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Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers

Exam Type: Cisco
Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59

Question: 1
Which two of these are features of the Cisco 2851 Integrated Services Router, but not features of
Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers? (Choose two.)

A. 32-Gbps switching bus
B. built-in wireless module
C. Cisco SDM for simplified management
D. two integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
E. Power over Ethernet support for 10/100 Ethernet ports
F. slots dedicated to Cisco High-Density Analog and Digital Extension Module for Voice and Fax

Answer: D, F

Question: 2
Which of these spanning tree mechanisms can be used to ensure that access switches cannot
become transit nodes in a spanning tree?

A. PortFast
B. UplinkFast
C. loop guard
D. root guard
E. BPDU guard
F. BPDU filter

Answer: D

Question: 3
Which WAN type provides the most secure transport?

A. Frame Relay
B. Private WAN
C. Internet with SLA
D. IPsec over MPLS VPN
E. dial-up connection over a circuit-switched network

Answer: D

Question: 4
During which phase is a proposal developed and delivered?

A. Prepare
B. Plan
C. Design
D. Operate

Answer: A

Question: 5
Which of these correctly identifies the six phases of the Cisco Lifecycle Services framework?

A. Prepare, Plan, Create, Implement, Operate, and Improve
B. Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize
C. Prepare, Plan, Design, Apply, Operate, and Manage
D. Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate and Manage

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Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 Answer: B Question: 6 In which phase is a systems acceptance test plan developed and documented? A. double-tier branch profile C. or traffic analysis? A. Operate Answer: B Question: 7 In which service component of the optimize phase would you assess the routing and switching system and recommend activities such as optimizing device configurations. Operations Assessment D. Which profile can be used as a migration profile to show the customer how to upgrade their branch? A. Data privacy is protected through traffic separation such as Frame Delay. triple-tier branch profile D. Operations Readiness Assessment F. B. It is a traditional hub-and-spoke model. Cisco Identity Based Networking Services Page 2 of 16 . Change Management B. Implement B. C. Technology Assessment Answer: F Question: 8 You have a customer who would like to upgrade their branch to Metro Ethernet. Which are two characteristics of this model? (Choose two. capacity planning. What can be used to assure that this is accomplished? A. Security Administration E. the hospital for which you are designing a solution needs to be certain that endpoint devices are interrogated for policy compliance. E. It provides the most cost savings. Design C. Answer: B. C Question: 10 Due to strict privacy regulations. multitier branch profile Answer: B Question: 9 When designing a branch office solution for a customer. It is the most commonly used deployment model. It is the least secure of the three deployment models. Security Assessment C. Prepare D. single-tier branch profile B.) A. you want to share the pros and cons of the Internet WAN deployment model. D.

DMVPN D. IPsec VPN D. GET VPN Answer: C Question: 12 Which two of these features can be managed by the Cisco SDM application? (Choose two.) A. HSRP C. load balancing Answer: C Question: 15 Page 3 of 16 . ATM does not include any encryption technology that can be managed from the enterprise side. network virtualization services D.) A. D Question: 14 You are designing a campus network and you want to provide a resilient default gateway to end services. First Hop Redundancy Protocol D. Layer 3 routing protocols B. Which campus network component should you use? A. VoIP B. What are two possible cons of these solutions? (Choose two. B. PoE power consumption Answer: C. ATM does not. D Question: 13 While designing a Cisco Enterprise WAN for a company. D. Although Frame Relay provides differentiated QoS inside the transport network. network access control Answer: D Question: 11 When designing a Cisco Enterprise WAN solution. GRE over IPsec C. C. E. you weigh the pros and cons of using Frame Relay and ATM. IPsec is required for Frame Relay security. UniDirectional Link Detection C. mobility services C. Although ATM does not require that IPsec be deployed on routers for security.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 B. IPsec Direct Encapsulation B. Neither Frame Relay nor ATM is IP-aware. QoS policy E. Only Frame Relay incorporates all QoS technologies. Answer: B. which transport augmentation simplifies management of IPsec and provides support for IGPs? A.

and advanced security enables the enterprise to rapidly adapt to and capitalize on the changing business environment. B. Cisco Unified Communications provides cost-effective access to a centralized system with voice and unified messaging services.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 While designing a Cisco Enterprise WAN solution for your customer. C. Cisco management tools enable you to centrally configure.) A. Cisco Unified Communications with integrated IP communications. and data services specifically to campus architectures. Network Management E. you want to allow the usage of routing protocols across the tunnel in order to simplify routing information distribution and failure mitigation. An optimized network utilizes the WAN and LAN to reduce traffic. DMVPN D. GRE over IPsec C. Answer: C. and suits a variety of IT budgets and growth expectations. Data Center Answer: B Question: 19 You need to document an existing network. map the existing network topology Page 4 of 16 . Security D. D. and manage devices at remote sites from the campus. D. as well as save bandwidth and operational expenses. Answer: A Question: 17 What are two characteristics of the Cisco Enterprise WAN and MAN Architecture? (Choose two. GET VPN Answer: B Question: 16 What is a characteristic specific to the Cisco Enterprise Branch of One (Teleworker) PIN Architecture? A. monitor. and/or applications. IP communications B. B. users. E Question: 18 You need a solution that provides high-level integrated security and seamless roaming. Which Cisco advanced technology should you implement? A. What should you do first? A. It addresses the drive for heightened security. C. Which transport network augmentation should you use? A. Mobility C. It addresses deployment scenarios that are not typical. It provides cost-effective interoperation. E. IPsec Direct Encapsulation B. It needs to accurately combine traffic by devices. video. It provides converged voice. wireless networking.

virtual firewall C.) A. With CVDs. C. CVDs provide proof-of-concept testing. audit the existing network and sites D. B. E. B. CVDs are a cross-segment effort between commercial and enterprise segment teams only. Integrated solutions are aligned to customer buying patterns. characterize the existing network and sites C. D. customer requirements are assumed by the specific design. Answer: B. two FWSM modules in failover mode Answer: D Question: 24 What is the focus for Cisco for driving integrated networks? Page 5 of 16 . What are the two primary benefits to the customer that you should share? (Choose two.) A. C. With CVDs. CVDs allow you to showcase innovation and next-generation technology. stateful firewall D. CVDs showcase innovation and next-generation technology. CVDs are backed by AS services. The PINs have been pushed out to partners and have been well-received. D. B. D Question: 21 What are three characteristics of Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs)? (Choose three. D Question: 23 Your network includes a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch with an FWSM module.) A. products and technologies are viewed as siloed components. CVDs baseline-tested designs give deployment confidence. E. router mode B. You need Layer 2 connectivity between two routers located on different firewall interfaces. D Question: 22 What are three characteristics of the Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) architectural selling approach? (Choose three. Answer: A. B. CVDs reduce pre-production testing and accelerate deployment planning. transparent mode E. Which feature will you need in order to provide this connectivity? A. D. Answer: B. C. This selling approach does not support verticalization. obtain organizational input Answer: D Question: 20 A customer wants to know about the benefits of the Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs).Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 B. This selling approach is based on customer requirements. C. CVDs allow customers to take designs and get to production more quickly.

F. D. PIN Answer: D Question: 25 Which three features does the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switch offer? (Choose three. 4RU. Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switch D. C. It provides state-of-the-art QoS and is designed to be oversubscribed so that it is able to handle more traffic than the total system bandwidth. built-in spam blocker D. concurrent services provisioning E. It provides high availability with complete integration of control plane and forwarding plane. CDO B. wireless access. It has a QFP that provides faster.) A.) A.) A. nonblocking switching capabilities for Layers 2 and 3 only B. and 6RU. It should allow for future growth. D. Cisco Catalyst Express 500 B. It provides a multiplexer system that allows rack-and-roll architecture. CVDs D. It is launched with three chassis sizes: 2RU. Answer: A. policy-based VM connectivity Answer: B. TCAM resources that enable "high feature capacity" with 64. B. what four features should you look for when analyzing the initial performance of any solution? (Choose four. and faster qualification.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 A. Which switch series should you choose? A. D. integrated resiliency in software and hardware C. CMO C. low-touch deployment. E Question: 26 You need switches that will provide ideal access-layer services for a small enterprise LAN environment as well as ensure maximum productivity and investment protection by supporting deployments of new applications such as IP telephony.000 entries F. B. C. easier provisioning of new services. It provides SPAs that cannot be used interchangeably with other platforms. Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3000 Series Answer: C Question: 27 What are four characteristics of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers? (Choose four. F Question: 28 When designing an advanced technology-ready organization. Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switch C. Page 6 of 16 . and video surveillance. It should have no component above 50 percent of its maximum. E.

GRE over IPsec D. You need to provide the customer with uplink connectivity because a single access switch is used to provide connectivity to more than one user group. spanning-tree mechanisms Answer: A Question: 32 Which Cisco PIN architecture uses Cisco Integrated Services Routers to support existing and emerging IP technologies. D. It should only consider top-of-rack installations. A three-layered design with a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch at the core layer. F Question: 29 Your customer is a major international airport. B. A three-layered design with a Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch at the core layer. Branch Page 7 of 16 . IEEE 802. It should use QoS mechanisms. Which access layer component should you deploy? A. IP telephony design D. You want to ensure that all devices in a group can successfully exchange encrypted packets. Which design best suits the needs of your customer? A. Data Center B. video surveillance.1Q trunks B. VTIs Answer: B Question: 31 You are designing a campus network for your customer. and baggage distribution. At the same time. integrated security features C. Which transport network augmentation will provide any-to-any IPsec connectivity to ensure that successful packet exchange occurs? A. Teleworker C. B.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 C. It should only use a select few devices and links. Answer: D Question: 30 Your customer needs to send encrypted data among three branch offices. A two-layered design with a Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switch at the core layer. Campus D. It should not use an SLA. Answer: A. The airport requires keeping connectivity options flexible for wireless and wired clients. D. D. and RFID devices? A. GET VPN C. C. E. kiosks. DMVPN B. F. A full-mesh design with no dedicated core. it requires isolating specific closed user groups such as air traffic control communication. including IP telephony and video. point-of-sale terminals.

Cisco Unified Communications B. Supervisor II-Plus B. A.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 Answer: D Question: 33 Which Cisco advanced technology provides interconnected storage area networks so that you can reduce costs and improve reliability? A. Data Center C. GET VPN C. what should you do immediately after you compile an inventory? A. fix identified. immediate problems D. Supervisor V-10GE D. implement monitoring using SNMP or RMON Answer: A Question: 36 Which two technologies are associated with the Campus PIN architecture? (Choose two. Supervisor II-TS Answer: C Question: 35 During the baselining process. Mobility D. verify that the SNMP MIB is supported in the relevant core device B. MPLS VPN Answer: C. DMVPN B. Which PIN architecture is represented? Page 8 of 16 . Network Management E. Supervisor IV C. Security Answer: B Question: 34 Which supervisor module can be used in the Cisco Catalyst 4510R chassis? Select the best response. IPv4 to IPv6 D. Layer 2 to Layer 3 E. poll and record specific SNMP MID objects from the device C.) A. D Question: 37 Refer to the exhibit.

does not support 802. provides a maximum forwarding bandwidth of 32 Gbps E. C.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 A. Systems Integration Page 9 of 16 . Data Center D. Teleworker Answer: A Question: 38 What are three important characteristics of the Cisco Catalyst 2960G-24TC switch? (Choose three. contains 24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports and 2 dual-purpose slots Answer: B. each Ethernet 10/100/1000 port supports up to six priority queues each with two drop thresholds B. uses the GBIC/SFP form factor for dual-purpose ports D.) A. Campus C. Branch B.3af PoE C. D Question: 39 Which service component would you typically perform prior to the handover to the customer's operations organization and involves running system operations to ensure that the solution is ready for production? A.

power capacity in watts and amperage by chassis and line card Answer: B. provides feature parity with the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series of switches C. F Page 10 of 16 . D.3af PoE B. D. line card administrative state and slot location F.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 B. IOS revision level B. provides integrated configuration of both routing and switching functions under a single Cisco IOS instance. What are three key benefits of implementing this branch solution using the components listed? (Choose three. to integrate routing and switching components C. Skill Assessment D. maximizes concurrent routing and switching performance by using local processors and switching engines Answer: A.) A. create a design specification document D. which four types of information can be gathered? (Choose four. E. line card revision D. Security Check Answer: B Question: 40 What is a primary objective of the security architecture assessment? A. switch ports can be stacked with external Catalyst Series switches using Cisco StackWise technology E. document power and UPS availability B. Acceptance Testing C. operational state C.) A. B. E Question: 42 When issuing the Cisco IOS command show power in the Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch. supports standard 802. Project Close Out E. document the customer's current and future technology projects Answer: B Question: 41 Refer to the exhibit. power supply fan status E.

redundant power supplies F. what are three key chassis specifications? (Choose three. line cards. fixed configuration D. C. three-slot chassis supports CEF720 line cards C. stackable C. HSRP B. D Question: 46 Which three of these are features of the Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switches? (Choose three. Cisco Smartports Advisor D. is backward-compatible with all existing software versions D. what feature allows phone calls to remain up in the event of a supervisor failure? A. Cisco Network Assistant C.) A. switch fabrics. Which network is characterized by the output from the show cdp neighbors command? Page 11 of 16 .and nine-slot chassis support only 6000-W power supplies E. and software releases Answer: B. six. one RU B. C. CLI B. NSF E.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 Question: 43 In the Cisco Catalyst 6500-E Series chassis.) A. SSO C. requires Cisco IOS 12. supports all existing supervisors. E Question: 47 Refer to the exhibit.) A. Power over Ethernet E. NetFlow Answer: B Question: 45 Which two tools can you use to manage and configure a Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series Switch? (Choose two. Device Manager with embedded GUI Answer: B. E Question: 44 Given a Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switch with redundant supervisors.2(1)SXD and beyond B. Layer 2 through Layer 7 switching capabilities Answer: A. CEF D.

D. Given that the network is running OSPF routing protocol over the WAN.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 A. Network 3 D. Conduct a network inventory of servers and applications installed on them. which type of OSPF routing is being used on the router labeled "Mollie"? Page 12 of 16 . Network 4 Answer: A Question: 48 Which is a reliable network auditing methodology for discovering applications on the network and their usage characteristics? A. Conduct a network usage study over a given period of time. Network 2 C. Interview system administrators regarding the networked applications. C. Answer: B Question: 49 Refer to the exhibit. Network 1 B. Place a sniffer device on the network to grasp a snapshot of traffic on the network. B.

point to point B. Enable route filtering.1.0. route redistribution Answer: C Question: 50 Refer to the exhibit. Distribution router 1 loses the link to the corporate network.1. Configure it as an EIGRP stub router. virtual link C. The network is running the EIGRP routing protocol. C. Which would be a benefit of designing the OSPF network as shown? Page 13 of 16 . Disable split horizon.0? A.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 A. D. Answer: B Question: 51 Refer to the exhibit.3. How should the remote spoke router be configured to prevent it from being the next-lowest-cost path to network 10. B.3. Configure a floating static route to network 10. point to multipoint D.

VRRP B. security D. The new building will use collaborative workspaces for each team. Route summarization is enabled by default in this type of configuration. wireless B. GLBP Answer: D Question: 53 Your client is adding a new R D facility to its existing. PoE F. RPR+ D. D. Which methodology will support dual-homed connections to the same ISP and also support high availability? A. Routes can be redistributed within the individual areas. B. AONS Answer: A. switching C. The backbone area does not need any internal routers. HSRP C. Your client is growing rapidly and would like to provide more capacity to the Internet without losing the ability to support high availability. The new building will be four stories high and house from 150 to 400 employees. Which four technologies will be applicable here? (Choose four.) A. storage E. Answer: D Question: 52 You have a client that currently has a single connection to an ISP. The client would like to deploy IP communications to this building and connect it to the existing campus TDM phone system. C. three-building corporate campus.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 A. and it will require that each team member have the flexibility to move among work areas yet remain connected to the network and receive phone calls. B. C. Route summarization configuration at the ABRs is greatly simplified. E Page 14 of 16 .

each with four floors. CBWFQ C. data center E. WFQ Answer: A. The corporation will require 3500 TDM telephones and approximately 100 of these will be in a call center in building 2. cRTP F.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 Question: 54 A client organization is investigating deploying IP communications. and the WAN link speed for each location is 512 kbps.) A. The corporation also provides access to customers for customized applications support. but the client will also be rolling out a new ERP application that will be considered mission critical. Building 4 will house R D. A network operations center will monitor and maintain the network on a 365/24/7 basis. 802. MAC address notification Answer: C Page 15 of 16 . DHCP snooping D. and R D. Each building will have an MDF with at least one telco closet per floor and at least two runs of Category 5 UTP cable will go to each work location. This campus will encompass administration. E Question: 55 You have received an RFP from a potential client to design a network for a new corporate campus. storage D. The WAN supports typical IP-based applications. sales.) A. single-mode fiber-optic cable to the new data center in building 3. Multistrand multimode will connect each telco closet to the MDF. Which advanced technologies will be applicable to answering this RFP? (Choose three. security B. but it also must restrict which employees have access to certain parts of the R D network.1X in conjunction with Cisco Secure ACS C. and it will pull all the distributed IT functions into a new data center. IP communications C. The corporation needs to increase collaboration in the workforce. It has a traditional hub. LLQ E. The campus will consist of five buildings. D.and- spoke Frame Relay WAN. 5 to 11 class model D. LFI B. C. D Question: 56 Which security feature of a Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switch can be used to prevent clients from acquiring an IP address from unauthorized servers? A. routing and switching Answer: A. The buildings will be linked via high-strand-count. It has five remote sites. Employees need the flexibility to be able to move from one floor to another or from one building to another to accomplish their jobs. This portion of the network requires connectivity to the Internet. The data center will house all connections to the Internet and to the PSTN. port security B. Each MDF will have dedicated power circuits and be backed up by batteries in the basement of each building and a generator. Managers also need this flexibility without losing connectivity to the corporate network or their phones. Which three QoS mechanisms will be useful in redesigning the WAN to support the mission-critical application and IP communications? (Choose three.

E Question: 59 Which layer in a hierarchical network is considered optional in smaller campus networks? A.Exam Name: Routing and Switching Solutions for System Engineers Exam Type: Cisco Exam Code: 642-062 Total Questions: 59 Question: 57 Which two of these tasks are important when designing for high availability? (Choose two. selecting high-end devices B. IPsec D.) A. improving performance to consequently increase availability D. aggregation Answer: C End of Document Page 16 of 16 . access B. IP in IP E. identifying single points of failures C. D Question: 58 Which two of these protocols can be used to provide secure connectivity when connecting a branch office to the campus core? (Choose two. GRE B. L2TP C. DMZ F. L2TP over IPsec Answer: C. remote E. distribution C. removing devices and features that introduce single points of failures Answer: B. core D. introducing redundancy to mitigate potential single points of failure E.) A.