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1. Diplomacy is the ability to listen, speak, and act in a a. True b. False

manner appropriate to the situation.
2. The brain of the computer is called the disk drive. a. True b. False
3. Ergonomics means laws of work. a. True b. False
4. Credit cards have replaced cash and checks in many a. True b. False
aspects of business life because of their convenience and
often high credit lines.
5. A two-page letter does not need a heading on the a. True b. False
second page.
6. White-collar workers are those working in a. True b. False
professional, administrative, managerial, clerical and sales
7. Microfilming reduces the copy to a miniature size. a. True b. False
8. A business that has the right to use the name and sell a. True b. False
the products of another in a certain area is called a
nonprofit organization.
9. Setting goals is one of the most important steps in a a. True b. False
career search.
10. Social changes do not influence the job market. a. True b. False
11. The Zone Improvement Program code is a seven-digit a. True b. False
number that identifies each postal delivery area in the
United States.
12. A canceled check is a check that has been paid by the a. True b. False
bank and charged against the creditor's account.
13. Photocopying and quoting from published materials a. True b. False
require permission for extensive use of another person's
14. When creating a backup diskette, the disk to receive a. True b. False
the copy is the source disk.
15. A database may contain more than one table. a. True b. False
16. An application of artificial intelligence is in robotics. a. True b. False
17. Jobs in the semiskilled clusters require more skills a. True b. False
than those in the skilled areas.
18. Right to work laws are federal laws that make a. True b. False
compulsory union membership and the union shop illegal.
19. Brainstorming is an organized method for developing a. True b. False
alternatives when a group makes a complaint.
20. If there are no subdirectories on a diskette, the root a. True b. False
directory is not current.
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21. What is the function of a pending file? a. Contains b. Supports the c. A reading file d. A long-range e. Indexing
timetables and monthly and daily where the most planning card file information in a
details of major calendars by recent documents file
events identifying major are placed at the
tasks to be front of the folder
completed by
specific dates
22. Managers in an office environment generally have a. Planning b. Organizing c. Secret keeping d. a and b e. a and c
four responsibilities. They are:
23. State the value of N in the following equation: 13+14 a. 42 b. 36 c. 25 d. 30 e. 27
24. Four basic reactions to change are: a. Acceptance b. Opposition c. Rejection d. a, b, and c e. Consequence
25. When both sides in an argument change their position a. A conflict b. A compromise c. An uncertainty d. A code of conduct e. Distancing
to reach an agreement, this is called:
26. Telegraph message may be sent by: a. Full-rate telegram b. Overnight c. International letter d. Mailgram e. Cablegram
27. You believe your desired life-style will require a a. $34,800 b. $38,480 c. $48,400 d. $45,080 e. $48,000
high-paying job. You have heard that auto mechanics
make $24 an hour. How much is that per year if you work
40 hours a week for 50 weeks?
28. Mary Lynn Doles works for a public relations firm. It a. 375 letters b. 1,125 letters c. 750 letters d. 1,025 letters e. 575 letters
is her responsibility to send out 75 letters every day for the
next three weeks. If she works five days a week, how
many letters will she have to send out at the end of the
three weeks?
29. Bill Davis becomes ill with a terrible disease which a. Old-age insurance b. Survivor's c. Disability d. Health insurance e. Workers
leaves him unable to work for several months. Which type insurance insurance (Medicare) compensation
of coverage afforded by Social Security Act would provide
assistance to him:
30. Legal tender means: a. Legal and official b. Interest rates c. A gift in a will d. Money e. A request for
proof above those allowed payment
by law
31. To find information about the types of opportunities a. Occupational b. Bureau of Census c. Dictionary of d. Standard e. a, b, and c
available for your future in a given occupation, which of Outlook Handbook Occupational Titles Industrial
the following sources would you consult: Classification
32. The following paragraph consists of how many spelling errors?
The mastery of spelling is an on-going study. To streghten your spelling skills, keep a record of all words you have to look up in the dictionary. Write each of these on a 3x5
and ad the following information:
1). The whole word and derivitives
2). The definition and useage
3). The syllable that will be accepted
Then file the card behind the apropriate letter in the box with alfabetic guides. A box of of this kind can be perchased inexpensvly in a stationery store or department store
32. How many errors? a. Five errors b. Seven errors c. Ten errors d. Three errors e. Nine errors
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33. Location, noise level, lighting and furniture are all a. Career ladder of a b. Work c. Life-style of a job d. a and c e. Manager's
part of a: job environment of a responsibility of
job job duties
34. Which of the following process(es) is utilized in the a. New options b. Defining the c. Identify and rank d. b and c e. a and b
decision-making process? problem the goals
35. Which of the following trait(s) would a manager a. To be productive b. To show initiative c. To produce high- d. To adapt to new e. a through d
expect of workers? quality work situations
36. Which of the following is an example and/or a. Letting the other b. Understanding the c. Giving feedback d. Selective listening e. a and d
examples of good listening skills? person talk other person's
37. An important aspect of the budget process is: a. Saving money b. Preparing a c. Time factor d. Reduce spending e. Fixed payments
budget by
estimating income
and expenses
38. Which of the following represents a type of computer a. Microcomputers b. Desktop c. Mainframes d. Laptops e. a and c
39. The federal government agency that has the primary a. Better Business b. National c. Federal Trade d. Bureau of e. Chamber of
responsibility for regulating advertisements is: Bureau Advertising Review Commission Standards Commerce
40. How many errors are in the following sentences? a. Two errors b. Six errors c. Five Errors d. Four errors e. No errors
A multi-button telephone is a commonly used
communication instrument in today's offices.
Understanding the use of the multibutton telephone is part
of a secretaries duty. Each button on the telephone is a
single extention line accept one which is the "hold" button.
On an incoming call, you press the button first, pick up the
reciever and greet the caller.
41. The computer has five basic pieces of hardware. a. Disk drive b. Monitor c. Processing unit d. Component e. External drive
Which of the following are applicable?
42. Freddy, who is 16, made a deposit of $250 on a used a. Agreement b. Consideration c. Competent d. Legal purpose e. Form
car. A week later he changed his mind, but the dealer parties
refused to return his deposit. In this situation what element
of a contract is missing?
43. If weekly sales receipts for the Turner Gas Station are a. $4,921.45 b. $1,290.85 c. $1,147.60 d. $2,750.45 e. $2,909.62
$1,875.37, $3,168.19, and $2,046.82, what income is
needed in the fourth week to meet a four-week goal of
44. What is Sally Jo paid on a clerical job if she works 28 a. $326.41 b. 1,286.88 c. 1,147.60 d. 565.85 e. $656.78
3/4 hours per week for six weeks at an hourly rate of $7.46
an hour?
45. A VCR that sells for $565 is reduced in cost by 20 a. $372 b. $650 c. $452 d. $542 e. $524
percent. What is the new selling price?
46. If a sales tax on a purchase is 6 1/2 percent, what tax a. $9.45 b. $7.75 c. $8.74 d. $8.05 e. $8.45
would you pay on a camera costing $129.95?
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47. On June 1, your checkbook balance was $ 156.89. a. $450.07 b. $320.07 c. $350.07 d. $420.07 e. $540.07
During the month you made a deposit of $215 and you
wrote a check for $51.82. What was your ending balance
on June 30?
48. A: after a command is a: a. Format b. Parameter c. Prompt d. Function e. Find command
49. A five-step procedure for filing includes: a. Inspecting b. Indexing c. Coding d. Sorting e. a through d
50. If a business had $15,500 in revenues and a net profit a. 87% b. 57% c. 78% d. 97% e. 75%
of $13,500, its profit ratio would be:
51. Telecommunication is defined as: a. Use of automated b. Use of telephone c. Use of computer d. Use of e. Use of printing
equipment with systems only equipment only photocopier equipment only
telephone systems equipment only
and communication
52. Jill Mackensey has been given the task by her a. Determine the b. Merging text c. The need for d. The product can e. The menu has a
supervisor to decide whether or not to utilize desktop memory graphics do only those Help command
publishing software rather than integrated software. What requirements of the operations necessary
issue should she consider in deciding which software to software package to do the task
53. The following paragraph consists of how many errors a. Two errors b. Five errors c. Four errors d. Eight errors e. Six errors
in capitalization: The statute of liberty was designed as a
gift to America. The people of france contributed $300,000
toward the cost of the statute to memorialize the alliance of
france and the United States during the american
54. What is the purpose of word wrap? a. To start a new b. To end a line at a c. Words are d. To key in words e. Data in the
paragraph specific place wrapped around status bar changes
the next line when to show your
they will not fit on current position
the current line on the line
55. What is the purpose of the recycle bin? a. Shows the files b. Leaves the dialog c. Gets rid of files d. Renames and e. Closes all files
and folders located box open for the and folders you no copies files
in the folder next activity longer need
56. Which of the following statements describes E-mail? a. Lists upcoming b. Message sent to a c. Networked d. Wireless e. Accessing
events such as person and/or a computers telecommunication different locations
athletic competitions small group communicating with technology and seeing what is
and alumni reunions through an each other using a combined with there
information service transmission portable computers
or bulletin board medium
57. The area of computing employs the largest number of a. People b. Manipulation c. Systems d. Programming e. Software
people in data processing. Which of the following does languages
data processing involve?
58. Your friend's Internet address at work is a. Private business b. Local school c. Commercial bank d. Government e. Telephone What type of employer does she system company
work for?
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59. What is the purpose of a chronological file? a. To locate the b. Identify business c. A file maintained d. A file maintained e. A file
names of customers papers by numbers in the order of time by the name of the maintained that is
and prospective rather than names according to the firms arranged in
customers in the year, month and alphabetic subject
parts of the county day file order
in which they are
60. Parallel construction requires balancing of the a. Dr. Pardon b. We waited in the c. Sally's grades are d. Stephen is more e. Karen Roberts
grammatical structure. Which of the following sentences attended a meeting rain, and I finally see better than Russell's interested in archery plays her guitar
lacks parallelism? in the morning, the President. grades. than his friends are. and sings.
performed surgery
at noon, and
enjoyed the ballet
in the evening.
61. You are in charge of a product promotion for the a. The company b. The company c. The company d. The company e. The company
American Great Cereal Company. Coupons were placed publicly cannot afford to offers alternative claims bankruptcy says it is going to
inside boxes of several varieties of American Great Cereal acknowledges its honor the 50 prizes to all the have a lawsuit
Grits. Purchasers were asked to match the numbers on mistake and winning tickets and winners in addition against the
their coupons with winning numbers printed in their local invalidates the says they will give to giving $500 cash, printing company;
Sunday paper. The grand prize was a one-week expense contest results free boxes of grits to and also decides to therefore, each
paid vacation in Hawaii. There was supposed to be a single each winner select one winner winner must wait
winner. Because of a printing error on the coupons, there for the one week until the lawsuit is
were 50 winners. What would be the best solution in vacation via a settled
resolving this situation? random drawing.
62. A microcomputer contains four types of components. a. Input devices b. CPU c. UNTVAC d. a and b e. UNIX
Which of the following is applicable?
63. The FBLA Used Car Sales pays each salesperson a a. $350.66 b. $700.25 c. $300.75 d. $725.38 e. $325.83
4.5 percent commission on his or her sales. If you were a
salesperson for FBLA Used Car Sales, what commission
would you expect to receive on weekly sales of $7,240.63?
64. Marketing is an important part of the economic a. Grading and b. Transporting c. Selling d. Channel of e. a, b, and c
system. About half of the dollars spent on goods and standardizing distribution
services go to marketing activities. Which of the following
is a marketing function?
65. The multiplied effect that occurs when a business a. Total growth and b. The demand for c. Whatever troubles d. No additional e. Does not
creates new jobs in a community means: income are greater services always exist are demands will be improve the
than just the wages multiplies faster than automatically placed for quality of life in
of new workers income multiplied community services the community
66. The Consumer Price Index measures: a. Changes in oil b. Changes in c. The change in d. Demand-pull e. Cost-push
prices interest rates the price of a inflation inflation
market basket of
goods and services
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67. The Federal Reserve System is: a. The central bank b. A large c. A regulator of d. A regulator of e. A regulator of
of the United States commercial bank state banks only commercial banks credit unions
operated by the
68. An entrepreneur is: a. A steady worker b. A person willing c. A lender who d. A dealer looking e. A competitor
receiving a regular to take risks to earns interest on for the best deal cutting prices to
salary produce profits investments increase sales
69. What decision should Fred consider in the following a. Fred thought that b. Fred decided to c. Fred told his co- d. Fred said he did e. It is not my
situation? Fred worked in a chemical laboratory. A co- smart people always say, I don't know, worker to add more not care what he did problem
worker asked him, "Fred, should I put more acid in this know the answers let's check it out. acid
mixture?" and know what
decision to make
70. Decisions are not always made one at a time. You do a. By the time b. She dreams about c. She reads the d. Maryanna took a e. a, b, and c
not often say "Well, that decision is made. Now, I start on Maryanna entered going to college newspaper regularly course of action in
the next decision." In actual practice, you make many senior high school which the least
decisions at the same time. Consider Maryanna's situation she had decided to amount of risk was
and determine which of the following decision(s) she become a newspaper involved in her
made: After visiting the local newspaper office while in reporter decision making
Junior high school, she became interested in becoming a
reporter. She always liked to write. She was curious about
current events and read the newspaper daily. Maryanna is
now in senior high school. She is taking college
preparatory courses. Her favorite classes are English and
creative writing. She also is taking keyboarding. Maryanna
recently joined the staff of her high school newspaper and
expects to be a full-fledged reporter next year. She plans to
go to college before trying to get a job with a newspaper
71. You are working part time at a local department store. a. Tell Ms. Jennies b. Tell Carol Lynn to c. Quit the store in d. Do nothing, but e. Look for
Carol Lynn, a friend of yours, is having trouble keeping up that you often did tell Ms. Jennies that protest don't help Carol another j ob
with her school work and her chores at the store. You have Carol Lynn's work she doesn't deserve Lynn anymore
often covered or filled in for Carol Lynn to help her keep the promotion
her job. Carol Lynn really needs the extra money. A
promotion has just become available and your supervisor,
Ms. Jennies, gives it to Carol Lynn. Ms. Jennies told you,
"Carol Lynn has been doing very good work. I feel she
deserves this promotion." What would your reaction be?
72. When you deal with words - reading, speaking, a. Nonverbal b. Verbal c. Hearing d. Critical thinking e. Decision
writing, and listening - you are using what type of communication communication communication making
1999 Business Procedures Page 7

73 Leaders get more out of people than bosses do. a. You might finish b. You would be c. You would be d. You resent Carl's e. You feel that
Consider Carl and Cathy in the following example. Which the report for Carl willing to help inclined to do an attitude and would Carl is doing his
one would you make your best effort for? "Hey you," Carl Cathy as she has a average job for Carl not do anything best and needs
shouted. "Finish that report this afternoon!" "I'm working positive attitude extra for him help
on one report, and the department needs another one this
afternoon," Cathy said. "Could you try to get this one
done? If you need any help, let me know, and I'll see what
I can do."
74. Which of the following is a disciplinary procedure in a. I'm going to tell b. An official written c. Suspension d. Your co-workers e. b and c
the work environment? my supervisor if you warning without pay for three are keeping an "eye"
don't stop talking days on your work
75. Jane Hill is a manager for the L&M Co. She goes to a. $72 b. $40 c. $80 d. $34 e. No monies
New York City on business. She receives a $560 advance
for her meals, based on a meal per diem of $40 per day for
an expected 14-day stay. The federal per diem meal rate
for New York City is $34. Hill stays in New York City for
only 12 days. How much must Hill reimburse H& L Co?
76. Job-related skills are the basic work skills needed to a. Data b. Ideas c. Objectives d. Initiatives e. a and b
do a good job. Which of the following is considered a job-
related skill?
77. What is the basic format of a database used to store a. Table b. Form c. Datasheet d. Preview e. Select
78. The two documents used in mail merge are: a. The List b. The Data Source c. The List d. The Data Source e. The Main
document and the document and the document and the document and the document
Form document Form document Main document Main document
79. What does the term magnetic tape refer to? a. A storage device, b. A device that c. A hand-held input d. A common input e. A storage
usually stored in a allows you to record device that looks device that allows device, usually a
cartridge, reel, or sounds as input to like a pen you to communicate stack of disks
cassette your computer to a computer enclosed in a case
80. What is the function of a spreadsheet? a. Changing a b. A software c. A software feature d. A software feature e. A software
document in some program you use to you use to place one you use to launch a feature you use to
way such as process financial or object on top of or computer program look at a
deleting, moving, or mathematical behind another document in
adding characters information object different ways or
to display or hide
software features
on a screen
81. When word processing software is capable of a. "Words You See b. "Wording Your c. "What Your d. "What You Scan e. "What You
showing the document on the screen the same way it will Is What You Grade" Speech Is Whether Speed Is What You Is What You Give" See Is What You
look when it is printed, it is said to have WYSIWYG You Graphic" Gain" Get"
capability. What does WYSIWYG stand for?
1999 Business Procedures Page 8

82. A. Basteline opened a small gift shop. Through hard a. How would I go b. Should I dispose c. Should I hire more d. Would a e. a and d
work and good management, her business "Get" prospered about converting my some of the employees to take micrographics or
and expanded to include several new items. Basteline's records with each inventory so that I care of the situation? computerized filing
inventory increased tremendously and became increasingly system? have less to worry system better help
difficult to control even though she had 10 full-time and 15 about? me in my business?
part-time employees. Basteline read several articles about
the use of micrographics and computer systems to
maintain inventory records. Which of the following
question(s) should she ask herself
83. Correct telephone behavior requires consistency and a a. If you must put b. Speak c. Use informal d. Answer within ten e. Call me back
positive attitude. Which of the following tip(s) should you the caller on hold, expressively, with address, such as rings later, I'm on
employee when you answer the telephone? check back every feeling, friendliness Jimmy another call
five minutes and interest
84. Which of the following is considered software? a. Printer b. Video display c. Desktop d. Operating system e. Keyboard
terminals publishing package with programming
85. John and Mary Petro's checking account activities for a. $215.89 b. $152.89 c. $157.89 d. $258.98 e. $357.77
the month of June are as follows: Balance of $450.50,
deposits of $550, interest paid $1.82, withdrawals of
$794.43. What is their ending balance?
86. In many companies, the company name follows: a. The b, The fourth line c. The same d. After the e. After the date
complimentary space below the horizontal position letterhead line
close signature line as the signature line
87. The three C's of credit are: a. Capacity, Capital, b. Credit, Collateral, c. Capacity, Cost, d. Capacity, e. None of the
Cost Containment Capital Collateral Capital, Collateral above
88. A web browser is a: a. User who browses b. User who browses c. Program that d. Search engine on e. All Web sites
the Web without the Web and actively accesses Web sites a gopher site for specified text
actively participating participates
89. In word processing footnotes represent: a. The area of a form b. The type and style c. Comments or d. Text that prints at e. Lines of text in
in which you supply of text references that the top of every page from the left or
information such as appear at the right
the form title that bottom of the page
you want to display
on each screen or
printed page
90. Time management is defined as: a. Reaching a final b. Tackling the c. Planning, d. Backtrack e. Understanding
solution hardest j ob organizing, using constantly to check the labor market
time effectively on work
91. Word processing and desktop publishing are tools of: a. Graphics b. Page lay out c. Proportional d. a and c e. a and b
92 Paul Snooze works for AC Company and has a. Morality b. Integrity c. Objectivity d. Sincerity e. Fairness
befriended Joan Law. He notices that Joan takes home
supplies and office equipment to be used by her daughter.
Joan is showing a lack of:
1999 Business Procedures Page 9

93. To correct errors that you've made when inputting a. Backspace in b. Move the c. Move insertion d. Press TAB to e. Click the close
data, what procedure would you employ? document insertion point, point and single where error is button and start
point to the error click, then make the located over again
and double click, corrections
and type the
correct data
94. A word that has a wavy red line under it represents a. Misspelled word b. Word not in c. Marked for d. Word not in e. Marked for
what? dictionary deletion dictionary additional spacing
95. You are typing a document and your supervisor asks a. The style you b. The amount of c. A mini program d. The white space e. To change the
you to justify the document. What does he want you to do? apply to the text to spaces between lines that stores a set of around text alignment of text
make the font appear of text instructions to so that it is
slanted so that it perform a particular spread evenly
stands out task between margins
96. A comma is used to separate words or phrases in a a. Harry had a b. After finding the c. Monday's d. She's intelligent, e. No I can't see
series. Which of the following sentences is correct? practical solution, computer virus Mary seminar was well but lacks common Mr. Ritchey until
and told me about it was relieved to attended, but there sense after lunch
this morning discover that it did was little
not damage the enthusiasm for the
program topic
97. You work for Zero Company and have prepared an a. Ten percent b. Three percent c. Pay within three d. Subtract ten e. Subtract three
invoice for Cora Company allowing them a discount of deducted from the discount offered if days percent if paid percent from total
3/10. What does 3/10 represent? total price paid within ten within three days price quoted
days from the date
of the invoice
98. What does the term moonlighting mean? a. Using contacts b. Working a c. Conforming to the d. Business expenses e. Daily
made in business for second j ob after a letter of law while not directly related allowance for
purposes beyond the regular j ob violating intent to a particular good employees who
reason for the initial or service product travel, entertain
contact clients, or
regularly incur
expenses in the
course of business
99. Which of the following item(s) is considered an a. Company car b. Purchase order c. Parking space d. b and c e. a and c
employee perk?
100. Job sharing is: a. Jobber who sells b. Two or more c. Arrangement in d. Obligation of one e. Commercial
primarily to retailers companies working which the party to reimburse term under which
on a single project responsibilities and another party for the seller's
hours of one losses which have obligations are
position are carried incurred or which fulfilled when the
out by two people may occur goods reach a
point specified in
the contract