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License Time-out Feature

You would like to know how to use the network license time-out feature.


The Network License Manager can be configured to reclaim a license when a client workstation is idle for longer than a defined time-out period*, or the connection
with the workstation is lost.

*This option is not applicable to AutoCAD 2002 based products.

Idle Period

Any of the following activity in the active application prevents the client workstation from being idle:

• Any keystroke.
• Any mouse click.
• Any command, Lisp expression, menu macro or script in progress.
• Any Modal dialog box opened (a dialog box which needs to close before continuing to other tasks).

Note: Using the Help system does not keep the session active.

Configuring License Time-out

License time-out is configured by implementing an options file with the Network License Manager. For a detailed explanation of options files, please refer to the
FLEXlm End User Guide, located by default on the network license server in the following directory:

\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\Docs\FlexUser

A brief explanation of options files is provided below:

• Options files are created with an ASCII text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad.
• Keyword statements are used in an options file to configure various operating parameters of the Network License Manager.
• The options file must be named adskflex.opt.
• The options file must be located in the same folder as the Autodesk product license file.
• All text in an options file is case sensitive.
• The options file is read each time the license manager is started or the license file is reread.

License time-out is configured in an options file by using the TIMEOUT keyword.

The syntax is: TIMEOUT [feature] [n], where:

• [feature] specifies the application you want to control. The feature code can be found in the license file, right after the word INCREMENT.
• [n] is the number of seconds before the license server reclaims an inactive license. The minimum value is 900.

Example: TIMEOUT 48800ACD_2006_0F 3600

This line in an options file would configure the Network License Manager to reclaim an AutoCAD 2006 license (feature code 48800ACD_2006_0F), if the client
machine was idle for 3600 seconds (one hour).

License Time-out Behavior

If your license is lost because of the idle time-out, the product attempts to claim a new license once you access the product again. If a license is available, the
client pulls a new license and continues the session. If no license is available, you will be prompted to save your work before the product shuts down.

Note: The debug log file can be examined to determine if a license has been reclaimed. When a license has been reclaimed, the debug log file will contain a line
similar to:

11:43 (adskflex) IN feature user_name@host_name (INACTIVE)