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| Dog Tags | [L1]
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1. At the very beginning of the 2nd chapter, Second Chance, look on the table
to your right for the Dog Tag.
2. In the 3rd chapter, Sudden Impact. After you get your first nanosuit
upgrade, you'll have to drop into a tunnel/canal and fight your way through
it. Your foes include both soldiers and aliens. At the end, there are two
doors on the right hand wall. The furthrest one is the exit, but the one
before that has this Dog Tag in it. Look on the couch.
3. In the 5th chapter, Lab Rat. Inside Gould's apartment, after he has you sit
in the funky looking chair, he'll lead you into another room. In here, look
on a bookcase on the left wall for the Dog Tag.
4. In the 7th chapter, Dead Man Walking. After get in the elevator and ride it
down. When you exit, go left, over the poles, to find this Dog Tag laying
on the floor.
5. In the 8th chapter, Seat of Power. You'll come to an area with a bunch of
infected people and some rounded yellow tents/buildings. Keep an eye out
for two guys still alive sitting on a cot to your left. Enter the tent
behind them and look on a desk to the right for the Dog Tag.
6. In the 9th chapter, Dark Heart. Near the beginning you'll be presented
with three tactical options: LedgeGrab, Explore, and Observe. Shortly after
this you'll come to an area with catwalks above it. The stairs to get up
there has grenade and ammo boxes next to it. From those boxes, turn right
and go through the open doorway into the room. The Dog Tag is in here on
the floor.
7. In the 9th chapter, Dark Heart. After acquiring the Souvenir and kicking
the door, you'll be in a tunnel with orange scaffolding. Ledge Grab the
first one to find this Dog Tag next to a dead body and a sniper rifle.
8. In the 10th chapter, Semper Fi or Die. After taking down the dropship near
the end of the chapter, jump up and meet up with the Marine calling for you.
Keep moving and you will soon come across an overturned ambulance to your
right. There is an ammo box and a dead body in front of it. Look next to
the body for this Dog Tag.
9. In the 11th chapter, Corporate Collapse. After you use the security
terminal, the glass on the front of the building cracks and water pours in,
then sucks you out. Once you regain control, go back underwater and look for
a wrecked car very close to you. The Dog Tag is next to it.
10. In the 13th chapter, Unsafe Haven. After you meet up with the Staff
Sergeant early in the chapter, he'll talk to you and open the gate. Walk
straight forward to the end of the platform and you should see the Dog
Tag sitting on a stack of small brown boxes.
11. In the 14th chapter, Terminus. Near the beginning, when you meet up with
Gould and Barclay, check the table to your left for this Dog Tag.

After you get out of the tank. After blowing open the doors on the roof and killing the enemies inside. After you destroy the mech and must get on a chopper. 4. After you enter the large building near the beginning. You will need to get on the roof of that building and look for a dead body. you'll find the E-mail next to the keypad.12. make your way to the biggest greenhouse/house here. you'll move back outside and kill two guards. 3. In the 7th chapter. look in one of the first rooms you come across for a table with a computer and a monitor on it. The E-mail is on this table. look on the first desk here for the E-mail. Once you enter the building with the American flags hanging from it. The Dog Tag is in here on a box. 15. 2. In the 8th chapter. 14. Instead. In the 18th chapter. This Dog Tag is on the ground in here. In the 17th chapter. In the 2nd chapter. Lab Rat. you will go up a hill and then have the option of going down some stairs and through three arches. you will move into a building and into an elevator. 17. | ======= | | | | E-mails | [L2] | | | ======= | 1. After fighting your first big batch of aliens. Masks Off. Out of the Ashes. In the 6th chapter. Just after you activate Stealth Mode for the first time. In the 15th chapter. When you get to the rooftop with greenhouses on it. In the 19th chapter. Eye of the Storm. you will have to enter a trailer and pull a switch. Look on the left wall in here for the Dog Tag. . 16. Don't move to the objective yet. After blowing both the fuel and ammo dumps. In the 16th chapter. In here you'll find a box with a weapon in it on the floor. Dead Man Walking. The E-mail is on a table inside the trailer. In the 5th chapter. look inside the other elevator. 13. Out of the Ashes. you'll have to enter a security booth and use a keypad. There are weapons in here. It's the one with the Explore tactical option in it. In this booth. Power Out. In the 18th chapter. When heading upstairs. The E-mail is on a table in the middle of this area. The Dog Tag is in front of this box. Second Chance. A Walk in the Park. which turns out to be a dud. along with floor grates that you'll need to melee open. Head into the door that opens. The Dog Tag is next to it. After you get trapped in a garage and Lockhart uses the EMP trap on you. Before you get into that elevator with the objective on it. Seat of Power. enter the first door you come across. Gate Keepers. 5. look on a table next to a truck to the right of the objective for this Dog Tag.

In the 16th chapter. you should jump onto a small metal platform which then falls to the ground. Enter the large building covered in vines via the front door and look to your right. go left and turn left again. 5. After you meet Hargreave and use the syringe. There's also a shotgun next to it. Masks Off. past the wrecked semis. Lab Rat. Follow it to the end. In the 17th chapter. In the 6th chapter. You'll come to a tank/APC type vehicle that you need to commandeer. You will have to kick a crate out of the way. Look on the counter to the right of that sign for the E-mail. Go up them and look for the Key next to a dead body. head left (Northwest) onto the road here. You should pass the entrance to the area that you're in. This container has weapons. The E-mail is in that room. 2. 6. In the 7th chapter. At the end you should find a wrecked car with a dead soldier next to it. In the 5th chapter. There is a sign in here on the wall that says Hargreave Rasch Life Insurance. Gate Keepers. After you move through the parking garage and enter the Hargreave-Rasch building proper. enter the room and look on the floor to the left for the E-mail. ammo and grenade boxes. Keep going and you will find another partially walled off section with an open container inside. 4. 7. 3. In the 3rd chapter. In the 16th chapter. if you follow the wall of the building with the blue objective on it around to the . and the Key. In the 11th chapter. Corporate Collapse. you'll come to a flight of stairs. In the 16th chapter. 9. you will enter a big room with green floors. After you exit the parking garage. Eye of the Storm. Sudden Impact. After jumping across rooftops. At the beginning. Road Rage. just after you jump out of the window. In the 4th chapter. Before you do that. In the beginning area. The E-mail is on a table here. you'll be running out of the area. 8. After you kill Lockhart. 10. Once down there. Eye of the Storm. Follow the walkway around to a small room on the other side guarded by 2 enemies. The Key is on the ground here. just before the metal detector. Dead Man Walking. look around the room for this E-mail on a desk. Once you do. | ==== | | | | Keys | [L3] | | | ==== | 1. After you ride the elevator down into the substation. Go down that alley that cuts between the buildings you just crossed and look on the steps back here for the Key. head to the Southwest. move into the first room on your left. Eye of the Storm.

After passing through the park and getting the achievement for it. Seat of Power. look in the short trailer to the right of it for the Key. Second Chance. you'll enter a decontamination chamber. you will see a bus to your left. Before you do. a taxi. Near the beginning. a Statue of Liberty. At the beginning you'll have to pass through a checkpoint with "Evac Center" scrolling along in a marquee at the top of it. 7. At the very beginning. move to the end of this area on foot. The Key is on this slab. | ========= | | | | Souvenirs | [L4] | | | ========= | Collecting all of these yields the Tourist achievement. In the 15th chapter. 11. Power Out. In the 11th chapter. Before you do that. In the 18th chapter. At the end there is a gate. Move forward and you should notice a monorail with a big chunk missing from the middle. you'll be on a city street. 2. you'll go through another building and exit outside again. At the end you will be forced to go left and move through a store. Corporate Collapse. Southwest. you'll find the Key on a planter next to a teddy bear. After you pick up the Key in this chapter. look to your right for some yellow barrels and a big slab of busted concrete/debris. Instead. Just before you reach it. In the 8th chapter. if you follow the path. 8. Train to Catch. Go inside and look near the driver's seat for the Key. The Key is next to him. In the 2nd chapter. and then make your way over to the dead guy sitting in a chair. In the 12th chapter. Look North for the option called Explore. At the end you'll find a body with the Key next to it. A Walk in the Park. look on the counter for the Souvenir. The Souvenir. In that store. Out of the Ashes. If you go there you'll find a garage that you can go through which takes you directly to the crash site. is in the booth just before you leave the . 1. 10. The door will open for you to proceed down an orange tunnel. In the 19th chapter. After taking out your first group of aliens. 9. if you bring up your visor you will see three yellow tactical options. After fighting one of the big aliens with a shield. In the 3rd chapter. 6. Sudden Impact. check the small side room to the left for the Key. move forward and enter the wrecked bus to your right. do NOT get inside the vehicle. Use the stairs on the left side to get up on top of it. At the beginning.

Seat of Power. Go through the opening on your left and you will see the Souvenir. 11. You'll have to charge up a melee attack to bust down the door. There are two stores here. Look on the first desk for this Souvenir. This Souvenir. After shooting down the helicopter and entering the hole it made. Lab Rat. When you first fight aliens. 8. which is a cop car. 3. The Souvenir. and he'll start talking to you. When you move forward. Make your way up to the Snipe option. look on the desk to the right of that button for this Souvenir. you'll have to enter a security booth and use a keypad. the one with the wrecked chopper in it. move into the next room. then turn right and head up the stairs. In this room. garage. 13. Train to Catch. a model of the church itself. is on a box near a window. The booth in question will be just inside the door. Corporate Collapse. dead. you will enter a burning building. 4. 9. Keep going until you reach a room with multiple tables with computers on them. Look around the room you're in. Look on a table on the left side for the Souvenir. In the 7th chapter. After entering the building with the flags hanging from it and grabbing the E-mail. Swim inside to find the Souvenir. on your right. a model of a subway car. Unsafe Haven. you'll find Hargreave's men. In the 5th chapter. then lead you into another room. 12. . At the very beginning. laying on the floor in plain sight. Swim down and look for a hole in the head. You'll come across the Wall Street Church. In the 9th chapter. so just go there and look around on the bottom area for it. After you get into the elevator with Barclay. In the 6th chapter. you'll be tasked with blowing up a fuel dump and an ammo dump. is on a counter in here. You will notice the head of the Statue of Liberty sitting a pool of water. Look in the corner next to the "God Help Us" painted on the wall for this Souvenir. In the 11th chapter. Gate Keepers. 7. In the 8th chapter. In the 13th chapter. a model of a ship. Go inside the SuperSavin' and look on the counter for this Souvenir. Near the beginning of the mission you'll come to an area filled with aliens. Turn around and enter the room behind the stairs. the garage exits into the crash site. In the 14th chapter. After you blow open the doors on the roof and kill all the enemies inside. Dead Man Walking. When you get to the top. Semper Fi or Die. a Pharmacy and a SuperSavin'. and look on one of the boxes for this Souvenir. look on the middle table for a Souvenir. You'll come to a point where you will see a large and ominous looking shadow of one of the little spiders on the wall. At this point. Go up to the front doors of the church. New York City itself. Dark Heart. the Southeast doors. he'll talk about the people below you. When you enter the room below the Onyx and hit the button to open the garage door. you will have multiple tactical options. In the 12th chapter. Terminus. a model of a hot dog stand. If you don't use the yellow tactical option. a model of city hall. 10. Road Rage. In the 4th chapter. you will go upstairs. 5. After you bring the missile batteries online. In the 10th chapter. 6.

Power Out. In the 15th chapter. In the 16th chapter. Out of the Ashes. for this Souvenir. Shoot the red barrel inside the black/gray one to open the doors and look inside for the Souvenir. In the 2nd chapter. After you commandeer the tank you'll enter . Second Chance. follow the right wall all the way down the streets until you reach a checkpoint with signs above it saying "POST NO BILLS". Kill the enemies below and then drop down and SPRINT up the street going North. The Souvenir. To get into it.14. one yellow and one black/gray. Road Rage. 2. In the 3rd chapter. Get up onto the top one and look next to the bed. Sudden Impact. you will approach a substation. In the 17th chapter. then jump from there. After fighting the first batch of aliens. Once you sprint past it. To your left you should see what looks like two hotel rooms crashed into your building. | ================ | | | | Speeding Tickets | [L5] | | | ================ | Collecting all of these yields the Speeding Tickets secret achievements. After you get the Key and pass through the checkpoint. is in the tower. You may notice a huge camera attached to a lamppost here. 1. it'll take your picture and you'll get a Speeding Ticket. After you get a look at the real Hargreave. In the 4th chapter. 15. You should be able to enter a building called Amim's Sandwich Bar. In the 19th chapter. The Souvenir is on the same table. In the 18th chapter. A Walk in the Park. Masks Off. From here. This is the same area where you get the Key for this chapter. After you ride the elevator up. Eye of the Storm. Shortly after you use the Armor Lock mode on your suit for the first time. enter the substation and get on the large electrical platform next to it. you'll wind up on top of a diner with a big donut to your left. right at the edge. 16. You should see a watchtower to your right. 17. he'll tell you to pick up a syringe off of a table. After you pass through the first building. There will be a yellow container on a trailer parked in it. 18. 3. Follow this around until you reach an open area. you'll move up a hill. a model of a lighthouse. After leaving the parking garage you'll come to a flight of stairs. Sprint through this checkpoint to get the Speeding Ticket from the camera on the other side. Keep an eye out for two containers on your right. This is just before you have to sabotage the spore veins. get out and go right. The Souvenir is on a counter in here. get on the left sidewalk and double back.

a tunnel. In the 12th chapter. Go to the Southwest end and sprint to get a Speeding Ticket from a camera on the sidewalk. Hargreave will talk about the ecology of the place and how this is as close to alien world as you will ever come. Once you're able to look out of the tunnel on the right side. 4. Just keep driving the tank and you'll get this Speeding Ticket automatically. Now sprint forward. . After this. Sprint in front of it for the Speeding Ticket. The right-most beam has a 25 mph speed limit sign on it and a camera above that. you will pass through a checkpoint of sorts with green signs above it saying 2 Ave-South and 1 Ave-North. Power Out. Before you do that. After you get the Key. after you fight two large aliens. you'll be tasked with blowing up a fuel dump and an ammo dump. Use it to climb up to a platform. Sprint up it to get the Speeding Ticket. look to the left for an overturned black container. You'll have to fight a bunch of aliens around this point. keep an eye out for a pole in the middle of the road that branches into two horizontal beams. towards the camera. Train to Catch. Semper Fi or Die. After they're all dead. In the 15th chapter. In the 13th chapter. Run through the left most gate here to get the Speeding Ticket. Unsafe Haven. Up here. Sprint through it on the right side to get the Speeding Ticket. In the 8th chapter. This will get you the Speeding Ticket. 5. Go to the street to the Southwest of the church and run down it to get this Speeding Ticket. you'll see a ship sinking and a helicopter will start flying near you. Masks Off. You will come to a street that runs right in front of the Onyx building. 6. In the 17th chapter. which is on a sideways pole just ahead of you. you'll find yourself moving up an inclined piece of road. 10. 9. It has a monorail and tram car crashed into it. In the 10th chapter. After you kill the big juggernaut alien. When you get to the Wall Street Church. kick the car off so you have room. Near the beginning you will come to a checkpoint called Evacuation Post C1. off the platform. 7. Near the beginning you will have to move through a checkpoint with Evac Center on a marquee above it. Seat of Power. In the 6th chapter. 8. you will come across a Humvee that you can drive. Once you get onto the bridge. Gate Keepers.

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