Benetton Group Levis Strauss & Co.

(Brand Architecture & Brand Structure)

By: Sonal Marwah MFM

Individual product brand . one another. It is the way in which the brands within a company¶s portfolio are related to.Examples include Virgin Group and Heinz. Procter & Gamble¶s Pampers or Unilever's Dove. and differentiated from. Sony PlayStation or Polo by Ralph Lauren. partners. or Virgin Trains. and this name is how they are known to all their stakeholders ± consumers. y y . Other stakeholders. and family brand . Types of brand architecture There are three key levels of branding: y Corporate brand. These brands include a parent brand . and the parent company name is given little or no prominence. Cadbury Dairy Milk. suppliers and other parties. or a family brand . how the corporate brand and sub -brands relate to and support each other. The architecture should define the different leagues of branding within the organization. Nestle KitKat. an umbrella an endorsement to a sub-brand or an individual. These brands ma y also be used in conjunction with product descriptions or sub-brands: for example Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup. These are consumer-facing brands used across all the firm's activities. like shareholders or partners. will know the producer by its company name. The individual brands are presented to consumers. shareholders. and sub-brands .For example. Endorsed brands. employees. The endorsement should add credibility to the endorsed sub -brand in the eyes of consumers.What is Brand Architecture? Brand architecture is the structure of brands within an organizational entity. and how the sub -brands reflect or reinforce the core purpose of the corporate brand to which they belong. product brand.which may be a corporate brand.For example. umbrella brand.

kids wear and underwear and they have expanded into toiletries. The latter originated when photographer Oliviero Toscani was given carte blanche by the Benetton management. Italy. and items for the home such as kitchen accessories and baby products.000 contemporary stores around the world. there are also a fashion -oriented "Sisley" division. The Group produces over 150 million garments every year and has a network of around 6. "Playlife" leisurewear. The name comes from the Benetton family who founded the company in 1965.BENETTON GROUP About Benetton: Benetton Group is a global luxury fashion brand. Under Toscani's direction.000 stores in 120 countries. based in Treviso. Their Business: The company's core business remains their clothing lines. . Marketing: The company is known for sponsorship of a number of sports. men¶s wear. and for the provocative and original "United Colors" publicity campaign. perfumes. Casual clothing is marketed as the "United Colors of Benetton". Their products include women¶s wear. Benetton Group is listed in Milan (BIT: BEN) and has a network of around 6. ads were created that contained striking images unrelated to any actual products being sold by the com pany.

Benetton¶s Brand Architecture: Undercolors of Benetton Benetton Adult Benetton Kid Benetton Lifestyle Benetton Group United Colors of Benetton Sisley Playlife About these brands: Undercolors of Benetton This collection is for both men and women. It has y y Lingerie Beach Wear For each season they come up with a new collection ba sed on a new theme. .

fabrics and new shapes. The brand has created the very fashionable Sisley Young line for chi ldren from 8 to years old.Uni Colo o netton plete range f product under the rand The hart el l explai the nited olors of Benetton. Its creati e artists and independent sales teams concentrate their efforts on its image and on strong -impact advertising campaigns. ¨ © 0-1 ys F expec g m es  ! '& %   "©        B by T es mm e mes Eye e    ¨ !      ¨©© ¨ ¨  ¨©© ¨ Be e W me Be e e Be e ccess s s& T ee s   ¢¡¡   T ve B gs ¦ § $#   ¢¡¡   ¤   ¢¡¡   ¨ ¨©© ¨ §¦¥ ¤£ . with special attention gi en to the choice of design. UCB Be e Be e Be e es y e e 1-5 6-12 Si ley This is the roup's ost fashion forward rand. Sisley presents elegant and seducti e collections.

With its clean and elegant collections Playlife blends an exclusive exploration of styles and allusions and a strong sense of individuality.Playlife Playlife is the Benetton leisurewear brand that redefines a style. The bra nd¶s new store concept reflects the same values. Branding strategy of the Benetton Group ‡ The Benetton Group followed the Product Brand Strategy in case of Sisley and Playlife. Brands like Sisley and Playlife have their own unique identity and have their unique positioning in the market. Where as for United Colors of Benetton and Undercolors of Benetton it has used the umbrella branding strategy. ‡ ‡ . highlighting their emotional content .

On May 20. started making men's work pants with metal points of strain for greater strength. About the company: Levi Strauss & Co. his mother and two sisters sailed for the United States to join his brothers Jonas and Louis. New Hampshire. the year in which they created the world¶s first blue jeans. In the second half of the twentieth century. 1 73. from whom he purchased some of his fabric. Throughout their long history they¶ve inspired change in the marketplace. Strauss. in the Franconian region of Bavaria. Origin: Levi Strauss was born in Buttenheim. The Levis Jeans: In late 1 72 Jacob Davis. . Strauss Brother & Co. Levi's jeans became a symbol of youth culture. a Reno. At the age of 1 .Levis Strauss & Co. Levi Strauss & Co. who had begun a wholesale dry goods business in New York City called J. He wanted to patent the process but needed a business helper. Nevada tailor. began manufacturing the famous Levi's brand of jeans using fabric from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company in Manchester. They were famously photographed being worn by many of the young people who helped to dismantle the first bricks when the Berlin Wall was brought down in 19 9. so he turned to Levi Strauss. to Hirsch Strauss and his wife Rebecca (Haass) Strauss. Germany. being worn by revolutionaries and rock stars. Was founded by Levi Strauss in 1 73. the workplace and the world. Strauss and D avis received United States patent for using copper rivets to strengthen the pockets of denim work pants.

: Levi s Dockers Levis Strauss & Co. Levi s Strauss Si nature Denizen .Brand Architecture of Levis Strauss & Co.

allowing individuals around the world to express the ir personal style.s er skinny Jeans ith ne styles of ttonin 01-Shrink to fit ) ( o en . Levi¶s jeans have become the most recognizable and imitated clothing in the world ± capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations. Their range of leading jeans wear and accessories are available in more than 110 countries. Since its introduction in 19 6.About the Brands: Levi¶s The Levi¶s brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. the Dockers brand has been perfecting khakis ² and the essential goods to go with them ² for men and women all over the world. the Levi¶s brand portfolio continue s to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry. Today. Since their invention by Levi Strauss in 1 73. No 6 3 54 3 ) Cas al clothin ran e Skinny jeans ran e 10. Levi s 2 Levi s Stra ss Levi s C rve ID Levi s Un ttone o en 1 0 Men o en eens Men Dockers The Dockers Brand has defined authentic khaki for more than 20 years.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co apparel is the ideal fit for families who know the value of quality craftsmanship and quintessential style ² the very things that have made Levi Strauss & Co. They have taken the category we o wned and reinvented it for today. Bold colors. 137 years after outfitting the American West with jeans that became the uniform of the pioneering spirit. admired brand and made it stronger.compromises in quality. brand. just being. as a global jeans brand for a new generation.´ And a debate about the modern definition of masculinity that is helping to reignite the khaki category. . shirts. ³Superior Fit. Denizen means ³inhabitant´: living in a place. fashionable jeans at affordable prices to value conscious consumers at stores like Walmart. Denim is in the name. And denizen has another great meaning too: the idea of someone who frequents a particular place. engaged life. Dockers has embarked on a journey to reinvigorate the khaki category. with premium fabrics and finishes. Target and Kmart. supplying jeans and other essentials for an on -the-go. Levi¶s Signature The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Denizen Denizen was created by Levi Strauss & Co. can be available to people from every walk of life. demonstrates that distinctive products. Levi Strauss & Co. brands world famous for generations.´ More styles. the heart of the brand. ³New fits. women and children. living on earth. launched in 2003. the idea of belonging to a community of friends and family. Just versatile and essential style. With denim and casual wear for men. with a new and improved Signature Khaki line and Soft Khakis collection in stores across the United States. women and children. skirts and jackets for men. as well as a global marketing campaign. Comfort and Style´ are the words emblazoned on the patch of every pair of our Signature jeans.¶s iconic jeans -making heritage to make quality jeans that are fit for everybody. is outfitting the new global citizen for a bright future. The brand offers high -quality. They have taken an enduring. The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co brand includes a collection of denim and non denim pants. Khaki is back. ³Wear the Pants. Denizen takes this generation¶s motivated and forward -thinking mentality and combines it with Levi Strauss & Co.

Brand Strategy of Levis Strauss & Co. For some of it¶s brands it has Line Brand Strategy. e.g. . ± Here both the brands use the name name of the company Levi¶s Strauss.: ‡ ‡ ‡ It has a mixed branding strategy.Denizen. Dockers ± Here they have assigned différent name to an entire range. ± And both the brands offer the same range of products but for different customer segments. . While for Levi¶s and Levi¶s Signature it used the Range brand strategy.

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