1 Topic: Topic 2: Australia and World War 1 Gallipoli Campaign and Creation of ANZAC Legend Class: Year 9 History (Stage 5) Time: 75 minutes Syllabus Outcomes: Lesson Outcomes: 5.2: assesses the impact of international events y Students understand the human-aspect of and relationships on Australia s history World War 1 5.4: sequences major historical events to show y Talk about the battles at Gallipoli Lone an understanding of continuity, change and Pine, Nek diary entries from soldiers causation y Students communicate the feelings 5.6: uses sources appropriately in an historical expressed in film Gallipoli how it expresses inquiry ANZAC legend 5.7: identifies different contexts, perspectives y Introduce the ANZAC legend and interpretations of the past 5.10: selects and uses appropriate oral, written and other forms, including ICT to communicate effectively about the past Resources Used: y Chalk board chalk, etc. y Student laptops y Student workbooks y Pencils, erasers, rulers y Reid, R. (2001) Gallipoli 1915, and an assortment of books on WW1 with photographs of Gallipoli y Thomas E. Drane Diary entry: April 30th 1915-May 1st 1915 y Battle of lone Pine and Battle at the Nek worksheet y The ANZAC Legend worksheet - Victorian Cross decorated ANZACs at Lone Pine: http://anzac.homestead.com/vc.html y One Land many Stories textbook pp.59 Students Learn About: Students Learn To: y Explain the experiences of Australians in the y The Gallipoli Campaign Gallipoli campaign using a variety of sources, including a database or website y Explain how and why the ANZAC legend was y Creation of the ANZAC legend created Assessment: No assessment for this class

Read through it have a small discussion Read through and discuss as a class. Talk about it. accounts. etc. asking questions. If don t have web use photos or textbook pg. Students work on activity individually Students taking notes.Student complete on-line activity The ANZAC Legend Hand out the books with photographs 20 min Ask students to take notes. Teacher Activity Ask students to take their seats. Mark Role. etc accounts of the experience teacher reads out.59 Hand out worksheet Lone Pine and The Nek. Leaving Gallipoli read page 113 Evacuation The Evacuation of Gallipoli Enrichment Activity: 10 min Homework: Ask students to take notes.Australian relations with the British how were Australian soldiers treated? What feelings did they harbour for the British in watching the film? 5 mins . Teacher read out to class slowly . Inform them that you are taking the role.Time 5 min Teaching and Learning Strategies Class arrives.Lone Pine and The Nek the idea what really happened the casualties 15 mins Consequences of Gallipoli creation of ANZAC legend .How does it compare to Thomas E. Students work through the activity at the end Students look through photographs 20 min The Gallipoli Campaign: Do they understand what was happening? .Read Page 134 Remembering Gallipoli Creation of ANZAC legend . Students taking notes. Drane diary entry? Teacher directs Students listen.What did the students see in the film? . Student Activity Take seats and are marked off role 15 min The conditions at Gallipoli: Primary and Secondary sources in history . their experience from Diary entries and movie. Ask for quiet. voice discussion. Settles. Teacher read out to class slowly Hands out worksheet.

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