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Sri Mataji's Late Father and Great Realised Soul . My Dearest Sahaja Yogis, I have copied and pasted below a proposal by a Sahaja Yogi whom I Love and Respect and think it points towards a Honourable solution to our present predicaments left for us to sho w how we fare by our Holiest of Mothers. It's up to the Collective now to take hold of the reins of Sahaja Yoga and to direct those at the helm of co -ordinating our affairs to execute and behave themselves from becoming petty little tyrants that instead f eed off of the Collective Body to satiate their Egos or unfulfilled material desires. Personally I propose that we circulate the outline of our Collective Desire either in the form given below or some other modified eventual draft that would get Full Collective support. ONLY the Collective can decide ...either by it's apathy thereby giving full reign to those taking centre stage OR have the courage and responsibility towards our Holy Mother to participate in the process of moving forward. Your Good Brother

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Being the exalted form of Shri Ganesha and given the status of being the deity for both Prathisthan and Cabella, and in Our Holy Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi We, Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, request:


-All contents, buildings and lands associated with it

-As Shri Mataji¶s Earthly Form¶s final resting place and place of pilgrimage


- All contents, buildings and lands associated with it - As a shrine to Shri Mataji and place of pilgrimage

To be given for Shri Mataji and the future generations of the Human Race: These properties to never be owned by any individual but by a Trust especially developed for the soul purpose of maintaining it as places of pilgrimage; Places that will stand as testimony to the greatest incarnation to have blessed our planet the place of pilgrimage to God, The Mother. Shri Mataji¶s Earthly Form to be taken to Prathisthan as its final resting place.



In respect and with humble gratitude to Sir C.P.Srivastava and his Family who hosted our most Holy Mother we propose to offer -

- To Sir CP, the property at Genoa, all contents, buildings and lands associated with it ± as a token of our respect for services given to the world as Chairman of the Maritime organization, etc. It could be turned into a museum, at the appropriate time, as a testimony to Sir CP¶s Great Achievements and status in the services rendered to India and the world.


Nirmal Dharm

- To the Daughters of Shri Mataji and their families, we offer Nirmal Dharm and all its contents, lands and buildings - as a token of respect for them as Her earthly family. All Sahaja materials housed/stored at Nirmal Dharm be removed to other premises, as obtained by Sahaja Yoga for the purpose of it being a global Sahaja Ashram.

In All Humility and on Behalf of the Collective Body now representing Our Holy Mother Here on Earth *******************

Subject: from**********- Greece To: Date: Tuesday, 26 April, 2011, 16:47

Dear yogis, Here are 2 excerpts of Shri Mataji's talks in 1982 & 1983 subtly warning yogis

about Her husband & daughters that they should not be part of Sahaja Yoga. She also mentioned in one talk that Her 2 daughters are not realised souls. She warned the yogis not the family, because the yogis are the one who ended up revering & put them on a pedestal which the earthly family took advantage of and soon they took over the helm and ruled Sahaja Yoga destroyed all the beautiful creations of Shri Mataji. They all, including Anand & Sonu, have become corrupted in mind, in greed & in powers. We know more of their goings on & their doings in the past 8 years than they think, as we've said all along, there are no secrets in Sahaja Yoga, everything is exposed & recorded. MAHASHIVARATRI PUJA, DELHI, 11.02.1983 "I gave realisation to all of them (Her family), everything is there, they are not Sahaja yogis and part of this, otherwise they'll be in charge of money you see. What money you get, now come along this is the money we have - all problems. With all this relations around, you don't know! Somebody will go and says Shri Mataji said so. Oh, that's the daughter of Mataji has said so. I don't want all these pressures on my head. That's the best way, I wish our politicians understand that. Never have your relations around. That is the best to administer. If you have your relations around, then you will never do the right things. Even, if you do right things your relations will spoil it. So all those who are Sahaja yogis must know we should not try to help your relations in a way that they take advantage of Sahaja Yoga. Like if you're a Sahaja Yogi , when you bring your mother in and sit in front of Me. First correct her vibration, put her right and then bring her. Correct my father, correct my mother is not Mother's responsibilities, it's your own. When the're alright then as you you bring flowers to Me,bring your relations as a very good present from your family. That is a much better thing than to be like this that I've to clear if one is a Sahaja yogi." "So we should detach from these family ties an d these emotional imbalances we have, emotional problems we by understanding that the only thing these people should have is Sahaja Yoga. And some people should not be in Sahaja Yoga like as I said my own husband, my own daughters and my relations. I keep them out. All such people if there are any, they should not have them anywhere near should be more discreet to find out. Although, all of these of my relations are very dharmic people, extremely dharmic and very good, very self -respecting. All qualities they've got, everything ready made, but they're not in Sahaja Yoga. So none of you can say somebody said so and someone said so, it has to be Mother has to say it.

SHRI MATAJI'S TALK, READING, UK 22.06.1982 It's simple, but the true guru will not be worry about your purse, how much money you have got and he will give your own powers. He will not try to show off his own powers, I'm this I'm that, unless and until the kundalini is risen and you got realisation. Nobody will give a false certificate if the kundalini is awaken. It has to be manifested, it is all falsehood a to z. Supposing, for example, somebody kundalini doesn't rise, alright it doesn't rise, my own daughters are not realised souls, what can I do about it. My own daughters are not realised souls but my grandchildren are. So what can I do? I cannot force on them. If it is not it is not. You cannot give false certificate it has to happen.

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