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Leesburg Town Council battles over parking

Monday, Apr. 25 by Laura Peters | 8 comments | Email this story

A parking war seemed to break out during a Leesburg Town Council work session Monday

Council member Ken Reid had asked the town to do a study to see if it were possible to add
more parking into downtown Leesburg. And although it seemed like a game of bumper cars to
squeeze more spaces into the already crowded downtown, the town figured out a way to add
400 extra parking spots.

The only extra parking that could be found was in the Loudoun County Government parking
garage and the parking lots by the Loudoun County Courthouse, which would only be available
during nights and weekends.

In addition to the extra parking spaces, Leesburg officials intend to temporarily bag 11 parking
meters in the Royal and Liberty street’s parking lot and 15 meters on Harrison Street, in between
South Street and the W&OD Bike Trail, to see if that helps alleviate the parking dilemma.

“I’m not sure that I’d like to remove or bag any street meters, I think that’s the wrong direction,”
Council member Dave Butler said.

The only revenue that could be lost in bagging the meters would be $2,294, according to the
Town of Leesburg.
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The plan is to put signage to make the free night and weekend parking apparent on the county
garage, especially for those who are not familiar with the area. Council member Katie Hammler
said her only request was for the signs to be high quality, like the ones displayed by Leesburg
Parks and Recreation.
“The way that the sign works on the government center parking garage is it can flip to say free Connected
parking on nights and weekends, that sign doesn’t always get flipped,” Wells said. “So they need
a clearer sign.”

Vice Mayor Kevin Wright’s concern with the proposed plan was that the people on Royal Street
wanted all day parking or permit parking to guarantee that their spots are there when they Follow Us
on Twitter
return home. News | Sports

“I know the people on Royal [Street] wanted all day, because some work from home,” Wright

The council’s final decision will be made at Tuesday night’s meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Town
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Council Chambers. on Facebook
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Thu, Apr 28 at 12:24 AM by zhouchaojie:

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Wed, Apr 27 at 12:57 PM by longshot1043: weekly updates

Their worring about lost revenue from a few parking meters. Where were they
when $600 plus was appropiated for a DownTown study. Brainless all of them

Wed, Apr 27 at 12:18 PM by george:

The Loudoun Times-Mirror

The parking meters were installed originally to enforce turnover in the parking
spaces. However, the only thing checked is whether the meter has been paid, not
how long the car has been in the space. The fees collected are nominal. Enforce is an interactive, digital replica
the time limits on the spaces available and you will collect more money with fines of the printed newspaper.
than with meter revenue. Plus, you will produce more available parking spaces Open the e-edition now.
by eliminating all day parking in the areas where turnover is necessary.
View our other print publications available online.
Tue, Apr 26 at 10:34 PM by escortsydney:

There’s a lot of problem to solve… Sorry for my language ” This is ########!”

There’s a lot of family is starving every minute and then this.. :( It’s very sad they
complain for a parking spot… Shame on you! Weekly Hello Loudoun Taste
Homes Guide County of Loudoun
Tue, Apr 26 at 10:13 PM by Sidney L. Lissner:

Whatever the town council does for the ex-downtown is a dollar short and fifty
years late.

Tue, Apr 26 at 09:21 AM by Downtown resident:

Bridal Future Health
Guide Leaders and Beauty
As a resident on that end of Royal St, the fire marshal has my gratitude. Mr.
Dunn, however, can go fly a kite.

Tue, Apr 26 at 06:28 AM by Laugh:

Summer Home Historic Downtown

Camps and Garden Leesburg
Tom Dunn defines the word STUPID. Everyone knows that. Tom Dunn must
like Nero. Let the town burn down, so long as Tom Dunn can play his harp.

Tue, Apr 26 at 05:42 AM by speakin:

Coming Coming Coming

Soon Soon Soon
Am laughing at Mr Dunn’s arrogance…Yes Mr Dunn we do have to make the fire
marshal happy as public safety is the focus of his job. If not, imagine how many
more spots would open up if you could also allow parking in front to the
hydrants as well. Are you really that stupid???

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