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“Suara Orang Utan”

The Official Newsletter of the

Volume 1
Summer 2005

Welcome to Suara Orang Utan– Voice of the Orangutan
By Gary Shapiro, Ph.D. Chairman enables OUREI to claim tax-
& Co-Founder exempt status under SEE with
donors receiving tax-
Inside this issue: Welcome to the inaugural
deductions for their
issue of Suara Orang Utan or
contributions; however, we
Voice of the Orangutan, the
OUREI Announces 2 plan to spin-off as our own
official newsletter of the Orang
Appointment of tax-exempt organization in the
Utan Republik Education
Ambassador near future as we grow our
Initiative (OUREI). We will
capacity. To do that, we need Sumatran Rain Forest at Bukit
OUREI Receives Federal 2 publish Suara Orang Utan at
your help as volunteers and as Lawang. © Gary Shapiro
Grant least twice a year to provide
donors. We believe the stakes
our readership with
are so high and our revenue. He gave the “patient”
Petition Update 2 information that will keep
opportunities so great that we 15 more years at the current rate
them informed about OUR
must and will succeed in of illegal logging. I would add
activities. The newsletter
OUREI in Indonesia 3 building OUREI into a that the transformation of
complements the online
significant organization in biologically rich forests into cash-
website for OUREI. We will
Indonesia, home to the largest crop plantations, is adding to the
OUREI Education 3 keep the newsletter brief and
populations of surviving cancer woes. While mitigating
to the point.
orangutans. loss of revenue, such conversion
As most of our readership of forest has a profound effect
Action Items 4 Orangutans are in
knows, OUREI was created in on the populations of remaining
desperate trouble. Their
November 2004 by my orangutans as well as other
numbers are diminishing due
Indonesian wife, Inggriani, and wildlife that share and compete
to habitat destruction and the
I after realizing that her cause- for life in the forest. It also
illegal pet trade. The key to
related business, Orang Utan reduces the level of ecological
saving the orangutan is not
Republik ® could not, for the services the intact forest
merely putting a Bandaid ™ on
Upcoming this Fall foreseeable future, raise the provides, including climate
the symptoms but curing the
level of funding we envisioned moderation, water quality, and
patient. We believe that the
would be necessary to flood control.
• International Orangutan cure is sustained education.
adequately help education
Awareness Week programs that support Recently Indonesian Enforcing the laws is one way
(Nov 6-12, 2005) orangutan survival. We Minister of Forestry, Malam towards curing the patient
decided to create a non-profit Sambat Kaban, made an apt though it would be like treating
• Orangutan Awareness the patient with a risky drug.
organization to be able to analogy regarding the forests of
Week in Indonesia
solicit funds from foundations, Indonesia during a tour of an Such a harsh remedy doesn’t
(Nov 13-19, 2005) corporations, individuals and automobile factory in Java. He guarantee the patient will not get
government. We are, for the said Indonesia’s rain forests, sick again. The best way is to
• Check OUREI website inoculate the patient with a
for other events time being, a project under the from Papua to Aceh, were like
Social and Environmental a late-stage cancer patient due vaccine. Vaccines create
• November is Great Ape Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c) to the high level of illegal antibodies that prevent the
Awareness Month (3) corporation who also logging in Indonesia which is disease, and they are long lasting.
manages over 100 other damaging the “world’s lungs” Education is that vaccine.
projects like OUREI. This and robbing the nation of lost
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asp?sect=detail&pet young supporter. Bpk. and venues in Southern California. former Center in Jakarta (July 12) and office on July 11 to discuss Miss Indonesia 2001 and frequently discusses her OUREI’s programs and to current member of Parliament concern for the orangutan’s invite her participation in (DPR).petitionthem. The funds will grant will enable Indonesians of an award of $48. Ms. If you in Indonesia is obtaining this initiative several months have signed it. campaign and at outreach are trying to accomplish. .” proposal entitled. OUREI Recipient of Federal Grant to Educate Indonesians in Conflict Areas of Sumatra The Orang Utan Republik specific to those sectors where OUREI Chairman Dr.000 as a match killing orangutans now. Sondakh over the coming campaign trail that put her into issues in Indonesia including following her appointment by months to raise awareness the Parliament.500 from be given for the purpose of to develop and deliver the United States Fish & delivering the curricula by important information to Wildlife Service. Sondakh currently serves as education. government.100 signatures from an online sign it after explaining what we that country. “This recently received notification currently exists. Ms. I Gde orangutan throughout the received a prestigious Ardike. to the federal grant. has agreed to serve as future in the Indonesian helping save the species OUR Ambassador for media. is proud to announce that Market in Santa Monica by a participate and by doing so officials in Jakarta but to be default. the federal Indonesian educators. The information to educate Contact OUREI if you would Orangutan Workshop/ workshop and summit will be people who may be like more information or would to Summit/Program” which will scheduled in the near future. She recently and Tourism. Education Initiative (OUREI) human/orangutan conflict Gary Shapiro stated.” participate in the event. OUREI educate people who may be agency administering the Great must raise $51. please do so. significantly increase local and more persuasive. killing orangutans now. more names =1652 © OUREI national awareness about are needed. In addition.angelinasondakh. The the media. Inggriani Shapiro met with Ms. through outreach and orangutans in Indonesia. at the Arts Sondakh in her Parliament Angelina Sondakh. archipelago. With such status. Sondakh has long been an the Ambassador for Indonesia OUREI plans to work with Angelina Sondakh on the advocate for environmental eco-tourism preservation Ms. generate educational curricula Orangutan Awareness Week Petition Update The first element of about the plight of the protection. Raised anticipate this program will Indonesians to develop The award will be granted to funds will be used to conduct have tremendous conservation and deliver important OUREI for its approved the workshop and summit of value. We “This grant will enable Ape Conservation Act of 2000. online petition can be found at: Petition being signed at Farmer’s education institutions will Names were presented to www. “Sumatran key government leaders. rain forest and wildlife the former Minister of Culture © www. OUREI began a If you haven’t signed the OUREI’s 8-point action plan petition campaign to promote petition. Rachmat Witoelar. find one or two official recognition for ago and has collected over more people and ask them to Orangutan Awareness Week in 1.Page 2 Suara Orang Utan Volume 1 OUREI Announces Appointment of Orang Utan Republik Ambassador The Orang Utan Republik Environmental award by the OUREI founders Gary and Education Initiative (OUREI) Minister of Environment.

Environment Rachmat Witoelar Foundation. OUREI. July 12. After programs in Sumatra and met graciously received by all explaining our program and its with key personnel to discuss organizations and came to various proposed projects. guide association. © OUREI orangutan research that has habitat can be achieved Canyon Community College. view excaptive orangutans Orangutan Awareness Week in Ian Singleton. a variety of become involved with our children eager to learn about that time. Sondakh also invited advisor and photographer.D. International and the Sumatra between organizations would Many more doors opened up © OUREI Orangutan Society. contact us orangutans at an OUREI outreach programs that focused on orangutans and their habitat inspire people to take action. To learn more or to Additionally. We Indonesia. Sumatra to discuss Conservation Programme. all located better serve the goals of during our visit and we are in various parts of Medan. been conducted by foreign and through increased formal and . We first met with northern Sumatra. effective conservation thankful and hopeful we can Each organization has education and orangutan continue our important work. then presented this newest Medan. Education Chair Indonesian scientists. the Leuser being used in nearby schools enjoyed performances by well. educational curricula exists to inform and education programs. We were Parliament Building. 2005). I became quite precarious existence of this am so excited to be part of the Volunteer Allison Saldana with interested in orangutans. believe the preservation of wild San Bernardino. Towards television later this year. in Jakarta. California (April Editor’s note: Wendy Hoole teaches Today. Angelina conducted our initial site visit other species and the Sondakh and her staff at the of the orangutan field environment. OUREI Education By Wendy Hoole. the only eco-tourist international audience who © OUREI education program. meet with Ms. Ms. Fauna & Flora and a sense that cooperation known Indonesian musicians. Sharon. Inggriani and I population about orangutans. Marty. 2005) at their office in the Sumatran Orangutan the end of our stay. we challenges and possible ways to better understand the showed her the three public OUREI Founders Gary & coordinate with them to challenges they face in service announcements that we Inggriani Shapiro meet with members further outreach and education conducting field operations in plan to air on Indonesian of the Sumatra Orangutan Society programs. July 2005 was a month of that seek to raise awareness in Inggriani and I then flew to discovery and opportunity for the schools and in the general Jakarta where we were able to OUREI. as result of wild orangutans and their requisite at LA Harbor College and Santiago 23. we were able to being returned to the wild. Thanks to area in Sumatra where one can support official recognition of the generosity of SOCP’s booth at Environmental Expo in were few and far between. ceremony at the Arts Building The following day were able to We left Sumatra with in Jakarta where we met with meet with SOCP staff and later numerous examples of Minister of Environment Gary Shapiro discusses OUREI with Conservation education materials already Rachmat Witoelar. Inggriani and I paid a Parliament member with a set opportunities in sponsoring local recipients of OUREI’s first visit to Bukit Lawang (aka of petitions signed by an education and outreach projects grant to enhance their Bohorok). That is why I California. we are informal education at the local While I was growing up in now acutely aware of the community level. Ph. and proposal with Minister of International. Ms. We (July 8. riverside community and OUREI Ambassador (see page We were joined by OUREI discussed the rebuilding efforts 2). and ecotourist challenges with Inggriani and I to the Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel and the heads of the park and the Environmental Awards her husband Marty Kimmel. 2005.Su V oal u r amO er a 1n g U t a n Suara Orang Utan Page 3 OUREI in Indonesia– OUR 2005 Mission of Introduction and Capacity Building By Gary Shapiro. I at info@orangutanrepublik. education programs in the field survival. At magnificent creature. Sondakh was move quickly and visit the also witnessed how the floods very positive to the idea as well SOCP quarantine facility in a of 2003 devastated the local as agreeable to serving as remote area outside Medan.

a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Shop & Support ORANG UTAN REPUBLIK Store Address: 2411 Main St. #828 Santa Monica. CA 90404 Phone: 310-401-6602 Fax: 310-401-6614 E-mail: info@OrangUtanRepublik. Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative US Postage 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. Nicki Coleman– Chair–Volunteers Mailing Address Label OUREI Project Directors Gary Shapiro– Chairman & Co-Founder. Thank you • Attend OUR next Fundraiser Indonesians to become aware for joining us in this important of the issues and to discuss cause. Soedomo Mergonoto– Founding Patron Angelina Sondakh. OUREI will be working collective future. Handriyo Kusumo OUREI is a Project of Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE). Ed Begley “Saving a Species through Education” Welcome to Suara Orang Utan Action Items & What You Can Do: • Help Sign the On-line Petition– Get Others to Sign Too Continued from front page • Purchase Gifts and Items from OUR Trading Post In the coming months and amongst themselves their years. We but together we can overcome • Hold a Fundraiser or a mini-Fundraiser at your home seek to do this without them and secure the future of proselytizing but by engaging the Great Red Ape. • Help Us Raise Awareness current plight: ignorance.other • Get involved with Orangutan Awareness Week campaigns that will address the root causes of ecological cause of the orangutan’s degradation and social unrest.. CA 90405 T r a d i n g P o s t . Hengki Koentjoro– Chair– Media/PR Maylene Wong– Chair– Programs. The challenges are enormous OUREI Advisors Mr. – Ambassador Wendy Hoole– Chair– Education. • Make a Contribution to OUREI with orangutan organizations the Indonesian government and influential members of must address the weighty • Volunteer to help OUREI Save Orangutans through Indonesian society to create an issues of rural and urban Education integrated program of outreach poverty as well as conspicuous and education initiatives and greed and corruption. & Mrs. Honorary Advisors Mr. and fear.OrangUtanRepublik. Santa Monica.www.saveourplanet. Sun 11-5 Phone: 310-450-1816 orangutan puppets ● Indonesian arts & crafts Meet Gary and Inggriani at Farmer’s Market Your purchase will support education Sun 9-1 at Ocean Park and Main Street.inside Merchant Mart—Between Ocean Park & Hollister Handbags ● sarongs● Bali gifts● batik clothing ● Open Mon-Sat 11-6. Inggriani Shapiro– Co-Founder We’re on the Web! www. Santa Monica programs in Indonesia . Of course. SE.

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