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also assume you will be using a Canon EF-compatible lens

with the AF/MF switch set to AF. The additional AF-specific
controls you will also need to be familiar with include the:
 Multi-function (M-Fn) Button
 AF· Drive Button
 AF Point Selection Button

One Shot AF
In this mode the AF system is set to focus on a stationary
object. Once the system has confirmed sharp focus, a half-
press on the shutter button will lock focus. You can then
re-compose (if you wish) before you release the shutter.
AI Servo AF If you are in AI Servo AF Mode you can pre-select any
QuickGuide to EOS 7D In this mode the AF system is set to detect a moving of the 19 AF points to use as the starting point to begin
subject, focus on it, and maintain focus as you release
Autofocus Modes the shutter. This mode is ideal for subjects moving in
tracking your subject. If the subject moves away from that
point, the camera will automatically select new points and
three-dimensional space; that is, toward or away from the continue to maintain focus. The new points will appear in
camera. the finder so you always know what the camera is doing.
To pick a starting AF point in Servo AF Mode, first press
AI Focus AF
the rear AF Point Selection Button , then use either the
The AF system will automatically choose between One
Main Dial, Quick Control Dial or Multi-controller to move
 Shot AF or AI Servo AF based on whether it perceives the
the red highlight in the viewfinder to the starting point of
subject to be still or in motion. Keep in mind, however, that
your choice.
 because AI Focus may not always be able to discriminate
between subject and camera motion, you will have more Best for: Candids and other non-moving subjects where
predictable results if you choose One Shot AF for stationary you want to quickly focus on whatever is closest to the
subjects or AI Servo AF for subjects in motion. camera, or single moving subjects that you expect will
Also note that automatic AF point selection and the move across the composition as you continue to shoot.
viewfinder display will function differently depending on Not recommended for: Situations where you need precise
whether the EOS 7D is set to One Shot or AI Servo AF. We control over the point of focus.
 will highlight these differences throughout this QuickGuide.
AF Mode Selection Zone AF Point Selection
This QuickGuide provides the information you will need To select an AF mode, press the AF· Drive Button, then Zone AF works the same way as Automatic AF point
to take full advantage of the Canon EOS 7D’s versatile turn the Main Dial until the mode of your choice appears selection except that it restricts the AF points to a small
19-point autofocus system, five AF-point selection modes, on the LCD panel on top of the camera. cluster (zone) you have pre-selected. Within this zone the
and three AF shooting modes. The EOS 7D is adaptable to system will focus on the closest subject with adequate
practically any shooting style and subject while providing AF POINT SELECTION OPTIONS detail, even if you're in Servo AF Mode.
you with full control and continuous feedback. The more You can select from one of five zones: the nine-point
familiar you are with its capabilities, the better your ability to Automatic AF Point Selection (Default Mode) cluster in the center of the viewfinder or a four-point
apply them to your needs and subject matter. In this mode all 19 AF points are active. You'll see a thin triangular cluster to the left, right, above, or below the
These instructions assume you are familiar with the border around the entire AF point area, which indicates center. Whichever zone you select, its size and location are
location of basic controls such as the Main Dial on the front that Automatic AF point selection is active. In One-Shot fixed. Within the zone you select, the camera will function
of the camera, immediately behind the shutter button, and AF Mode, the 7D will focus on the closest subject with just as it would if all 19 points were active.
the Quick Control Dial, Set Button (in the center of the adequate detail. The point(s) being used will appear on-
Quick Control Dial) and Multi-controller on the back. We screen.

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Press the rear AF Point Selection Button. specific point of focus. open sky. to be active. AF box. This forces the 6. find sufficient detail. select any one of the choice using the viewfinder: 19 AF points to be 1. Press the AF Point Selection Button. As when composing and shooting. press the Set Button. subject’s eye or a subject that has a foreground object such focus. display the expanded points: During selection and 1. Tap the M. The expanded points will have the standard AF 2. To focus on the area of the or subtract the surrounding AF points. the system will particularly when neither the camera nor the subject move the AF point (or zone) to where you want it. The Best for: Selective focus on a small area such as a the active point of available focus points will illuminate. solid areas highlighted in orange. and so on. inactive.The viewfinder will. How to choose the AF point or zone of your choice AF Point Expansion allows Keep in mind that although the AF point size is reduced using the viewfinder: you to manually select one as compared to ordinary Manual AF point selection. You will see a “box within a AF Point Expansion box” in the viewfinder.” When Apply is single AF point you selected may pick up plain. press the Set Manual AF Point expand that point if it’s unable to achieve focus. The number and location of Enabling or Disabling AF Selection Mode Options Best for: Situations where surrounding AF points will vary depending upon which The factory default setting is to have AF Point Expansion you want to concentrate AF point you manually selected. Zone AF (cont'd) the surrounding AF points. where corner down to the Disable-Enable-Register row. Navigate to Custom Function III-6 (“Select AF area expect to place your shooting your primary AF point will appear as a standard selec. Scroll to the word “Apply. If an option has a is particularly useful for sports photography and other checkmark. tap the Expansion may be a better option. You will see only the modes you camera movement will make it difficult to maintain a an even smaller area of the subject and focus even more have previously enabled via Custom Function III-6. The available AF point to be the primary actual area is larger than the inner box. Tap the shutter button half-way to register the point the one point you have photography of three-dimensional subjects. Allow for this fact focus points will illuminate. concentrate focus on are in motion. When Spot 3. is that the AF point is modes. where depth. Spot AF is particularly useful for macro 3. They will appear in green at the bottom of Not recommended for: Situations where subject or smaller and more concentrated. manually-selected AF point. highlighting from the number “6” at the top right Not recommended for: Situations where you need more AF Point Expansion will work the same way whether precise control over the point of focus. Press the Set Button to select Register. Turn the Quick Control Dial to highlight “Register. detail. When you see the mode of your choice. The highlighting will immediately move to the word camera to focus upon a “Enable. If for any reason the Not recommended for: Moving subjects where it may be system point loses sight difficult to keep the AF point placed on an area of adequate of the subject or can’t contrast and detail. Quick Controller or Multi-controller on the rear. There is no way to add mode and Spot AF mode disabled and not selectable. of a subject or scene. allows you to pick any moving subjects. Press the Set Button to move the orange box and a smaller spot AF box within it. you How to activate the AF point selection mode of your looking to focus. the 1. you’re shooting a stationary subject in One-Shot AF Mode 3. Using either the Main Dial on the front or the long as there is adequate Best for: Pin-point focus upon a tiny area of a scene. a blank wall. A single AF point. visible in black As with Manual AF (or illuminated red) clearly indicates where the camera is Point Selection. enable or disable any of the AF point selection modes: viewfinder where you however. This allows you to read the viewfinder. Turn the Quick Control Dial to scroll through the specific point but also allow the AF system to automatically options. pressing the Set Button will uncheck it.” Press the Set Button one last time to small and precise part Spot AF Point lock-in your choices. mode”) on your EOS 7D. with the rest of a player’s uniform. a small secondary box appears inside of your Shutter Button to select it. In these situations AF Point precisely on one particular element in a scene. 2.” multiple focus points may cause the camera to focus closer or tracking a moving subject in AI Servo AF. AF is active. If an option is un-checked. or zone you’ve chosen. than you wish. selected. especially if you’re concerned that the one of the 19 AF points 5. of-field can be extremely shallow. This mode Manual AF point selection Button to display a checkmark. Best for: Situations where you want to limit focus to a 4. The difference 2. specifically.Fn Button to cycle through the available as a fence or archway in front of it. point you want to use. it will automatically activative 4 5 6 . primary subject.