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DW7700 Broadband Satellite Router

Scalable, high-performance broadband
satellite router for enterprises

The DW7700, part of HNS' The power of the DW7700 allows
DW7000 family, is a high-perform- the same platform to scale as the
ance broadband satellite router need for higher-speed business
designed to provide high-speed applications grows, protecting the
DIRECWAY® is a access for large enterprise, govern- customer's investment well into the
ment, and small/medium enterprise future. The DW7700 also coexists
(SME) markets. Recognizing the with prior DIRECWAY generations
family of broadband worldwide demand by enterprises ensuring existing customers' invest-
for ever increasing amounts of ment is protected.
satellite solutions bandwidth and the ability to sup-
port many simultaneous users, the The DW7700 receives and trans-
brought to you by DW7700 has been designed to mits data over the satellite via the
provide unsurpassed performance DIRECWAY Network Operations
for even the most bandwidth- Center (NOC). Security is ensured
Hughes Network intensive applications. With through DES encryption and an
support for two simultaneous LAN integrated conditional access. The
Systems (HNS), the subnets, the DW7700 has the flexibility DW7700 also supports HNS’ innovative VPN
to handle new enterprise IP networking Accelerator technology to ensure broadband
global market leader requirements. Further, the DW7700 supports speeds are maintained even when using IPSec
integrated serial connectivity, thus providing VPN clients from market leaders such as
the ideal solution for bridging legacy applica- Cisco, Nortel, and Check Point.
in providing satellite
tions into an IP environment.
The DW7700 satellite router passes IP data
products and services The DW7000 enables applications such as: packets to and from any IP device on the
n High-speed Internet/intranet access LAN and has much of the functionality of an
to enterprises, n Video services including remote site IP router. The DW7700 incorporates HNS'
security monitoring advanced Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP)
n Diverse satellite backup of primary feature, which increases throughput perform-
governments, and
broadband access ance and maximizes the user's experience and
n ePayments such as POS/credit and loyalty satisfaction. The DW7700 also supports HNS'
consumers. DIRECWAY n Polling, Enterprise CRM and ERP TurboPage® feature, providing HTTP accelera-
n Corporate training and eLearning tion for lightning fast browser performance and
satisfies the global n Real-time multimedia streaming and large advanced Quality of Service features to ensure
file content distribution that applications get the priority and band-
demand for bandwidth width they require.
The DW7700 operates with all DIRECWAY
systems and uses the industry standards The integrated serial port with protocol pro-
by offering a variety of DVB-S and DVB-S2. As a result, the DW7700 cessing to support SDLC, X.25, or XPAD
can be easily configured to support a wide (asynchronous data) protocols means the
high-speed multimedia range of downstream data rates by selecting DW7700 can be used to support legacy appli-
different modulation, symbol, and FEC coding cations such as Automatic Teller Machines
hardware, software, rates. The downstream is scalable up to 90 (ATM) or credit card devices.
Mbps and the upstream return channel is scal-
able up to 1.6 Mbps. The DW7700 provides An integrated V.90 modem provides the ability
and service solutions. an integrated broadband LAN solution to to use the optional automatic dial backup
Windows®, UNIX®, Apple® Macintosh®, and capability through a public-switched terrestrial
other platforms running IP over Ethernet. network for virtual 100 percent availablity.

SDLC end-to-end (PU4 to PU2. LLC NOC (PU4 to PU2.90 modem with RJ-11 interface throughput performance by optimizing the TCP transmis- sion over the satellite.0/PU2. n Acts as a local router providing: and 4/5 n Frequency Range: Ku.X. LLC.7cm H x .DHCP server or relay n Modulation (Transmit): OQPSK . MD 20876 USA www. 50-60 Hz n DC power supply (optional): 12 to 24 VDC . 2/3. 1024 n Bi-directional data compression Ksps n Encoding (Receive): DVB-S Convolutional with n Configuration.18 kg) . 2.8 lbs (2.SDLC remote. 256. 11717 Exploration Lane Germantown.Veriphone 3200 (Visa) IDU 0º C – +40º C ODU -30ºC – +55ºC n Input power: . LLC.Veriphone 3300 (Visa) n Throughput 90-264 VAC.Firewall support through integrated access control lists n Serial protocols supported Mechanical & Environmental n Weight (IDU): 4.1) n Dimensions (IDU): 11.21cm W x 4.DW7700 Broadband Satellite Router Features n Supports unicast and multicast IP traffic Technical Specifications n Software and configuration updates via download from Physical Interfaces the NOC n Two 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN RJ45 ports n Implements dynamic. status monitoring. 1. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.NAT/PAT and 31/2 watt Ka-band . .and Ka-band n Modulation (Receive): . self-tuning Performance n One RS-232 serial port Enhancement Proxy (PEP) software to accelerate the n One V.Any combination of the above with proportional performance n Remote terminal management via the HNS Vision® Network Management System or Unified Element Manager and SNMP agent n Universal power supply supports international voltage ranges and frequencies and has a detachable power cord n User-friendly LED display indicating terminal operational status HUGHES. ©2005 Hughes Network Systems.At least 45 Mbps of multicast/streaming traffic. and outbound n Symbol Rate (Receive): 1. All rights reserved. 8PSK (DVB-S2) .5. All information is subject to change.hns. n Supports DIRECWAY VPN Accelerator VSAT 459 APR 05 .Static and dynamic addressing QPSK.0/PU2. 5–30 Msps (in 1 Msps steps) n Symbol Rate (Transmit): bandwidth management.94cm D) . and commissioning via concatenated Reed the NOC Solomon. DVB-S2 n Information Rate (Receive and link efficiency n Implements TurboPage software to accelerate HTTP traf- or DW Outbound Channel): Up to 90 Mbps (DVB-S2) fic for fast browser access n Information Rate (Transmit n Quality of Service features include: IQoS (Inbound or DW Inbound Channel): Up to 1. delivering superior user experience Satellite & Antenna Specifications n Outbound transmission format: DVB-S. TurboPage.1) (29. 2.At least 2 Mbps of HTTP accelerated traffic. 512.At least 10 Mbps of UDP traffic. or .8"H x 11"D .DNS caching n Bit Error Rate (Receive): 10-10 or better .VLAN tagging . DVB-S2 LDPC n Embedded Web interface for local status and troubleshooting n Encoding (Transmit): Turbocode FEC 1/2.XPAD n Operating temperature: .25 27.Full RIPV2 routing support n Bit Error Rate (Transmit): 10-7 or better n Antenna: 98 cm and 120 cm n Radio: . bidirectional DSCP.At least 4 Mbps of FTP traffic.5"W x 1.Multicasts to the LAN by using IGMP 2 watt Ku-band and 1. and HNS Vision are trademarks of Hughes Network Systems.6 Mbps Quality of Service). or . or . Hughes Network Systems. or .