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Metaphysics and Quantum Physics

A Tract Book


Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Quantum Physics is most clearly associated with the philosopher

scientist Heisenberg. Metaphysics is credited as starting with the philosopher-

scientist Aristotle. Do Quantum Physics and Metaphysics have anything in

common? They do. The metaphysical quiddity of Form.

Both Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas spoke of material form. The idea

was that materiality was “formed” by the metaphysical quiddity of material form in

conjunction with material cause. Many consider metaphysics to be outdated, but I

don’t think so. The same type of arguments used by Aristotle and Aquinas can

also be used in Quantum Physics.

The building block of the universe is not the atom, it is the subatomic

quanta particle. The quanta particle is a chameleon. The quanta can change

valence and function so as to form what appear to be other subatomic particles

such as the electron, positron, and quark. At a deeper level every quanta

participates in the “quanta field” or “quantum field” which is non-spacial. What is

interesting is that what causes a quanta to “mask” as another subatomic particle is

the metaphysical quiddity of form. Quantum Form is what makes a quanta

particle into an electron particle. This approach is consistent with Aristotle,

Aquinas, and Heisenberg.


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