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Kevin Lin

Statistics 312-74, Fall 2010
Final Project

Is blood pressure in summer lower than blood pressure in fall?

The data used for this project belonged to my mother’s weekly self-recording of blood pressures
beginning since summer until now. Blood pressure measurements have two numbers, systolic
and diastolic, but I will only be using the systolic (top number) numbers given to me over the last
6 months. The units will be in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). In order to answer the question
above, I had to use a two sample t-test. To keep it simple, I kept the alpha value to still be 0.05.

Summer (mmHg) Fall (mmHg)
173 172
178 174
181 176
202 168
154 181
162 190
163 169
153 182
149 177
157 183
153 173
159 179
In this particular collection of data, summer would be the months June to August and fall will be
the months September to November. Blood pressure (systolic) was measured every week
between those months, hence the two set of twelve numbers.

Graphical Summaries:

Summary for Summer (mmHg)
A nderson-Darling Normality Test
A -Squared 0.62
P-V alue 0.082

Mean 165.33
StDev 15.48
V ariance 239.52
Skewness 1.32955
Kurtosis 1.56322
N 12

Minimum 149.00
1st Quartile 153.25
Median 160.50
3rd Quartile 176.75
150 160 170 180 190 200 Maximum 202.00
95% Confidence I nterval for Mean
155.50 175.17
95% Confidence I nterval for Median
153.26 176.68
95% Confidence I nterval for StDev
95% Confidence I ntervals
10.96 26.28


150 155 160 165 170 175 180

05). were greater than alpha (0.006 Levene's Test (any continuous) 1 22 3. Summary for Fall (mmHg) Anderson-Darling Normality Test A -Squared 0. the null hypothesis is equal variances and the alternative hypothesis is unequal variances.91 0.05 95% Confidence I nterval for Median 172.006) is less than alpha (0. Null hypothesis states that the population is normally distributed.082 and 0.51 10. HA: μs < μF Alpha: α = 0.00 95% Confidence I nterval for Mean 172.25 Median 176.932 respectively.087 Since it is a two sample t-test.20 0. which also means unpooled. Therefore it was safe to assume that the two samples are normally distributed with 95% confidence.05). Normal or not normal: I used the Anderson-Darling Normality Test in each graphical summary to see if it is possible to assume that the two samples’ populations are normally distributed.028336 N 12 Minimum 168. I had to perform a two sample F-test.16 P-Value 0.75 170 175 180 185 190 Maximum 190.26 181.00 1st Quartile 172.50 3rd Q uartile 181.95 181.81 Mean Median 172 174 176 178 180 182 Pooled or unpooled: Test Method DF1 DF2 Statistic P-Value F Test (normal) 11 11 5. Since the p-value (0. Two sample t-test: Null Hypothesis: Blood pressure is unaffected by the season.486774 Kurtosis 0.55 Skewness 0. I had to figure out whether it is pooled or unpooled.932 Mean 177. H0: μS = μF Alternative Hypothesis: Blood pressure in the summer is less than blood pressure in the fall.74 95% Confidence I nterval for StDev 95% Confidence I ntervals 4. In a two sample F-test. I reject the null hypothesis.00 StDev 6. To do so. while the alternative hypothesis states that the population is not normally distributed. I failed to reject the null hypotheses because both p-values in the Anderson-Darling Normality Test for summer and fall. 0.05 .37 V ariance 40.

37 1.41 P-Value = 0. .8 Difference = mu (Summer (mmHg)) .Results of the two sample t-test: Two-sample T for Summer (mmHg) vs Fall (mmHg) N Mean StDev SE Mean Summer (mmHg) 12 165. I found out that blood pressure is higher in colder weathers. I can say that blood pressure is generally higher in the fall than in the summer with 95% confidence.5 4.67 95% upper bound for difference: -3.00 6.5 Fall (mmHg) 12 177. I can reject the null (Fall (mmHg)) Estimate for difference: -11.05). I did a check online to make sure her blood pressure reacting normally.3 15.015 DF = 14 Since the p-value (0.032) is less than the alpha value (0. For the sake of my mother’s health. which in this case would be fall as oppose to summer. I am 95% confident that blood pressure lower in the summer than in the fall.16 T-Test of difference = 0 (vs <): T-Value = -2. Conclusion: Based on my mother’s blood pressure.