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Shot No.Ref No.Intro Location Time Shot TypeAngleMovement Dialogue

Shelley V.O.: I adored my
mother. I would stare at her
picture and pretend I was
watching myself through a
magical mirror. I wanted to
A1 INT. be just like her.



SHELLEY: I applied to art
school. Michelle: Good for
you. You’ve worked harder
than anyone I know. You
B2 INT. deserve to go.



D1 INT.O. D9 INT. D10 INT. C4 I. D7 EXT. prize. Sad./E.O. SHELLEY: Where’s momma? C1 EXT. D12 EXT. D5 INT. D2 INT. D6 EXT. SHELLEY V. MICHELLE’S MOM: Your paintings are unique. C2 INT. B5 INT. DIMITRI: I’m Dimitri. . D8 EXT. C5 EXT. D4 INT. Claim your D3 INT.: How could she let a man do this to her? C3 INT. D13 INT. D11 EXT. GREG: Prepare yourself.: Don’t lurk in the shadows. MICHELLE V.

E4 INT. E5 INT. GLADYS V. You E2 INT. E7 INT./E. F4 EXT. E9 INT. F5 EXT. SHELLEY: I’m taking the GED in the morning so I can go to college. E10 INT. DIMITRI: College kids are from E1 INT. E11 INT. SHELLEY: I withdrew my F1 INT. E8 INT. F3 INT. E12 I. E3 EXT. . E13 INT.: Life’s got a way of steering you off track. E6 INT. wouldn’t fit in.O. F6 EXT. application. F2 EXT. decent families.

: I’m not sure if I can forgive her for H1 EXT. J7 INT. SHELLEY V.O. G3 INT. MICHELLE: Why do you only paint in blue? SHELLEY: It’s H3 INT. abandoning me. I2 EXT. . K1 INT. G2 EXT. lost? J5 INT. SHELLEY: Meet your grand J1 INT.: You’re beginning to look like your G1 INT. L2 EXT.O. SHELLEY V. mother. all I know. mother. K2 INT. J2 EXT. J3 EXT.:How do you get through to somebody so J4 INT. she’d be proud of me. SHELLEY V. SHELLEY: I paint to free her. kids. K4 INT.O.: I want my kids to know their grand I1 INT. J6 INT. DIMITRI V. L1 INT.O. SHELLEY: I applied to art school because I thought K3 INT. H2 EXT.

M4 EXT. M17 EXT. M8 EXT. M13 INT. M11 INT.L3 INT. L5 INT. L4 INT. M2 EXT. M12 EXT. M16 INT. . M5 EXT. M7 EXT. M14 INT. M1 I. M10 INT. M3 INT. M15 INT. M6 EXT./E. M9 EXT.

M37 I. M27 INT. M20 INT. M28 EXT. M32 INT. M36 EXT.M18 EXT. . M22 INT. M19 INT. M26 INT. M33 INT. M21 INT. M31 INT./E. M34 INT. M30 INT. M24 EXT. M35 EXT. M25 INT. M23 EXT. M29 EXT.

M45 EXT. M40 EXT. M39 EXT. M43 INT. M44 INT. . M42 INT.M38 EXT. M46 INT. M41 EXT. M47 INT.

smiling Shelley peeking at Gladys in wedding dress Shelley on campus in awe Scene with Shelley and Michelle Shelley studying paint (book in one hand.SHOT LIST TEMPLATE Description of Action Description of Shot Equipment Actors A hand is painting a portrait of a woman’s reflection in mirror. mixing colors (with paint all over her face) . little girl facing the mirror Young Shelley looking at Gladys’ picture Shelley staring at Gladys in Phil’s office. brush in the other hand) Shelley painting.

chasing after Phil (i. Gladys flags for bus Gladys and kids dancing . Shelley in frame. nervous face Scene with Shelley and Greg talking Gladys rubbing glaze on her lips CU of Phil squeezing beer from his mouth into Gladys' forehead Gladys running out door. giggling Shelley belly dancing at club Greg pulling Shelley in a red wagon (arms up like she's riding a rollercoaster).e. having fun Family running down street to catch bus.Scene with Michelle's mother nodding as she looks through Shelley's portfolio. Greg's broken arm) Gladys sitting on ground in dark alley (look of death) (view from Shelley's car window. don't show Shelley) Scene with Shelley and Dimitri meeting at club Shelley shyly lowers head. smiling Crowd cheering around Greg after knocking out Little Jimmy in park Shelley shopping with Michelle. smiles Shelley looking around corner of wall at Dimitri talking to Britney Shelley watching Michelle and Christian (only show Shelley watching) Shelley and Dimitri kissing Young Shelley riding hot wheels in park. smiling School kids riding carousel.

ignoring teenage Shelley CU of Shelley's sad face (reaction) (i. looking at Gladys in alley for 1st time through car window (don't show Gladys) Shelley looking at Greg in fighting match from a distant. pot of grits) Slow-motion of Shelley embracing Gladys.e. standing with Phil Gladys looking up at them (i. see F4) Shelley sitting quietly next to Gladys in alley.e. behind a fence Greg sees her (i. E4) Young Shelley holds up angel to Phil (don't show Phil) Gladys walking down stairs. bus passes frame .e.e. crying (i. pot of grits) Slow-motion of CU of Shelley's hand reaching for Gladys as Shelley pleads to stay Slow-motion of Shelley being tossed out house by Gladys CU of sensual photos of Shelley (Dimitri placing photos on table) Scene with Shelley talking to Michelle. Shelley sad CU of car wheels driving across railroad tracks Shelley driving her car.e.Scene with Shelley and Dimitri talking CU of Shelley buying knife Greg knocks out Little Jimmy Young Shelley. E7) CU of Shelley's and Phil's feet running down stairs (i.

sad (after mom's death) Gladys staring in mirror re: Vaseline Gladys crying on floor (after angel drawing) Gladys and kids celebrating Dorothy's birthday CU of Gladys smiling Scene of Shelley talking to Michelle CU of Gladys looking at angel on ceiling. peaceful (not showing the angel itself) Scene with Shelley (lowers head) talking to Michelle (in BG) Flock of doves flying off .Shelley as little girl. frightened Shelley as woman. twirling. eating food Scene with Shelley and Michelle Brandon and Lisa running around room. Gladys meeting kids CU of Greg's hand reaching (i. she's high Gladys' reflection against dark window in car. police car snaps her out of her thoughts Shelley digging through trash. twirling. frightened Shelley sitting on bench.e. "twenty or a bullet") CU of Gladys wiping puke from her mouth Gladys stumbling as she walks out Shelley's house. frightened Shelley as teen. playing Shelley embracing Brandon and Lisa Scene with Shelley. twirling.

Gladys smiling Praise dancers dancing (white chiffon fabric) Shelley and Gladys quietly observing a painting. in car with machete) Shelley and Gladys holding hands while on couch at Shelley's house Greg running from Phil (don't show Phil or fear) . deep thoughts Shelley and Dot quietly sitting in porch swing Young Shelley pointing at Dorothy playing stickball Young Shelley riding carousel. Gladys rubs the painting CU of Shelley as she looks at Gladys in alley (don't show Gladys) Gladys standing outside knife store.Church doing sanctified dance.e. smiling Young Shelley and Jackie running with butterflies CU of Shelley looking into room (at Gladys dancing) Gladys dancing to a record playing at Shelley's house while high Slow-motion of CU of smoke exhaling from Gladys' mouth (only smoke and mouth) Shelley rubs steam from mirror CU of Shelley's belly while belly dancing for Dimitri Phil looking up @ Shelley (i. sun glaring in eyes (she's looking at Shelley. but don't show Shelley) Young Shelley twirling around like ballerina Young Dorothy twirling around like a ballerina Young Shelley and Greg sitting a good distance apart. looking at Shelley.

. after he raped her) Wide shot of bus driving through neighborhood to expose house with red door Gladys and the kids staring at house Jackie embracing and humming to Shelley Wide shot of young Shelley stealing candy in Phil's office (sent out of office by Gladys) Michelle smiling.e..Again. with smoky stage.e.and Shelley's face (i.e. looking for teenage Shelley in basement Shelley strikes match in closet with kids Wide shot of ballet. far from each other (i. nodding head ("I'm gonna burn in hell for this") Shelley being nudged out of store while homeless MCU of Shelley and girls in game running to catch tram. Dimitri visits) . as it waves through the air A couple running across the frame while at the beach Shelley standing in door. dark shadow crosses frame (i. holding red scarf. M19) Ballerina twirling in box Shelley and Dimitri standing back to back. at different angle (i. see M17) Blended image of CU of white chiffon flowing (from praise dancers)… . carrying shopping bags Body shot of Britney pole dancing (no face) CU of Shelley's hands seducing Dimitri with chiffon fabric Phil with flashlight.e. blue lights Brandon running outside.

e.e.Shelley running to next door Bloody hand print on door Gladys running. falls to ground from drunk's perspective Dimitri peeking through the curtains (from Gladys' POV) Shelley rushes down hallway (i. to hide from Dimitri) Door swings open to expose Shelley's kids in closet Lisa runs down hallway CU of Shelley and Gladys embracing (i. at grave site) Phil enters storage room with flashlight A brush stroke flows into PMBNM poster (flashlight continues to move in pupil of eye) .

Ref No.Intro Location Time Shot TypeAngleMovement Dialogue . MOVIE SHOT LIST TEMPL Shot No.

SHOT LIST TEMPLATE Description of Action Description of Shot Equipment Actors .