaten. efllgS.j and honey "tcdhe'd'ry in~ni6llems .. Mix Ioget~~r to fo~m a PQurable {.pns,istflW:Y,

4 SlJOQn tl18mbnur~ irMI lhv

. prep~red io,~f pal' OllnrJ I 1111'1 'I I 1If'

surlarewlth ,21 spamla.

5· Bake the loafin a p~ijh~~ltQ~·j

_ OlJen, 325"Fn 6{)~C '[or i1l~oW,

'l helur, Ot :untH gold@n brawil ~lrlU ,I Hne' F(l€tal' skewer i IflS~Jlted I11I tI III l cePiter oftl/~f!! loaf (0 mes o u ( ~I~,;j n

6 L~Uheloqi, ~ool far 1 0 m~mJlllrl Ibefore turning O"Ul 'Ot the 1M'!!, t'h~l'l~ra:n5fE!f to a wrre rac~ [0 c(~oll

7 ~,erve'~~~e. r~af wai~ or col ~j r Ii!

_ If Ito thdsllce.5.

1 . tb.~~p.' ~qtteT •. f-o r ;gcr,easing' Z tu ps)'OII'e·d, ;oats Hs:p~gJi!lrn{j ''f;inn8Jff'lon

ih ClJ P 11g ht brow~ s.ugar~ 1:;~C61P g,qld en ra i 51 n~-

1 '(11 P se'e~ ie?s :rai:si-n s

:2 tbsp malt ~xlrac:t

1 Y.l·tl!P.~: u l1~wm~t~~.ned:i1 ppie J ~k~ :1 f); cups wnol,e·vJJ'h:eat'ti'tJW

. J tsp .powder FRU['I-$rREAD

, ,

1 Yr:CUpS 5trii'wberrr~s, 'w~lshed -and hwUe4

;2 e:atuig apples, cored, rhopped, Qf'1d mixeiJ. 'with 1 tbSR:

~emo:p 'jlli'Ce.

VA wps,un,swee:tene(J ~·aRp-l!.ej I) l(~


·.~traw be-rries

_- -c ".'- """"

1 Greas@ .and U~e a.2~Jb/9,ao.g loaf·, pan. P!ace·tb,e nats,-5ug:ar, dnnamon, r~isifl~, and malt extrEllct,rn a. bowl. Potlr in the-apple juicer, stir; and let soakfor 30 minutes.

.;" . .

2 'sua, lin, iri,' the". ~IOU, ~" E,"d baking po:wd~r. :adding any bran that

remairts Jnthe. strainer, and fold in .usrn~ a metal Spo.CII1;

wverr and simmer 9 nlly 101

30 minutes. :Beat the 5 U\ wt'll. II fI sPQO.l1I lnto st riliz dl" W~llJm '[1111 I III the.sauce mol completely, tll~n [. 11 and labEl th~ jelif.

3 spoon,' the~ mixt~(e_lnto the ~anl ,and baKe'-ln a preh;@c8ted oven,

3 5 (}"F-/"'80~Cj' fod% hours, u nt[~ a 'fi ne FDet:al5k~wel i'nserted into the teFit~r or ~he-Iqaf,comes out dean.

~ . _. .

6 s~!ve. the fruit loaf cUll nIt} sl ,,,s 'W[u:h 1-2 tablespoons of I'II~ 1I111il spread and an assortment of strawberries and a p'pl~ wed~r s,

4 Let,., the,' I o~.f s1a,tid ,fPr, 1 ~ !Ii ifl!)t€s., then tu rn out onto a Wl're rack

andleicpG ITo mp 18t@Jy,

5 Meanwhil~.tori1ak·e the fi'ult spread; pJaG@ the .straw'be·rries ana apples· in a pan and pour in the af~jple jlJicE!. Bring th~ miKtiire;to a·;-boll.,

chocolate bread

" 'tbsp·buner, fElT g~easlnrg

a'A QURs,'gt~~'g white·_b.tead·fh"ur,

pi'us. extra furd usti ng

~ . ~up. u n,5Weetene.d GQco'a 1 tsp s(llr

r :e n v.ela pe act,~e' d rf,ye'8.5t; 2 tbl~p,-br~yJui' &ugai[

'11 tbspJ)il

11A ct,lps·luKewahn V(lpt.~[

1 Li9htly grease· a'2-lbf900~g Ipal pan with.the:bvtt~r.

2 Strnln'th e flQ\!I. '~d u n 5we'~'~d co~n~ Intoa mi)'::mg ~pwL St!r'ln

, ' -

the S'EI t:t, drY' yeastr and slJ~ar ..

3 p~LJ(jtr~h~ Qil.With·the.~~ter !ma mix the lriqredientstcqether to

form a douqh,

6 Plln~h ·d(}wn the dough l,i9htlY rOf 1 minutep then-shape frt into a Ipa{Placri in the, prepared pan. COVClI,

., Bind letrise 'ili: a warm place for noi Ilar so 111im.ltes..

S' minute,S. AltemaUvely. use an ·e~e(jric mj),o(~~ with-a,dough hook.

7 Bake in a preheated oven, 4omF/2oo"C, for 25-30 ,minutes • .lf/h eon. the I{)~f IS cooked, ~l shOUld :sound'tlo,II'ow when tappsd on

.the base.

5 -Pla~e t_h e ,d9,tJ9 h ili.;;1 'gfe;a.~~.fl bowL cover, and letrse In a Warrn plt1ce for ~bCJ:~Jt' 1 hOt:ll( or it has' doubled in size.

8 Transfer the bread 'to~. wil ~ ri1(k and let (belj completely. Cu~ llito ~Ii(~.s· SInd ·!Serve;

1. '~reMI2 a i::lb/9GQ:g lo~fpa:r( witl1Jn e .bl:ltter;

'11 t~q!t. ~~':tf@r; fq,r 'greasJTlg 1'3jLurps sttrong white bread floor ~7.! :9L1P,: ,lJrr~w~ .tk~?~ flolJr

'16Jsp s,a I,t

l' 'BM~LQpa:'a~i.Ve;dr:Y ye~s1

, !':

2 S~~if1 .~a~l;~typ:e~(D'~ noun ri:~o ..

. _ a .~1:Ifge ml'~n:;ig~owl!, .,andV(l.tlpn

:the'~altanrl CiTY YeQ:st POl:lr In th; ,lqk,eW(U[m' W~1~!; .~gailf~lowef·bU~}}:i·n.9 1l0fl~y.Bfin9· together'wf'orm. a .'dIGlJg:ll

. g}~~~(OLl.S' %Cll P I u k~@Warmw.;ite( 3:tbs p.!5rtJ nf QWE.r ,01 I:

cj~fb<?":rf, Hpn€w:

'-:' ~;t;:: ,J

':l P.lare,th~·dO'~g;~.on,q ligNly J. 'mnurecU;QlUnter'iHid. kne:2ntfbr .S OGl:Jt S':m i llu~es:, IL! ntU :~mi?oth~

~ OIJ P 'CnG pped p ittred dates.~2·'tb~p"'s~t.I><me; SB~d:~

~f yOLl:(~:t:)notfit'!Q,':ql wawm

pia ce, snt·(1 bowll with the. doug:~, .. i rr j~: ,Q(iler. .. iI pan ;of w~hil waite-rand cover,·

4 ~Iace the ,dDI:l:~i~ i~ .. a~,~J8~S@d PQW~, COV5!f,. aricUet:ri$.~· iUl a

warm ,place fo r abo(Jt1 h ou~: or lJ ntil d!ouh!ed in Sitze",

5"" Knead Inth~'·da.t8s wn~ 5~S~FlIi[l seeds 5h~IJpe tille ~augll all~ place in 'tn@ pall,

6 'C('wer.'andr'b;tand in a w~rrnl plac~ . 'for a,'fuirth~r 30 min~Jt6, "Or untU spti ngy~,~o the, to udi.

7· 'Bake' irrzt"preheate-d oven,

" "41S"F/'22Qi>Cior3~~lm:im,ites, 'when tn,e·I.6~l~S- G!J(ike~, It. should :sou fild hoillow .wl~ie n ta pped,

8 :~T~mfer. the,loaHo a wi re rack 'MilO l¢tcOQ'1 Gompletely. Serve ;. cut into .th I.ek Silc12's •

. ~. . .


manqo twist bread

'? tbsp b,~e~/dit:e9j plu,~ extra . for"greasing

I~t1'~Llp-s strhq-g whit~· b~~,ad'f.IQLlr.

.'.pll\lsema for du·~tin~ 1'ts[?·$t'.!ilt

1 ,e nl\ielp P-'f!._Elcthfe· dfy~@'~st ~ tsp,:rirQllj.fl,'O '9.inger·

.l~ RUp·.~r.9w.rr~y'gw

;1 small mil1"ngo, peeled; patted., snd

blelid'~q J@ a :p:aste

~ 1 cUfJ .1 ukewarm Wa'tHrc '{ tbsp 116rJey

·V~·P(Jp _gQldenl~i5ins

1: 9QiJ. 'beaten I igbtl V ~o.n·fedbOTleJS"· ~uga~, fqr ~us;ting·


1· Greas!:> ~,WORlre sheet.· -with a Ilt@ buwer. S1raln the fk1ulr,-and salt

-,. v: - ~

Knead in t'he goldn r~i'lhl~ imd .shalpe the dough ln~Cl2 1klllli~I' shapes, each 10 Im:hie's125, uu 'llHltl' [areful~y twi~,t~he 2 pieces \(")9 '11wl nlill pinch the ends to seal, Pla(f2I1]~ dnu~11 .on the cookie sheet, covelr, an I ~ ~ III a vtJarm place for another 40 mllllltll'

~nto a mixing bowl. stlrln the dry

y.east ~gi ng~;~- and J:)r~wlT' s.y-gar. GU1~ rub ill th€! butter wirth y.our fingertips until the mixture r~se(rihles bre'adcrumb~,

StiT In theJnailgo paste:, :lukew8:rmw~te:r; and :hdn~y·and br-ing tofonn Q dough.

5 BnJSJi. tile loaf wiU,lhe eg~ wJ bake in, a pre-heated oven, 4ZS'Q;F/21(fC, for 30 minutesd Cf IU!lHI <g{)lchm. l~[ cool ,on a wir,e rack, Dust with confectioners' sugarbefo~e $' ~V' r1~

3 Place the dough mfa,ligh~ly -froured tOll:ht~r, .Kn·ea'd. fp r about ~. miilutes, ufltlLSilJ,ooth. Ar~el11~~veIYr use an electric mixer with it douQh Hook" Pla(~ tneYd6~gil ilral 'gl;eaLs€.d bowl. covetana.1et·rise·.ln awarm. plaoo'Jor about 1 hour, Wllint Ii'as do'ublfi!.d in ~ize_:

C'OOK,JS TIP You-can ~ell when the br~ad IS cooked because .~t wtll sound holi'ow when tapped.

citrus ·bre'ad.

m a.~_es on~' leaf 4 tJbsp t,bu'tteG d t~i:t,-p 11I.5'·extrai for g_~asir~g

3~· cups strong iNbite bread flolJ~,

plus extra filt :tJU:~ing., 1h·tsp salt

'kclip '5uperfiT'!,e .~i1gar-

1 'Em'Velop,e ,attiVe d ~y y~j3 51. 5...,6, tbsp~.~,r'§nge ju I,e

i:l tb~p"lfm~fl J;~i~e'. 3---4·-tbs.p lime j U'~Cel

ZIJ (u.P ·ll\It~~v~.rm W.a.ter 1 orange,'

1 lern'on

.~ lime

2, tbsp hon~yi 'for 9,1 azl f:II~

'1 Ughtly '9"r@ase':~t{o6kje s'he~t wiilh a little butler;

2 . StJ:iJ i no t~·~ fl.our. ar.nd '" j n~o' q la nJe. m IXiOfj. bawl. Stir lin 'the

sUQcar and dry yeast

3 Rub 'in the 'butter with your 'Angert~p.~ ~mtII the·mixtt;lrit rese I'l1 blss bread crumhs. Ad d .all of 'tHe fruit juib:~·s-and th~:w:atfir qfld .brrng 't{Jgeith:~r with Y'!J~iF.:fingers· to rQrm a dou_gh •.

4 ~Iace·t~e d6~g.h'0f1 a lig·htl~. floured £tHJmer and knead for

.5 minutes, Alternq.~iv~I:Y1 use an eledirj( mix,er witkar dough h~ok: P:'lac~ th.~· 'dough ln a ·gr-e.a.s.,ed bowl; coveri.allG

j,el rise .. j na. WaHl'l' pi a ce fpr 1 h 0u.J. tJliti I. doebledln size.

5 Meanwhile, 9",te th~riod "hb. 'o(ange, lemon, and lime. Knead the- fruit rindsJ~tQ:the d9~gh~.

6 DiVidethe',dlougn into .2 baHs,

, rnakir1'g orae-cs'lightly Dllfmer·thafl th~ other;

7 Place tlm~ !a'rger bail on thee toekiie sheetend setfhesmaller om~ on fop,

8 ',p'u~h -a :IT~u~e.d.flnger ~h:roUg.n ·the 'center 9fth.~ d [').~~ h. Cover a rid let',rise-forabcrU14,0 m·itl',q,J.tes. Qr untll

'. . -. " .

springy, to the' touch,

9:;;:;~::"~h:~~ :ie;~.;

Remcl've· from the oven and trans;t@( to :a wire rack. Glaze 1;viith the ho,ney and let cool dJrriple~eJy,

T l'

rna kes 0 n e: loaf

, ~ -. ..~-

:"1 tbsp butter; dhred. pl'U,s'eJitra fQ:F gn~~sihg

4 - j

_g,~ne[Ous 111 ~]jp:S':5tr9nfl WIlI.te

. - ~ ~ "

birea~:flou~ plu:s extra'far Clusit'in,9

112 l,~.p~5~~t

1 envelope active dry yeast 'h'CI:JF,).lluk-ew.,tlrm milk

1 @gg, beaten ligjltly

c _


4 thsp. oU!ter. --sof:tyne:d ,14 cup. brovlln-sugar

~2. tosR ~hppp@g hat!~IIl.ut~

1 tbsp. cho pped preserved gin!] er ,!h (4 P- ~aJJ"d'ie'd _p~f}1

,1-, tbs~ rum qr bnmdy

1 cup c(j;nfediiOfl~isj SlJg~l 2 tbsp reman jUjce

1 Grease-:.a' cqoki~ !ihe_et-Wit'h;a Il!tl,e butte'c'Strajn tn-e.-t'1our anti salt irrh:ra tars'~ mi,xing bowl . .stir-in ,t~~ yeast; Rub lnl the butter with your nn,gettips. -Add ~he.:niilk_ahd e-g~fand bring tqgethenl'IJ Ith,Your· fingers;-!11' form ~a Qugh.



2 ~I:_ate tlneaou'gh-ln [f gr~ased~._ bowl. cnver, and stand .lna warm pl~;ce tal' about 40 mrnut~s,. umil ,dm~bl:~d in ~i:z_e, Punch down.tlhe.deugh lightljl'for 1 minute, then.roll

Q ut i 11[0' a re:~t~ nil_Ie ili easuri ng;

12 x '9 i ncheslJO x.2 3 em.

3 To ma~~e_th~ -firI1rn9. -~r~a_[l).· ~he_ hu;tt~r~ia n d su gar tog e~~e r m a

large. bO\1iJ1 until light and 'fhjff~\ Stir ln llpe haze IIi_Lrts,g I:ng:~rr :(lind led peel, and RIm af brandy . .Spread thl! -filling O,ver the _dough~, jeilving al.~n(hf 2·.'5-~m. bG_r.q~U' :BlroQl1d:the edg·e5.

4 Rojl'up the doug.hJ s,tartlng

fro m 0 ne of the r 0 n-g ed ges4 i n ~'li a sausage shape, Cut into slices at 2-~incht5-cm intervals and p~ace tile sikes. in a drde on the cookie sheet, sldes Just tOlJCihing. C6verand sli;md in a_ w.afm place to rise for 30 rnil1lJte.s.

5 _Bake in a prehe.,atedovE!J11 ,

. 32 ~,oFf19 CiQC, tor Z 0-30 m mutes

or until golden. tv1~anwhilef mix 'lJhe

:ccfnfeetiohe-rsi ~,tJgar with @·rrough lemon julce to form 0 thir:i -frostmg.

6- L~ th;e roa~cqbl,sli_9MlY before drizzling wrt:b frOSting. let the

fro$il1i n gi set s I i g htly before- SefV i n g.


c inn a m Q n .sw i' r I 5

ma'ke:s" eig'h~e.~·11

f tbsp hlli1t'er; (or ]reasillg g.e~efO'[ls. r:4mpcs all-puqJOSid:io.ur 21lS·~· ba-king' powder·

. ..

!4;tSp salt

1:,-:tJ.! r. .~ uperfin~' 5~g~r 4' ~bsp.butterl meltBd~ 2' 'eggs, O'eafftn 'ITghtly g~n,~rous ~ w[;L[ni[k:

1 "~P f(es~ .cr,al1berrles: ?{Qnt~"A c~8 freshly grated

Pa:imesan cheese

1 Lig htly-'grea se::2 muWn po n s wil~ .a 'little: !J,Uller: S1:fa'l'n the. flour, ba~ing. pOWd8~ anti sEllli into a mtxing bowl. ~tir l n th-e sup erflne sugt~ r.

4- Sptinkle the grated ch eese OY8T the. to·p :cif' each pordon oHlle mu'fiin mixture.

2 I n:il se·pa.ratebowll'.l:ombirie the ~uttHr. beaten ~ggSJ and milk, .thetl pour irito· th e bowl ofd ry

i ngred i:e.niS,;. M I>; lig htly togeth eUJiltil all of tile infjredients are @lv£iI1'ly ible'Med, t~el'l5tir ih the 6r~T1D~mes .•

5 ~a~e in .~.p~ehea~ed· ... G~_~n, 44o<:lFl200<:>C, for2'O minutes,

or ~ nbl :th~ rh'Lltffi n s-·are well risen andgolden brown ...

3 DJvid@the mixi:ure-a·mori~:. the: -prepare,d-pans.

_,' .

L@t tb e mu.ffin·s. ~oQI. s,lfg htl y tn the pans 'for ~ d mlntJt@s, then tran~fer ~hem '~p a· wire rark, and, let cool completely ..


makes twelve

2 tbsp D[[l:te:~. ti[eed,. plus, ~~ra for gre~"$.ing

gtmerous lMilJjJS ~.trr)rig white

bread 'flou~: PI:I.I.5 e';9fa wI' ~ ustillg Yt tsp SGiJ~t

'1 envelppe ·fl(c):lve· dry ye'~s~ 1e-g~;. bea.ten lightly

'/~ OJ.P ILJkew~rm ml'lk

~ ~~~Il,map'l~ "Syrup ... FILlJNCli'

4 tP_s.p btiif~~ so:ftened '2 (S_p grol;ll1d cinnamon JA cup browr(sugar

}i c:u'~'culT~nts,

1 Greas.e, a 9~ln(hfl3·~~m squ_a['~ baking p_an with a little butler.

" . . " '.

2 S-trailll·the 'nour and 5,al't-into a mixing lbowl. Stir in thec'dry yeast RuJ) ~n the' hutter with yQ.Uf fjnger:Hps until th@ ml.xture re'5~mbli~'Dread crumhs .. Add th~ e-gg ;and: mIikal'ld bFtn~rEogeth~(Wid'j yowrfingers. to

. to trn 'a dou!) n.

3 forro th@.deugh'ih~o a ball.. place ln a .grea~ei:j bo:wl.couel, and let 5tan~·lll.a. warm place, fOf abOUT

40' minutes, or until doubl;e.d lnsize,

4 Pimch·doWfl the dough li.ghtly .. fOr 1~rn~t~, tfi'en f.oll:.ouno 'a, reqtallgle meas.LIFing 1 Z x 9 Indu~sl 30x13 em.

5 TD .. m a ke th.e_.~IIi·n~; , cream the sQfte:ne~ bu:ner. unnemon, and

ofQWn Sl!Jg.~r togethef "FHi; bowl until light-and fluffY. 5pJead the filllin·g .evenly averth~ dough re,cta'ng'~~1 I·eavl~g.a

1-i nch/Z .s~(m border sreund the edge~.'~ Sprinkle the cur~rits ev;enly over fhe-top.

Ron up the dough from Ol'!tl {l,r I hI JQf'I;g. e'dig'e5, and press down tel seal, (I.It1ne roll into 12 sllces. PlaCJ' them in the"pari. cover; and let ri~e lin J wa!l'·for30 ruirflJ[eS,

7 Ba:k€ I'lli a. preheated oven,

375 t,F/l90°C, fOI 20:-3'0 ml,nul e ; or until well rlsen, Brush witlllllE'Ylllr and I'et tool sl1ghtly hefme serving.


cru n chy fru it ca ke

7~ l~q Ii QQtteiFt l~tol\'e_n~d, ,p Iu':s ~J~ lDw" gr.eas'ing

!A ,$U,p,~s.1!perfiri!~~u gar ,'i eggsi ,;heai@n' righl~y,

.~ -:. •• ')1

;genemUs,YJ-~Y~ S:E'W"Hs,iTllg

• ~. I •• ~

'f,loi:l~ sna ined

, l-tsH b~kil'l1l, pdwd@r'

" ... "'>. '~' .,., t I'

'M ,[~p'h~irhrne~1

1 }i~~u ps:' rnlxed"dr.ied-fmit

~. io~ ~ .... -

,!4 'o.j p :pf~E 'n:u~s;_ :graiBQ'llpd af'~ J@mgr:t

..... - .

4 'tl:l§D'~~m:on jU!Ce '

'ljb~p m:ilk

'iA~IAJlON TCi,~grhl'~,~ ,crumHli'Eilr lig'hter',fi'Ofr. ,ctik!;1, omltithe''Cmmvteal,i::ma use-

.-: rc ' • ~" 'n .~

:a,:,ge neroiUs Ii ,~up, or' .s,@-if-~isirl~ rl~'~dns,W~~d ..


1· ~(e~'se~a 7.ln;~hn.,~~(~, w~th d li,ttle b'OOer'.:mti .. lloe thi~'


'~B.~~::wlth baking p,E1rchment.,

'3,.... Wh~~~ l'n th:~·'~e::;tgfl. e@.,;gs.(.a 11rtl:~ at a time, whlskrng'tnorou;gh,ly.-

afteLeach ad qitlon,

4 ~ellt~rfold lh@~lour~ b,!flk[ng powd ef! and comrnee I into til (1 mhct~,r~ LJntil wan blende,d,

5 ,Slir ih !h~. rnixod oriod fluil. pi". n,uts., m.tJt~d I'~mon nna" lemOll ju ke, an d milk.

6: $pa:o.I1i ... th~'mixt.lJre. ,lnt9 tile I~an _ and' .I e){e I th e surface.

until E! fiil~ metal Sb~W(H inserted irlto the, center o.f the 'GEl ke COm@s OlU de!! fJ •


[BilK'I' N:G

'2.. 'p,are th'f"d~d i"r.qm the deillJ~nitin~5

_ B nQ<;ht;)p it flrlely~ '~1I'eClm tbe'

butEet :SlUg a ~: and :(lem'en'tln~ r"iod·

. f;Qg~h~r-in ~::b,Qwl 'W~1!11 pale':arid T~ufry+

~. ru p 9utte~ sdfti!:t'Ied, p~[;lS extra

fgr.~reil:sirig~ :t. de rrrentliTf!:S

~ Gb'p' S;.Llperl:irl~:~LJ~~r ;3 ~g'g~, D'

1 'r; cups;i:elf"ri5~n~ flour 3 t05 P":g rnlJ E1da:tm'G'nd~r

_. .'.ii· I

3 <Groo~"aIIY ;;Jq~_ ~h~ b,etrt<en egg;~. tD ~i'ne -m i;J:1ul"€~· he:atIn9< th om U ~ hly ~:~ber ·~ach· ad ditlon,

3. tI"Jsp Jl~~rht cream

.G LAZE. .AND:TO ~prNG e.tb:s:p,oo.\ 2 'His p 'Sifpem[l~. s:ugar

5, whit~ 1'~:g~f Iturip$.~C~U5h:~'~

4",Qellit'Y fold iTTth~ ilol,lr. g,round ~~lrI'lQn ~s;;- a nd fig ht'oream.~'·S.po¢,n th~m ixtl1re ~lltO-th,8 prepared pari,


or untiil ;:dine.,rri:8tal s.K-ewer ~n5ertt:d

- - ._.. --_ , -I·


If you l'iKe, chcip th~~·ririCi. from {n~:"d:ementll1.e5: 1m a fO-Qd· PtQ·c:~ss.or or b h~nrder \iVhh the sugar' lin steiP ~; Tip the m~xture, into a i:wwl

with th~. but~er ~ahd beg:in '~o ~!@anllhe .fi'li~un:!.,

6 Meanwh1lle, to ~,~~e;~h~_g.lai~r f!lltth~' cI€ m'emy ~~~ -J~ lf~ Into ,a: ~m~ II :pall wi:lt" tih'{j supe'rfi n'8 suga:r. I3finrg t~:.EI~'C!U oyer low 11~?t arid; ·-sim mer for 5 mi m:lite-s,

1 :G~e-a:s,e.':~-7 ~iricnil8:-:~rri. ~OlJ nd p1ffl w~t~ a:httl~ butter-and hne lhe base- with b~ ki n~ ·p~Jrchmen1'.

7 TLrH} OlLt tbecake. QMtO'ii1 wri'e. raGk'. Drizzi.e the ~raz~ Q~er th ff ylk~ un:til it has. b~ell)b$orb~~ and_' sprlnkl.E!"),Ivith the crustle,o,sugar lumps. .~€1' ¢rid ~ompj:f:te~y ·bfef(m~ seMng.;


[Ei ALKJ N[ ~I

ca raway madeira'

,s;e~r:v,ese i 9 bit

l' wp butter, !>Q'Vi~rl'E:!d, _pilus @itro

fQ~ :gr@lq.sjhg': sc~nt1'~u,p ~rdW!1S:ugEf~' 3"cegl!;lS: ~eate n~ Il~lhtl,y ,

2. % XlilpS s:@jf~fI'Sin!J' t1()~r

~ tb8p f:araWGI¥ seeds grated Tina of 1 I'e;mpn Btbsp m'i I ~

, or 2 tlrlps 'of)::lt"ron gBtll

1 Gretise'a ~;-I bj_9bO,g: I Qatf.· p2H1and Ii he with ba ki ng,. parchment

2 Cream.the~~~~'( and.' b!qW. :'n sugar togeth.l\!w In a bowl 'IJrItil

ptlile and flufPj,

3 ~Gr~d.·~any:a_cd 'the; 5~,ate n Eg~ s . to th e oeamed mlxtu,re., heating

. -

4 5trai [I tludl@~.r ~ nl0 .the :bowl .and,'g-ehtly"fold 1n((nhe;:o~~'1lm@-d . m iXturer witr' 'a~flg ure-eight movement

5~:, ti~d~~::::·~:~;:~"

I'D un~il tl)pmMg:hly blefl;d;ed~,

6' 'Spo~n'~he -rtilxtu~~ lll:nrtihe prepared pan ~nd !e:v~~ the . :S!;irft;l~G:\¥ith .f{spat~ra ..

COOK"-S ii,'

(itr91'1' 'p.eel is ilVa:nla b[e' In the bak~ng section oi iar~e,~l)lres.c ..

If it i~ unG'Il,a:Hi;lbl~ .. ,;Y{l.[J3t;rn sUbstjtute. (hopped mixed peel,

8 iaErmpve thE [aKe from. Ulle' O\i'e~, .~J1d .ge ntly p~a(e. the p~eces of citroinp~el Re.tu m to t he oven :and ~;jake:1Gir 40 mil1lut~s mom, or until

.~.. ". . - . - .

'the cake is woell fi~~enj goldeJl'l, and a

·ijn~ ,sKri.'V\i'er"iMse,rted:'into the cen~ElJ COlneS.a Lit. dean.

9 let_"th,e:.c~k€ ceell n th~. pan fer '1 0 rn r ~ut€!5 before ru rrll ng rJlIt'j th¢~lt(a nsf¢ritlO a_l wl FE Iradno let lt c!:lQI oom.plfl'tely.

BA"ltl N6

lemon syru ,P ca ke

s€!.rV~g ~ig ht l' tbs:p', bl.If:t:e~t J~Fg rea~I~~l

s,gnt 1 y.; ,r]JRs~ 11-'P'l.U~'d~~, '~IQlJl 2.~tsp lJal~in~:, Il((i~~er'

J [liP sllpemne','.sugar


ifj '[u p .sour erea m 'gmted,rinchlfl I'a-:ge 'I~'mgn 4 ths1plii!moq juke

% ClJp.s!JrdI0w~r Q:il


4,tb5p (onfedtrcmersJ ,stJgar

~ ,tb~pje.moij j w it~

i: htl,ii greas~ .a n $,-in~O~cm

. I~p$e-ha:~e:d wUflcl cak~ pan wilh > a ]jttle b7iJttef,'a nO,'11 n~: the hase' wn:n b~k~n,g' pa({h m~m':

2 :Straiili the ~:.Qur and-ba,king

, POWd@f',lnt(f';;'3; ~a[ge Irrll>..':i'n'Q, bowl

. " _" .

3 In a bow10!f p',itcherl whfsYfbe .'egg,~}~~o~ir. C.~9 mr l~n.l~ir'1 ~1 ndi lern on j LIltie~ and onl together.

4 ~Gur ~~'e ~gg ~lxt~l!e into t~~ .dry

mgred lents, 'I;UIi~ mu; we II LJ nul

'e-v:en~y bl e)lq,ed,

5' Pour i:h€ imi)ttwre irulP the .plrepared .r;H:l'rLand .bak@ in i)

I. "' I

preh~a;f~fo)ie6, .3509F!180U(,I'f9r~

'45,...,..60 minul:es;<Umli1 rlSelland

.; _" .

'go Iden otl ,top ..

6 T6':,na':ki;dhe syrup, mi;\ the cor'd~piq n e rS:s4ga r and lemon 'Ii:lke together in asmalU pan . .s'Ur over 'low he~t: until IIAM Starting 'to bul:l~le .a n d turn s;yru py.

7- AS$00,nh~g"th~ cake comes "' of the, oven prHJk tHe ~mface wrlh ~

flne TJi:eml ~kewe~ then br,:u~h the SY,fUp over the t{1p .. Let cool completely' In the .pa n 'p~f¢!ftu mi'ng, out. aqd S~fvf~g.

£OOK.'STlP pncki~Q',.the SUrflU:H of tne hot ca~e:witha"skewflr ~j]sure~ th,~t UIiE,', ~~f~P' soeeps into'tih:e G~lke and th e flavor is absn rib~d.



s,~rv:e,S €ignt_' 6~b~ bi.Jtte~ diced, pills extr,a

, .

fbf91F~B s:ing ,

'g~l'Iero11.1' 1 Ytcttps $er,f~Jl:str.g f191:l~ 1 l!\!lb~king.PQ'Wi]er

~ :eup, :s"U,P~ri(fl,~'-'~'lg.a'F

] Ih' ClipS, (hopp,ecl dri8d~ appl e·

19,enero!-i5 ;{i::fUP ,rai5Tns

~A [lJI P:5WBe1 dd@.t':

1 eg'Q, ti~at-en ligl:itly 1 CIJ pr~:sp berri~s,

1 ,Grease~n a::fnchtJO-~ITl'1;q;~j p~h wi~h ~.littlie bU,tter;and li*~ with

. ~ . .

2 Stra ill th e·llotl r a Wid ba ki[lg p-rhy.d~r ~rit~{~ Ilaig'e iTl1xi,ng, bowl and rub' r rr the' butter with ,~o WIV' 'nl'l'lge:r~rp$ Lnrit[ithe' mixtufe ~,ei.e:mbl¢'~~ ~nebr~a d crumb$'.

'3' .~. S. ti. r'. In 'the,~u'~~:rflne s uga r; _dri~~f a pp~e. and, f8JI,SInS"

6 Bah-in a preheab:d Dilen,

, 37?~Fn90T, f,or40 mrn'Ut~'9'r oruntll ris€n' and lignuty golden,

4 PqU/;j~~he.sweet 6ge1; ap.~ ~gig and 'ml~t(lgether until ttloro~gNy

. - ~.

7 Let th~e ca ke rnol [nth€! pa n fllr ro- ml:n\Jt~s, tH entur n Q,U'fontp 111' ~iffi .ra~~ -and l1!t mol mmp~etely before ,:serv~ng.

'bl¢~nQ ~~:. 5tJ r 1 tdhe -r,aspl1errfes' ~~~I g~rltJy so ~lh~~~ lhf1¥ donot breakup ..

.... '. -, '... -...:'

5 f'Q<L1 nnremjkture: \int9 t~e i prepared ceke pan,



serves fOilJf

'I ,~up butter:, softened, plus .extra

'fOf 'gr~a,sing~

~enerous. l' i:llp~up·etfinJ;!.s~gar. A eggs" sepani1ed

'$c~ 11~ 3' 1;4 OJ ps- ~Ir-P'LJ r:po~@ Jlqtlr> pinch of sa It

'j t.·~ bakil'l!lr p9Wd~r

1 !h'cup:s fresh Dfan.!~ Juke

'1 tbsp orang~'~'Dwef "'li9iter~ 1 I:sp grilted, Qrange 'nrfd SVRUP

3 !::~:~;::r.:;;::~~~:li.~~

Folitthe dry jngred[e~ts and thit Qr;mge.Juke ~lte"mately·into the' cr€amedmixture-'wi'th a meta,11 ,5 peon, ~~'rkmg .as .Iig My as pqssi bh~\ G~I1~Y stir in. the Ora ng.e· fllowe.~ wa{(~r aD d .Qn~ I1ge~ rind.

~ tlJp'ori:mge juke

~ cup granUilat~d sugar

1 (';rea5l~ and fkmr·a:·l (Hnchr2.'5:~tm kugelhopf pan. or deep rl~g, meld,

4 Whiskdie egg whjtes uotihhey fo~m s~ftpea'k5, then gentlffold them into th e mixture uSin;g';a' ngLn!i.

.el-g:1tt movement,

. ,

2 Cfea m .the- butte(.·a n d s,u perf ne . .S,lJganog·etherln' a bowllmtil' l'I,9I1't an d vi uffyJ' 'tJlien ~ld9' the.' eg 9 '~olk~1 1 @t a time, whisking we,ll .after e d, ,add,1 ti on.


5 p,o~rinto th~' prepared pan (If .mold, IBake 1:rJ a p.FlE!heated oven, 3S0of/1800( for 50-55 minutes. 'Or

U nti r a :ffne metal skewer I nse rted I n to 'the center ofthe cake comes om d@iM"l.

6 10 make the syrup. bwi ng the .ora rige j lJice and stJg 13 no a bo 11 'in a .sman pan over low heat, then ·simmer'Q'ellitly for 5 minutes,; urnll 'the ·s~gar has di5SQlv~d.

71 Re·move·the cake from- 'tJle

ovsn and let cool 'In the pan for 10 minutes. Prick the top of the cake with .a fine metal skewer end brush over halfef ~he syrup. Let the ca :e cool, still 1 n . to Sl plan, fo r a no:ther

, a minute:!), then invert the cake nnto.a wire rack placed over a d ep plate and brush the .syrup ow~r 11e cak£l"un~il'i1i5 mmp'letely c:overed. Serve wa rrn OF cold.

. .

'BA:11 NIG_


carrot &' qiriqer cake

1 fbsp, hulteri for 'gn!asl ng

~ I I ...

. ge neTQUS 1!h' ~.~ps·BII-purRo~e-ffo~[fo 11 ts pb.a kihg powlier

'1 ~P baki~,9 soda

2, F5jiJ~fOU~d ginger"

16'~~ .. @:lt

'~5vih11 PlJP~I~ghl brew:nl~! -gen~rol.Js·1 W f1-grated, .ceJrnts

~, .. I:' • •

,2' pJeceS.:9f pr1;?'¢,rved:

grnger, -(b:o~ped

:~ tJr~p~grat~dfr~$~un~ '}j mpseedless ra~5in&

-;2' e~!it;r~beat'en I1gh;tly, 3:tb~w corn all'

j LJ frt.e of 1 (or,arrg_e EROSTIN6'

-, Qtliid0.\~{f~r~Dft t0eese'

: • ..,t"'" "".r~ . . ~~ 'k- .tf

~: tElSip' [Orlf,e~H6:ner$~ 5U,g ar 1 tsp N.a'f;j ~!Ia ~xtra,d

);]LO, tlEMDRAJ~

,grat~d"ta rrQt

. "

'frn~ry 'c~aIJPep~ pres1erl.i!e,d, gh7g.~r ,gr~U1nd' 9.nilger·

1 (]rea;se.a:n·~HFICh/:2.0.Grp ... rO~Pd'. (9k~ pan': wi~ti, bUtt~f .and ~i:nJl witin ,b~ki rlg~,parcbrt1en~,

3· ·fsp.Dont~~ mixt~r~'i:ite t~.~ _~r~palre,a._,pcm .and bake In'ilI

pii'eneal~d>o\Je~, ~SW·r-l1·.80,oC, 'fox 1-11,4 hOllrEi. untll fi'(m'to the touch, o-r i.iritihrfin~' m~al , into the'''center oUhe cakersmes out dean


2 .s,t~i i1'1h~ 'fl9li r; bg.ffjrfg.;p0wd~ti baKing, soda,grnl1ndgin;9 er,,".and

'. ). "

salflrittJ '~l bowl. Sitiijn:th~'sw:g~r. GJ'rrdts; preserv~tl ~:n~g~r, fresn.:g:~_ng~r, and

rcii'si ns, In ;.tn8parate bowL .b, tog_~t:ller 'tn~~ - eggs.j~tl!~a 11~< or~@:e jlJic@:,' then stir. 'j'nt@ th@:dry. il;J;greciients,

. ) .;\

4'10 rnak€ the frostingJ place the ~oftdie~:ge in a ~~wl and beal to sJQ.fien. S'ift in the mnfedioITe,I'S! slJ~ar a~ a-dQ tne'vanilla e;ctFqct.·M~ wen.

5,TLlfn. ,t.ll. e~t:a.k~ ou ... ·{ ,·.am.d $mo.~th the ~ fro\5t~ nil,.l)v~r the top. D@.comt~

with ~r(ilted car-rot ~:nd preserved Gllid '9JOLI nd glnger an ds.~rve.


3 {~)(tra I,mg€ ~gs'

111 C,Up"Su P2LBl1ine 5'yg~r

S~f1t t -'Cu,p~~'~Hj_!:f~fl0~,e 'jij_o~r 1 l~bsp hOT wat@f

r~llLI NG

% cup 'Ina~cilljJ()ine

I ~s:p ',al ~on:d,

l' ~. cups :$ffim II :s:[raw.b,~l'd@s


1 ~~'SiP lOafsteQ :sIlted q,lmg.r:ta5 '1 .~~ mnfacti:oners' iugi3[

1 :;::I:::n~::::k~~2~,(m

. parchmenLRI,a(ftJhG ,~g~:s'irl'a_ hea-tprm;lf ~:owl wfth (He ~'QP#.[fin~: s~.g'g,J, Whi,sk;~o~~eth~~ then 'place the. [fowl ~Qlfe'f a p~n o'f, i{o1 W~tN ~·nd· wh1~l:~tb~ m:b~~re 1I.~ti l'fJaJe;·~.[ld -thltk.

2 ·f,ternwve ·the .bowlfmnr~hie . pa 1'1. . 'Strain 'in ,the flour and fold l'n~D th8. ' 'F)J lxtJJIf-e' w~b 'tH:e ihDt wa~~r:

Pour't,he ml~tu,r~ int~ tlle:,pr~pan~d 'p~n . and ,pake hra pwhe:at~,d:ove'n; 42'3~-Ffl2,OC[, 'rqr !}-H~.:rnin~fe5·, until goHen and-set,

.!Jilting j:i~J(1'n'nel1lt. Peel'cJ'~1 the lirling P~ p er and r{l~1 u fl1~e sponge (2] fa: tightl.y': along with :tne.,baking ·par~hmenil. W[GipJn tl dish towel ,and Ilet cool.

4 To mak.e . .the filii ~gJ mix t0ge~ her the, masG'arpD:ne and almond

extr'!i1Q. Re-serv~.a few straw Di2!rrri miS II!! I

(.. . : ".

d€!ODraf~bll'l then wash, hLI,11. and sUe@. ·the-re~t,: ~hill the m.;ifs-carp:o:n;e miX~Llre a rid t he';strawberrl€si t] the f@frlglBJ1IlCl' t,lntil (equlin~d;

5 UnrD~1 the cake; spresd the Iln~s.cairpdne rrn ixt!,lW lJoIJerl h~ 5urf~,[et ~nd-5prJtJkle with .1iJ[c~d ~s~~awo9}rr~(;}s. Roll t~le.cake up ag"i~ ~nd. ,1ran~,f~r-tQ '8 .: ~~rving pl~te. S~rhl'kj, t wi"ili a[monds and lightly dust wlth coilte(t:iQr~:ers! SIJg.~r; Dew'rate wltll

Jhe -re servsd silrawbel'nes.

ri ch fru i't ca ke

1 :tbsp bQtt,ef,:·for .~r~a?ing generd us. Yi Ttlp,' T) o-Mak"prci! nes . 1 :cup (~IQPpe~ pin.~~d~te5

-. .... ~ w ,. •

~j;ene olJs.-% ClJp,ul1sweetened

01Emg:~ jUi9E!" :z tbsp molasses

-1 Ep~ fine~y grat~d l~m{:lrFrlhf 1 tsp fi'fle~y w~ted ~m'nge"rind

. gen;~rmJ~ 1 ~ cup:s,whore-


~. tsp baking powder Hs p _a.ll~p'ice·

.% mp seed"e~'s ·rai'sin.s %,o-u'P 'g6Iddl'r~i5in~ % '~u"p ~rro~nt~:

generous I (IJ'p'drif~d oanherriss

3 ... e-~lra. lafg:~ ~gg{ ·trfpa rated TO D-E(CiRATE

l' tb~p:a,priGbt pres~iVe.Warr:.n~d conlect,ione[~~ sugaG for ~u5tjn9.·

. ,

~E!.h'eil"(;us" .'~ .Cd'p slJga.rpaste

str:l!h'l!'f nta nge .rii'fd

strips ,of'~emon tihd

1 Gte.s. a deei>T:un.d "" . 20-qrl cake. p~n ana line V!J,lth

ba kl il9 pa rch m ent, C:~op ,the· PI''u" nes, p1ac? ir1.~ pan w'ith the~date:S. ~'our o\l~r th~ of:ang.e<J!J'ic~.:' and simmer 9yer Icmrh-eal 1"ot1"O mi'hute$~. Remove from the .he-at:~nd b;~a't to 9' pa~@~ ·~ti~ in' the molasses and rinds. let cooi,

2" Strain the -Rout baking powder .and allspice into ~.bowli' ad~ing iany bran from<the strainer. Add.thg oded fniit'5" When tM pruM rii,ldure is COO~j whrskJn the ,egg yolks. ha: 5e-narau.'.)bo:\Iiji!.. WhtSK the eflg whites unUI stiff...~p(jon the fruit mixture; into the dry ingredientsaricl mIx t09,etlier.

3 Gently fuld in ·the egg whites using a jnetslspocn, Transiel" to the -pr~p~r~d cake pan (lnd bake lna preheated OVe-Il, 325~lFt170a( for 1 V~ hours. Let'cool in the pan,

4- liurn.I~' "k~ nul a.ndbfLJsh tile to,P:Wi,tn apncot pr,eserve. Dust

'th e. ~o.t!hte r \lViOl w~f¢ctlo ners' S·L1 ga r . and roll out the s.u~.arpaste thillly.

~y 'the: 5ugaFpa:ste o_venhe top of the 'G3~e: and trim lhe-·,eq-g"es .. [lecor¥e with -dtr~s: rind.


.'!. ~ •. ' ...

S:~Hyes :~rix~:, ~'eup htlttsJ;" rn:(~d, p lu S4~Xha

. _...... "....

Jp I: 9 re~>sing~'

,senefe.:kr::~ ~ lh W~.p:€Wr:i5infJilgJJr prrrt:h Qf :sBIt'

ilci [lj[ri?W ~r9~ri'E;\,

1 ~{up:dry lJ:I1swee.t€'ned;tmc:onllt~

. (- {

~hJsiex~~;'{Qf: llr-ih~lihg·

i1'. egg~, he~I1'eifldJQhtly fU~'~R'TJI1jK

2 Str,ah'dhe flbLlfan~,.salt rnt~,,~~ m'ix;i ng-b 6vv,Umd rL(b i n:the b~iter . with yo Llr-iing:ertips. ,u ndtthe'e'

•• - '", r

11Ugn1iy:'g:ea~~ a.',2-10l~~O~~_·,lo~f paA with ,butt~ and line lly_~h

i:i:akj'ng par,hmerlt..

3' St~r in ~@e-w~a~ ~oc~nutr-~ggS._

, an d 1'mik":g~q mix 19 :a ,soft

co:nsir;ten fJ.

4 Spoonth e m~xtu r:e' i'niG the

. p'r-~pa ~d I oaf ~an ~nd level the

surface with dsp:attiJ:l~ B~.kein';3 p~re:he,~t~[J ,OV~Il,' 3 is u F/1 60'\(, fa r

.3 Q tTI~ n'lJit.e;~.,

5 'Rem~Qv.e~l\e:'t~k~ from 'r~lle

ave I"I-G nd spri n kle with, tll.e, exrr.a

~Gt[fiJiut. {{;e.burrl~ toJhe. ove nand bak~ Jor 30 minUte5 m~fe~ until riserr.an_d gol CI~1l Irnd .210 m~til r skewer- j nserted 'Ir!tO th~;t~n~erS0,mes ou:t dean,

6- te~;t~e (,a'ke'·co. 6.'-~ .slrlgh~l~ In ~ne pa.n; rhernu m o~tr and tra n ~f~r to' a- Wire<rack aiid'le-t (Dol.C!3lTl1pllBt.ely 'be_f~fe s:~f\/·jhQ1.

I "

'I ~




1 lbsp but~er, for gr'€!J!slhg .~ ~ggs, ~e:p,CIlffit~d:

~clilrll ~ji(!Jp st!pe-~ijt:le SI!.Ig'ar Iln,ely ~Irnt~d'nn~ qnp_j~r{e

or .2' OHIT'lgl'i1'S '~lneIV9~a1e:~, nn.d ~nd Jui~ of' lemon

ge~~~OI:IS' '1-:'cl'J~grp~pr:r almornds 2.'~ thsp s@'lf~risio9 'tilbut,

. , .


g!l2ni!tolJs1(~u[p.))Vnfl=!plng t't~fn . I, ~,p ~ri:lllnd crnn.i1jJ1on

2 [$P Cqster"sug~w'


1, I[b~p toal~,teIiL~,i,~rl,~Ir.riQ)"'~s eon-tectioners>s.Ulgar, fGW dustr~;g~

'VA II,All erN

VO ~J coul.d S'I2'rMe- tni':s:-ca k@ wi~~'1 a syrup:. S.911 '~1~ juite.Cl;,.m 'gl~~~{j; ~iW1,d ,o<f 2;{lnilJges!~wlt~'~'l1lt

~ cu. p superfi'ne. 5l.fgal~afJ,(j

I . .

2 ta b~ e;~p:09~ pl,watedf'ot

~...:" mi nutes untff sHg!bity l:hil~K~n~d, S~ir in '1 tabl~~poJi_n: u ra'Mlg e Uquleur .. D@Jbw .5Br~i.!lg/,

• .h ..

1 ;:G.reas;e ii· q,e'epJ ~i nthllS'-~r)l . r0uncl tab~ ll'8r1'wlth hutter. Li'ne:

.. .. .' -.. J

2 ·p-~9mtne.~egg Y'~.I'.~$.,and.s(lg~'(tn '<'1 bowlluntd the·'mixture 15 palCl".

aild-·t~ick., Whisk' half of! he' oran ge lond a,nd '~lII"Dhhe'lemQn rit"lG into lhe.

" ' .... ~-... ' .. '.... .. ;. ..

egg y€)1J k m'lXtu fe ~

;., .I'

c 0 OIt~·S 'Tl P

Wruen wMppibg·~t~aQ], chilt1he· bewl, whisk, End O'ed:m befon:!, starting., Whisk ~;riskl~ untiFii

starts to thic!~en a:r.dtheh mQr-~_ slowl,y umll so·ft peaks 'form.

3 f1Iix I~. jJJi9' Iroll)' Ih. or. nges and I@mon with the grmJFlcI Glnror1~s.~~:d':;lji-r jntothe~gg yolk


mi~tu re-. G'eody 'fo I.dill theft.o ur,

4 W,hj'kcih'., ~9 .. w.h.ites ,u~til sUff" ~h~n g:er;tily [0 1(1 ~hern llito the

'em} .yo I k- mfxlu t'@"

5· mi~t~lre ..•.. Int~ l.h~· _ prep.ared pan and bah~ ~n 21

p:r€'11{i~1@ij o;v~~~,35,~"FIl80"(r for ~3:5~4iO minutes, or until golden and ·~pr.r]i;]y lQth"e t6u<:h. Let tool in the ·pan kJr 10 min ut e;s I tnen tum out and leqv~·tO [.onl, eompletelv.

6 wnJp tne cream until soft p~~ ks

_ JOtTIl'.:·Stlr in-the remQlning OFfln~e ~~~j'rtd;i cinnamo.n·tl.nd sugar" O}ver inc::! t6ol~d t.ake:wKth the sliced aJrnontl~j

. dust \lyit~~;corlft.0io~nefs.' s[igar, arid ,s!enre. immedlat:ely with the ornllgi~ and ,dnn;fthon ae'am, .

... ~- . .' ....

makes ei ~f:ht


~ cup·,grcmnd alm~:)f!ds I Vi el,U:.lS dry milk

I eu r; gra nul ated ~'~ g,~u ItS 'lSp s~lff:r'Cln threads"

. , . n l y,.. ttl P swaet~b~tteT

1 tbs psi iced al mo nds, to' dem~aie

1 Be~t til e- e995 tog'ether i rr a baw I a rid, set as ldje~

PI~ ,the 9roI.I110a'lmonds;dry milk, sug'il~ and :saffron ·in a··large. t1'~x:l n g bowll and mix well.

MeH d~e butler tOfl small'pan o,ver low he~t! Pow r the m,~lte.d l'June]' over th@ dry hig~ret1jef)ts·aJ1d.mi~ W, II until thprou,~hly blend:ed.,

4 Add the reserved ~eaten eggs to th~ mlx,tu'rl~ and mIX well.

S,pre d the· ccfKe mi:rttJrf! eveniy "n sheil[Jw7.;_9-"in~h/15-2.0·tm r,lvcl1[jiroof dish and bake'm a

111 wll,Qo1eci, J2soF/i 600{1 for

C:OO~'~5 TIP'

lhe!fe '~lrri.ond.·slke·$ a re' best' eaten hot, bu~ ·tI1~ey may a:I$~ ~~ sj;!iv~a co:lrd. Jh~Y Cain be m.ade .a d~ay or·e.vel1lq w~~k'~n advarrce a nd reheated. 'They 'aislCl 'fre~ze be2tutifllUy.

4-5;_mil'lwtes/,or LlnJiI.q 'fjii~ :meta.l ,5h~wfWIMlseued into fhe center'ofthe

, ..- .- .

6 Cut the ~.lmO:d C~kel~~~ 8~J~(e.s:

Decorah; the almol1o.sllC'es wlith

'sliced almonds, and transfeno s:erving .pl·~tes:·S.elrve'hot or,{old:


1 Lightly ;grease.a,d@@p;8~il1dv

. QI~.:tmta~~' pan,Wlth·bl.ftt6rand· I;·the ·qaBe.wjf!l, b~f~lrfiJr p~rchme,nt,

stiint 1 c[Jp~'w~~f€£"se~pt€;~~lJ~

1R1~:.s', ~Yij:~~JQr,~1ng

$1 enewLls·V.;·KUP su p'edine,su~~ar l~ eu p.S':$el~f:i~ 11:1g tlo~r;, ~~J"i3Tr)e~ 1'1~~P g[~un~ .~'Inger

~~g~g'S:i' l:ieate'rdJ,glitly

1'lb14.50 .~)'1eqrSj nl·. e:eJied, .(or@~,

? . ,;:F~ ~ It-"' . ~.'

2· Mix aH bwt~'~a~le5p'6on~ 6f~tl~ bti~er:.wlt,h, tne.stlperllne,·stlg'~u, fl~u r,gJngena n:cte~'g'~j ri" 'ij -IYowl r- Beat WITh .a'whi~k.iJlJltll th.e mixtuP~:dorm5 a

. ,- - -. (. ' .,;. " .- .

smooth (om;istency.

;and~'th hlly.~£I!i~e,d; 'lben~b rw!sh"ed \Nit~ "le'm9n jui'Ce: l·tbs:p.~rolf~n Stlgil r

i~~crealTi"cQr n@'Qvy Gre~JnJ.Ii~lMIY whi-H~e:p ~)o);e,rJ:e ',~"Qp:~ona I)

(.O'O.K'S liP

Store b.w\[Vn ~:uga[ in .. anta~iftight:

• ~ • - , I

3 "Sp090 t'f1'"e ~ke ~~jtl'~r 'Intel th e p'r:~;par.@'d:~an and level 'Qutthe, SO#[al:e, witMia 8pa:th1a',

mnta~lle~··rathe·r than hi its 'p~~~gef wne~J~ it~n-ab!sQwb watsrfrcm the a~r.·lhbe susar becorrles: fiar~, db rfo(tnrQw jit ·ClIW~~1. Wrap. 'the_paCka~}~.'in 1:1

dem)',.damp: alsh'.towe~ 'al1d'hea~ ln ffie _m]~ro~.~,v:e o.n Medilum 'for 1-2 m~~mite~.r untlH be,~}ns; '.!tospften.

4,A~~ nge. the .... pe." r ~K<",. OV~ I' .tne"'(Qke ~att~r. :Sprln~~~ w~th

·the brown .SLl9fllf clno dot witt; the r8mai"nj~g .butter.

C Ba.k'e·lna,pr@he:llt~d ci\f~n~

J J500f/l 8{r(~·.for 3.5--4f) minutes" onlMtll t~e Qb~ is:g6Iije'ri' oh tpp :ano 'fe,@~ls:sprl~g~ to"th~'~Quch ..

6. '. ' :S~rv€ tlh~.p.~ar ana ""?"

, warIYJ, ~ Wl~1h Ii(@ cream or wh i p ped

;ueam .. if'ymi liK~.

'1· teaspeensground 6fnnamon ·fot f~~. g,r~LJ!'I~·.~gjl:rg@rahd use 'van"! l~sll'g~H rn~ead of p~aiin.

~ ~ ". .





coffee .streusel cake.

• "il'.t· serves e!:glf!.

% [[JR' b~tte~melted' a·nd· ('Ool~ r •

.plus extra 'fD~ g[ea~ing 2 cl.ips;.atl-puqJose flrmr

; 1 t~s.iP·: Qa king! pqwq~r

:% .cup sup~tfin:e5ug;ci't 1/§"';O)p. milk

'2 eggs

:rtbspjl1st~nh:;offee rrii'x~d with

1 tb~:P'''~di!in9 w81~r

~ cup' c~qpped:aimun~5,

'(~nf~tfr~nersrsug a ~. tor.d U,sti rig Top~fNG

)j~,c:u~':self~l1isi!1g now (w.p'raw brpwn .su9aJ

, ,

.Hb~p butb;r, die~a

l·tsp .grql.lnd .. tI.nspic~

, . ',j ·f~tbsp.Wd"let

Grease a g~in(b/n -cm ,Io~'~~ based rOUlnd.Gike pan

w~h h~er and Ilne,Wah b~~ing

pa rcn ment, Stra i nthe flollr ·and b~kj hg powQer into' a, mixing b6,wl, then stii'ln the sup@orfJlI~ su_ga[

2 Whi:~k the ~i~k~, ~.~;m~:·,me:lted

. butter, and coffee mixture

tog',ethe~ an_q jJour onto th,~' dry ifllgredlents. Add the chopped a I mends ~hQ rri~;dightly togethet 'Spoon :tne< rni'xture .Into the "prepared pan.

3 To ma'ke·tne·top[ilngll cQmbine .ths 'flo u rand ~w.,browl'l s'ugar in a bOWl.

4· Hub "In the·butrerwith·your fJ'rigeltips:umiJ ths mixture i'esemb1e5' breild','trLImhs~ Sprinkle rn .ths allsprce and wat~r ·and bring the miXture tlJgcli~~ in~"o ioose: rrurnbs, Sprfnkje -e,veFtly over the-cake battsr

5 Bake the cake in a p r~ h:eated

,_ oil~n,,'~75°F/' 90"(; for'about

,59'minutes-1 hptf(Cover lo.o~ely w~h foilliHhe topping startsto brown too ql)kkJy, t-ettlhe ~ke 'cool in the 1J.E!n, th~n t~rn out.dust with confectioners' SHgafl and serV~.




makes h'l~elve

J/1 cu~ b[ltte~ plus extra

for greasing't t cup bnwm sugar J H'5~ mo-J,ass~_s. ~~i1(U{lUS 1112: mps aU"

Ji',UIFP'OS,e flQ_ur

1 tsp baki~g powder , '~P 'bakingsQQa

,2 tSPI grOiUnd ghiger ~ nrp milk

1 -99j beillt~n l'ightly

. 'eatirng 'apf.ll~Sr p,~,eled~ [hoppe~, and, oat~dwhh l:emo'l1 juke


'V.A .. RIA'-IO'N

If yO[J-~n16y the fJa!VO,f of ~ing!2r,lry 1i"~d;il'lg 1 tabl.esppol1 frne!YGfiopped preserved ginger lp U]l~ riliJrture-in SiI:<e'p 3.

1 Gr~a~aa S. -:~t:hf~~~_~'m .squ~~ . cake pan With a little butter t.l:nd.

Un~ wlt~1 bak!in:g par~'hml!l'nt

Me~t 't.J,e:-b wtte-r,. 5 u9ar,. and mola,sses III a PElf! o~er low RMlovoe from 'the heal and Ie! cool.

3 :Strain th4flollr; ba~j.J:lg pow-der; baki~g soda, .aniJground gln·ger tUgiether. iritQ a rruxing- Ilowl.

4· sfir ~.n-the milk~'egygi a~d cooled ;bu.tter Clnd_mQras)~ mfxtllfe,' followed by,the chopped ·appJ~-s.

5 ~ti~ g.~~tl:y,., the n p Dur.the mlxt!Jre

, mto the prepared panand level

th~ ~rdrf:a,c~ vyith ~·'.sp(l:tuja;.

6 Bake.jn a p~heated·P.~~·nr

32 S~f!1'60°C, for.3(l--a 5 mrn!utes, untirth~ t:~ke has rj5ien.8!i1Q a. fine metal sk@wer illserted intcftl1e.' center comes OLrt cii'!!EIf1;

Let the 9'ii19.el' cake'coql in

'the' pal'); then turn.out, and cut. ~ nto 11 bars.



r ifti?P' b.uft~~- for :g'r~~Q~lrij.g

1 t(G¥.~~{Lg~{I~Kj Ilg.<~jJp~e5' B;tb~p' l~rnQn I~Jt~ g'~tnE!'rcf~~ 2 .. ~~,p\5' ~h9IiB~

\\Vheajr f[o·lJr

4% '~5t ~a.krilg pb'i]l~er;

1 tsp 9j:QU[ld.~[innarm9nl ptu,~'e~rra :fQ(qustfr:l;Q

1 cup:p.reRa[~g 'ptal1kb'err~e~" Htaw.etl iffmze:nr' plus eK~~d

, .

:S[alnt 1 mp ng ht ,bmwn';sugar-'

I .

'1 E{gg; ~~at,e:n J1'g hdy

~~ tu.p-I{)M(r~·~ R!aih Y99lJ~'

2" otis 5; ~wb~.e. 0 r bnJwn ~I]gpr .'1 Ulrl'fiJ.5f,r,wsp:8Q I rghll~

sj~€ed eati n~ap pl~; to _.i!l'e-oor.~te(

.'fI A·R,'~ AtT I {Ut

. " ,.,

Try repladn g' t~ e ·bladtl)·erries

" - . '.'

or froten, ~a)de1y i~ifre51i blue~err:ii:ts ~~~\fairab ~e.


1·, 'G!I'ea~.e 'ai 2~1~1~~0"0~g :.l:oaf P:Clfl with'

a litHe otiltemnd j~ ml' -with hakihg


the cOdkin~ app~~5" Rtace them in ~,

!J'an'Witn the.l~moO jdfte, Dring toe 'boJl, Co~·et, ~aJldslrnmedor tQ trt~nwtti!~i ~ntll shit. .Beat\vell. Set"illside·to cool.

2 $tmiti:th~:'ftQ~.u~. ba ...• ikij n g~ pclwd~J;' aJl'ld Clnrl'amo,n iht{bq bowl,

. . . ...- .....

addin'g any bran toat r~m;;jins In the ~tfa,irte[; S'tlr,jn :l!tmp dN:he, bli'lGkb.eJ·~.@,s al1d thI:!'8IJ1gar.-

3 .M .• '''Ife~ w"~ irithe center Qi.:ihe. mg-reCiren!f;' a no ~iild~ the.' egg.

yogurt. ~n:d cooled apple paste.lv1rx ufltjlthij~QLJgh]y ~~en~ed·. 5pDo'nthe. rn1;{ture tn't{:} the prepared loaf pa nand ~evel: oller the t6Jfwltn'Q ,sp311tJla.

.4 .. ·. £P.~n. k. ~~ ~ith [he r~~a'i,

bl~!ckJberfJ:e_s! ,pr,eS~1 Il.g'them

,o:0wn riltcdhe cake b~,fte\r and top I~e ~(lt~Er w.ithJh~ trlnsh~,d~u g-alf !,lImps. Bake i n-a prehe?Jled over'!:. 3;7.S~f!

] 90Q{:~ for 4,6.-45 minlites, -then let: eoclin the pan.

r.: Tum th~ cake oul and peel,.way J ~h~ bakmg .f)arc~m~nt 5e!¥~: dusted with.dn nsmo n ':a-nd decbrat@a wjjh hla~kReirrles.and ;;Ipphh;ll>t~<Si

:[11 akes_,ie j:ght

. 6-tbs p: butte~ ,diicedr plus ,extrca 1q.l greZL~rrlg

ge'f'!~[[fU'~, ~ y;;" ~u1l!5~"Selfoil:s JqQl 'f1 oU!fo;'

'. _ . r-.. .-.r-~K' I ".'

- 'pil JJs·eitfu,'f(ih':l~ ~5t;fr:1-g

'p-irich oo~ait

. ~.'"-':) .:,n

1 tBsp,;supe:rijne.:sl]~Gr'

-'1 ~a,tia4~r,81ipl'B:;, p~e,le~, ':~f.edl

,~and chopped

1 egg; D''e.iit~b lilghfly /2 tb;S'p':'mql,8}i~'e5,'

'5, to'5p,\m'ilk-

" Ui:gh~ly g~ase :a mo:~i~51J~et< with a lITHe hutter.

2 :t~i[1'th,e,':~ou:r, ~ug,a~ and salt

, Int0~:a m1xm9, bowL

3 Add th B-:but:tef a no ~U b' It' ill: with yo.urfl,nge rtiJj~' YrlII I the:-:mj~tlQr~'_ rese m hi es fi ne .bread (;rcumhs,

5 Comb r File the.beaten ,eg,g,

~ mlQ~?I~seS,r,ana mnlkJn,;@' Pf~cher.

A~ ~ ;l"(1'. th e d ty i ng re~ie,nTs,an~ brlrn_g to~reth~r 'to furm a;'soTt £fmJ'g'h;

c; Rolli om the doug ~ on a ,I ig htly U ~lqtrred"rount€ir'fQ ~ ~fnlt~k~~e~$- of ,%inchJ2 en aHcL~tamp out 8-drdes,

I. : - i'

t1~~~g ,~'l ~rtkh/S,-cm culler.,

7 _Arran.gethe"bis(lll~tS onthe p.~ep'C!;¢~' ~90kJ~_'sh.~e_t_.~nd ·'b~~e irj'"(l: preheated oven~ :42SoFI210~'C:rfo:r ~boiu~ ~1)~'l1iill~te$.

8;::~~:~t~;'~:l~:;g:;, ;~r:'

s;pl'it X[I ~alf'a n'ttsp:read, w~th bule!l.






serves 'fo u r

,2 I,bs~ but'Cer; i;lit~d, pll.u$ ~xfr-a lor

1 HI (.'!W,P'$ ,all-pU~:lJ'9-se' fJour, pi uss~eXilra

fo·r d t;1~tl ng '/i t~p sell'~

1 l'Spl ~\~*ing, pi?yitier

'I thspl :)upe:r,fln8sJ1,9,"U ~ {;uiIJ m~lk ~(';ilifecti6ners,~ 5.Ll9.ffr;,f:er,

dtLM~ ng (optional) , n~LlNGI

~ ,G!~ti ng, ~p ples~ peeled;" cored!"

i,lr;Jd s~k~~

~ Ctl~sUJp~dine £{]!9~~ , 'l'b~~ I,ramoq JUice

~ 1;Sp grfilJilJ1d ~ifln~ooo'fr: 1 \lh,LI ps water

¥l ~~:~ hea~ ~~eam. wRipp:e'{j' Ii'glitly

1· ughtlY'grea'5~ a C09kie''Sheet vv,i~h a litlle· butt@!: S~rain the f1o:u~:salt

illrllQ ba~il'l:g ;pq:wder rntq 'a mNi,6g IjowL Stir i:n 'the;stlg~r. theI'H1J_b,irq~e InUtc'r with 'y,o~'r fing@t1ipS:J\U1til the, ml'~tlJre' FrBem,bIe.5'ijne' btead, ,!=RIm bs.

2 P~Ulr inth~ milk aI.1~~ bffll~_ log~thW' tQ rQtm..(l soft dou,gm. Ku~e~~ th:e' ~ol1g'h liglilly an a lightly

1 (rn~ thi(k" SUl'lnp"out 4, ci rd elSr.lJS[ ng a ,l':~l]dilS·im bulrter; lransfer the ci~(h~s

.' .. ~~'. " .,' ". . . - - ,"",

t(fthe p~p:llired cqokiesheet..

3 ,B~kein a :~reh~a'~~d' ov~n,

I A25<>f.l.l20"'~1 for Hi minutes,

u nti I ['is,en iinq, b/QWn:e;o. let '~D9J" _

4· To, m(ik~,the:'fillingJ l:ll:a~ the'

, a ppj-es,li (ie~:,.'sugaTf 1,~fTl? rJuT{f:!:~

_alJ:d-cirJllam6-n in, a pan. Acid,ihe Wqtef,,', tirnng:tq ~ tlO~t, a:ri'd $jiTIIIl,e~' JlfHXHJerecl, .'for 5-,'b nil r1ut-es, IJ nitlll the'

, "

app:le~'are,t,~ri'q:er: _L~t'(P9h3 littl'e~ Hlen remove tlI~ ap-ples;

5 ¥.pl~,t~e ,sbort~ke&'iirl half~' plaCE! .~ai~h l'OWEr l\alf Dn'd' se{~jn~ plate anCl ~P:e9 n:~' f~u Eth J1T ~H,e ap p~e ~Iire~ OInEO '~aci"l! lima 'fap with' ff@~lfl. R,la£e:~h~cpih@r half ofth ~ ~si'iQtft~:t~mi fop.J;e!ve du~ste.@ with':con'fe,ctk:mers.',:s,uglilr if you. like.

cherry biscuits

make~s. e19 h~.

6 tbs p: .butler. ·:i:li["@d, pl Us 'extr,iiJ rm,gr~asing

geileiuos' 1 Yi.ieUp!-self-rlsin,g:flourr·

plus e)<itr;:Ffd:r dustiqg .~ tb5p5L~perline'5:ugB!r R,inch af salt

.3 thsp~ Ilcli~d g,errTes, chopped 3 tbsp~gO:laEm:I:tl,isf.rfs

1 eg:g, ,b e.atei1· iIl:g.~!ly

.scant ~(UP mil'ie

COOK'S TIP lIhese biscuits willireeze ~ery sl,J![(ess'fiJ'lly. but they' ar-e best tbaw€:d ,and eaten. with H1 1 month.



1 Lightly ~re~'Se'a' coCik!e .:sheet wltb a little b-utter.

2 ~uain th~ :flour; SUg8.~. ~nd :s~lt .' mtro:a· m:1)<mg' bowj and· rl1b m the

butter with your fI ng€rt.i ps u om rh e

'J. ~ ~. • ~

3 Stir in.the_G,andJed (herri~S and golde:n fal';;IIIlS. I;\dd the ~·ggl.

4 Re.serve '1 t.a.ble5p~OnQf.the

. milk'for glazing, then add .the Ifemilil':ider to the mi~ure: ... Brillg to~ethenJo form a·s.ofl: dough.


5 R~.IJ nut. the do u gh ~.n ~isrl i·g'ht~y floured coul1'teno a thickness of y.; inch/:?: em arid cut out 8 Circles, l.Isililig a-2-inchj5-rmmtter.

16. PlBC .. ~ the biSCUit3. on t.he. pre,pared ." , co~k!e sh fret and brush 'the tops

with the reserved milk.

7 ea~e I n -a pr'eR eared oven, '425<)F/220-flt, for a-rn mi;nutes:,

or u ntr~ th:e bismit.s ~a re gor!d~il.b rOWTI.

8 Transfer the biiswits to a wife ra~.a rid let co'~ 1·.Se rve s pHi in half a I'Id .5p[~~'d wit I:i butte-roo







s h o rt b read fanta i ls

.1,4 ,Gll'p OiJtter. ':~oJte~ed; pIU5:...emr.a


sUlntS~ (u·p.·~r,anurated-su~ar 11l)s~rco Ilfeqiorwr.s~ S_!,lg~ r 'generous TI9i GtJPs a II-IP 1;1 rpose ·floLJrr

pJ us .~ra ,fcii d usti hg pinch fll:5ait

2~li orange'flawew :wate,r

SIJ pemmt ~.~giu?for sprrnkl i ng

1. , Grea~e a- s.h~II~.w :S-lndiiJ'20-'~m~ rolInd .cake p~'n with bUtter.

2· :Cr,eam 'the but:te~~: gramd'ated sugar. ari~ (Onfe.(lti(jrief~:'sllgar

. .

togeihedn ~ Jarge'mlxlng bowl.'un(n

Ug bta rid flruffy:

3· Strain the' flOUIr and sal.l lnto the :er~'mM mixtlJ're~ Add ·~h·e .. orang'e' flow~.r wate'f'and bring together with Y9ur flng~r5,h)'forrn a_50ft ~di;)ug~"


4 Roll out thf<f91Jgh Qn'E,ngNly floured wlJnterIllto all B~inchJ 29",crin':i'rd~,an~f plaoe in the" prepared' pan! Prkkw~llj.lnd:fs.col\;' iITt~1

'8 tnangles witt,'] a.lOlfnd-blaCled knife.

6 Sprinkle with superfi'ne 5lJgar,

I th'~n.'aJ.ta:lo"ng the >malied li:m~.5 to. make :tlle f~ritqils.

7 ~t:th~, coor: fn the pall

_ b efo reo s:e.rvltlg.

5 .Bake the .shortbr,saa' in a preh~ate.(j -(}V~:ln, 3'2 S~FI J.OO't,.; Tal 30-J 5·-minu.tes~ Of yntr! ~'is'cri~R,'and th;e tap ls .paj,e golden"

- ..


iernon ju m bles

make:s fjfty

y. C(.J ~ butte~ $clffelled~;:p.LlJs· i=ijKj

for grnas·ing

I h ~ r.iJU$ 'h. ru p S Llp,~ff[ ne' ,slJg,a r

grnted rind ofl lemon

II lSf;m~ b~tE!n lig'hdy

lbsp lemo n JU:Ii('(~i

2 Y, eups a 11-:piJrposB flQur; plus ex(@.

'fa r d us,t(n~r

I .lsp baking powder II:bsp mil~

!'J'llfe C~ioner~ r sugar. fo:r ~ re.~g i n g

1,' U~htjy 'g~as~ severaf (Qo~r~ sheets :w~th ci'lJttI,e··b utte-~.

2 . :~::~:: :~:~:~~=:~~:: :~g."

m[X'II1~l bowt ul'ltli pale"!il1I'ld' ·fluiffy,


3' Add the DN,te.1i ~gg:a nd lemon

'jlfi ee, '.~ I itlle ·at a '11 me; beafrng

'. thQl'olJghly after ~'ch'·ad{fmort

4·Strainth~ fIOoU,ra:d,. ba~ing . ,

pqwdermto 'tlie mI3tur~'.aild IllIX

u ntij b Ie tided. -Add' the mHk a n d :b.rrng ~ogetMel' with yo'U('flnfJer"S-tcdorm _a. 510ft do'u ~~ ..

jj: ,y~u prefe~ fOml·th:e· d9u9.~·lnt9· other shapes-' t~tters of the ,ajphab~1 de5:ig:ns,

'5~ . "TumJhe'd.ough·oLit ~nto,a/ Jigotly

- . .- floured counter and.d~V'idle: Into'

about 5Q.equaJ'~siz.e; pieCes,

6- Ron each piece j nto a - ausage shap~ With your hands and b~mJ Into all "S~ shape.

7' .pl,ace 'th~'d9lJgh shapes on 'M pJiE:!·pa-re·d'cookie. sheets and bake 'in a ~rehea~ed_oven~ 32soF/160°C~ for 1 S~20 minutes. Tr.ans.ferto EI w'i're ra(k '-an~ let (001 coll1pi~ffry. IJredg-e'

generously ,WIth mntedioh e rs' suga r before ::!leNi n·g.




I} rup b~,tte,r, plu~ emr::a. ffJL,~rea5i~g £11: rups.'S~lf.:rt5rhg fl'Gur

p~J'1>aJ:h IDrs~Jt

1 cup SUpE!riil1l~' sugar 1 tbs'p' Q:rl:ll,ml:;j. gling,~.r 1 :~p baki ng 'soa'a.

~ w.p I:ightoom S'!iru~' 1 ~gg j JoNtlln IIl9 m;ijy

, tsp 0Fa'flAlle ~i nd

CBOIK'S ilP Sterf' these fO!!lkies in ani illl1_ight OOl"Jita'iru~r and eat th'!m 'wN1t n ~ 'week


Fnr 1'(!fiS,ff30Iitiol'1ll1l" but eqiua III-y de.riticu~,c:ooldes. l~subStiwt-e

1 mb:leslloon ,apple: '!l~eJph~e ffjr ,th~ ~ [QH..iI1,[I rglnge:r and

1 ~~JasF.JGO]1r ~ neJyg ta'eti fe:mCin ri nd &ir!' "'ncl.


1 Ughtl'y.~m,1l5~ $,~verall ooQ'kie :sh@~w~ a ru1ifl bu~e.r.

2 SfmhTtb~ ijOUFr saJt~ 5U.gflF,

grau fildQrng er; ~ nd Ib,a~~:g' ~oda into ilia r~e ml~lng bo~t

3- fl;ut th~buttelr and ligh!t ror~. syru~ mt~ EI pl!lf1 and ~tac'FatM8 'pan OVJ3J.'v~rv tow h~at tmtil fh~ bu'tm[ ~ltlS melted ..

4 Rem9:tJe The Plfl' from ~n~ ne,at and tetth~ hLlttermixtlJ[~ mol sng h'tjJt t~en pmurthe mlxtruf'e DI'1't'D 'llle dry Ing,r-erHe:Tlts.

5. A~d~fH~'_~~gandorange' nndalM bring mg-e'lher tof~rm a oQ(4gn.

6 USing yO'tlt hands mreflJll~ ShflP~ thl'!'doug.h into 3D ,even-Si2E! b¢ll1s.

,P1ace me bal:l~; well apan on tilt! .p~p~red CbQ k~e sham, ·th@'!l flatten them slightly wlth yourfir1g,er~"

8 J3a~e il'1, .Bpr~heat'ed o.ven, a2'S~FI160't, -tOT 15-20 m~m~ti:S. Ira nt:fer th'~ Wokie:s. to a wi re rack to cool iltrld cnspe!1 hefcre ~~rvi~g .


;g!3nflr~rs , rup acrtt,eti sot:reTledl

pl.u~ :~x,.,a fur gr~si[B£l l' Y~' OJ pb snpem1f1ie SiLigar ~ eg:g~r~eltllm ligMly

1 o/:ie (\J p5 ~elf-Rs~Rg -~our .l1f~p l~a~rn9;sod~

1 rlls.p ~rQl:I'fld ~fl'narrro n ~. Cl!:lp, SClIIJl ~ (J~,]m

,31)" tfzJl Of 9 su fiflciwase'~~

C,uo 1""5 T~ :p, lhes~! me,is!; square,s will f~f!erz.e well ~ nd w~U ~eepf:01' up to 1 month.

'-1 G, ,r~ase, s, 9,',"~~kh1,', ~,3,,-tm~q!.li!l,r,"'ec

_cab! pa I'l with a. I1ttJe Icl uttElT frncl

I il1eth'e .-base wfth baki n gp~ r(nm e;ni.

2 t,r, earn 109-,',~,t,'n,c'e,I~he. bl.l,ttera!l1d ~U'P E!rif.n'@, ,s;u'.gar I n €I I a'n:g~

mjxi~9 bow I untU the mlMture is 1'1 ght and fll uffy.

3 GiradtJiilll~ ad,atthEl~ I;lea~en' eggs, to ttl'e mixture, o~tlll] ttlQrDugh1ly· Eltmr ~:ach 'lliddlitiQn.,

4 snrai n"th@ ~@If~r~~i rl9. ftfJ,ur;' ~@~n~g SOd9lr and ~roLJnd emnamon int(ttne creamed mixtur.e~ ".he~ fold

In geJ1t!~, ufiing a m~tal 5lPQt).P] Tn 8 fig'~fe-:eig,ht·m~vem€:Jijt.

5 ~Ptl on in tn4l'wuJ' m~am and ~unf.l(jtwer ~t!ed~ a rJ d mii gel'1ilJ~ until w,ell bJ'ended.

6 ::;:~~~~:;~ev:e

[h'e 'SLJrfap wltFl 'Ih~ ba~ck.a-h spOiQn or <1I.,spatlJ'~,3.

7· I3a'ke .l~.8pr~heated oV,en,.

15 0" rn'~O~(,far 4:5 rn IOUtlllSf

unti'l UU~ ~~Urf(IG~1 IS firm tq~th~:lauth wh€rJ ~N'lsged with a "Aifliger.

8 loasmrthe ed:geli"wit~ iI ml:Jnd· ~I!(lded Kni1~, tfm.rUlJm ou LQ~fO a wi ~e' raortb w~l co m~1 etely, 'sn Clldr:lto

, t5.'IfUalres. ,b€for~servi ntg,

'f Uj(,lI~lIjtte~, dlrrnd., plus ,leXrtrn

r I Y'I'fl,:]'1:oj'ng'

Q neraus 1 [UP ~I'!"pwpa$~ ftouf ~lllLh ur tt~lt

~ ~~ bJk111g ~Dwd~r if. cup br ~wn s;u!ll~r

1 1J99, M,~[i1!rll.ightly ~ lU.'.!iJ 1IIIIk

1 c ~II 11, ~ In l,Its" cut i ntlO ~al'Ve~ tilW bJOWI'1 sug-ar, 'rtlr

'.tJrin Hng (cptronaD

, ,Gr~ a'9"inchI23-cm 's:q~~re Lak~ pa!'ll with ;3, little butter and I i he t Me ~a$;~:'wlth' ~~kjf1lg pEl'rch m e nt

2 Stmm~the.·no~T,~~a.", _a~d, ia,~IAgJJQwdeir Im® ~ ,Img~

mb,jf1~ bDW~.

3 Rubrjfl th~ butiter W}~~QLJ.r fing,el1ips untj'l the miXI];J re' .F~em~[es fflfle br:eatfcn:Hn~s. Add the ~mwn :iU!gilF tQ_m~mb::tl.Jrnand 'st I r n~ blend.

4.Adij the ~beatteliaeQg:. mil~ lime

. nLlt~ tD-. rhEmi~ ~!?-ral]d ~:I' w~11' until thoT'QlJ,ghJy bhEndedan~ tl:1.8 m~:r.tIJ~ has, a ~ft"{OnsjS1e:lflJ~.

5 sp. O@n .. 'th-~. m.,rxt.·. 'LlI.rer.ftttY1n:e pre~a~EI- t;.ak! pall and 'teveltbe

surigre wJtn a'Sp~tuJai$;p'nn~'e with ~IW bro~~fiI ~gtl~if ~du li;~¥.

VPI R 1.- 1~' 0 IN:·

f~f a Gorff:et!tlme efiek1~, rrepl~,ce ·t;he mllltt with, 'th e ~am,€! ~maUWJt :o,f mid stmR:!lll blatt w,ffe.e----tlle-~t'nlJlglilr the tleitt'w.

6 B~~.e,lrr~prehe'al'ed DVllrJ, ],50 fJ , UlO"C, fo.r 2.5 minutes., or LJl'lm thB. 5urfta(~ is f rm iO the tou[h w h ~! I ~res$~a'Wilh a 'finger.

7 L~~,wp!in tn® pan for abtM'

_ 10 mtn utes, fh e nleesa n 'L11'1I ,edges wi'tfr ";rroynd-bjad~cl kr:Jlre. uul tUrn' out cntcfa wir~ fae • CWI 11I11~

16 ;;q!.l<lres 'to serve,

. ,4 tbsp,'ba.dfe~p!us 'extra f6r~greas;ing ~~g<~l)erou, ,~(CUP"$U ~~rf1 nw ~UJgar·

f cegg:. I t'ghtly beaten ,g~'Tle,ro:[],~'£'PJ'p:J,;3IH~!Jtpos:~,'fk)N r . iA~tsp ,Silk.

% t$p·;b~klr-§·:poWde{ 2~ p,s. mU@' !Y:~~;

- 3h (UP raisins

- 2 t~5p;Sle~~_m~',s~eds .. :

T CI ~~nj{JYlhes~c.dQ~fes~ar . "their '.~es~; 5t:ortl~t~em 'in an

." rr. I

a1 i'tight '(iiilttJ~ net.


'1" Ughtly,grease 2: tQoKie.sheets-

. ..• »-..1 -,

wilh alitde biitter.'

2- Crea'lll the butteLa'nd::SlJgar toget.~~r in a lajg~:nTiixi,ng ~owl U flfil Hght and .fluffY.

3 ,Grad Uiililly a~d.·the· begten e_gg:, beating' W~~ I :a:fter each @ld~ition .until tn9rOL:lghly.bterfd;e~ ..

4 5trahJ -.tb·~: fl'Q1u r;is.;lrft. a~d "[laKing pow:der irrto th e (_r€t~rmed m i;dlJl'€!" . MIX to.g~ller ge-ni!y:, AdiHhfe, oat~1 :raisins •. .:i.n~ ~~sB!me ~e;~d~,.·tlnd· rnlx

, t09'@ths:r thom u:glh Iy.

5 place 1'0 S pOD nfu Is" of the mixture

. on the pir~]J:ar~.d ,(jQ~es:bee'ts~

s~a~d w'e.llap~Tllo.alli~~lQQm ts exp©nd dUlrIn.g EQ6ki'ng,' ana flatten ~h~m :stightly witih;the Mckof a sptiom.

'7' .' .~~, ,.,th~.G~o,~ie:s. coetsl:ightly 00 Ine- 'CO.okle:s,h eets,

o CArefully. transfew 'the ooo!ki'es to a

o wl're :ra~k acid leftonl 'co,[:npletel!y bef~in~ -:s~~inS,





.. ,

l_:~:qp ~.~·~~r;:pl~s _~Xl:r.ia

lor weasiil1_g

1 :aIPiaW-hfown ~silt9~r J; tb.~p, U~:hl' cQm·:~yr~ PI 3,13 ~l:!pS" fon~d oBf~~

·1' :~~.p:ctrJ !1in~~e'et~n~g tQCUJ'RJ~ ~ cup chopped-cilnd'ie.d dlerries

. . i

1['_0 0. K: :'S~ '1,t~

The fl!ap]a€ks,are )best: stored in ".:i~ dltti,l;ibt '~phtairilitr' a.n,d-'e~t@i"f 'within 'J 'w~l!k. Thtl~(Zan alsu" be, fmien for up to , .rna-nth.


for Ip.lain"fiap'jadks.~ he~t

'S! Wl:b[e~PQ6hS ,sIJP':emfji-~u~~~ ,3 ;~.a1bl~sp'oD.n_~: j i9IH,tn;:D~I; ~Y;fU PI .snd '~ GU~ ;butfer . ~n- apa n oV'e:r

IPl)\r~¢a:t,:Yht,j,I f"e' ~~ me1lred. stir ,lIn 1 %'.C]:IIPS-lio~l:ed qa~: Of Q~t flake's:~n'~ir~':~O)tlbii1 e~'r . ,tnen tra n:de-uU-'a gr~~rs;elrou~ie

~ ""....?. I· .~'-.""... •• "' L' -


1': L1gtrtly..grea·seta 1 i ;';"9':.iTRN, 30' x;~~:-~m"!@ ~h~@tv~i,t.h'

a I]rtl,e butler ..

2· Hiel~t~he ,butter" raw "~mV{n',sL]9,~r, _ . and,lr:ghtmrn'.SYTLlPln'cdarge-pan 'ov~r.lbW heata~nt:i!:Ju$t m~Il'eq.

3 ,~trr, .i.~.~he .. _.Oi. '<1. ts~· sh~~dded [O_~Orl[l: 9 rid; ~andl@d_' ~nernes;,.a rid nnx we.11

I]ntr~ ~wnly olJmp!n~,d.

,4,' ,Plac@ lne:-m~Xlufe;on the plepBred -- - [tlQkl~ 'S;neet. Sp( gven~y

·across-lhe,ooo~,e sheet and leve'l tile ~ujf~~~ ~y ~r~$,:sing wi~h .:3 spawl,q,

5 Ba~th'1!ap .. j?Sk i~'a ~r~he(l~~cl oven, 3lcS°Fn 70°C, for about

3 Q !nih I,rte'si ·lU n~H gc.J~~n,

6 R~move" from 'the- ov~ri,mri

. ~et ~,Qoj on t~e CDoki@'sheetfm ~1 DminJJti;S'~

7' C. ; .. ~_lh8 m.··.· ~.Jur€. i~tO ... HI pie·ces u~!ng' a .sh~[p- krllfe;

8 G .. dl_r·eru." Y' tran.$~~. ( ~hie: flqpja~k sqJ,lares tQ:,a WI~ ra't:k ~nd .I~

cool- comFhst€ll:y:

8.A:KII ftG·

ma:k;t?C$, tw,e·nf~ ~~U~ IrU"~ts.i()ftein,e,~r pluteXff~


I!)·/' h' b -...,.!,}.

~I'WP_ :C,UilJr;.;'v.;'pea ri,~1.iL'4ttN

9:eJ1eiH;:'IllS'.1 cup'lu I~~~;sll~~r . l<e~:g~ o~cil~n lightly

~:Emern us 1 cup a n.purpos@ ,flow \4 ,grit ~aking; p6Wd~~r

pindlof salt

%' cuFltn:oti Qed' IJl1sa rt~cd

~ •. 17. .... J: 1:;',' • ~l ."

.J:;OQ.K"S 'flP

~or, a :~un~y hite;· an~ siPai1cl~ 09. !!p:p,eabince,. /sprinkle t1re'(.(ioki€'.~;t;w~[~h raw hrown

-- .":-- - ~- .'

s ~91iu'before baking.


·,F_Ot~~ a:d]al1lge~ 9sa'light:,mplfl~~~s

,sugar inste,ad' of 'gt~in,tl'lated .and· adH ft~~~p:()Q[i·aP))il~ pie

• _, -J. ."'- ~. •

,~pTrn 'WIth :the. ,flour. lind J:ja~rng;pdWder;


1· ,Ughtl~y.,gJ~.;£.~:e Zoopk\i~e·sh~et~:· with a. little bliJtt@~.

2 ._B~8t th @' .so_~e':!~d~ ,~!w'tte~.:a~~'_

. pe~nut butt@nQg~th-~r Ifl.lflarge

mix! ~'g boY!lJ.

3 "G.>:~.d .. _.tia.;.'.II~.: a .•, th~. g;,ulate:d 5ug,:fr qnd beat \l!te~1,

4 Add th,e~,beatenr egg~ a litt~,e at a . 'time, heatfng' ~f~~peEf~h'ad,~itioil LllI1tll thmol.!~hly b~el\1ded.

5 Stra',n tIME'fl!f)ur, ba\ktng.p.(tiwdet~ ,_. a~Hsaki~t~'1h;e~~~reB.m~:p~ffintJt

buner mixture.

• .... • . .. ~ ~.1

6' Ad~,Jh~:r;;hop,:pe:~d ~jea:l'tilJts.

•.. ' and brlijgthghmixtur'8tQgether·

with'your fillg:ers'itQ fo~m 13 soft· ~ticky

. ,

d~lIgh. Wra,~ f:h~~9Qkie qough ln

plastic wrap:and chililn the,i(efrigerator for 3:0, m i nut~s:'

r: '~~1e do hl s h 1 n,m .2Q baJ ls

.' aMIQ ~Iace tbem on.l~ftPre:pared

cookie 5,h eroi.,:~pecfd w~n "a part to aHow to-om 'to~exp8:m:fdltliing making, ap~ fl a tt;€TH lightly' with your Mnd.

8' Ba~·.i n '8' pmb,eateq '~JV,~'n, ,31~oFf190o('; for 15 minutes, - [Inti I go I~den u,mwn. Jmnsf,er the EOobies. to a wire rack-a lid I et coo I ~b:e:fd:fe.£f,lh/i rig.


apricotS era, n, berry tart:

1 Tb make.the',.:d,'Q~:~"pIB_c~;th~, flout arid sugar III1.eL bow,1 and

rub Irrlhe butter-with. y.our·flng{~rtips: tmtil,the- mixture resembles bread' Crumbs. wa~er and' hfi~g tre rn ixtu're tcOg~her with ,yau r fin~er$"tt) T:o'ml as'oft dough; Wrap 1tt~p'~a~t1,c

. X'ira;p·~md.~ chHl in the ,rdrig~ratQr fOr'30 minutes.


1'14 ([)P~~'II-I?I(.If:po,Sieilotl.~: pl~15 '~X1ra

'fa r d usti ng

:2 ,tbsp, ~Hperfi ria 'Sl!.Q a r 'Ii ~'~ butter, dke~.

1 lb~p· wAiter


s.cant l' ClJp .SV\I~~i butter l-p.lp sUf;1edilne 5lJ,gar

1 egg

2,:egg )1olES

Yi cu p, all-pu rp.oseJlow~ 'sifted 1 % (~ps.ground 'almonds

4 'tbsp .:h ~avy I.cre,a fI1

14'l-S 'QzI4fh,-g Ginned apricot ha 1\J~s/ tt~.(3j net!

gen ~~O~S 'l ell P 'ffe~h ;~ra n ~~r.ries

2- ,'ftlJi:I outth e, d DUg h.o n a: :iig htly fJ1Quted' ~ Ulmer ~rod U·s,e.-itt.O Ij ri:e, e a,9\4-indV?4;:~m joos¢~base.d'tgrtpan.

Prick tJhe' base-of the tart.shsll with a -i{)[k (tnQ ch'ill in-the refri.gera1orfpr 3lf ml~utes.,

3_- . ti' fl. e tbe:.t!I! .she11 w,th f~il and DE] king bsan s' and ba ke. 'in

a 'p.r~he.:;ttE:!'dJ)ven,. 37~,ofn 9'O~C! "for

1r5 mlnli,lt~'s., R~'molv.e 'the'foll and

ba K.fl'1,g p~,~ ns and, cook the: t8 It s h'f~J I fort 0 'mnn'lJ'res- more,

4 10 ~i.fl ~e ~~e fi,lli [')9 ~ C,Ji?B,:rn ~r,' @. butter -~ n d s u.gar tQg eth er in a

boWL,un!ill iigtrt)nd'fl~~Y. _B,eat.ln ~he egg'dl"ijd egg y·olks. tl'lerfstir in the


5 PI,at~ t~~ apricot.halvesanci crangeJrries: on th e' base' of the tart sh@1I and SPQ(m'tJi@, fi~iin,g ,mfxture over the-top,

6 Bak@ i'n'tn.e J:i'r,eh,Bai@crl oven for about 1 hOltr,r or u.l1;til'~he tapping is jU9t'set-. ~f!t.(d'ol '51ightl,Y, then serve w~rm or,~old.

serves e'ight


11~ (ups II-pJUrpdse.110:1.1I; plilJS le~ffa

fnr Just 1'ii9

? ibs~l ~ LIlJe~fi ne suga r ~ cur b'llue~ d I ce-d

I 'Ib Pi w(ner


I 'A ups. 'fal'lner"s. heese ~, H Jii~ h -avv cream

~,. ~.g~

JI; (UFII 511p~dine sLlgal' Lillal~~ rind qf'1 orange 1 lip pine nuts


'-1· To ma:ke;tbe, dbugh. place the

_ 'flour and' sug.a ( in, a bq~r a nd rub in 'the butter with your fingertips IUntii the miXture: re1i~mbje.s, br~ad: crumbs. Ad d 'the water and brillg th~-rm ixtLli'e ' t,q,geti~er with yo u r 'fi ngerS- to forma 'soft dou,gh Wrap' 'in p:i_asttL\ wr~R and' 'chiilln the, ,pefrigarator fOJ '30 minutes.

2 Roll .out the doug'li on 'a lightl)! tl(;lweQ ,{:O,un1e(and use it to tine' .a 91h-lnd'liZ4-tm ,",~asedtart Plan. p'rick th~_bil~e':ohh'etart sheH with ,a fork and -chHI for 30 minutes.

3 un~thetdr(Sh~JI Withf~cHand baking beans artd bska In a

.' ,'-

pfeheaitetl o_v:e nJ J7. 5" F/l90°C, fbr 1S:'m'in utes, Remove:Ul'e. foll and

- "'. .' .

baking hean:s·anc[cook.ihe she.ll for 15,m~nu~E5 more,

4 To rri-ak;'e A:ne fi'Hiri.q, 'bE'iaUh~~ Tanner's' Gh(!'es~f ~r~m, eggs, 'Sugar" orao'ge (Ind. and half of the.pine huls-togetller ina bowl, POIJr1he 'fiUi~~l into the' tart shelland sprinkle with the re,mai n i·n.~rp.i n€! tJuts.

5- RedlJlce,. tile ovsn to 32S?Ff1 50<)( "and bake the tart forabout

35 mih,utt~, ,ortJnti~ the fill~ng Is lus't set.Let cool ,befor~ removing from th! ;pan.and serving.

'vA 1.1 A' un\!

Rt.elpla(;et~e";e "00 WI:t,l, mce:(!~ -almonds, If you like.



, t1J5~ butler. lnf]rl:fkSing.

2 small eating appk's~ Deer~d,

zored, an~' 5qc~d loto rings gen~mu!r'l\ (u,p,{'Jran_UI1l~ S,UQ_ifH 2 '[bsp'whi'te Wlnlre

3 Vl'o?jl190;g brf!llGl. ~Ii~~d with trusts rlMUlied rsliglnl:lysta'ie French bagl,Jette IS Icl~j)

,11A (WI'S Hgn O'ed,m,

2:. ,eg,g,~) be'at~n

~are~ Ii nd of '1 QfIElr~~. 'OJt into, thin !iticks

VARIIA1'IIDN Fi'Jn' d1:a,"se~ 't:r~ adding -s_ome rlned fruit, sut11 as

,a pfimts;, iltumieJl. on!l~tes,. to the puddifl~. rf !{oulike.

'1" Grea~1! a 5-w p/1 ,2-l.itKer die~p, . ov:enpn:mf dish with the ulJt.ter.

2 Arrange the,_~,pPler.11l!1Sj3~a~lhe baseflf the aI5rh;, overl·apPtD'lg

them~ 'lh~:n s~rirtklel ~:alf'of-the SlJglilr over the a pp les,

3 Ptlur the wine IO~e'fthe' d;P_~le5. Add dle bread sikes; pushmg 1i1em down with yQur hands to Hffirtten th~m ~Iightly.

4 Ml}c ··th,e ~r~am With the' 'eggs, tMe r-qmai n 11'1 ,g s ug,ar, afld I[he OTar:JI~e ri''1ch'!md pourthe miKiu(l' o'V~r the bread. S@t aside '0 soak fpr 30 minutes.

5 Bake tb,e,,' pudd1ng 'in a preheated ()V~r 35Q''''F/180,''( for about 25 .rn rrutes, undl golden.Bl'ldset. Rsmovefrojrrtbe: oven 3rJid s;elVf.

(00:1',5 n,'

Sam,!! Y8rr~etl~s of eMing iJpple$ are ogUe:r far mokfn'g than ethers;; Among the most suitable ar~ ,B,len he 1m Ora ng~. (ClX':S Orange 'Pippin, E.gremortt RUM~ti Grannv S'mith~'I,darecli Ja~e.) 'Grieve" JOt!lago:ld, Joncathan Mc:lntosh. No rthem S'py,

. ilnd Winesap,.

I -


creme brulee tarts


1'y.\'cups aU~Jfurp.o$.e flou~ plus .e¥1it{


2'.t~sp., superfirre Slil~?!! Vi'cup hl!fter; d:i~d

1 tjhsp w.ijftk


A e~~_ yolks

Iii ~tup' .sup'~emn~ stIger '1%.;cufl5 heavy cream

'l ts~ vanilla, exwad

lI'aw .br(Jwn.,:s~g;a rl ·ffir s Pti~ kHog

1',! To make the douqh; p!a-Ge-the fld~r and sQgat' 1"11 a bowhHld rub

'1 n th~ butter with yq,u r fl ngertips, !'lntil the-mixture resembles bread oumbs. A~d the' w.ater·,a ni~J..b rl ns{the miXture together with Y,OUF 'fingers' to ·fo rm a' soft dQligh,; Wraip fn pla·stic Wfa}l a~d (hill' rtHne ref:r,igeratotfor 30 minLlt~s.

.. w ~


2 D[vide·the.ooug_h·iritu 6 pi;e_ces ..

,R,o II eutt he ~oug h on a "lig ,htly f1o·ured· (mlriter and use .iuo 'nne Ii :ta~M pgli$r 4 fndles;rl O'~m wide. Prick . the. ha S@ 01 the, d augth wtth· a fort· and .chill in the refi'lge_r:at6rf9r ZQminufes ..

3 Li~~ ~he tort:shells W.~ith '~Oil _a nd baking' beans ami bake In (]


prerll~ated :oveo, 3. 7' S;;:F/190".CJ for

15 minutes .. R'emove the "foil and beans and cocik'fo{l O-mrnute~ m'ore, until oisp and g olde n: .let tooL

• J." .

4. Me~n.~vhil~,. make t.h.e fi.lllin'g .. Beat the e~g yolk5 and sU'gartoge' iha boWl, QAtil p-ale. H~at theQ"e~m and vaniH.a ~:rlr~ct in a' pan 'untH f~st :beloW ba.flirtgpbint. tnen'pbtlr Qllto the eg:g fifJlxtu~;' wbLsKing"CQIl5taITUy.,

5 Re~,m,~h@ mixtU'r~·to_ a dean, pall and bring. to, lust-below a ·bpil,

strrrlRg (ijlilst~m~y [It) not let the -rnIXtu[@',boil o~ it will·rurdle.

6·lefth,e .~i~tu Fe [001. slli.9 htl~, then po,wr !mo "1M ia!1l>s,n@lls. Let fDa-I" then '(flfl.I.ln the. re,f,rl.gerator overnight

. '" .

7 Sprinkle ·tlle· tarts with brown SiJ,gaf: ~Ia[e uncle r a preheated hot..brQil~r for Q' (ew rfli.hllfes, hLcooli then.chill f:or:2 hours b@for:e'~erving,

Ibaked pears with cinnamon


_5eirve's f:clu:r

-.~ "- - - -. .-

4_ rrpe p~aJ:S1

·~2 fb1ip·l,s·moTi JlIi~e-:

~ [U p·Jlght.b1IDWn·,5IJg~F 1 tsp ,ground '~1 nnamon 5 t~srnp.;wlf1:t~p,r.~ad

·nnely:.grated lemon rind! to decorate

~ ". .

,lhWfat cLl;S;k.lfd, -;fth5~(V~


1 CQ:r~·.and peel the pe_drSr'then ~Ih:e:,'l,hem in 'h(l"lf hi!~'[hwise. an~' hms H a IJ ·pjJ~r with ffi~ Ilemon jni ce to p~v:eAHhelT1' from ~i$to"jQri'~g. Arrang:e the pea~ halilles:; corea side.:) dow'n~ 'in, 21 's'm~lll}onshc;k fQ~stillg p-?ln~.

or tth.ihh~·'pea~are·tenden!nd g.qJflenr· "(i.(~~.~on:~rrY ·:spaD. rHo~J thee w:gar mixl!ure over the.~rrult during

·'th€r.~6p~ing lime.

2( Plate tbe .s~:g'cir;: ctnnam~Q.r!I,. ~rt~ . loWfat:S;pma:di. ib'B sma II 'p':8 r]

~ . ~ . ~

4 TQ"serve, n'llilt the lowf~t

_ ~(~~taiEi unli~ ~. [~,_ R'lpin 9 hota nd "S-POGO a:: Iftile,.onto .4Wa~m€!d dessert gl~te;s:. ~hen .arra }.~iear ha:IVe,$ 011 @ach ;plate.

over:lov/ heat. ,~tirrjng,.cQ~5tant~yj until '~h€ '~L!gar 'has oom pl~e'ly 'dlsSdl,v~(L KE'@p the heat as IOW,'1l5 possib I.e to prevent too m~.n:h-V'-19tef¢XI~ipora1i;rig tr~m th~ lowfat,5p~e8Jd .diS it start~ tb'g~i h!lt S.pOOh tti~) ugar rmMu r-B ~vej: th~ .p'~~~.

5 P~"cD.(at:~J.h·e P~.t5'Wi!b .. a H.tde lfi ne IY.-''Q!J'a'te£l lerron rind ,-a nd

~,e~v'e ~mme~~~tl:#.

8'.".·K.1 N (i

'1 Li ns a-cookie sheet whh '(1 sheet of b· p~r;C~'m.e'nt- Whij~.the

~. ;~~g W~l ices, P~MI1 oJ san·

~ cu'lj sy p~rfi h'e· SLlQta r 11il1 CLIpS he~:vy cre:,a \Ti~

Hg hl:I'y \IIi h ippe,d ,

r~m,11 *~H bf ~allN:hO.~~r)·~cn ~~~ rilSipberrtes~ &trawberfiss, p@8che:s, r~SSr(l)iI fr.ui:!, at gf{H:lnCl,~en~Frfe$

~g~; wh'i1@s ~ith th@.sait-ln aJar_g~' bowl L~l1ffil ~n$yfor.m".)Qft P€aJk5.

2 Whisk-in the.superflne sugm~ il Ilittle at i3:,tim~,r whisklng' wall ~ner ·each add]tioauritU.8111 of the ~lJgar ht1s be:eniTlcorpQr~:t8d an tith e m er~f1g ue I~ ~m~:tdtha n d glossy.

3 .s:p'OQ~ thr~~Ftburths of tl1e Ililertngue onto the cooki.1.2 sheet, -forming ~_ni S-indw2Q-6n eirde.

4 'PI,a~€' 5 poe n:fu Is of th~ r@maJnl11g mernngl1e dlhrouf]chhe edg1e of th:~ :drde to Jp~ n up 'to make a n sat n~$t sha.tJ~·

6 Ttjrn'lh~ Mgt Qff, but ~ei;lvfdh~

, pavlova in the oven ullItll it IS

''"t:;oriiipletely ·chld,.

7 plil(::e~he pavlova on a serving dvsh . .spr.ead with tlHHigllUy wlhlpped cream, then arrange tim 'rmsh frui:t6n t6~p:. Do no:~ ~dd 1he cretll1'! and -fn.iittoe Jar ill'advance,j 01' the pav.lrJl/ wllfgOo.sqggy.


· ....••.•. ~" . '.',. '. t .•. &........ ..·.1.· .. , .... , .•..... ~ " ' .. "1' .. ' . ".", .,~

ImlnCem1e,a·, .' '.~. glrap'e. J8.GU;SI·e

·,sE!'rve.s, f~l,tr ~1 t'b5'P butter, fur' g,naqsi~g:

~11~ ~'2:"1j,~f5 oq:9. 'f~,ady-m~g:e IJ. wffp&5[r,~.daug.hi, ,~hawed 1f-,frmen "·rAlY;;ail/410.g tar, tweeT miill.c:~mefit ,1 c~p w'e !Jes~ seed.ed. am:J~ 0~.t

'I rl. h';1n

q1(JJgrf "!b8ate.t1U~htl\1

-"l_,~lr. '~. ·1~··;J;' hes ;~. h ibh p r(Yporij,en offat'-----'l:hisvijs what ,gi,ve-~ It its Wi9Jf.qctetis.tic ~a.Y-t;!t-ed aJpp;eaiilli[J~e' and light~ nnsp:tex:ture. HQ'wever; ihis'·als.o makes,~.~ more.ta9.i~e :~ha n o:lli,~r\wpes :of" p...:ii~t}, ' 5~

,. band le '11: as 'ljghll)1 an:d'Bjs

. .--..-/ .

;~AJtJ·1\ flO til

For-an enhancad·f.e:s.tiv:edlavor,. ,~ti r 2;. ~ijre\sPQolfs :Of· s~errY 'j mo . t~ e fI'It~c~~~at


1~ Ughtl.y 9 !~~tsJ~ ~G:QP,~i:e~h~et with :fhe:butl::er.

2 Roll S![Jt the·dolJgh on J' I!,g'ht~y fliJWed: wunter andiut in;to 2: Fe-aii ngJes:.

3- pla:ce 'one d~U9,h r8pt\3ilgle -~n :the. prepared cooki'~.$heelt and brush th e"edg~§with ·wa.te~

4 (.rruDi~'lh'~~n<e~~I'and ',.

_ ,9r~'p"e.s-·m:~ .mlxlng bowl ..

the miXture ev;enIY' th@dough i'~darl~le' 'on'rhe.~()Q'kte sheet ll~€[vlri'g a 1-ifllC!ty2.S~cm' bDrder.

and ruta serres oi' para!lellliines..auQss the'fOld~d ~dgi@ v,qith a',~hBrp knf!@., I'e.av!lngl a l-I'nch/iS'

. ./ .


6-dp@r1 o~f:th@ ;~ec_Ondl,.rettangl!e "an'd I~y .1~.p\Jer 'I~e,mlnCemea[ fill'! ng:, hess the ed~geS'oft~e p~e R_,p[Jg'hteg~h"~r 1b":'~ffJII.

7' .FI ~e ~ nd., C~im ~·the edge.s,'.~f.the ·dough wlth'yow·flngers. U~h'~I~ Yifit_Ath@' b.tL~ten to .g~ale a[ld SiP r-inlkl'El with fa;w hrlJwl''I:" sugar.

O'.B, EI.'.k,'.eii'1. ·~,a. PJ~h,' ~, ... at.,ed. OVeTi~. o 42 5~F!2.2W':C fq~ 15m illutes.

~ed ut:e·th~ hoot to: 3SfjoFf1' 80°C and

~. ". .

·cookior3{).·m ~nutes:'mor@f u n[~1. the jQIQ.I,i~~e i:~ w~ll~ !'is'en arlO"g'oldenb(oWll

9 'J .. ra .• ·nsfeil'. 10 ... a :whe rack.· .. t .. Q.cOQ~ I

. _ r2omple"lel'y ·bclQre servi 09,

trea cle ta rt

serves eJgJ'It 9~o7J25a. 9 ready~made·un.sweetell~ P.tistr:t.qp.~gh,,'~RalWe~< if fa'~e:t"

1 cu P I!~ht com ~Y'ru p "l~lll-P'.~ fresh whitfj hread·CllJmbs.·

.r" ..

"/rclli~ hr;.'avy ere'arm ·1inI?IY'9r~.te~L~ind of ~ I,~mon or orange

';2' tEi~p r~riloii ot (Jr,a~g¢Mti!. homemade c:uET-~d to serve.

C.oOK'S liU'

,syrup is n~tori,olLlsly'stttky and so am be qujt~ difficult to' measure, Pi Po' the_' sptHlnr rn~ot w,ate'rfi rst

. ','

.Clil:ld 'tJle syrup_,will sl~tJ.e·J)ff it

'more"easily a:nd co.mpletely.


~sJ'!. ;ne' dtlUJ9.h trirnmi1"!"9s)O'

. c:reate.1) Janice pa!te:m,.on ta~ of;

.~ ....

me ~it:'if'Y0YWis,~.


1 Rdlrb.ufthe pie'(:in a I,i~htiy' [,loured rou nte(ar:ld uss'it to Ii ne

:. "

'ali '8~in(hI20"fJm leose-besed tart pan, reSi?rving-:the do~rgh, trimmings,. Prick the bottom of the tart shell with

~ fo-rk and chill in 'the ,refrigerat~r'

for ilOminlJte.5,:

2 c:r:Q·~.t,s~TJ~.I1 sh;;lP'e~, fmm·tij.~ reSoerved.dough .trimming~,.,slJ(h as' lea\le~,.&tar.$,. or hearts ... ~tq.dec(frate the,'IDop OF t~@ tar-t

3'. comh.ine t~~lighr~oInSY~up~, bread crumib,s, he,8vy cream,

;g!a~.ed r~lJl()fIl or :.ora·ng'e ri n d. ,r,ln.~ lem0n or'orange jUlic€! ina howl.

4 ~. our,the. '. ,mj~ture ill. ioth .. e.t;;lri sh.t::. II snd d~(tJr~tte the·~[lge5 ot the tert

with.the dough'cut-outs;:

5- 'Bake; ln -a pre~ea,tea oven,

.... 3.~YFI1:90PC. for '35-4.0 ·mlnlJile.s~

or until the filling ls juSt set

- I~t th'e' ta~ ~691 slJghtly In th~· pan "Iurn aut and servehot DC cold With homemade [u'stard,


cheese &h'~ m loaf

- _. _" . - . \. . ~.. .~ ..

m.a'ke~s:,,;ofl~ ~1Q:~f 6 tbl'i,p, butit:e~;?dlfe~j p I us ::extr.a" fOI~re.asihg-

g.e.nB[~Wl1 ~ QJP!S'·s@lr':ris]ng flCHJf

.. ' •• ",,' .,- "." I

~ ~t~~p $~lt:

41;5P'~~{1'k~rrg~ppw~er 1t§p ~ap[ika

1"% :CliR~.:9.r~~d "tn am ~~,~~e scant ~ QUp. cb~oPRed~smoked ham 17.egg~r~e3t~rr"I@i\U~'


(; e o'k~:s"J' IP lhis>t;J5t~cbr'~ad kH"'e~teateh Hn;I .tt!le~dafit J~ ma~, ag it~t')e:$rtot keep"fer very long.

1 . Gr~:9s~~~t i -I bl4'5.~gIQ~fll:~ n whh,~a 'iittl~' but'ter arrd l'in~"th,e .,b~st with b~[!ln'g'J)arQim.elill

2 fIOij~'S~~l'J ~aki,ng" "" '. :R9wdeT; 9nrl~~pnkQr IIltO a l.;Irg~

mixing bowl •.

3 ·RUJ~"itl~~he··b·~tt,@'r with your ffng:e,rtl'ptu rrtiJ the miXtlir8 res~~bleS:. f ne,.~ti t ~n the chsess and-ham,

4 Add ;tthe:be:~t~n eg9~~andmilk: tQ;' tn:@ dry irilgf€Gi:enbi. in the


b.?'W lan~ m~~ w~.U,

5 5p:oon "fne·<n~e,s~and.·hanfl m:ixt!.J!re lnte thE fifepcared pan.

o .:. 1_

6- 6.3~@_ in'a:p!~heat~r;ir(J)jlerlr

~ 509f.).l8Q'~Gi" ffH ah@ut' f ,h OI.;J r;' or unti" [he ~6ttif· is well r.i.s;e'W;i.

~ .-' - .. ": .. . . '-

'7'" ~ef.the-~re:,aa coo~ in·th'e··pah .. . t~el1:'11UFn Q1Uf .:

. . i' ..r " ••••• " •

B wire m C~:~O' cookom,pJet.e!:y:


oruon tart

q ~~'1.2 ~09 'i~~d!tmade :pte:;

lll~~~w~,cl t~rl'o"zeJfl J '~b~~) b1uttrar

I!I 11'~lr~lJ~ V, ~up ,chC)ppE!d~~con i II. ~ fJZlJ 0'091 uri i (;)T1:;),

I hill iI'Y' sl iC~d ~ tm ~! tbe::n~n

t.ti ml' Y, ~U~ fre~h I y grat:dd l~linlm~5,E1p! cheese'

1 l~~ rJrlf~d sage

iljll~ dnij IJ~I~pflr


J'u oook!I! ~I vng ~~,rU~m version ~nhl~ iiJf~. r~pl~~~ the hac.oli wU~~ U,rQ s,8Jme amount-of cll,t'lppea mush f6oms<;.

Ijrdll ma the I,]e do,ugh CWI a.

U JrI ~~ ~ 'I'Ifi I i r ·,d: eeu nt'er ,~M u.~

I~ III III! >, u .o~!J ·111("'1~/Z~-cm I eose-based hHt n ~I,

~c'illi ~IIJJ hme ·oil [he tart :5hi;e1l WUIIIII[, ir~ lll~tl [:!1iltl in ~the

II mUI 1~lIfq, ~,ur 10 mrmil'\tS.

~ Meanwhile~,;buuerln a .J pan{apd the.Oa.cci:n lJ'n~ dfilQn'~'J and' -sw,ern:'over :i!o:W heat [6r.· abQ{J!it

• • •• _ ,- ',;t. ' ''':'''" • ;.., '. • ~ •

2:5 mlnutes~ or untii' tt~nder: INhe.·on'iorl sIJce's"~~arUo blown t . aiJd, 'n~ble'~PQ91l the .. pan,

4 A.i_d:~., .... thg .b .. ~. '.' t€ .. <!·t .. ,:~:,th€ olllem mIXlUfE!. and:stlr In the·

'gra,~ed ~heese~arld ~ag~. Season:witn salt ami eep,perto·lq:5'te.

5 >~P~P~J~~c~~ .. : 1,on.mi~UTe\r~ta ~1.~le tart SlwU..;A;pread:ng It

out 'eve n Iy Qviflrt he" ~4S$:,

6.' .. ·.·· ~.~~~,·ih9 ·p..ieh'~a~ed':,Oven. 3.5JJ''FJ '_. 1'at!fc, for 2:0-:30 mmutes, or

- . ,:-' ~ .~ .

:Wl~irt~e 'trlii'tig ~a$l~$l s~t and: ~he

r~fStry ~5);:~~p a,n~~ go~d:f(n .,

'7~- tL~nbe·tart.cQOI ~nghU~in' th~ "p~n, S.erve W.:l.rom Qr"GP~d,;,

makes e~g;ht

% GUp bti'[r:er. meltifld·and. cooled. sri.9htly, .. pl~:S @~tra fo~.,grE!asingf. genermls litS eupsstrong whlts hreaq ftdUrrJllu~-~extra

fer dws~n9

.~ tsp -salt-·.

1 eov.eJ9'R:e aC!iv~;:d(y :y~a.5t 3Jbsp luk@w'curJl! mllk

2 'e'ggs, 'peateD IjgHtly

1~,ozl50·g_ sun~driffLtamatoes. ln ''Q~I, ar~~lrle,a' aiid~~nneJy ~ho~p,ea' miil~, for hru~h.I!lg·


·Add ·§.Qme f ne~rY: .cK.opp e,~ af1c::hO\;i,~s .er oillJ~s' to. the dough in 'step ~ fOI~ ex~ra' fliaV(li;.'

if ,Yl:iU wish.

1 u ~ htly 9r~~se a {OoKie s h·ee1 with a 11)::t1l!, 'butter,

2 Strain'tM flour and salt into a large. -mlxiIlg-. DO·WI .. Stl'[".1 n th~' diry ye.q st, then pout· in H'ie melt'@d blJ·tte~ rriiU(,~rrd,.egg5.\ .. Brihg 1og.etoe;r to.form ·6 dough.


3 Ium t~e,d.q'LJgh out"Q:ntO)il

I~ghtly floured counter 800 kneed for abou~ 5 rniinu~€s, until flIl')Q;oth. A~emathielyp 4se an 'eled:ri~:mlx~f'wirth ·a.dougn' hook ..

4 P~ac:e the dough ina ,gre~:sed bowl. (Ov@r, and 'lE!t nse In a.

warm p.lac'e for '1-1 'h hOllr~, or unti'l the 'dough hasdtQ~bled in size,

5 Pll n en. drOWDl'"t:h@ .dOLJig,h 'fpr

2-3 mlnutes, Knead the sun-dried tomatoes into the dough;"sprinWin:g tile counter with extra flour, because tn.~· tomat-oes ,a re quitebi Iy,

6 Dlvi de the dou gh :j nto 8 e.V811-s]ze balls and pla.ce them onthe pre'pared ¢dokie sh·e!3t. Cover and let ris:e· for about 30 minutes, or until the

• -'.~ -_ • I. •

rolls hilv·e doubled in sfze.

7 B"rijsh, the roHs. with m i'k a-rjfl bake l!1. apreheatsd oven,

4'!1:'oof' J"'t:?·ODC·· fC. "1' a 115 .,: nut

.. ..,. 'j{..J, • .or.-:·. min es,

8 TrariSfer. the'torneto rolJs'to a wire rack and let cool.s.lightly before .s'~l1.l1ng.

make~s on;~ 'Iq:a:f( :,~ t6sp .bliltter,~di(('dj ektta fut g .. reasiM.

• .~ 1" ... ...;...::. ,::;\I

1· ughtl.Y greasE a [b~(t~i~ she'et'W lth ,a, little butten:

l§eT'lerous. .~ 1fihLU~5 .s@ilf~rrsrr.l:g 'flOILJI' .


. ~ ~up al!17~l:!rpQ~~1',~OLJlrr ~L~sv~KiIa'

fQ~ dtl)ting

"1 tsp' ba~ing:pbW~eJ i,4 tsJr:ialt

~ :isp 'Gaye ~flIe ,pe;~per ;2~t~p~pJrry p,gwd¥r··

'~ '~~ P pop py'".seeds

" .. , .. ,:- "


mixi.~,~ bQw I w~~ 'Vge b'aikl ~:~ lJijw~ec

sa·I~·. (ayeflne, ~(IJ rry" p'oWde-r.' and

, _,

p(lp~y' s~eQ s,

3· 8"u QJn theb.w~r with you r '~ ' .. ':fl'ng~tii'ps .u~til fth'@ mll\tu (~: resfirhbles bread crumbs. ,

4~Add the mil'k and beaten. egg. ~nd ~:b'nb:g ~Dg.€Eher W~~h ·your fi;n~' @ir~ TO fOffil~:ersol1 doug h"

I •. ",,'

C'OOK:rS tllP

INne' Bri~d :I:@ ~s:~as:thou gh it is

. bmw~ning~·1tol((niuch, .POV"€f irwit~' woil, for the remai nde r ofih e l!oQ:ki !1!Hime.

'5' ItJ'rn th.~:dt)(lgb oyt ~(rtj).a li,ghitly

' 'ftoLJrcffi counter, then knead lijgn11y

f.o~iI few miin!qt'e,s.

6iShaRe:~n.e·o[ou.g. hilil". "Ga.' ~i~de .

_ ,8 ~.q!Ut 1 I nrn.eoSl5 em:: d@~p and

millrk<a HOSS shepe. 0 1'1 the top with a shi:g'fp kn if~

8 RemQ!ve:'the. breatl'fro:rn the'

; _ Q\1,en,tra·r~fe~.t~·;3j 'liVlre: ra~kr end ,1~':C{loi~, th~e' OF'e,a'd"{ut' ,I Me -,

,~~hu nk.~·pr~ slk~.s_;

rnl n i focaccia

2 tl~'slffJHve oill @Iusextra 'rlJf DnJ$h 1 h 9

2' V; ell p5 st,ro n g. w hn~ brlti:l~ ~ ~~ rt

p~LJ.l eruaoor dosiil19, 14 '~~~ $a~t

I 1~l1\airlbP'8! active dr~ye;asl I ,~p tu kol]!w~ rm 'W~tJ2.r

I ~IJ~ pit~'d gr~n-'orH~~[~"?-gli\!e.~:

{:~It ill'! ,nGl If rOPIJING

,2 ~fd eml 011$, :s11~~d I: Jb~~ O,n\l'ij:oii

1 lsp 5~ID 5aH

111J s p rre~h 'tfi'y me leaves

1 ~1~IMly brush s.e.~:ral S90~~ ~hll!et5 w.(th oHv€ oll';,Strnln'U'le' I'I ~liI' a I'I~I ~a~ r ll'1to a 'li1!rg~ Mwl, 'Iileri' ,,~1 ~ I n [Ibe ye~~t· Po LII in, the oilve oi~ ~m~ wJJ'L~r and btii'ilg td!~tfll:.rV'J!ltb yo lIF rll~~~rs, ~o Jt.lrm ~p ~d ou~b ..


I I,

2 Tqrri th~'l;lQugn' DLEt~onto.;,;l'lig,mly· . floUH2d {ot:Ilntert~l)(l~n~ad 'for

. a b6M 5 .;m~n Q!t:es .. Aiterh~t:ively;_ an ,eJ~'ttn:i'S m'jx~f ''I,i!J It_h ~~"doll!g ~ hpuk arid kneadJor/-E'mlnutes:

3 ~'.Ia~e th:~.q~R~, in/ a ~r~a~,~d

bowl,d:ov~r.··~ng leq'ti!nrhl a

'wanTI' ~I~[e ~;r'~~:ho~t 1-1~. ~ours; fir' until ,!tn'as aoub I'fld i till ;slz~;

4- Punch d.awn··the dougil for

'1-2 mlrll!lfes. iKneif8 half of the: plives 'iPl~~. ~~e qOllg'h ,divid~ the.· dl:High into fQunhs'Qrld"tnen ·sn'ap.e the . fomths~ iptbtif;'cl es, pr~ateth~m '9~ ·t~~ GOO 14i e sheets a no push y'QlJrfinge'~

, . .

in'tolhej]_ to ach r~:¥,e;' t;li 'di:m RII. ~d e:ffe¢L

5 To, ma:~e '[il!? tOppin~._ sprllnkl~ th!! rt;d ,Q mons and rEi m~lrll ns el h/Q5 over .the doug h d r;cl es, D rr:zz~e 'tI~e ol'ive Cl'il overfuetop of'the enlons C!iud Qli!lle.~rth8n,spfifll~te with 'the :520 S2lI'( and- thyme liEliwes. '(over a n d 'leI rl~ r! f~f 3p min utes,

6 Bak~ in a w~I1Mted oVtm.

I 37S":'F/l§l0!5(, tor 2ff..-25 mll1l,.!te~j

or until d'ie f()ca,~' ~ re 9 old ~ II.

7- lransf@rtoawire rack ~nd le1 c,oQlbefore serving"


.U.Sf! this qlisnti;~~' l!Iil douUh t.o ma~e -1 1i.1r:£lI~~Otnt,dJh if yOIJ II'kl;'

soda bread

'~ tb:5~iblJ~~r; ~~~.,g'r~as,i'n~:f generous.2 ·cups·an~PlJrpQse.floUll;

ptu~\'~xtta i9f d u stl ng

~eneH0Us.·~ cups- 'whol@-wheal flou!"

2 ~P,.:bctK~ri~ poWder

1 tsp,baking soda

l tb:~~. 51.! perfine ,~'U gar '1 :lsp,salt

l' eyg~, i)e,Clten I ig ~tfy, ·g@t1'e:rous.B~'(i,ips plaiTl yogurt


For ~ 'fru ity version; of th~is· s;oda, ~br~adl. at(d~~Z4'<~up of rai:si:i'ls. tcqhre. ,.~ ~y i ngred!~w., ~il]l.:step, 2:.



1 Gre:ase ,a cookie, shee-rwith the butter and 'dust lightly ~vi'tth flour,

2. 'Stra,in,.hQthtypes QL,fl.~u!, th~'

. 'bakJ.I:l9 powde~ baklng:'soda; 5ugar/;;Jn'd sal!into,Br large .. qolNL:and ddd"any bran remaining if! fh_e strainer

3 ~n,a pi~cher~ ~~at t~g~t.her t~eeg.g qnd.y:a~JlUrt.Clrld pour .the· IifIjxJUrli!

lnto the dry. i~gredieh~. f0ix well, ib.'ri'nging· form a :soft and stich dough,

4 .K~~d th~;dO~g1rfOJ~ few· mmutes on a lightly floured

couater ulll:i:1 smooth, thenshape it Into a large. round abo.~.rr2 iodhe.sf 5. em - deep,

lransfer the dough to the prepared .~90ki~~ sheet Mark: a.cross shape 011 top with a. sharp knife ..

6 Bake: ina preheated oven. ~75.cH1i90~CJor 40 mlnutes, or until the bread: is- golde-n brown,

7 Th;ms,f~r the loaf to a wite rack. and I~ (001 Cbmpl~teIY. CU'l ifrm slices. to:'serve,

" .. ~ .





g,a r I ic b rea d rol Is.

1 tbsp butter, 1,i:ir-grea$i"f'1g 12 g,a!rIlCJl!loves·

1 %: CU Rsn'rlil k:, ·pl:lill~ e;str:s. for Ib r.1J~D Ln,g .

.3 1-hups .~nmg w~'i'te bread flo U~


p:lu~"e~tra;. ffir dus:tfng. 1 tsp sal

I eRVt'II0'P.:~ aCtiv~ dty yeas"it 1, Jbsp dri~d mixe~ herbs, . 2 tbsp· ~,imfloweroil

11 . e'gg. be,a~e rr .11.g~tl'y "rocko.saJt, ,for sp!il1kl i rig


1· Ug htly' Jl rease (} coekle sh eet' with tht!_ butte,r.

2 ::~I~: ::~~:~I::h:n!i~~~~

'Bring to a boil over low heat and simmer g.entry for ·15 minutes.. let cool slighdy,:. th~!1 place in-a bl,encler-or food pr.oces·sm, and prO(essinto~a pas,t:e;

3- Stra 1;0 t.~e. tl~w_ and salt i ~~~ a j~rg e: m~XI n g .bOwl a rid 'Stir In

rhe dr-y yeast ·and "ni!;(ed herhs:

4 Add.the garltc-ffavored milk, ~unflowe~ oit and o>eatt:!o ~fJlg fci ih~ dfy in.gred,1ej]'i1s; ~·ix well, iihqi brlog togetherwith._yourl1nge'fS to form a dt!lugh;

·5 liu m the dou~ h (lutQmo a

•. .:.. lig hitJ,yfiQ'u re~Loo~rrt.enmrj" i~n eaq tightly' iO[Cli few mlnutss uniil smooth -~md.5oft.

6 :~t::::~: i~a"~:e::d

warm .place for about 1 h our; or until d9 uble~ in ;'sJi~,e.

7 pu f1~~ ,dQWfi 'th:e dOtlg,h tot

2, minutes. lJiuide into B! shape into .. rolls., and. ·pla.te on the mbkre ~h@e!. $,EQr:e the t~'p·of,ea~h roll with a koife, ·mv~r~· and, I e.averfoJ 1S mi nWI1@s,

9 :Bah@·in· 81 pn:~~aited oven, ·~2i5-QFl.2.~PoOC, for 15-20 min U:le;. Trans.fer the mils to a wir.-e racK.ta mol M'fo~e ·.$,erving ..

se 1& m u sta rd ib iscu its

'makes leight

I~ II!"IWI bu'ltm; I.Ih:~dj pluS extra 101 IF . Int

1111 1111 I (JUS 1111 !l.:U ps self- rlsl ng '~ltJur.

II~IJ!! ])(!UI fOf dllsting , 'I~rj bokl~~,'pfjwdel'

I jl1 III r SEll!

, 'b, lips: gr, ~ed sharp cheese ~ t, ~ mu 'I.ard powder

'!J wI mll~, pi U'$ e~[ra for b rush to"g. !1(ij)l'le'l'

1·· lightlY gre:ase. a cooki~ sheet" with a I1ttl~ huttsr.

5 CU.t the·d ough into S w~tl ~ e with a ~nife, Bmsll tl,e w~dgC!~ with a :Iirnle milk and sp'rinkli~ wl!'h pepper to t~s't~."

2 strain ... th~: 'flou~' b~ih9 P9wdecr,

, and salt 1t110 a·mlxlng:bowl.-·R.uh

in thir butter with yom fingertlps·.l.mtil the mixtLlre re$e:!'l1bl~~5 bread ct'!,Jmlts.

6 Bake ina preheated a,v,"",

.. - 425DF/220!1C, for 10- b rnln~l~c I until the bis€Uits are golden IUliOWll

3 'St .. lr"ih.·' ihe.·':.·9f~t .. @Pl'(. h .. ~.e$'~' mU5:ta~li ·p·, anti enough i"I):ll!klO form

a soft:dough.

7 liransfer the bl.5~Llits 'to a Wrf hl( and letcoolslighi'ly Iwln(' I, !r\lI~1111

4· Knead.' the. dQug h very ~ightly "" lightly· flqqred '.ooumer: Flatte;o n ·eut w~h :~.he' pa lm of' yo u r hand to a depth' af abeut'l i"ncb/.2..5 'em,



;"lmClflid s,Hc~s 31

ilfJricnt and aanberry tart So dl'l.!mentine r-:ab2: 1 S

coffee streusel cake 3:4

mange and ilmonrlc:a'ke ,.29-30


.:apple~ke wrtheider 11 ,ap,ple ~horlcilke5, 39

(Jar bisc:uit5<38

frult loat with apple spread 6 gJ ngerb read 3 S,

ltalian bread pliddingi .~)8-g 5.ugar-topped bltldbe!rrya'rld

·apple c,ak~ )·6-7

~pricat and C1r~:mberry· tart; 56

baton and ham

cheese and ham loaf 68 onion tart 6~


ban,ana, andcfiilnbemy 3- bancaoa ,and !;'late loaf 4~5 biS'[uits S:l;1~ COl) kies

b!ackb£!rry andapple cake 36- i bread

di@@5.(!! and harn loat 68: ,-garlk bread ro115,76

l!,aHan br~d plJdmng 58-9 mililfocatcra 73

~soqa ~read 74~5

_ spicy b'r,sad 72

~ull-ddecl tnm,ato rolls 7C1-1 sea also tea breeds


ilI.jJpl'e cake with cider 21 caraw,ay ma~ei,ia 1 9 canQt-and ginger cake: ZLI cl~mE'!f11h·w.'· caks ~ 8· coeonut cake 28

coffee streusel cake 3:4 ounchy ffLl it cs ke 1 6-1 7 gingerbread 3'5

larnnn syrup take 2.0

t)r.a1i.g·@ a rrd almond cak@ i'9i~3.Q orange kuqelhcpi G:a~e 12--3· pear and ginger crLke 32-3 r1COfrlUit cake 26~7

':itl"alwberFY rQul cfde 25 sug'ar-tGPp~, llJa('kl;.u~rry and

aJj,~~e take 35.7

candied hult a no pee'l

b"1 nana III nd cranberry loaf :3 caraway madeira 1'9

cherry bis(uits.40- i

~Wn loif 12-13

rock d ~ops;5:0

~:al~W[l y ,madei,RlIl 9 carrot arrd glinge· rake .z4 cheese

cheese and ham ~oaf 68

cheese: and mustard bisUJ~ts77' crnnberfY muffins 14

oruen 1Mt 6~

pine nut tart :~7

strawberry roulade 2.5

the tries

ch@rry biscuits 4a~ 1 rock d rops SO hoeoi ate brea d 7

c:ider: apple take· wlH'I' rtO,erll dl1l1amcrn

,1iI~pleo shortcakes 39-

baked pears with cmnsrnon 52 dnnamon and currant loaf 2 cinnamon and seed squ.areJi 46, cinnamon -sWirls 15

o l11.nge ja Old ~ Im(;)nd ea ke 29-:3 Q. sugiilr .. top~H=d bl~.t:k.berry ~nd

apple HIke 3'fi-7

dtrus fru!ft

b~ nana and (fil nbeny loaf 3 carawiiI y madeira 19 cinnamon .and CiJ mini laaf"2 c; it rus bre~d 11

dtritJs 'Il: resce"ts 5,1

.dernen i"ne cak~ 18

~emcm Jumbles 43 lemon syrup cake 20

orange and elmcnd cake' 29~l(J. anlAge "u~hop,f ,cake 12-3 pine nu tart 57

rich fru fl cake 2.&-7

lreacl~ lart 66u]

dernenti n e (t!ik~ 1.13· coconut

!:tKvnblit m-~e' 2:8, coconut ffapjiidG ·52-3 coifee s1 rf!lJs~ I '€a ke 3'4 CQGkieS"-

·allmand Sn(e~ 31

C08Ei€:! and mu's-t~H'd biscu its. 77 cher-ry biscuits 40 1

ci·ru'!.tIiT11Q:n i3n,Q ·s~d~ 5iquare~ 45 citrus crescen ts 51

da,rk blst~.dts ]!&

Binf;ler r1ap-s 44,-5

I1ale1nuL squares, 47

lemon Jumbilles 43

oat tmd raism cookies 48-9 peanu l butter Q.'}l'Jkies, 54--5

com syrup

CO'CCl'IlJ~ fla~~Qks 52~3 gingersnaps 44-'5 pla~t"flilpj~ck:s 52 treacJe- .11iJ rt 56-'7


apm:;otand uanbeny tert Seebanana and cranb~ny loaf 3. cranb~rry' muffiri.s; , 4

Irich frul· cake

~terne b r'Q h§et~rts 6£l ~1 crown ' 12-13


banana and date Ipaf4~5 dia1ePlnd hon~y ICi~ B.~9 rich ·fruit cake 26-7

(!IB'd rn.~t

",jr I ke with rider 21 nnut and CjIl'1,gC3r cake .24

I h'll tJl CUlts ~O-l

mhlm n and currant loaf 2 nnll"I'" ::;wlds 1 "

lUll I V rfuil GII~e 16-11

II ~J I I,oar wllh apple spread s I I fll-lC tWISt bread 10

n.ll' nn('l raiSin C::OOklBS i18~9 II I hUI ake 26-7

roc; drops 50

IL II~ II ''5,2-3

o del 73

I.UII{ ! J[ aid mils 7£5 jUll "r

. III ro'l end gi'nger ra·ke 2:4 r tWr1 10 f 12: 1 3:

, 111g~rure d 35

Ir ger~lla'f'lS 44-5

I H. hgll ~wil t l:nC'ad 1 0

I ~ r and g, 119@r ,tah 11 ... 3 f~ 1.1 P s: rruncerneat and gr..ap-e J~I'rJW'SI~ 6A-5

IhV'~ Ihl' I :!itllJ~r~ 47 hr r '1

li~ 11~I,nil alii!.! date loaf 4-5 11 t j <In. l1.cfney toaf ~~9 i)) "go tWI.\i!1' bread 1 n

II 'man Jumhles 43

1'1< r m t' syr I J tJ ~~,k~ :2 el' Ir HI

LWI~t btead 1 D

r!'llil1Ci'JImEilll .fIlid grape jalou5iei54-s, III IIi] sses

'JI~~ f)1 QJit.5 38 1t1~1( rbread 3S

II Ii 111.1 l ,ake 25-7

1111111111~1 CI ill 11 llerry· 1111.J Ffln~ 14


banana 03f1d cmn,berry loaf 3 crown loa f 12',.. '1 :3

hazelnu squares 4~r

r,J:€tanult" butter "(oC)He.5 ~4-5 5~e· alSo ahrffll1ds; pine ,nuts


fl:a:pj,ad;s 52.-3

rurtleal With a~ple spread 6'

oat €a nd raisln cookies 48-S! onion tart 69

orange ~md a~mond ca-ke 2g~.30 Drai"lg:~ kUfJelhopf take 22-3

pastries al'ldmrts


apn(::crr and cranberry tafl56

Hem@ brul'ee ta Its 6(1-1 mince-meat and grape

ja I eusie '64-5 orniQ n tart 69 ~ine' ~J.!t tart: S7 tr-ead.e' fa rt 66~]

pavlov(;l 63

~ei3Ilut butter conkles 54-.5 pears

l'Jaked .~ears with cinnamon 62- pear and gi'l1ger cake 32~3

~:If.le nlJ~

crunchy 1,rUicl eake 10;."]:"7 pine nu L !arL 57

raspberries: apple cake wlth cider 21

rotlt orops- SO

s~'~, edibJ,E'

e:ara,Way maQe-ira, H)

drmamon '(;I 11 a seed squeras 46 dati! and honey loaf '8-9

o-a'l a rld r:ai sl n ooo.kies 48....:.9 Spfcy tu~~:d n·

shortb reads, s 1,0 rtca kl!S a ppl@ shortcakes 39 shortbread fantails 42 ~Q_dil! bread 74-5

stra wberries

[Tl~L1Ioar wilh apple spread f.i stmwberry roulade 25

tea breads

banana and cranberry 10 1 3 bananaand date loaf 4-~ c.hc'Yr,o~lat~ bread 7

CiF'lMtamon and currant IOil[ 2. cltrus bread 111

crown loaf 11-13

date and hOfl!;;,Y loa f 8-9

fruit loaf· with applE $pread is mango twist bread 10

torY'l<ltoes: ~l,In·drted t~m;;ltCl, ralls 10~ 1 rreade tart 66·7

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of measurement throuqhout; do, not mix imperial and metric

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The times giv@n for each redpe are an approximate.qulde only because the preparaticntlmes may·differ'<ac:::cordinr~;l to thetechniques used by different: . people ana the ccokinq t'irmes may va,rY as a result of the type of oven ussd.

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