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Chris Miller For Women, the Opportunity is Theirs to Take
his month I would like to take the time to recognize our local women in business and veterans that have served, and are currently serving, our grateful nation. Over the past thirty years, women have been instrumental in the change of how business has been viewed and conducted. Women, especially within the Inland Empire, have taken a greater leadership role in all aspects of business. We have seen more women involved in politics, local government, and in leading roles in the corporate climate around the Greater Corona Valley. Most recently, we have seen more women recognizing the value of joining the Chamber with local small business start ups. It’s a wonderful thing seeing women in business take advantage of special grants and tax credits in new business start ups in the Greater


Corona Valley. If any woman is interested in assistance, call the Chamber or local city redevelopment agency for ways to help you get started. The landscape of business has been transitioning to a greater base of women in the work place, which has allowed more balance in the way we conduct business today. I invite the change and want to let women know that the Chamber is here to support and assist all women who are willing to take the risk to go out on their own to start a local business. Our society has evolved to give women a greater opportunity to rise through the ranks in business. I want to encourage women to take every opportunity to move forward in the workplace and to express their views and ideas when they get there.

In honor of Memorial Day this month, I would just like to take a moment to personally thank the men, women and children that have served our country to protect our freedom here at home and across the world. I respect them for the time they have given to sacrifice their lives and time away from home and family for the good of all mankind. As a local business owner and citizen of the Greater Corona Valley area, I would hope you would take the time to join me this Memorial Day weekend by showing your support for all of our military personnel, past and present, and exhibit your patriotism by posting colors or an American flag at your home or business in support of those who have served and for those who have lost their lives to maintain the freedom we have today. Thank You and God Bless America.

May 2011

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INSIDE: Tribute to the Troops | Women in Business Resource Guide | KMJ Diabetes Event | Calender of Events | More

Volume 11 | Number 3 May 2011

Table of Contents
Feature Stories
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Tribute to the Troops Greater Corona Valley Chamber Board of Directors Women in Business Cover Story: Parkridge Dental Spa Women in Business Resource Guide Klassy Dahl’s Brings Superior Service First Annual KMJ Diabetes Event What it Means for a Corona Business 10 12

On the Cover
15 22 25 26 30 Dr. Coracel Templo-Johnson, DDS (on right) is the owner of Parkridge Dental Spa, featured on page 22 of our special Women in Business section. Also pictured (on left) is Star Diaz, RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) and Tim Owen, Marketing, PR officer (patient).
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May 2011


Bobby Spiegel

month’s issue, Women in Business, parallels a presentation I heard recently about the fact that pilots of commercial aircraft are focused on always giving 100%. Relating that to the work we do on a daily basis, I challenge you to think about how many times you’ve heard people boast about their 98% (or any fraction near 100%) accuracy rates. It became very clear to me after listening to one of the pilots share his passion and focus that I needed to step it up a notch. Too often, I, and perhaps others, have taken the route of least resistance by assuming that things are correct without checking the details to ensure that they really are. After all, details can seem so mundane. Thinking about it, I realize that I want to be on the flight that takes off and lands 100% of the time – not 95% or 98% of the time! I also want people to know that when they call upon our Chamber, and specifically when they call upon me, that they can be assured that they are receiving 100% of our effort on their behalf. Working here at the Chamber, I am constantly amazed by the quality of work that is standard on an everyday basis. Our members can be certain that when it comes to customer service, responsiveness and accuracy, they are receiving the best we can give!

Exemplary Women Abound in Business A s ironic as it seems, the theme for this members and selling advertising. And last, but each of the women who make my world run
by no means least, Marleta Fritz comes into our office regularly to assist staff with calls to members and other details. She and her “can do” attitude fit right in. Each of these professionals show up to work eager to assist you and are up for the challenge of today’s ever changing world and economic situations. They each provide service that is equal to that of the pilots I mentioned earlier and will often spend additional time to ensure that others are on the same page to ensure that 100% performance. If you have a woman or women of this caliber in your workplace, you know how fortunate you are. If not, when considering opportunities for recruitment or promotion, think about how many things the women in your life juggle (and juggle well). The innate skills that most women bring to any environment, whether they are wives and mothers, community volunteers or business leaders, distinguish them and make them vital components of our society. This is my personal opportunity to say “thank you” to more smoothly.

I am honored to work with a team of professional women, each of whom takes her work very seriously. They also each have their own unique spin that makes it a treat to serve as their boss. Pam Cunningham has served our Chamber since October 1987, and oversees the Communications and Membership Development Departments, which cover everything from new membership to retention to communications. Denea Breitenbucher has been with us since February 2006 and oversees all of our events during the course of each year. Casie Tryon has been with us since January 2009 and handles advertising sales for our magazine, website, directory and map, as well as assisting in bringing in new members. Stephanie Shapiro joined our team in November 2009 and handles the website, social media, data processing, magazine, directory and accounting. The newest member of our team, Mindy Kenney, joined us in March 2011 and is responsible for developing new May 2011

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City Updates
by Roger Grody

Each issue we will feature updates from the Cities we serve

Next month: the City of Eastvale will be featured in this section.

Norco Update
In Norco, women are shaping and implementing public policy on many fronts as the City overcomes challenges to pursue ambitious goals. Presently, three of the City’s commissions are chaired by women. These dedicated volunteers, working along with Council Member Kathy Azevedo and City Manager Beth Groves, prove there is no glass ceiling in “Horsetown USA.”

Pamela Smith
Pamela Smith, publisher of the Coffee News, is the recently-elected Chair of the Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC), which is responsible for recommending policies that contribute to a strong business community and thoughtful development. Priorities for her term as Chair include surveying local business owners to determine what strategies can be implemented to ensure their future success. Initiating aggressive efforts to attract new businesses in Norco is another major goal for Ms. Smith, who is determined to see Norco compete effectively with neighboring cities. As Chair, she celebrates the uniqueness of Norco, stating, “It has all the amenities of a modern city, but still has the charm of a small Western town.”

Commission’s focus is the preservation and ultimate restoration of the Lake Norconian Club resort, which attracted Hollywood celebrities after opening in 1929. In her nearly two years as Chair, she has laid the foundation for a comprehensive survey of historical resources and future preservation efforts.

Patricia Hedges
The current Chair of the Planning Commission, which recommends action on various land use and development projects, is Patricia Hedges. A former Los Angeles building inspector who now works as a property manager, Ms. Hedges is a five-year veteran of the Commission. Active in various local organizations, she is passionate about preserving the animal-keeping lifestyle and Western charm that distinguishes Norco from every other city in the region. As Chair of the Planning Commission, she recognizes the need for development, but cautions, “It has to be done in a way that maintains the integrity of our unique community.” According to Ms. Hedges, “Norco is like a little shining star,” a view shared by her fellow women Chairs.

Linda Dixon
Linda Dixon, who has a background in nursing and aerospace, is Chair of the Historic Preservation Commission, which is dedicated to recommending policies that lead to the preservation of buildings and community features with historic significance. Although her community involvement is diverse, her work with the Norco Regional Conservancy and Lake Norconian Club Foundation led to her appointment to the Historic Preservation Commission. “I am fascinated by Norco’s history and intrigued by finding hidden jewels in our City,” she explains. Among the
Photo by Brigitte Jouxtel Photography

Proud to be an Executive Partner with the Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce


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May 2011

Photos: Courtesy of Allegra Marketing–Print–Mail

Corona Update
The Corona Women’s Business Partnership (CWBP) is a program developed by the City of Corona and the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship at California State University, San Bernardino. The program targets its efforts on women owned businesses and is tailored to meet their specific needs. It was organized as a networking and mentoring partnership dedicated to assisting women in realizing their business potential and creating dynamic opportunities for leadership, learning, community and business development. Now in its seventh year of operation, CWBP conducts quarterly meetings centered on a myriad of topics designed to fulfill the business development needs of its members. Discussions range from business start-up principals to succession planning and everything in between. The City of Corona offers a host of programs dedicated to the business community at no cost to the business owner. Organized under the Team Corona umbrella, these programs provide access to resources that assist in the development, growth and expansion of business at all levels. For more information contact Michell Skipworth at (951) 279-3690 or email her at You can also log on to

Coming In June: Our Play, Shop, Dine Issue!
To Advertise, Contact Casie at (951) 737-3350

May 2011

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Riverside County Transportation Commission Works To Seek Regional Transportation Solutions


he Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud of its partnership with the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) to support transportation improvement plans that relieve congestion on our freeways, streets and roads, and ensures future mobility within the Corona valley region. One of our top priorities is the planned improvements to SR-91 from the Orange County line to Interstate 15. On a daily basis, the main stretch of SR-91 handles more than 280,000 vehicle trips per day, including: commuters, tourists, contractors, businessmen and trucks. It’s not uncommon to see traffic back up until the late evening due to drivers returning to their homes in Riverside County. “The overall SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project will result in a $1.3 billion investment and create more than 16,000 jobs,” stated Cynthia Schneider, Chair of the Greater Corona Valley Chamber’s Legislative Action Committee. “We are very proud of the work RCTC is doing to bring solutions to our transportation challenges,” continued Schneider. This project is very important to the mobility and economic vitality of our region. The project will give the average commuter 75 more hours per year to spend with family or participating in our economy. Approximately 1 out of 4 vehicles on the existing 91 Express Lanes are HOV 3+ (have 3 or more occupants). This is proof that the 91 Project will create an incentive for ridesharing, further reducing congestion. Improvements that are being considered include: a regular traffic lane in each direction, improved ramps and intersections at major city streets that intersect the freeway in Corona, better connections between I-15 and SR-91 and the extension of the SR-91 Express Lanes which are currently located on the SR-91 in Orange County to I-15. If this alternative is selected, this would mark the first time that toll lanes have been constructed in Riverside County. RCTC recently applied for a federal Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan request to help bring the final approval of the SR-91 Project to reality. The Greater Corona Valley Chamber is supporting the loan request. Unemployment in Riverside County stands at 14.4%, the highest of any metropolitan area in the United States. It is estimated that the 91 Project will create 16,200 jobs, including 4,600 jobs directly involved with construction and

support of the project. SR-91 links to 6.6 million jobs (45% of all jobs in California) in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and L.A. counties. The 91 Projects is estimated to permanently

increase the area’s base taxable sales by 2.3%. Log on to for more information.


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May 2011

Greater Corona Valley Chamber Takes Action on Proposed Laws Impacting Business
PHOTO: aschaeffer


ach month, the Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce Legislative Action Committee reviews and takes positions on issues impacting the regional business community. Each of the proposed laws will have an impact on job creation and retention. The Chamber is positioned to represent the interests of Corona, Norco and Eastvale businesses on these issues so that the economic vitality of our communities is protected. “Our job is to fight for business so businesses can create and retain jobs,” stated Cynthia Schneider, Chair of the Greater Corona Valley Chamber’s Legislative Action Committee. “We are in the process of tracking the most important issues impacting our business community. We will make sure our leaders in Sacramento understand what is important to our business community so our point of view is considered before any new law is approved,” continued Schneider.

Why AB 135 is important to you It is essential for small business owners to be represented on the Air Resources Board because the regulations the board impose directly affect small business's costs and day to day practices. If we are serious about the impact of regulations on jobs, why not include someone who has created jobs? AB 153: (Skinner – D) Internet Sales Tax Corona Valley Chamber Position: OPPOSE AB 153 would require online-only, out-of-state retailers to collect state sales taxes for purchases sold in California. AB 153 would redefine a retailer engaged in business in this state as (1) any retailer entering into agreements for a commission or other consideration, (2) who directly or indirectly refers potential purchasers, whether by an internet-based link or an internet website – or otherwise – to the retailer, and (3) provided the total cumulative sales price from all sales by the retailer to purchasers in this state that are referred pursuant to these agreements is in excess of $10,000 within the preceding 12 months. Why AB 153 is important to you The Greater Corona Valley Chamber opposed similar legislation last year that was eventually vetoed by the Governor. The Chamber is concerned that retailers will cut contracts with online advertisers in California, ultimately eliminating an important source of revenue, which income tax is paid on, for many online entrepreneurs and other Californiabased organizations. AB 318: (Skinner – D) Corporation Taxes Reporting Requirements Corona Valley Chamber Position: OPPOSE

AB 318 would require that after January 1, 2011 the Franchise Tax Board must compile information on any tax credits reported by a company who is a publically traded and by June 30, 2013 and each year thereafter the information must be published on a state website. Why AB 318 is important to you AB 318 unfairly targets public companies by taking advantage of current law to exploit companies by placing additional reporting mandates and burdens upon them. SB 378: (Dutton – R) Flexible Work Week Corona Valley Chamber Position: SUPPORT SB 378 would allow employers (optional for those with 5 or fewer employees) to establish an alternative workweek schedule that allows an employee to work up to 10 hours a day, 40 hours a week. Currently, employees must approve by a required secret ballot election of at least 2/3 of the affected employees in a readily identifiable work unit for adoption of an alternative workweek schedule. Why SB 378 is important to you As the law stands today, individual employees do not have the right to seek and arrange individual flexible schedules with their employers. SB 378 will provide individual workers much needed flexibility to permit four-day workweeks for workers desiring to find a balance between work and personal lives. Log on to for more information.

Below is a list of several proposed laws being tracked by the Chamber:
AB 135: (Hagman – R) State Air Resources Board: Small Business Owner Member Corona Valley Chamber Position: SUPPORT The California Environmental Protection Agency’s State Air Resources Board is responsible for control of emissions from motor vehicles and designates the air pollution control agency for all purposes set forth in federal law. AB 135 would require one appointed member of the state board to be a current owner of a small business, who has worked for, owned, or worked for and owned, that small business for at least 10 years. The change would last until January 1, 2017.

May 2011

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building business relationships
Left: Allegra Marketing – Print – Mail is the newest printing venture for owners Paula and Eugene Montanez, who have seen their business grow and expand since first opening in Corona in 1976. Specializing in Strategic Marketing Planning, Full-Color Printing, Graphic Design, Mailing Services, Mailing List Rental and Management, Promotional Products, Direct Mail, Web Marketing, and Signs, Posters and Banners, Allegra really is your one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs. They can be reached at (951) 734-8181 or online at

Photo by Jim Dorsey Photography

Right: Corona City Council Members Jason Scott and Karen Spiegel and Mayor Stan Skipworth congratulate Paula and Mayor Pro Tem Eugene Montanez on their grand reopening as Allegra Printing, located at 127 Radio Rd. in Corona.

Photos by Jim Dorsey Photography

Right: CEO Chris Bowen is congratulated by Corona Mayor Pro Tem Eugene Montanez and City Council Member Karen Spiegel on the grand opening of GF Real Estate Services, LLC. GF Services has a simple strategy of purchasing undervalued houses, rehabilitating these houses to “move-in” ready conditions and selling them. They take pride in their distinguished track record of providing qualified investors an opportunity to participate in high quality residential real estate investments that are normally available only to institutional investors. To contact them, call (951) 281-2900 or visit them 195 W. Ontario Ave., Ste. 102 in Corona.

Above: Keynote Speaker David W. Stewart, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business Administration at the University of Riverside, was on hand to discuss the state’s education crisis and future effect on the community.

Join us for our next Good Morning Corona on May 26th at Eagle Glen Golf Club, sponsored by Peppermint Ridge. Call the Chamber at (951) 737-3350 or visit us online at to register today!


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May 2011

Photo by Jim Dorsey Photography

Right: Karie Reuther of Granite Construction/Liberty Quarry receives a certificate from 2010 Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce Chairman Kerry Pendergast (Premier Service Bank) for her company’s sponsorship of Good Morning Corona Valley.

Photo by Jim Dorsey Photography

Left: Many came to celebrate at the ribbon cutting ceremony for GF Services. Current properties available through GF Services can be seen on their website,

Photo by Jim Dorsey Photography

building business relationships
Left: Art and Therese Marquez receive the Gold Seal Award for the expansion of their business from 2011 Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce Chairman Chris Miller (Thomas Miller Mortuary) and Corona Mayor Pro Tem Eugene Montanez.

Photos by Jim Dorsey Photography

Above: Proforma Gold Star Promotions owners Art and Therese Marquez show just a few of the great promotional products you can order through their company. In addition to promo items, they handle commercial printing, business documents, offer e-commerce solutions and multimedia services, as well as total project management. Located at 1240 E. Ontario Ave., Ste. 102-349 in Corona, they can also be reached at (951) 741-0400 or online at

Above: Proud New Members of the Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce show off their membership plaques at the bimonthly New Member Reception. Join us for our next one on Tuesday, May 31 at the Chamber!

May 2011

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Photo by Jim Dorsey Photography



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May 2011

May 2011

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Chris Miller
Chairman of the Board 951-737-3244 Thomas Miller Mortuary


Jim Clayton
Accent Plastics, Inc.

Kirsten Cone
Valencia Terrace

Jim Dorsey
Jim Dorsey Commerical Photography

Doug Smith
Chair Elect 951- 509-1355 Smith Mitchellweiler, LLP

Dwight Cromie
First Vice Chairman 951-781-8624 Altek Media Group

Erik Hassold

Steve Jeffrey
Eagle Glen Golf Club

Jason Kimes
951-736-1475 jasonkimes@
Circle City Marketing

Linda A. Pearson
Treasurer/Finance Chair 951-736-6296 Corona Regional Medical Center

Wendel Tucker, Ph.D.
Vice Chairman of Finance 951-509-5070 Alvord Unified School District

Bob Patison
Lucas Oil Products

Ann Poloko
Financial Investors Group

Michael Ryan
Prudential Financial Services

Kerry Pendergast
Immediate Past Chair 951-274-2400 Premier Service Bank

Bobby Spiegel
Corporate Secretary 951-737-3350 Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce

Biren Shukla
Forum Info-Tech, Inc.

Dave Teper
Tangram Interiors

Jerry Wilson
951-817-2000 jerry.e.wilson@
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - Sixth


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May 2011

The Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce

Ambassadors’ Committee N
the Quarter:

ancy Fay began her teaching career in 1962 in Salem, NH, coming to CA in 1966 where she met and then married her husband and fellow teacher, Charlie Fay. She taught in the Corona-Norco schools until they had children of their own. When both children were in junior high, Nancy began teaching at the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco, first as a teacher and then as the Supervisor of Ambassador of Academic Instruction. Nancy attended many Chamber functions with her husband, who was an ambassador for several years. She retired from the prison after her husband passed away, and joined the Woman's Improvement Club of Corona. There she became the liaison between the club and the Chamber as their representative for the Community Services Network. She then became an Ambassador. As an Ambassador, she has had the pleasure of meeting many new friends and helping the Chamber in support of the community that has been her home for the last 44 years. She was also the Volunteer of the Quarter in September 2009 and November 2010. To become an Ambassador, call the Chamber at (951) 737-3350.

Don Garling
Lucas Enterprises, Inc.

Aaron Hake
Riverside County Transportation Commission

Nancy Fay
Woman’s Improvement Club

Sandra Klein
RE/MAX All Stars Realty

Mark Neely
Windy Plum Farms Personal Chef Services

Cynthia Schneider
951-372-8930 cschneider@
American Security Bank

Dean Seif
Allstar Collision, Inc.

Shawn York
Chick-Fil-A (The Crossings)

Visit the Chamber website to learn more about the committees you can become involved in.
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May 2011


Women of Accomplishment
Women have survived discrimination and limitations in spite of the glass ceilings put above them. Women have made their “mark” in the workplace and have achieved great success. We celebrate women executives, entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders in this special section of the magazine. Be enlightened by the tales of the past and inspired by our present leaders in the community. Here a few amazing women from the past that accomplished great things… Maggie Lena Walker: African American businesswoman of Richmond, Virginia, was the first female bank president in the United States. Clara Barton: A civil war nurse and the founder of the American Red Cross. Maria Mitchell: The first professional woman Astronomer in the United States and a professor of Astronomy at Vassar College. She was the first woman member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Not to mention, Elizabeth Arden, Coco Chanel and Oprah Winfrey who have become some of the most admired and successful women in the world. Now turn the pages and be inspired by what Our Local Women have accomplished – and are continuing to achieve.

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May 2011

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Lea Petersen
Lea Petersen is Southern California Gas Company’s Public Affairs Manager for Western Riverside County, covering the cities of Corona, Riverside, Norco, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Moreno Valley, Perris, Grand Terrace. Lea’s primary responsibility is to advance the Company’s business interests before local, State and Federal government officials. The Gas Company is the nation’s largest utility delivering clean, safe natural gas for more than 140 years to over 20 million customers in more than 500 communities through more than 5 million gas meters. Lea enthusiastically involves herself with local organizations such as Congressman Calvert’s Science Technology Education Partnership, is Riverside County Supervisor Buster’s appointee and Vice Chairwoman of Riverside County’s Workforce Investment Board, a Board member of the Greater Riverside, Moreno Valley and Black Chamber of Moreno Valley, is a member of the Greater Corona Valley and Greater Riverside Hispanic Chambers.

Southern California Gas Company
3460 Orange Street Riverside, CA 92501 (909) 335-7631

Both Assemblyman Jeff Miller and the Greater Corona Valley Chamber recognized Lea with their “Excellence in Service” award for her efforts during the “Freeway” wildfires and the support she organized with the American Red Cross for the 22 families who lost their homes during the fires. Lea Petersen is also the region’s Gas Company Public Information Officer during Emergencies, is Chairwoman of the Inland Empire Inter Utility Coordinating Council, an organization formed to create smooth working relationships between Franchise Utilities and the Jurisdictions they serve in an effort to keep utility costs down.

| special advertising section |

Judy Marburger

Judy Marburger has over 25 years experience in the Financial Services Industry. She is well known as one of the Top Loan Originators in the Inland Empire for her Honesty, Integrity and Ability to get the job done on time. Judy handles her clients with top priority and makes sure they have the best loan for their situation. Her specialties include processing Conventional, VA, FHA, Rehabilitation Loans and Reverse Mortgages. Approved with many of the down payment assistance programs, she has helped many First Time Homebuyers realize the American Dream of owning a home. Judy has been a Corona resident for the past 18 years where she and her husband have raised their family. She belongs to several organizations such as Soroptimist International of Corona, TEAM Networking group, Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce, Inland Gateway Association of Realtors and Inland Valley Association of Realtors. Please give her a call if you have any questions.

1250 Corona Pointe Court, #301 / Corona, CA 92879 (909) 821-7741• Fax: (877) 845-9776

“Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.”

Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.


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May 2011

Sandy Klein

Press check for the 2011 Chamber Business Directory at Advantage Mailing

Linda Carlberg

Sandy Klein has been a Realtor in the Inland Empire for the last 24 years. She loves being able to assist families with their sale and purchase of homes and investment properties. With an excellent staff, she provides the best quality service to her clients. Sandy's strong belief in service to the community has inspired her to be on the boards of many Corona organizations and has earned her the Distinguished Citizen Award for both the Boy Scouts and Corona-Norco YMCA and an award from Soroptimist International. She currently serves on the Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce board.

Linda Carlberg is the Owner and Creative Director of Corona-based BrandLand Marketing, the design team/publisher of this magazine and the Chamber’s annual Business Directory. Linda’s career as an agency owner began in the 1980s in Orange County. Her focus from day one was to provide better “custom fit” marketing tools for her clients, built around their unique attributes, goals and challenges. Whether a business needs brand development, print advertising, online media, packaging, video, or other services, her portfolio of client work speaks for itself and demonstrates a wide variety of experience and solutions. Linda’s business ventures also include product development. Currently in the works are a new rich media player for the Internet and an automotive accessory she has patented. Her main hobby is singing and performing as part of a 120+ member, two-time international champion women’s show chorus, based in Anaheim.

Sandra Klein Realtor Re/Max Allstars 765 N. Main St., Corona, CA 92880 (951) 314-2256 • Fax: (951) 256-3650 •

BrandLand Marketing

| special advertising section |

Corona, CA 92883 • (951) 493-6712

Community Bank credits creativity, professionalism, and diversity to its success. From client service representatives, to commercial banking officers and underwriting professionals to senior management, women play an integral role in our business. The insight and contributions of these individuals continue to make Community Bank one of the best business banksin the Inland Empire and the first choice for many business owners in Corona. Community Bank, headquartered in Pasadena, is a proudly independent, full-service bank dedicated to meeting the financial needs of small and middle market companies. For over 65 years, Community Bank has provided the communities of Southern California with the financial services they need. Our strong financial position earns your trust, while our commitment to customer service will gain your loyalty. We’ve committed ourselves to giving each customer the kind of responsive, personal attention that really makes a difference. The Bank provides Partnership Community Bank Banking ®services through a high quality staff of professionals 255 E. Rincon Street, Suite No. 312 with fourteen local offices to serve you. Corona, CA 92879 For more information, visit the Community Bank Website at
Kathy Gutierrez Main Line (951) 808-8942
Member FDIC

May 2011

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C.C. Vest

C.C. Vest began her career in the Bearing & Power Transmission Industry in 1979. C.C. is co-owner and President of Midpoint Bearing. The business is a bearing and power transmission distributor based in Ontario, Ca. with branch locations in Corona, Ca., Converse, Tx. and Oklahoma City, Ok. With over 25 employees Midpoint Bearing is a full time job in itself. In addition to her daily business duties CC is active in both the Ontario and Greater Corona Valley Chambers as well as a member for the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Corona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. C.C. is an active member of the Business Retention Committee for the City of Ontario. C.C. believes in community involvement and is a supporter for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, The City of Hope, The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Diabetes Association and the Inland Empire United Way Kids Pack Program. She is also proud to be a member of the Rotary Club of Corona.
Corona Location 500 Harrington Street, Unit I-2 Corona, CA 92880 (951) 340-9670 Fax: (951) 340-9647

Midpoint Bearing Headquarters 1155 W. Brooks Street, Suite No. 100 Ontario, CA 91762 (909) 391-1466 Fax: (909) 391-1648

| special advertising section |

Rhonda Miller

Rebecca Tenwick




Caring for people comes naturally for Rhonda Miller, who joined her husband, Chris, in perpetuating the family business. Thomas Miller Mortuary, established in 1891 is the longest continued family operation in Corona. Rhonda, Chris and family have been serving the community of Corona for over 40 years. Rhonda and Chris continue to offer families the highest level of personalized care and service while catering to all faiths. Rhonda is also conscientious about giving back to the community and participates with her family in the American Cancer Society-Corona Relay for Life, The Foundation for Community and Family Health, and is on the committee for the Every 15 Minutes Program.

Rebecca Tenwick, the owner and founder of All-Mobile Bail Bonds, has been specifically trained to work with families in crisis. With a Masters Degree in Social Work from California State Los Angeles, her care and compassion are unmatched in the bail bond industry. Opening in 2004, All-Mobile Bail Bonds offers counseling and rehabilitation referrals to help families in need. In addition, Rebecca strives to make bail accessible for families by offering affordable payment plans. In order to better serve the residents of Corona, Norco, and Eastvale, Rebecca has opened an office right around the corner from the new Corona Police Department. Rebecca's business motto is "Helping Families Heal".

Thomas Miller Mortuary
1118 E. Sixth Street / Corona, CA 92879 (951) 737-3244 • Fax: (951) 737-3271

FD 66

All-Mobile Bail Bonds
312 N. Cota Street, Unit L / Corona, CA 92880 (951) 273-9933 or (888) 742-2245 • Fax: (951) 273-9913


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May 2011

Tina Edwards

LT Enterprises
Office: (866) 879-5346 Tina: (951) 545-4653 Fax: (951) 340-3621

Behind every successful businessman is his secret weapon, at L T Enterprises, that happens to be Tina Edwards. They first started L T Enterprises (Lenny & Tina) in 1992 as an Amway Distributorship to supplement their income while Lenny worked for various office equipment dealerships. When a blip in the economy cut his income sixty percent over night in 1991, something had to change and he wanted Tina to be a “stay at home” mom as she had been for the previous 14 years while living in Costa Mesa & Huntington Beach. They moved to Corona in 1990 to their new home in Sierra Del Oro along with their four children; Angela, Megan, Steven II, & Samantha. Lenny continued to work at other dealerships with his commissions continually being cut until 1996, when he and Tina started L T Office Products; their own office equipment dealership which had always been their goal to be self employed. Tina also saw a need for an “in house leasing” company in their equipment business & started OMA Leasing Co. Tina does more of the paperwork these days and the “behind the scenes” functions while Lenny is busy providing “excellent service” to their customers throughout Corona and surrounding areas. LT Enterprises has always been a team effort. “I’ve always had faith in everything Lenny has wanted to do,” says Tina, “because I know how passionate he is about taking care of his customers. It’s not difficult to be supportive when you stay focused on your goals. Sure we’ve had ups and downs in our business and a few rough years, but we’ve always managed to be on the same page and help each other through.”

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Inspired by the 1992 Summer Olympics, special education teacher Kara Lubin used the universal dream of becoming a gold medalist to inspire her hard-to-motivate students. That year, The 100 Mile Club® was born from a simple idea – run 100 miles within the school year and earn a gold medal. The 100 Mile Club® teaches children how to exercise safely, and instill fun and healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Physical activity is important to children’s health and learning. For children, physical activity is linked to improved readiness to learn, better educational outcomes, and improved health. The 100 Mile Club® quietly evolved over 13 years in Kara’s classroom. Not only did her students consistently score higher on physical fitness tests than their peers, they also showed improved attendance and behavior. In 2006, the program went viral and began to reach all students throughout the Corona/Norco School District and beyond. In 2008 The 100 Mile Club® became a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. This year The 100 Mile Club® has grown to serve over 18,000 students in 102 schools all over California and throughout the country! Growing out of her living room in November 2010, Kara moved into a small office space and in February hired her first employee, Annie Bradberry, as Director of Development. Supported by the Corona community and its leadership, The 100 Mile Club® now calls The Historic Civic Center its home and invites everyone to stop in to learn more about the program, get involved, and Accept the Challenge!

100 Mile Club
815 W. Sixth Street, Suite 105 Corona, CA 92882 (951) 340-2290

May 2011

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Mindy Hearn-Papazian & Sharon Driscoll

Shannon Seif

Sunset Graphics Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing is a second generation Corona business serving the Inland Empire for over 30 years, since 1979. Owner Mindy Hearn-Papazian took over the business from her parents, Jim & Earlene Hearn in 2007 and has made quality workmanship and customer service her number one priority. Sharon Driscoll, a long time Corona resident, started with Sunset in 2000. Her strength in customer service, attention to detail and quality work escalated her to Office Manager. Sunset specializes in Custom Embroidery, Logo Design, Screen Printing and Promotional Products. Come by and visit Mindy, Sharon and their friendly staff for all your apparel and promotional needs.

Shannon Seif is the President of the Seif Real Estate Group, Inc. Shannon has more than 15 years of banking and financial experience, and 8 years of real estate sales experience. She has held positions as VP, Region Manager and Region Sales Trainer for World Savings Bank and Atlas Securities. As a Realtor©, Shannon has utilized her superior customer care and experience to assist families with their real estate transactions. Shannon is gifted with understanding her clients’ motivations and needs, and with building trusting and lasting relationships. Her knowledge of banking and finance has been instrumental in ensuring smooth real estate transactions including short sales, REO’s and standard sales. In 2008, Shannon was recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), as one of the “Amazing Women of the Inland Empire.” The Seif Team has been the recipient of numerous top listing team and top sales team awards at Keller Williams Realty, Corona.

Sunset Graphics

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109 N. Maple Street, Unit L / Corona, CA 92880 (951) 735-4002 • Fax: (951) 734-3278 •

The Seif Team
(951) 751-7336 •


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May 2011

Susan E. Glenn

Susan E. Glenn, Certified Public Accountant, has been serving the Corona community since 1986. Her firm, Susan Glenn & Associates, CPA’s, Inc., provides tax preparation, financial statement preparation and business problem solving to individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. Her goal is to provide clients with professional services that reflect experience and integrity.

Susan Glenn & Associates CPA's, Inc.
2275 S. Main Street, Suite No. 202 Corona, CA 92882 (951) 737-1731 Fax: (951) 737-9685

Susan is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. During 2009 she became qualified to perform peer reviews for the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. She is a member of Soroptimist International of Corona.

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Our Team Just Got Stronger!
Welcome Pamela Tyler-Smith, Director

The Foundation team just got stronger! Please accept our invitation to stop by the Foundation to meet our new Director, Pamela Tyler-Smith. Pamela brings a wealth of experience to her new position and has already demonstrated a natural talent for building strong community partnerships.
Left to right: Sue VanDeventer, Pamela Tyler-Smith, Stephanie Goldowski

The Foundation for Community and Family Health
815 W. Sixth Street, Suite 110 Corona, CA 92882 (951) 270-0536 Fax: (951) 270-0511

Inspired leadership drives fresh ideas and innovative approaches to meeting the growing needs of our community, but it takes a team! Pamela is supported by long-term team members; Sue VanDeventer, R.N./Manager of the Children’s Center, and Stephanie Goldowski, community relations manager. Blending our history with a bright future, these women shine in their efforts to add value to the lives of hundreds of families every year. The Foundation for Community and Family Health is a 501 C-3 non-profit agency serving uninsured and underinsured women, children and families in Corona since 2004.

May 2011

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Cover Story:
Parkridge Dental Spa
by Candace Abott


ne of Corona’s leading business women doesn’t measure success by the amount of plaques on her wall or by the number of patients she sees in a day. Dr. Coracel T. Johnson, the beauty, the brain and the heart of Parkridge Dental Spa, is a woman who’s success is denoted by how happy her patients are when they leave her office.

Dr. Johnson has weathered the economy’s highs and lows, but considers this a part of being a business owner. She obtained her building in 2007, just as the economy was changing and loans began to freeze. Being a woman of creativity, Dr. Johnson drew upon her artistic background (in addition to being a licensed dentist she has a degree in fashion designing) and a life-changing trauma from her childhood to make her dream a reality. Setbacks from the city held her business back for a year. During a facial with a friend she became inspired to create Parkridge Dental Spa. She says, with a million dollar smile, “I just know how to turn around a bad scenario into a good one.” She proved just that in 2009 when Parkridge Dental Spa opened its doors as Corona’s premiere place for innovative dentistry. But to fully grasp the strength that Dr. Johnson has, you have to know this businesswoman and a mother of four’s storied past. While attending her final year of dental school, she faced frequent morning sickness, combined with the challenge of a growing belly. She toted her dentistry tools and baby bottles along during her clinical years and took her dental state

Shown Above: 2nd row from left to right: Imelda Portillo; Josie Villa; Gabby Arnaldo; Sarah Balderrama; Rizza Ramos; Mr. Tim Owen and Star Diaz. 1st row: Dr. Coracel TemploJohnson and Dr. Kai Steele Staff not in the photos: Dr. Armen Shant Megerdichian ; Dr. Ali Riazi and Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

boards on the brink of delivery. She now says those trials unleashed her inner strength by going against all tides of life. She always believed she could be a mother and a wife and not sacrifice her calling to be a physician. Dr. Johnson’s three daughters and one son grew up in a home where their mother gave 100% to everything she did – whether doing homework, attending parent-teacher conferences or extracting teeth. She taught her children that life is a continuous learning process, believing that life make us evolve and discover who we really are and what our purpose is. It’s this attitude that helped her to open her own business.

Before After


Our doctors are highly experienced in full mouth esthetic reconstruction from minor spacing to severe crowding ( invisible braces, invisalign, clear correct and six months smiles) We provide all types of Cosmetic Restorations from bonding or "white fillings"; crowns and veneers; bridges and dentures; implant replacement and fixed dentures. Your comfort is our priority so we offer "sleep dentistry" for kids and adults that are fearful with dental treatments.

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May 2011

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PARKRIDGE DENTAL SPA offers comfort and relaxation. You will be captured by the vanilla and lavender aroma of candles; waterfalls that soothes tension and anxiety; listening to soft relaxing music in a homey reception area; they also provide complimentary beverages. Full facial and massage services is available free for their loyal referring patients. It is an extraordinary dental experience for the whole family, a place where you will feel to be a patient for life.

An innovator by nature, business ownership is in Dr. Johnson’s genes. Her family owns businesses in her native country of the Philippines. Her mother taught her profit and resourcefulness, while her father taught her the importance of compassion in business. Dr. Johnson says “to run a business you need to have both a heart and a brain to make it in this economy." When Dr. Johnson began to see changes in dentistry, she knew she had to be a part of them. The days of heavyhanded dentistry were destined to be a thing of the past. She underwent massive surgery and dental reconstruction at the age of 13 which made her fear dentists. After this fearful and painful experience at an early age, she made it her mission in life to lessen people's fear and anxiety with dental treatment. As a result, Dr. Johnson has turned Parkridge Dental Spa into a place of comfort with Dentists who care. She looks to connect with everyone from her youngest fearful patient, to the most anxious elderly patient. By staying ahead of the trends and technology in her field, Dr. Johnson has managed to make a trip to the dentist a far less painful experience and comparable to a "Resort Spa” visit for everyone. Dr. Johnson knows the importance of giving back to the community and to her devoted staff. Satisfied customer referrals are the bulk of Parkridge Dental Spa’s business. She regularly gives hygiene presentations for Corona’s schools and is a the Diabetics Spokesperson for several health centers. She is a member of several prestigious dental organizations and hosts local seminars on the importance of dental hygiene during pregnancy, for cancer and kidney transplant patients and participates in health care awareness day for local and big businesses in Corona. The pretty, hip and fashion-loving, tri-athlete dentist says her facility is for the Greater Corona Valley community. She wants women to know that in life there is nothing impossible. You can always achieve your dreams, thru hard work, perseverance and compassion for humanity. Dr. Johnson says being successful is “When you can wake up and tell yourself today is another day closer to accomplishing your dreams and goals. That is SUCCESS, because you’ve conquered your biggest obstacle and biggest fear, which is self-negativity that tries to haunt and stop you every day.”
Photos courtesy Parkridge Dental Spa

Photos provided by Focal Instincts, LLC

Parkridge Dental Spa
520 E. Parkridge Ave. Corona, CA 92879 Office: (951)735-0200 Fax: (951) 735-0203
May 2011

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Town & Country Escrow
Town & Country Escrow Corp., founded in 1976 is a full service escrow company that can handle all of your closing needs. Our team has expertise and extensive experience in handling all of the following types of transactions: • Residential Resales • Mobile Homes • Refinances • Real Estate Owned (REO) • Short Sales • Commercial Real Estate

Team members left to right: Lorena Vera, Teri Malcolm-Napier, Pamela Walker, Teresa Gaines and Deborah Park

• Bulk Sales/ABC Licenses • 1031 Exchanges • Foreclosures

Pamela Walker, President, has been with the company for 31 years and specializes in commercial/industrial real estate transactions and 1031 exchanges. When asked how Town & Country Escrow has succeeded in being the most successful independent Escrow company in Corona, she stated, the longevity and experience of the employees makes the company stable and productive. The clients can feel the care and understanding that 35 years of service has produced. Our Team’s innovative way of emphasizing a “Quality at your Service” approach to the Escrow process is paramount to a successful escrow operation. Our Team feels that an easy to understand escrow process will benefit the consumer and real estate professionals. Teri Malcolm-Napier has been with the company for 26 years. Teresa Gaines and Deborah Park have been with the company for 8 years. Lorena Vera offers Bilingual services to our clients and has been with the company for 2 years. All of these women bring an expertise in the Escrow field and continue to educate the consumer through each transaction.

Town & Country Escrow Corp.
Main Office 391 N. Main Street Corona, CA 92879 (951) 737-8860 Branch Office 795 E. Sixth Street Beaumont, CA 92879 (951) 769-4006

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May 2011

Women in Business Resource Guide
Compiled by Linda Carlberg

It’s a great time to be a woman in business! More resources and programs are available to help you succeed than you may realize. Where do you begin to find them? Begin here.
Many workshops and seminars, networking events, counseling opportunities, and even scholarships designed just for women are available right now. In addition, the Small Business Administration (SBA) offers certification to certain womanowned and economically disadvantaged woman-owned businesses to allow them to compete for many types of government contracts. See below for news about a new mandate just launched to expand these programs. Take the first step today. Visit these online resources to learn more about what’s available to help your business. May your journey lead to even greater success!

• Business Networks for Women • For information specific to Women Entrepreneurs, use this direct link:

U.S. Government Resources
• U.S. Small Business Administration SBA Santa Ana District Office Serving Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties (800) 877-8339 If you are a woman business owner seeking federal contracts, visit to get information about the SBA’s new Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contract program. On October 7, 2010, the U.S. Small Business Administration published a final rule effective February 4, 2011, aimed at expanding federal contracting opportunities for womenowned small businesses (WOSBs). The Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contract program authorizes contracting officers to set aside certain federal contracts for eligible Women-owned small businesses (WOSBs) or Economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs). This program will provide greater access to federal contracting opportunities for WOSBs and EDWOSBs. For the first time, contracting officers at federal agencies will be allowed to set aside contracts for certified WOSBs and EDWOSBs and will help federal agencies achieve the existing statutory goal of five percent of federal contracting dollars being awarded to WOSBs.* • The U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal 800-FED-INFO (333-4636) * From the website

Local Organizations
• Inland Empire Women’s Business Center • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Inland Empire Chapter: • Soroptimist International of Corona

National/International Organizations
• National Latina Business Women Association (based in Orange, CA) • American Business Women’s Association • National Association for Female Executives • The International Alliance for Women May 2011

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Klassy Dahl’s Brings Superior Service
by Jennifer Tressen

Many people find themselves without the time to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning each week but are in need of professionally cleaned attire as part of their everyday wardrobe. Klassy Dahl’s Dry Kleaning is the perfect solution. They pick up garments from your home or work, take them to the cleaners, then deliver them to you the very next day. Talk about making life easy. These ladies have mastered the craft of convenient dry cleaning.
Owner Rhonda Hill began the business in March of this year as a way to be able to set her own schedule, own a business and be rewarded for her sales. Well organized and motivated by success, one of the first things she did was join

“Rhonda Hill has been a single mother for most of my life. She had been successful in many different fields and is truly an inspiration. She is the hardest working and most driven person I know. She wears many hats, but wears them all so well. Klassy Dahl’s Dry Kleaning is a family business that we all intend to build together. It’s amazing to not only be a part of such a great uprising business, but to be led by a true hero and role model.” - Daughter, Kelsie Woodard

the Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce. “I believe that business is about relationships and not just customers. This (the Chamber) is an avenue to advertise for my business as well as understand the needs of the local community.”


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May 2011

In the next year or two she hopes to be brand recognized. She’d like Klassy Dahls Dry Cleaning to be known for the quality of service they provide and serving the community just as it serves them. Rhonda has always been involved in the community. As part of a leadership group, she helped raise $30,000 for cancer research after partnering with the Ronald McDonald House, Race for the Cure, Michelle’s Place and Surf Riders. A new member of the Ambassadors Program, she hopes to continue to make a positive mark on the community she loves.
Right: Katelyn Hill, Rhonda Hill, Kelsie Woodard

When asked about being a female business owner Rhonda said, “You are always facing non-traditional roles. There are some cases where discrimination and stereotyping have come into play, but being committed to your product and service helps you overcome those challenges and gain a new respect.” Her advice for women starting and growing their own businesses is to first and foremost create a strong business network. She also advises women to stay knowledgeable about what’s current in the market and research new avenues to achieve success. There are many ways to reach one’s goals and it’s often best to explore several. Lastly, Rhonda says it’s vital to seek advice from other women business owners and “be inspired by their knowledge and hard work.” With Rhonda’s motivation and hard work, we should all start seeing four van routes daily throughout the city and surrounding area. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. For more information about Klassy Dahls Dry Kleaning, contact Rhonda Hill at (951) 326-4600 or

Photos by Jim Dorsey Photography

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Sandy Klein
by Hollie Davies
What does it really mean to be a long-term member? For super-star Realtor Sandy Klein, who joined the Chamber 24 years ago, membership has meant consistent support for her business and a plethora of personal friendships that have helped expand her involvement in the community. “One of the first things I did when I obtained my real estate license was to join the Chamber,” said Sandy. “I had worked out of town and didn’t really know anyone here, but I knew that networking would be a great start.” Since those early days, Sandy and her business have flourished. She became the first Realtor to be awarded Realtor of the Year by the Corona-Norco Association of Realtors, was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, received the Lifetime Achievement Award and is a designated Luxury Home Specialist. She works in all price ranges, from first time buyers to million-dollar estates. Adapting to the market, she became certified in Short Sale Foreclosures and Home Affordable Foreclosures. “It’s important,” she noted, “to keep up with the market, new laws, and technology, since they are ever-changing.” Sandy stays connected to past, present and future business through the Chamber, Facebook and Linkedin. Through the Chamber she not only gained great friends, but said she has “gained great clients, many of whom are repeat customers and an excellent source of referrals. Building a strong repeat and referral base is essential in the home business,” she explained. Sandy lives in town with her husband, Steve, two German Shepherds and two cats. “Even though Corona has grown during the 31 years I have lived here, it still has a small-town feel, and I believe we have excellent Fire and Police
Photo by Legacy Fine Portraiture & Videography

Departments,” she said. “Over the last few years we have attracted many very good restaurants, so we no longer have to drive any distance for good food, it’s all right here in our city.” Sandy’s strong belief in giving back to the community is evident in her many philanthropic affiliations. She is a past president of the Circle City Rotary Club, Corona Police Community Partnership, and Corona-Norco American Cancer Board. She currently serves on the board of the Greater Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce, and is a recipient of the Distinguished Citizen Award for Boy Scouts and Corona-Norco YMCA. In their off time, Sandy and Steve love to travel, discovering and exploring the beauty of California. “We enjoy just getting in the car and heading out without an itinerary or schedules, exploring new areas and bed and breakfasts along the way, particularly coastal

routes such as Highway 1.” As members of the Riverside chapter of the Porsche Club of America, they sometimes join 20 other Porsche owners and caravan to Yosemite or Monterey. Sandy’s adventurous spirit is not limited to cars and travel; she is also a licensed pilot and has parachuted from a plane. As to the local real estate situation, Sandy said that the drop in prices has enabled many first time buyers to purchase homes, and feels that if the market hasn’t “bottomed out” completely, it’s getting close. Many Realtors echo this thought, which could be a positive sign that the real estate market will begin a recovery. For all your real estate needs, Sandy can be reached at RE/MAX All Stars, at, or call her at (951) 314-2256.


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May 2011


Coffee News
by Hollie Davies

Above: Owner Pamela Smith’s passion for Coffee News is evident.

A newsletter with a circulation of 10,000,000 that spans nine countries sounds like a marketing pipe dream. But Coffee News is a reality. The content remains the same whether you read it in Corona or Texas, but the advertising and What’s Happening sections are all local.

Photos by Jim Dorsey Photography

A clever idea. That’s what Pamela Smith thought when she was considering starting a small local business. “I researched Coffee News and purchased Although she runs the licensing rights to the business by market the newsletter herself, she has in Norco, in 2008. a couple of Another publisher independent purchased the Corona contractors to help rights that same year,” with deliveries and she explained, “but in would like to add 2010 I purchased all the a good salesperson Corona editions from Above: Pamela delivers copies of the newsletter to her team. the other publisher.” to a loccal business Pam said Coffee Pam said she pays a News is its own weekly content fee to advertising. “I try to the corporate office do as much and then supplies the networking as possible. We have a Find Little local advertising and information to round out Bill contest in each edition, and Little Bill has her Corona/Norco editions, which are now a fan page on Facebook.” welcomed in scores of local coffee shops, restaurants, motels and businesses. It was the networking and volunteer opportunities that attracted Pam to the GCV Chamber. The newsletter gave Pam – who has 15 years “I attended numerous mixers prior to experience in print advertising for others – becoming a member and recognized many the opening she needed to work for herself.

“I had a desire to combine work with the opportunity to get involved in various community projects. Corona, Norco and Eastvale are three unique and separate communities, each with their own personalities, yet we are all very much connected, supporting each other's economic growth, fundraising and special events.”

opportunities to promote my business.” One mixer turned out to be her lucky venue: she won a booth at the job fair last year. As a new member she is considering more committee involvement and plans to attend Legislative Action and Ambassador meetings to learn more. Despite her hectic schedule, Pam stays close to her adult children and two grandchildren. “This season, our Saturdays are spent in Orange County watching our oldest grandson play T-ball.” In 2003 she purchased a vacation home near the river in Bullhead City, Arizona, and also enjoys boating and relaxing at Lake Mohave. “I enjoy traveling by car and seeing this great country we are fortunate to live in. Some day we'll jump into an RV and spend months just exploring the U.S.” Coffee News originated in Canada, in 1988. The corporate office describes its publication as “the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes, and more. Everything is fun and entertaining…something that makes people smile.” It has certainly put a smile on Pam’s face. To advertise in Coffee News, contact Pam at (951) 278-2707 and check out her website at

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First Annual KMJ Diabetes Event
by Cynthia Becker
Jacki McCray, mother of Cynthia Becker, and owner of Hairs 2 U in Norco and Studio 4 Salon in Riverside, has been doing hair for 35 years. Cynthia was raised her whole life not only learning to do hair, but loving it. Jacki taught her that styling is not just about the job, it’s about building relationships with your clients. Together they have watched their clients grow up, get married, have babies, move away, get ill, and lose loved ones. They take their jobs very seriously. It is not a 9-5 day for them; it is more of a 24/7, meaning they are on call every day at any time, not only for an appointment, but for support as well. Some ask how they manage between responsibilities with home and work, and they reply, “with God’s help we can do it all. We work so well together that it feels more as if we are just spending a day together than working.” Cynthia is not only a stylist, but she is also an educator for both salons. She teaches newly licensed stylists and seasoned stylists on the latest techniques and styles. Together they have created Becker Style Events, which has raised money for Hurricane Katrina and Locks of Love, and donate their time for many fundraisers. They recently started the First Annual KMJ Diabetes Event to raise money and awareness for the education and support for Type 1 Diabetes. The event started out small and personal. Kenny McCray, husband to Jacki and father to Cynthia, has had type 1 Diabetes since the age of 30. Type 1 Diabetes This a disorder in which the body does not produce insulin (a hormone that aids in moving sugar from the blood to the cells). This type of diabetes can be due to a virus or autoimmune disorder in which the body does not recognize an organ as its own and attacks it. In this case, the body attacks an organ known as the pancreas, where insulin is made. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life. Only 5% of people with diabetes have this form of the disease. With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, even young children with type 1 diabetes can learn to manage their condition and live long, healthy, happy lives. Those with Type 1 Diabetes are required to take insulin injections to move sugar from the bloodstream. This type of diabetes is usually diagnosed before age 40. Type 1 diabetes can affect many major organs in your body, including your heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys.

Above: Mother-Daughter Duo Cynthia Becker and Jacki McCray show off their matching tattoos in support of Diabetes research and awareness.

Keeping your blood sugar level close to normal most of the time can dramatically reduce the risk of many complications. Long-term complications of Type 1 Diabetes develop gradually, over years. The earlier one develops diabetes – and the less blood sugar is controlled – the higher the risk of complications. Eventually, diabetes complications may be disabling or even lifethreatening. • Heart and blood vessel disease: Diabetes dramatically increases your risk of various cardiovascular problems, including coronary artery disease with chest pain (angina), (continued on page 18)


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May 2011

Wisefly Auto Glass
by Hollie Davies

Few things are more terrifying for a driver than to be hurtling along a highway at 65 miles an hour and have the windshield crack or blow out. “Whether the cause is a flying rock, a collision, or improper installation, the consequences can be devastating,” explained Melissa Martin, co-owner of Wisefly Auto Glass in Norco. “If the windshield blows out, the passenger-side airbag, which normally bounces against the windshield to protect the passenger, has nothing to support it and flies straight up in the air, and the passenger is unprotected.” She said few drivers realize that the windshield is part of a vehicle’s structural support. “In the event of a roll-over, a missing windshield can cause a cave in of the sides and roof.”

Right: Wisefly Auto Glass Owners Jason and Melissa Martin repair windshields onsite.

In addition to repairing domestic and import autos, RVs and Melissa and Jason, her husband and co-owner of Wisefly, buses, Melissa and Jason have many customers with classic cars have seen first hand the results of such accidents – some – some valued over $350,000 – and collectors who need glass horrific – and it reinforces their commitment to safety and fabricated for custom openings. Best of all, they offer free quality. Together they have over 20 years experience, and prior mobile service and their work is guaranteed. “If damage is less to moving to the west coast, Jason was a trainer. The couple is than the size of a quarter, we can usually repair it,” said Jason, industry certified, adheres to “but if people wait too long, the glass cracks AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement and requires replacement.” Most jobs take Safety Standards) and uses top about an hour, but if it’s going to take a day quality industry materials; or more, a vehicle can be driven or towed to both OEM (Original Equipment their premises where they have secure parking Manufacturer) and OE and bays tall enough to house the biggest bus (Original Equipment). or RV. “Many times we’ve had to Wisefly opened in 2007. Melissa and Jason redo work done by other glass chose Norco because “The Norco/Corona installers because the urethane area has the most breathtaking views of and primer that were used were the mountains. We’ve met some wonderful cheap quality,” said Jason. people, and of course we’re in love with “At Wisefly we use only OEM Above: Melissa and Jason work together on the rural setting that Norco fights hard to grade urethane and primer. repairs. preserve,” said Melissa. Norco also suits their love of horses: Our customers’ safety depends they both ride and Jason participates in rodeos, bareback bronon it, and yet we remain competitively priced.” co riding. Although they could be mistaken for 20-somethings, the couple has a combined family of four children, ranging in age from 21 to 12. Melissa and Jason are impressed with the networking opportunities at the GCV Chamber. “The members that I have met thus far have not only been friendly, but business ready,” noted Melissa. “A chamber can only produce for you what you are willing to put into it.” To reach Melissa or Jason, call (951) 479-1586. Wisefly is located at 2000 Hamner Ave., Norco 92860. There are photos and helpful information about insurance deductibles on the website at
Photos by Jim Dorsey Photography

May 2011

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First Annual KMJ Diabetes Event
continued from page 16

heart attack, stroke, narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and high blood pressure. In fact, about 65 percent of people who have diabetes die of some type of heart or blood vessel disease, according to the American Heart Association. • Nerve damage (neuropathy): Excess sugar can injure the walls of the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) that nourish nerves, especially in the legs. This can cause tingling, numbness, burning or pain that usually begins at the tips of the toes or fingers and gradually spreads upward. Poorly controlled blood sugar could eventually cause loss of all sense of feeling in the affected limbs. Damage to the nerves that control digestion can cause problems with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. For men, erectile dysfunction may be an issue. • Kidney damage (nephropathy): The kidneys contain millions of tiny blood vessel clusters that filter waste from the blood. Diabetes can damage this delicate filtering system. Severe damage can lead to kidney failure or irreversible end-stage kidney disease, requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant. • Eye damage: Diabetes can damage the blood vessels of the retina (diabetic retinopathy), potentially leading to blindness. Diabetes also increases the risk of other serious vision conditions, such as cataracts and glaucoma. • Foot damage: Nerve damage in the feet or poor blood flow to the feet increases the risk of various foot complications. Left untreated, cuts and blisters can become serious infections. Severe damage might require toe, foot or even leg amputation. • Skin and mouth conditions: Diabetes may leave a person more susceptible to skin problems, including bacterial and fungal infections. Gum infections also may be a concern, especially with a history of poor dental hygiene. • Osteoporosis: Diabetes may lead to lower than normal bone mineral density, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. • Pregnancy complications: High blood sugar levels can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby. The risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and birth defects are increased when diabetes isn't well controlled. For the mother, diabetes increases the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic eye problems (retinopathy), pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and preeclampsia. • Hearing problems: Hearing impairments occur more often in people with diabetes. • And other serious complications. Type 2 Diabetes This form occurs when insulin that the body produces is less efficient at moving sugar out of the bloodstream. Some sugar is moved out of the blood, just not as effectively compared to a

person with normal insulin efficiency. High blood sugars are a result of this. Diet, exercise, weight loss, and possible medications are the treatment for this type of diabetes. Occasionally, someone with Type 2 may be placed on insulin to better control blood sugars. This type of diabetes is associated with physical inactivity and obesity. Type 2 Diabetes used to be thought of as the adult onset type of diabetes. However, an alarming rate of children are now being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Recently, Jacki’s husband, Kenny, went in for a simple foot surgery to remove a growth on the bottom of his foot. The healing process for this procedure is normally 6 weeks at most. In his case, with complications, it turned into a 4 month catastrophe. First the foot would not heal, so it required several treatments by re-cutting the foot so new skin would adhere. To make sure there were no infections, he was put on strong antibiotics that turned toxic in his kidneys, which led to full Renal (kidney) failure, and hospitalization, with possibilities of permanent dialysis and a lifetime of more problems. Thankfully the nephrologists were able to kick start his kidneys. This is just a small indication of what diabetics can look forward to in their future, with or without having any procedures. Diabetes impacts not only the lives of the people who have the disease, but also the lives of the people around them. Family members must learn to recognize


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May 2011

the signs and symptoms of diabetes. They need diabetes information and education so that they can assist the diabetic family member. When most people talk about highs and lows, it is completely different than what it means to a diabetic. Highs and lows to a diabetic are the difference between life and death. Here are the differences between a diabetic high and low: Diabetic Ketoacidosis (or DKA) occurs most frequently in persons with Type 1 Diabetes. Physical signs and symptoms of DKA include: • • • • • • • • • • Hyperglycemia (greater than 250 mg/dL) Dry, parched mouth Extreme thirst Frequent urination General weakness Loss of appetite Fruity breath Nausea and vomiting Abdominal pain Deep, rapid breathing

should be a concern. Symptoms of hypoglycemia include the following: • • • • • • • • • Sweating Rapid pulse Shakiness, dizziness, weakness Decreased coordination Difficulty concentrating Blurred vision Headache Trouble performing routine tasks Note: Symptoms can vary from person to person and episode to episode.

Both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia can result in death if not treated properly. Cynthia says, “Since I have been planning this event, I have met a lot of people who either have Type 1 Diabetes or have a family member with it. I recently met a young woman of my age who has a husband that has diabetes, and they have 2 young girls. Unfortunately, they do not have the insurance coverage to support his illness, which means he cannot have the proper care for his disease. He has Type 1 Diabetes, and this poor woman struggles with his low sugars each night, having to shove sugar in his mouth, hoping he will come to.” Because diabetes is a degenerative, chronic disease, it can slowly rob the patient of his health and income. Practicing tight control can help minimize the impact on lifestyle, but patients must commit to self care. Diabetic patients can't eat what they want, whenever they want it. They can never over eat, or eat a lot of anything. If they are a Type 1 Diabetic, they must always keep a supply of insulin on hand. Living with diabetes is challenging. The diabetic patient must pay attention to medication, diet, and exercise on a daily basis – and without fail. In order to reduce the complications that result from high blood glucose, patients must monitor their levels and take care of themselves. The good news is that many diabetics can meet the challenge and lead healthy lives. Please come and join us, as we focus on this most unpredictable disease called diabetes at our 1st Annual KMJ Diabetes Fundraising Gala, Saturday, May 21, 2011 at the Fender Center Museum in Corona. This exclusive ticketed-only event is dedicated to raising money and educating people about this silent disease and killer. This VIP Event will be emceed by Del Breckenfeld, Director of EntertainmentMarketing (Fender Musical Instruments Corporation). The elegant event will be like no other, featuring an incredible silent & live auction, 5-course dinner, fashion show, live music, and special guest speakers. We anticipate 200 people including press, public officials, celebrities, corporate sponsors, and individual donors to attend this exclusive event. Guests will receive a complimentary gift bag. Tickets are $125 each or buy a table(10 seats) for $1,250. All proceeds will benefit The American Diabetes Association. For tickets and information call Cynthia Becker at (951) 522-5206 or email her at You can also visit their website at

Hypoglycemia refers to dangerously low blood glucose levels that drop below 70 mg/dL. It is an acute complication of diabetes and occurs in individuals who use insulin or specific kinds of oral diabetes medication. If you use oral diabetes medications, ask your physician or diabetes educator whether hypoglycemia

May 2011

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Midlife Fitness for Women
Article compiled by Maria Korcsmaros

Healthy Living
5) Balance Work: As we age, balance sometimes becomes an issue. Include balance work and core work into your fitness program to help you maintain it. This will reduce the chances for falls and help other activities you may do. Use balance balls, rubber bands, and other props to practice. 6) Have a Positive Attitude Toward Your Goals: When we do
this, we are more successful. Be consistent and take time to recover. Get good rest and eat nutritiously. You will be amazed at how your body responds. As we get older, moderate exercise is more about staying strong and lowering your risk of heart disease and bone deterioration. A study published in the March 2005 issue of Diabetes Care found that even previously sedentary people aged 55-70 could benefit from exercise. Another study in American Heart Journal (1999), suggested people who begin exercising later in life tend to have lower rates of heart disease – and live longer. Once you start moving, you begin a whole new chapter in your life. I leave you with a quote from fitness legend Jack Lelanne: “Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen, put them together and make your Body the Kingdom!”
Maria Korcsmaros is the Owner of Maria’s Personal Fitness in Corona. She can be reached at (951)496-6520 or

s we all know, to be healthy one needs to move! We are animals; we were made to move. Having good fitness in your 20s, 30s and 40s will benefit you later in life as you approach your 50s, 60s and beyond. You will maintain healthier bones, muscles, tendons, and keep your range of motion as you continue on your fitness journey into later life. Neglect it and you will find it more difficult to reach the same goals. As we age, women gain fat – across their hips and thighs, back of arms (triceps), and the back (trapezius). We all lose muscle mass, our metabolism decreases, and our balance is sometimes affected. Our connective tissues (supportive framework for the body, cartilage, tendons and ligaments) become less elastic, leading to greater risk of injury. It’s not too late! If you are just starting your fitness journey, what matters is that you choose to start a healthier lifestyle. Everyone can do something to make themselves feel better. Exercise will make you stronger, give you more endurance, help you sleep better, feel better, and could bring some of your numbers back to a more normal range. As on any journey, one must consider the following factors below:


1) Your Daily Calorie Intake for Fat Loss Goals: If you are older
and your metabolism is slowing down, you must decrease your calorie intake to match your metabolism or you will gain fat! Start a journal to track your results. Decrease calories and increase activity until your metabolism kicks into gear. Then slowly increase your calorie intake to match your goal weight. You can go online to get calculations for your goal weight based on height and age, or consult a personal trainer.

2) Have a Nutrient Plan: Increase your protein to help boost metabolism and keep your muscle mass. Keep up on water intake – 6-8 glasses per day, depending on your activity. Get good sources of protein, low fat milk, lean red meat, poultry, fish and egg whites. You may need to increase calcium and vitamin D for bone health. Also look at your daily fiber intake for intestinal health. Adjust your sodium intake. Consult a doctor if you are not sure. 3) Add Resistance Training: Go slow if you are new to weight training. This enables your body to increase strength in tendons and joints, as well as muscle, progressively to reduce the chance of injury. See your doctor if you have preexisting health conditions. Consult a personal trainer to help you get started and make sure you have proper form. Muscles burn more calories than fat even at rest, increasing metabolism. They also support your spine, and keep you strong for daily activities. Women typically lift too light of a weight, so make it challenging to get better results. Lifting weights also helps your bone density. Women who develop muscle easily should emphasize high intensity exercises. Women who develop muscle slowly should lift heavy more often. 4) Add Some Medium to High Intensity Work for Your Heart:
Do a 10-20 minute workout that alternates short intense bursts of activity with moderate exertion recovery periods. This helps to improve overall fitness, burns fat, and stimulates hormones for a stronger body. Cardiovascular work is an important part of a comprehensive program, as heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States. Choose something you like so you don’t put it off! Mix it up every now and then to keep it motivating. Take into account your physical condition; if you have joint problems or other issues, choose a low impact activity. Know your heart rate range: 220-age=X, and X multiplied by 70% (medium work), 80% (medium-hard), and 90% (hard).


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May 2011

by Jeff J. Cline, D.C., MUAC, QME

Healthy Living
One way to beat stress buildup is to keep the knees higher than the hip level when sitting at the wheel. Also, make sure that you do not have to reach forward to the wheel, making it a very uncomfortable distance. Men need to make sure they are not driving with a wallet in their back pocket. This is like having a wedge under the pelvis and it will cause a distortion in the spine that can have long-reaching effects. If you are experiencing low back pain while driving, try rolling up a small towel and place it behind the lumbar spine. This will help to keep the normal curve in the spine while sitting and reduce the stress on the spine. If the pain and discomfort continue, seek Chiropractic help to find the root of the problem before it gets worse.


riving is something California people seem to do the most of on a daily basis. Because we spend so much time sitting in our autos, we should look at ways to reduce the stress on the spine caused by sitting in car seats for long periods. Sitting is biomechanically the worst position for the back to be in, especially for any length of time. When we are sitting, the normal lordotic curve of the lumbar spine – the curve of the spine in the lower back areas – straightens out and we lose the shock absorption ability of the curve. This is why the back feels fatigued after sitting for awhile, because the stress just builds up and can’t disperse through the legs and body motion.

Jeff Cline is the Owner of Cline Chiropractic Care. He can be reached at (951) 279-2339.

May 2011

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May 2011

Allan Borgen’s

Restaurant Review Jimmy’s Diner Corona

Jimmy’s Diner Corona 160 E. Ontario Ave. / Corona, 92879 (951) 734-0800 Hours: Monday - Saturday 8am to 9pm Sunday 8am to 3pm Price Range: Breakfast $3.79 to $10.99 Lunch & Dinner $1.99 to $12.99 American Cuisine

Above: Jimmy’s Diner Corona is a throwback to the 50’s.

Above: Jimmy’s Diner Corona owners Joann and Jimmy with son George

Above: Rib Eye Steak & Shrimp Dinner, steak and shrimp with fries and onion rings

Jimmy’s Diner Corona is a delightful family restaurant that is reminiscent of a 50’s diner brought into 2011. There is a large hand painted mural that I swear looks like an actual photo of Elvis and his band as well as colorful hand painted pictures of Sandra Dee and Little Richard.Sitting in a comfortable booth while listening to 50’s rock ‘n’ roll music is the perfect setting for the entire family to enjoy some outstanding fast food favorites. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I thought that I would start out with two of their breakfast items, the Spinach & Feta Scrambler ($8.99) and the Pancake Breakfast Combo ($3.99). The four egg Scramble featured lots of fresh spinach and the unique and tasty Greek feta cheese mixed into the eggs was absolutely delicious. The dish came with crispy hash browns and your choice of toast, English muffin, biscuits & sausage gravy, fresh fruit, cottage cheese or sliced tomatoes. The biscuits and gravy were excellent, as were the potatoes. The next dish consisted of two large, thin, fluffy and vanilla tasting pancakes with choice of two eggs and two strips of crisp bacon or sausage. For $3.99, you can’t go wrong with this dish! Burgers are a specialty at Jimmy’s, so I just had to get the ABC Burger ($4.79), a 1/3 pound burger patty with lettuce, tomato, sliced onions, pickles and slices of avocado, American cheese and crispy bacon on a sesame bun with thousand island dressing. The burger was delicious and filling. No burger would be complete without a side, so I ordered the hand battered Onion Rings and Zucchini; both were $3.99. Both of these sides were excellent and fresh tasting. If you are really hungry or are going on a diet the next day, I would recommend the gigantic French Dip Sandwich, a huge amount of tasty sliced roast beef on a large French roll with a nice cup of au jus on the side to dip the delicious sandwich in. YUMMM!

For you salad lovers out there, the Greek Chicken Salad ($7.99)is a terrific choice. This ample salad featured a nice portion of marinated grilled chicken on top of a bed of Spring Mix greens, slices of red & green bell peppers, tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, feta cheese, pepperoncini peppers, kalamata olives, sliced red onions and your choice of dressing. I loved the fact that the salad was cold and had lots of textures and flavors. Speaking of chicken, their special Greek Lemon Chicken ($7.99) was sensational. This classic Greek dish consisted of a half chicken that was slowly baked with lemon, garlic and oregano, along with potato wedges. The juices of the delectable moist chicken absorbed in the potatoes were a truly wonderful treat. This dinner comes with a choice of soup or a salad and is available after3 p.m. daily. Another really great sandwich was the Reuben ($5.75), with grilled rye bread and Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and a pile – and I do mean large amount – of juicy pastrami. The pastrami was a nice change of pace, since most Reuben sandwiches are made with corned beef, which can be dry and not as flavorful as pastrami. I also liked that they were pretty generous with the sauerkraut, something I really enjoy. The final dish, and a real surprise, was the 10 oz. Rib Eye Steak and Shrimp Dinner ($12.99). Almost every time I have ordered a steak at a fast food restaurant, the steak was thin, tough and just plain awful, but not here! The medium cut steak was tender, juicy and nicely seasoned. The 5 large fried shrimp, fries and onion rings rounded out a most enjoyable meal. Owners Jimmy, his wife Joann and their son George Spiropoulos are gracious hosts who treat all their loyal customers as if they were family. It’s nice to see restaurants that believe in serving quality food at affordable prices.
Photos courtesy of Jimmy’s Diner

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Jimmy’s Diner Corona
Buy One Jimmys Original Hamburger, Get One Free.
160 E. Ontario Ave. • 951-734-0800

Visit for a video preview of some of the best restaurants in the Inland Valley. You can reach Allan at or call him at (909) 910-3463. Allan is the host of the Let’s Dine Out Food, Travel & Entertainment radio show that airs on News Talk 590, KTIE every Saturday afternoon from 3 pm to 5 pm.

May 2011

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New Chamber Members
Beauty Salon Brag-A-Bout Hair Salon 511 N. Main St. #106 Corona, CA 92880 Christina Braga Crafts/Gifts Pollywood Designs Corona, CA 92882 Tandra Johnson Divorce Services Fair Way Divorce Solutions 1250 Corona Pointe Ct. #302 Corona, CA 92879 Darin Johnston Dry Cleaners Klassy Dahl’s Dry Kleaning Temecula, CA 92592 Kelsie Woodard (951) 272-4247 1891 S. Coast Hwy. #A Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Lorenzo Machuca New York Life - Patel 3201 W. Temple Ave. #200 Pomona, CA 91768 Himat Patel (800) 557-5693 Motivational Trainer A Shot at Happiness Events P.O. Box 70550 Riverside, CA 92513 Frank Ortiz (714) 392-4248

(310) 951-4234

(909) 869-0127

Policy Now Insurance Services 1180 Olympic Dr. #111 Corona, CA 92882 Merilee Rubalcava (800) 822-7005 (951) 200-5920 Jewelry Silpada Designs Jewelry-Kristy McFadden Independent Representative Corona, CA 92882 Kristy McFadden (951) 427-5537 (951) 326-4600 Lighting Best Buy Lighting Corona, CA 92882 Santiago Vega Locksmith Birozy Locksmithing Corona, CA 92879 David Birozy

Newspaper The Press Enterprise Company 3450 14th St. Riverside, CA 92501 Aaron Kotarek (951) 368-9796 Restaurant Seven Seas Authentic Thai Cuisine 1525 E. Ontario Ave. #107 Corona, CA 92881 Patty Kanchana (951) 808-8811 School-Private Olive Branch Christian School 7702 El Cerrito Rd. Corona, CA 92881 Mandy Logan (951) 279-4477 Veterinarian Animal Hospital of Eagle Glen 2279 Eagle Glen Parkway #108 Corona, CA 92883 Dr. Mark Farrar D.V.M. (951) 340-9200

Engineering- Civil Bureau Veritas North America, Inc. 1181 California Ave. #202 Corona, CA 92881 Stacy Newbold (951) 493-1060 Event Planning Becker Style by Cynthia Becker Riverside, CA 92506 Cynthia Becker (951) 522-5206 Government Committee To Elect Kevin Button to Corona City Council 2012 Corona, CA 92879 Kevin Button (951) 345-0047 Health Carlos R. Erazo Mira Loma, CA 91752 Carlos R. Erazo

(714) 448-7667

(714) 686-1461

(909) 268-5691

Health Care Affordable Health Care Solutions P.O. Box 77953 Corona, CA 92877 Joel Sabas (951) 279-3103 Insurance David M. Gaon 3640 Blue Gum Dr. Yorba Linda, CA 92886 David M. Gaon

(951) 289-0358


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May 2011

Anniversary Recognition
53-YEAR MEMBER Corona Industrial Park 48-YEAR MEMBER Modernair 27-YEAR MEMBER Advantage Mailing Service 21-YEAR MEMBER Coyote Vintage Aviation 20-YEAR MEMBER Your Family Optometrists 16-YEAR MEMBER Kerr & Company, Inc. 11-15 YEAR MEMBER As You Like It Event Design & Catering 6-10 YEAR MEMBERS Aflac – Milner Buhler Associates Patents City of Norco Corona-Norco Rescue Mission Flanigan Farms Food For Life Baking Co., Inc. James D. Rosenlieb Architects Tom German Electric, Inc. 1-5 YEAR MEMBERS Brookwood Villas Apartments C N L Equipment, Inc. Corporate Attire & More HRM Facilities Services, Inc. ITT Technical Institute Kabob Hutt Kathy Tank Independent ConsultantTastefully Simple M D Installations, Int’l, Inc. Maria’s Personal Fitness Servpro of Buena Park/Corona T M I Products Temescal Palms Lodge #314 The Michael Jents Group, LLC The New Directions Group, Inc. University of Phoenix VIP, Inc.

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May 2011

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Calendar of Events
May 2, June 6 12PM-1PM COMMUNITY SERVICES NETWORK MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 9AM-11AM BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP Location: CRMC Hospice Auxiliary Contact: Cost: Free May 3 5PM-6:30PM GRAND OPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: MARK COWPER LAWN & LANDSCAPE Location: Graebel Van Lines, 2095 California Ave. Contact: Mark Cowper (951) 808-7676 Cost: Free May 4, 11 8:30AM-9:30AM MEMBERSHIP/RETENTION MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 May 4, 11 9:30AM June 1, 8 -10:30AM PUBLICATION COMMITTEE MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350

Events listed are open to the public. Call contact person before the event to verify time and place. Some events are free, while others are not. For a complete listing of community events, call the Chamber at (951) 737-3350, or go to for the latest updates.

May 5, June 2 7AM-8AM FINANCE/EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 May 5, 12, 19, 26 9AM-12PM June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 S.C.O.R.E. BUSINESS COUNSELING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 for appointment Cost: Free May 5, 12, 19, 26 11:30AM-1PM CHAMBER NETWORKING $OLUTIONS Location: Kabob Hutt, 165 Washburn Cir. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: $15 with RSVP; $20 at door May 5 5PM-7PM MEGA MIXER Location: Alvarez Lincoln / Mercury / Jaguar 8051 Auto Dr., Riverside Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: Free to attend

May 6, June 3 8AM-9AM LEGISLATIVE ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth Street Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 May 6 – 8 BEST OF AMERICA BY HORSEBACK GRAND TOUR 2011 Contact: City of Norco (951) 270-5632 for details May 6 3PM-7PM MOTHER’S DAY AT TASTEFUL CAKES Location: Tasteful Cakes, 265 E. Ontario Ave. Contact: Tandra Johnson (951) 280-9986 May 7 12PM-4PM FASHION SHOW & LUNCHEON Location: Woman's Improvement Club of Corona, 1101 S. Main St. Contact: Janice Walker (951) 277-1996 or Clodette Winters (951) 277-0475 Cost: $30 May 9, June 13 7AM-8AM LEADERSHIP CORONA COMMITTEE MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 (continued on next page)

May 2011

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Calendar of Events (continued)
May 9, June 13 12PM-1PM AMBASSADORS MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 May 10, June 14 12PM-1PM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 May 10 5PM-6PM GRAND OPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: SILPADA JEWELRY Location: Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen, 980 Montecito Dr. Contact: Kristy McFadden (951) 427-5537 Cost: FREE May 11 11:30AM-1PM BUSINESS SUCCESS SERIES: RETIREMENT PLANNING FOR BUSINESS OWNERS Speaker: Jerry Rubin, MetLife Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: Free May 12, June 9 9:30AM-10:30AM MARKETING/WEB COMMITTEE MEETING Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 May 12 10AM-11AM GRAND OPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: CORONA PUBLIC LIBRARY’S LEGACY PATH Location: 650 S. Main St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: Free Saturday, May 22 8AM-3PM JUNIOR OLYMPICS Location: Roosevelt High School, 7447 Cleveland Ave. May 12 5PM-6PM GRAND OPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: ANIMAL HOSPITAL OF EAGLE GLEN Location: 2279 Eagle Glen Pkwy., Ste. 108 Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: Free May 12 5PM-8PM SPRING INTO AWARENESS: THE POWER OF PREVENTION Location: Nellie Weaver Hall, 3737 Crestview Ave., Norco Contact: Carol Coyne (951) 736-5106 Cost: Free May 13 8PM-10PM BOB JAMES W/CORONA SYMPHONY POPS Location: Fox Performing Arts Center, 3801 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside Contact: Cost: $15-$65 May 14 8AM-1PM BLOOD DRIVE Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1123 S. Lincoln Ave. Contact: Darrell and Lou Ann McPhie (951) 735-3985 Cost: Free May 14 10AM-6PM GRAND OPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: UFC GYM Location: UFC Gym, 470 N. McKinley St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: FREE


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May 2011

May 14 5PM-10PM CORONA ROTARY LOBSTERFEST Location: Fender Museum, 365 N. Main St. Contact: Glen Fletcher at Cost: $75; email for Big Tail table and sponsorships May 17 5PM-6PM GRAND OPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: ALL WELLNESS NOW Location: 720 Magnolia Ave., Ste. B3 Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: Free May 19 5PM-6PM GRAND OPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: CORONA PHYSICAL MEDICINE Location: 1150 El Camino, Ste. 108 Contact: Dr. Brunelle (951) 735-3531 Cost: Free May 20 10TH ANNUAL ST. EDWARD SCHOOL GOLF CLASSIC Location: Eagle Glen Golf Club, 1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy. Contact: May 21 8AM-5PM 38TH ANNUAL CHILDREN’S CONFERENCE Location: California Baptist University, 8432 Magnolia Ave., Riverside Contact: Rian Raya-Marquez (951) 369-8036

May 25 8AM-11AM BUSINESS SUCCESS SERIES: LABOR LAW UPDATES Speaker: Geoffrey Hopper, Esq. Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: $35 members / $65 non-members Save $5 with Chamber Discount Card! May 26 6:30AM-8:30AM GOOD MORNING CORONA VALLEY SALUTE TO THE MILITARY Sponsor: Peppermint Ridge Location: Eagle Glen Golf Club, 1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: $15 members paid 1 week prior $20 members at the door / $30 non-members May 31 4:30PM-6PM NEW MEMBER RECEPTION Location: Greater Corona Valley Chamber, 904 E. Sixth St. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: Free June 9 5PM-6PM GRAND REOPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: INSTANT IMPRINTS Location: 218 N. Lincoln Ave., Ste. 106 Contact: Kim Morettini (951) 738-0664 Cost: Free

June 16 GRAND OPENING / RIBBON CUTTING: HOPE RECOVERY CENTER, INC. Location: 9036 Pulsar Ct., Ste. H Contact: Nicole Willin (951) 261-0001 Cost: Free

5:30PM -8:30PM

June 30 6:30AM GOOD MORNING CORONA VALLEY Sponsor: Eagle Glen Golf Club Location: Eagle Glen Golf Club, 1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: $15 members paid 1 week prior $20 members at the door / $30 non-members July 22 6PM THE RACE TO MONTE CARLO Location: Eagle Glen Golf Club, 1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350 Cost: $95 pp / $160 couple – before July 1st $125 pp / $220 couple – July 1st Save $5 per ticket with Chamber Discount Card! November 7 GREATER CORONA VALLEY GOLF CLASSIC Location: Eagle Glen Golf Club, 1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy. Contact: Greater Corona Valley Chamber (951) 737-3350

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May 2011

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Corona Valley

Woman of Distinction

Arloene Watts
by Karen Spiegel

When we look back in recent history, there have been a few local women whose lives were not only marked by their own successes and failures, but also by their service and dedication to ensure that others had those same opportunities for success. They were women who didn’t allow social norms to dictate their opinions or actions. They paved a path for us. Arloene Watts is that type of person! Mrs. Watts was born Arloene Boerner in Carson, Oregon and was raised on a farm in Minnesota. She moved to California in 1941 to attend Sierra College in Auburn. She and her husband Ed (shown below) were married in 1943. The family moved to Corona in 1957, where she started her work in service organizations and community groups with the Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts of America and parent teacher groups. At a time when less than four percent of all American businesses were owned by women, Arloene Watts started her own employment agency in Corona in 1963 with just very good secretarial training and experience – having once worked for Personal Finance in Los Angeles. She enjoyed helping others with their careers and teaching them to balance their lives. She balanced her family, a business, church activities and a very active community life. Arloene paved a path for women in Corona as the first woman to serve as Corona Planning Commissioner (19661972) and then served on the Temescal Valley/El Cerrito Community Plan Advisory Committee under an appointment by Supervisor Walt Abraham, First District. She saw a need to help others in the business world and became active with this Chamber, becoming the first woman President (now known as Chairman of the Board) in 1974. During her tenure, the organization instituted awards as incentives for new businesses and ones that remodel. Her list of affiliations include serving on several boards and organizations, such as: Circle City Hospital, YMCA and Corona-Norco United Way. She also

Best summed up at the presentation of the Women of Distinction Award, Arloene was recognized for her outstanding achievements in helping to advance the status of women in Corona in the area of organizational leadership through her talents for leadership, her vision, patience, persistence and influence in the lives of many women and organizations in Corona. After four decades of community service, Arloene has an impressive list of awards and accomplishments which include Award of Merit – Chamber of Commerce (1975); Corona Citizen of the Year (1976); Distinguished Citizen of the Year – Corona Jaycees (1984); Outstanding Citizen – Riverside County Board of Supervisors (1986); Distinguished Citizen of the Year – Boy Scouts (1986); and Woman of the Year (1988)- 73rd Assembly District, by Assemblyman Dave Kelly; and the YMCA Ira D. Calvert Distinguished Service Award (1997). After she sold the employment agency in 1990, she wrote a Worker’s Comp manual, teaching businesses how to control worker’s comp costs and how to get better health coverage for their employees. Arloene remains a member of the Women’s Improvement Club and a life member of Soroptimist International of Corona. Though Arloene's activities have slowed, her many footprints throughout Corona and our region will last for years to come!

Above: Arloene receives the Woman of the Year honor from Assemblyman Dave Kelly in 1988.


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May 2011

Photos courtesy of the Watts family

Women have always been a part of the business world, just not given main roles for far too many years. During the 1960s and 1970s, women were virtually absent in the business world. Even at this point in time, wifehood and motherhood were still regarded as women’s most significant professions.

held positions as President of Soroptimist International of Corona, the Woman’s Improvement Club, Executive Director of Corona-Norco United Way, and served with the CoronaNorco Unified School District’s Partner in Education Program and the Inland Empire Better Business Bureau.



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