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Product Installation Instructions

HVT Series Terminations
15-35kV Class

High Voltage Termination for
LC Shield Cable

Raychem Corporation PII-53420, Rev AB
Electrical Products Division DCR C27638
220 Lake Drive PCN 724189-000
Newark, DE 19702 Effective Date: December 1, 1995

around all sides of the tube to apply 4. FH-2629 15 psig General Shrinking Instructions • Apply outer 3. make sure that the surface of the last rapid brushing motion. Rev AB 2 PCN 724189-000 DCR C27638 Effective Date: December 1. explosion and serious or fatal injuries.70" (29-43mm) 2. coated.85-1. Uniform wall thickness.00" (17-25mm) 1.25-1. has cooled.05-1. always follow applicable personal safety always check all connections for leaks provide good ventilation of confined requirements and written installation before igniting the torch and follow the work spaces. Table 1 Minimum/Maximum Maximum Kit Conductor Size Insulation Diameter Jacket Diameter 15kV 15kV HVT-151-LC(SLC) #2-3/0 AWG 0.inch bushy yellow tip.40" (27-36mm) 1. FH-2616A1 (uses disposable cylinder).20" (55mm) HVT-154-LC(SLC) 1250-2000 kcmil 1. failure to explosion when using gas torches. look for the following.70" (70mm) 35kV 35kV HVT-352-LC(SLC) #1-250 AWG 1.60-2.60-2. Raychem FH-2609.e.85" (45mm) HVT-153-LC(SLC) 500-1000 kcmil 1. check actual cable 4-inch FH-2616A1 Full pressure to provide an overall 12. re-heat the entire surface. FH-2629 (uses a propane torch that does not deposit refillable propane cylinders) and conductive contaminants on the product..70" (70mm) 25kV 25kV HVT-252-LC(SLC) #2-400 AWG 0. 120 • Raychem recommended torch cable manufacturer approved solvent grit or finer • Solder and soldering iron • Electrician's tape Recommended Raychem Torches Install heat-shrinkable cable access.25-2.90" (50mm) HVT-353-LC(SLC) 250-1250 kcmil 4-inch tip of the To determine if a tube has completely Note: When installing multiple tubes. Product selection. Clean burning torches include the ories with a "clean burning" torch. No flat spots or chill marks.80" (32-46mm) 2. produced during installation. Use the yellow tip for FH-2609 5 psig flame. Installation Instructions 1. flame to heat-shrinkable material with a recovered. start 2. shrinking tube at center.65-1.15" (41-55mm) 2.85-1.50" (65mm) HVT-254-LC(SLC) 1000-1500 kcmil 1. the shrinking.10" (32-53mm) 2. The FH-2629 will be all blue. lint-free cloths • Lug(s) and installation tools • Raychem P42 cable preparation kit or • Non-conducting abrasive cloth. Adjusting the Torch Regulator Pressure Adjust regulator and torch as required other torches will have a 3. 1995 .60" (65mm) PII-53420. i.10" (41-53mm) 2.80" (45mm) HVT-253-LC(SLC) 400-1000 kcmil 1. instructions could result in fire or torch manufacturer's safety instructions. For 133% insulated cable. Visible sealant flow if the tube is uniform heat. working flame 3. especially on the back and underside of tube is still warm before positioning and • Keep flame moving to avoid the tube: shrinking the next tube. • Unless otherwise instructed. Check kit selection with cable diameter Note: Table is for 100% insulated dimensions in Table 1. 1.15-1. cable.40" (22-36mm) 1. If installed tube scorching.40" (22-36mm) 1. General Instructions Suggested Installation Equipment (not supplied with kit) • Cable preparation tools • Clean. Safety Instructions Warning: When installing electrical To avoid risk of accidental fire or To minimize any effect of fumes power system accessories. Conformance to substrate.45" (35mm) HVT-152-LC(SLC) 4/0-350 kcmil 0.

(2) Attach the braids to the shield by placing two wraps of the spring clamp over the braids. Installation Instructions 2. (50mm) 1/2" (13mm) Z 3088 2. 1 2 3 3089 PII-53420. Continue to wrap the remaining clamp over the braids. Table 2 Choose the cable type and follow Voltage Jacket Cutback the directions given. Prepare cables. Z = 2" (50mm) "Z" "Y" 1/2" Insulation = Length of + (10mm) 1/2" Cutback Lug Barrel (10mm) Y 481 Cut back cables. (3) Fold the braids back over the spring clamp wraps. Tighten clamp by twisting it in the direction it is wrapped and secure with the copper foil tape provided. Class A+Z 15kV 11" + Z (275mm + Z) 25kV 22" + Z (550mm + Z) 35kV 29" + Z (730mm + Z) Figure 1: Insulation Cutback (Z) Z Note: If no lug is used. Install ground braid. Rev AB 3 PCN 724189-000 DCR C27638 Effective Date: December 1. 1995 . A+Z Refer to Figure 1 and Table 2 to prepare the cables as shown for the 2" proper voltage class. (1) Flare the moisture blocked ends of the ground braids and place them Moisture Ground Spring Clamp Block Braid onto the LC shield butted up to the cable jacket.

If no lug is used. Red Sealant 3091 Install shim. If 15kV. 1/4" (5mm) Insulation Overlap 1/4"(5mm) Semi-con Overlap 3094 PII-53420. if necessary. Taper SRM down to meet insulation. Place tip of SRM at semi-con cutback and stretch to approximately 1/2 its original width. Overlap semi-con and insulation as shown. clean cable. Clean & Abrade the insulation. Shim Tube 3092 5. Apply red sealant on lug barrel. Place the shim tube over the red sealant butted against the insulation and shrink into place. Using an oil-free solvent. Using light tension. clean and deburr lug as shown. Installation Instructions 3. to Abrade remove imbedded semi-con. 4. go to Step 5. install lug. insulation to meet the lug barrel. 1995 . LC Insulation Jacket Shield Semi-Con 3093 6. Stretch SRM to Remove backings from the short 1/4" (5mm) wide angle-cut piece of SRM. Rev AB 4 PCN 724189-000 DCR C27638 Effective Date: December 1. brushing motion. 1" (25mm) Clean Lug After installation. Tightly wrap 3 to 4 layers to fill semi- con step. Apply heat with a smooth. Note: If the step between the lug barrel and the insulation is greater than 1/8" (3mm). Abrade insulation. wrap two layers of red sealant around the lug barrel. If 25 or 35kV termination with lug. Apply Stress Relief Material (SRM) at semi-con cutback. Go to Step 5. if needed Conventional pencilling is not 3090 required. taper (chamfer) the Taper insulation. If lug is to be used. clean the cable as shown.

wrap two more layers of red sealant over the braids and first two layers of sealant. wrap 2 Layers two layers of red sealant onto the Red Sealant jacket under the braids. With lug (or lug & shim) b. Apply red sealant. shrink in place. Complete grounding. 2 Layers Red Sealant 3098 9. Begin shrinking at ground end and work the torch with a smooth brushing motion around the tube toward the lug end. 3096 Remove the backing from the red sealant. Build up lug diameter to cable insulation and 2 Layers overlap insulation by 1/2" (10mm). Red Sealant Red Sealant b. Using an oil-free solvent. 1" Black Stress Control Tube (25mm) 3095 8. a. Using light tension. Without lug a. Clean 2-1/2" Lift ground braids away from the (60mm) cable jacket. clean the jacket for 2-1/2" (60mm) below the jacket cutback point. Position the black stress control tube 1" (25mm) from jacket cutback. Using light tension. Lay the braids back over the jacket and press moisture blocked section 3097 of braids into the red sealant. Overlap Note: Sealant will not prevent water ingress between the strands. 1995 . Without Lug 1/2" (10mm) Wrap two layers of red sealant onto Insulation Insulation the cable insulation as shown. Position black stress control tube. 491 492 PII-53420. With Lug (or lug and shim) Using light tension. wrap red sealant on lug barrel (or over shim). Rev AB 5 PCN 724189-000 DCR C27638 Effective Date: December 1. Installation Instructions 7.

3104 PII-53420. shrink in place. reheat any flat spots or wrinkles. Begin shrinking at the HV Tube ground end and work to the lug. 3099 11. position the remaining skirts (facing the same 3103 direction as the first) as required for voltage class and shrink in place. shrink in place. Position the HV tube at the bottom edge of the red sealant on the jacket. Outdoor terminations only. Brush flame tip around outside of skirt collar. Only the collar will shrink. Install remaining skirts. 12. Standard Termination 4-1/2" (110mm) Voltage Class Total Skirts Used 15kV 2 25kV 3 35kV 4 Referring to the table above. PCN 724189-000 Printed USA 12/1/95 Effective Date: December 1. Inspect installation. (152mm) Position the first skirt as shown and shrink in place. Indoor termination is complete. Rev AB 6  1995 Raychem Corporation DCR C27638. Installation Instructions 10. trim excess tubing from the lug area as shown. Standard Termination 6" Position skirt. Note: Allow tube to cool enough to touch before proceeding. Trim HV tube. Trim If necessary. Outdoor termination is complete. Hold the edge of the skirt lightly with pliers. 3101 Top Feed Termination 5" (127mm) 3102 13. Top Feed Termination 4-1/2" (110mm) Check that the skirts have been evenly shrunk and appear symmetrical with no tilt or sag. Position red HV tube. 1995 . Remaining instructions apply to 3100 outdoor terminations only.