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which can make staying motivated very challenging at times. families. and what motivational strategies they utilize to keep their employees happy and healthy. Each employee has their own personal life to deal with. time schedules. whether it is small. how they run their organization. IL and raised on a farm near Marceline. the company appeals to many employees. MO. to the perks that make working for Disney a great experience. During the time he was in the Red Cross he spent a great deal of time creating cartoons and many drawings. 1923 created his first animated cartoon film. the creator of Mickey Mouse and founder of the Walt Disneyland Theme Parks founded The Walt Disney Company over many years. etc. bills. Walt was born in 1901 in Chicago. to the work environment created. The Walt Disney Corporation is one of those companies. Walt s attention throughout high school was on photography and drawing and was also able to attend the Academy of Fine Arts. wants to get the most out of their employees. or large. and 1928 Mickey Mouse was created his first silent cartoon entitled Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie the world s first fully synchronized sound cartoon. Background of Disney Company History Walt Disney.Disney Company Motivational Profile Disney Company Motivational Profile Any business. medium. Below is a history of how the company came to be. From their solid mission statement. In 1920 Walt created his first animated cartoon. Walt had a drive to . Walt was unable to enlist in the Army and joined the American Red Cross and was sent overseas to work as an ambulance driver and chauffeuring Red Cross officials. and do it well. yet some companies 2 are able to bring that trait out in their employees. As a result of his young age.

animators. which were visited by more than 250 million people.d. and royalty from all over the globe. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. In fact. during World War II. The wellknown and loved Disney World & Resorts in Florida was opened in 1971 and Epcot Center followed in 1982 (Fragrance X.. and Lyric Street Records (Disney. Miramax Films.000 artists. including presidents. n. [p. . Products and Services The Walt Disney Company is well-known for the multitude of products and services available to the world that provides entertainment. Since the time that Walt Disney started drawing.d.). story me. putting his creative mind to the screen. Included in The Walt Disney Studios are: Walt Disney Pictures. which employed 1. Walt Disney Records. and building parks many products and services have become available to the world. 81 features were released by the studio during his lifetime. Disney Theatrical Productions. 3 Fantasia . Touchstone Pictures. Pinocchio. In 1955 Disneyland launched opened Magic Kingdom. n. Disney Live Family Entertainment.). Disney on Ice. the Disney facilities were engaged in special government work. many of the world-renowned animated features and live-action motion pictures were developed (Disney. which is the foundation on which Disney was built.d. In 1940 the construction of was completed on Disney s Burbank studio. and technicians. Dumbo and Bambi (Fragrance X. In addition. Hollywood Records.) The Parks and Resorts include Florida.Disney Company Motivational Profile perfect the art of animation and over the next several years he would produce some of the most loved movies in the world like: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs . In all. n. kings and queens. The Walt Disney Company provides The Walt Disney Studios. 2]. n.d.

Some of the key media networks of The Disney Company are: Disney-ABC Television Group. Accessories & Footwear.d. The Walt Disney Company implemented many number of cost-cutting measures that included: decreasing operations at Disney parks.). ABC owned television stations. foods and beverages. This company is composed of an array of broadcast.). ESPN Inc.d. cutting . Disney Apparel. and adventures by Disney which offers Disney-guided travel around the world (Disney.d.. Financial Information In 1929 Disney started the merchandising when a businessman was interested in placing Mickey Mouse on the cover of a children s writing tablet (Disney. The Walt 4 Disney Company also offers Disney Cruise Line. radio. n.).d. n. Lantau Island (Disney. Hong Kong and Penny s Bay. publishing. and Internet business (Disney. cable.).). The Walt Disney Company has had many up s and down s over the last five years. The attack had a severe impact on Disney s financial situation and the hardest hit was Disney s Parks and Resorts. n.d. Vacation Club resorts. This stared Disney Consumer Produces and affiliates (DCP) and extended the merchandise into interactive games.). This is accomplished through DCP s various lines of business which include: Disney Toys. Disney Food. n. This along with a drop in ratings amounted to a 158 million dollar loss in net income (Hoovers Profile. n.Disney Company Motivational Profile California. The biggest change for Disney was the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11th. Disney Home and Disney Stationery (Disney.d. stationery. Another big part of The Walt Disney Company is the Media Networks. n. electronics and fine art. France. Walt Disney Internet Group.). 2001.d. and a supporting headquarters group (Disney. n. China. Health & Beauty.

d. especially with this economy (Hoovers Profile. and to make each and every individual dream comes true.5 %. but it s all about cultivating it.d.Disney Company Motivational Profile 5 its annual investment in live-action films. and minimizing Internet operations (Hoovers Profile. a collective consciousness that's infused in a business and its employees (Disney. The greatest company in the World is a successful company that has employees that are supporting their company with all the efforts that they have. The important thing here is not exactly how we choose to describe our culture.d. one-year growth: 4.). a feeling. Corporate culture isn't something you can define. It is reported that the Stocks continue to have the expected up s and down s.307.). n. Even though the years of 2004-2008. The most current information reported the key fiscal information as of September 2009 included: sales: 36. and they are all concentrate on the business disciplines more than the employee s emotional health. If I were going to ask 30 or 100 different CEOs. and income growth: 25.3 % (Hoovers Profile.0 million dollars. n. they ll all define their corporate culture differently. including their body and spirit. but a company can t forget or neglect their . It's intangible: a state of mind. net income: 3. It s a fact that all companies want success and make a lot of profit.0 million dollars.). there was a steady increase in net income of The Walt Disney Company. Corporate Culture and Management Mission Statement With the greatest team in the World. n. our goal is to make everybody happy.). The up s and down s continued throughout the years with many challenges with the economy. 149.d. n. Many company fail with one common reason.

A wellbalanced workweek will significantly reduce sick days and burnout. Many may begin working shorter days. or even people seem unfocused. On a regular basis. this means that they might have doubts for the company and expect a reevaluation of their contributions to the company s goals and missions. They must have unlimited knowledge of how to develop a coherent company culture. have lunch or coffee with randomly chosen employees and genuinely listen to their concerns and suggestions. 3. Once a company s culture is being neglected. In-order to prevent all these problems from happening.Disney Company Motivational Profile culture. the CEOs needs to present the right work ethic for the company for the employees to follow. 2. At least two days a week. long lunches are being taken. walk through the office and chat with people. During the period of rapid growth of the company. Offer training to the leadership team and provide them with the tools they need to be effective managers. Set a sustainable work pace and watch those who tend to work excessive hours. warning signs will show on employee s behavior. 4. . When something like asking for a raise arise. In this way they can figure out ways to promote their culture. 6 Some of these signs could be lack of laughter. Some of the ways that have helped CEOs maintaining it in the past: 1. and even ask for an unreasonable raise. the CEOs need to assess what they are doing.

2. Employee empowerment is delivered by providing a number of avenues that employees can control their own destiny within the organization. not by the hours they spend in the office. 3. an E-learning program which allows employees from around the world access to learning opportunities at their convenience.Disney Company Motivational Profile Managers must consciously foster the development of the CEO's vision and should take the following steps to increase productivity and promote culture in the workplace: 7 1. Develop open and trusting relationships with the employees. and offer praise or clear suggestions for improvement. and management and leadership development courses. Interact regularly with employees. The company provides educational reimbursement. Selection and Training . Make sure employees have clearly have defined goals and understand their professional growth path in the company. There is also a stock purchase program which can give an employee a sense of ownership in the corporation and the ability to enhance their retirement. Motivational Strategies Employee Empowerment The Walt Disney Company uses multiple motivational strategies to motivate employees. 4. Evaluate employees by their achievement of measurable goals.

dental. Across their theme parks are centers where employees can get money orders. In order to do this they have set up ways of making employees life¶s easier. postage stamps. check cashing. This center provides education and training to domestic and international employees through web based tutorials via the ³My Disney TEAM internal portal´ (Walt Disney Company. Benefits Benefits are a part of the Walt Disney motivational strategy.d. integrity.d. and bus passes (High retention. n. Scholarships are provided which can help build an employee¶s sense of loyalty to the organization. and diversity.Disney Company Motivational Profile 8 The company begins by putting all new employees through a new hire orientation. Discounts on Disney merchandise include: tuition reimbursement.d. and child care centers. and employee of the month recognition (Walt Disney Company. Disney has a business standards and ethics training program that is offered through the company¶s business conduct training center. There is health. length of service. which can have the added benefit of putting employees in the position of customers and give them insight into how the organization could improve. There are complimentary passes provided to employees.). Incentives Disney believes in motivating employees by using both individual and group reward programs.). .). community volunteerism. and life insurance provided. These rewards are given for quality of work. credit union. The company believes in creating a positive working environment. n. Recognition is a powerful tool in building morale and motivating employees and Disney believes incorporating into their strategies. There are courses provided regarding ethics. n.

n. to Dare. Leadership Style Walt Disney was an innovator in leadership and motivational strategies. Managerial Roles Disney seeks to motivate employees to achieve in managerial roles through an executive development program called ³Disney dimensions´ (Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney was consistently guided in his work by four concepts: to Dream.Disney Company Motivational Profile Quality Programs All of these benefits increase the individual employee¶s satisfaction with their working environment. and to Do.d. He had a strong commitment to his employees and knew each by name and insisted they call him Walt.). to Believe. the organization receives positive recognition from the general public for its employee¶s efforts as well. increase employee loyalty. These concepts have become the foundation of the 10 management principles that . The foundation of his leadership style was supported by his strong moral convictions. education reimbursement. and hopefully translate into a well motivated and 9 dedicated employee. The employees can gain a sense of satisfaction from taking part in these programs as well as receiving recognition from the company for their efforts. This combined with the E-learning. Additionally. To build on this the company additionally has programs that encourage the employees to be giving to their communities through the Disney VoluntEARS program and an educational matching gifts program. and management and leadership development programs are all designed for employee advancement and to empower employees with a sense that they can build their own destiny within the organization.

Disney is also known for the importance they place on each individual employee. offering paid education to improve knowledge and empowering them to be more productive and valuable. it is important for the Disney Company to be one step-ahead of change and to take chances on innovative technologies. Practice. Practice. Dare to Dare 7.Disney Company Motivational Profile 10 remain to this day at the heart of every Disney strategy. Walt Disney always understood and embraced the process of change. Capture the Magic with Storyboards 10. 2003). Give Details Top Billing These strategies have contributed to the success of the Disney Company becoming a multibillion dollar entertainment industry. Make Everyone s Dreams Come True 2. Practice 8. Goals and Objectives The Disney Company s goals and objectives are clearly defined in the 10 management principles: 1. 2003). The organization invests in their employees. (McGinn-Cardwell. . Make Your Elephant Fly 9. Never a Customer. You Better Believe It 3. Always a Guest 4. Share the Spotlight 6. which is recognized worldwide (McGinn-Cardwell. All for One and One for All 5. To continue to progress and have success.

Practice. Paying attention to detail also means measuring results to ensure that the effort matches the outcome. 2003). encourages risk-taking as a method of cultivating innovative ideas (McGinn-Cardwell. is Disney s eighth management principle (McGinn-Cardwell. The sixth principle. 2003). Fifth. Guests deserve respect and honesty (McGinn-Cardwell. outlines the importance of formal and continual training. The long term vision must be aligned with short term execution and that everyone is working for the common good. 2003). Practice. focuses on being able to understand the wishes and needs of Disney guests. Give Details Top Billing. 2003). Third. Make Your Elephant Fly. outlines the importance of partnerships with other companies (McGinn-Cardwell.Disney Company Motivational Profile 11 The Walt Disney Company believes that the first goal is to. Make Everyone s Dreams Come True. Dare to Dare. All for One and One for All. The seventh principle. 2003). 2003). The tenth and final principle. You better Believe It. outlines the usefulness of the storyboard technique as a method to generate solutions and to enhance communication (McGinn-Cardwell. establishes the importance of a clear understanding of the basic beliefs and core values of the company (McGinn-Cardwell. Walt Disney believed that solving guests problems sparks innovation. Share the Spotlight. Practice. highlights the importance of teamwork and empowerment of the employees. 2003). 2003). outlines the importance of paying attention to detail (McGinn-Cardwell. The ninth principle. Always a Guest. The fourth principle. . Capture the Magic with Storyboards. Second. this encourages creativity in employees (McGinn-Cardwell. Never a Customer.

which individual performance goals are evaluated and the ability to work with a team was evaluated. The Personal Development Plans are conducted twice a year. 2001. They have created positions titled Imagineers whose sole purpose is to develop creative ideas. In addition. 2003). The Company offers flexible work programs and commuter assistance to their staff. 221). which has proven to decrease their turnover rate as compared to the industry s competitors (McGinn-Cardwell. 2001. management has weekly evaluations completed (Capodagli & Jackson. This encourages participation in the company. Performance Appraisals During the 1950s Disney Company s HR adopted employee performance appraisals to determine compensation or managerial action. In the early 1980s the company went to 360 degree feedback to increase team performance by replacing traditional performance appraisals with systematic proactive Personal Development Plans based on 360 degree feedback (Capodagli & Jackson. [pg 227]).Disney Company Motivational Profile 12 Job Design The Disney organization works hard to create a culture of creativity. Alternative Work Schedules and Stress Management Disney always has the best interest of their employees in mind. It is suggested. Wellness programs are provided as well as on-site . They have also incorporated stress management programs for employees. pg. that all employees use their creativity in their positions.

d. pension plan. when it was founded (Disney. Part of keeping employee turnaround at a minimum. has been committed to providing family entertainment ever since in 1923. and life insurance. dental.Disney Company Motivational Profile 13 health fairs and seminars. length of service. and knowledge. Analysis Employment appeal Disney. As was mentioned earlier on the profile. The company searches for high quality talent to help provide that entertainment. This results in the understanding that their employees make the difference between in having a mediocre company or one that exceeds the expectations of the customers. The Walt Disney Corporation also offers rewards for quality of work. Disney provides learning and development opportunities as well as educational reimbursement to advance their education. n. 401K.n. Disney looks to hire employees that strive for excellence. Most Disney facilities have employee health clubs available (Disney Corporation. and employee of . Disney provides their employees with excellent benefits. 2010).). Disney also encourages employees to be active and participate in the community. complimentary passes to theme parks allows employees and their families to enjoy the fruits of their labors (Disney. To entice these types of employees. In addition. The employees are rewarded for volunteer services that are provided as well as the Disney VoluntEARS program.). owned by the Walt Disney Company. Disney offers medical. and an employee stock purchase plan. vision. creativity.d.

but also to keep them on a long term basis. because they see how much their currently providing. Disney offers childcare centers at the Burbank and Orlando locations. discounts at Disney stores. Company Motivation From reading their website. When employees see how much the company provides for them. Disney plays partly on the Cognitive dissonance theory. As a result. the incentives apply to parents (lucrative health benefits.Disney Company Motivational Profile 14 the month recognition (Disney. theme park admissions). inadvertently (or possibly on purpose). it would seem that one of Disney s biggest goals is not only to find quality staff. Last. 2010). students (education reimbursement. piques the interest of potential employees. and compare it to what . and career oriented people alike (employee stock purchase plan. credit unions. the appeal of rewards. they may tend to step up their quality and quantity of work. By providing such a vast area of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. retirement plan. Extrinsically. The intrinsic motivation is providing a work environment that has all the necessities needed to calm an employee s mind by assuring he or she will be taken care of as well as their family. free passports to the resorts. The Disney Company knows that the cost of having multiple incentive programs is less expensive than frequent employee turnaround. to cater to those that have young families. etc. Taking the time and money to train new employees and to lose them in three to four years is an expensive venture. learning and development opportunities.. group legal plan). Though Disney does provide an excellent work atmosphere the essence of their approach to employee hires and motivation is both intrinsic and extrinsic. employee purchase programs.

the motivational strategies that are used throughout the organization and what it is like to work for this corporation. and is using techniques to appeal to most of the areas that matter most to people right now. Also. such as creating e-learning training tools so their employees can gain additional education and knowledge on a timetable that is convenient to them. should be an example to corporations around the globe. The company continues to find new and improved ways to add additional benefits to their employees. Disney is adapting to ever changing times. coporate and culture management. . adults and families. It is hard to find any weakness in the armor of their motivational strategy. because it is so multi faceted. employees utilize the self-determination theory to motivate themselves because they realize how much they and their possible families benefit from their job. Conclusion The Walt Disney Company has been a staple for the United Sates for over a century and provided memories for many children. to be deserving of their job position. Finally. throughout the research completed regarding the motivational strategies used to create a positive working environment. To work for a company that seems to have many important benefits makes Disney unique in comparison to many other companies.Disney Company Motivational Profile 15 they feel they should be providing. This paper provides information regarding The Walt Disney Companies background.

d. Corporate information.).com/corporate/overview. Retrieved from http://corporate.com/articlepride.d.com/index.d. Retrieved from http://corporate. The disney way.go.highretention.disney.Disney Company Motivational Profile 16 References Capodagli.).disney. Retrieved from http://corporate.html Fragrance X (n.go.html.htm .com/disneycareers/dimg/benefits.d.go.com/human-resources/employee-developmentleadership/1035-1. Disney (n.com/corporate/cr_business_standards. B. & Jackson. Retrieved from http://www.).allbusiness. Retrieved from http://disney.).html Disney Corporation (n. Retrieved from http://www. Retrieved from http://www.The pride system..d.html Disney Corporation (n.fragrancex.html High retention (n.).com/products/_bid_Disney-am-cid_perfume-amlid_D__brand_history. L (2001).disney. Business standards and ethics.go. History and background of disney.d. Disney interactive media Group. Building a productive workforce. Company overview.). Cultivating a positive corporate culture.html Disney Corporation (n.

answers. (2003). (n. Retrieved from http://www. Jackson. 1999. C. Retrieved from http://maaw.d.Capodagli.htm . and L.Disney Company Motivational Profile 17 Hoovers Profile.com/topic/the-walt-disney-company McGinn-Cardwell. The disney way: harnessing the management secrets of disney in your Company.). B.info/ArticleSummaries/ArtSumCapodagliJackson99. The walt disney company.

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