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Death Dates:

-13 December 2001 (
-13 December 2007 ( What a coincidental date...
-24/5 April 2011 (
-1 May 2011 (

Possibly report date, not death date: (These dates appear to be based on when
news reports of his prior death appeared. All of the reports point to December
-21 January 2002 ( 18 Jan)
-22 July 2002 ( 18 Jul)
-7 Oct 2002 (
-2 Nov 2007 ( 3 Nov)

-July 2001
-11 July 2002
-26 Oct 2002

Death Causes:
-kidney failure/nephritis (
-lung problem (
-assassination by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (
-bombing (
-ground raid (

Death Reports:
-Pervez Musharraf ( Jan 2002
-FBI counterterror chief ( July 2002
-Hamid Karzai ( Oct 2002
-Donald Rumsfeld ( Sep 2004 (possibly dead)
-Benazir Bhutto ( Nov
2007 This appears to be a Freudian slip. Allegedly, she said the next day or a few
days later that he was still alive, but did not directly recant her statement. She was
killed 7 weeks later, so this trail is cold.

-diabetes, low blood pressure, foot wound, kidney problems, left-side weakness
-Hepatatis C (
-on dialysis (
-After November-ish 2001, the Osama in videos changed:
--his nose became bigger and wider (
--he wrote with his right hand, not left
--he wore gold rings (violates Wahabbism)
--his voice is different (
--his speech content became more secular than before (
-He had a command centre to control activities in 50 countries and he was the
greatest threat to the US, but he was isolated from day-to-day operations of AQ
-First they said he was killed a week ago in a bombing and that they needed to test
the DNA. Now they say he was just killed in a ground raid.
-Look at these images Guardian says its fake
-Was he dumped from a plane ( or from the carrier USS Carl
Vinson (
-This guy says the US did receive clearance from Pakistan (,
while the US has said they didnt tell anyone about it, especially not Pakistan.

-He was visited by a CIA agent in Dubai in 2001 when he was receiving medical
treatment for Hepatitis C (
-No one has seen him since October 2001 (
-A will was purportedly written late 2001 (
-Radio transmissions with his voice stopped on 14 or 16 Dec 2001. Also, the White
House then implied he was dead and a tape was prepared for that. This lends
support to the 13 Dec death date. (
-If he was on a dialysis machine, then he couldnt move around much due to pain
and difficulty in moving the machine. Also, electricity would be difficult to provide for
long periods in the mountains. (
-An AQ "spokesman" called OBL a martyr and vowed revenge. They have no need
to contradict the official story. (
-No one in Abbottabad believes he was killed or even lived there. Indeed, would
they not have known? ( Haris Rasheed, 22: "I'm not ready to
buy bin Laden was here. How come no one knew he was here and why did they
bury him so quickly? This is all fake — a drama, and a crude one." Kamal Khan, 25:
the official story "looks fishy to me."
-A Muslim cannot be buried at sea unless they die at sea. ( http://

-Didnt he deny responsibility several times after 9/11? (
-Who is the guy after 2001? Is he a CIA or a pro-Binladen imposter?
-Why does the FBI not want him for 9/11? (
-Does al-Qaeda even exist? Is it just a minor entity? All these groups that pop up
could be just taking the name because of its notoriety.
-Was he arrested in 2004? ( I find this a bit shaky since he
wasnt presented in Nov 2004
-His DNA was tested? How do we know? Can DNA be confirmed with DNA of a
sibling? Apparently, yes and it takes up to 4 weeks ( or it can be
done in hours, but its not a (

-Why didnt they do an autopsy? Why didnt they freeze it for further examination
-Why was he 'buried' at sea? Was it so no one could dig up the body and find there
was no body or it wasnt him? Why was the 'body' dumped from a plane? (http://
-Was this meant to distract from the deaths of Qadhafis family?
-How was anyone able to OBLs "wife" shout his name during a firefight? (http://
-How did Pakistan not know he was there for years? (

-Osama bin Elvis ( -- Blames Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
(captured in 2003) and says Osama was a minor character that probably died in
-Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and are the U.S. and Britain
covering it up to continue war on terror? ( -- Focuses on the
Griffin book listed below
-Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive by David Ray Griffin (
-Government Had Osama bin Laden Frozen for Years (

The preponderance of sources before 1 May 2011 point to December 2001. The
only date ever suggested is the 13th. This is somewhat corroborated by the loss of
communication that occurred on 14 or 16 December. More corroboration comes
from the Taliban official who claimed to have attended OBLs funeral in mid-
December (13th?). The official gives Tora Bora as the location, which is also
asserted by Griffin. The fact that the speech content, voice, and appearance of OBL
changed after the December 2001 video adds more credibility to the 13 December
2001 death date. Most sources say he died of kidney failure and other sources say
he had kidney problems.

I think we can conclude that Osama bin Laden died of kidney failure and other
complications on 13 December 2001 in the Tora Bora Mountains of