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Peshawar, Pakistan


Seeking a position in a competitive environment to utilize my abilities to the utmost possible extent
in a team-oriented organization, offering challenges and diversifications.


1992 – 1993 Bachelor of Arts Degree,

University of Peshawar - Pakistan

1987 – 1989 Associate Engineer Diploma in Electronics

School of Electronics, Pakistan Air Force Base Korangi Creek - Pakistan
(1st Division)

1987 – 1989 Higher Secondary School Certificate (F Sc Pre-Engg)

School of Electronics, PAF Base Korangi Creek - Pakistan (1st Division)

1984 – 1985 Secondary School Certificates (Science Group)

Govt High School Amba Dher, Peshawar - Pakistan (1st Division)


• Warrant Officer In-Charge at Telecom Maintenance Squadron PAF from Aug 2006-
Jan 2007 and Mar 2009 – till date for office management and supervision of electronic

• Installation, configuration & maintenance of the following equipment:-

 Digital Radio System SRAL

 Digital Radio System CTR-210
 Digital Radio System Harris True Point 5000
 Digital Radio System SRAL XD
 ODU (Out Door Unit)DRS SRAL/ RFU (Radio Freq Unit) of DRS HARRIS,
 SRAL – XD and Harris True point 5000
 Installation, alignment and maintenance of DRS Dishes (SRAL, SRAL XD,
Harris True Point 5000 and CTR-210)
 Installation, configuration & maintenance of PCM30H and FMX-II (Flexible
 Installation, configuration & maintenance of Cisco Routers 7000 Series
 Installation, configuration & maintenance - 48v Power Ware (Power Supplies)
 Installation of Pandatel Modem, E1 Extender Modem, etc
 Usage of Lap Top and test equipment like E1 tester, Cable Route Locater , Digital
Earth Tester, Tone tester, and Common Digital Multi meters etc.
Usage of GPS (Global Positioning System) for DRS link establishment
• Warrant Officer In-charge Communication Sections at No 484 Mission Control Centre
Pakistan Air Force Base Malir from Feb, 2007 to Mar, 2009.

 Supervision, maintenance in Electronic workshops and handling of Technical


 Supervision of Maintenance, installation and operation of AN/GRC-171 and R&S

M3SR UHF R/T Sets, FM 200, DX- 15x 60, 2W/4W Unit, RL 432 A, CPX 200,
DMU 200, Uher Tape Recorder, Data Security Device 72, and Vision
Communication Systems.

 Installation and erection of antenna masts, Clark Mast Type 73, AK-214 (mango
type) and Tele Scopic antenna mast.

• Chief Technician :-No 220 RRMS (TMS) Flight (Aug 2002 – Aug 2006)

 In-charge Task Party in field areas for Installation and maintenance of

FM 400/800 Radio Relay Systems.
 Installation and maintenance of DRS CTR - 210
 Installation and maintenance of Multiplexing equipment PCM30H and FMX-II
 Installation and maintenance of SRAL, Digital Radio System.
 Usage of general purpose PME i.e. Frequency counters, Watt meters, General
Analog & digital Multi meters, Time Domain Reflecto meters, Transmission
impairment measuring Set, Cable Rout Locator and Transmission Analyzer
(E1 Tester)

• Senior Technician :- No 4092/4094 Sqn Pakistan Air Force (1998 - 2002)

 Communication Flt Radar Squadron .

 Installation and maintenance of AN / GRC-171
 Maintenance and operation of Uher Tape Recorder
 Installation and maintenance of 2+10 Line Cordless Exchange and VP-20 Inter Com
 Installation and operation of Data Modem 2082 and Multi tech Modem.
 Installation and maintenance of Clark Mast Type 73 and GRC-171 Radio Antennas
 Usage of RF Watt meter, Meager, Audio Watt meter and Signal Generators.

• Electronics Sqn Pakistan Air Force Faisal (Jul, 1994 – May, 1998)

Installation and Maintenance of Tele printer T1000 (Crypto Eqpt)

Installation and Maintenance of Troll T 450B (Crypto Eqpt)
Maintenance and Operation of EMS 12000 switch.
Maintenance and Operation of FM 400/800 system
Installation and Maintenance of UHF Radio set and Antennas
Maintenance Control Office of Electronics Squadron (Administration)

• Corporal Technician :- Engg Wing Peshawar (1989-1994)

 Operation of UHF Direction Finder Servo Flight 7020

 Installation and operation of Ground to Air Radio Set GRC-27
 Installation and maintenance of AN/GRC-171
 Installation and Maintenance M F Beacon G-91 (Non Directional Beacon)
 Maintenance and operation of Magnasynch Tape Recorder
 Maintenance and operation of Walkie Talkie PAFComm100/200 and Motorola.

Pakistan Air Force. (PAF) (January 1986 to April 2011 = 25 Years)

Designation: Chief Warrant Officer.


(a) Technical

• Digital Radio System ‘O’ Level Course 73%

• Cisco Router / Switches configuration course 73%
• SDH /PDH equipment ‘O’ Level Course 76%
• CRC Communication Field Maintenance course 84.58%
• Ciphering Equipment Field Maintenance Course 89%
• FM-400/800 Radio Relay course 62%
• Office Automation (Basic Computer course) 90%
• Extend 1000 /100 VHF Multi Channel O Level Course 79.25%
• JCO’s course Trade portion (Radio Trade) 80.25%
• OJT (SEP) Management Course 70%
• Driving Course 69.4%

• Administrative

• SNCO’s Disciplinary course 57%

• Military Leadership & Command course 75.07%


• Excellent skills in operation and field maintenance of Telecommunication systems

• Exquisite communication and interpersonal skills
• Excellent organizational, time management and supervisory skills
• Qualified LTV Driver
• Computer Literate
• Qualified Technical Training manager
• Management and Administration of Technical organisations


Nationality: Pakistani
Status: Married
Date of Birth: December, 18 1968.
Passport No: Nil
Languages: English, Urdu, Pushto and Punjabi.
Address: Street # 14 Wazir Colony Latif Abad Ring Road Peshawar Pakistan.
Alternate Contact: +92 91 2244341

Extra-Curricular Activities:
• Member of the cricket team in the Inter-Schools Cricket Competition
• Member of Inter Base Dramatic Club.

References available upon request.